Introduction to the commercial building of the commercial leisure Square in Xining Railway Station

The new train station in Xining comprehensive renovation project, is the single largest investment project in Xining City, the giant Chinese since the new station was established, commercial leisure square, and the riverside road underground commercial street two core business circle and the station of high-speed rail, bus, bus, rent, parking, rail traffic in one the traffic hub, the formation of Qinghai province’s largest passenger traffic logistics distributing area and the Huangshui River riverfront landscape recreation area, the core commercial area, not only meet the domestic and foreign visitors, stay, gathering, shopping, office, trade, rest, watch the demand, but also the sign of landmark buildings, Qinghai City, become Province, Xining City show "western gate", "Pilgrim’s starting point" image characteristics of important portal, on the construction of Xining, Qinghai opened a new exchange platform, It is of great significance to promote the economic and social development of Qinghai province.The construction of


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