Jumei.com Chen ou entrepreneurship is a way of life

said jumei.com, people will think that for their endorsement of Chen Europe, as a young 80 entrepreneurs, Chen Ou some young entrepreneurs personality and innovation consciousness, along the way, it is not easy.

the next story, everyone knows.

entrepreneurship to me is a way of life, yes, is a way of life.

to enjoy the business

What I have just graduated in

Heilongjiang female college students venture project bidding Contest Finals ended

female entrepreneurship has become an important field of entrepreneurship in social issues, women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs have encountered with many times. Dong Mingzhu, the best-known GREE group leader, is a highly successful woman entrepreneur. To cultivate more successful female entrepreneurs, first of all from the start of the support of female college students.

11 10, after a period of 7 months to youth flying, help dream sail as the theme of the province’s female college students venture capital project bidding contest held a finals in Harbin University. 22 entrepreneurial projects after the preliminaries, semi-finals, gold and silver bronze to compete in the final scene. From 11 universities of Harbin Medical University, Northeast Forestry University, Heilongjiang University, more than 500 students to watch the scene of fierce competition.

to help female college students employment, the provincial women’s Federation started female college students employment act. Through the establishment of employment practice base and tutor team, organization of successful women into the campus, the implementation of female entrepreneurs led training outstanding female students, female students held special recruitment, build a women’s employment and entrepreneurship network service platform and other initiatives, to help female students to enter the society, employment and entrepreneurship, and strive to create care for female college students employment social atmosphere, promote the development of social concern of the people’s livelihood, help female female. The contest is jointly organized by the provincial women’s Federation, the provincial education department, the province’s major colleges and universities widely support, more than 1000 female college students to participate in the business of project planning, the 135 venture into the preliminaries, projects involving creative culture, leisure industry, network marketing, modern technology and other aspects, showcasing the female college students business intelligence, a women’s entrepreneurship.

winners won 1000 – 10000 yuan in addition to the amount ranging from a cash reward, gold, silver and bronze items also obtained Province Xinzheng investment guarantee group, entrepreneurship loan Company limited by guarantee 100 thousand yuan small secured loans of credit outstanding creative awards project to get 50 thousand yuan small secured loans credit line, the project team can in the most need to quickly get through the Easy Access venture capital.

What small business good business consultant for your weapon

for a lot of venture capital shortage of friends, what small business do? In order to solve everyone’s doubts, below, Xiaobian for everyone to bring two hot 2014 small business, a look at it!

What do

characteristics of tea

characteristics of tea sales and the sale of flower tea, fruit tea, which has been popular in some domestic large and medium-sized city. Often drink fresh tea can be beauty skin care, regulate nerve function, promote metabolism, improve body immunity. Suitable for several kinds of flowers, such as red rose, white chrysanthemum, peony flower, honeysuckle, etc., the price per kg in   100-300 yuan between.

The fresh tea drink



Xiamen June 3rd auction sold two land

for land auction, is a lot of large enterprises will participate in the. So, Xiamen is about to land auction in June 3rd, the news you know? The intention of the business can seize the opportunity to prepare in advance!

number 2016TP01 in Tongan Tongan metro area Binhai West Road and Tong Fu Lu cross northwest side C, D plots, the land area of about 39 thousand and 700 square meters, total construction area of 113 thousand and 500 square meters, land use is residential, commercial, the starting price of about 1 billion 137 million yuan.

network news: Xiamen (real estate) City Land Bureau on May 11th announced that it will sell two land auction in June 3rd, the total land area of about 125 thousand square meters.

related media access to the announcement, the number of 2016TP01 cases is located in Tongan Tongan metro area Binhai West Road and Tong Fu Lu cross northwest side C, D plots, the land area of about 39 thousand and 700 square meters, total construction area of 113 thousand and 500 square meters, land use is residential, commercial, the starting price of about 1 billion 137 million yuan.

