Ways to improve the integrity of the website in the user’s mind


because of the rapid development of the Internet, more and more people have access to the Internet industry. At the same time, it also brings a lot of problems, such as honesty, deception and so on. Some people use the Internet to make ill-gotten gains, also some people use the Internet to do good. As a famous man says, there are good people and bad people everywhere. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. So, this is the world, and this is the earth.

well, the first step is to give him a believable mind when the user enters the website, so that he can browse the page further. How can you let the site leave a good impression on the user’s first impression? There are no doubt four points. An interface, the user enters the first glance of a web site must be the interface. So the interface is friendly. Two content, if the entire site 90% is copied, what’s the use?. Three function, simple is good, but in the eyes of users do not think so. Four, third party signs. The following I will explain these factors one by one.

improve integrity factor one: friendly interface


interface is a site of the face, even if you don’t change better, don’t get out of order, although the disorder is a kind of beauty, the first feeling but you don’t forget a web interface to give new users how important it is, he is directly related to its users will become a reference parameter a standard old user or loyal users, the interface must be clean and tidy, no dislocation occurred in the tail, if this is the case, they do not modify, then find a friend or modify the necessary payment. Like a villa with a house of the same difference, who looks good, who do not look good, fool all know. Therefore, the first step to do the station is to have a friendly and concise interface. This way, even if the optimization, they are comfortable to look at some bar.

improves confidence factor two: original content

I want to see many webmaster about the content of the paragraph when looking at other people’s experience, no doubt he is the necessary part of the website products, can not be a lack of content, is to give users see, even if the contents are not open to the sub station. There are three kinds of content: reproduced content, pseudo original, original. Three kinds of content, if used in the same website, you can do the original. The original is the best content, even if your writing is poor, write not very good-looking, but the user won’t blame you for what, it is possible to cater to the part of the user’s appetite, this is not to retain some? And about writing skills is to write more, Practice makes perfect..

will gradually improve, the key is that you have to write, dare to write, willing to write. The pseudo original content most of the webmaster love just change the title, paragraph, change the format just teasing the user directly or cheat search engine trouble. This is a performance that is irresponsible to people and to them. Reprint content is the worst content, because you turn, others also turn, turn to

The web site of a good web company is the foundation of its operation


I in the website operation process, and some enterprises will often communicate, we sometimes ask the most is: my site outside the chain of original content, strict quality, reasonable layout keywords website or stalled or why frequent problems, in fact, careful friends or have discovered, structure, section of the website the path set classification, reasonable layout is the basis of post operation, the foundation did not play well, later to pay more to get in return is not proportional. So today, how to choose a good Internet company to do web site and how to make a site in line with their brand keywords, briefly talk about your own suggestions.

is a small enterprise to build a website, because the company itself is small, no need to hire a programmer to special maintenance of website, and want to rely on the website to get some benefits, so that SEO can be "free" allows the site to bring traffic and orders, and promotion started to recruit SEO to responsible for the site. When some hope that the performance of their SEO beginners without demur agreed, the general has even old-fashioned outdated optimization techniques and to optimize the site did not see the benefits, then knew the importance of website structure, original content, only to find the find network company website is how garbage, garbage, structure the layout of the garbage, garbage because they do not understand the art, so it is easy to be networks fudge. So today, China’s first pesticide network operators to talk about how to choose a good network company, do a good structure of the site.

first need to be clear what is the purpose of your website is to profit? Or just for publicity or just give customers the company there is a website, the purpose of the site is also different; secondly to the idea of a good web site after the completion of what function? Such as sharing tools, user registration, comment again; forum content should be clear, our company to provide products or services themselves most clearly, we must make clear the site should have what sector put what content, and clear communication network company; finally, correct their attitude, because do not understand and will be willing to learn, and be responsible to you website programmer or department manager relationship after all, the site is that they are doing, if in a tough attitude always urge, request progress, the quality of the website is not optimistic about the production. Website needs a cycle, plus the domain name for twenty days or so, a website to do down, can on-line how also want a month time, unless you choose is free of record space.

now, how can you tell that a web company is trustworthy:

first: must go to their company to see, a lot of people literally search the relevant keywords on the Internet, find a network company began to build a station, this is very unscientific. Suggest a local network company, so that communication is more convenient, problems can easily be found to modify. Go to their company to see how many people work in the environment

My views on the development of the Forum

saw a hero saying ".."" today. If you don’t have a map that won’t keep you, then your plate will be the same. "

I dare say the style of the forum is ugly, outdated and outdated. But they still live in.

forum is very gorgeous, but no people! This is probably because a lot. So gorgeous, and lovely, have become no characteristics! Today at PW also discussed a " style; stolen " problem. Then I said, anti stealing and anti fake, a bird, you put the style imitation down for you are not necessarily Tianya community and as general imitation style was an hour, all the pictures copy down, write CSS good! Said so much, in the end is that a problem is important!


recently told me a lot of membership this plugin, get that… I have no mood to get… I think or engage in content, improve quality of an important forum!! I have to do my own definition of community become part of


first is a discussion forum is the core. Would you put BBS when CMS? Haven’t seen the talented people get something like this and have a little achievement… Maybe I need forum, with very limited knowledge and scanty information ~! Managers to guide members of the exchange, discuss ~!! ~

active atmosphere!

second is the information forum is good, can let you take the initiative to seek an information, and can browse other people passive messages! So information is very important!! here again the next sentence…." if you no plans to keep people, your plate is the same. "

ps: a little mood diary style, relatively messy, originally written in blog, and later felt that there is internal content, or vote for contributions..

