Jobs’s Enlightenment to us

Jobs is gone, but he has brought us a lot of wealth, it is worth us to deeply explore. The market for Steve? Jobs’s financial books not under 20, I think the most worthy of reading is "to live is to change the world: the biography of Jobs", and reveal the development course of the early apple "return to the little kingdom" will take the initiative in time, have historical value, is an important biography of many to follow suit later source of information. I think, "Apple past" and "return to the little kingdom" to read, "Apple storm" style of ridicule can lead us out of Jobs too great figure, let us enjoy the joy of reading.

The patent products belong to the early

ward in his memoirs, Jobs also showed the initial disappointment. He thought of Jobs from the beginning he cheated "Steve and I shared the first business income of $700," then I found that Steve was not what he said but $700, $more than 1 thousand".

"return to the little kingdom" to describe the following story is not Jobs was driven out of the scene of a Apple Corp. Steve’s self willed and self centred style of work offended too many people and made him move quickly into crisis

What are the essential business skills to invest in dry cleaners

now people’s living standard improved, the pursuit of quality of life has improved, many expensive clothes are opting for dry cleaning, invest in a dry cleaning shop very market prospects, so investment in the shop should have what skills?


What kind of laundry

investment scale, open a laundry, invest in a few million, hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars. Clothing store is just a more traditional service model. Due to the small size of this model of investment, technical requirements, in the early development of the laundry industry recognized by everyone. However, in recent years, the clothing store model has been a strong impact. Although the collection clothing store just a few thousand dollars will join, will also receive free transportation, technology and personnel training and other services, but the profit component close to 50%, plus rent and staff wages cost, laundry shop profit is very thin.

self investment or franchise

many insufficient funds or smaller investors can choose to invest in individual laundry. The equipment can be purchased from the domestic washing equipment manufacturers, selection of imported equipment is relatively expensive. The investment of the fund should be decided according to the purchase of the equipment, the machine must be taken into account, and the rent, the salary, the cost of water and electricity, the supplies for the shop and the washing materials, etc..

How about western food How to run a shop

        how about western food? Everyone in the shop before we have to consider a lot of factors, with the development of Western food industry, there are a lot of Western food market prospects for development, the following small series to introduce you, how to join the western food? How to run a shop?

        business Western-style food stores must have the appropriate method to report record Western-style food chain stores patronize guests information, in order to provide personalized services for different types of guests, often to maintain good relations with customers, in order to achieve the "guest" to "friend" Huayi. The relationship, create loyal support groups.

        Western-style food chain store sales promotion is a method of business expansion, is the flavor characteristics of enterprise dishes, product quality and service quality as the basis, grasp the quality of products and services, establish the image and reputation of the enterprise, to give each guest to dine with superior "personality" service, let them leave a good impression, make it become the enterprise obligations propagandists, if things go on like this, achieve the effect of word of mouth, expand the business efficiency.

        Western-style food chain stores a good atmosphere in the catering enterprises, enterprise culture can’t be ignored, therefore, internal promotion is the use of internal advertising, billboards, etc. will sell POP pictorial dishes made public, in order to attract guests used to expand sales, shop to create a superb collection of beautiful things.

        to make the store more attractive, the need to master the correct skills, need a comprehensive understanding of the shop, need to understand the market, need to grasp the business opportunities in the business process, promotion skills are needed to grasp the Oh, how to improve the store image and reputation is very important.

        2016 selection of Western food to join? Through the above introduction, I believe you have some understanding of the content of the project, to open a Western food to join the dream of a good project, quick action.

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Jewelry store product display skills

jewelry store product display is very important, because the display properly, consumers can see the store to see the characteristics of the product, once attracted into the store is likely to achieve a successful transaction. Tips on how to display products can be seen to share small.

many stores display products, clueless, do not know the characteristics of the main products placed in a prominent position, do not know the use of space to display more perspective, jewelry store product display techniques can learn more skills, more than get to you?

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How foreign trade to domestic sales

foreign trade to domestic sales what is the way to win it? Today, the operation of foreign trade products, more and more enterprises, has today’s dynamic business, at this time, but also face difficult to solve the problem. So, please come along with a small series of foreign trade to see what the winning road!

Suitable for young people to start the project which these projects are very profitable

work for a few years, save a lot of money on hand, want to start their own business, which is a lot of young people have ideas. So, what are the projects for young people? Now a variety of entrepreneurial projects, young people want to start the business must first find their own projects.

projects for Young Entrepreneurs: ceramic


projects for Young Entrepreneurs: recovery of computer

projects for Young Entrepreneurs: anti-theft products

X smart anti-theft mobile phone sets and the appearance of the ordinary mobile phone is exactly the same, the phone will be automatically stolen before the alarm, to remind the host and the surrounding masses, and scare off the thief, and the owner will not open their own alarm. Features include: sound, vibration, sound and vibration alarm, alarm, music alarm, etc.. The style is casual, sharp, rounded edge type, folding type, oil type, divided into pure leather and leather series series of two types, high, medium and low-grade 100 kinds. The product came out instantly detonated the small commodity market, a hot national anti-theft mobile phone sets.

a suitable for their own projects, will bring you an unexpected surprise. Suitable for young people to start a lot of projects, the above is a small series of suitable for young people to start a good project, of course, when we choose the project, or to choose according to their own circumstances!