another parcel number X2016P02 is located in the Xiangan District of the new town with the new road and 13-02 road into the southwest side of the intersection of A plots, the land area of about 86 thousand and 400 square meters, total construction area of 95 thousand square meters, land use is residential, commercial, science and education (kindergarten), the starting price of 620 million yuan.

according to relevant media reports earlier, in April 22nd, Xiamen city has been sold auction Tongan Tongan Metro 2016TP02 plots. The plots the final transaction price of 5 billion 426 million yuan in the subsidiary was poly competing, the floor price of 25838.1 yuan / square meters, a premium of 149.59%, refresh the Xiamen land market price and floor price, become Xiamen ‘s the most expensive land.

"rare to expensive", the scarcity of land resources, as well as the geographical location of the land, the land has become the object of many businesses, thereby increasing the price of land! So, the two Xiamen land will be sold to the auction? Please be patient.

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How to open a home air conditioning cleaning shop

as long as there is a market demand, we can dig out a larger business market, thereby creating a higher income, so that they can change their lives through entrepreneurship. Perhaps because of this, there will be so many people choose to start a shop. However, if you want to start a successful business, the election is also important for business opportunities. So, open a home air conditioning cleaning shop?

Market Outlook:

open a home air conditioning cleaning shop? Every year in the process of using household air conditioning must be comprehensive cleaning and maintenance time, or by blocking a lot of internal dust and dirt, the wind is blocked, refrigeration, heating loss, noise increases or unusual sounds, the compressor power consumption will also increase, easy to damage the air conditioning, directly affect the hotbed to mildew odor and infectious diseases (such as is often said that the air conditioning disease).

suction only through professional cleaning process, can achieve the removal of dirt, in addition to flavor sterilization, restore air conditioning performance, purify the air, to ensure human health. Therefore, air conditioning and central air-conditioning, as well as the annual cleaning and maintenance is essential.

open a home air conditioning cleaning shop? Air conditioning in the town at present, the rapid spread of the national total ginseng Yiwu million air conditioners, urban air-conditioning penetration rate of more than 40%, with 500 thousand of the population of the city as an example, air conditioning has around 100 thousand Taiwan, to household air cleaning accounted for 60~70%. Annual output value of 200~300 million, after cleaning the air conditioning, after a year of use and need to be cleaned, so the market is very huge, the annual business opportunities are in the millions of dollars.

at the same time through the air conditioning cleaning and drive installation, fluoridation, maintenance and other related services, the turnover of 20%~30% can be improved, so the industry pointed out that the opening of a household air conditioner cleaning shop, not only conducive to improving the living environment, but also can give investors a lot of money.

household air conditioning cleaning investment analysis:

open a home air conditioning cleaning shop? Household air conditioning cleaning is mainly door-to-door service, so there is no need to just a facade, the General Office (to stay and warehouse) or in the home office, the main thing is to have a telephone, 2~4 workers, the cost of each tool only 20~30 yuan, another part of the capital to buy special cleaning agent, the total according to the investment funds of about 3000~4000 yuan.


open a home air conditioning cleaning shop? The use of special cleaning agent for home air conditioning, no need to remove the air conditioning, direct cleaning indoor and outdoor machines, convenient and quick, will not pollute the walls and floors, cleaning an air conditioner only 20 minutes per person

Secret 2016 stall selling what will make money

is now in life, there are many small business businesses are welcomed by the people, especially some stall business methods, but in a street vendor selling something very important, the following details of a street vendor selling what? I hope useful for you to set up a stall.

is a surplus of raw materials, produce out of the poop, a street vendor selling what? Sports brand because of the cost has been included in the total cost, so the production of items, basically no cost. The second is the manufacturer in the production of foreign products when the order to do more conscious. A street vendor selling what? Poop and no difference in the quality of goods, but from the brand perspective, it is a violation of the trademark rights to the interests of the people.

fifth to the price of the wholesale market to find the explosive version, and then go to the stock market (i.e. tail cloth cloth, cloth or store) to buy cloth back, a street vendor selling what? Find processing factories, processed goods is good, but his price certainly higher than those of off color, broken code. To be high. What do you put on the market? The wholesale price market is the most popular.

as a stall operator to achieve the entrepreneurial dream on, in fact you stall the process, often need to learn how to purchase, and what kind of goods are relatively reliable, only in this way, you will be able to successfully operate the stall.


