Xining city for entrepreneurs to lend 75 million 970 thousand yuan

Xining city for entrepreneurs to lend 75 million 970 thousand yuan

Reporters from the city

entrepreneurship microfinance Loan Service Center learned that from 1 to October, the city issued personal loans 465 pen, the loan amount is 39 million 470 thousand yuan; distribution business loans 22 households, total loan amount of 36 million 500 thousand yuan; for entrepreneurs to provide business loans 75 million 970 thousand yuan.

it is understood that, in order to better provide financial help for entrepreneurs, the city to further optimize the adjustment of entrepreneurial guarantee loan policy. The application object conditions from the city accounts further relaxed, all in the province registered within the territory of the business sector, with entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial conditions of urban and rural workers or independent business entity or partnership office network businesses, as well as labor-intensive Small and micro businesses can apply for a business loan guarantee. read more

Xining spring festival tourism market revenue nearly billion

February 14th is the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau, during the Spring Festival holiday, the city’s tourism market in an orderly manner, the city’s tourist reception volume significantly increased over last year. According to statistics, from February 7th to 13, the city received a total of 230 thousand and 900 passengers, an increase of 30.45%, total tourism revenue of $91 million, an increase of 12.8%. Among them, the overnight tourists 36 thousand and 800 passengers, an increase of 12.54%, day trips tourists, an increase of 40.86%. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics condolences to urban and rural Party organizations to help Hua

Recently, in the 90 birthday is approaching Chinese Party branch secretary, Party members, deputy director of the Bureau of the party, Wang Munakata by Bureau commissioned, led the relevant personnel to twinning on – Ping Xiang Huangyuan county urban and rural party organization "hand in hand" long and village condolences of all Party members, for each party sent weiwenpin, and had a discussion with all members of the village, to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese read more

Huangzhong commitment to give children a nap bed

recently, the media reported the Huangzhong County Wangjiazhuang village of Hai Zi Gou Xiang preschool children, because at noon without wall to sleep in the outdoor resting place, attracted great attention in China, became the domestic hot news. To this end, Huangzhong county Party committee and government solemnly promised to overcome the difficulties, and strive in the next 16 months, to solve the problem of the county’s 68 rural early childhood education at the end of the 2120 children without resting place. read more

Datong 11 thousand and 200 poor farmers to bid farewell to the dilapidated buildings

2013, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County completely improved 2894, 11 thousand and 200 rural poor people’s housing conditions. Of which: five households scattered support 36 households, households 2560 households, 277 households with 21 households, focus groups.  

Eastern encourage people to report environmental pollution

In order to further improve the awareness rate of

year, recently, Chengdong district "how do" the 29 "model" member units of a total of 42 people took to the streets to carry out the "start" from the respiratory health as the theme of the campaign, to encourage the masses to supervise and report environmental pollution in the area with the event.
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Multi sectoral initiatives to boost the power sector to promote the construction of the new village

  in May 17th, the electricity service personnel came to Huangyuan County, Heping Township, white water village for the villagers to provide on-site inspection services.
white water to village relocation by power project is one of the 2012 Huangyuan county power supply company service relocation of 12 villages project, these villages located in brain Hill inaccessible areas, with the government to promote and implement poverty alleviation projects, for these areas of immigration projects have been started. State Grid Qinghai electric power company unified deployment, with a total investment of 6 million 528 thousand yuan, to ensure investment in place, service quality. In order to ensure a smooth and orderly implementation of the relocation project, residents living electricity production timely, adequate, Huangyuan county power supply company to establish power supply professional groups, on the one hand to strengthen communication with the county government, timely understand the relocation site, check the relocation information; on the other hand in the construction of deep investigation village construction scale, reasonable prediction of electricity demand, repeated discussion construction scheme, in the shortest possible time to formulate promotion funds and programs to meet local conditions and long-term development of the project implementation, to boost the power grid construction projects and rural residents relocation project implementation simultaneously. The
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During the Spring Festival 80 thousand tons of real estate around the county to play a leading role

February 4th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, with the Spring Festival approaching, the demand for vegetable volume will continue to increase, but from Baoziwan, Datong, Huangyuan, Ping An to 80 thousand tons of local dishes will be listed in the Spring Festival period, this will not only make the city during the holiday season vegetable prices will not rise, at the same time will make the city field vegetables play a leading role in the situation has changed.

