The cosmetics brand to choose good Yaxuan cosmetics how – net

has always been the choice of investment in the cause of a beautiful business, are very selective. Beautiful face good choice, to choose to join the cosmetics? First class quality, with the popularity of the franchise brand, worthy of trust!

is a concentrated Yaxuan cosmetics positive brand, Yaxuan headquarters through long-term friendly cooperation with the brand of cosmetics products together at home and abroad, hundreds of brands, thousands of products, product lines across the skin care series, cosmetics series, fragrance series, personal care series, maternal and child supplies, baby supplies series products for men. Ensure the Xuan cosmetics supermarket product quality, price advantage, brand chain management is incomparable, parity, high quality, brand, let every customer buy the brand, let every customer with the brand.

(China) Yaxuan cosmetic operations center 10 years 8 years of combat operations get ready for battle, chain; Xuan beauty brings together the professional operations team of industry experts, outstanding professional skin training technicians, retail experts, fine chemical engineers, senior makeup consultant etc.. Ya Mei makeup more understanding of the chain, the team each year to support hundreds of successful shop case, the exclusive guide to the United States and the United States to write a series of beauty shop operations guide. Star meeting, the national roadshow promotion across the board.

sunrise industry, it is necessary to choose to join Ya cosmetics? The selection of the project with strong brand. Market opportunities are good, what are you still hesitating? Come and join us, let us work together easily, easy to get rich!

Taipei lighting join entrepreneurial worry

Taipei lighting? Has always been a very popular choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Taipei lighting project, is very business choice. Taipei lighting project, what are you still hesitating?

Chongqing Taipei lighting Trading Co., Ltd. is a collection of lighting display, design, distribution, installation in one of the high-end lighting, lighting enterprises. The company has developed more than ten years, with its strong strength and reputation, in the government departments and the vast number of consumers enthusiastic support and care, the development of a professional lighting sales company. And in Nanping, Jiangbei, are provided with large lighting market, provides a set of exquisite lamps unique for star hotels, many restaurants, banks, office buildings and luxury private clubs, upscale Home Furnishing.

for a long time, Taipei lighting adhering to the "integrity, pragmatic, innovation, promote the" business purpose, advocating "leading, high efficiency and high quality" business philosophy, and constantly improve the credibility and brand enterprises, vigorously promote business integrity. Over the years the company has been awarded the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision awarded the "lighting quality model shop, Chongqing Building Decoration Association as" advanced enterprise ", in 2003 passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, and won the Chongqing City Building Decoration Association governing units, Chongqing Lighting Association awarded the" integrity unit "," quality and credibility of the double satisfaction unit "etc..

through the above description, I believe we have chosen to join the Taipei lighting project, has been very interested in. Open their own Taipei lighting stores, no doubt, is a matter of choice. Hurry up!

Brand stores have a of paint what promotion method

coating is the need for the decoration of the product, choose a good coating can be a good decoration effect. So, if you want to run a brand paint shop, then what is the promotion method? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

Home Furnishing environment is paying attention to, paint a time to usher in the broad prospects for development, investment and management of paint must let you have a good income. Brand paint store promotion method? So, how to enhance the visibility of the product, improve the income of investment promotion efficiency of the three methods:

operating brand paint franchise stores to promote the promotion of efficiency is one of the methods to the whole industry chain cost sharing: brand paint shop promotion method? Pull upstream manufacturers do a top product release, called the industry to carry out collection of links, call the design industry to carry out the exhibition, this propaganda cost to the whole industry chain allocation, even our case also realizes sharing to consumers.

operating brand paint franchise stores to enhance the efficiency of the promotion of the two method is to the rhythm and intensity to efficiency: the current promotion is more than the average, no impact. Brand paint store promotion method? We can improve the efficiency of the promotion by changing the rhythm of the promotion.

brand paint to join franchise stores to promote the efficiency of three is to the public relations to efficiency: collaborative related industries, media, you can develop a lot of low cost, high efficiency of publicity, brand paint stores have any promotion methods? Far better than hard advertising effect.

