Basic explanation and basic steps of biddingAfter 90 meters beauty Xi six months, Beijing branch sto

introduction: in the pancake fruit, hamburger, bloom times, and a 90 after playing the catering idea. After 90 girls Liao Xiaoming just graduated, has suddenly become a beauty boss. The opening half, noodle business from cold to bursting with popularity, not long ago in Beijing opened a branch in Shaoyaoju. "90, beauty, rice noodles, beauty," these can not be used as a label for her success. Take a look at how she plays, turn to a small restaurant, and successfully open a branch.

2, then others how to tell you what he did are now, then you need to take the initiative to contact them, each people have their own standards, to real development, it is necessary to put down the shelf, discard the shy, to become bigger and stronger.

any product, as long as you can find through the network >


Xiao Ming: "I think not to delay the friend said the store business is not good you don’t tell the joke to consumption, they fired power. Three days later, as soon as they went to stay, there were two people in the shop." Xiao Ming smiled vaguely behind can see the days of her inner struggle, I do not know how to do, the dream is under a clubbing the abyss".

plus price auction. This is the most common form of auction. At auction, the auctioneer announces the lowest bid, and then the buyer bids one after another. The auctioneer may specify the amount limit for each fare increase. At a certain price, when the auctioneer makes a three prompt and no one raises the price, it is the highest price, and the auctioneer strikes the hammer. According to the auction regulation, the auctioneer may cancel the bid before the auctioneer drops the sample. If the auctioneer has agreed the minimum price with the auctioneer, and the buyer’s bid is lower than the price, the auctioneer may terminate the auction.

3, do bidding, start the funds, in fact, 100 yuan is enough.

provided Zhang Natian, shaking his head said, "Xiaoming very silly very naive". Three people stare at each other, customers are three of the nine out of ten he enthusiasm and the store deserted to scare. Only three bowls of rice noodles a day.

6, the biggest characteristics of bidding, that is the reality in the network product sales, in fact, the network is only an advertising media, so the core or see your comprehensive business vision, your EQ, packing your ability, your ability to grasp the market, relatively speaking, the network knowledge requirements is the least, but the business ability is the highest.

on sale. Also known as the Holland auction, originated from the world’s largest flower auction market in Holland, the auctioneer first opened the highest price, and then gradually lower prices until someone accepted, that is to conclude the transaction. There is no repeated bidding process between the buyers, and once the buyer accepts it, it cannot be withdrawn. Because of a quick sale, it is especially suitable for large quantities and large quantities of fresh goods.

so, Xiaoming roped in for two friends began to location, rush, three people borrowed seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan start-up capital, noodle shop opened up.


1, bid for money is relatively fast, mainly cash transactions, the day there is income, the most simple way to do bidding is to copy other people’s success.


sealed bid auction. Also called bidding auction. The sealed quotation also referred to as tender shall be submitted to the auctioneer within a specified time, and the auctioneer shall select the buyer. This auction method, compared with the above two methods, has the following two characteristics:

4, the start-up of funds is the most important part of the process of entrepreneurship, so do not take money to say their own difficulties.

about bidding:

has been going on for almost half a month. Xiaoming will consider the momentum right, group purchase. A few days later, not only did not buy the store to attract new customers, but to rely on the old customers buy, sell rice noodles also no profit. It was a bolt from the blue for a still lost store.

"I don’t like to live in step by step. Go down this road and now you can see what I’m like at 50. I’m not reconciled."." Xiao Ming spoke as if frown is a shackled warrior, "some enterprises extend the olive branch sometimes like a rope. "I want to start a restaurant myself and be cool when I’m a boss,"


"one day very late, passing by Xizhimen, there are many people in a ramen shop. I was anxious to send my leaflets at his door. I really think my rice noodle is not bad at all." Xiao Ming into the store to a bowl of noodles, "I do not eat, it depends on what the fire. This makes me touched the doorway, the checkout waiter asked if we open the table "shop" member, I have not at that time."

dare to dare to do, borrow money, do not want to be bound hands and feet of fighters

," said APP, pointing to a cell phone called "open the table". "The waiter said it would cost less," Xiao Ming said. I downloaded it immediately, checked out with it, saved 3 yuan with a bowl of 15 ramen. Go back on the Internet and open the table

learn from other places and get on the O2O express

reality put a dream COMBO, dream too far,

first, in addition to the price terms, there may be other trading conditions to consider:

5, a person can develop in a circle, knowledge and effort are not the most important, the most important thing is interpersonal operation ability.

two may take the form of open bid opening or open bid opening. The auction number of large facilities or large inventory or government confiscated goods may be used in this way.

Propaganda and PChome computer home together hand in hand, for the Chinese webmaster refueling!Publi


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Community O2O business report hard work to make moneyMake a friend from 15 years old to 21 year old

2. group for community O2O business development to lay a good foundation

editor’s note: after yesterday launched the "020 report of community user experience" see the bottom, the NetEase of science and technology today continue to launch "020 community entrepreneurs report, analysis of 020 community business logic and business model from the perspective of entrepreneurship. If there are any areas in the future that will emerge,, one of the giants of the BAT, is one of the areas in which there is room for full imagination.

! I don’t know you will not for "the two words" lost Wangzhuan normal life now, normal intercourse, family and the most lovely!!!

to tell the truth I really rebellious, but today it seems that AB is not suitable for me, because I am looking for my C a life defined by others a person not to be bound life, so the 15 year I chose to drop out at 1. for the simple reason that schools learn nothing with the flow of the three 2. even if the high school class talent also admitted not unless the devil to Qinghua University but I’m not the kind of child.

later I became age the alien in the burden of the parents, but my own mental existence and hope this hope gave me endless confidence so this is me.

"the world all profits go to" my 15 year old brother contact Wangzhuan, not for anything else just for money, although the family was good and he is still in school, but do not know why the word so Wangzhuan magic, let me have no appetite, in the children of the same age I still time to worship XX star I every day is thinking of doing the apprentice or hydrostatic have the chance to witness a very NB WSWSWSS ID Forum adaiah, psychological definition of 15 year old called "rebellious period" general explanation is this: the child of this age if serious rebellion generally has two consequences: A is not to become a big shot, B future prison.

group buying is not a listed company in China

1. community users have great potential

NetEase technology Zhang Junhong reported

according to Analysys’s 2014 China life service O2O Market Research Report, the first half of 2014, China’s group buying market turnover reached 28 billion 770 million yuan, an increase of 102.5%. Third party organizations will buy data and O2O life service is directly equivalent to, in a sense is to buy identity.


said, Ali led the business on the Internet shopping are popular, so it plays a group purchase of good education and cultivate habits of users of the traditional service market under the line on the Internet channel, the first group purchase also on the local life service of the fast lane, a burst of rapid, thousands of war and so on are the best confirm the hot performance.

according to the National Bureau of statistics, at the end of 2013 Chinese urban population proportion of the total population rose to 53.73%, from the scope of the expansion of the community, a large number of users will be the first community O2O from the town of trigger, especially in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen a few big city, because of Internet development, will become the industry pacesetter outbreak.

Group buy ancestor Groupon investors have revealed a detail, "before the vote Groupon, personally call the business, ask you why you work with Groupon?". The merchant said that because Groupon’s sales were good, and then asked, "what’s the point?" Groupon asked the businessman, "what did you do in the Internet before?". The merchant asked what the Internet was. Was it in the computer?. So many businesses don’t understand what the Internet is, and they lack Internet tools to help them do business." Group buying has opened a new chapter in local life service networking.