reporter in the Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market to understand, at present, most vegetables in our city is still in Shaanxi, Yunnan, from Gansu, Shandong, Henan, Guangdong and other places, foreign food still dominate the vegetable market in our city, the proportion reached 80%. I expected with the warmer weather, local vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, leeks, green Shanghai will also be listed, Baoziwan, Datong, Huangyuan, Ping and other places will have 1300 greenhouses during the Spring Festival for the city vegetable market supply 80 thousand tons of vegetables and real estate. This will greatly increase the proportion of local vegetables in the market. In the Sea Lake Road wholesale market to do business, Mr. Zhu said: this year, local dishes listed earlier than in the past, there are many varieties, local rape price 1.5 yuan / kg, leeks, $1.7 / kg, Pleurotus ostreatus 1.7 yuan / kg. read more

Enterprises to absorb college graduates enjoy job subsidies and social security subsidies

Reporters learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, enterprises to absorb the employment of college graduates enjoy post subsidies and social security subsidies have relevant provisions.

can enjoy the subsidy policy of college graduates: the provincial colleges and universities employment of graduates; colleges outside the province from reviving unemployed graduates. Enjoy the policy of subsidies to the enterprise units: in Qinghai province engaged in production and operation or registration of various types of enterprises and units, as well as to absorb the employment of college graduates in Qinghai provincial enterprises and units in the green. read more

Asked the people in charge of accountability has been in the face of yesterday’s Urban Management Bu

March 28th, Xining city and four District Secretary chased out of the office, came to the provincial capital sunning Plaza and the public face to face, to solicit public opinions on the urban management department, and the public to reflect the issue to be on-site office. It is understood that this is the first time the Xining urban management department to carry out urban management and the public face to face activities.

to further change the style of work, close to the masses, for the masses to solve practical difficulties, Xining urban management departments to carry out the urban management and the public face to face activities. The same day, the scene attracted a lot of people to participate in consultation. Mr Li is going to open a store in the East District, he consulted the door decoration and other aspects of the examination and approval procedures and requirements to the east of the district urban management bureau. After listening to the director of the answer, Mr. Lee is very satisfied. He said that these days are ready to go to the Urban Management Bureau consultation, did not expect today in the square to solve the. read more

Open bus lanes have four problems

Non motorized vehicles only

Xining city bus lanes will be opened after the news release, the public are looking forward to. However, the reporter found that after the opening of the bus lanes in Xining is also facing many problems. One problem: how to deal with the parking lane? I initially planned in Kunlun Road, Lake Road, Zhang Ning Road, Qaidam Road four road non motorized road opened bus lanes, bus lines involving a total of 46, including 29 bus, city transportation company 17. However, the reporter saw in the Sea Lake Road, the road is not full of all kinds of motor vehicles within the motor vehicle, has become a parking lot. If the bus lanes opened, the vehicle parked above must be cleared out. The Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market has not yet been relocated, parking demand is huge, so clean up these parked vehicles need to spend enormous energy, if handled improperly, bus lanes there will still be a social vehicle docking, the impact of traffic. Problem two: failure to do? The four way is to use the existing non motorized vehicles to set the bus lanes, due to the original design, non motorized road is not spacious, can only accommodate a bus pass, if the bus fault occurs in the lane, the back of the car can not bypass, is bound to cause a wide range of congestion. This happens after only route through the bypass bus. The three problem: what should I do? In the bus lane, if a pedestrian crossing the road causing the accident, how to divide the responsibility? If the accident occurred due to the car in front of the bus route when driving, and how to divide the responsibility? Question four: turn left at the intersection of illegal? According to the design requirements of the road, bus lanes can be set on the right side of the road, but some buses need to turn left at the lane after leaving, according to the existing provisions are not in the lane, should belong to illegal behavior, but the illegal behavior is really a bit unjust. It is understood that the reference to the current Beijing, Shanghai and other cities to set the bus lanes, bus lanes should be fully closed road, but also can accommodate two lanes of public transport bus side by side. At the same time, the mainland many buses have been installed in front of the public security organ to monitor the probe, can judge whether the vehicle lane use social monitoring probe, also as the vehicle lane is illegal. According to the reporter, in view of the above problems, the relevant departments are actively investigating, and strive to come up with a practical solution, so that the city bus lanes opened early. (author: Zhao Linsong) read more

Introduction to the commercial building of the commercial leisure Square in Xining Railway Station

The new train station in Xining comprehensive renovation project, is the single largest investment project in Xining City, the giant Chinese since the new station was established, commercial leisure square, and the riverside road underground commercial street two core business circle and the station of high-speed rail, bus, bus, rent, parking, rail traffic in one the traffic hub, the formation of Qinghai province’s largest passenger traffic logistics distributing area and the Huangshui River riverfront landscape recreation area, the core commercial area, not only meet the domestic and foreign visitors, stay, gathering, shopping, office, trade, rest, watch the demand, but also the sign of landmark buildings, Qinghai City, become Province, Xining City show "western gate", "Pilgrim’s starting point" image characteristics of important portal, on the construction of Xining, Qinghai opened a new exchange platform, It is of great significance to promote the economic and social development of Qinghai province.The construction of

