Cangxi County invited entrepreneurs to visit their hometowns

with the gradual return of entrepreneurial activities, many successful entrepreneurs out of the idea of returning home investment. Recently, Guangyuan, Cangxi, the local government invited a number of successful entrepreneurs outside the home after the Spring Festival to visit, so that they can feel the changes in the development of their hometown, to see the possibility of future business in his hometown.

2 on Sept. 15, the 8th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, at the invitation of the Cangxi county government, part of the Cangxi nationality in foreign successful visit home development of venture enterprises, industrial base, etc., home business communication and success, feelings of Cangxi in "public entrepreneurship, innovation, tackling poverty and well-off society in the history of the great changes, a common vision of a better prospect of home business, nurturing home.

"home change is very large, the hometown people’s ideas and thinking is changing fast, feel very happy." Guangdong Maydos building materials Limited by Share Ltd director Ren Dezhong told reporters that he left his hometown for thirty years, the rapid development of the development of the home new career brought him the opportunity to find a suitable project as soon as possible, do early for his contribution to better development. Beijing Oriental sky Investment Limited company chairman Mou Jinru said, this time he came back to look for investment projects, "my hometown is developing very quickly, this creates more opportunities, I am ready to grab the back of life performance new opportunities."

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Do business is to let the customer forget 3 15

3· 15 can be said to be the biggest shops and brand the most horrible thing, and now consumers are also very good at using such weapons. Due to the media publicity and supervision of industry and commerce, the brand dealers also pay great attention to the quality of their products, to ensure the timely exchange of critical commodities, so it is easier to open shop business. Daily operation, I also pay special attention to adhere to regular inspection, and then communicate with the salesman in a timely manner, the goal is: no expired goods store, so that my customers forget 3· 15.

even so, something unpleasant or at the end of period.

the weather during the awesome good business, when the sixth morning are busy, the clerk brought two pieces of a well-known brand of rice pudding gift box. This brand of rice pudding usually sell well, packaging is no problem, the price is right, who is not known, but thinking of the large flow of people is also reasonable, so hurry to pay up. Usually remember to make a phone call to ensure sales, then busy business, also did not want to.

also put in the gift shop, was living with two acquaintances of a community by selling a mention, when the heart is still behind the money does not seem so difficult to buy a gift, the aunt came to the door. Aunt pulled me aside and whispered: "little Xia, you see this is a treasure I just bought, the grandson opened, mother found the rice pudding is expired. I clearly see is just sent goods, how, how?"

I thought I was bad, and fooled. Quickly open the other boxes to see, indeed, is expired. Aunt Wang, I’m so sorry! I was too careless, did not carey check the delivery date. Do you think this is good, the gift box is 8 cans, the general installed in the tank, I’ll give you change into the general assembly, you do not need to add money, the impact of the new year, the mood of your heart, to give you compensation is not 12. Do you like it?" "Girl, we believe that you are not interested, aunt. Thank you!"

of guilt to bid farewell to the king aunt, I immediately contacted another to buy rice pudding boxes with neighbors, he explained the situation or withdraw or change, by choice, and expressed sincere apologies, you better believe in store, attitude is also very tolerant, told me a lot of thanks. Go back to the shop, I’ll pack up the rest of the box, because the clerk did not know, and no contact, these two pieces of eight treasure porridge still at the entrance of the warehouse, each into the warehouse, I will take a look, tell yourself all the time to be vigilant.

if I’m trying to make money, I’m afraid I can’t do that, and it’s no doubt that the customer is unhappy. In short, the recall of goods sold, not sold goods shelves, the only way to peace of mind. Despite the economic losses, but

Meet the most beautiful lake in Chinese – Lake Race fourth stage of wonderful pictures

  July 8th, 2015 Qinghai Lake international road cycling race held in the fourth stage of Qinghai Lake to the Gangcha game. The Russian team from Los siviero Ivan became the fourth stage of the race in 4 hours 33 minutes 57 seconds, the No. 61 team Ukraine Kors Mikhail Lo, No. 141 Slovenia Yamobeier adley team Mark won the two or three.  
2015 Qinghai Lake international road cycling race held in the fourth stage, the players riding in the most beautiful lake in Qinghai Lake, Chinese

players ride in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

players ride in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

players ride in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

  players riding in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

players ride in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

players ride in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

players ride in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

players ride in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

players ride in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

players ride in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

players ride in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

players ride in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

  players riding in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

  players riding in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

  players riding in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake

aerial helicopter flew over the head of

from the reporter  

Xining emergency medical treatment program to start multi point prevention and control of a joint fl

September 21st, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau launched an emergency based on a flow of medical treatment scheme, health law enforcement and supervision departments to act quickly, strengthen health and safety inspections of medical institutions, schools, hotels, hotels, construction sites and other crowded places, to prevent the spread of swine flu.

it is understood that the health supervision departments at all levels will be to carry out a comprehensive medical waste disposal, registration of infectious disease report, the fever outpatient triage setting norms, medical equipment and disinfection, personal protective measures for medical staff, school absenteeism, morning afternoon inspection, registration of infectious disease, infectious disease prevention and control knowledge training, the implementation of prevention and control system of infectious diseases the classroom, ventilation and disinfection of public places practitioners of infectious disease prevention and control knowledge, disinfection of environment and goods, supervision and inspection personnel in the registration key.

