The website makes 1 IP, make 10 yuan

The website makes 1 IP, make 10 yuan

station is to attract traffic, this is the IP but as everyone knows, who can bring you much money? What is the use of this website to you? In fact like the same person, to do to the customer first, would rather earn less is to put the customer experience to do. Now Chinese IP why so cheap? It is because China webmaster only to short-term interests, a few cents a few cents to entrap users, giving users a false information. This is why a few decades ago in the television advertisement as long as tens of thousands of dollars can get hundreds of millions of dollars in return, but now almost all previous losses in call! This is because television advertising and Internet advertising to people too miserable, people already do not believe these things. read more

Shenzhen grassroots webmaster was denounced by well-known professors

I moved who cheese? Shenzhen grassroots webmaster was a well-known professor denounced as an article reprinted, Shenzhen grassroots webmaster by social celebrity instructors exposure and condemnation. A celebrity, Professor, tutor for a good grassroots station suspected of plagiarism in his original content, violated his intellectual property rights, and one will be analysis of the event and denounce the exposure station.

with the rise of the Internet, in the network is also more and more strong, the rise of network culture, also caused the network spread information reprint spread, a lot of information and personal site for rich web content, most of them are the acquisition and reproduction of multi site, some webmasters and content editing will also do some sorting and modification of the original article, but because of the Internet, many of the original copyright statement has been the loss of the original author’s intellectual property rights have been infringed. read more

Watercress move can not move into the everyone footsteps

Despite the

mobile terminal, wasted between function and business model as well as the lack of UGC itself and so many difficulties, but this respectable Internet Co still stuck to their steps. But the cruel thing is that the world didn’t have as much time as it imagined.

in iTunes, the development of watercress App has 12, in Google Play, the number of 10 models, including the development of the lag of the bean notes iOS version last updated in 2012, with almost a dead. In the latest introduction of the "watercress" App 2 Android version launched, and because of the new broadcasting function has been added, watercress application death list will undoubtedly be more than one: watercress broadcast. read more

Stupid people do promotion, garbage station, the first day of IP thousand

, I’m a station technician, I can only use CMS as a station. HTML doesn’t quite understand. Often see many thousands of IP said Admin5 network. Or what SEO, see, is a lot of reading. But most of SEO will take some time to work, some outdated methods are more ineffective, may also be K station.

, what I’m talking about here is a stupid stupid way. But it did work on the first day of the station. Say simple point, in fact is human flesh post machine. However, this post is still skillful. Not what hair. Otherwise, it will still be dead. Everyone is usually in the post when you are easy to run into several problems, first, click rate is not high, two is to post to enter the verification code is very troublesome. There are many posting programs on the Internet, in fact, they have been proved to be blocked by the code. This trick also uses software, but it can be passed through the verification code. read more

Yang Wenjian detailed analysis report of three giants of China Advertising Association (Part Two)

Baidu alliance advantage:

, but because of Google’s AdSsense, the small and medium station owners bought it. The Baidu alliance has to place itself at the top end and open only to a number of high quality websites. Baidu alliance provides some large webmaster to provide high quality ad alliance options except AdSsense, and provides optional advertisers

for websites that want to place more than one ad site

at the same time, commercial Baidu doesn’t give up anything, even both sexes can be put in. For some sexual standing also open mind, and even human body art, there are Baidu coalition figure. And AdSsense rejects this kind of website to throw directly, one discovers to close a website to close an account. The Baidu alliance has provided reliable advertising sources to some large gender stations. Basically, the Baidu alliance is one of the best choices for both sexes. read more

Stationmaster appeal do station, if be a person, must be kind!

do stand, such as life, must be kind,


read the primary school, teacher taught that respect for others is the most important respect the work of others! This sentence when I first site The imprint is engraved on my heart.; to do it, I have the most prominent parts of website wrote: "if there is infringement on this website, please inform the administrator, we will delete in 23 hours!" because it is the forum, and we worry about membership reprint does not indicate the regulation is not in place, causing unnecessary trouble! read more