1, "community O2O": poised for


doesn’t understand why cheating is called EMU. I don’t know if you still use this word. If you have a senior, I’ll explain it to my brother. Thank you, ~


opening too long! Get to the point,

According to the

that’s the way people are. When you’re interested in something or even obsessed with it, you may throw everything away to pursue him

China Internet Network Information Center CNNIC released the "China Internet development report" shows that as of June 2014, China users reached 632 million, of which, 527 million mobile phone users, the Internet penetration rate reached 46.9%. Internet users use 83.4% of their mobile devices, surpassing PC’s overall 80.9% for the first time.

simple talk about their own experiences no other meaning to all the seniority shallow friends a lessons of patience do Wangzhuan forum has made the old man’s brother as a report but here, thank you for all you do Wangzhuan friends to me once you have the wisdom of thought for a long time, although I do not have 3 years but Wangzhuan Wangzhuan 04-07 experience has helped me grow up, and make a progress in the field to Beijing to work in the social survival and children can have their own space, so I wish all love health happy family fortune do not say you YY

also doesn’t know how to get into this forum ~ very familiar depressed 888.NET remember early time, probably 6 years ago. Your contact call Wangzhuan such a thing of course I still don’t understand why do Wangzhuan abroad also has a name called make money on the web *

Why can’t you make money onlineThe WannaCry virus is rampant all over the world, but the network sec


everyone should know what interest is and what interest is like a man who can’t resist a beautiful woman

some current and off

in April 13, 2017, Bloomberg reported on the crisis faced by the Tanium family business.

, a named WannaCry meaning "cry" the virus outbreak in more than 100 countries around the world, and at least 200 thousand computer, the U.S. Federal Express, the Spanish telecommunications company, the British national health system NHS, Chinese universities and oil and other state-owned enterprises, which are ranked by the virus infection list. The computer will move extorted hundreds of dollars worth of bitcoins, otherwise we can not unlock the virus control computer files, and the Internet virtual currency bitcoin this decentralized and is not controlled by any government or organization, so the importance of whether government, enterprises and individuals have deeply felt the problem of network security.

network security industry faced with rampant WannaCry virus have come forward, if they Touzhaoyue a bit too much, then it can be said that the industry the opportunity to show his face here. New York Times reported on May 12th, "digital security provider CrowdStrike financing $100 million", the Wall Street Journal on May 21st reported that "all IT work is now network security work."".


Unwilling ordinary, I have the honor to contact the network, has been working hard on the Internet for five years. Five years later, I am from a rookie, to a little growth, finally learned from the website, SEO, to make money online, Taobao open shop, do Alibaba, network promotion, media, mobile phone website, mobile phone APP development, there are many

however, a network security company called Tanium seems to be a bit happy, even though the company just announced a $100 million new round of financing in May 25, 2017.

1, accused of predatory employee options – the dreaded "Schindler list"


I remember when I first met the Internet. It was really a dish. I didn’t know anything, and I didn’t know how I knew so much about it. Only know when he did not understand, on the sh419 search for answers, or find someone to help answer, or find some video tutorials to learn. I did not pay for the teacher to teach me, I rely on my own research. Sometimes I really admire myself, so much knowledge is how to learn?. a little bragging, forced, bad, hey, I changed

wrote more than a year’s blog, has been writing technical articles, and sometimes found that the article is really nothing to write the technology. Today, Shao Lianhu blog with you to discuss a topic, why can’t you make money online business


Tanium was founded in 2007, is responsible for providing the software to help customers network mapping at breakneck speed, for example, to help customers need to update each computer antivirus software found in the internal network, or require the installation of the latest patch Microsoft Windows system. The original WannaCry virus in the global epidemic is a great opportunity to prove the company’s business, but a series of corporate culture and its executives seem unfortunately caught in the virus in the world before the outbreak of the media disclosure turnover tide series of troubles.

but now the start-up company is facing an unprecedented crisis. In the past year’s time, the company has at least ten executives leave or be fired, including the president of the company, the chief marketing officer, chief accounting officer and director of operations and finance.

I always thought I was unlucky, and I swear I’ll never do business again, so I can find a class easily. But, who is willing to go so hard to find work for others, but can not get their own future? If I have been working in this life, I have doomed this life, how can my child give him a good life,


, many netizens asked me what I should do to earn money online. I told him to do the Internet for interest and not to make money for the internet. Net friend after listening to disgust, do not earn money, I do network what ah? Yes, this sentence asked, who do not make money, who do the network?. But do you kill people for money? There are so many ways to make money. Why do you choose to earn money online? Isn’t it better to find money in your favorite industry?

In May 12, 2017

real life business is more and more difficult, I know to do business is to purchase eight years ago, sellers. At that time, I entered Lianyungang in eighty yuan of winter things sold, learning to do business. Later, I also processed football, opened three years of toy shops, toys and wholesale, and ultimately failed to rely on the end.

Orion Hindawi the company’s current CEO ten years ago and his father founded the Tanium, two sons and Dad, the company became the world’s most valuable Internet Security start-ups. The company software is used by government agencies and many multinational companies, including almost every major bank, to monitor and protect their equipment networks.

is a kid who has a dream, he was thinking about how to make money every hour and moment, how to realize their dreams, even though he had failed many times, as long as he has breath in, he will never betray his ideal. In fact, a person’s life is so dozens of people, some people tell the truth, how to spend a lifetime does not matter. But when the child is born, who will take care of them when their parents are old?


The first half experience realize the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan.The Internet Financial Group listing of wh



first, I learned, Taobao, so I want to open a shop, as in Taobao, Kaoshanchishan, local herbs rich, will open a shop to buy some rare traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine! At the beginning, we found a lot of problems, such as: how to choose the location, buy expensive or buy ordinary, so many shops selling medicinal herbs, which, how to decorate, decorate good, do not credit, a month out of business, in the heart! Do not know how to do? I began to hesitate.

no matter what the situation, we must adhere to, do things by half, and did not do a kind! Do Wangzhuan is the same, therefore, persistence is success! Now I have 100% Wangzhuan forum bfbwz.uueasy/ started to build me, I must adhere to do so, let the forum.

side is the big reshuffle of Internet banking, some companies quietly closed the platform, withdraw from the stage of the times;

industry analysis, go to the NYSE is mainly two reasons:

I am not what network master, do not know what the network technology, which is usually on the Internet, play games, watch movies, never wrote a blog, has not built a station, no awareness of it! What do not understand, only to start from scratch!, I began my study the network to make money through

stick! !

has experienced so much, I began to think, why am I not to earn money, every night a person I think, why? I finally found, I think at the beginning, is the lack of a

, as early as the end of 2015, Lu Jin has shown the intention of listing, but because of the "P2P market turmoil and the government will strengthen the supervision of doubt", IPO also postponed to 2017.

on the other side, many enterprises revealed the intention of listing bell.

in the first half of this year, I did a lot of Wangzhuan, at first stage, are very low income, but did not insist, give up! Every day looking for not getting paid Wangzhuan

/ pleasant loans on the NYSE bell

and select the listing, mainly in two directions, to interest Inn, pat loan as the representative of mutual gold start-up company, aimed at the nyse.