Xining has set up three branches of medical expert group, responsible for technical guidance in Xining city a flow of medical treatment and critically ill patients with consultation and treatment work; medical institutions regulate the operation of the Department of infectious diseases or fever clinics, improve the sensitivity of the pre. Xining City Department of disease designated hospital infection has identified second people’s Hospital of Xining City, the third people’s Hospital of Xining city and three County General Hospital, and set aside sufficient beds, guarantee that the new flu patient in the medical institutions to increase rapidly; thermometer, gowns, masks, medicine and other protective equipment and necessary emergency preventive the traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine antiviral therapy and symptomatic treatment drugs reserve; strengthen the inspection of sample collection, transportation, storage, use and management, fully implement the responsibility system for the first consultation, to ensure the early detection and early diagnosis and prompt reporting, early isolation and early treatment".


Xining City West District innovation work strong base

The West District of Xining city

"construction closely and comprehensively deepen reforms together, proposed the implementation of the third industry service center project construction, the west area tourism service center, city green road landscape to enhance the implementation of a series of new ideas and new measures. The reform and innovation, pioneered the work become west area catch "Three Basics" and "strong, vivid practice to promote development and improve people’s livelihood.

built the province’s first social organization incubator base

West District in accordance with the central government, Xining Province, to strengthen social construction, innovation and social management system requirements, on the basis of foreign advanced experience and successful models, in the area of Hai Yan Road community established the province’s first social organization incubators. This is an important contribution to the development of the western district to support the development of social organizations, but also one of the important initiatives of the Western District of social organization and management system reform and innovation. At present, there are 13 social organizations, such as community social work station, old age association, healthy hut, charity charity supermarket and so on.

takes the lead in the implementation of social pension insurance for landless peasants

with the city to speed up the process and the rapid development of economic construction, the west area of landless peasants old-age security problem more and more, to solve this part of the farmers, West District will landless farmers social security work included in the project for the tangible things, matching funds 85 million yuan, the first in the province to implement the rural social endowment insurance. To solve the long-term livelihood of farmers by land acquisition problems fundamentally. Today, the area of 60 years of age or more insured farmers can receive a monthly payment of $450.61 insurance.

disabled entrepreneurs to open the door of happiness

recently, the West District Disabled Employment convenience service Street officially inaugurated. Pavement free for disabled people, 20 people with disabilities will be here with wisdom and hands to create a happy life, to realize their dreams. The disabled Sister Zhang to shoes for a living. In the past, Zhang sister is put on the street stalls do business, encountered rainy days, she had to stay at home. Now is not the same, after moving to the convenience of Employment Service Street, Zhang sister has its own shop, no longer afraid of the wind and rain.

electronic monitoring platform for the safety escort tongue

West District to build food and drug electronic monitoring platform to create a sunny kitchen, improve the supervision of various types of drug special inspection to ensure that the region’s food and drug safety supervision has been strengthened. Food and drug safety supervision platform is the Western District food and Drug Administration in the comprehensive deepening of reform in an innovative work. At present, the region’s 50 large and medium-sized catering service units, schools have set up nurseries canteen.


The location techniques introduced sipping Xiabu Hot pot

Hot pot shop investment you can not miss Tanggu to want to know Hot pot sipping Xiabu, sipping Xiabu Hot pot how? Look at the following small series for you.

Tanggu sipping Xiabu flavor, delicacy, to the national stage in development, has become one of the famous brand delicacy. Its brand strength, product characteristics, market competitive advantage is significant. Investment choice, businesses need to pay attention to what location? Let me see for your doubts.

1, human traffic

business venture set up shop, want to shop, we must first ensure the adequate flow of people, after all, only people in order to ensure that people eat more, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the future. Tanggu businessmen joined in concentrated flow sipping Xiabu site area, including the bustling streets, downtown, around the school and so on, can be used as reference in the site, the best in specific circumstances in different periods of the traffic investigation.

