ST: 8-bit MCUs with rich analog and DMA in low-cost SO-8 package

first_imgSTMicroelectronics is boosting feature integration in low-cost, low-power 8-bit microcontrollers with the new STM8L050. As the latest in the ultra-energy-conscious STM8L series, it embeds rich analog peripherals, a DMA controller, and separated data EEPROM, all in an inexpensive SO-8 package with up to six user I/Os. Leveraging ST’s powerful, efficient STM8 core running at up to 16 MHz, the STM8L050 delivers economy and performance for resource-constrained products like industrial sensors, toys, access cards, e-bike controllers, home-automation or lighting products, smart printer cartridges, or battery chargers.The integrated DMA (Direct Memory Access) controller speeds application performance by streamlining data transfers between peripherals and memory, or from memory to memory, ultimately saving power consumption. The 256 bytes of separated EEPROM allows applications to store important program data when the MCU is powered down, while allowing maximum utilization of Flash for code storage.Alongside two comparators, the STM8L050 has a 4-channel 12-bit analog-digital converter (ADC) and a low-power real-time clock with programmable alarm and periodic wakeups, allowing designers to minimize external analog components. In addition, support for either an external or internal clock at up to 16MHz further enhances flexibility to balance performance with bill-of-materials savings.Other features include 8Kbytes of on-chip Flash memory, 1Kbyte of RAM, two 16-bit timers, one 8-bit timer, and popular connectivity and debug interfaces including SPI, I2C, UART, and SWIM.As an STM8L device leveraging ST’s ultra-low-power technologies, the STM8L050 provides power-saving modes that cut current to as little as 350nA, and operates over a wide voltage range from 3.6V down to 1.8V. The MCUs are fully specified from -40 to 125°C, ensuring robustness and reliability in demanding applications such as industrial controls or lighting products.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Chips & Components Continue Reading Previous Allegro: advanced transmission speed sensor ICs with ASIL B certificationNext Mouser and Inventek Systems announce global distribution agreementlast_img read more

congatec presents 10 new high-end modules for embedded edge computing

first_img Continue Reading Previous Eurotech integrates Infineon TPM to enable end-to-end security for IoT Edge SolutionsNext Kontron S&T acquires industrial mainboard business from Fujitsu Technology Solutions congatec announced 10 new COM Express Type 6 modules featuring the best and latest Intel embedded processor technology. The four Intel Xeon, three Intel Core, two Intel Celeron and one Intel Pentium processors are all based on the same Intel microarchitecture (codenamed Coffee Lake H). This enables congatec to provide all 10 new processors on one COM Express module design the conga-TS370. A total of 14 processor module variants are now available on this single microarchitecture, offering extremely wide scalability. The spearhead in terms of computing power is the 45 watt 6-core module with 2.8 GHz Intel Xeon E-2276ME processor. It provides the highest embedded computing performance with integrated high-performance processor graphics currently available worldwide, while the 2.4 GHz Intel Celeron G4930E processor module with 35 watts sets the new price-performance benchmark.Particularly noteworthy are the two 6-core congatec modules with a TDP of 25 watts offered on Intel Xeon E-2276ML and Intel Core i7-9850HL processors. They enable developers to create completely passively cooled embedded edge computing systems that can run up to 12 standalone virtual machines in parallel thanks to hyperthreading. This allows operation even in fully sealed systems, under the harshest environmental conditions and with the highest IP protection. The same applies to the two quad-core modules with Intel Xeon E-2254ML or Intel Core i3-9100HL processor as well as the Intel Celeron G4932E processor-based module, all featuring a partly configurable TDP of 25 watts.Other applications besides embedded edge computing include classic high-end medical imaging systems and HMIs as well as high-end gaming, infotainment and digital signage systems that require best-in-class computing power and throughput on a single die in tandem with the Intel graphics technology.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Boards & Modules last_img read more

