Analysis of the influence of search engine access to the website network

The author of the effect


has a significant impact on

independent blog site in Shanghai and Google are included within the normal, love Shanghai spider access cycle for 12 hours, the new articles included cycle in 12 hours. Love Shanghai included in site 28, Google site included number 135. Love the sea main keywords ranking fifth page first, site website in the first place. The website in Shanghai love statistics background show that in 2010 March a total of 4 time Shanghai love included were 19, 17, 21, 21. In 2011 March, the official website to stop, and cancel the binding domain, all your pages to return to the 404 error, analog network interruption, the situation off the site.


network interrupt within 6 days before the impact is weak. In this period, both love Shanghai, Google, site included only slightly decreased, decreased approximately 10%, the snapshot is not backward, spider visit for a little longer cycle. The first site check website still. Keywords ranking decreased slightly. The author believes that the 6 day of the search engine tolerance period ", as long as the timely recovery of the network line, will not affect the site is too large.

web search engine after interruption of the degree of punishment on the site to do, according to the time sequence is divided into four periods, weak effect, significant effect period, lasting impact period, abandon period.

network, is the webmaster has been most worried about, but unfortunately we almost every webmaster will encounter this kind of thing to worry about network interruption. There are many reasons why IDC manufacturers including as everyone knows, the reason of hackers, also has the policy management factors, the webmaster without me into the deep feeling. Therefore, we must prepare for it, grasp what impact on the network web site in the search engine’s permission, and strive to be punished, is right down the period of time, to restore access to websites, to minimize losses.

According to the

I do have an independent blog site, in order to do this research, personally put your site stopped, the research experience and knowledge to give you a specific analysis.

website network outage seventh days into the period of significant influence. In this period, both love Shanghai or Google, the most significant effect is cancelled the website included, at the same time, the website domain name has been unable to query. Love Shanghai "sorry, did not find the URL, you can directly access the" prompt. Site examination, the content included every 2 days reduced by about 10%; the results include "domain name" "no change. This stage has entered the first stage of the search engine "punishment", keyword ranking has been canceled, imported from the search engine traffic is significantly reduced or no. However, as long as the rapid recovery of the network line, at about 1 months, can make the search engine reincluding.

Discussion on several common errors in the novice optimization

four, internal links

five, external links

novice website keyword, not natural, deliberately will be piled up in order to improve the website keyword density of key words, this approach is the black hat Shanghai dragon behavior, and ultimately escape the ban of search engine. So new friends in the arrangement of keywords do not accumulate, nature will keep the keyword density in about 2%~8% can.

we all know the importance of the chain, so the novice is a lot of to increase the chain, but not a steady increase from time to time, we often say a steady increase in optimizing the chain to quantitative timing, not today, not tomorrow. At the same time we released correlation site in the chain, so the quality of the chain is relatively high.


two, the website keyword

Keywords accumulation is easy to appear in the

this article from Wikipedia 贵族宝贝zzbaike贵族宝贝, reproduced please specify.

novice webmaster in website to describe it as easy to appear keyword accumulation phenomenon, so webmaster encyclopedia here to remind you the best description with a coherent statement to describe, can certainly bring the keyword that is the best, you can accumulate key words.

we all know the word Shanghai dragon, I believe that every webmaster are not strange to it. Every webmaster may every day in the busy to his site in Shanghai Longfeng, but in this process, many webmaster friends may also make some common mistakes, following on from Wikipedia (zzbaike) to introduce to you.

site title can not be ignored for website optimization, if the site in the title of the appropriate keyword, then the weights of the website promotion is beneficial and harmless. But the novice webmaster often in this often makes mistakes, it is constantly changing the title of the site, finally leading to the website is K, then realized his mistake too late. Adsense encyclopedia recommendations: early site planning well site title, line on the website after not easily change the website title.



