Shanghai Longfeng optimization you know several steps

station layout optimization analysis

including the main keywords and long tail keywords, this is the first step to do Shanghai dragon, is the most basic and most important. How to analysis? I said in several most commonly used methods for everyone: this major search engine drop-down box (usually love Shanghai, 360), search the major search engines (usually love Shanghai, 360), all kinds of webmaster keyword analysis tool (common home owners, love station), traffic statistics tool analysis, competitor site summary (this takes a long time to accumulate, the most commonly used cnzz, Baidu, 51la). Need to do summary keywords layout in the home of good words, the main keyword suggestion frequency at around 5%, the long tail keywords in 3%.

2, website structure optimization analysis

worked in the general network company of friends can skip this step, because the general network company received the list simply made several subject rankings, with the home page can do, for the long-term development requirements of the customer or your company’s website, need to consider some more, Shanghai dragon is more than let have a good website the ranking in the search keyword, more important is to let every page of the website as traffic entrance, site overall weight lifting.

said this, do still early in the site are needed, to save a lot of trouble, the website structure generally use the flat tree structure is good, what is a flat tree structure, there are a lot of this article online, not speak again. The three layer is the main physical structure and logical structure of network. This is more conducive to spider crawling and crawling.

4, the website home page, page directory page, comprehensive optimization of


analysis of key wordsKeywords


I am Shanghai team head of ice dragon Calvino Ze, commonly used screen name: zhch1214 and zh_ch1214, to do is have the fifth Shanghai dragon years, in the site optimization process for so many years, did not dare to say is very successful, some experience is always there, for a new team member recently added, I explained to him some of the most basic optimization steps, Shanghai dragon, is not only the fight is mental physical fight, staying up late is normal, every time the search engine update, the heart can not stand. The following is my new members explain the small notes, take it for your reference, I hope useful for everyone.

need to consider the layout of the site and some code optimization, such as home at least one can update the list at the bottom of Links module, using H tags, style table file using external references, automatically add pictures alt attribute (the latter do not add pre manual will be very troublesome, open compression program) etc.. But a lot of people over the site is on the line too, so this step no conditions can not be considered.

5, the original article and >

A new ranking is not a dream unremittingly for a month

> The initial idea is very important



small early in the site, is already planning everything. For the selection of space, in order to avoid the record of trouble, small selection of a host of Hongkong, had used before the Hongkong host, regardless of the price, the website open speed can meet the needs of all small, so decisive a good selection of space business. The site selection procedure, small in times such as dedecms, sdcms, CMS, WordPress and other major Empire CMS content management program, build resolutely chose the WordPress website, all the week, WordPress for Shanghai dragon search engine is very friendly, it is also very fast, before using it set up a blog, the day after the line, it is the love of Shanghai included the home page, so the station building is non WordPress enterprises can not.


process, the mentality is very important

space domain, and procedures are in place, start the website template, Xiaobian not love with the trend, not use hot template selection is a partial rather hot small fresh template. In this template, Xiao Bian abandoned the dross, leaving the essence, after substantial changes, changed in the eyes of the website. When the construction site template, we must follow two principles, the user experience with the search experience. As the name suggests, the user experience, is a website that allows customers to have a good visual experience in appearance. The search experience refers to the friendly website to the search engine, in the program code to be written by JS transmission standard, less code and so on. These two points are indispensable, imagine, if your site is very good, but the search experience is not good, love Shanghai don’t grab, no rank, no weight, again good site, users can see. On the other hand, if your site do not look good, even if you are in the first row, can not catch the attention of customers, will only have no click, conversion rate. Site preparation do these two points, then you have been successful in half.

Shanghai dragon


shows clearly small website all in a good state, is expected in the near future, also a further step. Next, to a comprehensive summary from the psychological experience and experience to share the early site now ranked rise.


early in the site, as a qualified webmaster, from the domain name space selection, selection of site procedures, to the overall structure of the site layout, must be clear in mind.

is never a calm person, does not have to high level of sad, really is not small. This is not a small part of the railway station, only a month early, to have ranked within the top 100, the weight also rose from 0 to 1, small heart that Joseph ah, it is self-evident, the screenshot below to share the map with the truth.

