4G has arrived, is 5G still far away Fujian 2020 will achieve 5G

4G has arrived, is 5G still far away Fujian 2020 will achieve 5G

in the current life, the fastest speed than 4G, to provide consumers with fast speed, the operation is more convenient. So, 4G has arrived, 5G is far? Fujian in 2020 will achieve 5G, and the following Xiaobian detailed understanding.

provincial government issued yesterday, Fujian province to promote the development of large data implementation plan (2016 – 2020), the reporter learned that, by 2020, the province will promote the 5G technology test, to achieve the lead and lead the development of 5G. Comprehensive use of government affairs, public utilities, urban operations, commercial services and production and other areas of life. read more

How much is a tea shop franchise fee business

tea to join the project selection, by the consumer trust choice. The success of the project to start a good business, to join the tea project? In 2017, to start a new point of choice is not good? Tea shop to join, the best choice for successful business!

want to start a business to get rich? Have you ever thought about the life of the rich? Now seize the opportunity, tea shop is your best choice. How much do you want to join the tea shop? As long as tens of thousands of pieces. Tea sales channels, the way to earn money becomes more. As long as joining the tea shop, do not worry about the tea shop to join the fee, a few months back to ben. read more

Chengdu accelerate the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship carrier

small and micro enterprise strength is weak, many entrepreneurs in the venture began to be affected by a variety of risks, leading to the road of entrepreneurship had to stop. To support more small and micro enterprises to participate in entrepreneurship, Chengdu provides a variety of incubation services, care for each entrepreneur to help them as soon as possible based on the market.

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Open luggage chain stores – what are the steps the whole

no matter what kind of business we venture to do business, luggage chain is currently very popular, coveted bags unlimited prospects for the market, many investors have chosen this industry entrepreneurship. For the first time entrepreneurs, the choice of the industry is lack of experience, they are eager to learn how to successy achieve the franchise chain stores. Xiao Bian after a consultation to understand, get the four steps to open chain stores, in this share to everyone.

the first step: positioning the target market: target consumer groups: brand bags chain stores in the middle of the high-end consumer groups, urban fashion men and women, professional men and women, is the main consumer groups. Luggage category can include: male bag, handbags, wallets, bags, trolley bags etc.. read more

China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition Anhui division semi-finals Xuancheng many companie

is now a very popular among the whole social entrepreneurship competition hot, can be said that in many parts of the country have launched such a trend, recently in Anhui Xuancheng also organized such a popular contest of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Couples travel in case of a man with a serious woman was raped

in the current civilized society, there are still a lot of indigenous peoples living in their own world, not to communicate with the outside world, very mysterious. Recently, some media reports said that a pair of foreign lovers in the tropical forest tourism encounter cannibals, suffered inhuman treatment.

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Children’s clothing store location three steps to do more money

many friends want to open children’s clothing store, this idea is good. If you have an idea, you should have an action. First, find a treasure house for your children’s clothing store. What a lot of children’s clothing store? Shop location, the children’s clothing store business has a great impact. Children’s clothing store location skills, the three step to teach you to find treasure.

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How Chongqing economic development of the Internet and the electronic information industry – Busines

in the current social environment, the Internet and the electronic information industry, is the active force of social development, the city’s economic development, plays a very important role in pushing. How to develop Internet economy and electronic information industry? The afternoon of December 7th, the municipal government and the China Telecom Group signed to further promote the Internet plus action plan "strategic cooperation framework agreement in chongqing. Municipal Party committee secretary Sun Zhengcai met with China Telecom Group Chairman Yang Jie. Municipal Committee, mayor Huang Qifan attended the signing ceremony. read more

What is the requirement of investment burger boy

Hamburg to join the project, Burger boy has always been a good brand, consumers like, investors are satisfied, of course, the brand needs to meet certain conditions. So is burger boy.

Hamburg kid brands belong to Shanghai burger boy Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, the company in good faith and innovative business philosophy, in 2001 officially launched the national franchise, the franchise has more than and 300. Hamburg kid food with their own rich experience, professional development of food formulations, to create high-quality products for customers, provide excellent service, clean and comfortable dining environment, developed a series of unique flavor with Chinese taste products, provide nutrition, health, delicious food for consumers to meet each investors and consumer demand. read more

A wheel excavator with no money to decorate the coffee shop

creative entrepreneurship is the theme of the current venture, garage coffee is almost no decoration because of the money does not exist, but because of the founder of the creative, not only the success of the market, but also out of their own characteristics. The entrepreneurial stage with many entrepreneurs and good acid.

