No PR no snapshot you will change the Links

recently noble baby official finally stand, PageRank has no plans to update. That is to say the webmaster before staring at the PR has not become a standard evaluation website.

said, these people are now more concerned about the standard, not to launch their own search engine, but the third party website keywords ranking and query tools according to the corresponding search index estimated what can roughly determine the flow of a website, but has a large operating space and limitations, so need to carefully distinguish under the.

coincidentally, love Shanghai official in this year also had a love of Shanghai "on the problem that" snapshot number, specify updates and page snapshot whether important additions directly associated with the website itself "the weight", whether "K" is not directly related to, the owners do not have a suggestion pay more attention to the website snapshot time.

PageRank this thing, it is the evaluation of a Google page importance value, because Google is the world’s largest search engine, the evaluation value is into the world to judge a site and the importance of the standard, in China Internet industry is also as the standard. But now Google no longer update PR, this standard is not, and China search engine field does not have a universally accepted evaluation of web standards (market tools query love Shanghai weights and 360 weights are not the official launch), love Shanghai even put a little snapshot time influence to weaken the. This makes a lot of entering the Internet industry practitioners no direction, because of the lack of a universally accepted criteria, only through the analysis of the subjective judgment, which for them a bit difficult.

1, the so-called love Shanghai, 360 weight weight

3, included the amount / index

2, your theme

included a number of factors but also we should pay attention to, but we now use the site command to check out there will be two data, a number of search results, a number of index. Two data is generally not the same, this time is our standard, the number of search results more close to the index number of the better, if the difference is not.

?We first look at the front page of

, no PR no snapshot of what factors when the change is Links should focus on:

one website, a topic related or similar. This is not only the bonus effect to judge the search engine on the link quality, is beneficial to attract users to click. For example, users browse our website in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements so tall on the information, see a gynecological hospital link, there will be no interest on.

this let many webmaster dumbfounded, the previous exchange chain important criteria PR and snapshot time have become less important, now the exchange chain in the end to see what

Here we look at

On the 404 page settings and matters needing attention

first you need to design a 404 page, this need not I teach? Very simple, pay attention to use DW to design their own, 404 page, can not automatically jump to the home page, so it is not friendly to search engines, your site will be right down, even convicted of cheating, you give a clear link to guide everyone to point on the line. After finishing can begin to set up 404 pages, the first 404 pages by FTP uploaded to the site root directory, if you are using a virtual host, then you can enter the host management control panel, generally there is an error page to set this function, you choose the 404 page web directory, point to determine the OK! I use the 404 page space settings as shown below:

A website

or VPS server, you can own VPS or server settings, I also use of a web site is VPS, IIS configuration, so Xiamen Shanghai dragon will talk about how to set the IIS configuration 404, you open the IIS, and then find your site, right click the -> attribute; -> the wrong document set, find 404, and then click the edit, find below your web root personality 404 pages, selected, point to determine the OK, note that the type you want to select a file, do not select the message, select the message, the status code returned is 200, this is wrong!

404 page is a more important aspect of the web site optimization, when you enter a wrong, will jump to 404 pages, it returns a status code of 404, is to tell the search engine, this site does not exist, you do not included in it, no, we are not found the 404 page is ugly, the user experience is not good, this is the default 404, if you don’t feel good if you can set up their own 404 page a personalized, so how to set?

If you are using

every time when we enter an incorrect URL in the browser, it will jump to a page, "said the page cannot be found: you are searching the page may have been deleted, renamed or is temporarily unavailable, this is called the 404 page. The next Xiamen Shanghai dragon like everyone to detail about 404 pages!

set the end we should go to check the page after the return 404 status code is 404, if it is correct, if the return status code is 200, it shows that there is a problem! Simply talk about why return 200 status code is not correct. We enter a wrong link in the browser, when there is no set personalized page 404, must return status code >

Xiamen Shanghai dragon has a 404 page address: www.***贵族宝贝/404.htm, you can look at, is not very good? The next Xiamen Shanghai dragon will give you 404 talk about how to set up a personalized page!