, compared with the overseas listing of start-up companies, "Ant King", "Jingdong finance" and "giant start-ups" represented by Lu Jin are

on the other hand, P2P lending club, China originator of overseas listed shares first mutual gold exchange pleasant credit, are successful in the new bell. "This means that the NYSE to become more familiar with the Internet business," 19 yuan Ding Yi said the founding partner of summer.

! But

then began looking for other network outlet, met Taobao customers, found that this method is good, for others to sell, my shop is not busy, I help the other shop sell, earn commissions, pretty good also, so give up my shop to make Taobao customers, for others to pull business, how to pull what kind of products, how to pull, promotion, I don’t know, after learning that blogs, forums, communities, such as can be, I had all tried a lot of fruitless results and found that the station! Well, rookie can station, I started my half the road of the site, built many stations are free two level domain name, the station is built, not popular, just know later, to what SEO, I began to study it, the results up to now still do not know what is SEO,

01 collectively listed?

in wild disorder, the regulation of landing, after the industry reshuffle, Internet banking to finally settled.

Abstract: while the Internet financial big reshuffle, some companies quietly closed platform, from the era of the stage; on the other side, many enterprises revealed the intention of listing bell.

but recently, whether Ma Yun, Ji Kui’s speech, the financial Jingdong from the Jingdong split, or fun shop, a pat on the loan to the NYSE listing application submitted mutual gold company seeking listing "speculation," has gradually become the real sound of the hammer".

"we may be listed in Hongkong, recently, in a Bloomberg Television Interview, Lu Jin co chairman and CEO Jikui born publicly.

on the one hand, the New York Stock Exchange relaxed restrictions, in addition to waiting for the SEC U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission audit, "enterprises must profit for two years" is no listing of hard targets;

I was in early 09 began to learn on the job because of the higher, not smooth, he decided to resign, what did not consider, you decided to join the ranks of Wangzhuan

industry giants, through several rounds of financing, a road upgrade, come to market goal.

Internet banking station at the crossroads, began the "28" diversion.

over the past few years, the outside world on several mutual gold company when the listing of speculation, rumors continue.

do what thing, how are so difficult, I began to doubt myself, I really can make money, early to know, you should not resign! Half do not have much income, cost of electricity are paid or not, make what? Wasting a lot of time, the key is confidence suffered a serious blow! I hesitate!

is listed in Longmen, became so capable of God; and let his mirror, demons and ghosts……


is the year 2017, the meeting of wind and clouds.

Zhongguancun Pioneer Street this winter is not too coldshlf1314 AdSense a detailed description of th

      in addition, some publishers wrote letters about his web server >

      in the "AdSense policy" in front of the series, we have introduced some common policy issues. Today, let’s introduce another very common policy issue – Copyright material.

entrepreneurial weathervane, entrepreneurship Mecca, entrepreneurial dream gathering place, these are Beijing Zhongguancun pioneering Street hereinafter referred to as pioneering Street has been given label.

      if you use on your site for these materials have clear copyright owner company or individual, and you have no formal authorization of the copyright in all authorization legally binding using these materials, the content of your site is a violation of copyright material. Our policy plan.

Wang Feiqin also mentioned that, in the operation of this street, but also created a precedent, that is, "a station can register a company" business reform, this kind of thing in many other cities is difficult to complete.

3W, vice president of the group 3W space CEO Wang Feiqin told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, there are various groups and organizations gathered in the business street, this street is to give people the feeling of pure, inclusive and open, the development of its core business logic is enough market, through the development of the two years. There has been a relatively complete form of entrepreneurial ecological services. For example, Zhongguancun entrepreneurial reception hall can provide services from the company registration, policy services, human resources to intellectual property services, if the start-up documents sufficient, 4 working days will be able to complete the "four cards" book".

      as the name implies, "refers to the use of copyrighted materials" are not authorized by the copyright owner under the condition of the material, including movies, TV dramas, TV shows, music and songs MP3, bell, flash, comic books, software, etc..

      1. movies or TV online watch or Download Web site, if there is no formal authority of the publishing company, these content belongs to copyright material.
      2. music online audio visual or Download Web site, or use songs to do ringtones download site, if there is no formal authority of the publishing company, it belongs to copyright material.
      3. comic websites; if the cartoons are explicitly copyright owners and are not officially authorized by copyright owners, they belong to copyright materials.
      4. online books or novel sites; if the book or novel has been formally published and has a clear copyright owner, if it is not authorized by the copyright owner, it belongs to copyright material.
      5. software download sites, if the software has a clear copyright owner and publisher of the company, without copyright authorization for download as well as any other form – such as cracked version, Chinese version of the green version, belong to copyrighted material.

in late January, the "daily economic news" reporter from the start of a street where security of the street from time to time tour, many of which are the organization to visit, especially in the summer, basically every day to come.

we can see in the business street, the shops here regardless of what type, almost all support WeChat or Alipay to pay the payment, including business service agencies gathered: Angel sinks, garage coffee, 3W coffee, Binggo coffee, 36 krypton, Lenovo star and onion cast etc..

in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation," and other policy oriented and "prime minister with the paragraph coffee" and other hot events under the boost, entrepreneurial street for a while bustling.

today’s entrepreneurial Avenue is the result of conforming to the trend of innovation and entrepreneurship. According to the "daily economic news" reporter, business street is the predecessor of the pedestrian street of Haidian city library, which opened in 1992, Haidian book city, after the rise and fall, upgrading and format adjustment, June 2014, Haidian book city pedestrian street to show people in the business street.

      let’s take a few specific examples of copyright materials:

      the need to emphasize is that copyright statement on your website such as "all contents of this website are collected with the network, if the violation of your copyright please notify us immediately, we will immediately delete" there is no legal effect. If you do not have the copyright holder’s authorization, it is still copyrighted material and still violates our plan policy.

business street website data show that as of now, its settled services institutions, investment institutions totaled 40, incubation and start-up team of 1791, of which about 600 teams in the block incubation. Entrepreneurship reception hall has accumulated more than 60 enterprises and government departments settled.

265 small I guide registration MSN group, new advertising form added more simple!Media DreamWorks wh

startup: why is the media DreamWorks investing in the tiger sniffing network? How do you see trends and profit models like these original web sites?

Chiang Chun: 22 of the competition won the project, some of which we have invested, and some of our partners to invest, and now are in a sensitive period, so not too good to say, has been talking about. Some projects are not in Hangzhou, such as the development in Beijing, we can not drag him to Hangzhou, it does not make sense. But Hangzhou has its own advantages, he is the electricity supplier of all, so the entrepreneurial environment here in Hangzhou is still relatively good, we also welcome more entrepreneurs to come here.

if you have any questions, please contact customer service :331362639 or submit online question and answer management". We will be happy to answer your questions!

since October 31st last year, with the "China’s first media incubator" concept since its debut, Zhejiang newspaper group media dream factory frequently move. As of June 19th this year, more than ten teams have planned to settle down at the media DreamWorks training camp. Earlier, the tiger sniffing network investment, so that the media dream workshop once again aroused concern in the industry. Why does the investment tiger sniffing this kind of network media? What is the direction of the future investment? In July 26th, the entrepreneur interviewed the media DreamWorks CEO, which is the 2012 China Fashion special finals.


Chiang Chun: we have limited requirements for time, half a year or a specified period of time, but the concept of a successful project is not well defined until the end of the incubation program. Is the success of the listing or mergers and acquisitions are successful, or is he himself well done, or into the next round of investment to be successful? This is not a good definition. Our goal is to serve the media innovation and entrepreneurship, we must let him hatch he developed into a very good time, even if he is not in our incubator, if they need some resources, we can also provide.