This is in the process of perfecting the

brand to join the franchise stores paint promotion work, need to use the brand franchise store operators coating technique, it is very worthy of joining franchise brand paint franchisees who pay attention to. As long as the operator brand paint store to join these skills, so let the brand paint store to join the benefit growth is very easy, if the operator brand paint store to join or not, then try it.

Analysis of the key points of fashion dry cleaners

fashion cleaners for consumers to bring more convenient, quality of life, and people’s daily lives are closely linked. Want to dig a good opportunity in the gold industry, you may need to spend more time in the shop location. Small make up the relevant details, hurry to see it.

1, convenient transportation: in the vicinity of the station, the customer does not walk more than 20 minutes away in the streets of the fashion dry cleaners, and observe the traffic flow on both sides of the road to pedestrians on the other side of the good.

2, close to the place where people gather in the area: for example, authority, or near the factory, so that consumers can easily, on the other hand, easy to make customers remember this shop location, once to the customer to introduce to others and can be easier to guide people to patronize.

3, select a place where the population is growing rapidly: the development of enterprises, residential areas and municipal, often bring more customers to the store, and make it more potential for development.

4, choose to teach less or obstacles to one side of the street: many times, in order to pedestrians crossing the road, had to concentrate to avoid pedestrians or other vehicles, so ignore the side of the shop.

5, to have the awareness of the Big Bang: can also be opened in the vicinity of the famous chain stores or brand stores, and even can be opened next to it. Where is the best place for dry cleaners to be located in supermarkets, commercial buildings, hotels, schools, community service centers, community cultural and sports centers, etc.. Because of these supermarkets, shopping malls, shop in the choice of the former has done a lot of detailed market survey, next to their shop, not only can save time and energy on the site, but also able to use their brands to pick up some customers.

6, a store: Generally speaking, the best East-West streets facing south, north-south streets better sit east of the west, as far as possible to the northwest corner of the crossroads. Moreover, the fork is a good place; in the slope of the road pavement and shop shop is not desirable, ground level should not be too poor.

7, to choose the advertising space of the store: some stores do not have an independent facade, the front of the store, of course, the loss of independent advertising space, but also make you lose in front of the store to play marketing wisdom space.

8, the choice of the location of the hot and cold: with the choice of the current business is optimistic about the location of the store business, not as in the near future by the cold heat, and now has not been optimistic about the streets or urban areas.

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Baby supplies stores to deal with customers coup

for entrepreneurs, baby supplies are noteworthy. Open baby supplies stores, master some skills can make you more convenient when dealing with customers. So, baby supplies stores to deal with customers what skills? Let’s take a look.

when the quasi stores customers in the repeated purchase signal, but shilly-shally couldn’tdecide, can be used to choose one of two skills. For example, the salesman said to the customer, "would you like the light grey or white?"" Or say: "excuse me, Tuesday or Wednesday to your home?" This two select one of the questioning skills, as long as the prospective customer selected one, in fact, you help him to make a decision, determined to buy.

try to buy a little

at large the better to apprehend him

some prospective customers born irresolute and hesitant in your product, although he is interested, but has not made a decision. At this time, you may wish to deliberately pack things, make the way to leave. The act of pretending to leave sometimes encourages the other person to make up his mind.

Ask the answer type

The so-called

for baby products store sales staff, to master some skills to deal with customers, allowing you to easily retain customers, in addition to the customer can leave a good impression. These are a few strokes of the children’s products stores to deal with customer skills, for reference only.


Cangxi County invited entrepreneurs to visit their hometowns

with the gradual return of entrepreneurial activities, many successful entrepreneurs out of the idea of returning home investment. Recently, Guangyuan, Cangxi, the local government invited a number of successful entrepreneurs outside the home after the Spring Festival to visit, so that they can feel the changes in the development of their hometown, to see the possibility of future business in his hometown.