Don’t do slave update optimization on the site of the Shanghai Dragon

is doing optimization recover the original simplicity of Dragon King Station and Shanghai, a collection of pseudo original, actually nothing, eventually your website is to give people, rather than to the search engine, as well as short-term can deceive the search engine preference, the entire site is full of rubbish no other benefits! Hefei Shanghai Dragon old Zhu advocated, website update and optimization of Shanghai dragon should follow the following principles:

second: site updates to follow your heart, don’t have nothing like squeezing toothpaste that slowly squeezed, squeezed out the results after seeing things like chewing wax, food and tasteless, to see who who do not want to see, even the search engine to catch, so this is the website has been updated no reason was included, two days can create a good.

Hefei Shanghai dragon think, since you want to run a website, it is hard to do, look at the related news every day, the latest developments and then into their thinking and summary, draw insights, and then put the ideas to share with your friends, net friends on the site more the contents of this search engine, not only love, we all love, ranking will also have business, there will be, Why not?! since everyone is Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, I believe on the website and Shanghai dragon optimization have a strong interest, but we do not become Shanghai dragon slave, do not be Shanghai dragon nose, so it would be a more sad thing ah, lost the reason the establishment of the fun, also lost the search engine and the interest of all, as the most The end result will be to no return

! ! !

Hefei: Shanghai dragon as a webmaster, as do website, it is hoped that the content of the website has some readability, if open the website to open a template to repeat the same words, that this site will have people looking at you, no one to see if the site of profit from talk about it now, most of the owners are in the pursuit of a web site keywords ranking optimization desperately, desperately the pseudo original, crazy to send outside the chain, the ranking is up, the single is not stable, there is not much IP, not much traffic, but will not have what profit now! Do not stand a few years ago, as long as the ranking will flow, as long as the flow will be able to make money, and now is no longer the era, this is his own site to death, to the garbage station The direction of the whole, is there any sense, results, the results are negative, certainly not what the

: first the views of others to write a good, it is directly reproduced, write clearly who is reproduced, so that people see don’t think this is plagiarism, but feel good article should share to more people, but also respect the original author of the work, are good for a change! To effect or a same meaning are not, the results also make everyone happy, others saw it uncomfortable for a long time, the search engine is not how friendly

Shanghai Longfeng experience a lot of the time we just one step away from success

if at the time of ranking has not come up when I was downhearted no stick to it, and do it maybe the keywords adjust what role does now will not come, perhaps I was if not set himself on the site title change, perhaps……

the numerous perhaps only one outcome, that is probably the name with the keywords I blog forever no echo, and I will be in front of me a few months to pay the full cast to waste so many times! We are only one step away from success, as long as we persist even a little bit or try a little bit, it is likely that we will succeed……



I would say, the reason is very simple:

once I once had to give up the words, but the final reason told a word I am so simple and there is no reason to do not go up, so I just bite a stick that is more than two months. Heaven helps those who help themselves., finally in the morning, the words of a more up to the home page, in fact, this not what happy things, because as I said before the word no competition strength, do this words to just because my name is called Xiong Wei, even if the name with such words do not blog home page, this is I too much to handle to a

well, in fact, these largely said today on is nonsense, no valuable typical meaning in it, but still I want to put my own mind to tell you, but also to let everyone to share some of my past few months results > results!

and through this thing I want to tell you is that, in fact, a lot of the time we just one step away from success!

to write this article actually can be regarded as a feeling today, since the day I began to set up a blog, I have been doing my own name + blog optimization, I always thought of myself as a Shanghai dragon, we do not say how how strong it will be at least let others can easily be able to find my blog! But I feel quite distressed, a love of Shanghai index is 0, the index fell in love with the sea no more than 200 thousand words, didn’t do the first position.

the time flies, the Nanchang Shanghai dragon blog has already been established for over four months, which also experienced a major change — change the domain name. Although there are nearly two weeks into the downturn, but fortunately, I have not given up, it also makes me this blog the knock knock came today! Here I want to thank the very few friends, for example: ten years, master Xie Beijing and cook, love songs, they straight behind silently behind me, without them I think I may not always support to support today.