Automating IoT security threat/risk analysis and compliance

first_imgShare this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: IoT A Discovery service allows peers/subscribers to learn about the services supported. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must Register or Login to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. There are three sharing models defined in TAXII: Hub and Spoke, Source/Subscriber, and Peer to Peer.Both STIX and TAXII are machine-readable. Designing services such as this to be machine-readable is a pre-requisite for enabling automated analysis and response to the latest threats. These threat intelligence feeds provide useful information but must be analyzed in the context of the unique vulnerabilities associated with an IoT product – for this, additional data feeds are required. The latest security advisory data must be available for example. Machine-readable vulnerability feeds allow an IoT security service to analyze threats in context to come up with a true risk-based scoring model for their products. Cisco for example has defined the OpenVuln API to enable automation of their Cisco-specific security advisories. Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) provides a vendor-agnostic capability for machines to consume CVE data. SCAP has been around for more than a decade and provides a listing of known security flaws, software configuration issues and associated product names.Product vulnerability information must extend down to the components used within the product. Open Source Software (OSS) and third-party libraries play a vital role in IoT products. Customer organizations must be able to identify these libraries within deployed IoT products to accurately calculate risk. To solve this, the National Telecommunications Industry Association (NTIA) is working on the Software Component Transparency initiative that will result in a machine-readable Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).The SBOM will allow customer organizations to be able to query for the libraries and components used within the product and make use of the data in an automated analysis program. This supports easy identification of vulnerable components that must be patched and allows APIs to be developed that track the status of these components during the life of a product. It will take time however for IoT product vendors to begin incorporating this new capability.In the interim, tools such as VDOO Vision™ can be used by security operations teams to scan IoT products attached to the network, report back on vulnerabilities and inventory all of the third-party libraries present in their IoT devices. This information is used to more accurately calculate risk and determine which specific library patches must be deployed quickly. Tools such as VDOO’s Embedded Runtime Agent (ERA™) can even be quickly compiled on IoT products to mitigate identified firmware risks far more quickly than it would take a developer to patch, presenting security operations teams with a balanced approach towards mitigation. ERA supports both Linux and Android and operates on MIPS, ARM and X86_64 architectures. It is designed to minimize impact on device requirements such as code-size, latency. For example, ERA introduces only 1MB of storage overhead and less than 1% of typical IoT CPU overhead. Security engineers are informed of the tailored ERA safeguards based on the results of the VDOO Vision scans.Security Operations teams should begin designing automated risk management processes for their IoT deployments. In the Department of Defense (DoD) for example, cyber security leaders have begun to build upon the success of their continuous compliance programs to begin enabling a more comprehensive automated risk management program. Instead of simply calculating compliance scorecards that demonstrate a deployment’s adherence to a set of policies or regulations, security teams can automatically quantify risk by evaluating multiple data feeds that better inform on the context of a vulnerability. This requires a holistic view of the current vulnerabilities within a system and the impacts and likelihood of threats. By automating and integrating vulnerability data with threat intelligence data an organization can create a near real-time view of their risk management profile for their IoT products.All of these automated data feeds can allow product security engineers to begin thinking about automated responses to the latest risks. We can look to the cloud firewall industry for examples of automated response to threat information. Cloud firewalls today integrate APIs that can automatically modify rules based on the latest threat intelligence – for example, known-malicious IP addresses or DNS records.IoT products should begin to incorporate basic security automation features at the device and cloud service level that allow policies and rulesets to be updated as new threats are discovered or the likelihood or impact of a threat increases. Organizations such as NIST’s National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCOE) are also defining new approaches such as Manufacturer Usage Description MUD that allow device profiles to be generated and stored in the cloud. These profiles signal to the ecosystem the valid communication profile for the device. Using an approach such as this, IoT device profiles can provide an additional input into the automated risk analysis of an IoT deployment.As industry continues to make progress in enabling technologies for automated risk management, IoT product vendors should adopt these features to support their customers’ ability to quickly assess risk and automatically deploy mitigation actions.Brian Russell is a Security Advisor for VDOO and Chair of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Internet of Things (IoT) Working Group. He is also a Chief Engineer for Cyber Security Solutions at Leidos – a Fortune 500 Government Contractor where he has led Research and Development (R&D) for secure cloud systems, autonomous vehicles, permissioned blockchain networks, and cryptographic key management systems. Brian is an adjunct professor with the University of San Diego (USD) in the graduate Cyber Security Operations and Leadership Program and co-author of the book Practical Internet of Things Security. He is also a SANS Analyst. An Inbox service allows nodes to receive content and a Polling service specifies how to request content.center_img Continue Reading Previous PEAK-System: integrate CAN FD interface and I/O functionality into your hardwareNext ADLINK joins ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee Risk management is a never-ending task. Security engineers must continuously evaluate threats, vulnerabilities and risks to meet compliance mandates and stay ahead of attackers. Analysts must be able to analyze near daily vulnerability reports and calculate their impact on systems. This can lead to overwork and fatigue as vulnerability reports never stop. Automation is critical to helping organizations make sense of threat intelligence data, dynamically update policies and achieve continuous compliance within systems. Machine-readability is required to enable automated threat and risk analysis processes.This article examines some of the automated threat and vulnerability management options available today and discusses how these approaches can be adapted to the goal of securing the IoT and maintaining near real-time views of not only compliance but also risk status. A previous article more broadly discussed the need for tools that help developers more effectively build security into IoT products.To enable automated risk management for IoT deployments, analytics systems ingest data from numerous disparate sources and automatically analyze that data to craft a clear picture of the latest risks. Sources of data ideally include IoT products themselves which should be designed to report on device software and hardware composition and third-party or open-source components. Firmware analysis tools run by the security operations team scan the latest deployed firmware and report back on weaknesses. Threat intelligence feeds provide context to threats including attacker profiles and capabilities. All of this data should be provided in machine-readable format so that it can be fed to machine-learning algorithms that are trained to calculate a risk profile for each device. Maintaining a continuously updated risk profile of each type of device provides a solid foundation for analyzing security trade-off decisions. Figure 1 shows a framework for automated and continuous threat and risk for larger image Figure 1: Data collection informs automated risk profiling (Source: VDOO) One of the first areas that can be automated is threat intelligence sharing. Threat intelligence provides ongoing data regarding the latest attacker profiles and context related to Indicators of Compromise (IoCs). Today, there are a number of automated threat intelligence sharing tools available. Structured Threat Information eXpression (STIX) is one example. Created by MITRE and OASIS, STIX allows sharing of threat information including motivators, capabilities, and suggested response. STIX also provides data related to the indicators of compromise and the appropriate response/course of action to take if compromised. STIX 2.0 is available from OASIS and is designed to work either as a standalone sharing standard or with the Trusted Automated eXchange of Intelligence Information (TAXII) specification.TAXII is also defined by OASIS. TAXII is a REST-based API that operates over HTTPS. The specification defines how standardized threat intelligence information is shared. Channels can be configured using a basic publish/subscribe model allowing producers to share threat intelligence data with consumers. In an IoT model, the cloud security service supporting the device product would act as a consumer of threat intelligence data, enabling the service to autonomously evaluate the latest threat environment associated with the device. Three services are defined: A Collection Management service allows for subscription to data collections.last_img read more

