The four step is to do the case analysis of beauty website website long tail keywords

3, the content of

it is analysis of love Shanghai search optimization guide or their own website, can come to this conclusion, and some long tail keywords ranking Title occupies a large proportion. What do you want to optimize the keywords, such as the "skin care knowledge" must be put in the first place title. Don’t tube, automatic word segmentation, search engine what the website weight is low, the page weight is lower, to have a good ranking, we should try to reduce the algorithm of search engine.

in addition, the title of the best keywords behind with other words. The reason is very simple, long tail keywords completely matched rarely. In other words, if your keywords match, only with the "basic knowledge" beauty as the title, it is very difficult to row to the first page of the. The nature of the title, let the search engines do not think you are cheating.

is what we usually say the abstract, many CMS will automatically extract the first paragraph of the article as abstract, I use dedecms’s so. Let the target keywords at the beginning is repeated several times, have implications for the search engine.


1, the long tail keywords optimization from the page title of

can say that love Shanghai last year the previous revision of the most costly than Taobao passenger and medical industry. I will do is a Taobao off site, recommend some cosmetic products such as perfumes, essential oils, skin care products etc.. In June is down right after the station has taken a conservative strategy. Here is not to say that the conservative stop post, to stop the construction of the chain, do you only one. Although the core keywords haven’t fully recovered, but the long tail keywords to the current site conversion rate is better than before, compared to income also increased. Today is like to share their experience of optimization.

at this point, a lot of friends it is repeated, the stack of target keywords. For example, the so-called "expert" to develop the original article generator principle is to act as the original article by random insertion of long tail keywords interception of the novel in a paragraph. This is a few years ago is still relatively effective, but now, the software had disappeared.

How to determine the content of the


2, the content of the beginning of the long tail keywords

search engine, largely through the keyword related keywords in the industry, the field of the repetition rate to judge. For example, the case of "our skin care basics", has been ranked in the article, find the high frequency of a class of words, such as "clean" and "moisture" "water" ".


related keywords

Zhang Fangwen Shanghai dragon user search habits and artificial intelligence search

of this technology is not complicated, mainly to read the user’s browser cookis files, if users often love Shanghai search the same key words, we can think of the user demand for the product or service? The love of Shanghai alliance will be targeted to display this content to the user, but also as long as there is love Shanghai each hanging advertising website will be displayed.

because I am in the optimization of a "second-hand woodworking machinery" of the enterprise website recently, so often in Shanghai second-hand woodworking machinery to detect the search keywords website ranking, I also love some music site, listen to music, but I found love Shanghai Wangmeng interesting products, this is also very good the embodiment of our today to say "user search habits and artificial intelligence search, so give us a few pictures.

website ranking is directly related to the website and user stickiness degree, that is to say, the website of PV is very high, the bounce rate is very low, is to maintain the best ranking method. A lot of black hat Shanghai dragon Er think by buying links, or sending up the rankings do website ranking will be stable, in fact, even if the current ranking is very good, maybe it would be difficult to maintain ranking. Zhang Fangwen believes that by doing so to cater to the user search habits station is search engine love website.


Zhang Fangwen to give several search engines to explore "embody and product intention" user search? Tip: This article from the original Zhang Fangwen, I want to see more original articles please search for Zhang Fangwen, or directly log on my blog, my blog address is: Zhang Fangwen (phonetic) cards. Zhang Fangwen’s blog focused on enterprise e-commerce consultant!.


In fact, the


> The following

search engine from the development so far, in all aspects of the qualitative leap and breakthrough. But the search engine still has a lot of problems are not solved, Shanghai dragon er know? Both the data storage and processing or data release of the issue of timeliness, are each a search engine company has been trying to study and improve the project (these are ongoing projects). In fact, the "user search habits" and "artificial intelligence search" is the search engine company has been trying to implement the project is at a loss what to do.

why now there are some black hat techniques by ranking optimization on site ranking has been very good? (the less part) that is because the search engine itself for technical reasons. No way to really understand the "embarrassing phenomenon caused by the user search intent". What I said "intention" and "artificial intelligence search" this kind of word search, in fact, the major search engines have made similar products, but not the real use of this factor only ranked in the key, I believe that in the near future, the user search intention and artificial intelligence search is an important basis for the website ranking. I believe that black hat technology won’t work.

