Mike Conley Jr is now a 30 million man

first_imgMike Conley, Jr. makes $30 million a year now. This is where the NBA sits today. Conley, who played in 56 games last year and averaged around 15 points and 6 assists per game, has reportedly assented to the terms of an agreement with the Grizzlies for $153 million over 5 years. If Conley is getting $30 million per year today, they may have to pay Steph Curry in land rights to U.S. territories when he comes up for free agency.It’s a good off-season to be an NBA Free Agent. Hell, you don’t even have to be that good. Players are cashing in, and some of the numbers being thrown around defy conventional logic, but it’s hard to blame the players for striking while the iron is hot in a bull market.Some of the most eye popping contracts besides Conley signed so far include:Matthew Dellavadova to the Bucks| 4 years $38 million – Everybody loves :”Delly’s” scrappy demeanor (some don’t). He’s a serviceable defender and an offensive liability. $9.5 mil a year is the market. Joakim Noah to the Knicks| 4 years $72 million – Noah’s ability when he’s healthy is unquestioned. The problem is he only played in 29 games last season and his production has been trending down for 2 seasons. $18 mil per.Chandler Parson to the Grizzlies| 4 years $94 million – Parsons played in 61 games last year and averages 14 points a game for the Mavericks. $23.5 mil per year. Whatever.Jeremy Lin to the Nets| 3 years $36 million – The definition of Linsanity is signing a decent scoring shooting guard who can’t defend to terrible contracts over and over again and expecting different results. $12 million per.For the chorus of complainers in the “NBA players are overpaid” crowd that say the salaries are ridiculous, what kind of dope leaves money on the table in any scenario? Not Mike Conley, that’s for sure.Grizzlies owner Robert J. Para, who committed $247 million to Conley and Parsons, effectively summed up the current free agency period.pic.twitter.com/nJVwA5Z9Qw— Robert J Pera (@RobertPera) July 2, 2016 Advertisementlast_img

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