, a website title

mainly refers to the anchor text site in the article, many novice in the update article, the anchor text of more than a dozen in the interior, this is excessive, usually only need to add three to five anchor text.


above are all about some common mistakes, hope new friends should pay more attention to the point, we want to own the station is like her own children and loved ones, more carefully, more carefully.

Do some basic points of website promotion

entry is a shallow, but relatively deep industry expertise, deep things he is not you as long as you work hard, can learn to learn. He needs not only to tell the brain as well as the flexibility of rotation. Want to do a relatively deep Shanghai dragon er you need to charge. Because the Internet is a changing industry, which requires the development and change of Shanghai Longfeng Er to fully understand and study of the internet. In order to do website promotion. The following is a summary of how to do the mission of Baoding Zhili several points of website promotion:

above is a few do several basic points of website promotion Baoding Zhili group summary, I hope to help you! The Baoding Zhili group (贵族宝贝uu0312贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please keep

!! Shanghai dragon

clear user groups after the next step is to survey users gathered in the Internet, these users mainly appear in what place online. What type of forum, what types of QQ group etc.. Understanding these users in what place, You’ll see. should go to what place do promotion is the most correct, the most effective.


clear the site for the user group, this is the basic conditions for good website promotion. Each site or product at the time of listing, will find what they want for users who are. Now most enterprise websites are related, target customers are very clear. Only to find the real customers, products can be sold out. As a network promotion specialist, we must first understand the target customer group is what person, so that we can do targeted marketing work.

to clear the site

survey of users in online aggregation

understand the gathering of user groups and user groups, the next step is to plan how to attract customers to your website. It was time to think of what you have used the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, write text, forum, blog, to the corresponding QQ group inside the post and so on a series of methods to attract customers to your web site to see products.


tried all ways to lure users


How do the QQ group marketing website construction

?We all know that

1, QQ learned to bypass into marketing. Join the group of others, you need to keep others QQ group rules, some QQ for advertising hit very badly, which has its own management personnel, these people’s purpose is to restrict the workers to play hard advertising. Therefore, this requires us to establish their own QQ group or a management group inside, so that in the limit of a lot less. In the process of group member interaction, can be appropriate to talk about their love topic or marketing topics, can also set clear marketing group name card name. In the group interaction process, with the group of people more and more, it will gradually form a good marketing platform, and make use of induction, advertising or marketing to insert soft inside.

The establishment of

3, group name card and instructions, and keywords. A small part in the above "website construction" search results, click out first. See the QQ group, QQ group and title. Therefore, in the setting of QQ group keywords, the best main business in the title word above, so that the user in the search process, it is easy to match, as the word "construction site", easily, where you >

now many industries have established their own industry QQ group, especially the classification of Tencent for the QQ group for the industry, set up covering the game, film and television, leisure life, examination and other industries classification information service group. Because in the domestic QQ user base is very large, users looking for all services will be for QQ to search, to join in to find the group, can be said to use QQ service to find love compared to Shanghai, more precise and accurate, Shanghai natural search more easily than love. Since the QQ group has so many benefits, of course, do not let QQ Marketing Marketing personnel. However, how to make their own QQ marketing to meet their expectations, at the same time to help the construction site

, QQ group 2. Why is this? As mentioned above, if it is inside the QQ group members of the group are vulnerable to regulatory restrictions. However, there are no such restrictions on the establishment of QQ. However, the establishment of the QQ group will not casually set up a. We need to know their sectors, for example you are this kind of industry website construction, using QQ group search function the opportunity to find many of the same group, a small search "website construction", shown in figure, will find so many qq group. Is this you need according to their own business, see, and know what others love search. In order to establish their own QQ, do marketing in their QQ to the masses, simple and convenient to many.


is an excellent QQ marketing staff, they are good at using the resources to build a platform at the same time, this will not cause resentment of others. Therefore, the following small from several points of how to analyze the QQ group marketing.