2 on Sept. 15, the 8th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, at the invitation of the Cangxi county government, part of the Cangxi nationality in foreign successful visit home development of venture enterprises, industrial base, etc., home business communication and success, feelings of Cangxi in "public entrepreneurship, innovation, tackling poverty and well-off society in the history of the great changes, a common vision of a better prospect of home business, nurturing home.

"home change is very large, the hometown people’s ideas and thinking is changing fast, feel very happy." Guangdong Maydos building materials Limited by Share Ltd director Ren Dezhong told reporters that he left his hometown for thirty years, the rapid development of the development of the home new career brought him the opportunity to find a suitable project as soon as possible, do early for his contribution to better development. Beijing Oriental sky Investment Limited company chairman Mou Jinru said, this time he came back to look for investment projects, "my hometown is developing very quickly, this creates more opportunities, I am ready to grab the back of life performance new opportunities."

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Financing environment is increasingly diversified business consultant for your detailed analysis

now, entrepreneurs face the most distressed companies to finance. Reporters learned that after the investigation, in the early investment community, there is no topic can be more than the relationship between venture capitalists and angel investors can lead to discussion and controversy. Today’s increasingly diverse financing environment, both of them in the end is a natural enemy, or complement each other? Or both?

AngelList introduction of joint financing so that the debate has become more complex: Angel as the lead investor, the public may raise as a A round of financing, followed by venture capital. In the debate over what kind of financing way for startups in the most favorable debate in the extreme, investors and experts have always believed that the future trend is either this or that.

AngelList joint financing platform is an innovative model of venture capital, but there are many similarities with the traditional enterprise. In this case, the lead angel is actually micro VCs, assume an active management role of fund managers, similar to the venture capital management limited partner investment capital. The main difference between the />

Guy entrepreneur turned to see how to counter the attack cock wire

    now the army of the entrepreneurial team continues to grow, there is no lack of grassroots entrepreneurial team, cock wire becomes rich and handsome case also abound, encouraging more entrepreneurs. Guy entrepreneurship turned millionaire,   we look at how the wire is counter attack cock wire.

"although wine customer base is relatively small, but as long as a year accumulated hundreds of fixed customers, a few years down is not a small number of. This is a long-term business, so that the online sale of liquor is still very broad prospects." Jiangsu city in Suqian Province, the first "seeds" Network Entrepreneurship contest ten strong player Hu Guangyong said in a chat with customers.

vagabond "stall brother


"probably in 1995, my junior high school began to Shanghai, Nanjing to work after graduation. At that time no diploma, two no technology, no matter to which the factory can only do odd jobs, eat a lot of pain." Hu Guangyong said. A few years later, Hu Guangyong in a restaurant settled in Nanjing, but is still a boy. On the way to work, Hu Guangyong often pass by a night market, he occasionally go to the night market.

"at that time I found a lot of its business are also good, they think of themselves to put a stall, perhaps is a good choice." With a vision for the future, Hu Guangyong resigned from the hotel to the wholesale market, a few famous pictorial began to set up stands, but the star pictorial had become a "sunset industry", he sold the star magazine basically No one shows any interest in.

"although the stall can make money, but to a rainy and snowy days, I have nothing to do." This stall life, so that Hu Guangyong has a sense of drift.

"you the good things, not get online to sell." One day in August 2006, Li Jia managed to do in Internet cafes (a pseudonym) passed Hu Guangyong’s small jewelry stalls, the speaker has no intention listener interested, just a sentence attracted the attention of Hu Guangyong.

"can sell things on the Internet?" At that time, only junior high school diploma Hu Guangyong on the word network is still very strange.

"I have to sell things online, but business is not very good, but still in the shops, or put your stuff to sell online?" Li Jia said.

Four development trends of food and beverage industry

want to invest business friends met the target in the catering industry, because of hunger breeds discontentment, the catering market never saturated. So under the new era of the development trend of the food and beverage industry, and small series to see it.