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Lead the tech industry Bezos dreamer

every successful entrepreneur, has its unusual experience. In 2011, a state in the United States, some people are building a huge clock, the clock can be timed ten thousand years. Once completed, people are so willing to travel over land and water here "pilgrimage" will be to accommodate this giant clock hall. A website

on long-term view of faith and persistence can explain why Bezos is so obsessed with space travel, but can also explain why he decided to set up a company called "Blue  Origin" (blue origin) the secret of the company. Now, there are a number of start-up companies are making use of private funds to produce spaceships, and blue origin is one of.

What kind of basic skills do you want to succeed in business

many people want to through the venture this road to prosperity, but not everyone will start, is necessary in some necessary preparations before the start, only basic solid business can more easily follow the whole network of entrepreneurs, small make up take a look at it.

if you drive, you have a clear purpose and clear that you want to go there, so even if your car broke down or flat tire, you will also actively respond firmly toward your destination.

once for their long journey of entrepreneurship set a better vision, entrepreneurs can make specific business objectives, and refinement to each business plan, action plan and work tasks. You will be surprised to find that such a huge, seemingly impossible goal can be broken down into their daily work.

2, the enterprise survival by revenue, sales techniques

If entrepreneurs have so-called sales talent, of course is the best. However, there is still a need to ensure that the company’s pricing and profitability are at a reasonable level, which is the guarantee of successful sales, and to avoid the discount to obtain high sales.

for a well run company is important, but more important for startups, because.

How to join the buns buns brand

really delicious and nutritious food for food ingredients must be very particular about, the most basic is the freshness of food requirements. Therefore, how to ensure the food to consumers can maintain the maximum level of fresh, perfectly show good nutrition and good taste of the food itself, it has become a responsible catering enterprises are most concerned about, the core of the subject, Bobby Steamed Buns the freshest products present to you.

Bobby buns is a professional steamed bread chain operators, founder Liu Huiping. Bobby Steamed Buns thin skin, tender meat, stuffing big, juicy, breaking the traditional Steamed Buns flavor, its unique taste is known as "Shanghai twenty snack". At present, our company has set up more than and 60 stores in the country, and the exquisite taste and unique flavor won the majority of consumers. Each store is Steamed Buns Babylon Business Flourishes, full of customers queuing up to buy. Bobby steamed bun was named "Chinese famous product". "Absolutely delicious, cheap, absolute absolute up" into the " " three Steamed Buns Babylon;.

Bobby bread to join stores requirements:

1, stores need to comply with the relevant requirements of the store license.

2, candidates should be in line with the company’s chain store outlets planning and franchise franchise management policy

3, the site to commercial areas, residential areas, near the hospital, schools, bus stations, farms and other crowd concentrated area of

4, the company chain stores hardware requirements: store the actual effective use area of not less than 16 square meters; net store door width not less than 2.5 meters; the net store layer shall not be less than 2.5 meters; stores net depth of not less than 3.5 meters in width; advertising signs shall not be less than 2.5 meters, the height of not less than 0.9 meters from the ground at the bottom of the sign not less than 2.4 meters. Complete water and electricity allocation; can use natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas shops, electricity consumption shall not be less than 15 kilowatts, can not use natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas shops, electricity consumption shall not be less than 35 kilowatts, must have access to the water. Eliminate the surrounding environment dirty and poor store.