Personal summary of the 5 soft Wen title of the creative thinking

self website (shop mother) on-line since I’ve been with soft Wen maintained a good cooperative relationship, from the bottom of my heart I hope to achieve further development and soft, more understanding of each other is something deeper.

familiar words, everything is hard in the beginning, at the time to arrange a soft, often not a good start, let the soft light lose title and a long time can not sleep, I believe that a good title can return me more attention and trust, how important it is for me and my website.

I would like to share my recent experience with you. I hope you can encourage each other and make progress together.

personally, I think:

one, title big and empty, only make people laugh over the face of

"the train is not pushing, the leather is not blowing", praise and criticism are the same, excessive will be counterproductive. "Wangpo saying, puff", she is nothing more than to boast of his fruit is sweet, the word "most" big? I think it is normal and right, but "my sweet watermelon" and "my universe is the most sweet watermelon" together, I think most people are on the latter will frowns and laugh, of course, this analogy is not put in what’s reliable.

two, the blank title will only get one. Good bye,

network information has not only to describe the mass, with so many information, to deliberate pursuit of the title of the "literary model" or "novelty" makes headlines make people confused, will The loss outweighs the gain. Not all users will have interest and patience to read an article title even cannot read the information carefully, of course, I can’t deny that there is no curious users to read, but no matter if you pick up the sesame lost watermelon, then I have no matter. Therefore, the focus of the title is to highlight the theme of the product or website you want to promote, so that people can see what they have inside, otherwise, the title will lose its meaning at the top. This paragraph I used watermelon, but also please forgive me.

three, the title is the title, don’t make it too long,

remember inadvertently on the Internet to see a government report title, is fresh, because it is very long, long to I am interested to remember it, but don’t take me for example, I admit that I have some sick.

The original title is "

at the plenary meeting, the Jiangxi Provincial Communist Youth League Secretary Wang Shaoxuan made" to create a new pattern of Jiangxi is the work of the Communist Youth League Central region characteristics of the thrust of the report to unite and lead the youth play an important role in the construction of "Ecological Economic Zone in Poyang Lake." ", how long? I will not comment on the policy of things, if you want to give your product or website soft to write such a long title, I think most people will remember the title, but never remember the information below the title of the article. Personally, I think the number of words in the title is within 12-15 words

On the occasion of the era of electricity supplier website operation flow rule

electricity supplier era, as the enterprise’s network portal and marketing hub, the status and role of the site can not be underestimated. The site is by no means a vase type display. In a sense, the operation of the website is directly related to the success or failure of the entire enterprise network marketing, and even the sustainable development of the enterprise itself. Therefore, the era of electricity supplier website operation is destined to become the focus of enterprise marketing work, and to the successful operation of the website, we must focus on the occasion of homeopathy "rule.


first, operators must understand the occasion.

people say, "adversity makes a man grow up." in fact, this sentence is also problematic. What really makes people grow is to seek and make good use of the good times which are suitable for their own development, for people can only develop in the "good times" which are really conducive to their growth. This is the era of electricity supplier website operation, only to seize the good and selectively integrated use of all available resources, good occasion, with the most simple and convenient way to efficiently complete the related work, it is possible to obtain more and more opportunities for success. For example, news marketing, celebrity endorsements, hot spots, advertising explosion, and so on, all belong to this category.


must follow the trend of consumption.

B2B, B2C O2O, whether it is any marketing mode and so on, are just the concept of people according to the development trend of the electricity supplier structure, still can not break the user first, top interests for business reason, because any violation of commercial rationality and consumer trends operation is not desirable. Where your users are, and where your marketing should be, your business should take care of it. For example, if your user’s consumption situation has already begun to transfer on the Internet, that you do not blindly take the user to lead the line, but to learn how to stop and realized on the Internet, how to adapt to the trend of consumption, and as far as possible be marketing sovereign in their own hands.

, moreover, has its own operating rhythm.

any of the success of operation mode, all is the development of the market itself and based on their own needs, but not otherwise you can do. Do not operate for the website operation, do not over marketing or blindly follow the trend. The electricity supplier website must have their own rhythm, have their own ideas, must solve the traffic, prices, consumption habits and other aspects of the problem, must be consistent with their own development characteristics, only focus on the growth of the Internet. The era of big data, user experience is becoming the core of the website operation, website will achieve the ultimate user experience and wonderful, will be the site of the closed-loop marketing and customer service systems can improve health, to create a new mode of operation of the enterprise products and services to meet their own development needs but also fast attributes, can make the target user group changing.

business era, web site operators must adhere to the "to homeopathy" rule. In promoting their own strength at the same time, the site must also give full play to their advantages, and do a good job of basic products and services

The heart of love, everyone has web site also need packaging

deals with computers every day, basically no time to watch TV, know Li Yong’s new program "happy music collection", but has not been concerned until I saw a Robin Li guest on the program. "Happy music" is relatively late in many TV talk shows, but the ratings seem good. In fact, many television interview programs are similar, inviting celebrities to the program, telling the story of celebrity growth, audience interaction and so on, almost all of the interview programs are very similar.