World Cup 2018: Spain find massive support among Asian football fans

first_imgFootball rules million of hearts and it’s no different in Asia, where the game enjoys unparalleled popularity. However, the 2018 World Cup has only five participants from the continent. The highest ranked Asian side at the quadrennial event is Australia at 36, which strictly speaking is not even an Asian country.In the absence of their teams at the World Cup, Asian football fans have often supported European nations. The phenomenon could be a result of the popularity of the European domestic leagues in the Asian countries.La Liga competes hard with the English Premier League in Asian markets, where the quality of local competitions can be modest and their national teams’ hopes of qualifying for the World Cup remote.2018 FIFA WORLD CUP: FULL COVERAGESpain in particular have found massive support among the Asian fans. The likes of Sergio Ramos, Andres Iniesta and Isco are hugely admired by Asian football fans, many of whom have flocked to the World Cup to follow the 2010 champions to unlikely destinations across the huge Russian heartland.Chinese fans are particularly smitten by Spanish football, while being dismissive of the stodgier local product showcased at home.Chinese football fan Diego Wang would prefer to see the national team play at the World Cup, but in their absence, his heart belongs to Spain and the superstars he has long revered on television.FIFA WORLD CUP: FIXTURES | POINTS TABLEIt was a big commitment for Wang to fly his parents and girlfriend from their Ecuador home base to Russia to see the Iberians, but a chance not to be spurned.advertisement”We’re quite into Spain because we actually studied there so we have some sentiment about the place,” Beijing-born Wang told Reuters in Kazan on Tuesday, on the eve of the Group B match against Iran.”We like the style of Spanish football, and this is the last chance to see this generation of Spanish players so we wanted to come see them,” added Wang.Wang Wei, a lawyer from Yantai in the eastern province of Shandong, had tickets for the Spain-Iran match at Kazan Arena for he and his friend Deng Mengtao, a Russia-based Chinese.Also read – Fighters from the frozen north: Iceland had also stunned Portugal in 2016″This team Spain, because its a highly skilled team, that’s why we like them,” Wang said, while out sightseeing at Kazan’s Kremlin, the city’s most popular tourist sight.”Then there is the La Liga competition, Barcelona, then Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, we all like them. They give us young people more passion and inspiration.”Dressed in a Spain shirt, Bangkok-based Kirana Chontweenut and her Thai friend Kornkarun Wattaninwong arrived in Kazan after a long train journey.Also read – World Cup: Saudi Arabia players safe after plane engine catches fireInitially nervous about travelling in Russia, they were pleasantly surprised by the local hospitality.”I’ve supported Spain for about 10 years and I love their tactics and when they play together its the best for me,” chemicals industry worker Kirana told Reuters.”I like Raul Gonzalez (before) and now it’s Sergio Ramos.”I can’t explain how much Im excited about tomorrow night. It was my dream. It’s like a dream come true.”Her friend Kornkarun added: “Because we’ll be able to see the players as someone you can watching from the screen, the TV screen for years and now were seeing them for the very first time in our life, basically, so it’s very, very exciting.”A Thailand tourism worker, Kornkarun was also wearing red but it was a Bayern Munich shirt.She admitted her first allegiance was to defending champions Germany, and showed off her fingernails painted in the yellow, black and red of the country’s flag.”Tomorrow (they’re) going to be Spain red and yellow,” she laughed.(With Reuters inputs)last_img read more

TV actress Kritika Kamra turns up the heat in a bikini; pic goes viral

first_imgKritika Kamra, who rose to fame with her role of Aarohi in Kitani Mohabbat Hai opposite Karan Kundra, isn’t exactly trapped in a typical TV bahu image. Yet, she has hardly shot for bold photo shoots and posted bikini pics on her Instagram page.She, however, made an exception recently while holiday in Krabi, Thailand, when she turned into a beach bum by sporting a pink bikini.Thankfully, she did not receive a backlash like many of her contemporaries are so used to whenever they post a bikini pic. She in fact got a lot of compliments for her bold look.Kritika who was most recently linked to Jackky Bhagnani recently made news when she said she wanted to kill her ex-boyfriend Karan Kundra. Here’s what she said: “I will kill Karan Kundra because I can’t marry or hook-up with him. I can’t hook-up with Karan Johar so I will marry him. He has two beautiful kids, I will have to do nothing, just take care of the kids. (Looked at Karan Wahi) I am very sorry but we may have to hook-up.” She was asked who she would kill, marry or hook up with amongst Karan Wahi, Karan Johar and Karan Kundra.Kritika has been choosy about her roles and has refrained from playing regressive roles. She played Dr. Nidhi in Kuch Toh Log Kahengey who falls in love with a man twice her age and is seen as Ananya Kashyap in Reporters. She has also participated in dance reality shows Zara Nachke Dikha and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.advertisementlast_img read more

Kadaikutty Singam release this Friday: 5 reasons to watch Karthi’s rural drama

first_imgActor Karthi started off his career by playing a villager in director Ameer’s Paruthiveeran. His realistic performance in the state award-winning film earned him critical acclaim. However, the actor has been conscious enough to not fall into an image trap.He took more than seven years to opt for another village-based script. With director Muthaiah’s Komban, Karthi once again proved that he can excel in this genre with as much expertise as he can while playing city-based roles.With director Pandiraj’s Kadaikutty Singam, it looks like Karthi is going all out. Right from his looks to his expressions, Karthi has got into the skin of a villager. The film’s cast includes Sayyeshaa, Sathyaraj, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Bhanupriya, Sriman and Arthana. The ensemble cast is also one of the reasons why the film looks authentic.As Kadaikutty Singam gears up for a worldwide release on July 13, take a look at why you need to watch this film.1. Pandiraj’s rootsDirector Pandiraj is known for his realistic scripts. In almost all his interviews, he has spoken about his humble background. He hails from a farmer’s family and Kadaikutty Singam has Pandiraj written all over it.The Pasanga director has always been vocal about the importance of agriculture and farming. His entire family is into farming and that has been an inspiration for him. In an interview, the director said, “I wanted to make a film with a farmer for a hero, who takes great pride in being one. If you treat it as a business, it can be profitable.”advertisement2. Karthi’s determinationFor the past couple of years, Karthi’s filmography is filled with city-based films. But he hails from a family which is deeply rooted in culture and tradition. Even today, Sivakumar and his entire family celebrate important festivals in his villages.Kadaikutty Singam is a film that will focus on the importance of strong relationships. Karthi hails from one such family with rich culture and tradition. Karthi, in an interview, revealed that people need to realise the importance of family no matter how educated you are in life.3. Suriya’s cameoKadaikutty Singam’s premise emphasises familial values. Similarly, Karthi’s brother and actor Suriya was instrumental in assembling the entire team. He was the backbone of the film and made sure the shooting progressed as smoothly as possible.Another reason why Kadaikutty Singam has become a family venture is because of Suriya’s inclusion. In fact, the National Award-winning actor has played a cameo in the film. He was also particular about the film looking as authentic as possible.4. Rekla raceWe automatically associate the phrase ‘village-based entertainer’ with visuals of jallikattu. But there are other sports activities in villages that are lesser known to people.One such sport is the rekla race, which involves bulls lugging carts for a certain distance, and then the winners are awarded. Around 140 carts participated in the race organised by the Rekla Federation of Tamil Nadu. The team of Kadaikutty Singam used the opportunity to film the race and have it as an integral part of the story.5. Good pre-release buzzMonths before the release of Kadaikutty Singam, the team managed to sell the digital and satellite rights for a fair price. It is said that the digital rights have been purchased by Amazon Prime while the satellite rights have been sold to Vijay Television.However, Kadaikutty Singam is taking on Tamizh Padam 2, which has managed to generate a better buzz. If Tamizh Padam 2’s screenplay is engaging, there are high chances that Kadaikutty Singam will emerge as a winner in this box office battle.ALSO SEE | Suriya and Karthi turn singers for Venkat Prabhu’s film PartyALSO WATCH | Tamil actor Surya sends legal notice to PETA for slanderous commentslast_img read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price, specs and everything else we know so far ahead of August 9 launch