Bobby bread join process:

1, consulting matters;

2, visit visit headquarters;

3, visit the store, taste products;

4, read the detailed information provided by the company;

5, project negotiations, fill in the intention to join the application form;

6, review Union

Taiwan United States grilled chicken wings to join the support

as long as there is enough charm to come to the consumption of the people will not be less natural food to join the United States choose to enjoy the chicken wings grilled rice. This is a classic table food, so that you can not be able to eat the authentic local cuisine. Join more advantages waiting for you, entrepreneurial success is only in the twinkling of an eye.

Taiwan United States grilled chicken wings to join

store location: free of charge for the United States and the United States and the United States to roast chicken wings to join the food and beverage industry to assess the location of the service;

store design: free store design to support the franchisee to enjoy regional protection;

decoration subsidies: given the United States and the United States to sip chicken wings to join a certain number of subsidies for food subsidies;

business support: free of charge to open the promotion package;

training support: free regular professional trainers to provide professional training for franchisees;

promotion program: the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States grilled chicken meal snacks merchants headquarters free of charge to a variety of promotional programs;

member activities: free of charge for the franchisee to provide small gifts and part of the activities of the members of the expense reimbursement support;

product support: product R & D center, for the different tastes of the population, different seasons regularly launched new products;

stock awards: Taiwan Xia chicken baked rice snack franchisees enjoy a certain proportion of the purchase rebate support;

promotion support: headquarters for many years to promote the major advertising media to ensure that the franchisee brand awareness

Taiwan United States sipping chicken wings grilled hot meal is in progress, I am looking forward to your joining!

Micro-blog instant noodles can also be sold to start a new life

is now micro-blog and WeChat’s circle of friends have been advertising scraper, is no longer a simple sense of the "circle of friends", a girl would seize that entrepreneurial opportunities, the development of micro-blog contains "money", to build their own entrepreneurial stage.

the girl with the instant noodles business, products from a dozen countries, there are more than and 80 kinds of taste, popular business is hot, a day to sell two hundred.

the beginning of course two girls want to do is dress business, because they feel that the female beauty, opened a clothing store will be able to make money. Later found instant noodles is also a good opportunity for both men and women, so sales are guaranteed. One owner, born in 1988, Ms. Wang said, many young people often eat noodles, some are not willing to cook, some in order to save time and money, they also had a similar experience, so the initiation of an "instant noodles store" thought.

now instant noodles store growing reputation, business is getting better and better, to bring customers the best choice of delicacy, not your taste, health and safety. It is understood that the instant noodles alliance store is very small, but a lot of instant noodles, there are Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Thailand, Singapore and other more than and 10 countries of the product, more than and 80 different tastes. Some of the characteristics of instant noodles to attract a lot of "South Korea such as chowhound, hot pickled cabbage noodles", "Singapore laksa".

The number of

now advertise on micro-blog, and countless, in the face of so many ads, believe that only the real creative products and advertising to attract customers. So Xiao Bian suggested that young people may wish to try to find a reliable entrepreneurial projects.


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How to make money to open a successful Western Restaurant

with the rapid economic development after the reform and opening, Western-style food has been more and more consumers, naturally attracted investors to join in, for entrepreneurs, of course Western-style food stores is a very good business projects, but in the face of the fierce market competition, entrepreneurs how to operate your Western-style food stores successfully make money? To follow the Xiaobian together to see it:

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? First, the crowd positioning. For different groups of people, the location of Western food stores are different. Corresponding to the positioning is the choice of products. Only after doing a good job positioning the crowd, the Western Union stores have a market.

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? Second, site selection. In fact, the location of the choice of the location is consistent with Western food stores. Generally speaking, the best choice of Western food walking street, business district, office area, school district shop, the other, such as stations, industrial areas, large supermarkets can also choose next, the greater the flow of people the better.

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? Third, the decoration problem. Generally speaking, the western style food shop is decorated with simple and warm, the quality of the table and chair is better, choose the right dishes, good quality, simple design.

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? Fourth, full of raw materials. And decoration is also the procurement of equipment and raw materials, if not much money, like refrigerators, freezers, disinfection cabinets, etc. can buy second-hand. If it is an open kitchen, or sufficient funds, it is best to buy a good reputation of the goods.