A small part of the site on July 5th included the return to normal


don’t know why you love Shanghai chose in peacetime will not have the new Wednesday adjustments, but this adjustment is a good thing, for they did included webmaster, the heart hanging heart finally put down; for those included Kuangxiang webmaster, and finally see hope in the hands of a website.

was affected by the events of 628, many sites included the shot or Kuangxiang, love for Shanghai this incident many webmaster ventilation is on the verge of collapse, at first we thought it was a normal fluctuation love Shanghai in the renewal period, two days will be restored, but in 628 after the events of the week, love Shanghai included still no change, many webmaster in despair, that love of Shanghai is a foregone conclusion.

and things are not the same as we imagine, when you open the computer today will certainly surprise, what surprise? Of course is to love Shanghai website ranking, included the recovery, in late July 5th twelve or so part of small and medium-sized site included, the chain returned to normal, only love Shanghai through several days of deployment, will on site redistribution processes.

love Shanghai significant changes is apparent in June 28th, in the early June 24th in Shanghai love club owners issued a site abnormal announcement, so the exact love shock of Shanghai has now for two weeks. Shanghai issued a notice to explain love Engineer Site syntax query is not normal phenomenon: "love Shanghai system update process more out of the situation, leading to site query syntax namely numerical site:xxx贵族宝贝 returns very visible, no" site into the new algorithm, and this algorithm is based on repeated website content, because of this algorithm the adjustment, and before is not compatible, that leads to the 20 phenomenon and the phenomenon of home. Although there are great differences in site results, but also love Shanghai will not influence the website included and ranking.

love Shanghai ah, sad is also pregnant, although once Shanghai Dragon Master said, do not rely on the web search engine, they can do, but for small and medium-sized webmaster, search engine.

at 12 pm on July 5th, found that many sites included love Shanghai has returned to normal, first say, you hurry to site your site, included before K off has been slowly recovering, many webmaster friends can be assured.

this day Shanghai returned to the part of the site collection and sorting, there may be a small part of recovery, do not know when they will be completely over, perhaps because love never ends, Shanghai algorithm is continuously adjusted, even if the algorithm for adjustment of the end and will have a new algorithm to adjust. According to the Shanghai love this adjustment webmaster can not be too alarmed, because if it is love of Shanghai’s own adjustment problems, it will re adjust back, even if we panic that we are not able to control, so the key ah, or honestly do stand.


Talk about some of my feelings on the Links

is not discussed in this article, not to say how to change Links, not to say Links skills, just talk about feelings. Those things about Links.


glad we can change the Links, Links merely reflect the Shanghai dragon, is a kind of spirit and atmosphere, is a kind of mutual hand in hand. Through the exchange links, I know the webmaster is not a person in combat, at least in our website webmaster webmaster industry, in the industry, there are our brothers and sisters together in the fight, so that we in the struggle, no longer feel so lonely. Change link, acceptance of each other, I think only about your station, the other party will take the initiative to contact you, and your exchange, this is a must for our own work, the webmaster from peer recognition, is the best encouragement, I would like to exchange links, give you, just better rankings and improve the weight, it is a genuine power, encouraged, there will always be a better strength to do better. Promote each other, improve together, this is a kind of precious wealth and pure joy.

link integrity lies not only in our long links, there are some aspects such as some adjustments to our website or change, is likely to lead to their website weight fluctuations, encountered such a situation, I think it is necessary to each other and say hello, this also is the webmaster between politeness and respect, don’t let the other in the dark. Furthermore, to prevent the acquisition chain sites own content, especially the original content of each other, not even the quality of the collection, again good, the original degree is high, we must respect the friends of the chain website. Except for the cooperation between website reproduced situation. Especially the other website weight is not high, common.

second, unstable chain has lost

finally, after the exchange Links for their own requirements and constraints

first, I love exchange links, because it tells me is not a person in combat


of this loss, credit problems usually come from one website. In daily work, always tell the people responsible for the chain link, to be honest, do not delete the It is without rhyme or reason. link to each other, even if the site is indeed a problem, also must first say hello to each other, according to the facts, and in each other good communication, in both awareness and prerequisite next, before deciding whether to delete a link to each other, otherwise, try not to delete the initiative. Other form if the link from the home page to page and we may meet, this situation also do not claim, or to communicate, and make a decision, because we care about partners. But in practice, often encounter each other we delete the link, and is quiet, perhaps is the website of the other side of a certain adjustment or a link to the new plan, or because we own websites, can not stand to the same starting line, but I want to explain is at least respect.

