Business development novice RaidersBrewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng from scratch to hundreds

last month, Hao Hongfeng went to visit the red wine village. Bordeaux, France Shengti miloon trip to make him feel a lot, "we really need to learn their work attitude, the vine and some even has a history of hundreds of years, and many people hate not today for the grapes, tomorrow is 10 years old".


"we’re still in the start-up phase." This is Hao Hongfeng’s pet phrase often say it. Having just won the third round of financing recently, his face was a little more relaxed, and with that expression, Hao Hongfeng spent 12 years.

from scratch to $100 million worth of assets,

? When I come to a new environment and start visiting customers, I usually do it in two ways: a hungry predatory customer. At the beginning of a business, customers do not have, had no place in the factory, did not speak at the component, treat customers is a kind of non selective absorption, so called starvation plunder, in order to make the order is the most important, do not care about the quantity and profit demand, they do not lose money, the company agreed to do orders are received, temporarily not to care what the royalty, even knowing that it is possible to make customers willing to follow, in order to maintain business confidence, make you can stick to it. When the first order is done, with a zero breakthrough, the business will change dramatically. That’s what the previous article said, "break the ice" and everything will be all right. For example, TC technology, 30 cotton padded clothes, although I know there is no profit, but I still clung, as long as there is little hope will not give up, is the hope that through this method the accumulation of customers, to achieve the increase in the number of. Two is the selective elimination of customers. The former stage makes the number of customers increase a lot, because the quality of customers varies greatly, it is difficult to take care of all, the service is not in place, customers at any time will be lost, at this time only

in this age of lack of rich mythology, Hao Hongfeng’s "alcohol story" is still regarded as a legend. Dropping out of school, starting from rags to riches and millions of dollars worth of money, the labels that often appear in the biographies of famous financial men are equally visible to him. In Hao Hongfeng’s heart, the wind and rain in the business class, no more love wine, liquor and wine mellow cup among these, his success is not today. Each drink wine wine, drunk heart, Han ran a smile he loves that touch of red wine.

"we’re still in the start-up phase." This is Hao Hongfeng’s pet phrase often say it. Having just won the third round of financing recently, his face was a little more relaxed, and with that expression, Hao Hongfeng spent 12 years.

? First, select the customer segment,

 ? No matter what industry sales work, have to adapt to its target customers, according to customers can produce different value, we put the target customers into three categories: Class A, class B and C customer customer customer. Class a customer high price, large demand, rich orders; B class customers higher or more quantity, orders rich; C class customers occasional demand, intermittent orders, prices are not high. In the process of business development, C customers most easy to see that the B class of a class of the most difficult; every business people are very smart people, will analyze the customer’s quality, all want to get the best customers, but not any clerk can do under a customer because of this, business experience and professional level enough, because his demand for more, visit the relevant business staff will, when he learned a little knowledge of words from each person, he is very professional, so the initial stage usually do business are from C the client starts with the accumulation of experience gradually to B and a customer development. But for sales professionals like me, you don’t have to do that. Just go to the customers and make a record of them.


, the only child in the family who had the chance to go to college, Hao Hongfeng didn’t become like a lot of tough children. He became an example of the ivory tower, but chose to drop out and start on the other

there is market demand, the market is selling in the market economic environment, sales is the lifeline, that brought a force for the development of enterprises, but also keep alive in the enterprise itself, it is the enterprise. And the lifeline of sales personnel engaged in the sale and also naturally become an important factor in the survival and development of enterprises to become a qualified salesman, and ultimately create value for enterprises, especially for the novice to the clerk, the following three aspects:

is particularly important

red wine carries happiness,

was born in Handan, thousands of miles away from Taiyuan, Hao Hongfeng has forged an indissoluble bond with Shanxi and Shanxi merchants. Over ten years of liquor business in Shanxi, chairman of the Shanxi wine industry group Limited is the bes before he founded the brewmaster network of social identity.


was born in 1977, the current chairman of Shanxi bes Wine Group Limited, Agel Ecommerce Ltd Beijing brewmaster brewmaster network chairman.


and Hao Hongfeng is not the first time to deal with, as early as a year ago, with the potential of the brewmaster network in the business arena like a raging fire started all-powerful domestic electronic occasion, has repeatedly communicate with him over the status of red wine industry. If meet travel or meeting is not convenient to answer the telephone, even do not know who is calling, he always came back to the phone, answer the question not to mind taking the trouble to visit, which makes people feel that he is sincere, brewmaster network can have today’s development, the leader of the character is perhaps cannot be ignored the.

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