The site is not included because of the case

The site is not included because of the case

From the

In fact,

points: the website structure is not good, cause not included

said the website structure is not good, does not affect the engine included the home page, it seems that this is a bit incredible, in what, also not included. From this point, I exclude this reason immediately.

first, that is, I’m a Shanghai Longfeng novice, general can handle the problems, but because of space issues, the first time not included in the website, or the first time encounter, encounter this kind of problem, I think of a Shanghai Longfeng novice, the search process is relatively hard and blind. read more

Use the search engine principle to explain the crawler (spider) is what

has now explained the crawler can not judge the quality of the page, but in the strict sense, even the role of reptile extract links are not, it is only a TCP/IP program. But the analysis of link things always do, otherwise can’t crawler grab a new page. Accurately speaking, link analysis is taken over by "dispatcher" to do. The crawler to crawl the page 1, page 1 to 1 the dispatcher dispatcher analysis, all found links to URL library 1, and the part of the dispatcher think important link to return to the 1 to 1 crawler crawler, to grab those important pages. At the same time, 1 crawler grab the page to the Page library 1, if repeated 1 inside the Page library and URL library page 1 inside, will not repeat the crawl. read more

Let love Shanghai update everyday snapshots seconds to publish content actually so simple

here to analyze what kind of website love Shanghai love the second, we often see in the website optimization, such as why Chinaz, Shanghai dragon forum, A5 released the contents of the second we can. For example, classified information website, such as Tianya, West temple. Large portal, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, etc. These are the second, seem to love Shanghai spiders live here do not. Why? We think carefully, find the reason you can do this, 24 hours to keep the spider.

site structure clear and suitable for grab love Shanghai, the station is also a network of internal links included in the page for the spider. In the publication time do have the link station where necessary plus links to the page or column page, but > read more

On the Links of the two main points the correlation can not be ignored

in the link, although Links accounted for most of the requirements, but the other is also the source of the chain we should ensure that the correlation between the presence of a URL, a love URL, URL, seems to exist where love Shanghai can be retrieved, but one source of correlation is also included there is a web site source, we often say the anchor text, these two points will usually pass some of what we say and most correlation, correlation is the deciding factor of the website rankings, when the site of factors including correlation will take over, so this is what we often use the forum with signature of the reason, at least the anchor text can transfer a great correlation, correlation and the correlation can be said and title in each other The fusion, the relationship between these 2 aspects with each other only can greatly improve se understanding of the site level, while in A5, A5 article, there is a widespread existence, also is the link of the extensive degree, that is to say, it needs a kind of proportion, if can what will your site ah on the relevant page, then the proportion is about 80%, it is also a promotion. In fact, the correlation between guarantee and universality, is very important, we often need to maintain the reason. read more

Talk about love of Shanghai to punish site causes and Solutions

3) webmaster optimization excessive, not piled too much words, is a short period of time to increase the chain too much


some of the website optimization Shanghai Dragon don’t know it is love Fletcher webmaster website keywords, the keywords on the site that as long as the heap more, so the number of sites found in the search engine more and more, in fact this idea is not correct, because the number of keywords for each search engine on the web is limited and if you exceed this limit, so that a search engine will think you’re cheating, and whether your site do how good, how to write the content in the original are inevitably punished read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization almost inaccessible HITS algorithm can link a helping hand

is the HITS algorithm, because the search engine needs to find the user search requests and query matching degree associated with the highest in the world, with page to grab a collection of Web documents, and the related matching degree is the highest number of high quality "Authority" and "Hub" page, page station the quality of original factors rather than we often understand. Especially some authoritative pages, search.

in the HITS link analysis algorithm, the two point is the most Hub pages and Authority pages. read more

The factors influence ranking web site keywords ranking

second, the quality of information

keywords that will lead to search engine optimization ranking is relatively low, but if the words can reasonably plan their keywords does not make the information content is too much accumulation. The search engine optimization ranking is relatively low. Therefore, that is to say to search engine optimization ranking reached a certain height, then the keyword information itself do not to excessive accumulation. Otherwise, the search engine optimization ranking is difficult to achieve the desired objectives. read more

Shanghai dragon ultimate routine stable + correlation

(1) site environment stability: the stability of the space domain or server, stable, improve the stability of the site itself, and also is the foundation of the site, only the site is stable, and the user can smoothly to love Shanghai spider your site visit.