"Bob, come!" "Looking for a partner", "without you, we’re weak."!" These words are full of the recruitment of new advertising ads filled with the entire wall, which is an entrepreneurial cafe to hire the wall scene. At the same time, there are countless people have stopped here, they carefully browse each piece of information, hoping to find their own information from these opportunities for their own. read more

How healthy and nutritious delicacy pot dishes worthy of choice

that year, country love made a play. This year, the village breath a brand fire. How about the big pot? In the food and beverage market, not only has a very high popularity, to join the large pot of items, is a very choice of business opportunities!

large dishes, stew out of delicious. Contains a strong local flavor, no matter in the city or rural people do not have the same feelings for him: rural people are yearning home delicious simple taste of home, and the city people while holding a strange feeling to try new delicious to their different delicacy. read more

2012 let you shine a small entrepreneurial projects market

want to invest in entrepreneurship, seize the most important business opportunities, which are suitable for their own small business projects, we look at the following!


glass shop

color glazed glass also called a variety of colors, thin glass clip, irregular blend together, blooming is quite natural. Color glass is very suitable for fashion aesthetic vision, the rise in the interior decoration market.



in the modern city, leisure teahouse throughout the high streets and back lanes is the best choice for young people, aggregation, rest and entertainment. At present, matsuni, oz forest, forest of flowers, befortime and many other brands, operating conditions are good, have a higher popularity. Matsuni to foam Black Tea Fang for example, business Black Tea, pearl milk tea, bubble and meals, in 1995 opened the first store in Shanghai, now has more than and 80 stores in the country. read more

How to seize the customer – steamed stuffed bun franchise

Gerrard good market prospects, delicious buns can make people more trust, so that people can be more healthy, continuous development of the market driven buns, but compared to other types of delicacy project, open a steamed stuffed bun franchise is relatively simple, but very suitable for small entrepreneurs. But how to open a steamed stuffed bun franchise and have a good business? In fact, facing the novice investors need to pay attention to the problem, especially to many complicated problems dumpling shop in the daily operation, Gerrard franchisee want to know which customers pay close attention to the small coup? >
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Food investment is to do direct or join

2016 is coming to the end, how hard in the catering sector of your life, in this year we have reviewed the prospect of catering market, all in indicates a catering in the future is still a good, last year’s data in 2015, the public catering visible before the eyes, the rise of Internet development the mainstream, catering to occupy 150 billion of the market share, an increase of 15%. Such a small thing that will be in the end of 2016 will be better. Now more and more people pay attention to the food and beverage market, join the food and beverage industry, the founder of the brand to do direct or do join it?. read more

Beauty salons need to pay attention to what

now in a peaceful era, people pay more and more attention more, so Home Furnishing, beauty and health care industry slowly recovery booming, many people also want to open a beauty salon, but there is still some matters needing attention we need to clearly understand.

1, ring without preparation for

newly opened beauty salons have no credibility, in the purchase of products suppliers often do not give credit period.

when customers reduce the number, not immediately into debt, the debt payment is fast and delayed. The liquidity shortage, will lead to financial difficulties, not lucky beauty salons will be worn down, fortunately may be big mergers. Therefore, even if entrepreneurs how smug, ultimately due to the shortage of funds, the operating results in big stores through hardships inside, become its snacks. So open a beauty salon at least 10 months to prepare sufficient liquidity. read more

5 pricing methods allow you to increase sales

how to price the commodity is the door of knowledge, commodity prices will be good, is conducive to better expand the sales of goods, is conducive to a better profit profit, then, how to price the goods? The following small series for you to bring 5 commonly used pricing methods, so you can easily respond to the market!

sales for the same price

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Effect of name company name five taboo

a lot of people in their adulthood tend to change the name, it is probably better, is not very difficult, but if a company has been on track, it suddenly found that it made a big, want to change is not easy, so the best way is to advance the understanding of a few big taboo the name of the company.

1. multi tone

to polyphone name, name two or more pronunciation is more easy to let a person feel at a loss. Of course, not to say the name absolutely can not use chinese. But at least to ensure that others can determine their pronunciation, not to read wrong. read more

To open a store in the beauty and health care to the site

everyone hope that they can be very young and beautiful, but also to many related industry development is very rapid, many entrepreneurs have to open beauty stores, because of the huge market demand, more and more people in the industry. Open a beauty shop, want to bring a good business, not only to have a good service, but also to choose a good store location, from the people, the consumption of people naturally more. So, how to open a beauty salon.

to open a beauty salon how to choose? Many investors believe that as long as the chosen beauty project can guarantee the success, in fact, a good grasp of health and beauty stores shop, is the health and beauty shop success began to join. read more

Bathroom products store is very important to do daily promotions

is now in some holidays, are sanitary products business season, invest in a bathroom products shop, during holidays in this year, a series of promotional activities is very important.

with the decoration is becoming more common, now the market status of sanitary products industry is very good. Development speed is faster and faster. Many investors see the opportunity to invest, have chosen to operate the bathroom products store venture to join the business. So, for those who do not have access to a friend or just joined the bathroom industry friends, there is still a chance. read more