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? Fifth, employee training. Train your staff to be familiar with all kinds of Western food, can clearly recommend to consumers, train the overall quality of employees, so that service is the basic quality of each employee must be essential. But also to establish a reward and punishment system for employees, but also conducive to enhance the overall image of the store in the minds of consumers.

Western-style food stores how to succeed in making money, a few small said above, many investors have to believe that Western-style food is well understood in the way of business, but the most important thing is to choose a suitable investment brand, small as we recommend this bold to Chinese and Western restaurants to join the brand, it is worth to choose.

How to successfully operate the lamp shop

now the people’s consumption level continues to improve, the quality of life requirements are constantly improve, there is more demand on the lamp, as people increasingly high requirements for home life, high-end lighting has become the first choice for people Home Furnishing activities, so entrepreneurs choose to open a lamp shop is a wise move, so a good novice how to light shop


first, to have the ability of social communication. Build a network of contacts conducive to enterprise development. Lighting industry is inseparable from the opportunity to deal with all levels of society, every day began to deal with customers, including contact, treat, eat, chat, etc.. If there is no certain interpersonal skills, can not establish their own contacts in the business field, the enterprise marketing will not be carried out, in the lighting industry homogenization of today, under the same conditions, network is a very important resource.

two, the ability to grasp and use opportunities. Lighting industry competition is fierce, all kinds of information and opportunities emerge one after another, which requires people to seize the opportunity to seize this opportunity. But not everyone can seize the opportunity, but the opportunity is not full of entrepreneurial advantage, there are certain risks and challenges, which requires entrepreneurs to learn to analyze, develop the ability to face rationally, scientific analysis, fast action.

three, to have the ability to manage. The lamp store is small, is small but perfectly formed, and also have property deal, how to combine the existing resources through their own efforts to profit, but also the most basic requirements of entrepreneurs can mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, all services for enterprises. The ability of an enterprise to operate and manage is not born, but acquired from continuous learning, observation and practice.

four, the best entrepreneurs through the lighting professional training and some practical experience. Now some people feel that as long as there is financial strength, you can do a good job of lighting products, in fact, otherwise. In the light of the lamp must understand, this is a highly specialized industry, it is better to accept the professional training of personnel under the brand industry market structure, grasp the principle of lamps, and simple maintenance skills, so that in the future sales, through the professional theory and skills combined with better customer service.

The choice of business

good project is a prerequisite for success, open lighting stores have great market prospects, new business will encounter difficulties in the business, opened a lighting store is a real small business project, grasp the specific business skills allows you to minimize the cost of access to the most lucrative therefore, profit, store management and industry knowledge and learning are essential to


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Coca-Cola factory ushered in the creation of female visitors to stimulate entrepreneurial dreams

women join the entrepreneurial team, the development of entrepreneurship has a new mode of thinking to join. Recently, Shaanxi 30 female tourists visited the Coca-Cola factory, by learning about the world’s top 500 enterprises to operate, they have a new understanding of how to achieve entrepreneurial dream.


site high enthusiasmThe

from entering the factory gate, the staff led everyone to visit the hall, museum, Coca-Cola production line, often ask questions, answer the people first hand. There are visitors to see the rapid operation of the production line, or even want to enter the workshop to visit the scene.

seeingbelieving   stimulate female new thinking

Ms. Wang

The general manager of Coca-Cola

What are the reasons for poor management of kindergarten

kindergarten has now become the children’s education market can not be a lack of institutions, because of this, there will be more and more investors choose to open a kindergarten. However, as more and more kindergartens enter the market, many parks are caught in a vicious circle. Fierce competition – low fees – teachers instability – not go to school – parents turn to the park. The parents of students and teacher management problems, problems, problems, problems, emerge in an endless stream, too busy to attend to all. The principal’s work every day, as if it was a fireman, press the gourd from the gourd, tired, but still can not solve the fundamental problem.