The word around the website optimization three aspects need to pay attention to


3, around a word with the original article the effect will be better

page optimization looks very simple, but the actual operation must also pay attention to the details, so that we can in a certain keyword optimization do better than others. Combined with the practice of their own, I think to do around a site optimization need to pay attention to three aspects:



believes that many webmaster friends website optimization strategy no less use of four word, this method is simple, is in the title of the page, keyword and page description, content and related pages four positions on the key words, to strengthen the key word optimization effect. The word around a website optimization method I also use never like naturally or half unconsciously, only the teacher as it is concentrated into the essence of theory, perhaps this is the Shanghai dragon master and rookie difference.

feel most of the search engine is the original, my experience is around a word with the original words would be better, especially for Google, as long as you do this, the long tail word to do not have another station optimization, are likely to get better ranking pictures:

1, anchor text links should not blunt

The word around

article by good body slimming products list 贵族宝贝haoshencai520贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you

is also very good!


when I do before the anchor text links the no less to make this mistake, anchor text links actually seen in many blunt insertion sites or pseudo original acquisition among all can, nothing wrong with the word around the use of location, but the drawback is that the insertion of keywords and articles

website optimization keywords and the number of the best placed in nature, but also pay attention to moderate, not the more the better. Take the page title, the key number not more than two times, but also use the phrases of different manifestation. As a stand to lose weight to optimize the "slimming" the most effective keywords, the page title as "the most effective weight loss pills are what the most effective weight loss drug price" and the like, rather than a simple superposition of repeated N times. Keywords

" in Shanghai love rankings almost came in around 100, because we all know, so it no longer! Anyway, will give preferential treatment to the original search engine ranking, website optimization tool and original + word around

The word "


! The word around

2, avoid accumulation

How to do web site keywords ranking

website ranking = overall trust given initial ranking + site information + + third prominent auxiliary link weight factor

how to understand this sentence, the trust had been put forward, in the love of Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2011 edition in Shanghai also proposed friendly degree will affect the ranking that said, in another point of view, love Shanghai said friendly degree actually is trust.


link weight: this point needs to pay attention to what is the link transfer the weight, he not only is said to pass through the weight chain, in fact the station is, as long as the link, will have the weight transfer.

site information assistant: this sentence is well understood, we do in the station optimization, often used, such as with the alt attribute for images, the alt attribute text for keywords, keyword, keyword density control, internal links, H tags, which belong to this category, the main purpose of this class is the station and highlight your words related information. For example an article we will give the title plus H1, the key words will do directional text bold, the purpose of doing so is to the search engines that are bold, plus H1 text is very important.

site overall trust given initial row: the main factors affecting the trust from the station, for example the update, the frequency of updates, many people would say that the weight of the website the website snapshot is good, in fact, this is not the weight of good, but your site’s high degree of trust and love. Shanghai will consult you trust this factor gives you an initial website ranking, the best example is that some websites we see him and not much outside the chain, but his ranking is truly very good, for example in our various factors than the other site, but throw without the other high ranking, actually this the result is trust.

the above content and I some keywords ranking view and explain, if you ask about my opinion what do not agree with the welcome to communicate with. The >

the third factors: in fact, normally we mainly do is more than 3 points, but the removal of more than 3 points and some factors will improve our rankings, perhaps some friends have noticed that some friends did not notice the third factors, for example, he included the bounce rate of your website, search through the love of Shanghai click (click on the principle of love in Shanghai, for example) in intelligent DNS resolution and so on, these are the third factors, the factor of whether we are consciously or unconsciously in fact there will be some data is generated, so as to improve our ranking

keyword ranking is an important factor in the assessment of Shanghai Longfeng, many novice friends often ask how to improve the keywords ranking, ranking of how to do a similar problem, so I summed up a keyword ranking formula to help novice friends questions, also welcome everyone together to discuss.


My website Shanghai Longfeng experience of six big taboo in the process of optimization

bogey) during optimization frequently modified

the use of black chain or four) is a tool of

) the third bogey excess addition chain with a chain of


believe that every webmaster station has a dream, there is hope that the site can love from Shanghai search ranking, and then get a lot of traffic, in order to achieve this dream, so we webmaster will optimize the website, but the website optimization is not easy, in order to avoid committing webmaster some unnecessary mistakes, so I summarized several big taboo following need attention in the website optimization webmaster in the process of