first_imgWe are just a little over a week away from Samsung’s Unpacked 2018 event in New York where the company is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 9 and perhaps a few other products like the Galaxy Tab S4, a redesigned S Pen and the Galaxy Watch. The Galaxy Note 9 will be the star of the as it will be the third flagship phone from the company this year following the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. There have been tons of rumours, renders, live images and reports of the phone over the past few weeks and news is still leaking out.Late last Friday, a tipster based in Indonesia tweeted a promotional image of the Galaxy Note 9 along with its price and storage variants. According to the promo, the Galaxy Note 9 will be offered in two storage variants – 128GB and 512GB. The 128GB Galaxy Note 9 will have a price tag of IDR 13,500,000 (approx Rs 64,400) while the top model will be priced IDR 17,500,000 (approx Rs 83,500) in Indonesia. Notably, the promo does not mention 64GB or 256GB models, both of which have been rumoured in the past. In fact, here’s a quick roundup of all that we know so far about the upcoming Galaxy Note 9.– Talking about the design first, don’t expect a dramatic change to the look of the Galaxy Note 9 compared to the Galaxy Note 8. The upcoming flagship is expected to sport a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display on the front with narrow bezels. This means it could just marginally taller than the 6.3-inch display on the predecessor. You can also expect a dual curved edge display which has become a trademark for the company.advertisement– The biggest change to the design will likely be on the rear panel of the Galaxy Note 9. The device, which will sport a glass back, will see a new placement for the fingerprint sensor. The sensor will now be placed just below the dual camera setup to avoid smudging the camera lens and making it easier to reach for users. The Galaxy Note 9 will be offered in three different colour options – black, blue and brown. — Samsung’s stylus, the S Pen, is expected to see a redesign as well which suggests some new functionalities although details around this are still slim. Some reports in the past suggest the S Pen could come with Bluetooth support and may allow for music playback control and long-range self-timer among other things. The way Samsung has been teasing the S Pen, it’s safe to say the company is ready to announce a few interesting things about the stylus on August 9. The S Pen is expected to come in black, brown and yellow colours.– As for the hardware, we expect the Galaxy Note 9 to pack pack most of the same specs as the Galaxy S9+. The device will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 chipset depending on the market. We also expect 6GB and 8GB of RAM options on offer.– After the entire Galaxy Note 7 battery issue a couple of years ago that caused a number of units to catch on fire, Samsung played it safe and fitted a smaller battery inside the Galaxy Note 8. A few days ago, Samsung posted a teaser video suggesting the Galaxy Note 9 may get a bigger battery, suggesting the company is confident about not repeating the Galaxy Note 7 debacle.– Samsung has been a little hush about revealing anything regarding the cameras on the Galaxy Note 9, which might lead one to think that the company is not going to make any significant changes. Rather, it is expected that the device will bring a dual camera configuration similar to the Galaxy S9+ including the Dual Aperture feature that will allow the camera to switch between apertures depending on the lighting condition.– Last week, a Flipkart teaser was spotted suggesting the Galaxy Note 9 India launch will coincide with its global unveiling on August 9. The teaser also suggests that the device will start shipping in the country from August 15.ALSO READ: Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 XL specs leaked, could launch alongside Note 9, Tab S4 on Aug 9last_img read more

Karunanidhi’s last journey begins

first_imgChennai, Aug 8 (PTI) Amid cries of people hailing him as “Thalaivar,” (leader), DMK president M Karunanidhi’s last journey began today with thousands of people paying their last respects. Heart-rendering slogans like ‘Kalaignar pugazh vazhga vazhgavey’ (long live the glory of Karunanidhi) rent the air as tri-service personnel lifted the glass casketcontaining the mortal remains and walked up to the decked up military hearse. Sobbing family members, including the late leader’s sons M K Stalin and Tamizharasu, followed them. The hearse inched its way to the Marina beach about 1.7 km from Rajaji Hall with thousands of people lining up on the roads to catch a last glimpse of the departed leader. Hundreds of people sporting black shirts and carrying pictures and banners of the late leader followed the hearse.Karunanidhi’s body was draped in the national tri-colour with his trademark black glasses, yellow shawl, white shirt and dhothi on.Earlier, a galaxy of political leaders led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid their last respects to the departed leader.The mortal remains of Karunanidhi will be lowered into the burial pit behind the samadhi of his mentor and DMK founder C N Annadurai at Marina beach with full statehonours. PTI VGN BN TVSTVSlast_img read more