+ correlation

, 1 stable


these days, I have been thinking about a problem, what is the Shanghai dragon, it really is a day to find different blogs and forums outside the chain, write some boundless every day the so-called original? Do Shanghai dragon really would like someone metaphor as "it migrant workers" so, how to get out of this predicament? I thought, what was the first Shanghai dragon, I understand the meaning of the internal and external optimization is to optimize the site, and then make your own website to Google in Shanghai, and so on, can Sogou search engine with multiple site keywords ranking first, let users be able to their search. So how can our website in front of it, a lot of people will tell me the website internal optimization, frame structure, keyword layout, relevance, extensive external chain, some correlation is, according to the Shanghai Longfeng routine, if you insist, as workers the same dream to do, then your website will be can have ranking, but also to good effect. Then there is no more effective way, there is no Shanghai dragon, the 42 dials thousand catties I thought, through the practice study found that Shanghai Longfeng ultimate routine is: stable read more

Shanghai craft gift network case analysis

site name: Shanghai gifts network


didn’t do 404 pages, recommend re >

webmaster tools Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive information, can see the love of Shanghai included 2020 chain 8200 Google is the 20 thousand and 500 chain 40 PR 3 YAHOO included 2845 chain and 1346 key words, describe your own look.

let me first to introduce the basic information of the website, the domain name is established in 2005, is an old domain name. Open space speed can also be relatively stable, this experience is good for users. In general if a website within a minute not open, customers wait for you to close the page will display the estimated, which do good. read more

360 introduction of Internet users search evaluation mechanism

But now the

search network owners appear as in figure

analysis: 360 website comments online for more than a year before, nor heard and search the weight hook, and even a lot of people do not know it exists, at present, most of the review results should be spontaneous user comments, users can reflect the true feelings.

How to join the

site will appear behind the small tomato logo, like the 77 model search network, then there will be no small tomato

finally: 360 vice president Yu Guangdong said that "360 search peoplerank technology is the third generation of search technology to prevent malicious behavior of Shanghai dragon. Affected by the transition to commercial and malicious Shanghai dragon, the traditional search results can not reflect the search results." This is to prevent malicious brush comment? We’ll see. In the 77 model essay net (www.fw77贵族宝贝) station feeds, the original is not easy, please keep the link. read more

Explain the differences between Shanghai love Google optimization on the difference

; 1 new sites included for everyone to share!


2, website pages in the search engine rankings

3, external links

in fact, as long as you understand the basic principle of search engine, combined with the "noble baby search engine optimization guide", "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" said above, a good understanding of the execution, there is usually a good ranking. But for the love of Shanghai, at the same time, noble baby want to have a good ranking is difficult, the key problems appeared in some detail, deal with these details, I believe there is no problem! Let me introduce two search engines will be different in what aspects: read more

Google is a small range test new search interface

all rights reserved.

is a small range of noble baby recently testing a new search interface, the test only for a small part of the noble baby users, a new search interface must be displayed in order to account login. It is not clear the nobility baby testers choose the standard, whether the new interface is also in the future speculation stage. For the most noble baby users, currently only from the network out of the picture to experience the new search interface, as shown below:

interface test always get both praise and blame. For the new interface, many people think that the increase in the gap between the items at the same time, reduce the number of the same screen display, which makes users need more time to click the scroll bar to view the following results obtained. This is known as "the ultimate minimalist" noble baby, will not cause the user’s opposition remains to be more large-scale testing and user feedback. Anyway, the current test feedback is limited to the part of the more famous science and technology media account, and can not represent the majority of users view. read more

How can we optimize keywords

Keywords keyword

selection mainly from the word brand, industry, the subject of long tail keywords, then Dongguan Pu managed Xiaobian introduce relevant content, subject and industry brand word long tail keywords for everyone.