The direction of development of the food industry is

Four development trends of

chain phenomenon: the chain operation is divided into formal franchise chain, chain, chain and free chain cooperation etc.. The development of catering enterprises, chain management is an important way of development. Like many fast-food companies: Beijing Ma Lan Hand-Pulled Noodle, Banmu garden, Changzhou Lihua Fast food restaurant chain, the phenomenon has become increasingly prominent. The chain operation has become in the restaurant.

Entrepreneurship needs passionate music

would like to put some relaxed, happy music in the snack bar, choose what kind of? We know that music can bring people more happiness and mood, music is a soul, then open the snack bar should put what music? Let’s make a brief introduction.


Jazz at the beginning is in the street, there are many musicians for individual play, the whole use of syncopated rhythm and three legato, mild stress reversal, the rhythm is double beat, generally with the orchestra to play. Some jazz is light and light, while others are relaxing. Snack shop shopping is the need to mobilize enthusiasm, but also has a part of water facilities for customers to shop need to relax, relatively speaking in addition to swing the ballroom and dedicated to jazz and other factions of the Jazz can be competent.

light music

part of imported snacks stores will also play foreign pop music, the purpose is to form snack shops in exotic. Even if the lyrics are foreign language, the snack bar for the song is also based on the judgment of the tune, too soft lullaby and a strong sense of rhythm is not suitable for rock wind.

through the above content, the content of whether you have more understanding? Choose to open a snack bar, recommend

China auto repair franchise will enter a rapid development period

entrepreneurs will want to know now what the most profitable industry entrepreneurs, today Xiaobian for you to disclose, auto repair franchise in the next ten years will be the rapid development. With the rapid development of China’s automobile industry and the continuous increase of people’s consumption level, the number of private cars is increasing. According to estimates: every 1 yuan car consumption will drive the car service of 1.5 yuan. In recent years, automobile consumption continues to rise, and the general consumers on car maintenance knowledge is very limited, which means that the potential development of professional, standardized, high-quality customer service of automobile service industry in the future of the automotive consumer market is huge.

of the current domestic car beauty market

in people’s traditional concept, the industry of vehicle maintenance and repair is dirty and tired, very few people are willing to engage in this occupation. With the rapid development of China’s car ownership is increasing and the deepening of reform and new and high technology, in recent years the rapid development of the automobile maintenance enterprises in our country, and has begun to mature, automobile maintenance enterprises to large-scale, high-grade, high level of development. Some new enterprises to invest millions, tens of millions, the construction of modernized factory building, office building, dormitory and toilet occupation and luxury business room, the purchase of America, Germany and other countries of advanced production equipment and testing equipment maintenance, renovation, old enterprises also have additional equipment.

in the importance of "hardware" investment at the same time, but also pay attention to the "software" level, focusing on technology workers must undergo training at the same time, pay attention to vehicle maintenance technology training. The maintenance enterprises are in the path of self-improvement, self-improvement.

to adapt to the development of modern automobile technology, to meet the service needs of auto repair, this type of auto repair companies can provide convenient, transparent, clean and comfortable "integration, modernization of automobile technology service system. Implementation of auto repair production, rapid production doubled, the overall level of service in the nation’s leading position, and close to the developed countries (regions) level.

with the nationwide auto repair center is also more and more, to the service center in talent shows itself in many investors, it is best to choose some more famous, good reputation auto repair franchise brand.

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Beauty embarked on the road of innovation and Entrepreneurship Model Training in fishing gold


may not be a model of girls who are dreams, and ultimately realize their dreams are not many, it seems in the eyes of the public, the model is usually difficult to business, and the zero based teenager has insisted on their own, the model dream and found a different business opportunities.