, thank you for all the support your partners have been giving to the alliance!

      small I robots; new ad formats iframe calls. This makes the process of adding robots easier, and welcomes the active replacement of new forms. The original form is the same as can be used.

Chiang Chun Ming: if tiger sniffing network needs our help in investment, we will go to help. The slogan of our media DreamWorks is dedicated to serving Chinese media innovation and entrepreneurship. We believe that entrepreneurs like tiger sniffing are consistent with our goals, so we voted. A tiger sniffing the profit model, I think for a media to be issued, the user first dishes, he has influence, to find a business model to make money a day, there would be no profit without this dish.

start-up: the incubator base offers many free training services to support the winners from the new media entrepreneurship competition. So, how long is your time for a project to mature,

Entrepreneur: the end of July this year, some projects have been started in the media DreamWorks, 22 winning projects of new media entrepreneurship competition, which is the media DreamWorks

start-up country: what are the future investment directions of media DreamWorks in the media industry chain?

Jiang Qing: we will continue to invest in the media industry chain, investment >


more information as in the League: top.admin5/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback ,


Cool web user experience is very important to help users to find accurate informationAngel investor

investors generally pay attention to and investigate entrepreneurs from the following dimensions:

before obtaining financing, but also cool news website. During the Spring Festival, due to the Zhongguancun to drift north through search kuxun bought a ticket home, word of mouth, in September 11, 2006, Cool News Network hereinafter referred to as kuxun get SIG mutual investment fund and LIAN source for $10 million, which is the second half a year ago LIAN sources $2 million after the second round of investment.

2 for their team or the customer does not know how to respect, shouted, casually temper, or even break abusive and insulting, so the first people can not control their own emotions are not mature, and do not know how to behave, don’t do this responsibility on undertaking the.

2, lack of integrity,


1 the former boss of disdain, and even abuse, generally chatter about the former boss bad mouthing entrepreneurs, basically their own good or less.

in the correct pattern of good execution, to win. If in a wrong pattern, no effort can be won. The flow pattern is to identify the direction of the industry, the industry, look at your project if there is enough room to grow. Many entrepreneurs do a good job, but hundreds of millions of people in the industry, too

angel investor sentiment: those who can not vote and things

has the highest rate of return on early investment, but the highest risk. In fact, 90% of the early investments failed at last. But everything has a law to follow, the reason for failure is nothing more than two: people do not spectrum and things do not fly. So, for early investment, what kind of entrepreneur and what kind of thing is VC put into the quasi blacklist

3, the pattern is not enough,

has the highest rate of return on early investment, but the highest risk. In fact, 90% of the early investments failed at last. But everything has a law to follow, the reason for failure is nothing more than two: people do not spectrum and things do not fly. What are the people and things that can’t be invested in early investment?

3 from the VC get the money after the company finally closed a lot of money but startups are a bright. In fact, for those who eventually created the great company, the company has only just begun to get VC.

1, moral character is incorrect,


, what kind of people can’t vote,

, some entrepreneurs in order to get VC investment, will deliberately excessive lying, so that investors think people and products perfect. But when you lie for the first time, you’ll lie more often later. For example, investors will deliberately hide some of the fatal problems encountered by the company, and do not communicate with investors, investors can not find the first time other resources to help entrepreneurs, and eventually led to the company closed.

angel investment success rate very high Comrade Lei Jun once said: "the integrity of entrepreneurs, angel investment is the most important."."



investors believe that entrepreneurs are at least 20% of the company’s overall valuation. The ethical problems of entrepreneurs are generally characterized by the following:

From thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of secret, unknown net red live pricesEntrepreneu

custom form. This situation is that customers put forward a scheme, net red in the live to achieve implantation, common is funny video, imitate, etc..

welcome to share your observation and understanding of "talent inventory" in the article comments section. The number of message points, the top 3 readers, and the message "the most perspective" of the 3 readers, will receive a copy of the welfare oh.

early no professional OS development manager, leading to the team in the development process, efficiency problems, and often stay up late to eat breakfast.

live broadcast in the process of broadcast text ads, time is basically in an hour, the Reds mouth broadcast several times;

our company’s talent >

Abstract: talent inventory mainly to the strategic direction of the company to adjust and refine the nodes in the inventory process, unified management for personnel, the formation of objective evaluation, if the company personality, then find the right talent for the company is a consumer behavior.

was in short supply, some of the employees who evaluated the A+ had to ask him to leave. Throw them away, right? After that period of time, they can create more value,

startups, how do you update talent iterations,

talent evaluation and management is a discipline. Company employees are like CEO in the hands of "a deck of cards", and only know who among them is "big cat", who is "A", who is "K", CEO can develop the best card strategy.

. On the topic of talent, he shared two scenes:

invite network red anchor to participate in live activities below the line, such as millet conference site, please net red to scene rally. This situation is usually charged by the show, the price is generally higher than the online live;

?What does

millet notebook conference site 55 network red Taylor: "by sponsoring 55 Mercedes S500 transfer network red live, each net is red car, looked at 55 people a red net, satisfied after the start, the organizers nodded with satisfaction, then waved his hand and the rest of the 150 media teachers, a crowded bus, immediately away."

it is understood that, at present, the net red broadcast advertising forms can be divided into the following categories:

Liu Chuanzhi once said a word: "take the team, with the team". I think this order is very correct.

CEO are seeking "putting people in the right place", but in reality, there is always an awkward situation: a hen who lays golden eggs is invited, but it is stewed chicken soup to drink. The company’s expectations were not met, and the hen was devastated.

At what time does

lively and noisy spawned not worth the money, get point technology day before a "live resource list" shows that the net price of red hour broadcast over a million is normal, and a line activities for one hundred thousand are not uncommon.


how to find the ace staff? In the assessment on the evaluation method, what is the exclusive

think about CEO’s "how to find someone to make up its own short board"? What are the lessons or experiences?

will be at the end of the year. Almost all companies are busy with the same thing, is to find someone to find a better and more suitable person.

Han Shuo: take the team, with team

News revealed that millet conference, please anchor, the average price of the entrance fee of about 5000 yuan, but the fixed point technology reporter learned from another meeting, then please go to the anchor, only 1000 yuan per person. The "live resource price list" also reflects a huge gap in the industry – more than one hundred thousand live prices on some red lines, while others are priced at only a few thousand dollars.

?How does

facing this eternal problem, last Wednesday, we shared the methodology of talent inventory by Huang Xu, a partner of Jia Ying fund and a famous human resources expert. link: "people are wrong, things are wrong, with Alibaba learning to do physical inventory", but also with 5 first-line entrepreneurs chatted:

, don’t make a fuss when you come into a conference site and almost a large area of white light flashes to your eyes in front of a certain area. That line of big eyes, pointed chin, facing the phone smile figure, is now popular with manufacturers of red anchor network.

keep employees motivated to do business?


start the talent inventory?

/ 01 /

whether this is true, or "media teachers" from the black, you can see that the organizers of the net red broadcast in the form of quite satisfactory. It is reported that after the end of the conference, millet technology CEO Lei Jun also devoted to anchor their room to express their gratitude, he painted 11 female anchor house regards said: "thank you for attending the conference millet."

in the above "live broadcast resource price list", the net red broadcast a maximum open to 220 thousand, the lowest offer is less than one thousand, two times difference between hundred times. The well-known game anchor small live online and offline activities were more than 300 thousand and the price of 400 thousand yuan. >

Abstract: lively and noisy spawned not worth the money, get point technology day before a "live resource list" shows that the net price of red hour broadcast over a million is normal, and a line activities for one hundred thousand are not uncommon.