The article is how to do web site weight high website copy

3: install the


collection is not terrible, terrible is the website weight collection is even higher than you, let you become the original acquisition, encounter this kind of situation is really tears ah. When we set up a new I we must be in the original article for the first, but after ten days of new sites in the site investigation, as long as the gradual in the chain and the original article, the new weight can gradually build up, afraid of some fellow old website copy your website, so if the weight of your site will be decreased rapidly! Snapshots and included which of course will stop, encounter this kind of shameless old webmaster, we can use the following methods to deal with him


we should blame love Shanghai? I don’t think I should, this is more a human model of weight discrimination! Of course there are some webmaster use these to collect the others, to know everything is perfect, some people use this loophole is not in normal times. Of course, everything will have a solution.

What !

does for this method I think, for those people who may not webmaster can also play a role, but all the webmaster may know, directly open the source file, and then open the Dreamweaver switch to design mode. No matter what he still can be copied. But this pattern a little bit of trouble, an article can let cost him 2 minutes, 5 articles on more than ten minutes, so I can only see each other or not is determined to copy your article, if there are other sites to copy him, he might give up you. If this happens to encounter the die hards we had to use third.


1: the use of closed screen IP

don’t know some novice webmaster have used some bi closed screen malicious message plugin, there are a lot of this plug-in, but they also have a function we rarely use, is the closed screen ip. Specific usage here is not detailed to introduced. We can according to their different systems to love Shanghai search. As long as the use of this plug-in screen closing his website, then the other side can be said to be powerless.

IP is now the restart router will change, but through the cnzz we can lock his ip. The love I know Shanghai search with the htaocess file can access the closed screen IP, htaocess can be an easy job to do this IP closed his screen so that he could not visit your site. This code is "order allow, denydeny from 124.205.*.* allow from all" this can usually be closed screen IP access, but there are also individual master, replacing the IP continuously or by using some tools that you have no way to him. If this is not we will use second strokes.

2: prohibit copying web content

Shanghai Longfeng optimization principle from 12306 train tickets

, a principle that the user needs to search

in just over a month, related keywords in the search engine ranking has become the first, and the principle of knowledge is worth learning and learning.

1, we love Shanghai or GG inside the input "online" or "online booking" "online booking train ticket booking and other related words, in the drop-down list will be inside this period of time as can be imagined, the majority of people search the Internet" online "or" online booking "are directed to the online book the train ticket it is also very important, so, so when we do when the site layout keywords must pay attention to the correlation degree, if your site is the exercise to lose weight, then you in the layout of the site keywords or Title Description and articles related to the time, must appear to lose weight, lose weight for weight loss is the key to write, hot words. If you do, keyword appears in the drop-down list, it will be better, others may directly search combination, and that your relationship was again more One step closer.

2, online ticket buyers (train) in Shanghai after the love or Google inside input online booking, will certainly find them to find the train ticket booking website, which is, in the last few months, this website is not so easy to find, we like the Internet management China Ministry of filing we need the same website, through a number of channels, or other sites outside the chain, or is turned over several pages to find, but ultimately stay in, that is to say, enter the online book the train ticket or tickets online these keywords, eventually found themselves in the content you want, the whole process that the search engine with the weight of is completed, the train ticket booking the relevant keywords official website and search key The ranking will be more in front, of course, in addition to real visitors reported, there is some authoritative website the chain, also.

the two day in the network, the Internet users are in a quasi site of concern, I am afraid that we railway ticketing system, train ticket website, from the spring festival began in January 8th, up to now, just a few days time, this site has become the site of the most busy global system, according to media reports in January 9th,’s breakthrough hits a day 1 billion 400 million, this is what many webmaster do not dare not to think and flow ah, even to the same industry many e-commerce sites to shame, without publicity, no need to ask people to do Shanghai dragon, without advertising, in just one month. Beyond Taobao, Amason, Dangdang, but in this world no company can be compared, it is a joke, but from our Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon website optimization perspective To consider, there are still some things for us to understand.