Acne products as key words how to interpret the keyword competition analysis cases

when we find a keyword, as long as we search the word you can get some data from the search results. We can borrow from the search results can give quantitative information for analysis, if the number of search results is very high, so we can roughly say this word has a high degree of competition. For example, we use love Shanghai search "acne products" search results as high as 25190000, we can roughly determine the term of this competition is not small. But we also need to pay attention to a problem, that is the method of judging the existence of some errors, for example, I searched for "good morning" this is not what the commercial value of the words, the search results have 5190000. This means it can only as a rough evaluation.

search results for promotion of interpretation search results

two: intitle

: a quantitative analysis of

for a Shanghai Phoenix Project, the success is largely based on keyword choice is correct. If you choose a low degree of competition but less correlation, even if traffic is not much effect. If you chose a highly relevant, but the competition is unusually high, so it’s hard for you to have some benefits in the short term. There are many kinds of way to judge the key competition, if you just use one of them, it will have a very high rate of error. Based on this, the author takes the words "acne products" as an example, talk about how to interpret a keyword, the degree of competition.


three: the number of

search engine is the main way of profit for advertising, and generally have a high degree of competition and the commercial value of words will be in search results with promotion advertising. Also we can analyze the competition degree according to the number of the bidding promotion advertising. As shown in the figure below is for advertising this one word acne products "search results.

commandUse the intitle command to

compared with the direct search of the word error will be smaller, because we know we directly search the word, as long as the page containing the word, the general search engine will put the pages into the search results, and this may be a page theme is not associated with this key. For example: "National Day" of the word, sentence 1: the National Day holiday, free shipping. 2 sentences: the success of the Beijing Olympic bid, celebrated. The existence of "National Day" word in the two sentence, but in fact it is very different in meaning and usage. The word sentence 2 "National Day" is not the word sentence. We can put this part excluded. We use the command "intitle in the search engine results: acne products found was 593000, compared with the data obtained in the above method, using this method to obtain the data will be smaller and more accurate.

Cool web user experience is very important to help users to find accurate informationAngel investor

investors generally pay attention to and investigate entrepreneurs from the following dimensions:

before obtaining financing, but also cool news website. During the Spring Festival, due to the Zhongguancun to drift north through search kuxun bought a ticket home, word of mouth, in September 11, 2006, Cool News Network hereinafter referred to as kuxun get SIG mutual investment fund and LIAN source for $10 million, which is the second half a year ago LIAN sources $2 million after the second round of investment.

2 for their team or the customer does not know how to respect, shouted, casually temper, or even break abusive and insulting, so the first people can not control their own emotions are not mature, and do not know how to behave, don’t do this responsibility on undertaking the.

2, lack of integrity,


1 the former boss of disdain, and even abuse, generally chatter about the former boss bad mouthing entrepreneurs, basically their own good or less.

in the correct pattern of good execution, to win. If in a wrong pattern, no effort can be won. The flow pattern is to identify the direction of the industry, the industry, look at your project if there is enough room to grow. Many entrepreneurs do a good job, but hundreds of millions of people in the industry, too

angel investor sentiment: those who can not vote and things

has the highest rate of return on early investment, but the highest risk. In fact, 90% of the early investments failed at last. But everything has a law to follow, the reason for failure is nothing more than two: people do not spectrum and things do not fly. So, for early investment, what kind of entrepreneur and what kind of thing is VC put into the quasi blacklist

3, the pattern is not enough,

has the highest rate of return on early investment, but the highest risk. In fact, 90% of the early investments failed at last. But everything has a law to follow, the reason for failure is nothing more than two: people do not spectrum and things do not fly. What are the people and things that can’t be invested in early investment?

3 from the VC get the money after the company finally closed a lot of money but startups are a bright. In fact, for those who eventually created the great company, the company has only just begun to get VC.