19 at the age of zero based Hu Na because of "fun", took part in the second session of the Southern new model contest. Who knows, all the way through, the final "kill" into the top ten. Since then, Hu Na has forged a bond with the model industry. Although halfway because of this and that reason, have to change the idea. But really have to give up, but not give up. For the love of the modeling industry, Hu Na and his partner, who founded his own company, Miley deductive models of institutions, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship.

the origin: a strange dream

16 years old, Hu Na never thought he would have any relationship with the model. She tried to practice running, walk the road of sports. However, the inherent physical weak, even if a lot of effort, but also can not achieve the desired objectives. One night in April, Hu Na had a strange dream. In the dream, a girl repeatedly said to her: "you should do the model, the model is suitable for your development path!"

into the top 50, was the first to receive professional physical training every day, wearing 10 cm high heels, morning dance, afternoon go to taiwan." Hu Na told the author that the training intensity is too big to be able to retire immediately. However, in the end still insist on down. And, to everyone’s surprise, the zero based 19 year old girl actually go all the way, has been "killed" to 10.

Huilong technology video shop franchise brand pioneer – net

investment in science and Technology Museum? With the continuous improvement of our life, our quality of life needs, but also constantly improve. So, entrepreneurship choose to join the science and Technology Museum? Has the advantage of the brand to join the project selection, the quality of good business projects, successful business, you are still hesitant what?

dull life makes people want to change now, ordinary people also hope to be able to shoot as their own film or myself as a hero for a film like a film star, Huilong technology television production to realize the dream of people, Huilong technology professional video production equipment, professional teacher guidance shop let you run up your own image gallery.

Huilong technology of intelligent video shop is very profitable! Huilong technology intelligent video shop to create China art film popularization, personalized pioneer brand, is a set of production in one, with powerful functions, with the leading domestic level, can be comparable with the imported brands, to meet the different needs of consumers. Hi tech technology museum is a personalized image, fashion, all self-help photography products. The new concepts, cutting-edge technology, professional quality and first-class service, without the photographer, without a knowledgeable, smart camera, seconds, Huilong technology intelligent video shop just a video equipment, a film studio, professional technical team, just move a finger, you can profit long science and technology intelligent video shop for each customer on a service. According to the different needs of different customers, tailor-made for your exclusive service projects, our personalized service is your best return!

long science and Technology Museum is good? The best choice for small business. So, the business choose to join the science and Technology Museum project, is the right? Small investment big return, it is worth joining us, it is worth our choice!

How to choose the industry – Business

as long as the choice of Entrepreneurship such a path, first of all, you need to choose a major business venture, and then entrepreneurial projects. The entrepreneurial industry! Investment small profit big hot industry! The choice is always greater than the effort, if there is no a good industry, even if there is another high enthusiasm, and then rich funds, the result can only be more or less compensation. So, how to choose a small profit big investment industry?

(1) should be selected nowadays more popular industry.

(2) should be selected for the local custom, consumers need to cater to the local industry; meet the needs of the local economic development of the industry; it must be a lot of market research before entering an industry, lose leg force and time as what, no investigation to cause finally lost a lot of business savings that is the most painful. For example, for people of Guangdong and Guangxi wide taste of food in many places is difficult to open the market for the people of Guizhou; fire and cooking dual-purpose stove on promotion of iron in other regions? Now in many parts of the country to promote the promotion of thermal insulation mortar, in Yunnan, Kunming to promote open?

(3) should be national policy to encourage the industry, because the national policy to encourage the industry in all aspects of tax, and funds are preferential; and encourage the development of national policy, it shows that the industry has a good market space. For example, the pig, in recent years, the country strongly encouraged, as well as subsidies sows, and now pig industry is indeed very optimistic.

(4) should choose a relatively small size of the investment industry, willing to wait until the capital accumulation to a certain extent and then consider expanding operations. Want to do that line, no matter how good it can not put all of the savings into a investment, which is a little bit of risk awareness. For a project, do you do not earn money, but also decided by many personal factors and external factors, such as your people, management ability, social ability, management ability, affinity, market changes, policy changes are directly determines you to do this project do not earn money.