Watch: Ronaldo scores first Serie A goal as Juventus beat Sassuolo

first_imgCristiano Ronaldo finally opened the scoring account for Juventus as the Italian club registered a 2-1 win over Sassuolo in Serie A.Both goals for Juventus were scored by Ronaldo while Douglas Costa received a red card for spitting at an opponent.The five-times world player of the year opened his account in the easiest possible fashion by tapping into an empty net from less than two metres in the 50th minute.The Portuguese added another in the 65th minute when he finished off a counter-attack by drilling a low-angled shot beyond Andrea Consigli and into the far corner with his left foot.FT – @Cristiano’s brace gives us all three points at the Stadium! #FinoAllaFine #ForzaJuve #JuveSassuolo (@juventusfcen) September 16, 2018After Ronaldo missed two good chances for a hat-trick, Khouma Babacar headed one back in the 90th minute but could not prevent Sassuolo from falling to their first defeat of the season.Costa became involved in a running feud with Sassuolo midfielder Federico Di Francesco.Ronaldo’s first goal for Juventus.. (@ahadfooty_II) September 16, 2018Ronaldo’s second goal Mech Kid ! (@r3al__AJ) September 16, 2018The Brazilian escaped with a booking for elbowing and then head-butting his rival as they tangled before the Sassuolo goal but was then sent off after video cameras caught him spitting at the same player in another altercation.Juventus, chasing an eighth successive Serie A title, have 12 points, three ahead of Napoli. Earlier, AS Roma squandered a two-goal lead when they were held 2-2 at home by lowly Chievo.advertisement(With Reuters inputs)last_img read more

There will always be rivalry between India and Bangladesh on field: Shikhar Dhawan

first_imgIndia opener Shikhar Dhawan Thursday said there was “no shame” in his disastrous run of form in the Tests against England as his plans did not work out despite giving his all.Dhawan, whose place in the Test team is under threat for the home series against the West Indies, seemed unfazed about a possible axe.The batsman, who has made a Test comeback in the past on the basis of his stellar showing in white-ball cricket, is back amongst the runs in the ongoing Asia Cup.Also Read – India clear favourites against charged-up Bangladesh in Asia Cup final”I think it always helps when you perform well (irrespective of the form). Agar fayda hona hoga to ho jayega, nahi hona hoga to nai hoga (we will see if my current form helps me in Tests). Whenever I play, red ball or white ball, I utilise whatever knowledge I have of the game,” said Dhawan on the eve of the Asia Cup final against Bangladesh here.Match prediction India vs Bangladesh Asia Cup Final: Predicted playing XI of India and Bangladesh”If you talk about the England Test, I did not do well but I gave it all. Others played better than me. I accept it. There is no shame in it. Then I came here to play white ball cricket, had different plans because of different conditions. Sometimes they (plans) work sometimes they don’t,” the stylish left-hander said in his defence.Talking about Friday’s final, Dhawan said Bangladesh will pose a stiff challenge even though India beat them comfortably in Super Four.advertisementIndia vs Bangladesh live streaming, 2018 Asia Cup final live telecast: Where to watch Ind vs Bang live streaming online”Pakistan may be a bigger team on paper but Bangladesh played better cricket than them and are in the final again. They are always tough to beat, especially at home. They are showing by performances they have gotten so much better. They know how to play under pressure.Kedar Jadhav’s day out with MS Dhoni ahead of Asia Cup final”They play fearlessly against big teams and you have to appreciate that. Having said that, it takes time (to win major events). For them reaching the final is a also a big thing. Hopefully, we will win tomorrow but you will see them crossing the barrier in some other tournament.”Dhawan and Rohit Sharma have provided India solid starts and that is one of the reasons why the side is unbeaten in the tournament.Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Afghanistan stars console heartbroken young Indian fanWhen asked whether there was extra pressure on the two senior batsmen in the absence of skipper Virat Kohli, the southpaw said: “It was not like that we felt that we had more responsibility in Virat’s absence. It was a tournament where the management could give opportunity to the upcoming players, find out who all are equipped to bat in the middle order.”That is why we took rest also (against Afghanistan) so that guys who have not spent time in the middle get to do that. Virat around or not, Rohit and I approach every match the same way, with the same effort. There is obviously a lot of difference between England weather and the weather here but we train well to deal with that.”On India-Bangladesh rivalry getting bigger with time, especially after the 2015 series when the latter won at home, Dhawan added: “Well, there was rivalry before that also. There will always be rivalry on the field. Off the field, we are friends but on it we have to do our job.(With PTI inputs)last_img read more

Sri Lanka’s Dimuth Karunaratne apologises after arrest for drink driving

first_imgSri Lanka’s Test captain Dimuth Karunaratne has apologised for his actions in a drink-driving accident that injured one person in Colombo and led to the cricketer’s arrest on Sunday.The injured driver was later discharged and Karunaratne was released on bail, with Sri Lanka Cricket stating they would conduct their own inquiry into the incident.”I firstly need to apologise to the owner of the other vehicle who had a few very minor injuries and was absolutely decent in his manner to very amicably sort out the matter directly with me,” Karunaratne said in a statement on Monday.”I… would like to inform all of you that he has been discharged from hospital where he was under precautionary observation and is now resting at Dimuth Karunaratne (@IamDimuth) April 1, 2019″This morning I produced myself in court and did follow the due legal process of Sri Lanka and did abide by all formalities therein required. I shall continue to assist/follow with what ever legal obligations are necessary from my end.”I’m very much aware that perhaps my actions were utterly unbecoming of a Sri Lankan national cricketer and I do apologise to all of you for this incident.”Karunaratne was Sri Lanka’s captain when they became the first Asian team to win a Test series in South Africa last month.Also Read | PCB fines Umar Akmal for late night outing in Dubai during Australia ODI seriesAlso Read | Maybe Brexit will prevent Kolpak deals from happening: Dale Steynadvertisementlast_img read more