Teach you how to identify mass mailing Swindlers Company

first, try not to buy stand-alone version of the software

read a lot of people are looking for mass mailing software. At present, you can say: stand-alone version of the software is not good, because the stand-alone version of the software can not statistics access effect, all stand-alone software on the market are bragging about how to count. From the technical point of view: statistics is a process from customer to server. Mail sent, the customer should open, feedback to your server, but stand-alone software you cannot resolve IP address, ask how statistics? This seemingly simple question, I believe a lot of people are deceived. read more

Thinking of enterprise website construction

learned how to do the website from the beginning, and then made the enterprise website, until now, it was engaged in the enterprise website promotion, optimization and some website operation research work. Can more or less witnessed the enterprise website from the beginning of the few to the current flooding. We started the construction of enterprise website, it was selling to the customer network website construction company said the most is the site on behalf of the corporate image, symbol of the facade, what is said to have their own company website and email with your company after at least in their own name card. In doing so, the company will build its own corporate website. This is the purpose and starting point of most website construction and enterprise website construction. read more

UN DATA, search UN data

recently launched a website, the United Nations UN Data, allows anyone to retrieve the UN Database, this easy-to-use online database created by the United Nations, the latest global free, reliable statistical data, using the database, you can retrieve the current world population, trade, agriculture, employment, environment, industry statistics, education, tourism etc..

for ordinary people, won the first source of data is often Google or Wikipedia, however, educational research institutions, usually using these data sources do not recommend news organizations, especially people in the recent Wikipedia found some inaccuracies. Now, students, journalists, and anyone else can access these published statistics directly from the United nations. read more

Quick way to improve website traffic, 1 weeks 2000IP change 2W IP

quick way to improve website traffic, 1 weeks 2000IP change 2W IP

I made a small forum in October 23, 2005 and kept 1000-2000 IP until my job in Chengdu. After I quit my job, I concentrated on my own forum. In less than a week’s traffic, do 2WIP from 2000IP. I would like to share with you the experience of my website.

1, the promotion of forum publicity:

because my is a comprehensive entertainment forum, so what kind of post can be sent inside?. I go online every day to collect many of the most popular and exciting videos on my forum. Then go to the relevant forums for overwhelming publicity. read more

Urban traffic entrance mode local website rapid expansion of the national weapon

O2O is one of the key battleground of current market, entrepreneurs and investors to compete, more and more companies desperately to place in the platform of local infiltration subsidence, this website, which means to expand the common market opportunities, but also hidden the risk of being marginalized.

local web sites to avoid being marginalized has two main practices, one is to let the model more service, deeper, high wall; the other is to copy other city expansion, kaijiangtuotu. No matter in depth development or horizontal expansion, local websites always face four major problems: growth is too slow, replication difficult, difficult to scale and policy risk. This article provides a train of thought that may alleviate these difficulties. read more

Why do live video, voice entertainment websites make so much money

some people think that live video is a "cock wire economy", but in fact, the opposite is true.

introduction: Wu Wei, senior product manager, worked for Sina, now works for Joseph networks, a product of the enterprise Q & A, a face to question community product for entrepreneurs.

real video / voice entertainment sites (such as 9158, 6 rooms, Gua Gua, YY, etc.) why do you make money?

first of all, although some people think that live video is "cock wire economy", but in fact, on the contrary, this is a handsome game. Like the vast majority of online games, Gao Shuaifu users are the main source of income, and poor Cock silk can only play with Gao Shuaifu, the largest play a foil role. read more

What affects the click rate of Web ads

recently started advertising research, I analyzed, sorted out a few points out, and the webmaster friends share, write well, you do not laugh at.

now briefly talks about the direct impact on the click rate of Web ads:

one, advertising placement, this is the most important. Good advertising position, to allow visitors to see it first, and let him go to the point of impulse, or confuse him, let him feel that advertising content is what he wants to do this, click on the ads must increase.

two, the content of advertising and web content similarity read more

Where you want to make money, websites don’t pack and die fast

first: make a place to make money. These are the

second: do not have these tricks, really Kung Fu do local sites, you do not expect to make money

third: don’t think good vision is no good place to make money do


fourth article: do make money site, there is no good physical and spiritual, fight easily "abort"

         ;     the first two articles are about the concept of more things, this chapter will tell you about actual combat more content. Finished this article, tomorrow our company will officially go to work, the follow-up there are many operations details, and if there is time, we will contribute to you. read more

Good interactive experience, display of goods in website list

commodity aggregation page: as the name suggests, is the list of goods, forming a common feature of the collection of goods page.