I studied journalism at the University. I had some contact with TV programs. I also noticed the program when watching tv. Many television programs, many programs are similar in form, although the channels are many, but the program is almost the same style. A lot of television programs to introduce new forms from abroad, in order to give the audience a fresh, like Hunan TV, it is the introduction of many programs are trendsetter, products imported after the packing. China’s programs are relatively simple, but the television audience has not decreased. It may be a habit.

doesn’t say the TV program is single, and it’s the same problem. Templates, design, promotion methods, resources are limited, how to use limited resources to create unlimited value. It wasn’t easy, but someone did it. Chefs are tall and low, because they can make delicious dishes with the same ingredients. That’s the ability. Website ability also has difference, also have senior personage, it is the cattle man that often says, why can other people make such achievement?

?How does

make regular forms new


TV programs need audience ratings, the site requires the user to click rate, how to allow more users to click, and stay in the website? This is the website of the new, the quicker the problem of activity. A lot of website promotion article content is very much the same, the way that promotes, the activity below the line also those model, how to often see often new, this should see the glamour of the website.

stationmaster does not have the choice of website activity, how to maximize, attract the attention of the user? For example, pay attention to the details of the activities set, pay attention to the choice of activities, prizes, but also pay attention to the significance of activities, etc., this side to consider the effect of activities. Since the activity of each site is about the same, leave your users on your website in your own way.

enhances charisma

some people have charisma, he can attract many people unknowingly close to them, such as outdated fish, A5 webmaster network admin5.com king, because there are personal charm, but also for the site to bring more popularity. Now many webmaster, may be less attractive fish and graph king, but China owners have tens of millions, not all people know them, you can show your charm from now on, develop their own "fans", let the surrounding more pawns began to "follow" you put yourself into a charming and attractive.

by your side, you are certainly not the latest person, you can play your own ability to help more

Analysis of the sources of website revenue

In fact, this is not

what to say, after all, their income and everyone is more than what is not. But if some of my income will give us some inspiration, or you see my communication, also can share their experience, that my purpose is to the Internet. The essence of the thing, that is to share and exchange.

in general, my station has undergone two major twists and turns, once from 05 years to 07 years, the second is 08 years, July to.

last time, may be a little bit of luck, just do a program to put up, Baidu included, one day to easily tens of thousands of IP, then one day there are nearly $ten, this day also lasted nearly a year, brought tens of thousands of income for me, the key is myself no update, don’t do anything else. Very easy. But at the same time, I have not been idle, but in learning SEO, website promotion knowledge.

personal feeling I still have the idea of it. But when a bit of luck.06 years, the school network began to fire up, personal feel to do such sites can earn a lot, first, this station is very few, second, because the code is matching the GG keyword must be the high price of English third, because we want to be the school network code, they did not see, but it is very easy to copy, click next to the GG advertising.

so soon, and I have another friend in this station. My idea is correct. At the start, a day included, there are about 5000 IP, but one day GG was more than 50 USD, startled us. It is not to say and I wrote an article in the ADMIN5 Code: campus network make ADSENSE crazy. You can search. (because of the station’s success, also let us two nearly one hundred thousand of revenue).

but soon we found good times don’t last long, Baidu station is not normal, it was K.GG since then, canceled advertising area for the click area. But to click on ads to open title advertising. Do not know is not affected by my station. (in fact, then follow our station of Trinidad and Tobago, because we do a search on Baidu before the amount of not more than ten thousand


site is K, no longer not care. Just update every day. Let me think of is actually in nearly two months after the K, Baidu also included, which surprised me. I know my two months’ efforts were not in vain. Very touched. Good joy.

look at the flow, included that day, more than ten thousand, after a week, traffic stability at about twenty thousand.

GG has about 15USD a day. Baidu search advertising 1500 search volume, at about 10 yuan. At the same time there are Fetion, not much, 5 yuan.

recently made a station, in fact, do not count the station, it can only be said to be a small directory, is >

Local forum for a week to talk about experience


forum does, in a week. It’s not that easy. I am in a small county with a very small network, with a population of 500 thousand, but there are few people on the Internet, even though there has been a trend of growth. But Internet users’ understanding of the Internet is still a small stage.

IP200, PV8000, this is a very plain figure, GG has included, Baidu is not included, this is a normal thing, do a week county forum, was not easy, write a few words to share with you under.

1, county users rely on QQ group. The netizen is almost one hundred percent for the QQ group depends on the network communication and to solve the problem of the platform has been fully attached to the QQ group, depending on the forum is almost 0, which is caused by the network developed, can only rely on the human propaganda.

2, stick it. Stick as a local forum typical competitors, long time, simple operation, high popularity, not good beyond. However, as long as you stick to the post bar propaganda, a little accumulation, there will always be someone coming.

forum and paste it compared, functional and interface is a breakthrough, which is selling points. On popularity, at least my forum and paste it can not be compared.

3, practical. The utility of local forum pay attention to also do not do it, because I do not in the home counties, a lot of practical cooperation and shops have no way out, do not know this step should be how to operate, if who have this experience, hope to feel free, thanks in advance

4, included. County for GG almost completely abandoned, and 99% is the world of Baidu. For Baidu, this is a real hassle. Hey.

5, activities. Currently, this piece is already in preparation. Whether online or offline, we must do, and the local forum can not live without activities,

temporarily thought of so few, welcome to the forum for the local people for me to help


this article is published by Xiuyan 168 www.xiuyan168.com.

Group wars, why do you have to share

Groupon in the United States to buy group fire, and then by Wang’s group of American networks led, in the twinkling of an eye on the domestic rush to hundreds of buy site. In fact, China’s large population, coupled with the Chinese people prefer to take advantage of small advantage, the group buying market in China is not enough fire to make people strange, but I wonder why so many group buying site. Plagiarism has been Chinese people are good at practice, even the domestic Internet giant Tencent Inc, many of its products are copied copy, lend yourself enough QQ client and active users, make their products on-line soon to get the user’s heart! In fact it may only count a kind of imitation, sometimes we love study of celebrity talk, love Star Dress, is not suitable for, not we care, we care about is that there is no user approbate! Companies pay attention to profit is a profit that will not pass, as long as the money, what about copy, who has the ability to develop a set of a the prospect of the products come out, no one can do it, if you will only Moshouchengui remain in a proper sphere. The appropriate time, favorable conditions can play plagiarism! But to weigh your can do, not all products are suitable for you, today we will talk about why you can’t copy the copy group purchase website groupon.

              is not optimistic about the prospects of the group purchase website, because his model is too simple, is simply to provide a price discount to the volume of such goods, the buyer is the biggest beneficiary right, but we want to group purchase site to profit instead of doing public service, China at present a flock of hundreds of group purchase website, the city is currently first-tier cities, because in other small city this pattern is difficult to promote city consumers online shopping and online shopping when love only the promotion of the market, the average down, one of the city of Beijing, the number of group purchase website in and you sell the same products consumers and service? Is very tricky, they can always find things cheaper, but also not satisfied if you want cheaper products other than you website in order to save consumers you cheap Only the price, so at no profit, even if you keep prices high and consumer users, so you don’t have much money to be made! And this website has the advantages of simple structure, easy to copy, just individual or team can easily make a group purchase website, investment is very low, so there will be now baituan or even a few hundred regiments of the situation, but don’t copy that can be copied, others can copy products, do group purchase is a real prospect of nothing, no matter you are of no use of manpower and capital to large company called in to the final plagiarism found himself without a little bit of characteristics, what you get to compete with big companies? People plagiarism means than you clever, human capital and the investment promotion will be a lot more than you, this time, you will cross


buy site, with traditional e-commerce, B2C and other types of websites >

How to make your site have more traffic

some people say that SEO, some people say that all the people are earned, it was said that the soft text, it was said to do the content, it was said to buy traffic, some people say that leveraging development. SEO has a master? Yes, meet is a typical example, he has many keywords in the first place, so his flow is very high, but most people may not do it.

all make effect? The effect is good, as long as the master of the 2 points, one is the temptation, the two is the credibility of all earned is doubling mode, may cover the entire network, but most people use all make, get thousands of IP/ days even if good, but is here now friends one day more than 100 thousand IP.

some say, well, some say, is not good, is actually the product of Sister Lotus, soft hype, the whole network knew her, you can say the soft effect is not good? She brought traffic may have several hundred million IP? Some people say that the content is too troublesome, also do not bring flow for example, we stand, no SEO, no soft, not all the people earn, but every day there are still a large number of flow, this is the content of the communication.

said leveraging the development, some say borrows to borrow, but hang QQ, there is a day income of 5000 yuan or more, you can say that there is no effect? There is no gap between the gap flow method, derived from the people, someone with legs, someone with palm, but key it depends on who is going to practice, how to do.


; flow method are the same, do the invincible, but people tend to follow the trend of love, what others say, oneself do what, rather than being a fence, as the first analysis of their own interests, their own core competitiveness, and then according to their own core competitiveness to analyze what their way of publicity.

For example,

I was lazy, don’t love what SEO, I and others exchange links I have trouble, I do not love to write soft Wen promotion, fear of being scolded, I don’t love to do all the people earn, because the program do not, prone to problems, I do not want to share the development, because does not want to do, but I have a hobby, is to write things.

then I’ll choose the way to do the flow. I’ll concentrate on the content. Then I’m sure there will be people coming. As long as there are 10 people coming today, I’m sure they’ll come tomorrow. So everyone should analyze their own core competitiveness, more do not flow method, any method is a good method, will not favor any method of hard-working people, but will not favor the industry’s new.

BEFREE share to everyone a CJ mode, this model is my previous period of packing a project, this project is to use soft text guide to promote reality product, the method is very simple:

, for example, I’m going to sell Dabao, but if I’m going to let you go to Taobao to search for Dabao, then you’ll definitely go to search for someone else’s home >

Analysis of SEO website ranking strategy for large portal station

a friend said SEO is cheating, not all people think so, as long as the search engine in place, there will be a SEO optimization work has always been the case, before this, the future will be like, we just do a SEO site move, did not make much of the operation, and the large when doing SEO portal website ranking, more prominent cheating move, but in fact this is not cheating, so today with everyone together to explore large portal SEO website ranking strategy.

The title of the

large portal site

we took out three large site title to do comparison, [], [], Pacific. [ZOL list], when we search for the word "board" or other products in Baidu, we will find the following three different titles.

motherboard quote, motherboard Daquan, motherboard latest quote – Pacific products quote

[2014] motherboard motherboard list _ motherboard and pictures of the latest offer Daquan _ Yesky

[2014] motherboard motherboard list of what brand is good _ board recommended ranking list -ZOL


above the title, told us the keywords stack, and the title is directed to a search engine, we carefully analyze the demand in time, will find the board needs to be their three websites are satisfied, the title tells us, to meet the needs of users, users can more easily click ranking easier to. At the same time, the three title of the site needs only to meet three requirements, rather than more, this is a lot of enterprise website or blog application, we can see the other search keywords, many websites are in this way to improve their rankings.

large portal content

took over the Pacific site as an example, we search for the word "motherboard" into the Pacific web site will find the motherboard list, ich9m motherboard images have not only the title, the user needs, the content of construction is to meet the needs of users. When the competition is too strong, we need to do is not only to meet the needs of the three title, we also need to increase the added value of the site, then the added value over the Pacific have classified carefully, products can be compared, can contact the merchant to buy more, to provide information such as IP classification to regional quotation and related products and you. Simply put, you attract users through titles and retain users through content. Click through rate, jump out rate less, ranking is not difficult.

large portal interactive

we do personal blog may want to make a comment box to interact with the user, but we do not consider the enterprise site, to allow users to evaluate the product interaction, we carefully analyze large sites can be found in the Pacific, Inc. all user comments, especially the Pacific site, we can see.

Grassroots Artist where’s your future

looking at the booming development of the domestic Internet, there is a new force that can not be ignored, that is our art designer,

at this stage, I divide the artist into the following categories:

* (not HTML rookie level graphic code) P will not design diagram.

* (point HTML) general graphic drawing, not to mention design.

. Get art (point HTML) map ok.

. Web page, read and write XHTML+CSS, familiar with CSS, do good.

* senior web designer, web software, familiar with the code or in art background, have their own ideas.

. The professional front expert! For the time being, I’ve been working hard.

In addition to above

after class two, in front of all art (hereinafter collectively referred to as being replaced by MG), the first occupation focuses on the not me, but spare time at leisure, the Internet bubble, get a little extra money to earn some money for cigarettes. Now, what are the main ways to make money in MG?

1, bubble webmaster frequented forums, websites do LOGO, banner, deal with some pictures.

2, or to some program developers forum to do free style release, and rely on the some template list.

3, go to Witkey, pig eight quit, do a back witkey.

4, more to Taobao shop, or do shop decoration.

5, the level of

have good points of their own personal behavior, in order to meet some special MG.

6, understand the procedures used, you can also pick up some local enterprises, stations, brochures do.

‘s brain is limited, and I know about that, but I don’t know if you’ve figured out how much you can get in a month,


is now the market to make a website LOGO. 100 people give you a cut in half, well, do it, no matter how much, a decent LOGO at least have to spend 1-2 hours, over to the customer, do not have lots of opinions. So to say, from the customer and QQ consider your reputation and price level to the sword knife, then to your design – to the customer back to modify a LOGO spent a total estimated time to add a piece of 5-6 hours! (good luck), my friend a few seconds to make paper gold a few hundred, ah, ready to change investment to calculate……

change to do procedures template, and now some of the forum template price is simply cabbage prices, 100-200 can call what the same order, are some pseudo MG in which to engage in market confusion

How traditional enterprises to Internet plus Road on the site to be qualified

if you just stare at the Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu’s success, or that Internet plus equal to the electricity supplier, so, for traditional businesses, embrace the Internet, go Internet plus road is only dongshixiaopin, that Shanghai website construction, a traditional enterprise is really to embrace the Internet, the website construction attitude can be seen, because, as the song that "what kind of love is what kind of love"


said the site, most traditional enterprises have their own web site, but when it comes to the quality of your web site about the role of 95% of the corporate Web site are the existence of such defects, a site worth? Ali market capitalization of $205 billion 100 million, Tencent, $195 billion 500 million, $76 billion…… And most of the enterprise website, the market value is negative, because not only did not create value, but the money decoration, exactly where the difference? Shanghai website construction from internet marketing and website construction technology and share with you, what kind of enterprise website will have value.

website construction technology

talked about web technology, traditional business thinking, often say, it is a technology live, to understand people do it, I do not know now in the construction site, sometimes very simple, little technology, find a template, half a day can make a beautiful website that is because many companies are holding this attitude to the template site, website, website, website has a free market space.

if the construction site so simple, then let it produce value, want a little bit, is impossible, for the enterprise website, should have this attitude, to lay a good foundation, and then take the train, and finally to create value. Simple and crude launched a website, just casually without effort to, perhaps, from the beginning, do not know how to cherish, so, this site, it is difficult to estimate future, just copy the junk food