> off

brand word is the product nameplate (category) for the identification of the product (category) or service identification, image etc.. It is through a series of brand marketing and promotion activities, the formation of an image in the minds of customers cognition, thus making their products and competitors’ products to distinguish. This is also the role of brand keywords. A word brand promotion optimization directly affects the success of the overall performance of the website and the users in the image. Imagine a brand or no brand range of enterprises, there are a few people will visit? (2) industry read more

Big secret Shanghai mobile website optimization which Longfeng you do not know the password!

2, how to get a better ranking in mobile search,

in today’s mobile search traffic has already exceeded the PC side flow, many enterprises are building their mobile site, want to get traffic from mobile search, so how to build a mobile station to mobile station in Shanghai Longfeng optimization? Mobile site optimization and TDK layout is like the layout of the PC site? When the same site is PC site and mobile site more mobile sites included and flow to the PC site is not it should be blocked? Mobile site and PC site TDK optimization will not be exactly the same punishment? And similar doubt Yang Zi will share one below. read more

Want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization, user experience is the key


as a webmaster, we hope to make our web site to get good rankings, get a lot of traffic, then how to do? In fact, only in accordance with the rules of search engine, the content of the website will be the best, only the high quality of the site will be search engine and users. In addition to the high quality website for search engines, it is more users, in fact only get the favor of the user, is the real good website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, it can also get more traffic, higher conversion rate, the final effect of the realization of website optimization. read more

WeChat and micro-blog who is the marketing personnel of Shanghai dragon eyes xiangbobo

looked at recently you wrote the article, feel WeChat mentioned probability significantly more than ever, and the focus of everyone’s attention is relatively concentrated, mainly WeChat 300 million users and corresponding marketing channels. Yes, from January 2011 launch date, WeChat’s growth really surprised me, the number of users of WeChat in 2 years has been close to 400 million, while behind the huge traffic must be based on a series of activities, such as marketing, business development. read more

Three a fast and effective method of enterprise website exchange Links.

QQ chat group, QQ direction range is very large, any industry can establish their own QQ group, and Links exchange can also set up their own QQ group, and then let the webmaster to join the QQ group and exchange Links, found from the data, most of the webmaster can exchange friends of the chain through the QQ group, owners only need to enter when the additive group of related industry chain group keywords can be found in this industry all the friends of the chain group, and then see which group is the active group, one by one to look for and join. read more

URL recommendations are forgotten

If the

1, all lowercase convenient manual input, not because of the size of writing mistakes

it is easy to remember, especially the domain name must be streamlined, connotation. The search engine is URL, as long as no more than 1000 letters, will not affect the included. And a study found that short URL hit rate is about 2.5 times higher than long. Moreover, the short URL is also conducive to the reproduction and dissemination.

URL design

4. file and directory names are descriptive.

website optimization, is ignored by many owners, but the site optimization is very important. The strong Yang Shanghai Longfeng will give you some suggestion about URL read more

The search engine how to determine the user experience of the website

now many sites in some content page will install share button, if the user love website this page, users are likely to share their own QQ space, Sina micro-blog, website content is shared, the more exposure rate is high, indicating that the user more love this website, search engines will think that users love this website.

article by Chinese brand franchise network original editor, please keep the link

website to share

statistical tools, can jump out rate is very clear to understand the user visits the site and the average length of visit, jump out rate is high, the access time is shorter, indicating that the user is not love your website, good website users will access the long time, the search engine that the faster the users out of. This website user experience is not good, will give you the site points. read more

Novice how to write high quality articles

update for site content, original content is important. We update the content on the site is nothing more than to users and spiders, and the spiders, original content is the content of the spider love, of course you must have the original content and correlation between sentence and the theme of the website, so you can meet the requirements of our spider, but the site not only to meet the spider request, but to have more users, and to meet the needs of users, the original content is the foundation, the first original content on behalf of your own website and user respect, then, if your site is reproduced or copied to the content, why should the user, the user directly to the origin of the article to see that would not be able to see more content? This website value you will find information from meet users into the same industry website promotional role. So, we update the content for the website, must be original, if you don’t respect their own website, the user what respect your website. read more