District People Club Bureau volunteers to participate in the creation of civilized city

in the region under the in-depth development of national civilized city evaluation met the inspection work, the majority of the volunteers "Chengbei District People Club Bureau guard point, ", active in the community; check the line, with a brilliant smile and warm service, to create a civilization to contribute their strength.
in Chaoyang Road on the west side of the liability section, the District People Club Bureau volunteers actively begin from me, start from the side, and consciously safeguard the health Road, take the initiative to clear the road on both sides of the green belt in the garbage and waste paper, cigarette ends, plastic bags and other debris, and actively create a good environment of city street landscape Lu chang. For jaywalking, ran a red light, littering and other uncivilized behavior, and actively carry out civilized travel " " volunteer service activities, guide prompted people to consciously abide by traffic rules, not across the diagonal across the road, not red light, do not wait for the line, do not climb the fence, new social advocate civilized travel.
in contact point of the mountains and the community, the majority of the volunteers take the initiative to contact the Bureau of community workers, actively participate in solving the existing problems in the process of examination and the opinions and suggestions of the residents, and actively help the community to do the work of civilization.


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