Discuss the role of Robots and common problems

1, the station site operator error, misuse or delete some specific pages.

is the problem of website dead links can not be avoided, if indexed by the search engines, so the chain connection is bound to affect the user experience, this time on the need for robots shielding on this page. Some common errors are as follows:

3, dead link caused by the chain, usually because the input error caused the formation of dead links to your site.

Robots Ao effect, it can be used to do what. Robots is an agreement between the website and search engine. To prevent search engines that we don’t want to be the search engine index content. We can use it to protect privacy, shielding dead links and content pages and repeat page.

two, no shielding content page and repeat page

Shanghai dragon is a process of accumulation, some of the above points, hope for the novice webmaster friends for help on site optimization, there is no specific wording of a detailed description of Robots, you can view the specific wording of love Shanghai Robots optimization guide; here only to its function and use.

, shielding dead link

2, the same page shielding multiple paths, many on the front page of the site there will be such a problem, for example, Dangyang hotline: www.***.net, this site is commonly used to login, because of program and the path is not uniform, resulting in home has two paths are included, similar to www.***.net/index.php so, we will give the website entrance of a unified standard, the direct use of robots shield operation.

2, because errors in the program website, replacing the program caused a dead link.

The Here the first

protocol for all search engines to effectively, it is not a command, but a command, it will not come into effect, short days can be effective, long time more than 4 weeks to take effect. Google to love Shanghai, effective time faster; the definition of common grammar definition: User-agent: search engine. If you want to define all search engines use *; Disallow: ban on search engines, "said the root directory, all directories on behalf of a web site. Allow: is permitted, here only to do a simple description of the specific operation method, please refer to love Shanghai library; to talk about the problems and common usage.

1, no content page and repeat page will seriously affect the quality of the station page, if the station there are a large number of this page will repeat the meaning and cause the site right down; for example, some of the registration page, landing page, session ID, the page is loaded, the shopping mall blue pages, all these are to shield.

360 search bidding agents has covered 8 provinces or gradually replace Google


search marketing, namely the industry often say "PPC", who as bid for the keyword can be routed to the front of the natural search results, the effect of payment mode, according to the actual effective click charges, promotion links and natural search results are distinct.

guess you love to show advertising is in the 360 navigation, text link ads including home page and 360 television channel, channel, music channel joke pictures banner ads, but also the pay mode.

at the end of 2012, 360 quietly to cooperate with Google, has triggered strong concern, but in the details of cooperation has been kept secret, the 360 companies only confirm the cooperation relationship, but did not disclose any details of cooperation.

due to the strong performance and pressure from competitors, 360 are stepping up the commercialization process of search. Insiders, 360 search advertising agency has covered Beijing, Shanghai and other 8 provinces, 360 will be gradually with its own advertising system to replace the Google Adsense system now in use.

the price is far lower than the love of Shanghai

when asked about the "direct brand" and "guess you love" two kinds of forms of advertising prices, he said, at present can only put on the "search promotion" form, the other two forms of advertising.

360 Beijing region exclusive agent Beijing World Online Advertising Co., a responsible person to Sina said, want to advertise in the 360 search, you need to open an account, the lowest cost is 4600 yuan, including 600 yuan service fee and 4000 yuan on deposit.

insiders said 360 search agents has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hebei, Shandong and Henan and other 8 provinces, the sole agent in most parts of the way. Advertising is divided into "brand direct", "search promotion" and "guess you love" three kinds of products.

the official said, 360 in the search results left up to put 3 ads on the right side, a total of 8, the advertiser is still relatively small, so the price is very favorable. He takes a popular search term "buy" and "second-hand housing" for example said, now ranked in the search results before the only 0.6~0.7 yuan, while the Shanghai love require a dozen or even dozens of yuan.

of Merrill Lynch said, 360 from the beginning of the end of 2012 commercial system access to Google, but Google can only get about 1/3 traffic, but if two while demand for the same keyword advertising, advertising system priority is less than 360 of Google’s own. Merrill Lynch believes that 360 may be Google learning and improving its own advertising system with.

