Three tips to allow the steady increase in the profits of lighting stores

city to build, home decoration, which can not be separated from the lighting products. As far as investors are concerned, it is not wrong to spend a little money to open a shop. So how can we win more profits? Never lose everything? Don’t worry, there are three techniques that are very practical and can be used as a reference.

1, decoration skills: first note: (1) not less than 2 ceiling height. 8 meters; (2) lighting store decoration is not too bright, do not have too much natural light; (3) the ceiling and wall lamp installation position should fully consider the size of reserved area; (4) the main color decoration color should be a secondary color, no more than 2. The color is too much too complex, will play the opposite effect.

skills 2, product style, quantity and variety of style: not too much, each product is not more than 3 kinds of colors, each no more than 3& mdash; 5 is appropriate, when purchasing products and to consider the price and market positioning, and the relationship between color and store style, do not cause the backlog.


3, before the opening of the necessary skills: 2 meters tall a word ladder; a percussion drill; the size of screw knife, a pliers, a small hammer, insulating tape, several self tapping screws.

mastered these three skills, lighting stores to steadily increase certainly no problem. Of course, investors need to have more knowledge of the operation, because only in this way can we grasp the knack of shop. If you open the lighting stores, do not forget to choose a good investment project is the key.

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Beauty salons need to pay attention to what

now in a peaceful era, people pay more and more attention more, so Home Furnishing, beauty and health care industry slowly recovery booming, many people also want to open a beauty salon, but there is still some matters needing attention we need to clearly understand.

1, ring without preparation for

newly opened beauty salons have no credibility, in the purchase of products suppliers often do not give credit period.

when customers reduce the number, not immediately into debt, the debt payment is fast and delayed. The liquidity shortage, will lead to financial difficulties, not lucky beauty salons will be worn down, fortunately may be big mergers. Therefore, even if entrepreneurs how smug, ultimately due to the shortage of funds, the operating results in big stores through hardships inside, become its snacks. So open a beauty salon at least 10 months to prepare sufficient liquidity.

2, quit everything can

There is no universal man

3, the


4, quit blind friends

5, quit the market

6, quit allergic reaction

Ten characteristics of pizza franchise brand recommended

currently catering market is relatively popular with consumers in the western restaurant investment project is probably the Western pizza, pizza is good for both young and old, and the young and old love western delicacy, when meals and snacks can be used as a tooth, so for their pizza to investors, if you choose to join in the form of the the opening, you need to choose the brand, the following Xiaobian recommended several good pizza franchise brand.

big buffet pizza

big company is a chain of Italian pizza buffet. In 2002 entered the Beijing, and in the same year registered as Beijing big restaurant management Co., ltd.. In 2003, China officially became a member of the chain management association, currently has a number of direct and joined the restaurant in the country. Big pizza buffet with "hands-on pizza challenge" for the brand concept, to young students, white-collar workers and young families as the new target consumer groups around the size of the chain business development "the goal of growing and improving, developing healthy, efficient and stable to ensure that enterprises and lwtt investment income, and determined to become famous brand Chinese western restaurant.



1990, Zheng Youxuan opened in Seoul, South Korea, the first one of the pizza. Here you can enjoy the elegant environment, delicious pizza, so here immediately became a young people’s HOTPLACE". Mister pizza pizza has become so far, Mister saint to enter Shanghai, Beijing, United States, South Korea and other markets around the world the international restaurant.

Mister pizza with all exhausted to adhere to 300% principles, 100% hand kneading · 100% hand placed · 100% sieve tray baking, 300% principles are secret and delicious pizza mieste the driving force of growth. Today, pizza is also following the principle of "300%" to make "true" delicious pizza.

Sabel Italian restaurant

Sabel Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2006, to create a truly reflects the Italy diet culture is our goal, to provide the opportunity to taste the Italian delicacy for the majority of customers and the place is our consistent, Sabel Catering Management Co. Ltd has a strong operational management, product development, production, logistics, education and training processing, planning and promotion to perfect, comprehensive, professional system. Strive to build the famous brand of Italy restaurant chain.