In his long talk on April 7th, Luo Yonghao reviewed the pride and regret of the hammer technology since its establishment in

From the end of! 2017 institutions scheduled to increase list mainstream institutions are new three

institutions investment in 10 million yuan, 50 million yuan, the range of a total of 768 institutions, accounting for 47.64%; 10 million yuan has 627, accounting for 38.90%; investment in 50 million yuan, 100 million yuan also has 127, accounting for 7.88%.

The other side of the

IPO wave, subject to the transfer of state-owned shares and three types of shareholders, brokerages and public offerings and other traditional two tier market players, the enthusiasm of the new board is fading. In the first half of 2017, brokers and public offerings increased by 1 billion 500 million yuan and 300 million yuan respectively, representing a decline of 80% and 83.33% respectively over the same period of last year.

he worked as a journalist, then invested in pens, worked as a vice president of excellence, and worked with Lei Jun, who founded me and published an autobiographical novel called "return".

, looking back at the product and marketing team, found that a lot of people were useless. But it’s not employee’s fault. It’s my fault. I’m impatient. It was wrong to advertise and do marketing events at that time."

"where the customer did a massive downsizing, the process was very painful.". From the peak period of more than 13000 people, into 500, 600 people; SKU also from more than 190 thousand to now all new product planning, including 200, 300."

July 22, 2014, millet annual conference, the National Conference Center crowd. The activity was about to begin, and the guest CEO aged and assistant stepped out of the elevator and stood for a while. Many of the young rice noodles holding the invitations quickly passed, and their old eyes fell on them.

"where the customer is re start the company, where the starting point is cost-effective brand.". This year seriously look at the brand distribution, found Chinese clothing brand wipeout, because we are not grasping quality. The whole network to sell clothing is rubbish, some people refuse to sell proud to sell inventory as the honor, the user does not need to waste."

Most of the

of course, this investment logic with the two market and participate in different subjects are inseparable, but don’t think that the new third board market is no nouveau riche figure, a total of 90 institutions in more than 100 million yuan in the first half of the total amount of investment, accounting for 5.58%. Excellent car in China 838006.OC will increase, a Chellona UnionPay Co invested 2 billion 400 million yuan, fund management Co., Ltd. invested 999 million yuan to participate.

next, he repeatedly "admit mistakes", put himself very low.

2007, where customers direct sales of men’s shirts, with brand marketing and cost-effective products, once created the growth myth of the Internet brand. Or a shirt, 7 years later, where customers back on the road. But this time, the domestic electricity supplier arena of a few big all-powerful, more of a humble entrepreneurs.

institutional investment median of 11 million yuan, the largest amount of investment is China UnionPay once cast 2 billion

that day, Lei Jun on the stage wearing "every guest three sets" issued millet 4, aged invited to sit at the stage.

in the first half of 2017, the agency’s contribution to the increase, accounting for 76.97% of the total growth of the new three board, is still the main market growth. However, as the market expects differentiation, the structure of institutional investors is undergoing subtle changes.

a month later, the guest "a white shirt" conference held, old boarded the rostrum, his first sentence is: "Hello, long time no see.". Each guest has not opened an external Conference for more than a year, I am very nervous."

new three board set by the market, the most powerful force is changing.

investment company is still in the public offering brokerage accounts take cities and seize territory, and choose to leave, non-financial companies are in wait-and-see. This is the first half of 2017, the new three plate institutions set by rivers and lakes pattern.


Conference on the same day, old a person standing on the platform is very excited, the content of the speech about iron craft from a powerful and unconstrained style, cotton, to design personnel in Japan, even the history of shirt. For more than an hour – in fact, it doesn’t matter what the audience listens to – it only adds up to one sentence: "I knew shirts when I was old.".

old "re sell" shirts

coin. At the moment, the new three board with more than 10 thousand companies has become China’s largest pool of assets. With the valuation decline, PE, VC and other investment institutions choose to add three new board. In the first half of 2017, investment companies increased by 33 billion 100 million yuan, up 23.05% compared with the same period of last year.

although the amount is not small, but compared with the A A-share market tyrant, or a lot less. According to Choice data, in 2017 to participate in the A share placement institutional funding median reached 195 million yuan.

then, the layman broke in

to join is where the customer’s old friends and old customers, investors, and even choose to leave but also read old former employees. People care about each guest and what kind of status I am.

institutions are definitely the main force in the market. In the first half of 2017, the number of institutions participating in the new three board increased by 1612, the median amount of investment was 11 million yuan.

was founded in 2007 on the aged Eslite, the apparel industry still do not fully understand.

IPO wave, subject to the transfer of state-owned shares and three types of shareholders, brokerages and public offerings and other traditional two tier market players, the enthusiasm of the new board is fading.

Wang Tong Song Zude’s blog marketing!Thoughts extending from the shlf1314 Adsense restriction approv

Adsense on GG

with the December shlf1314 January large-scale K number mentioned, many webmasters still rely on cheating click, and some do earn. But more by K,.

GG is a good union money. Although he adjusted the clickable area, click rate is greatly reduced, but compared to other domestic league, and his best. This did not change, is the sorrow. Keep.

but there are many webmaster would look far? Many webmaster account is K, and then re apply, suddenly found that approval is not down, getting money off. So when the said application to apply a few account preparation, which is suffering, and this is many webmaster do not have this.

owners only care about the traffic, but ignore how to engage in money. Wait until the date when the food had regret, why not make a few do. Hey.

      today visiting the Sina blog, suddenly found Song Zude mouth unexpectedly into the Sina blog 20, then enter the Song Zude blog, frightened! This guy is a real cow! Have already made use of the blog to make money, earn absolutely more than win total.

1, and at the point of celebrity relationship

2, the best re manufacturing controversial topic

3, writing Kung Fu high, the effect will be better

I am now cheaper to help register GG account. Register with your name, use your address, use your information, 50 dollars a. You can contact me. I 119446436

cheat most was K more than once. K will re apply, again. This is a China webmaster hard, persevere side, but also makes the whole world sit up and take notice side. This is an excellent traditional China down thousands of years of cultural tradition. We believe that the webmaster oh. China is the world’s most outstanding stationmaster, but there are many details need to pay attention to the local.

Dark horse Yahoo search products re on-line notificationTalk about what type of personal Adsense to

is not a successful website, but I learned a lot of experience, in fact, now, just stick to it, basically can say what the website can make money, of course, do not want to have what shortcuts can be profitable, there is, but if you don’t have the technology to a certain extent it is not easy to try and I give a few examples for individuals to do the website:

game site: when it comes to the game site many people will think of 4399, 3166, 17173, here also said that this is not, but reduced the scope, such as special three games site, around three to do a website, so ranking easy, for strong, well done traffic is very considerable.


yahoo search products, after an official month of re regulation, from today on re on-line.

1, web application:
1 or the top two domain.
2 the content of the website can not be pornographic, political, and other prohibited by national laws and regulations.
3 sites have a certain theme not content free website, pure advertising website
4 Alex site the size of the top 100 thousand, domain name registration time three months before, the special case of special processing

1 is not a pure software: br />2 "plugin cannot appear forcibly install the phenomenon i.e. non malicious software.