as long as the optimization of Shanghai love it a little understanding webmaster must know that, compared with other domestic search engine, love Shanghai for the site of the change is the most sensitive, especially in a very high weight website stationmaster is not the case, even if it is a punctuation changes to the site, or is a code would have been love to punish Shanghai. Therefore, the webmaster want to get traffic from Shanghai love there, so when the website optimization is best not to easily change the

in our normal webmaster website optimization process, the most taboo is the webmaster overfilling the website keywords, after all, for the net Bi keywords are love Shanghai Lou a certain amount of restrictions, if your site keywords exceed this limit, then love Shanghai will recognize your website in your website that cheating. Not credible, and said, the number of keywords website is less, so the weight of keywords to the higher, the higher the weight of keywords and also means that your competition is bigger,

is currently in.

website! tools!

second) avoid overfilling the website keywords


website in Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, many owners may be holding the competition to succeed the idea, then the use of black chain or a tool to benefit and cheating, but there is little need to understand is that although like the black chain with some optimization tools can indeed enhance the site’s ranking in a short time in may even let you rise to search the first home page, but the side effects are also relatively large, once let Shanghai know you love cheating in this way, then the site must bear the severe punishment

love ShanghaiThe website! !

may be as long as the love of Shanghai optimization have a little understanding of webmaster are clear, the website to optimize the success in Shanghai in search of love to have a good ranking is certainly not the quality of the chain and Links, the problem is the webmaster can not increase too much in a short period of time. Therefore, in order to the website can! Have a good ranking, get traffic from Shanghai love there, our webmaster usually in the chain added with Links is under the control of the best quantity, as well as their quality, not to release the chain by using some


content of low quality and avoid) on the acquisition of

cheating!The !The first

Love Shanghai today primaryachievement power Scindapsus algorithm

yesterday in Shanghai there is a considerable flow of love, early in the morning, but no traffic sites, basically can be determined by the new algorithm is to hurt. In addition, the penalized site, has the following characteristics: site the home position is not on the first page, but in the end a few pages, the domain is so; love Shanghai directly in the search site name, the original row in the first place, now decreased or even can not find; of course, the most obvious one to be in love in Shanghai where the site traffic is almost dropped to zero.

the above characteristics only relative to those who buy the link to the website, as the seller site? As we all know, usually sell links are the weight of relatively high, many belong to the industry portal or local portal, love Shanghai selling links to these sites but few actual behavior of crystal clear, the punishment of action. The Scindapsus algorithm is also no exception, I inquired several link to sell sell very happy high weight website, found that they did not suffer any effect, included and rankings are very normal, and the bottom of the home page sold a row of links is very eye-catching……

webmaster of Scindapsus aureus algorithm clearly expressed a strong interest (life, love in Shanghai under the roof without concern nor ah), we also have the author to imagine their understanding of the new algorithm. But to everyone’s imagination space is not large, because the algorithm effective time quickly and accurately, from the beginning of this morning, the algorithm starts to work.

link trading intermediary website, personally think that the research value is not high, because people do not rely on the love of Shanghai. Even if love Shanghai put these sites K 10 Fen people left, the transaction channel still there. Of course, through this Scindapsus algorithm, how many people will go to buy links, this is a problem.

The As for the

Scindapsus algorithm just on the line, the power is shown. Of course, we do not know the next time it will have a further action, such as the sale of those high weight website links can have real action. In addition, Baidu each count >

this morning, can find the webmaster friends in the expression of some doubts in several webmaster Forums: Web site keywords ranking overnight all fly to the outside 100, almost disappeared from Shanghai where the flow of love, in addition to the long tail word very unpopular, other words are not found. It’s not hard to guess what causes these changes is Scindapsus love Shanghai latest algorithm.

February 19th love Shanghai webmaster community announced that Shanghai Scindapsus on-line algorithm for love. The new algorithm is mainly for the sale of links to the web site that links the three party transaction intermediary, the seller and the buyer. In the announcement, love Shanghai pointed out: link behavior influence user experience, interfere with the search engine algorithm; on the other hand, speculative site enrichment, super chain intermediary real benefit, diligently do should return to obtain station is in such a bad Internet super chain.

