HBO Go slightly branches out and comes to Airplay

first_imgAt the All Things D conference, HBO’s Eric Kessler has announced that the company’s HBO Go app on iPad will now support AirPlay, meaning users will be able to beam videos from the tablet to an Apple TV. It really goes to show you how locked down HBO is that this change is seen as a step in the right direction.Apple’s AirPlay system allows users of iDevices to mirror their display to playback videos or slideshows wirelessly — provided they also have an AirPlay-capable hub like the Apple TV $69.00 at Groupon . As soon as Apple announced the feature, some smiles turned into frowns as it became evident application developers could block their content from appearing on TVs. Not that anyone should have been surprised. Apple likes to have that kind of control.HBO’s announcement will let HBO Go users stream video to their TVs in a roundabout sort of way, but cord cutters are still being left in the lurch. Kessler reiterated HBO’s opposition to releasing a standalone streaming service. The only way to get HBO Go right now is to subscribe to HBO through a cable provider, thus making HBO Go streaming a little redundant. There will also still be no dedicated HBO Go app on Apple TV for the time being.The economics are, according to Kessler, not solid enough to move to a streaming-only model. The broadcaster gets large payments from cable providers that use HBO to lure in new subscribers. Kessler did add that HBO had the capacity to rollout a streaming subscription whenever it wanted, so maybe someday we’ll finally see this unicorn.last_img

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