7; read more

Is the air fresh The city will build observation

How much of the negative oxygen ions in the air are beneficial to our body every day? How is the air fresh? The reporter learned from the Municipal Forestry Bureau, at present, our city has reached an agreement with the State Forestry Bureau of ecological monitoring center, the construction of negative oxygen ion observation station in the city in the forest and the city in the observation station is completed, the city will be able to explain to the public using the monitoring data, clearly!

at present, the city is still a positive declaration of National Forest Ecosystem Research Station of city level location, the station if approved construction, will be long-term monitoring in the forest environment, climate, soil, water circulation and vegetation status, including PM2.5, heavy metals in soil and water and soil conservation and other indicators of public concern. read more

Need to standardize the sales season

because many shops in the season when it don’t have to worry about commodities, will often take some non-standard operations, may have what effect in the short term, but so long, for the development of the shop will be very bad. Therefore, even in the sales season, the same need to standardize the operation, so that the store can be more long-term development.

holiday sales season is coming, I believe the majority of retail customers are thinking about the same problem, that is how to seize the opportunity to further enhance the legitimate profit? The author believes that the standard operation is to look at the long-term future, we make money common development path. read more

Our province to complete the rural three left personnel thorough investigation work

implementation of the State Council and the relevant ministries of the province’s deployment, timely carry out the province’s Rural three left personnel thorough investigation work, as of now, the province thoroughly investigation work has been fully completed.

from the beginning of April to the end of July, the province’s total found 18180 children left in rural areas, including 12293 students in kindergarten, 2875 people, 215 people with disabilities, by the government to rescue 770 people, no household of 220 people, the total number of eligible minors accounted for the province’s Rural household registration number 2.11%; investigation of a total of 3576 people left behind women in rural areas meet the conditions of rural women, the province accounted for 0.38% of the number of household registration; investigation of a total of 10508 people left behind elderly in rural areas, accounting for the province’s rural household registration number of the elderly with 2.9% conditions. By Mopai found that left behind children in rural areas of our province mainly concentrated in three counties of East Sea and Xining City, left behind women relatively concentrated in East Sea and Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the elderly left behind in the sea east city, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in three to the more concentrated. read more

Identify the franchise chain trap layout to avoid the loss of entrepreneurship

stock market turbulent, tragedy happened, people think that the best way to get rich or entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial market venture projects many of which are beyond count, false to join the brand, entrepreneurial novices must know how to distinguish, to avoid unnecessary losses.

1, a bombardment of advertising:

they are costly, spend a lot of money, big advertising in newspapers, magazines, television, network, all over the country to attract the attention of those who get rich;

2, the fraudster portrayed himself as a very deep background, like the towering giant trees! read more

Carefully organize the implementation of the work of the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation g

this year, the City Transportation Bureau attaches great importance to the Green Zone, according to the unified arrangement, Nanshan green command seriously, strengthen the implementation and progress of the green management work smoothly, the growth of trees thriving green area.


, a spring, bureau of traffic of city green area to seize the favorable opportunity of spring planting, launched 2012 forest replanting planting work, combined with the actual processing of green area, tamarisk planting more than 60 thousand branches of sowing, replanting willow planted more than 4 strains, the survival rate reached 98%, the successful completion of the spring planting season. read more

Health literacy promotion action project officially launched

reporter from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission held a central subsidies for local health literacy promotion project in 2015 and 2016 summary of the project to start the meeting learned that the province’s 2016 annual health literacy promotion project officially started.

2015 years, the province’s health planning departments at all levels in accordance with the "2015 year of Qinghai province to promote health literacy project implementation plan", carefully organize the implementation of the project, and carry out the work, improve the level of health literacy of residents of the province to 5.99%, an increase of 1.6 percentage points over the previous year. This year, will continue to promote health promotion county (District) construction, health literacy, health literacy monitoring of traditional Chinese medicine and the tobacco epidemic monitoring, strengthen 12320 health hotline counseling intervention, to carry out health education activities for the public, Wanlixing local disease and major diseases such as health education, to promote the work of the project further specification carry out. To the national monitoring and evaluation standards and methods as the template, with 8 monitoring points of the new focus, strengthen guidance and supervision; to promote health education and lead into the school of health, fitness activities, and then into the city health and health village construction, actively promote a healthy and civilized way of life for health the idea has become an important element of social civilization. read more