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Indian National in Court for US$124K Theft

first_imgThe case against Maxx Rental Incorporated, a car rental company manager and its chief accountant, Sanju Jose Thayankeril, an Indian national, and Lorena Reeves, a Liberian accused of US$124,730.75 theft started last week at Criminal Court ‘C’ in Monrovia.Both Thayankeril and Reeves have pleaded not guilty to the multiple-count indictment brought against them by the government when they were first arraigned in court.The parties (prosecution and defense teams) have already concluded with their final legal arguments into the matter and are therefore waiting for Judge Yussif Kaba to declare them either guilty or not.At last week’s hearing, Judge Kaba did not give a definite time when he would render his judgment.Thayankeril and Ms Reeves will serve prison terms between five to ten years and made to pay back the money, if found guilty.Between July 2015 and April 2016, the company’s chief executive officer (CEO), Emmanuel Togba, claimed that the defendants (Thayankeril and Reeves) used their respective positions to design a criminal scheme where they successfully prepared a fictitious vehicle rental request purporting same to be emanating from one of the company’s clients, the World Food Program (WFP).They were alleged to have used the request to raise a payment voucher for the US$124,730.75 and fraudulently transferred the money from the Maxx Rental bank account into their personal savings account for the period between July 2015 up to and including April 2016.Their alleged withdrawal was intended to ensure that the rental service was provided to the WFP, while in reality the UN entity made no such request, for which the defendants en-cashed the check and withdrew the money for their personal use and benefits.Before the withdrawal, Togba claimed that in June 2015, Thayankeril and his co-defendant (Reeves) encouraged him to join the company and served as its chief executive officer.When the deal was sealed, Togba alleged that the defendants issued to him a 35 percent share in the company and the CEO post, on condition that he made available the collateral to secure a loan from the GT Bank.It was based upon “the encouraging post (CEO),” that Togba allegedly used his seven bed-room story building, situated at the ELWA Rehab Road in Paynesville, as collateral for an amount of US$150,000 in the name of Maxx Rental Incorporated to the bank.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

80 street lamps given to constituencies across Linden

first_imgConstituencies across Region 10 (Upper Demerara- Berbice) were the recipients of a number of street lamps, which were handed over by the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC) last week.LM&TC Treasurer Audrey Nelson (right) makes a donation to constituency representative, Councillor Fern Mckoy (left) in the presence of Linden Deputy Mayor Waneka Arindell (centre) and Councillors Leroy James and Wainwright BethuneRepresentatives of the eight constituencies each received 10 lamps to be placed in their respective areas. The street lamps were handed over at the office of the LM&TC. The lamps are to be installed by the Linden Electricity Company Inc (LECI) and the Linden Utility Services Co-op Society Limited (LUSCSL) in time for the festive season.Linden Mayor Carwyn Holland said the project was aimed at lighting up areas in the community, noting that more was yet to come.“We know there are several dark streets within the township and we’re just happy to play our little part with this contribution”, he said.“It’s not the end of the lamps…because we expect a donation of several street lamps through the Ministry of Communities, from the Japanese grant. However, we’ve not gotten it as yet. So Council decided to invest in 80 street lamps. It is our plan to light up Linden, make Linden brighter and…make Linden safe,” the Mayor said.He noted that providing the street lamps was also part of efforts to ensure the security of the township. (Utamu Belle)last_img read more

10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State’s Big Win Over Kansas