1, moral character is incorrect,


, what kind of people can’t vote,

, some entrepreneurs in order to get VC investment, will deliberately excessive lying, so that investors think people and products perfect. But when you lie for the first time, you’ll lie more often later. For example, investors will deliberately hide some of the fatal problems encountered by the company, and do not communicate with investors, investors can not find the first time other resources to help entrepreneurs, and eventually led to the company closed.

angel investment success rate very high Comrade Lei Jun once said: "the integrity of entrepreneurs, angel investment is the most important."."



investors believe that entrepreneurs are at least 20% of the company’s overall valuation. The ethical problems of entrepreneurs are generally characterized by the following:

I apply to Baidu web promotion service experience

Hello, I am rain cold, I came into contact with the network have greatly small website have more than a dozen years from 06, but the number of success is 0, I asked myself, then pointing through a friend, his execution is not enough. First of all the following before he has been a PR4 network information site, but not for a long time because management is hacked, led directly to PR4 off to PR2, GG included from 12000 down to 200, from 5000 down to 1000 from Baidu and Baidu snapshot stagnation. Recently, because of their work time free, the site of the addiction came up again, so this site to delete a revision of medical and health website (URL not playing, or scold, hanging advertising suspect) GG ads, the price is also good, a click on the 0.1 for the domestic market with a knife good now! A few days ago, Baidu launched a series of service station, then landing Baidu alliance found his look at Baidu Union has not approved. Because I have applied for one station before, one day 2000IP applications are not passed. Yesterday I took revision health station for Baidu union try, QQ received an email saying today through the audit, so excited, he wanted to write an article to share experience, stated that this article is a novice, veteran through. The following nonsense is not much said, the list of considerations for novice reference only.

1: the site must be filed, which is an important condition to join the Baidu alliance.

2: web interface design should be neat, at least for the audience, site templates, many websites are available to download. Here, there is a point of attention, very important for beginners, that is, site PR is at least 2, or else the application is very difficult to pass, personal view is for reference only. Although my station said unsightly, I use the DEDECMS system built, the template is the default template, feeling in line with the concept of green health, there is no change template.

3: Web content can not be collected, as far as possible for the original, at least copy the content you want to modify the title, but also to constantly update.

4: it’s also a controversial one. I don’t want to put my rival GG’s advertisement. I’ve also seen a lot of articles saying that it’s better not to put it in. According to my successful experience in successful application, I find that the influence of GG advertising is not great. Because my station is a GG advertising, but do not apply for the next Baidu web promotion must put Baidu’s new products in your business, this is very important.

5. links must be added, but can not casually add, must add and their stand want to close the content of the site, but also always pay attention to their link station has been punished by Baidu.

finally, other details are other friends here that a commonplace talk of an old scholar, to quote Niu Gensheng’s words: "small victory by wisdom, victory by Germany, steadfast do stand, a sense of life, there is a return to pay.

last note >

What kind of basic skills do you want to succeed in business

many people want to through the venture this road to prosperity, but not everyone will start, is necessary in some necessary preparations before the start, only basic solid business can more easily follow the whole network of entrepreneurs, small make up take a look at it.

if you drive, you have a clear purpose and clear that you want to go there, so even if your car broke down or flat tire, you will also actively respond firmly toward your destination.

once for their long journey of entrepreneurship set a better vision, entrepreneurs can make specific business objectives, and refinement to each business plan, action plan and work tasks. You will be surprised to find that such a huge, seemingly impossible goal can be broken down into their daily work.

2, the enterprise survival by revenue, sales techniques

If entrepreneurs have so-called sales talent, of course is the best. However, there is still a need to ensure that the company’s pricing and profitability are at a reasonable level, which is the guarantee of successful sales, and to avoid the discount to obtain high sales.

for a well run company is important, but more important for startups, because.