India vs Australia: Zaheer Khan backs Umesh Yadav ahead of Ishant Sharma for 1st Test

first_imgThere is a lot of hype around the Indian pace unit as Virat Kohli’s visiting team take on Australia in the first of a four-match Test series, starting December 6 in Adelaide.With as many as five fast bowlers in the squad, Kohli and the team management have a selection headache to deal with in the lead up to the opening Test.Meanwhile, former India pacer Zaheer Khan has an advice for the think tank days ahead of the much-anticipated series opener.The 40-year-old has backed Umesh Yadav to play in Adelaide ahead of seasoned campaigner Ishant Sharma, who found fame taming the Australian batsmen in the 2007-08 tour.Like a lot of other experts, Zaheer is not tempted to chose Bhuvneshwar Kumar for his batting skills, considering the conditions Down Under that may not suit the Meerut pacer’s style.”I think [Jasprit] Bumrah, Umesh and [Mohammed] Shami should play in the first Test. No doubt we have seen a lot of improvement in Ishant’s bowling and he has experience of playing there as well. But I think if these three play, it would be good for India,” Zaheer told India Today.In the only tour game in Australia before the four-Test series kicks off, Indian bowlers conceded 544 runs against Cricket Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground. However, Zaheer does not read too much into the tour game scoresheet and rates India’s bowling resources at par with Australian battery comprising of Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood, Pat Cummins, and Nathan Lyon.”If you compare the two sides, the bowling sides of the two teams are even. But India’s batting looks stronger, taking into consideration experience and other factors. I think India has a very good chance to win the Australia series,” the left-arm pacer said.’Virat has done exceedingly well, he will deliver again’advertisement Virat Kohli will be key to India’s chances of posting big totals Down Under (AP Photo)Zaheer, who rolled his arm over in the T10 League in Sharjah, wants the Indian batsmen to set the foundation for the bowling unit that consistently picked 20 wickets in Test matches in South Africa and England earlier this year.”I think it’s a good chance if the batsmen can give a platform to the bowlers by scoring 350-400 runs when they bat first or try and get better than the opposition while batting second. If that happens, then I think the bowling has that ability because a lot of them have been there before. So they are capable of putting pressure on Australia.”India are looking for an unprecedented series win Down Under and in the absence of Steve Smith and David Warner, Kohli’s men are being billed as favourites to create history.”Virat has done exceedingly well of late and he will deliver again. Like I said earlier, India have a very good chance to win this time,” Zaheer added.Also Read | Virat Kohli in no mood to get into confrontations with Australia: Do not see the needAlso Read | Ex-Australia cricketers differ on ways to tackle the Virat Kohli threatAlso Read | Virat Kohli not underestimating Australia without Steve Smith and David WarnerAlso see:last_img read more

New Zealand focused on how to best combat Virat Kohli, says Kane Williamson

first_imgNew Zealand captain Kane Williamson has said they will primarily be focused on how to “best combat” Virat Kohli in the limited-overs series starting from Wednesday in Napier. India and New Zealand play 5 one day internationals and 3 Twenty20 internationals from January 23 to February 10.Virat Kohli on Tuesday became the first player to win the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) ODI Cricketer of the Year, the Test Cricketer of the Year and the 2018 Cricketer of the Year.Virat Kohli finished as the highest scorer in Test cricket in 2018 with 1322 runs in 13 matches at an average of 55.08 with five hundreds and as many half-centuries while also finishing on top of the ODI runs tally with 1202 runs in 14 ODIs at 133.55 with six centuries.”Someone like Virat is certainly a player I admire and enjoy watching and he’s pushing the boundaries of the game so that’s brilliant,” Williamson said on the eve of first ODI.He said Kohli was a passionate and world-class cricketer.”He’s a respectful guy and I’ve known him for a very long time but as a player, obviously, word class and our focus is more about that and his cricketing ability and how we can combat him as best as we can,” Williamson said.Williamson felt that the passion with which Kohli approaches his cricket has made him a crowd puller around the world.”He’s always a challenge to come up against and is someone who is most admired in terms of how he goes about his cricket and he’s formidable in his run scoring so he’s definitely a player of note to try to shut down.”advertisementWilliamson believed the pitch at McLean Park could aid batsmen.”…So it’s important the batting group puts together a plan that is good but, at the same time, the bowlers have a massive role in that in trying to nullify the strengths in both oppositions,” he said.Returning the compliment, the Indian run-machine also lauded the prolific Williamson, calling him one of the best in the world.”Williamson is easily one of the best players in the world. So easy on the eye, great to watch and I personally enjoy his batting and when he is on song he is easily one of the most attractive batsmen to watch.”He is always going to be a solid player for NZ purely because of what all he has done over the years in all three formats.”Kohli picked Williamson and Ross Taylor as batsmen his team would look to dismiss cheaply.”He more or less makes the team win when he is scoring runs, so that tells you about his awareness about the game and hence he is leading the side and guiding it in the right direction. So Kane will be a factor but at the same time Rosco (Taylor) and other guys as well.”You can’t take anyone for granted and their batting revolves around Kane and Ross in ODIs especially, the other guys bat around them and we are aware of that and working on our plans,” Kohli said.Also Read | Virat Kohli first player ever to win consecutive ICC Cricketer of the Year awardsAlso Read | Virat Kohli completes historic hat-trick: Full list of ICC award winnersAlso Read | Virat Kohli not New Zealand’s only concern: Ross Taylor wary of Rohit and DhawanAlso Read | MS Dhoni eyes Sachin Tendulkar’s record in New Zealand after hitting form in Australialast_img read more