The four step is to do the case analysis of beauty website website long tail keywords

3, the content of

it is analysis of love Shanghai search optimization guide or their own website, can come to this conclusion, and some long tail keywords ranking Title occupies a large proportion. What do you want to optimize the keywords, such as the "skin care knowledge" must be put in the first place title. Don’t tube, automatic word segmentation, search engine what the website weight is low, the page weight is lower, to have a good ranking, we should try to reduce the algorithm of search engine.

in addition, the title of the best keywords behind with other words. The reason is very simple, long tail keywords completely matched rarely. In other words, if your keywords match, only with the "basic knowledge" beauty as the title, it is very difficult to row to the first page of the. The nature of the title, let the search engines do not think you are cheating.

is what we usually say the abstract, many CMS will automatically extract the first paragraph of the article as abstract, I use dedecms’s so. Let the target keywords at the beginning is repeated several times, have implications for the search engine.


1, the long tail keywords optimization from the page title of

can say that love Shanghai last year the previous revision of the most costly than Taobao passenger and medical industry. I will do is a Taobao off site, recommend some cosmetic products such as perfumes, essential oils, skin care products etc.. In June is down right after the station has taken a conservative strategy. Here is not to say that the conservative stop post, to stop the construction of the chain, do you only one. Although the core keywords haven’t fully recovered, but the long tail keywords to the current site conversion rate is better than before, compared to income also increased. Today is like to share their experience of optimization.

at this point, a lot of friends it is repeated, the stack of target keywords. For example, the so-called "expert" to develop the original article generator principle is to act as the original article by random insertion of long tail keywords interception of the novel in a paragraph. This is a few years ago is still relatively effective, but now, the software had disappeared.

How to determine the content of the


2, the content of the beginning of the long tail keywords

search engine, largely through the keyword related keywords in the industry, the field of the repetition rate to judge. For example, the case of "our skin care basics", has been ranked in the article, find the high frequency of a class of words, such as "clean" and "moisture" "water" ".


related keywords

Shanghai dragon aspect diagnosis is not so far away from sub-health cloud website

the company hired Shanghai dragon Er, how to ensure their own understanding of the rules of search engine? Even only affected the chain, even do not understand the keyword analysis to play Shanghai dragon engineer. Is not alarmist, in fact many enterprises employ the "talent" is only the same level. Companies do not want to hire professional Shanghai dragon Er, just because of the huge demand of Internet platform, talent is not to be "sold out" is "start soon". At this stage in Shanghai dragon training on the Internet has many people, but the students have and how many people? Is often several times or even a hundred times more. At the present stage of website construction and optimization, the lack of professional talent is the main contradiction of Shanghai dragon er.

website optimization

three: advanced

do a good job at this stage of the search engine keyword ranking, Shanghai dragon Er website optimization to hire a few thousands, tens of thousands of words, is no longer fresh. With competition heating up, the price continues to rise with. Keywords high prices, so that more small and medium enterprises owners, said wandering. The input is not a cloud, whether in the harvest is proportional to? This is the most concern, and the Shanghai dragon investment is a long-term investment. Don’t compromise? So in all appeared in "Shanghai dragon diagnosis" of this service, and keyword search found in the main to Shanghai dragon optimization team A5 Adsense (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝) as the main representative, led by this service.

site optimization as a service, it is Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, in fact more stick >

: optimization of the lack of professional personnel

two: optimization of the high price of

site ranking in the millions of information flow in blossom out? Is the biggest achievement weapon website optimization ranking. Who is more suitable for the website search engine rules, then who will get more attention "". Some people say that it is not difficult to site optimization, is nothing more than good, the chain structure, content. In fact this is true, but it is difficult to project optimization who will be difficult to more relevant for the search engine itself. Do one thing is very easy, but to say a thing we should do fine to pay several times. Unfortunately, now the website ranking due to the competitive environment gradually warming up, but so. Therefore, to the enterprise development in the Internet and the lifeblood of website in the website optimization rules requires more excellence, enlarge the details to every optimization step.

but not every site can do so, not everyone knows how to do it, because not everyone has such a professional ability. Therefore, the birth of the Internet such a baby industry — "Shanghai dragon diagnosis", probably in 2009. In the recent, often in the webmaster circle to see such a topic, so did a follow-up report, is here to share: