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Heilongjiang female college students venture project bidding Contest Finals ended

female entrepreneurship has become an important field of entrepreneurship in social issues, women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs have encountered with many times. Dong Mingzhu, the best-known GREE group leader, is a highly successful woman entrepreneur. To cultivate more successful female entrepreneurs, first of all from the start of the support of female college students.

11 10, after a period of 7 months to youth flying, help dream sail as the theme of the province’s female college students venture capital project bidding contest held a finals in Harbin University. 22 entrepreneurial projects after the preliminaries, semi-finals, gold and silver bronze to compete in the final scene. From 11 universities of Harbin Medical University, Northeast Forestry University, Heilongjiang University, more than 500 students to watch the scene of fierce competition. read more

Xiamen June 3rd auction sold two land

for land auction, is a lot of large enterprises will participate in the. So, Xiamen is about to land auction in June 3rd, the news you know? The intention of the business can seize the opportunity to prepare in advance!

number 2016TP01 in Tongan Tongan metro area Binhai West Road and Tong Fu Lu cross northwest side C, D plots, the land area of about 39 thousand and 700 square meters, total construction area of 113 thousand and 500 square meters, land use is residential, commercial, the starting price of about 1 billion 137 million yuan. read more

How to open a home air conditioning cleaning shop

as long as there is a market demand, we can dig out a larger business market, thereby creating a higher income, so that they can change their lives through entrepreneurship. Perhaps because of this, there will be so many people choose to start a shop. However, if you want to start a successful business, the election is also important for business opportunities. So, open a home air conditioning cleaning shop?

Market Outlook:

open a home air conditioning cleaning shop? Every year in the process of using household air conditioning must be comprehensive cleaning and maintenance time, or by blocking a lot of internal dust and dirt, the wind is blocked, refrigeration, heating loss, noise increases or unusual sounds, the compressor power consumption will also increase, easy to damage the air conditioning, directly affect the hotbed to mildew odor and infectious diseases (such as is often said that the air conditioning disease). read more

Secret 2016 stall selling what will make money

is now in life, there are many small business businesses are welcomed by the people, especially some stall business methods, but in a street vendor selling something very important, the following details of a street vendor selling what? I hope useful for you to set up a stall.

is a surplus of raw materials, produce out of the poop, a street vendor selling what? Sports brand because of the cost has been included in the total cost, so the production of items, basically no cost. The second is the manufacturer in the production of foreign products when the order to do more conscious. A street vendor selling what? Poop and no difference in the quality of goods, but from the brand perspective, it is a violation of the trademark rights to the interests of the people. read more

Lead the tech industry Bezos dreamer

every successful entrepreneur, has its unusual experience. In 2011, a state in the United States, some people are building a huge clock, the clock can be timed ten thousand years. Once completed, people are so willing to travel over land and water here "pilgrimage" will be to accommodate this giant clock hall. A website

on long-term view of faith and persistence can explain why Bezos is so obsessed with space travel, but can also explain why he decided to set up a company called "Blue  Origin" (blue origin) the secret of the company. Now, there are a number of start-up companies are making use of private funds to produce spaceships, and blue origin is one of.

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How to join the buns buns brand

really delicious and nutritious food for food ingredients must be very particular about, the most basic is the freshness of food requirements. Therefore, how to ensure the food to consumers can maintain the maximum level of fresh, perfectly show good nutrition and good taste of the food itself, it has become a responsible catering enterprises are most concerned about, the core of the subject, Bobby Steamed Buns the freshest products present to you.

Bobby buns is a professional steamed bread chain operators, founder Liu Huiping. Bobby Steamed Buns thin skin, tender meat, stuffing big, juicy, breaking the traditional Steamed Buns flavor, its unique taste is known as "Shanghai twenty snack". At present, our company has set up more than and 60 stores in the country, and the exquisite taste and unique flavor won the majority of consumers. Each store is Steamed Buns Babylon Business Flourishes, full of customers queuing up to buy. Bobby steamed bun was named "Chinese famous product". "Absolutely delicious, cheap, absolute absolute up" into the " " three Steamed Buns Babylon;. read more

Taiwan United States grilled chicken wings to join the support

as long as there is enough charm to come to the consumption of the people will not be less natural food to join the United States choose to enjoy the chicken wings grilled rice. This is a classic table food, so that you can not be able to eat the authentic local cuisine. Join more advantages waiting for you, entrepreneurial success is only in the twinkling of an eye.