Kane Williamson on sunstrike in Napier: It’s hard to move the sun

first_imgIndia vs New Zealand, 1st ODI Brief Scores: India 156 for 2 (34.5 overs) – Dhawan (75*), Kohli (45), Bracewell (1/29) beat New Zealand 157-all out (38 overs) – Williamson (64), Kuldeep (4/39), Shami (3/19) by 8 wickets (DLS method) in Napier. Full ScorecardMore than 30 minutes of play was lost on Wednesday during the first of a five-match ODI series between India and New Zealand at the McLean Park in Napier. Not because of rain or bad light – the usual suspects in a cricket match but sunlight stopped play after dinner.The setting sun was shining in India batsman, Shikhar Dhawan’s line of sight and made it difficult for him to see the ball being released from the bowler’s hand. The bizarre incident that forced the on-field umpires to take the players off the field left the fans at the venue disappointed.Notably, the McLean Park was hosting its first international match in close to two years after successfully sorting issues with its outfield that had led to the abandonment of international games in the past. Usually, grounds have the playing surface facing North-South, but McLean Park has it facing East-West. Hence, this issue of shadows created by the setting sun.Hard to move the sun, hard to move the grandstand: WilliamsonReacting to the stoppage of play, Williamson, in his own relaxed tone, replied: “We haven’t had to deal with too many sunstrikes. We knew in some of the domestic T20 games it had been the case. It is fairly considerable and it did have to happen.”It’s hard to move the sun and hard to move the grandstand. We didn’t have either of those options so we had to sit down for a bit.”advertisementDhawan and captain Virat Kohli resumed India’s run chase of 156 after the stoppage in play brought down the target by 2 runs. Dhawan remained unbeaten on 75 while Kohli was dismissed for 45 but the duo had stitched a match-winning 91-run stand.Asked if he had experienced stoppage in play because of the sun, Kohli said: “Never in my life. I actually got out in a game in 2014 because the sun was in my eyes. This rule (play stopping because of the sun) wasn’t there then. I am glad there’s a rule now.”The stoppage in play due to the sun was a first even to both the on-field umpires who were officiating the first ODI.”This is the first time in my 14 years I have seen something like this happen on a cricket field. Good news is we have 30 minutes extra time. We are hoping to be back in 30 minutes and it will still be a 50-over game,” umpire Shaun Haig said.Williamson warns against knee jerk reaction to 1st ODI defeatMeanwhile, Williamson also said New Zealand shouldn’t panic or come up with knee-jerk reactions to the eight-wicket thrashing in Napier. The two teams will meet at the Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui for the second ODI on January 26.”It is not our best performance and I think you need to look at it in small bits. It is not about jumping … or any knee jerk reactions to our performance,” Williamson said.”It is about identifying some areas we need to get better at and when we get it together we can beat anybody but we are against a very strong team in India.”Also Read | #10YearChallenge What changed for India between Hamilton 2009 and Napier 2019Also Read | Virat Kohli rested for last two ODIs and T20I series vs New Zealand, Rohit Sharma to leadAlso Read | Trained really hard, says Mohammed Shami after breaking Irfan Pathan’s recordAlso Watch:last_img read more

Alastair Cook calls on Joe Denly to seize England opportunity in 2nd Test vs West Indies

first_imgFormer captain Alastair Cook has backed England’s decision to pick Joe Denly at the expense of Keaton Jennings for the second Test in West Indies, saying the Kent batsman must now aim to cement his place in the lineup head of this year’s Ashes series.Left-hander Jennings, who averages 25.86 in 16 Tests, lost his place in the team after scores of 17 and 14 in England’s defeat by 381 runs in the first Test in Barbados.”The Ashes is still seven months away so a lot can happen in sport – four Tests, but a lot can happen in that time,” Cook told BBC’s Test Match Special podcast.”Jonathan Trott came in and did well in a big Test match when we had to win a game and he got 100 (on debut in 2009) – you have to deal with what’s in front of you.”For Denly it represents a late chance to prove his worth ahead of the English summer, which will see Joe Root’s side take on Ireland at Lord’s before the Ashes series against Australia gets underway at Edgbaston on August 1.The 32-year-old, who has not opened in first-class cricket since 2015, enjoyed an remarkable 2018 domestic season in which he scored 1729 runs in all formats, alongside claiming 57 wickets with his leg-spin bowling.”It’s great opportunity for Joe,” Cook added. “He’s had an interesting couple of years in county cricket, taking on more responsibility at Kent and deserves his call-up.”Also Read | Sanjay Manjrekar-Michael Vaughan war-of-words escalates over flawed approach tweetlast_img read more

#WelcomeBackAbhinandan: Indian sports stars cheer as air warrior returns home

first_imgVirender Sehwag, Saina Nehwal, Suresh Raina and Mohammad Kaif welcomed back Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman as he was on his way back form Pakistan after he was captured during their air battle a couple of days ago. Sehwag and Saina saluted the Indian hero for his valour and courage and celebrated his return to the country.The Wagah-Attari border was full of people on Friday to welcome the country’s hero from Pakistan, even as according to protocal, the Wing Commander was kept away from the public glare.Virender Sehwag took to Twitter to express his pride and love for Wing Commander Abhinandan and bowed down to his courage.Welcome back Wing Commander Abhinandan .. you are our HERO in the truest sense.. The country salutes you and the bravery and dignity you have shown #Respect #WelcomeBackAbinandan Jai HindSania Mirza (@MirzaSania) March 1, 2019How proud we are to have you ! Bow down to your skills and even more your grit and courage #WelcomeBackAbhinandan . We love you and are filled with pride because of you.#WeAreSupposedToTellYouThis Sehwag (@virendersehwag) March 1, 2019Saina Nehwal also welcomed back Abhinandan with much gusto.Welcome back our hero … #WingCommandarAbhinandan #IndianAirfoceSaina Nehwal (@NSaina) March 1, 2019Suresh Raina and Mohammad Kaif were also delighted with the return of Wing Commander Abhinandan and gave a salute to his bravery.Wing Commander #AbhinandanVarthaman, the entire country salutes your spirit and bravery. #WelcomeBackAbhinandan Raina (@ImRaina) March 1, 2019#WelcomeHomeAbhinandan So proud of the dignity and grace with which you braved a difficult time. Delighted that you are back. Kaif (@MohammadKaif) March 1, 2019In my time alive on this planet, I haven’t seen a bigger hero. #WelcomeBackAbhinandanAshwin Ravichandran (@ashwinravi99) March 1, 2019I must say I was nervous before he returned. I am glad India got its son back!!! #Abhinanadan #AbhinanadanVarthaman Gambhir (@GautamGambhir) March 1, 2019The Indian Air Force said on Thursday it saw Pakistan’s decision to release Wing Commander Abhinandan only as “a gesture which is in consonance with Geneva conventions”. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said it was a “peace gesture”.Tensions between nuclear-armed neighbours India and Pakistan skyrocketed after New Delhi announced it had carried out a pre-emptive strike on Jaish-e-Mohammed in Pakistan, days after the terrorist group killed 40 Indian soldiers in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir.The day after it announced the strike, India said it had thwarted an attempt by Pakistan to target its military installations. It was during that aerial confrontation that Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was captured by Pakistan.Varthaman’s MiG 21 was shot and he bailed out after bringing down a Pakistani F-16 fighter during a dogfight, Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor said on Thursday.last_img read more

Diego Maradona fined for dedicating club win to Venezuela President Maduro

first_imgDiego Maradona has been fined for dedicating a recent victory by his Mexican club to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Mexico’s football federation said on Monday.The Argentine great, who coaches Dorados de Sinaloa, had dedicated a 3-2 win over Tampico Madero to Maduro and Venezuela in a news conference at the end of last month.The body said in a statement that Maradona had been fined an unspecified sum for violating the federation’s code of ethics which mandates political neutrality.Maradona had said he was dedicating the victory to Maduro and Venezuelans caught up in an economic crisis. He also criticized US President Donald Trump.Also Read | Diego Maradona released from hospital after routine operationAlso Read | Diego Maradona expresses desire to coach Argentina for freeAlso Watch | Cristiano Ronaldo not the greatest. I am: Diego Maradona to India Todaylast_img read more

We let ourselves down in the field, says R Ashwin after KXIP’s 8-wicket loss vs RCB

first_imgKings XI Punjab captain Ravichandran Ashwin blamed the poor fielding as the reason behind his team’s defeat against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Mohali on Saturday. The win was Bangalore’s first this season after seven matches.Bangalore rode on half-centuries from captain Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers to chase down 174 at the IS Bindra stadium. Punjab’s poor fielding made matters worse for them as their seven-match unbeaten streak at home came to an end.”We tried with wrist spinners and even I came to bowl, but they were smart enough to knock around and not take any chances. We let ourselves down in the field. We drooped catches and let a lot of balls go through us. The dew helped the wicket on.”It was really dry in the first half. It gets better to bat in the second half. With 38 needed off 3 overs, I had to back my best bowlers to do the job, didn’t quite work out today,” Ashwin said at the post-match presentation.Virat Kohli (67) in the company of AB de Villiers (59 not out) scripted a superb run-chase, sharing a 85-run stand to lay the foundation.The India skipper blasted eight boundaries, while de Villiers clobbered two sixes and five hits across the rope in his 38-ball innings.With this victory, RCB also avoided the ignominy of most successive losses for a team at the start of an IPL season.With everything moving in Bangalore’s way on Saturday, Mohammed Shami bought some relief to the Punjab camp after picking the crucial wicket of Kohli in the 16th over with the visitors’ score reading 128 for 2.advertisementThe Punjab bowlers however, were denied to make any further inroads in the Bangalore batting line-up as de Villiers and Marcus Stoinis (28 not out) joined hands and played sensibly before fetching 14 runs in the second last over off Shami.In the final over, Ashwin handed the ball to former Bangalore player Sarfaraz Khan to defend six runs. However, there was no stopping the Bangalore pair as Stoinis hammered a four in the first ball before picking the required couple of runs in the next to hand a comfortable victory to his side.When asked why Sarfraz Khan was chosen to bowl the final over, Ashwin said,”There was only 6 runs to go and the ball was sliding on nicely. I thought the best way against AB and Stoinis was to try and go with a leggie, not that Sam can’t defend.”Kings XI Punjab remain in fifth position with 8 points from 8 games while Royal Challengers Bangalore are still languishing in last place with 2 points from 7 matches.Also Read | Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers end Royal Challengers Bangalore’s losing streakAlso Read | Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers thrilled after RCB finally win one this yearAlso See:last_img read more

World Cup 2019: India not worried about No. 4 spot, says Ravi Shastri

first_imgIndia head coach Ravi Shastri believes the team has got all bases covered going into the World Cup slated to be held in England and Wales from May 30.In an interview with Cricketnext, Shastri said India have a flexible team and have players who can play at any position at any given point of time.”I think we have got all bases covered, really. Last thing you want is passengers on the tour. You want to have in those 15 players — a player who can play anytime, at any given time,” Shastri said in an interview with Cricketnext.He also said that they have plenty of options for the much-debated number four slot.Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had named Vijay Shankar as the number four batsman ahead of Ambati Rayadu because of his “three-dimensional” cricket.However, Shankar has been in the scanner as he was not able to deliver as per expectations in the just-concluded edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). He scored 244 runs in the 15 matches playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH).”I don’t think so because for me we are a flexible team. Its horses for courses, we have got enough ammunition there, enough players who can bat at 4. So, I am not really worried about that,” said Shastri.During the course of the interview, the India head coach also said that the rapport and respect between M.S. Dhoni and Virat Kohli are tremendous and both individuals are committed towards a common team goal.advertisement”I was never ever in doubt about the two of them having the kind of respect they have for each other, wanting to do a good job for each other because in the first phase of my job MS was the captain, the next half Virat. And I can see the commitment both have for each other — it’s tremendous,” said Shastri.He also pointed out that everyone in the team is aware of the achievements of Dhoni and they learn a lot from the former India skipper.”Everyone knows and they know what he (Dhoni) has achieved in the game, the stature that he has and then to see the poise and to see the humility. You know his sheer presence — the composure he brings when he is out there batting or even during (wicket) keeping is something you have just got to watch and learn and try and emulate it,” he said.The 56-year-old also maintained that the existence of different personalities in the dressing room allows players to express them freely.”We don’t want all personalities to be the same in the team and then you know all hell will break loose, but you need that. That kind of a passion from Virat, the calmness from MS and each player is different. Rohit can be different from Shikhar. Kuldeep could be different from someone like Hardik. You would want that,” he said.India will begin its World Cup campaign against South Africa on June 5.Squad: Virat Kohli (captain), Rohit Sharma (vice-captain) Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul, Vijay Shankar, MS Dhoni (wicket keeper), Kedar Jadhav, Dinesh Karthik, Y. Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami.Also Read | India favourite to win the 2019 ICC World Cup: Mohammad AzharuddinAlso Read | Virat Kohli’s childhood coach says Pakistan stand no chance against India in World CupAlso See:last_img read more