Ordinary group chain is harmful to Shanghai dragon useless


did not realize when the garbage links in the search engine, is indeed very effective mass links. It is the birth of a number of links to mass software, batch registered in various forums, blog or SNS platform, then the automatic acquisition of content link group. Not willing to spend money to buy the software company will hire a few links specialist, collecting a large number of forums for batch registration, and then manually set up the forum signature, manual completion of the software. Now the search engine in order to curb the unhealthy state of the industry, the upgrade algorithm frequently, this "not recommended" spam links was the focus on.

some people may doubt "exchange the content page links said before, what is the difference between the mass and the anchor text links? Mass will be right down, the exchange of content page links there is no problem?" in fact, there are essential differences between the two, the content page link exchange are based on high quality content, and only when the specified keywords appear in the content will naturally increase the link, the theme content at the same time cooperation website are similar; however, the ordinary mass links are generally collection content, pseudo original machine, and then insert the rigid anchor text link, and the mass of the website theme and they may not completely related. The two link is not what comparable.

when we realize the importance of links, we will be adding links to their website to. Because most of their own web sites with limited resources, can exchange to link to other website links, has become the focus of most or all of the work site of Shanghai dragon. So far, will use a variety of pictures at "what is Shanghai dragon in the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng personnel exchanges? Send the chain……".

now the search engine for the forum signature, spam and junk blog link does not have a cold, and now most of the weight of the high platform are strictly limited by the link, so basically sending link to the chain construction method is not only a waste of time is a waste of energy, almost no following what role. But there are many websites because before or use software or use artificial mass released a large number of spam links, in the love of Shanghai algorithm upgrade process has been the recent drop right.

ordinary mass links now is not good, but this is the link with sending spam content, if released in other sites or on the platform are the contents of good information, and naturally have their website anchor text or text links, or the good quality of the chain. For example, some maintain their own blog friends, often go to the forum or website can contribute to publish their own articles and bring your own links, these links where the website weight is relatively high, a link is also relatively healthy, so can not be characterized as spam links, but "batch" operation difficult. But when the site launched, still can go to the A5 station, like a soft platform linked to a link to attract Spider.

In the face of the hard work of Shanghai Longfeng owners how to do the chain strategy change

this phenomenon since the existence of love, although Shanghai still has some to solve this problem, although it can go through manual operation, but is there a tens of thousands of this station, he is also artificial? So, according to this situation, from the search engine perspective, to change their algorithms, but not completely the reform of the core algorithm, so it can only give less weight in the stack point value, such that nature can eliminate 80% of the station, but also sometimes have a fish escaped through the seine. After all, any kind of search engine can not solve all the problems, only 80% of the solution is very good. When it comes to search engine problems, naturally have to say the chain search engine is the most important factor.


stack keywords station at present according to my observation still exist, such as search "jewelry nest" will appear below the shocking results:

webmaster did not know A5, A5 is also a very good communication and soft release platform, I want to A5 the master as soft release is really clever, on one hand improve the weight of their station, because every day a queue who contributes to contribute to a large number of original articles, on the other hand, the service station groups, let people are more dependent on A5, which can better development. As a small webmaster, especially late webmaster, don’t set your goals too unrealistic or honestly, with no reality whatever, do their best, have a small, to cast an article to A5 every day, not by > 3 months with you

A5, a day to cast a soft

Shanghai dragon chain, absolutely cannot do without high quality, especially the key sex Shanghai ranking, no mass and high quality of the chain, to make up Arabian Nights keyword ranking is that. At least I have seen in the website, no site without a chain can make up. But now the chain really is more difficult than before, I do not know you did not find. Anyway, I go to the chain, the chain increased working so hard every day, in fact not much increase, and like the forum posts usually delete the majority, the chain effect of blog and bad message this link and useless, then how should we change the chain strategy? Accordingly, through experiments and research, summed up the chain strategy as follows:

Shanghai dragon is a combination of mental and physical work, perfect practice without the mental and physical dominance theory framework is in any case do not do well in Shanghai dragon. Now the Shanghai dragon is not a few years ago so simple, as long as the website had casually piled up some keywords, ranking will rise sharply, but not now, as steady as Mount Tai, piling up too many keywords will make the search engine that cheating, light right down, heavy K station. But this stack keywords phenomenon still exists, the so-called inherent reason, we do not have to touch the bird, the search engine’s bottom line, it is suicidal.