The purpose of

is to provide consumers with more goods to choose from, thereby increasing the conversion rate, minimizing the user’s jump rate, and ensuring smooth browsing. This requires a quality visual experience and a good interactive experience.

here mainly around the display of goods.

currently there are 3 types of display designs:

1. sorted by ranks (Taobao mall… Jingdong) read more

How to improve the user experience of college website

Hello everyone, I’m a student at the shore. I am from the beginning of September 2006 the Chang’an University students network, at that time because there are a lot of interest in the construction site, and they began to slowly groping, up to now, the website has become a very important part of my life, I have slowly become a webmaster occupation. Today we are going to talk about how to improve the user experience of College websites.

1, why is it necessary to improve the user experience? User experience plays an important role in the development of College Students’ website. A good user experience of college students website, not only can win the search engine like, can bring more and more group of college students loyal users. For users, a good website is not simply about how excellent its program is, nor is it to see how beautifully its artists do, and more to see how good its overall user experience is. read more

Shop No. 1 how to open a shop to share the flow shop

Internet era, there are a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities, shop No. 1 is a very fire site, many people want to shop in shop No. 1. So, how to open shop 1? Need to pay? Novice shop what skills? Small make up now for you to introduce 1 shop shop process.

1 shop how to open shop? Shop No. 1 on the right side of the bottom of the official website, there are businesses settled, after entering the required operation. Shop No. 1 to be qualified. That is, you have to print the license, tax registration certificate, open an account license, institutional code card. These are hard to set up shop, must have. Finished is what you want to open the shop number belongs to what category, in accordance with the category to pay a certain margin and platform fees. After the audit upload 10 products can activate the store. read more

Do business to be good at becoming a specialty

only if you are running a shop, not what kinds of characteristics, the competition in the current social background of it is too intense, want to open a shop is facing more competition pressure. So, if we want to do a good job, we need to be good at turning into a special feature, so as to attract more consumers.

records department store is located in Liuzhou City, Shandong, Laixi Cultural Road, belonging to the community terminal. There are large shopping malls, banks, hospitals and pharmacies, lots better. Due to the small store, the product variety is not complete, with the surrounding large supermarket competition some difficulty. How can ability make business flourishing? Boss history was once a headache. Later, with the surrounding area residents in the conversation, the history of Weiguo realize the truth: hunger breeds discontentment. read more

How to take leading enterprise + cooperative + farmer development in Neijiang

in order to promote the development of the economy, each of the local government can be described as the brains, cudgel thinking. At present, Neijiang rural economic development in the road above, developed a very effective economic development strategy, the level of local economic development has been greatly improved!

"mulberry bud tea, mulberry mulberry silkworm, mulberry tip cooking, wine, mulberry breeding bacterium…… Planting mulberry not only sell, but income is very considerable." Chong to righteousness town in Weiyuan County of Neijiang City, village, many villagers Hu Yong told reporters around the benefits of planting mulberry. Since joining the cooperatives in the village, his annual income of 100 thousand yuan, more than doubled before. read more

There are three major problems behind the beauty industry profiteering investment must see 2015

is from the beauty industry development since has been very popular, belong to the current investors profiteering industry, but also inevitably profiteering industry behind many problems exist, entrepreneurs need to pay attention to, in order to prevent these deceived. Beauty industry after the problem of the existence of 2015 listed here are more common, the beauty industry investors can refer to the three.

Is there a

read more