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custom form. This situation is that customers put forward a scheme, net red in the live to achieve implantation, common is funny video, imitate, etc..

welcome to share your observation and understanding of "talent inventory" in the article comments section. The number of message points, the top 3 readers, and the message "the most perspective" of the 3 readers, will receive a copy of the welfare oh.

early no professional OS development manager, leading to the team in the development process, efficiency problems, and often stay up late to eat breakfast.

live broadcast in the process of broadcast text ads, time is basically in an hour, the Reds mouth broadcast several times;

our company’s talent >

Abstract: talent inventory mainly to the strategic direction of the company to adjust and refine the nodes in the inventory process, unified management for personnel, the formation of objective evaluation, if the company personality, then find the right talent for the company is a consumer behavior.

was in short supply, some of the employees who evaluated the A+ had to ask him to leave. Throw them away, right? After that period of time, they can create more value,

startups, how do you update talent iterations,

talent evaluation and management is a discipline. Company employees are like CEO in the hands of "a deck of cards", and only know who among them is "big cat", who is "A", who is "K", CEO can develop the best card strategy.

. On the topic of talent, he shared two scenes:

invite network red anchor to participate in live activities below the line, such as millet conference site, please net red to scene rally. This situation is usually charged by the show, the price is generally higher than the online live;

?What does

millet notebook conference site 55 network red Taylor: "by sponsoring 55 Mercedes S500 transfer network red live, each net is red car, looked at 55 people a red net, satisfied after the start, the organizers nodded with satisfaction, then waved his hand and the rest of the 150 media teachers, a crowded bus, immediately away."

it is understood that, at present, the net red broadcast advertising forms can be divided into the following categories:

Liu Chuanzhi once said a word: "take the team, with the team". I think this order is very correct.

CEO are seeking "putting people in the right place", but in reality, there is always an awkward situation: a hen who lays golden eggs is invited, but it is stewed chicken soup to drink. The company’s expectations were not met, and the hen was devastated.

At what time does

lively and noisy spawned not worth the money, get point technology day before a "live resource list" shows that the net price of red hour broadcast over a million is normal, and a line activities for one hundred thousand are not uncommon.


how to find the ace staff? In the assessment on the evaluation method, what is the exclusive

think about CEO’s "how to find someone to make up its own short board"? What are the lessons or experiences?

will be at the end of the year. Almost all companies are busy with the same thing, is to find someone to find a better and more suitable person.

Han Shuo: take the team, with team

News revealed that millet conference, please anchor, the average price of the entrance fee of about 5000 yuan, but the fixed point technology reporter learned from another meeting, then please go to the anchor, only 1000 yuan per person. The "live resource price list" also reflects a huge gap in the industry – more than one hundred thousand live prices on some red lines, while others are priced at only a few thousand dollars.

?How does

facing this eternal problem, last Wednesday, we shared the methodology of talent inventory by Huang Xu, a partner of Jia Ying fund and a famous human resources expert. link: "people are wrong, things are wrong, with Alibaba learning to do physical inventory", but also with 5 first-line entrepreneurs chatted:

, don’t make a fuss when you come into a conference site and almost a large area of white light flashes to your eyes in front of a certain area. That line of big eyes, pointed chin, facing the phone smile figure, is now popular with manufacturers of red anchor network.

keep employees motivated to do business?


start the talent inventory?

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whether this is true, or "media teachers" from the black, you can see that the organizers of the net red broadcast in the form of quite satisfactory. It is reported that after the end of the conference, millet technology CEO Lei Jun also devoted to anchor their room to express their gratitude, he painted 11 female anchor house regards said: "thank you for attending the conference millet."

in the above "live broadcast resource price list", the net red broadcast a maximum open to 220 thousand, the lowest offer is less than one thousand, two times difference between hundred times. The well-known game anchor small live online and offline activities were more than 300 thousand and the price of 400 thousand yuan. >

Abstract: lively and noisy spawned not worth the money, get point technology day before a "live resource list" shows that the net price of red hour broadcast over a million is normal, and a line activities for one hundred thousand are not uncommon.

In his long talk on April 7th, Luo Yonghao reviewed the pride and regret of the hammer technology since its establishment in

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