, an enterprise website that requires user and search engine approval, needs to be focused on. Many business owners often have such complaints, my website spent how much money, what effect is not, in fact heart and how much money is difficult to sign, the Alibaba’s first venture team, in the worst of times, in Beijing "mixed" do not go, "disgrace" back in Hangzhou, have thousands of users of Tencent, 1 million wanted to sell itself, when Baidu has just started, mainly by the four major portals gain…… The passage of time, today, the Internet Co "fortune", and their first intention and now acts in court, this is why? Because they are hard to do, feel the Internet, exploring the future direction of the internet.

is also site building. Some websites have designed flas programs when they are open, which not only cost more, but also have no eggs, because from the point of view of SEO

Beware of online shopping cheated, please do not seek cheap

Hello! I was in 2008 April saw a "China Science and technology" low sales mobile phone websites on the Internet, open you can see all kinds of mobile phone and other digital products, a market price here: 6980 yuan NOKIA E90 in the 1200 yuan can buy NOKIA, N95 as long as 800 yuan, registered members are more favourable and is a genius. I was on the NOKIA N81, the market price is 3999 in this website is 550 yuan, a little heart. Two days later I added the site administrator QQ, we were talking to the price is 500 yuan, he promised I can pay 200 gold at the end. 300 yuan of goods received after the payment of the remaining two days, logistics company went door-to-door. But I wait until today is the first day of receipt, China Science and technology people call As the goods arrived, I was 10 minutes away from the distance, a logistics company called: Mr. Lee (Xing Li I), your goods will arrive soon, you must first put the remaining 300 yuan to the China Science and technology company designated bank account, or we will not give you delivery at that time, I was furious, and my company has provided earlier, you just see the goods payment, logistics to deliver the goods on the line. The logistics people say: we are not responsible to pay we will not give you the delivery (emphasis), you can’t play money is none of our business. If you do not pay, then we have gone, but, I have to call the China Science and technology people, they say there is no way to.

then I will go to the bank to send the rest of the money, such as China Science and technology to confirm the money account when logistics phoned again: Mr. Li, to the quality and safety of our safety and product, please pay one thousand yuan to the China Science and technology company account, as a safeguard I was gold. Dizzy, feel cheated. After QQ asked the China Science and technology administrator, he said no way, I asked whether the goods nor money is not returned to me, he just couldn’t " "


in this appeal to everyone, do not believe the Internet, low-priced, free and other information, I also hope that the public security organs can destroy these damned liar, this is the China Star Technology Company Web site: www.e5668.com

, police uncle! Help me!


I apply to Baidu web promotion service experience

Hello, I am rain cold, I came into contact with the network have greatly small website have more than a dozen years from 06, but the number of success is 0, I asked myself, then pointing through a friend, his execution is not enough. First of all the following before he has been a PR4 network information site, but not for a long time because management is hacked, led directly to PR4 off to PR2, GG included from 12000 down to 200, from 5000 down to 1000 from Baidu and Baidu snapshot stagnation. Recently, because of their work time free, the site of the addiction came up again, so this site to delete a revision of medical and health website (URL not playing, or scold, hanging advertising suspect) GG ads, the price is also good, a click on the 0.1 for the domestic market with a knife good now! A few days ago, Baidu launched a series of service station, then landing Baidu alliance found his look at Baidu Union has not approved. Because I have applied for one station before, one day 2000IP applications are not passed. Yesterday I took revision health station for Baidu union try, QQ received an email saying today through the audit, so excited, he wanted to write an article to share experience, stated that this article is a novice, veteran through. The following nonsense is not much said, the list of considerations for novice reference only.

1: the site must be filed, which is an important condition to join the Baidu alliance.

2: web interface design should be neat, at least for the audience, site templates, many websites are available to download. Here, there is a point of attention, very important for beginners, that is, site PR is at least 2, or else the application is very difficult to pass, personal view is for reference only. Although my station said unsightly, I use the DEDECMS system built, the template is the default template, feeling in line with the concept of green health, there is no change template.

3: Web content can not be collected, as far as possible for the original, at least copy the content you want to modify the title, but also to constantly update.

4: it’s also a controversial one. I don’t want to put my rival GG’s advertisement. I’ve also seen a lot of articles saying that it’s better not to put it in. According to my successful experience in successful application, I find that the influence of GG advertising is not great. Because my station is a GG advertising, but do not apply for the next Baidu web promotion must put Baidu’s new products in your business, this is very important.

5. links must be added, but can not casually add, must add and their stand want to close the content of the site, but also always pay attention to their link station has been punished by Baidu.

finally, other details are other friends here that a commonplace talk of an old scholar, to quote Niu Gensheng’s words: "small victory by wisdom, victory by Germany, steadfast do stand, a sense of life, there is a return to pay.

last note >

Do link up a little experience

I am engaged in website optimization for more than 4 months time! Just passive link to our leader! What word, we push these words! But we don’t know these words pushed to what extent it! Is it let us stop, we stop, feel very passive and if you want to become a successful website optimization, you will begin to find problems, to solve their own problems, such guidance will grow very fast! Make links to anyone as long as a little about the idea of details will do! But can be a good link quality is not easy importantly, a station connection if a high quality link, do 10 or 50 links is OK, link to the home page than you, find the corresponding website search engine on the station station evaluation can be good for you, then Pr is also very heavy To find the corresponding value of PR connection, or higher than your PR connection, so that the effect will be better! At the same time, PR also depends on the quality of high station, PR station is some brush up, this may be a fake! I also study, a lot of LV PR tool, it seems to me a bit confused! Oh good query tool SEO friends, can give me some advice! Once again is K station, PR station they have but not included in Baidu site! So you think Baidu is fine station, do not connect, they will link to your station sent may.