Japan Radio Matsushita Karanosuke the father of liquidity always has 40% in sleep, it is because of this trick he experienced many a generation of strong wind and big waves, the father of radio. For example, a man in Sichuan to borrow about three million building public rental village Allah Township in Kunming, and later as a result of the public planning for the village into the village, under the jurisdiction of the economic development zone, so the land tight, strict management of construction. Just this land license has not yet run down, the results of the government’s comprehensive law enforcement pushed to the ground. From the past, hope that the majority of entrepreneurs in mind.

(5) should choose a relatively high rate of return on the industry. The rate of return on capital is an entrepreneur, business people can not ignore the point, because the capital into the market is the pursuit of profit, the pursuit of return. This, the majority of entrepreneurship will be

Haggis franchise business why so good – the whole

market haggis industry prospects, many consumers love to taste the delicious haggis, drives the progress of haggis market, many entrepreneurs choose to operate small stalls. Open a haggis franchise stores, haggis high profits? A haggis stores, small investment, simple operation, easy to make money


haggis store profits high? What haggis industry prospects? Haggis products can be broad consumer acceptance and love? People every day in the bustling about life and work, no time to buy food to cook for yourself, go to the store to buy only haggis. Haggis has become a delicacy at present the majority of people on the table indispensable dishes! Open haggis stores earn? Open a haggis franchise, instant noodles type operation, easy to learn, the product is updated regularly, the customer more stable! Open a haggis stores, selling is done now, nutrition and health, has a high the popularity, is selling products, the business is good, all the money


good project!

How to do door-to-door business – Business

in the course of a variety of business operations, door-to-door sales business can be said to be very difficult, however, if successful, is also a very lucrative business profits. It’s not easy to persuade customers to buy a commodity when it comes to doing business. Cold, supercilious and cold-shoulder treatment, is to eat "homely food every day". In the face of rejection, the salesman should not only have a strong psychological endurance, it is more important to master the methods of prevention and response.

Guizhou City, a staff member of the air conditioning company Li Zijin, the company’s marketing expert, he sold out of the total air-conditioning sales accounted for half of the company.

once, he heard that a man named Luo Jiacai wanted to buy an indoor air conditioner. Luo good live is a high-grade areas inhabited by the rich, the whole district is only 20 households, Li Zijin didn’t take time to find Luo Jiacai home. At the door and explained what he wanted, his indifference to say: "there’s no plan at present." Then he closed the door.

back to the company, Li Zijin learned that after an investigation, Luo Jiacai was a worker, after several years of hard work among the wealthy, is a computer Daoteng businessman, amateur love engage in interior design, also earn some money to buy a new villa design, interior decoration design is his favourite work, often show off to friends. Li Zijin decided to take the customer as a breakthrough point.

a sunny afternoon, Li Zijin once again opened the door of Luo Jiacai’s home.

saw him, he did not speak, Luo Jiacai will close. Li Zijin hurriedly said: "boss, I don’t talk about air conditioning today. Listen to friends that you are proficient in interior design, I also have this hobby, friends of the villa decoration I ask you!"

Luo’s face suddenly relaxed a lot, let him into the house. Li Zijin went to the wall and pointed to the board on the wall Wood is very delicate, very beautiful!" Luo Jiacai is proud to say: "yes, maple is a product of North America, due to the impact of climate and has a fine texture, shallow warm yellow is also quite texture."

, good mood is very high, he carey visited each room with Li Zijin, a piece of the indoor decorations, also introduces his design process. Li Zijin listened with interest, not to mention some of the other topics of interest.

visited the room, went back to the couch with ripe plum, he smiled and said: "Luo boss is really a design master, your house decoration is the absence of something exquisite beyond compare." Luo Jiacai a, said: "I wanna see." Li Zijin said: "such a beautiful house"

How to use the queuing to open restaurants – business opportunities

when it comes to queuing, I think many people have a deep understanding, in countless occasions, we have seen the fact that many Chinese people. And often go out to eat people will find that a lot of stores are often lined up. See the queue of shops, people who do not rush time would like to eat the food in this restaurant must be good, otherwise how so many people queuing. Catering shop skills, how to use the psychology of consumers, so that queuing customers to increase a good impression on the store.

queue shop two, lined up to take away or queue into the hall food. The reason why the queue, with the production efficiency or consumer spending time.