Although Dear members of alliance

After the

more information as in the League: http://top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

website to make money?When

for many beginners, even for a few years old website webmaster, this problem is thought of countless times, I was too confused, and now I’m confused, what the

intermediary website: first explain the intermediary website, it is similar to Taobao, so this kind of website profit pattern is CPS, but Taobao has been abused, the need for new ways, I have seen a web site called the library trial, this site has collected all kinds of books and articles and information content no, just a simple introduction, then each book sales will lead to Dangdang, Amazon purchase, profit model is of course a commission, this kind of website is highly targeted, suitable for individuals, if you can think of a lot of clever ways to make money, because now the network >

, and the establishment of a Changsha SEO personal blog, was ranked third, but did not feel what to use, found that the weight is good, in two put a thief program, for a week from shlf1314 every day near 5000IP, from sh419 union earn 1000 dollars, not because of is the thief, unstable, followed by shlf1314 K, so I turned off. The weight of the blog also was reduced, even by the sh419 K was too stingy to pull out a hair.

started contact Wangzhuan in 09 years, I had a health network, at first very happy, has its own website, is used in weaving process, few articles are updated every day, do manual pseudo original, about a month, every day at about 100 IP, had just contact is not very good, every day can not see the money, because no record, delivery is Adsense, only thirty or forty cents a day, that is a piece of money, I feel very little, then do easier than it is now, a month is seconds, weight is also good, because the impulse for locomotive collected tens of thousands of articles, the site has been K, although included many, but no traffic, still two directory with API Taobao, at that time included tens of thousands, but still a day is about more than 100 IP, behind that, only Stick to it is the most valuable.

Business development novice RaidersBrewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng from scratch to hundreds

last month, Hao Hongfeng went to visit the red wine village. Bordeaux, France Shengti miloon trip to make him feel a lot, "we really need to learn their work attitude, the vine and some even has a history of hundreds of years, and many people hate not today for the grapes, tomorrow is 10 years old".


"we’re still in the start-up phase." This is Hao Hongfeng’s pet phrase often say it. Having just won the third round of financing recently, his face was a little more relaxed, and with that expression, Hao Hongfeng spent 12 years.

from scratch to $100 million worth of assets,

? When I come to a new environment and start visiting customers, I usually do it in two ways: a hungry predatory customer. At the beginning of a business, customers do not have, had no place in the factory, did not speak at the component, treat customers is a kind of non selective absorption, so called starvation plunder, in order to make the order is the most important, do not care about the quantity and profit demand, they do not lose money, the company agreed to do orders are received, temporarily not to care what the royalty, even knowing that it is possible to make customers willing to follow, in order to maintain business confidence, make you can stick to it. When the first order is done, with a zero breakthrough, the business will change dramatically. That’s what the previous article said, "break the ice" and everything will be all right. For example, TC technology, 30 cotton padded clothes, although I know there is no profit, but I still clung, as long as there is little hope will not give up, is the hope that through this method the accumulation of customers, to achieve the increase in the number of. Two is the selective elimination of customers. The former stage makes the number of customers increase a lot, because the quality of customers varies greatly, it is difficult to take care of all, the service is not in place, customers at any time will be lost, at this time only

in this age of lack of rich mythology, Hao Hongfeng’s "alcohol story" is still regarded as a legend. Dropping out of school, starting from rags to riches and millions of dollars worth of money, the labels that often appear in the biographies of famous financial men are equally visible to him. In Hao Hongfeng’s heart, the wind and rain in the business class, no more love wine, liquor and wine mellow cup among these, his success is not today. Each drink wine wine, drunk heart, Han ran a smile he loves that touch of red wine.

"we’re still in the start-up phase." This is Hao Hongfeng’s pet phrase often say it. Having just won the third round of financing recently, his face was a little more relaxed, and with that expression, Hao Hongfeng spent 12 years.

? First, select the customer segment,

 ? No matter what industry sales work, have to adapt to its target customers, according to customers can produce different value, we put the target customers into three categories: Class A, class B and C customer customer customer. Class a customer high price, large demand, rich orders; B class customers higher or more quantity, orders rich; C class customers occasional demand, intermittent orders, prices are not high. In the process of business development, C customers most easy to see that the B class of a class of the most difficult; every business people are very smart people, will analyze the customer’s quality, all want to get the best customers, but not any clerk can do under a customer because of this, business experience and professional level enough, because his demand for more, visit the relevant business staff will, when he learned a little knowledge of words from each person, he is very professional, so the initial stage usually do business are from C the client starts with the accumulation of experience gradually to B and a customer development. But for sales professionals like me, you don’t have to do that. Just go to the customers and make a record of them.


, the only child in the family who had the chance to go to college, Hao Hongfeng didn’t become like a lot of tough children. He became an example of the ivory tower, but chose to drop out and start on the other

there is market demand, the market is selling in the market economic environment, sales is the lifeline, that brought a force for the development of enterprises, but also keep alive in the enterprise itself, it is the enterprise. And the lifeline of sales personnel engaged in the sale and also naturally become an important factor in the survival and development of enterprises to become a qualified salesman, and ultimately create value for enterprises, especially for the novice to the clerk, the following three aspects:

is particularly important

red wine carries happiness,

was born in Handan, thousands of miles away from Taiyuan, Hao Hongfeng has forged an indissoluble bond with Shanxi and Shanxi merchants. Over ten years of liquor business in Shanxi, chairman of the Shanxi wine industry group Limited is the bes before he founded the brewmaster network of social identity.


was born in 1977, the current chairman of Shanxi bes Wine Group Limited, Agel Ecommerce Ltd Beijing brewmaster brewmaster network chairman.


and Hao Hongfeng is not the first time to deal with, as early as a year ago, with the potential of the brewmaster network in the business arena like a raging fire started all-powerful domestic electronic occasion, has repeatedly communicate with him over the status of red wine industry. If meet travel or meeting is not convenient to answer the telephone, even do not know who is calling, he always came back to the phone, answer the question not to mind taking the trouble to visit, which makes people feel that he is sincere, brewmaster network can have today’s development, the leader of the character is perhaps cannot be ignored the.

How to appropriately increase the shlf1314 Adsense click rate and unit price of refuse stationsEntre

what kind of performance is this? It’s probably about 10 times more investment every year.

Garrett Gilchrist, a psychologist at

90% will fail. This means that in Seattle, where everyone seems to be developing, building, or starting a company, there must be thousands of people who are stressed out, depressed and decadent.

unfortunately many webmaster will find the garbage station running shlf1314 Adsense is not a very wise choice, although the station can have a lot of traffic and click in a very short period of time, but also found from the garbage site advertising click price is more and more low, low to $0.01 per click or even lower. Nevertheless, there are many owners feel that such transactions are still worthwhile, so they continue to produce garbage site, after all the rubbish site can get a good income at the beginning of a period of time, this time we heard a year doing dozens or hundreds of sites is not strange.

in Seattle, says the situation is very practical and that mental health problems are common in the entrepreneurial circle.

however, high growth did not relieve Fishkin anxiety. So in 2014, Fishkin made a decision to resign as CEO. In 2011, Seattle Met magazine wrote about Moz, calling it one of the most suitable businesses for work and leisure".