A 360

brand is the most direct in the web search results above the illustrations show the form of dynamic publishing activities, product information, promotional information enterprises.

How do the 404 page optimization settings hold live user experience

shield site all invalid link. As you know, a site in operating for a long time, you may accidentally deleted or other reasons caused by the revision site appeared unable to access the site page, and then set a 404 page to the site can make inaccessible page into a valid page to guide the user to return to the site to browse other pages.


, a site in the 404 page is inevitable will appear, the user may enter the URL is wrong, or is their own webmaster deleted a page content and so on, since the reason can not be controlled, then we can do a good job in dealing with the aftermath, know how to use the 404 page for the site optimization and user experience service is the key. In general situation, the 404 page is regarded as the best weapon station handling invalid link. But often overlooked, also can bring to a website is very obvious to help make good use of the 404 page, at least can allow users to re return to the site to browse other pages. So how do we get the 404 page not only is the invalid links, let the user experience of

3, let users trust the site. Many webmaster have 404 page as invalid link processing tool only, in fact, I believe that when a user access to a can not open the page, if there is wrong with the browser page, the user does not have to return to the site of the idea, and if there is a 404 page friendly to guide users to return to other pages, so users in mind would assume that this site is also good, security and error handling is in place, so that the user also ran on the site have the feeling of trust.

4, allowing users to browse frequently in time to have a rest. Webmaster want every user to enter the site can access more pages, in fact, for users, browsing more if no time to digest it, it must be forgot, and when the user access to the invalid page, it will make a summary of their browsing behavior, when highly frequent in the middle of your site to point to have in mind how many things did not exist, it will produce a pressure mood, you will naturally have tired of feeling on the site, therefore, appropriate manufacturing 404 page allows users to browse frequently have time to rest, knowledge of yourself through digestion as a summary, the more impressive.

2, 404 pages can tell the search engine this page does not exist. When an article is search engine included, and I was collected in after he deleted, then you can set 404 page, let the spider crawling through the 404 pages before the feedback information has been included to delete or update page.

hold live?

set 404 page brought to the site1,

so how do the 404 page optimization settings hold user experience of

Chen Zhaobo do some Shanghai dragon views on micro-blog

1, micro-blog found authenticated users are more likely to be included in

.The name or title name like

fortunately now micro-blog personalized domain name can also grab, omitted here 7 words……

micro-blog website, the website, the importance of the title since Needless to say, the ranking of words depends on it. Micro-blog name is the same, may it in Sina micro-blog has an advantage, because the name Sina micro-blog is the only Tencent, micro-blog can name, an important criterion for a good name is also attractive.

, a personalized domain name

two, micro-blog

2, micro-blog found active users of micro-blog is more likely to be included (as the website often updated)

learned that at present, the Tencent officially launched micro-blog search real-time search, micro-blog search engine more and more fire, will be more and more attention, Shanghai dragon Er, you attention? I think there should be a lot of people, all share it, any new things only share many people, naturally the rapid development of.

is currently in the Tencent micro-blog personal description on the link is the chain is, because the search engine will included content. Sina did not verify, because to see the Sina micro-blog content will need to log in, so also can’t visit SE estimates.

five, other

ZAC in his Tencent before micro-blog did an experiment. ZAC input a bunch of meaningless words, and then take the own blog address. To the experimental results, his Tencent micro-blog ranking up. This experiment is a test to see if the link itself has not played in the Tencent micro-blog ranking effect, but the Tencent micro-blog content ranked up, "

four, micro-blog

three, micro-blog personal introduction to

since the last noble baby PR after the update, many people will find the micro-blog domain name is the PR value of sina Li Kaifu, micro-blog PR6, micro-blog PR5 Tencent.

at present, micro-blog content included a great opportunity, a micro-blog keyword also contains relatively easy to find search to a portion of the link is also a chain of outside.

believe that we do know, register a good domain name is difficult and the domain name of Shanghai dragon has a strong influence, this is not to say you understand. Similarly, personalized domain name for micro-blog, is the best one with your own website or want to do related websites, whether the impact on the rankings, which need to be observed.

a micro-blog as a web site or a blog, because he has a personality domain, since there is a domain name, can be included in search engines, it can do Shanghai dragon, today to talk briefly about how to carry out the micro-blog Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon micro-blog, welcome to discuss.