so what is the root cause of these problems? Summed up three reasons:

first run with his opponent

here is the fundamental positioning and strategic issues of kindergarten, is to choose to do the market leader, or follow suit? Interesting phenomenon is that the market leader seems to have no matter what you do, how all sorts of strange things are on the tricksof. And follow the trend, but how to do wrong. With the exception of hard, but still not recognized.

see the other as bilingual kindergarten kindergarten, kindergarten do see other wall paintings, to see the other kindergarten with abacus, follow up. Fear of parents said: how others have you? For fear of what is missing, resulting in the loss of parents, and so on, like a patch, like today, and the original system is not related to the characteristics of the course.

Tomorrow is

in simple and elegant style hall do a bar like tree sculpture, kindergarten more and more become neither fish nor fowl. Does not know that this is a taboo, the market rules of survival, it is different, not the same.

a kindergarten first want to know their position in the end is what? Who is the main target customer group? Their demands are clearly understood and grasped? What is the core idea of kindergarten? And then around the main line, and gradually establish their core characteristics or core competitiveness.

there are benefits to the main theme, environment, teaching, characteristics, gradually adding, slowly strengthening, the characteristics, and from the main line, the so-called popular so-called parents’ request, to resolutely reject, refuse the temptation not every kindergarten are the various conditions of superiority.

many of the principal worry about their own shortcomings, such as outdoor small, such as deep location, such as the classroom is not good, etc.. Whenever the parents of these questions are very guilty, do not know how to deal with.

and solve these problems, not by virtue of communication skills on it. The key is to create

Left men and women left the market potential to see a different kind of rich life

With the continuous opening of the concept of people’s lives, the remaining men and women become a social phenomenon

! In China, 180 million of the remaining men and women are struggling in the first line of the blind date, the 180 million in order to mate and busy, trouble?. Now, it is still a good money market.

jointly issued the National Women’s Federation and marriage website Lily network "2010 national marriage survey report" shows that China’s existing 180 million singles, among them, 23.8% single parents are around to help them find the object. This means that about 260 million people in the country are busy for the spouse. Micro-blog, there is a single user so ridicule his busy state: not on a blind date, on the way to the blind date."

180 million singles, one in supporting matchmaker, someone sneaked into the low-key dating, who approached in the street, there are people playing online games…… But a larger group of people lurking in the marriage website.


but unlike 3 years ago, Xiao Tao, now, to find the object in the century is no longer a free online. For example, if you want to see the message that you want to communicate with yourself, you have to pay. This type of email generally only shows such as "a man, aged 29, income 10000 yuan ~20000 yuan, a car like, click on the keyword" will go to a payment page, showing a number of payment packages and payment ways, such as through online banking, mobile phone card, send the card to door service the payment of one month, half a year or a year to see the letter cost, cost from 100 yuan to 500 yuan. In the same way, if you are interested in single email, send virtual gifts, online chat, but also to pay.

Online shopping accurate analysis of online shopping Jingdong and Tmall what is the difference

now every day to your mobile phone text messages in addition to mobile Unicom, I believe there are major online shops, for the online shopping gens, the choice of a regular online store is very important. So what is the real difference between online shopping Jingdong and Tmall two


1. logistics

2. commodity

3. invoice

4. aftermarket

5. Ali is a platform to increase revenue through value-added services platform. Jingdong directly to the manufacturers to purchase goods, self storage, self built logistics, is to make the difference in sales of goods.