How to manage the invoicing

no matter how good the business, the owners will have the trouble to operate above, often complain about bad business. Perhaps many of the retail outlets are often complaining about too much smoke, old customers can not keep. But I think as long as the management of cigarettes Invoicing, back to nature "run". My experience is this:

is the first purchase. In the time of purchase, or appropriate to control some of the rational. I am in the cigarette business aspects of the funds is relatively limited, it is not a backlog, is not easy to appear out of stock, sell some cigarettes, corresponding to fill, to return the funds continue to operate, let me in the "cigarette". On the other hand, can not only look at the purchase of a certain or several tight smoke, should also be appropriate to replace the same level of cigarette brands. Every time I smoke when I try to ensure that the rich variety of cigarettes, so even in the case of the supply of tobacco can not meet the needs of consumers, I still have to recommend the brand to consumers.

followed by sales. For the tight smoke, I was in the sale of the sale of the sale of zero package, so as not to sell all the cigarettes are sold to a customer, and can not meet the needs of other customers. In addition, in part of the tight supply, it is positive to recommend some of the same grade brand. I think selling cigarettes is not only to sell the brand, but to sell profits, and its identity with the customer identified a tight brand, as well as other brands can be recommended to get the profits of cigarettes.

again is inventory. Even if the usual business is busy, before the purchase of cigarettes, I generally will be on their own cigarette inventory inventory, and make a good record, so that it will not lead to repeated orders or missing orders. I think the reasonable inventory is very important for the market, sales continued good and festive with smoke in the supply is sufficient, I also order more, rather than "cramming", in the company of adequate supply at a point, no smoke is full of complaints. Not backlog, continuous file, for the cigarette inventory must be aware of.

grasp every link of the work, which will be of great help to the store’s management. So, if you want to cigarette sales management can reduce trouble, also need to manage cigarette Invoicing, this is a store based business development, it will develop greater impetus to make your shop business.

Open shop to stick to going out

now many college students choose entrepreneurship, but the mall project a superb collection of beautiful things often let people pick hualiaoyan. Online shop now has become a trend, but the team is still growing, many people have to continue to join the electricity supplier industry.

"shop is easy, difficult to operate". In fact, the store business is a long-term process, only three minutes of heat is not, it is impossible to achieve the goal of profitability.

Tips for successful entrepreneurship the power of contacts can not be ignored

people will know a lot of people in their lives, and some may not be familiar with, but these are your contacts, for those who want to start a business, the strength of the network is not to be underestimated, this is your entrepreneurial wealth.

if you can reconnect with your acquaintance, they will even help you reach a greater scope, but also has not yet developed network. Even in your network who eventually become your customers, but at least they can give some help, even if they can’t help you, will find that they know you for help.

you start in new business development, the existing networking is really the best way to start, because with the people you know to do business without much effort, they know your background, as long as the connections you positive, they will trust you very much.

1. organize your network

if your kitchen stove top if you want to find in a complete mess, the tableware is in sight, maybe you can not see. But if you put something you need to straighten out the pots and pans, naturally surfaced.

2. to understand that before seeking funding, it is best to establish mentoring


What about investment Baskin Robbins ice cream

actually, we all know that ice cream, in our lives, has always been a very popular food. How about Baskin Robbins ice cream? For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of choice!

ice cream Baskin Robbins originated in southern California, the brand purpose is at any time can provide 31 different flavors of ice cream, now has more than 1000 kinds of ice cream recipe, do not have to worry about joining the popular market, let you easily win a fortune.

ice cream Baskin Robbins to make money?

originated in the 1945 ice cream Baskin Robbins was founded by Alvin and Burton Baskin Robbins, is one of the world’s first ice cream shop franchise. Today the Baskin Robbins has become one of the world’s ice cream chain store, is in more than 30 countries with more than 6000 branches of multinational brands, including half of the stores located in the United States, Japan, the number of more than 900 branches in second.

has always been the most Baskin Robbins ice cream flavor is known, the two founders firmly believe that the guests to enjoy the ice cream shop should have different flavors of chance, therefore will always have 31 flavors, 31 days a month every day can choose different flavors of ice cream, making the brand policy.

first-class quality, delicious, worthy of ownership. Join the Baskin Robbins ice cream project, an open their own Baskin Robbins ice cream franchise, in fact, you will find that money is so simple! So, what are you hesitating about?