The following

, the word when you push the idea that key words, and their progress are ranked first check, if a station they used two different words, a first word behind the word as a key to do, of course if two words do a second position, another is the third position, so we must first do second words second words, because it is easy to push to the first, so it is natural to do the first will be the row in third words l traffic! Do a lot of ways to promote


links, buying and selling links, http://bbs.admin5.com/forum-65-1.html,

A rookie level webmaster course

from start doing web site, I’m going to use the site to make money. Just graduated, I do not know what website construction, I feel it is very abstruse problem. That will do very cattle, in the home town after graduation to find a job. Is the dream of the Internet company, made a web site, the company’s colleagues are good, taught me to use ASP program set site, not wordy. Probably from last year began to build their own web site, and now I would like to introduce my rookie Adsense advertising money to make some of the experience:

1, small station put into operation more than 1 months, IP is always around 50, and do not know how to promote, so I began to look for advertising alliance. Try advertising.

2, the alliance is to find, basically can register through the website, but I’m not popular! No one to my advertising, more than 10 yuan over the income from the Union did not do what it is really difficult?


3 and later on a web site to see someone looking for offline GOOGLE, plus the man QQ, as we all know, anyway, is cheating, other alliances are removed, only GOOGLE advertising, so every day, brush their own show, find mutually alliance, every day a few, see GOOGLE to AD the data every day in the growth, the beauty of Jin heart don’t mention it. Think if that way. I also early entry into the rich list, foot, oh, the letter one day:


recently, when looking at records, we found that your AdSense account poses a great risk to our AdWords advertisers. If your account continues to remain in our publisher network, may make our advertisers on economic losses, so we have decided to disable your account.

in order to protect the interests of our advertisers and other AdSense publishers, we must take this measure, please understand. We know that this may cause you a lot of inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions about your account or the measures we have taken, please do not reply to this email. You can visit the following website for details.

Google AdSense from


gave them great risk. I saw it. Oh, my God! The earth! My dollars! My rich man! Hey! It’s all gone! I’m so depressed I can’t say anything.

4, no way! The days have been! As a warning for the future or your own wrong, cheating, never send home. So their website and other websites on a list of their own shortcomings, and the direction of future development, decided to beat the website promotion out of


5, I started out the first step, that is, to enrich their website content, content is the truth

5 classic cases teach you how to use the long tail to solve the electricity supplier inventory

local Internet market there has been a lot of "destocking" thinking, that is, to seize the industry long tail cut into the market sensitive enterprises, the Internet is not the world’s profit head of the sense of superiority, but the tail length. Books, electricity providers, vip.com, Yu Ebao and network homemade drama, are typical of the long tail model.

since the development of Internet, the "long tail theory" has been repeatedly verified, suspended dance that this theory is the most characteristic of the thought of the Internet, in the industry can find the valuable tail is often the Internet world profit king.

"long tail theory", in brief, that is, to abandon the market after the popular focus of greater capacity, and become "tasteless" for the treasure. The Internet is not respected head of the scarcity of resources value, weakening the time if the traditional enterprise is either this or that, the construction level, the channel is king, impassable, then the Internet business is to flow to the king, the shovel grade, the boundless plain. Therefore, the key to profitability in the Internet world is not the sense of superiority in the head, but the length of the tail. In hanging dance, the length of the tail depends mainly on two aspects, that is, the size of the industry market capacity and the intensity of the individual demand of the masses.

below, hang dance will elaborate on some "inventory" thinking (that is, to seize the industry long tail cut into the market) of agile enterprises and models, do a review and analysis:

Amazon / Dangdang: Book tail length

book publishing market increasingly large scale since Needless to say, reading for meaning is to be instilled in the growth. In the premise of universal education, different levels of different social roles of the people will have to own a readable book, the book of interest, therefore, the library resources abundant, personalized reading is the distinctive characteristics of the people in the choice of books. The Internet to break the geographical limitations, do not need to consider selling the shelves great restrictions of exhibition space, completely changed the way of selling books, can fully meet the reading needs of the individual, also increase the amount of reading the whole, that is the length of the tail books increased significantly. Therefore, whether it is Amazon or domestic Dangdang, the initial use of books long tail of great value to build their own electricity supplier kingdom.