"a lot of Private Companies, they are in the annual growth rate of 20% when it has been overjoyed.". In the VC industry, the growth rate of 50%-100% is barely satisfactory. We were lucky that Moz grew by 100% in the first 6 years."

what we are saying is garbage sites, do a successful waste site is a university asked, especially the skills of making and promotion, I know a lot of people have a superb technique, we can participate in various forums and reading their articles to understand. Here is the garbage site advertising unit price, don’t care how much it is >

garbage station is a fast-moving consumer goods in the Internet era, the biggest feature of garbage stations is that information is highly repeated over the Internet, so the value of garbage stations in search engines is very limited. But because of the low technology content and the relatively low production cost of garbage stations, more and more people use it to launch shlf1314 Adsense.

"I think there is an inner connection between entrepreneurship and depression. I participated in the CEO Foundry summit in Colorado, and before the closing of the summit, the last topic we discussed was related to entrepreneurial sentiment. The host asked, "how many of you had severe anxiety or depression during your own company?" only 2 of the 26-27 people present did not raise their hands. This proportion really shocked me."

before we are going to raise the unit price, we have to understand a general unit price so that we can define a high and low level. Usually per click income between 0.01 to 1 are relatively normal, people will encounter more than $1 on income is not surprising, because also heard of up to $ten and a few tens of dollars price, this is not what we talk so do not verify the key.

in most of the webmaster eyes, garbage site "garbage" is a site type, not an adjective. They can usually think of sites that collect information by copying gathering or otherwise, called garbage stations and, of course, functional and service garbage stations.

"I am very honest to tell you that after 6 years of rapid growth and the company’s annual earnings from $400 thousand to $30 million, I felt like a failure."." "Actually, I can tell you, I still have a sense of frustration," Fishkin said. The venture backed entrepreneurs are often so stressed, everyone wants to be able to make a shocking performance."

in general, the stronger the purchasing power of the market price level will be higher overall advertising, we are involved in advertising is mainly English and simplified Chinese from abroad, ordinary webmaster publisher situation not including occupation publishers and cheating, English site click on the advertisement income of about $0.10, Chinese site advertising according to different themes can differ greatly, the overall level of around $0.04. Of course, many people will be far higher or lower than this value, that is the case.

in fact is not so pessimistic, as long as we stand in the search engine especially shlf1314 stand to view the content of the dumpster, it is easy for us to improve the waste site shlf1314 Adsense advertising price directly affects the parameters of the shlf1314 Adsense advertising unit: the importance of matching degree, conversion rate and site advertising grade.

"a lot of people are feeling depressed, anxiety, stress, suffering from ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder, the main symptom is frequent, not consciously distracted also said Gilchrist, There are plenty of people who," "people often do not know that he was suffering from the mental illness. To >

Rand Fishkin was one of those people. 10 years ago, Fishkin founded Moz, a provider of subscription analysis software services. Fishkin spent 70-80 hours a week on the job, afraid of pressure from investors, clients and employees to push him into the depths of severe depression.

Website promotion method to write personal webmasterPerformance began to recover, but Japanese media

SONY brand strategy master Secretary Mori Shigeki said, "want to let everyone experience the SONY technology, that we are a gathering of unique and challenging talents of the company". Sen tree in 2014 into the brand strategy department work, the department entrusted with the well, SONY brand recovery hope. Mori Shigeki said, "at the time," young people say, ‘SONY used to be a very powerful company’, and now we have made a response".


, I do proxy website 4 most effective publicity methods:

skills of writing is written, but many people fail to do this, perhaps they are afraid of hardship or lazy, this bitter all eat, also talk about what the money!

A, to each big forum posts. this is the best method of publicity. It works best.

in the forum posts, I suggest that the manual and software together with.

1, manual posts: it is best to NetEase, NetEase, Sina forum community forum, forum and several other famous Sohu forum post. or online, thousands of forums are OK.

NetEase Forum: www.163 refers to the NetEase in the home on the top of the navigation bar on the forum.

such as: sports news financial technology commercial game entertainment female life real estate University Tourism health culture education abroad car mobile phone shopping guide Guangdong Shanghai

these it is posted in the forum, the forum is particularly effective in the following:

Sports finance business game entertainment tourismNetEase: NetEase bj.163

if you registered 20 numbers, each number of passwords are the same, so it is more convenient, you can send 20 times 30 = 600.

General Post complete NetEase forum to 3 hours, 3 hours to complete a Sina forum, issued a complete forum to Sohu for 2 hours,

post title and content to often change, so that it is fresh, posting the title on their own thinking,

post content, you can visit your home network and membership area in internal announcement.


brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

, an American brand consultancy, Interbrand in 2016, SONY’s global ranking dropped to fifty-eighth place, with less than 1/20 of Apple’s brand value. Apple ranked first in the world, brand value has exceeded 20 trillion yen. Like apples, with new merchandise and

, for example, in the "magic test" project, the player holds a simulated pistol, and once the gun is pointed at the wall, the enemy moves accordingly. The player can pull the trigger, use magic to capture the opponent, and only the player with the potential of the magician can hear the information from the sky. Shiratori Shogo, a 32 year old company employee who experienced the project, said excitedly, "really, like magic, I feel personally.". I didn’t realize it was SONY".

in fact, the magic pistol used by the player uses the latest image display device, "ultra short focus projector."". The "black tech" can display realistic 3D images in close distance walls, and can also move images by hand like a touch screen. SONY will also introduce smart phones, linked to the image projected onto the wall, you can manually manipulate the image of the device. For example, if the piano keyboard is projected onto the wall, the user can send the corresponding sound by touching the keys with his hands.

brand ranked the world’s first 58

, "Japan’s economic news" reported on June 4th, SONY began to promote brand rejuvenation. Has been in the world to launch a portable music player, "Walkman" and other best-selling products glorious history has become SONY distant past, long-term downturn performance, so that "SONY" brand eclipsed. However, SONY President Hirai Yifu said, "SONY is a company that attaches great importance to consumer ties."". The horizontal well, the results of the recovery have been taking shape, the brand has become an important topic of the legacy of the Renaissance, SONY began to take new initiatives.

at the end of March, Tokyo is held in Japan’s largest animation exhibition "Anime Japan", about 150 thousand people showed up to record highs. The popular topic at the conference is the animated show "the students of the wizarding high school". Here, SONY, a ESPER research institute that has set up research super power, uses the latest digital technology to make anime fans experience the feel of being a magician.

According to a survey by

Novice sentiment also talk about my webmaster career

really is the first contact computer in 2003 when entering university, then apply for the first QQ, and private QQ so far, the first contact network is very fresh, for what are curious, blind love ". I have something good to do. I’m not crazy about games. I like playing games occasionally, but I’m not addicted to them.

then chose the Internet application foundation, this course, the first time I heard FTP, HTTP, HTML, although at that time did not know what Dongdong, anyway, I feel very mysterious. The curriculum needs, began to make a personal website, every day to run the school room, as long as the school almost every day in the room, the weekend all day, sometimes have to grab the position earlier, was very cheap, 0.5 yuan / hour.

one day, found the NetEase of free space, remember the 3 level domain name is this is like.Netease, for one, and then put to pass up himself was proud hellishly website, actually several HTML pages only, then do not use FTP software, open FTP in ie the browser is very slow. When you can access through the web site, immediately sent to all the friends of the site to see, people do not see what to say, it is really rubbish, but they are very proud.

over the next 3 years, all aspects have begun to learn and understand, ASP, access, CSS, dreameawer, Photoshop, flash, firework, network security, operating systems, website promotion operations. Anyway, it’s something about the network, I know a bit, belong to the kind of net everywhere, no one is very proficient. During this time, it has also built several websites, mainly personal websites, as well as shopping malls and so on, which are all used in the mall system. But I didn’t build BBS and use CMS at that time. So the stumbling through the University for 3 years, fourth years of practice I began to enter the company. In the company from scratch, learning PHP, MySQL development, because of the foundation, and soon got started.

a year and set up a few bumps in the website, has classified information industry station, station and consultation of the site, the station is also used to write their own, Empire CMS, ECSHOP system built some station. Before these sites, I also as a try. Looking back now, the station did build a lot of money, but the money is very small, especially advertising unions, SMS alliances, and so on, and now this network environment is not good. I have always believed that the formal station, determined not to do garbage stations. The construction of the industry – network is a life and death struggle! Never seriously done standing, this time must spend great energy to do well, as long as I want to do, certainly no problem. This could be my only capital.

is my webmaster career safe enough?