If the

line pack shop, long queues, the production efficiency is not high enough, can enhance the yield or improve the efficiency of solution, but the queue sometimes is not a bad thing, a lot of restaurants or even deliberately reduce the efficiency caused by queuing, with limited and hunger marketing reach word-of-mouth or other added value.

restaurant shop skills, if it is waiting for the queue, improve production efficiency is not necessarily effective, resulting in the main reason for the queue is too long consumer spending, accounting for the location. There are several solutions to this situation:

1. intends to allow customers to queue, the queue will become a part of the marketing process. Such as Rick, Grandpa, uncle Si, the use of queuing to do hunger marketing to attract passers-by curious and subtle changes in their hearts: what are these people doing? Good cold high-end, in the end what? Or a test? Join the queue, the smooth acceptance of other people’s curiosity and admiration, only hate the team can not slow down.

2. into the core experience or culture into the wait. Restaurant shop skills, such as Nanjing cooked food stalls, in the process of waiting to see the clerk often wear dresses in the Republic of China is also very interesting, sometimes also enjoy live performances maid folk tunes, alleviated the boredom of waiting.

3. adopt preferential measures to appease. Such as sea fishing to take the way to provide snacks to retain. Shop catering skills, just the target is too fragmented, ending either snacks or were they finish rub, snacks hold enough flash people, but for sea fishing, not bad customers, not bad money.

4. provides waiting for expectations and notifications. Such as remote control restaurants and other software providers, users can get around the queue number can be around, there is a seat when the merchant via app or SMS notification. Because the user does not have the sunk cost of the queue, while reducing the opportunity cost, this program is purely for the user to consider, the worst effect on business.

5. optimize service process, reduce consumption time. If the grandmother in the queue to see if you can point a single dish, you can immediately seat a dish, the per capita consumption of time will be reduced by at least 5–10 minutes. The practice is to eat every dish, immediately received >

Beijing will intensify the strict control of food and drug safety – net

food and drug safety related to each person, so in order to make a reasonable plan, let more people not because of selfish and cause harm to society. Beijing will build 8 this year, to promote the food from farm to table, drugs from the laboratory to the supervision of the whole process of consumers, accelerate the pilot drug marketing authorization holder system process, and plans to achieve the goal of the creation of the "national food safety city" in 3 years.

2016 year, Beijing city issued a "Beijing city" in 13th Five-Year "period of food and drug safety development plan", the food and drug safety issues in the people’s livelihood in Beijing City, included in the municipal government focus on supervision and project performance appraisal system, overall planning of food and drug safety supervision.

according to the Beijing Municipal Food and drug safety monitoring results show that in 2016, the city and county level two food and drug supervision department completed a total of 163 thousand samples of food and drug sampling monitoring, medicine, medical, cosmetics, a total of 15 thousand sample testing, a pass rate of 99.85%, 95.57% and 99.43% respectively; basic medicine and community medicine lingchalv sampling qualified rate for 7 consecutive years to reach 100%; key food monitoring sampling pass rate of 98.5%.

at the same time, promote the coordination of food and drug safety supervision of Beijing, tianjin. Beijing, Tianjin and food and drug safety supervision department set up a linkage collaborative leadership team, and the establishment of a joint meeting system. Signed "1+5" cooperation agreement, including "1" is a large overall agreement, namely "deepening Tianjin Food and drug safety area construction mechanism of collaboration agreement"; the food field around the whole industry chain traceability, drug production supervision, food and drug inspection case inspection linkage, the market of livestock product circulation the quality and safety of signed 5 specific cooperation agreement, to enhance the level of regional food security. In medicine, carry out drug production enterprises in Beijing Tianjin Hebei GMP (GMP) joint inspection, to promote the "Beijing · Cangzhou District of Bohai biomedical industry park policies floor, Beijing signed admission enterprises has reached 65.

in Beijing, will increase the control of food and drug safety, only to bring more peace of mind to the majority of the people of Beijing, so that people recognize. Conscientiously implement the pilot program for the implementation of the pilot system of drug listing holders in Beijing to speed up the pilot process. Actively promote the consistency of generic drugs, to promote the quality and efficacy of generic drugs continued to improve, and the original import of drugs in clinical practice to replace each other, enhance market competitiveness.