2, spending power

wanted to open a shop just at the Tanggu sipping Xiabu, traffic is not enough, businesses also need to study near the group’s consumption ability and consumer habits. Hot pot is a food for the public, although not too high for consumers, but some of the economic conditions must be, otherwise it can not guarantee the smooth operation of the future. Businesses to meet the level of consumption around the Olympic survey, the surrounding restaurants when a good choice, you can refer to their price customization and consumer spending levels, to make a general judgment.

3, store situation

merchant shop to ensure smooth, not only to choose the right location, must choose the shop. We have to know, do catering industry, hydropower and other infrastructure is the basic of the basic, businesses in the site must be taken into full account of this point. At the same time, businesses also need to ensure adequate parking spaces around, after all, now there are many car owners, driving a lot of people who eat, if the lack of parking spaces and the loss of customers that few too.

in the construction process, site selection is a very important link, affect the shop’s future operations, is the focus of attention of many people, the difficulty is also zero experience business venture. If you join the Tanggu interested in sipping Xiabu you see, the small series of location tips, you have a successful business and further gains.

of course, if you want to know more about the similar investment Hot pot brand, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after you see the message, to recommend more Hot pot brand for your reference, to help you find the right projects as soon as possible.

How to open a small shop for you to recommend the shop steps

a lot of friends want to quit their jobs to start their own business, open a shop is a very good choice. So, how to open the store? Are there specific steps? Open stores need to pay attention to what the problem? Xiaobian this for you to answer one by one.

location for shops will play a major role. As the saying goes, store an inch, a business zhang. Good shop is the stream of people, the flow of money, the exchange of information flow is the fastest and most active place.

ascription, the importance of store, in relation to their own corporate image, will also directly affect the product sales. In general, names to be auspicious, easy to pronounce, unique, easy to memorize. The shop name right, let the customer know yourself, enjoy yourself, trust yourself, to achieve long-term business cooperation. The name of good planning, can be 100 mouth, do free publicity.


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Crown fresh steamed stuffed bun to join questions and answers

people love to eat dumplings for irrigation, the traditional approach seems to have can’t satisfy people’s consumption demand, with more characteristics of the brand needed. Crown of fresh soup dumplings of Mrs Chen Liang, on the basis of inheriting the traditional process, according to the new concept of the modern green health, delicacy, bold innovation and practical production process, eventually formed a unique flavor and characteristics. Fully retained the traditional irrigation soup, thin filling large, filling soup has improved the traditional soup dumplings taste greasy, skin elasticity, soft waxy without chewing and other shortcomings, formed a complete set fabrication process, the standardized management become a reality. After the launch, by the praise of consumers, has become a popular brand to join, then the small series will give you a summary of the common problems.

crown fresh steamed stuffed bun to join questions and answers details:

problem: the price of meat is profit so expensive? Do soup?

answer: first of all, our soup shop is not only to make money on the package of meat, we have nearly 20 kinds of products for customers to choose. The price is rising, but in our consen company’s core technology elite efforts, we improved the formula, improved the process, so we stop shop turnover and profits did not have any effect.

: so many fresh soup soup shop crown will have



unified management, unified model can guarantee the health, taste, store image, and can fully opened up between the traditional streets and lanes that small shop Steamed Buns grades, different soup shop quality. To give up the kind of non-standard operation of the fear of breakfast, with a strong brand advantage, unique taste, improve the product structure, clean and sanitary environment for consumers to eat a healthy eating at ease!

question: how can the seasoning bags be delivered in accordance with the tastes of local consumers?

answer: the company has specialized logistics, committed to on-time arrival, and responsible for the quality of. The company will adjust the flavor of the formula based on the consumption of each city in order to meet the tastes of local people.

question: how to set the scope of each franchise’s regional protection?

answer: each franchise area protection is based on the population density of the region to set. This is a small area of protection in the city, in the suburbs or remote areas, the range is a little larger. But the company will be divided from the perspective of franchisees to protect the region, in order to ensure that each franchisee has a profit. And there will be specific restrictions on the signing of the contract.

question: how does the company help join >

Open up the market and join the fried ice cream contains unlimited business opportunities

have you ever heard of fried ice cream? Yes, in addition to being able to serve as a cold drink, ice cream can be made into a unique and delicious dessert. Fried ice cream is a new feature of fried snack snacks, ice cream coated with sesame, peanut, Gua Ziren covered crisp skin, filling fresh fruit flesh ice-cream. As a traditional project, people usually know fried ice cream and ice cream are very different, frozen into ice cream not only with no deformation after frying, can make a bite at the same time diners taste the unique aroma of fresh milk and fruit, to allow consumers to experience the surprises in the tasting process.

product advantages

1. taste crisp, fresh raw materials.

2. consumer groups wide, no sales off-season.

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