The SEO requires five discreet means of operation

SEO will inevitably encounter various problems in practice, the ranking is not stable, eager to presentation, are likely to make you worry even if you act with undue haste, but be careful of their SEO means, will be thinking and strategy of your future decision and development of the website later.

1. Change your website title carefully.

site title business license is equivalent to the company’s brand or business, so when you change the brand or change the business license is equivalent to replace the logo, logo to replace the need to inform you again from the new and old customers, develop new customers. The title of the website is the same, changes should follow the original foundation, and must not change face.

two, website revision, by no means change URL and link layer

The URL of

website is equivalent to every product of enterprise and enterprise. The replacement of product is equivalent to the core content of enterprise. When you make a revision, if the website is original quality, URL must not change. Your website is equivalent to a city, then the link level is equal to every city house number, if change, search engine from new grab, increase the difficulty at the same time, resulting in the burden of search engines.

three, caution 301 weight transfer


Wang Kejiang in an article on the Zac blog teacher suddenly disappeared from the SEO rankings in the title once said, then a detailed analysis of the Zac under the teacher’s blog, where the main problem is that the 301 person weight transfer fails, you can clearly see in some stone interactive website subordinate blog Zac teacher ranked up and what this means? 301 weight transfer Baidu has denied.

four, the chain is not easy to run, the station link

need to be cautious

chain should be synchronized with the content of the site, to maintain a certain frequency, steady development, do not rush in order to avoid excessive optimization.

When the

station link can effectively improve your rankings, but also will cause fatal harm to you, the station link is ZhengZhan weight, if the other side of the ZhengZhan weight decreased gradually, it will cause your website weight drop, so here suggest raising their own resources.

five, link purchase and black chain

purchase links is a helpless approach, the link will sell the link to sell you, will also sell to your competitors, then the link will gradually poor resources, your site will be affected by this. Black chain, not to mention, you can hang other people can also, in the popular black chain is a group of hidden, your black chain what quality? Not to mention the black chain is also a kind of illegal behavior,


summary: as SEO, should be in a good grasp of the quality of the site on the basis of marketing, increase web site keywords in the Internet exposure, the overall improvement of the quality of the website is the right way!



Super new station, soft Wen

recently in a forum to see a soft that I am admire, not because of technical soft can also have this effect, to be honest, the webmaster is a veteran. Here is a brief introduction of this soft Wen is how to write?.

Title: human flesh identification website content authenticity

content is: today on the Internet to find the place to live in Yangshuo, looking for a long time, basically a travel agency website, and finally found a site called Yangshuo accommodation.

is known as the neutrality, to ensure that the content is true, I do not believe ah, ha ha, you from the inside to find a few hotel and asked to call the past is also the hotel front desk, just want to is not inside information is true to the identification of friends in Yangshuo, if the site really is estimated Yangshuo will affect accommodation industry, if it is false, call 315 complaints directly to the


is the best in Yangshuo there was a friend to help identify! I hope to have a good network information environment, find the fake.

The original

is that, after reading out badly, no matter where it is very good, I also went to see, is an introduction to the hotel’s website, estimated the content is original, so dare to do this, is the most fierce hit 315 is false and what


, whether novice or veteran, should learn this soft text.

comes from the melodious blog

A rookie station experience

I’ve been at the station for about half a year. I don’t know anything from a station where I don’t understand anything. I really don’t know how to do it. See other people’s website is so beautiful, so have personality, I really want to make my own website, but no, I have no technology. English is not good. I can’t read the code. I don’t know. It should be from He Xueqi. It’s no good trying to learn. Hey,

although now stand a few stations, but no flow, see others standing flow, every day thousands, tens of thousands of, in the heart is really very uncomfortable.

when will I be able to do this? For me, simplicity is impossible.

people always say, do stand to wait, to time, but is the first three months, I stand still no traffic, now it was only up to 100 IP. When so much, my heart is happy, others can see, simple is junk. Simple is no better than you.

Some people say that

film station Haonong, I made a movie station, just know, the original movie station people too much, there is no place for our technical people to participate ah, ah, no matter, the station has been completed, not to move him, or listen to others, time is the best evidence, slowly. One day, it is very high, ah, writing an article is not good, do not write.

, ladies and gentlemen, please come to my website to advise, what is the bad place, please point out, I have the best ability to fix it, thank you,


, my website is

thank you all,

The Internet project operation want to born to die

The subject of

is a bit extreme and arbitrary, but it is not without reason. Ma initially involved in the Internet is a translation website, this website is still exist today, Haibo translation agency, in order to maintain the site’s survival, when Ma and team’s first ever purchase from Yiwu stall. Although we dare not say it inspired Ma Yun, it may be speculated that these experiences inspired Ma Yun’s B2B web site. Zhou Hongwei initially do is search and community services, but no improvement, but is not too popular antivirus software by the Blitz, but had already abandoned the search, now Qihoo to pick it up, have done fast. To students, the first for the logic is this: a lot of Internet project ideas are not down to earth, so it is difficult to go up by the market’s favorite. May be a chicken, or into despair, but in this impasse, the operator may find Internet users and consumer interest points.

I can talk about several Internet projects I have experienced.

finance website:

after 2000, the number of our stock has doubled and redoubled every year, and the market has been on the upward trend. In 2006, the company entered a stock advisory body, whose business model was mainly to provide investment advice through stock analysts answering calls from investors. In 2007, we launched our website, and we hope to attract more telephone resources through the website. However, financial information is nothing more than copy, and each financial website content does not have its own original content, the amount of site visits has been low. Coupled with the 2008 financial crisis, the site is in a state of no management. But we found that the web site provides a very stable blog for employees. Because some of the content is stock investment advice. We like how to use these content. Finally, we developed a stock consulting software, mainly to provide original comments, analysis and other consultation. This kind of software abroad is the Bloomberg, Bloomberg has the advantage of a large team of editors and journalists, although we can not do this, but we take the prospective investors to seek the concept of the subject of psychology, the good software market performance, the company’s main source of profits has become. Financial website is still uncompleted project, but in the dying time, we find a willing to pay for the psychological position of consumers. Relying on this, we are able to survive.

classification information:

after 2008, the author accepted another Internet operation project. There is a newspaper called Jiangnan travel newspaper, we got a part of the newspaper layout, operation rights, mainly published classified information. At the same time, we would like to do a classification, information publishing and communication website. After the online site, whether registered or browsing, there has been no qualitative upgrading. During the period, we have held two offline activities, one is on-site recruitment, encouraging applicants to go on