Tens of thousands of

in the Amazon online bookstore merchandise in the book, a small part of the total sales accounted for half of the best-selling book, while most of the book, although the individual sales of small, but with many types can be taken Many a little make a mickle. other half of the total sales. A former Amazon Co employee brilliantly outlined the company’s "long tail" Nature: the books we sold in the past didn’t sell at all, much more than the books we sold in the past that could have been sold. The long tail phenomenon or the long tail effect warns us of the brilliance of the 28 laws in the Internet world.

same long tail also molded dangdang. This tail is valuable not only for books, but also for other commodities. According to the electricity supplier industry observers "East electricity supplier interpretation" point of view, books business platform can suck.

Less on web design is more applicable to interactive pages

by the architect, Mies van der Rowe, put forward: "less is more" (Less is more)." But it is not as simple as a piece of paper, let you feel empty, there is no design.

Mies · where · de · Luo persisted in the architectural design philosophy of "less is more"; advocated the new concept of "flowing space" in dealing with techniques. In his design, the details are reduced to the absolute realm of non simplification. Many works are almost completely exposed, but they are noble and elegant, and have made the structure itself rise to the HUAWEI architecture. Seagram building as the world’s first high-rise building glass curtain. Show the principle of "less is more". Many facilities are · by Mies and his apprentice Philip Johnson single handedly. The square in front of the building accounts for half of the ground, which was also a pioneering work at that time. Modernism was brought to the United States, and combined with the power of the capitalists, many works were practiced. Because of the simplicity of form, it is easy to imitate, so it soon affects all over the world. It also affects the design of other fields. Therefore, it is called "international style". Although the international style has a lack of early modernist Utopia style social ideal and the spirit of criticism. And later imitators were not as likely to pay attention to detail structures as mies. But modernism has reached a peak here.

early Internet information and sources of less, people in this emerging world there is hunger and thirst for information. Now the Internet is very different in form and early, most of the information comes from the interaction of people, and all kinds of information really explode. The demand for information is also increasing, and they begin to choose more valuable content. The process of selection is also tiring because of the eruption of information. The Internet world is a typical Google simple doctrine, it was never widely said that people in the vision first appearance is simple, practical and efficient service, the most commonly used search engine in the background of the algorithm is more complex and diverse, such as search station large foreign professional website also has been relatively mature the architecture of information support, but China is still more to stay in full text search, or through the application of new functions for user groups. This approach is also consistent with the practice of GOOGLE, constantly enrich its own product line. Then Google will beat competitors after recognizing single technology is hard to make their own products and maintain vitality, and its strategy is to let their own existing products to stay ahead, to enrich our various innovative products and service chain, it has become part of our life and work points.


is less or more, this view has a wide range of understanding in the design circle, but most of the domestic designers do not have any right to speak, or can not effectively convince others to be recognized. They are more positioned to do things, or to meet visual needs in the norm. In the past three years, UCD has been very effective in promoting the domestic market. "Less is more" and is often mentioned as a topic, but…

Personal webmaster did not die, we have been walking on the road of dreams

through the personal website era after the emerge of itself and perish of itself, those who still adhere to the business on the road of the old webmaster, never out of sight.

, the era of personal websites is over." Hua said that in the field of software download well-known webmaster in 2005, founded in Beijing blue Mdt InfoTech Ltd, began to China Military Software Park website for commercial operation. Wang Chenyun, the Internet star, now runs dozens of websites, but in addition to its own blog, it’s a personal website, and all of them are commercial websites". A "first person" personal webmaster said Gao Chunhui, the original personal website into a blog, he created a "mobile phone home" has been acquired by the Pacific business network, the current income is good, he thought, "the old webmaster have been forgotten."

remembers how beautiful there was. In mid 1990s, the Internet Chinese imported from America, the rapid growth of the lush branches of the air plant. Gao Chunhui, Hua Jun, polymerization of many Chenyun type owners Wang together, become a branch of the. This dial is very deep to the Internet, "without the Internet, we don’t have today.". For the net, at least I feel that way." Wang Chenyun expresses. "My life has been handed over to the Internet," said Gao Yong, who calls it "the prodigal son of the frontier town"."

not everything is great. In 1997 2000, lush, decline, and the rise in 2003, the wave in the wave of the Internet, many people have become history, but also some people stick to another way of writing a legend. Gao Chunhui, Gao Dayong, Wang Chenyun…… In this small village, the story was spread, entrepreneurial stage today, there is no lack of their presence, perhaps people are more likely to mention the old webmaster Name: broken Gong cake, the prodigal son, the star……

has been "forgotten"

in the ten years of China’s Internet development, personal websites are a force that cannot be overlooked, even though they cannot even find their real names and photos on the internet. "Early, the media are concerned about Sina, Sohu, this has not begun to make money for the company, for the muffled voice of the owners do not pay much attention. Now that the economy is bad (it doesn’t matter to us), I guess there’s less attention to the station." Wang Chenyun says to this print reporter.

Wang Chenyun has been IT industry insiders called "network legend juvenile", its experience was included CCTV, including more than 300 kinds of media coverage. But he felt that this is only a case, the outside world for the attention of the webmaster community is not enough. Indeed, their stories seem to have occurred only in IT circles, and many times even people in the circle know only their net name.

Gao Chunhui is more famous than Wang Chenyun. As early as 1997, he has been called "personal stationmaster first person"". Although his personal website style as simple and himself, even some boring, but update fast, good service, so popular and famous. Gao Chunhui is said to have one