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Cool tongue sprouts join venture Road easier

in general, the characteristics of the brand, always very attractive. How cool the sprouts? Good quality projects, the best choice for successful business. Join the cool tongue sprouts project, open their own cool tongue sprouts stores, is also a very good choice or not?

in the upsurge of entrepreneurship, want to make outstanding achievements must be unique. To attract people eyeball good projects, new entrepreneurship refers to all new and exotic has more functions of small objects to join the project. This kind of small projects to many investors to bring the first pot of gold, from success. Today Xiaobian to recommend is highly welcomed by the people of the cool tongue sprouts to join the project.

cool tongue is only joined sprouts nutrient utilization of seed stored inside nutrient transformation and the protein formed by the decomposition of amino acid, various substances formed by the decomposition of various minerals, easily absorbed. Through biological transformation, at the appropriate temperature, humidity, light and other conditions, the polysaccharides into simple sugars, proteins into amino acids, into a variety of vitamins, so it has higher health care function


cool tongue is joining the plant sprouts set the essence of heaven and earth, mountains and rivers of the seeds produced by poly aura, a new type of organic vegetables by germination and contains general nutrition of vegetables, but also rich in vitamins, minerals and activity of plant protein, plant primary shoots as food, nutrition is more likely to be the human body absorption.

is the age of struggle, what are you still hesitating about? Join the cool tongue sprouts project, to join us, we realize the dream of wealth! Why hesitate? Join the choice, the advantage is obvious! Trustworthy good project!

With forgiveness harvest grateful return

what would you do if your child was beaten for no reason at all? Each person’s treatment may be different, and for me, once encountered such a worry. Although the son was not me as a PDA, but easily I will not fight. A chance, but he was a slap in the face of a customer. The cause of the matter is this.

son and a bunch of kids around a car play catch. When you are playing jubilant, a man from the car down, indiscriminately began to beat, my son and another child is to bear the brunt of one person he slapped, when all the children are scared. In a hurry, a child ran to the store and told me that my son was beaten.

I came to the car, looked at his son’s swollen face, as well as those five finger printing, distressed bad. After the perpetrators hit the child, actually returned to the car, the door closed, no one is called to open the door. What should I do? Son was so beaten in vain? I did not lose my temper, and told all the children are dispersed, their respective home. And then criticize his son, should not run around the car back and forth, if it is not naughty not all right? The son is very wronged cry, I can only let him go home, oneself slowly wait for this person out.

finally he did not come out, and later his family came, I see, is not too familiar with the customer, she has long known from other people’s mouth after the matter. The first thing I saw was an apology. Said his home recently much husband, the mood is not good, can drink, or doesn’t take the kids. Finally, she took out the spare car keys to open the door, smell the car of gas, I can not speak, and told her everything, the child does not matter. Let your uncle after drink wine, on their own are not good for others. She repeatedly thanked me.

son was beaten for no reason, the most distressed is me, but to see the drunk unconscious, to see his family’s apology, I can only forgive. I was forgiven, but the other child’s parents quit. Their own children from small to large, they are not willing to touch it, what can he do with wine can play? Nor can a scoundrel. The child’s grandparents found me, and I was determined to send the man to prison. The child’s father is the head of a police station.

faces two angry old man, I can only persuade them, so they don’t get excited, it slowly. Because I repeat my words, they are able to listen to, in my comfort, they get home. Both sides are their customers, are next door neighbours on who is not good, harden, moreover I also victims of events. What should I do? Things to deal with.

in her husband’s intervention, after several days, on both sides of the enlightenment, to help the batterer apology, say yes, >