The wind on the seconds Shanghai seconds recorded the whole process of love


the last time I write an article about the love of spiders in Shanghai seconds when the article said, found an interesting phenomenon, related to the lower right corner of the I "attacks" plug-in, what is, and everyone together to share below. In fact, not what, oh, just saw the love of Shanghai in my blog and spider crawling and the residence time was calculated, see the spider walk, immediately under my love Shanghai station, found that increased a web page snapshot included 1 minutes ago. So, looks a bit unbelievable or fantastic, let alone see the love of spiders in Shanghai, even if many webmaster query traces crawling spiders in Shanghai are difficult to love.

in the first two days, early in the morning, I just write the diary, just released in the end, "attacks" there and saw the "Beijing" guy. Not long, on the left, I had a moment, to love Shanghai site my station, found just 1 minutes before the collection of the article I just released. Isn’t that "Beijing" is the "love of spiders in Shanghai". So, I will query the access record under logs space, it is at this time to. In online search, "love Shanghai spider IP" said most of the users are not fixed, but the IP address of the query location is in Beijing. So, the wind would like to say: I see the love of spiders in Shanghai, ha ha.


seconds, most of the webmaster or not, even if there is also most occurred in Google, fell in love with the sea is more rare. Most of the time also depends mainly on the love of spiders in Shanghai’s own wishes, the wind to talk about how the wind witnessed the second, and their views.


does not explain, is a coincidence, ha ha, see the love of Shanghai spiders crawling the entire trajectory of the joke, this is just a coincidence, say love Shanghai spider site time is not fixed, in fact, this is a minor, good good do stand, "

this "play of the earth" is a screenshot of the morning when more than 7 points, see "Beijing", and then to cut a figure. Then, for a while, such as "Beijing" left, immediately to site a website, sure enough, in a minute ago also included a page, picture below:

I use this "attacks" plug start, beginning with this plugin, one is interesting, two can also record the geographical location of visitors. Later, in a month ago, has made me wonder, my blog not how publicity, there are several IP is every normal, but there is a "Beijing" have been in IP, every day, I always wonder, am I a classmate or friend in Beijing. I did not think, so subconsciously think.

The whole thing is needed from the

Industry website series should not act with undue haste

2, the chain of the advantages and disadvantages of

now many people of the new site, although this way through the soft gold website can be included. But as a new station, this is not a healthy way of development. A few hair root site, they give you reproduced, this is obviously for ways to promote himself. The recommended way is not the natural soft. So the development of nature, nature is the best way to get. This is why people write the article that Shanghai Lee engineer blog answer pure text outside the chain is included, but natural, others recommend natural pure text is the best quality. A new station is not up to such a degree. Because of the vulnerability of the railway station when we go to the promotion must be considered good, should not act with undue haste. You know, your competitors are after a long time to hone, position it sites now steeped in the Internet long time only. We have one or several months to reach the level of it or that may not go beyond it?.


before the series of articles you may know, the operation of Dong’ou valve network just sent out an article before, said to seconds, how to have ranking, today to a query, find love Shanghai although collected some pages, the snapshot of the home page also can reach the effect of the day. But the page number is included, is not put out, you can see more than 1000 of the included in the statistics of love in Shanghai, site from only one home. After that, the work or there is a blow to their confidence. But the pain will have to think of pain, what causes such a situation?

The new vulnerability

chain is more cheating, less weight not the chain. Adsense always outside the circle of confusion and chain. I think every day is the same, the text to the site, let the site can achieve very good results. However, practice has proved that the method is good, but the operation run, the number of the chain increase in a short time so much is really not healthy. Personally think that the text to speed up the chain in the site snapshot, speed up the website content included is very advantageous. But the number of pure text of the chain in the key help is not so ideal. Because the chain is just pure text in the dissemination of the domain name. And the anchor text chain is different, it is to tell the search engine, the corresponding anchor text page is what word. So the chain form has advantages and disadvantages, the speed of the chain need a good grasp of. Only slowly growing site, to do the chain corresponding, everything will be natural. Shanghai Ou pump valve limited company is doing, reached a certain.

there is a saying that good, called More haste, less speed. Regardless of the industry website, or other site, want to eat into a fat or not how long can have the rankings, it is not a long way of development or poor health. Because the author has been operating a industry site optimization work, to write out some confusion, to share with you.

If I have seen