Taiwan United States grilled chicken wings to join

store location: free of charge for the United States and the United States and the United States to roast chicken wings to join the food and beverage industry to assess the location of the service; read more

Micro-blog instant noodles can also be sold to start a new life

is now micro-blog and WeChat’s circle of friends have been advertising scraper, is no longer a simple sense of the "circle of friends", a girl would seize that entrepreneurial opportunities, the development of micro-blog contains "money", to build their own entrepreneurial stage.

the girl with the instant noodles business, products from a dozen countries, there are more than and 80 kinds of taste, popular business is hot, a day to sell two hundred.

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How to make money to open a successful Western Restaurant

with the rapid economic development after the reform and opening, Western-style food has been more and more consumers, naturally attracted investors to join in, for entrepreneurs, of course Western-style food stores is a very good business projects, but in the face of the fierce market competition, entrepreneurs how to operate your Western-style food stores successfully make money? To follow the Xiaobian together to see it:

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? First, the crowd positioning. For different groups of people, the location of Western food stores are different. Corresponding to the positioning is the choice of products. Only after doing a good job positioning the crowd, the Western Union stores have a market. read more

How to successfully operate the lamp shop

now the people’s consumption level continues to improve, the quality of life requirements are constantly improve, there is more demand on the lamp, as people increasingly high requirements for home life, high-end lighting has become the first choice for people Home Furnishing activities, so entrepreneurs choose to open a lamp shop is a wise move, so a good novice how to light shop


first, to have the ability of social communication. Build a network of contacts conducive to enterprise development. Lighting industry is inseparable from the opportunity to deal with all levels of society, every day began to deal with customers, including contact, treat, eat, chat, etc.. If there is no certain interpersonal skills, can not establish their own contacts in the business field, the enterprise marketing will not be carried out, in the lighting industry homogenization of today, under the same conditions, network is a very important resource. read more

Coca-Cola factory ushered in the creation of female visitors to stimulate entrepreneurial dreams

women join the entrepreneurial team, the development of entrepreneurship has a new mode of thinking to join. Recently, Shaanxi 30 female tourists visited the Coca-Cola factory, by learning about the world’s top 500 enterprises to operate, they have a new understanding of how to achieve entrepreneurial dream.

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What are the reasons for poor management of kindergarten

kindergarten has now become the children’s education market can not be a lack of institutions, because of this, there will be more and more investors choose to open a kindergarten. However, as more and more kindergartens enter the market, many parks are caught in a vicious circle. Fierce competition – low fees – teachers instability – not go to school – parents turn to the park. The parents of students and teacher management problems, problems, problems, problems, emerge in an endless stream, too busy to attend to all. The principal’s work every day, as if it was a fireman, press the gourd from the gourd, tired, but still can not solve the fundamental problem. read more

Left men and women left the market potential to see a different kind of rich life

With the continuous opening of the concept of people’s lives, the remaining men and women become a social phenomenon

! In China, 180 million of the remaining men and women are struggling in the first line of the blind date, the 180 million in order to mate and busy, trouble?. Now, it is still a good money market.

jointly issued the National Women’s Federation and marriage website Lily network "2010 national marriage survey report" shows that China’s existing 180 million singles, among them, 23.8% single parents are around to help them find the object. This means that about 260 million people in the country are busy for the spouse. Micro-blog, there is a single user so ridicule his busy state: not on a blind date, on the way to the blind date." read more

Online shopping accurate analysis of online shopping Jingdong and Tmall what is the difference

now every day to your mobile phone text messages in addition to mobile Unicom, I believe there are major online shops, for the online shopping gens, the choice of a regular online store is very important. So what is the real difference between online shopping Jingdong and Tmall two


1. logistics

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What conditions need to meet the travel agency

in the legal society, no matter what kind of business we venture to do business, if you want to get the protection of the law, it is necessary to meet the relevant requirements. So, what conditions need to meet the needs of a travel agency? Let’s get to know each other.

apply for travel agency

accepts Department

to apply for the establishment of an international travel agency, it shall apply to the local people’s Government of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government in the administration of the work of tourism; read more