What is the most profitable market in rural areas

business is not what strange things, many people choose to start to change their situation, in addition to business in the city, but also in rural areas, with the implementation of a series of agricultural policy, rural economy has been rapid development, the living standard of the peasants has also been gradually improved, the demand of farmers continue to increase, especially in the aspects of life and production needs. This will provide some opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, then in rural areas suitable for what store?

book store

with the gradual enhancement of farmer agriculture science and technology consciousness and the concept of the rule of law, and gradually carry out the construction of spiritual civilization in rural areas, many young farmers are not satisfied with the sunrise and sunset of life, the rich pocket also began to head rich. They are eager to improve their cultural literacy and legal knowledge of science and technology, the demand for books, especially science and technology law newspapers, books will grow. If you can in a large population, convenient transportation to open a country involved in culture, policies and regulations, science and technology, business can be free to borrow or buy books and periodicals, the business will be good.

residential design shop

with the improvement of living standards, many farmers began to pay attention to improving the living conditions and living environment, housing is no longer satisfied with the past "rectum donkey" in the apartment layout pay attention to health, but at the same time, more attention to the layout of the function. However, the design of rural residential housing is different from the urban residential design, therefore, it is necessary to meet the actual needs of agricultural production, specialized research and design services to meet the vast rural market.

motorcycle repair shop

nowadays, as a basic means of transport, motorcycles have entered the ordinary family. But now many villages also no motorcycle repair shop, once farmers motorcycle breakdown, will have to run very far away from their own town or county, not only time-consuming and labor, but also very inconvenient. Therefore, in the flow of people and traffic concentration, and convenient transportation center of the village to open a spare parts and motorcycle repair shop, business will be very good.

although the rural areas is very backward, but also has many advantages in place, are worth investing, want to start in the rural areas it is also a great prospect, in short, the rural market has broad prospects and huge business opportunities, as long as careful to mining, can find very much demand and good prospects for the project, I hope you can choose the project.

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Play clown magic Fuzhou guy to venture by creativity

once said there are three hundred and sixty lines, in fact now industry development has already generated many derivatives industry branches, all sorts of strange things you never heard. This provides a unique opportunity for many entrepreneurs, with small business took the entrepreneurial stage.

can become hundreds of magic   for the celebration of a warm-up to

2013, they set up the clown team, mainly for the wedding, birthday and other entertainment, but also often participate in real estate opening celebration, the store opened warm field etc.. After several years of efforts, they have learned hundreds of magic, in Fuzhou to win the praise of many customers. In Fuzhou, a full-time job of this line is not more than 3, an activity can receive a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars reward." Chen said that the end of the season, the busiest time two days to receive a single more than and 20. These single distribution in Minqing, Fuqing, Changle and other places, there are other provinces. "The full-time entertainment show, in Fuzhou people do not, some people look down on, but I think in the job I love to play and make money, nothing bad."

"business, income several times higher than the factory workers, members of our team are" stunt ", the wedding planning magic has taken a lot of young people of all ages." Chen said that they play is creative and novel, less cost, but the market demand is large, promising. "Now ’80’ ’90’ marriage are like unconventional, old life feast also like lively, happy, and the magic show can add a lot of celebration."

What are the collocation techniques of high heels

women love high heels, but how do you match them with high heels? This change is very important, the correct collocation method, can improve the charm and self-confidence, of course, can also win the opposite sex, the following, Xiaobian teach you high heel shoes method.

because more bright eye-catching, so it will not be as you can often wear shoes to wear, but if you really love the bright colors, you may wish to use the shoes a few dress collocation, I want to wear the shoes are very vulnerable to attention, bright and lively and frank, I think the first eye will be very easy have a good.

method: if the sandals, with black stockings and black skirt, want to take a warm point above the clothes, want to take the conservative black coat and a pair of shoes can produce two kinds of completely different effects, a warm and lively, one is calm with pretty skin.

Methods: three

wheat brand experts: in addition to Ludi, black and white, and also some special color collocation, such as blue and green, if you choose the blue dress, high heels can be used to color collocation, the conflict can produce a great effect, a bold attempt to bring you a fresh feeling and passion, choose the color collocation, color level, the effect is very good, everyone can be their own collocation experts.

through the article can understand that high-heeled shoes have a lot of skills in collocation, it depends on what kind of clothes you wear, believe that know the collocation method, you will certainly become the dress you become more Master, the woman, has become the focus of the people of the.