The biggest advantage of

What conditions need to meet the travel agency

in the legal society, no matter what kind of business we venture to do business, if you want to get the protection of the law, it is necessary to meet the relevant requirements. So, what conditions need to meet the needs of a travel agency? Let’s get to know each other.

apply for travel agency

accepts Department

to apply for the establishment of an international travel agency, it shall apply to the local people’s Government of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government in the administration of the work of tourism;

to apply for the establishment of a domestic travel agency, it shall apply to the provincial, autonomous region and municipality directly under the central government for the approval of the Department in charge of tourism.

management based on

"Regulations on the administration of travel agencies"

bid conditions

a, a fixed place of business;

two, the necessary business facilities;

three, has trained and holds the province, autonomous region, municipality directly under the central government and the people’s Government of the tourism administrative department issued a certificate of qualification of the operator;

four, the corresponding registered capital;

(a) International Travel Agency, the registered capital shall not be less than 1 million 500 thousand yuan;

(two) domestic travel agency, the registered capital shall not be less than RMB 300 thousand yuan.

five, there is a certain quality margin;

(a) international travel agencies to enter the inbound tourism business, to pay 600 thousand yuan; operate outbound travel business, pay $1 million;

(two) domestic travel agency, pay RMB 100 thousand yuan.

quality guarantee and management generated during the tourism administration department is responsible for the interest, belong to the travel agency; tourism administrative departments in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, can be extracted from a certain percentage of interest in the management fee.

if you have such a business plan, but at the same time do not know exactly what kind of conditions should be met, then, with the introduction of the above small, you are in line with the conditions of a travel agency?

Some mistakes often made in the process of entrepreneurship

business process is a difficult and challenging, requires wits to obtain the final victory. How to create a successful business, there is nothing to win the best business plan. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, almost invariably make such mistakes.

1, alone. If you are a person alone, it is difficult to build a large-scale enterprise. Solution: make sure you have enough profit margins to ensure that you have the ability to hire other employees.

2 to seek advice, too many people. It is often a good thing to get advice from experts, especially those who have been successful in creating a company in your industry and experienced entrepreneurs. But asking too many people may make it hard for you to decide. The solution is to set up a reliable Advisory Committee, you can consult their views on a regular basis, but by their own day-to-day decision-making.

Too much

4, the target market is too narrow. It is tempting to monopolize a niche market, but if the target market is too narrow, the growth of the firm will soon be hindered.

to enter the market in 5, no case of distribution partners. If the market has been willing and able to deliver your products to sales agents, brokers and manufacturers on behalf of the existing distribution channels and other off the third party dealer network, then into this market will be more easy.

6, in marketing spending too much money. Spending a lot of money on advertising may attract a lot of customers, but if your company can not convert the money into customer lifetime value, then this is a loss of money strategy.

7, the financing is too small. Many start-ups think they need just enough money to lease the site, buy equipment, store inventory and attract customers. What they often forget is that they also need money to pay wages, utilities, insurance and other management fees until the business starts to make a profit.

8, excessive financing. Believe it or not, raising too much money is a problem. Companies with excess funds tend to be big and fat, too early to hire too many employees, and waste valuable resources in the trade show booths, parties, picture ads and other flashy things. No matter how much money you raise in the first place, remember to save some for a rainy day.

9, no business plan. Although not every company needs a formal business plan, it needs a lot of

No culture is not uncommon, and a peasant woman entrepreneurial success

today’s society is not only a diploma to work, as long as you have the ability you can think of the following her success, no culture is not surprising.

Tao Huabi is the founder of

: first started in spirit because of poverty, Tao Huabi did not read a large mumbo-jumbo. In order to survive, she went to work and put on a stall. In 1989, Tao Huabi with a little money to live frugally saved up, with four foundling brick built a house, a shabby restaurant named "affordable restaurant, monopoly jelly and cold. At that time, she specially produced a spicy sauce, as a kind of special seasonings mixed with jelly, the business is booming.

it touches on the great Tao Huabi. Astute she looked at the potential of spicy sauce, and then concentrate on research…… After several years of trial and error, she made spicy sauce flavor is more unique.

Second: to love the business in August 1997, "Guiyang Nanming old godmother flavor Food limited liability company formally, workers suddenly increased to more than and 200 people. At this point, for Tao Huabi, the biggest problem is not production, but from the pressure of management.

The secret of success of

in most people’s eyes, but these elements: the billionaire family property, such as Rockefeller; science and technology pioneer.