Create search engines love website layout

use less framework for search engines to access code often check whether the site was linked to horse

recently found a < a href= "#" rel= "nofollow" > nofollow< /a > Shanghai will ban love spider to visit a link address.

home pageThe

HTML code is what we called the static page, the page is search engine if love, to further optimize the code, first, compression code, second tree structure to write code third, remove malicious code

Hierarchical path

The use of div+css style compressed page length control home page size to compress

clear and good is beneficial to the website, according to the "

Optimization of

column page by www.***

station flash station to the website head further optimized Flash code only in the code page is arranged outside the entrance of

more important information on the above code

When set to


path hierarchy, such as domain name www.***

page by using www.*** list1/0001.html

level path

list page with www.*** list1/

frame (< frameset; > < /frameset >) the framework code can be a good site layout structure is not easy to deform, but the contents will not be search engine recognition.

With the

ASP code will be included in the search engine included but the effect is not good, but not in general is very high, can be processed in accordance with the path of pseudo static static page optimization method

know that several influence optimization code


The optimization principle of

path optimization

is a Shanghai based Phoenix website structure, website structure to build to Shanghai dragon need to understand the search engine (love Shanghai) the Shanghai dragon rules here need to discuss what kind of layout search engine friendly, can also be regarded as the search engines love those layout, what are the rules of search engine.

flash, ASP, HTML, how to optimize the

flash, JS and other code with less

Acne products as key words how to interpret the keyword competition analysis cases

when we find a keyword, as long as we search the word you can get some data from the search results. We can borrow from the search results can give quantitative information for analysis, if the number of search results is very high, so we can roughly say this word has a high degree of competition. For example, we use love Shanghai search "acne products" search results as high as 25190000, we can roughly determine the term of this competition is not small. But we also need to pay attention to a problem, that is the method of judging the existence of some errors, for example, I searched for "good morning" this is not what the commercial value of the words, the search results have 5190000. This means it can only as a rough evaluation.

search results for promotion of interpretation search results

two: intitle

: a quantitative analysis of

for a Shanghai Phoenix Project, the success is largely based on keyword choice is correct. If you choose a low degree of competition but less correlation, even if traffic is not much effect. If you chose a highly relevant, but the competition is unusually high, so it’s hard for you to have some benefits in the short term. There are many kinds of way to judge the key competition, if you just use one of them, it will have a very high rate of error. Based on this, the author takes the words "acne products" as an example, talk about how to interpret a keyword, the degree of competition.


three: the number of

search engine is the main way of profit for advertising, and generally have a high degree of competition and the commercial value of words will be in search results with promotion advertising. Also we can analyze the competition degree according to the number of the bidding promotion advertising. As shown in the figure below is for advertising this one word acne products "search results.

commandUse the intitle command to

compared with the direct search of the word error will be smaller, because we know we directly search the word, as long as the page containing the word, the general search engine will put the pages into the search results, and this may be a page theme is not associated with this key. For example: "National Day" of the word, sentence 1: the National Day holiday, free shipping. 2 sentences: the success of the Beijing Olympic bid, celebrated. The existence of "National Day" word in the two sentence, but in fact it is very different in meaning and usage. The word sentence 2 "National Day" is not the word sentence. We can put this part excluded. We use the command "intitle in the search engine results: acne products found was 593000, compared with the data obtained in the above method, using this method to obtain the data will be smaller and more accurate.