first_imgIf you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers! And …But I don’t. No, I don’t feel bad at all.4. Mason Rudolph continues to crush at homeMaybe it’s the comfort of knowing home games are well attended by sorority row. Maybe the sight lines in BPS are clearer for No. 2. Maybe he prefers going east-west rather than north-south. Maybe he just gets rattled on the road. I don’t know. But Mason Rudolph has been a different QB at home than he has been on the road. Career splits.Home: 68 percent | 355 yards/game | 8 TD | 2 INTRoad: 58 percent | 265 yards/game | 6 TD | 8 INTGranted, those numbers are buoyed by Kansas, UTSA and Central Arkansas and he still sailed more throws than I would have preferred on Saturday, but I trust him completely in Stillwater.5. Getting the backups in was a winThere were three potential wins for the team on Saturday. Win the game. Get the backups in early. No injuries. Mission accomplished (pending the injury report). We got nearly a quarter and a half of the oil baron at QB and got enough RayTay for me to wonder if he’s sort of secretly the most talented RB we have. I know that’s probably not a reality, but his performance at least begged the question.6. Emmanuel Ogbah could have beaten Kansas on his ownOn a scale of 1 to seeing the Ring when you were a 10-year-old, how terrifying is this?That actually might be my favorite GIF of the season. It’s just such a perfect representation of Ogbah, the OSU defense and what it has done all year. We might not get you every time, but we’re at least going to make you incredibly concerned.Kansas could only muster 30 rushing yards on 27 carries and barely topped 200 yards overall. I know they’re Kansas, but that’s exactly what you want to see.Also, Devante Averette for RB?7. Mason Rudolph is a stay-at-home momLet me explain. I told Carson this in a podcast earlier this week, and I think he thought I was a moron.Mason Rudolph is the stay-at-home mom your kids don’t appreciate and J.W. Walsh is the working dad who comes home and takes the kids for ice cream and to the movies. Rudolph drops dimes all day and then Walsh comes in and throws a ball eight feet behind Chris Lacy for a touchdown and everybody eats it up like dad just whipped up a five-course meal even though he really just grabbed In-and-Out on the way home.Moms (and Rudolph) … perennially underappreciated.Walsh, by the way, now has 13 total TDs on the season. Rudolph has just 11. This means nothing outside of the fact that Walsh comes in when OSU gets in the red zone. But it’s still interesting.Cool shot of the General getting his second score. pic.twitter.com/IqxltqJqos— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) October 24, 20158. Did we learn anything about the run game?It’s tough to learn much against a team that looks like it was trying to sign up for C league intramurals and accidentally signed up for A league.@pistolsguy they’re a C League team that accidentally signed up for A League— Eric Williams (@Super_EWilliams) October 24, 2015OSU ran it 47 times for just over 200 yards. Chris Carson and Rennie Childs both got five a pop on the day. But I’m not going to lose my mind over it given Kansas was No. 120 in run defense per carry (5.49 yards). The only thing you can really extrapolate, I think, is that OSU’s offensive line looked better and maybe it can carry some of that momentum into Lubbock (and beyond).9. OSU is 7-0 for the fourth time everThis year, 1945, 2008 and 2011. That’s pretty unbelievable. But today was also a good reminder that it’s ultimately meaning less because …10. This is staggering and devastatingAs somebody with a daughter not much younger than this girl, I just can’t …Reason 997 why you don’t drink and drive. pic.twitter.com/LRhATGpPfp— lex (@AlexisBryan10) October 24, 2015Also, a two-year-old death was recently confirmed which means the death toll is now four. That’s unfathomably sad.We’ll get back to football soon. Not now, though. Not now. BOX SCOREOklahoma State thrashed Kansas on Saturday in Boone Pickens Stadium 58-10 on a day that was heavier than it should have been. Three people were killed in the morning’s Homecoming parade which is completely unspeakable, but then the Pokes and their head coach tried to use words to console themselves as well as those in the stadium.Then they played.I remember last year’s Homecoming game. I wrote a takedown of the Greek community for leaving at halftime of the West Virginia game. It was stupid. The backlash was even more stupid. I miss those days. How do you write about dozens of people you don’t know and will likely never meet other than to say they are you and me and all of us.My parents were supposed to be at this game and likely this parade. I’ve been to it before. Most of you have too. Mary Fallin’s comment about life being fleeting might look calloused at first glance, but she’s right.Fallin: “It was a great remembrance that life can be fleeting.”— Cody Stavenhagen (@CodyStavenhagen) October 24, 2015Life is fleeting. Football is fun. Players are humans. Family is important.[1. “He loves his family.”] It was a sad day in Stillwater, yes, because the world is shattered and not getting better. This is the third time major tragedy has struck the school this century which is obviously three times too many. But it was also, in a lot of ways, a reminder that we’ve still got each other. I’ll let Burns Hargis say it better than I could.“The Cowboy family pulls together,” said Hargis. “Unfortunately, we’ve had to do it before, and we’ll do it again. God bless, and we pray for everyone.”Here are my 10 thoughts about the worst game of the year.1. The game was irrelevantI’m not going to lie, I barely watched the game. Part of that was probably because it was Kansas and covering Kansas games is like changing your kids’ diapers, but I just couldn’t get jacked up about third down blitzes and Mason Rudolph deep outs that quickly after the body bags were zipped up a couple of streets from Boone Pickens Stadium. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have played the game (and I understand why they did), but it felt pretty empty.2. James Washington is disgustingThe other J-Dub had his third career 100-yard receiving game on Saturday with freak show catches like this one.He also had a great end around and several other catches including an over-the-shoulder one right before the one above for the TD. I change my mind about who OSU’s best receiver is on a week to week basis, but this week it was definitely No. 28. I agree with OKC Dave who noted that he’s not a big fan of the narrative that OSU’s receiving depth is a huge strength because I think one superstar plus a bunch of other dudes outweighs 10 really good receivers, but Washington could be that guy. Still a sophomore.3. Bad Kansas is so badI want to feel bad for Kansas because …Kansas football! pic.twitter.com/j3sdxOtY7A— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) October 24, 2015last_img read more