Mei Mei pizza

since 2004 when the smell pizza settled in Tianjin, based on the preliminary investigation on the China market, the United States.

Join the coffee tea market – wide of love

now, choose to enter the business of food and beverage industry franchisee steady flow. Want to eat in the market, a firm foothold, the election is very important to join the project. What about coffee and tea? With a special drink, worry about entrepreneurship, what are you waiting for?


and miss the coffee tea story, perhaps you inadvertently turn, will encounter in this corner of the coffee shop! Love coffee tea, coffee, tea, the perfect fusion of the two hemispheres of the characteristics, here you can enjoy elegant flavor of tea, taste and fashion romantic coffee, there are a variety of delicious dessert, ice cream…… The original afternoon tea life can be so colorful!

join the coffee fell in love with tea, based on the product and business model, business shop will go a lot less detours, investment advantages significantly. Qinhuangdao Xin Sheng food management Co., Ltd. pushed the products are based on a hundred years old shop, after years of market operation and shop line associates, has become a rookie in the restaurant industry. The product set of a hundred of the director, became the local famous snack.

coffee love tea? From Taiwan’s delicious, healthy fashion good choice. Start a business to choose their own coffee love tea shop, shop is earned! Healthy and delicious, delicious and can not stop, delicious business opportunities!

Dry cleaning industry must do a good job of health and epidemic prevention

in winter came, dry cleaning shop business is booming, a successful dry cleaners, health and epidemic prevention work must be done, so as to ensure the dry cleaning, clean and sanitary, beneficial to human health, for the dry cleaners to accumulate high popularity.

1. dry cleaners health requirements

if dry cleaners blindly recruit without physical examination or infectious diseases, may have adverse consequences for consumers and the unit of work and reputation.

2. staff health protection

in the laundry and ironing staff requires not only their own health, but also to strengthen their own health and protection in the work, and people have to have such benefits.

3. dry cleaners work area health management

in order to ensure the clothes clean, prevent cross infection, in the dry cleaning work area divided into polluted area and clean area, truly by washing the dirty clothes in the shop, clean out.

polluted area

polluted area refers to the reception, storage without disinfection, laundering clothes and processing area of the article. Pollution in the work of the items in the area without treatment, can not be arbitrarily taken into other areas, while the treatment of clean clothes can not be placed in the contaminated area.

clean area refers to those stored after processing, and meet the health requirements of the area of the article.


Production and management of animal husbandry technology training classes in Xining

6 16, one of the international human resources development project of national livestock production and management technology training classes in Xining.

it is understood, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, the Department of Commerce and International Economic Cooperation Promotion Center hosted "animal husbandry production and management of technical training course" in June 16th to July 15th held in Xining, this is my third consecutive undertake and implement national international human resources development project. During the training, participants will learn the system of modern animal husbandry technology application and development in Qinghai Province, grassland construction status, risk warning mechanism, animal husbandry livestock improvement method, construction, livestock breeding system of dairy products processing, feed technology, mechanic and breeding, cultivation of forage grass biological disasters, animal parasites and parasite disease course.

for hosting this training class, the provincial commerce department relevant staff from the beginning of this year, through the mail, fax, telephone and other different ways to contact the Chinese Embassy, preparation, drafting and translation of conference materials, carefully arranged for foreign student learning, study and life of the preparatory work. At the same time, also proposed during the training class of emergency plans and approved by the provincial government approved. There are nearly 40 officials from Asia, Africa, Latin America and other regions of the country, experts signed up to participate in the training of 25.


Asked the people in charge of accountability has been in the face of yesterday’s Urban Management Bu

March 28th, Xining city and four District Secretary chased out of the office, came to the provincial capital sunning Plaza and the public face to face, to solicit public opinions on the urban management department, and the public to reflect the issue to be on-site office. It is understood that this is the first time the Xining urban management department to carry out urban management and the public face to face activities.

to further change the style of work, close to the masses, for the masses to solve practical difficulties, Xining urban management departments to carry out the urban management and the public face to face activities. The same day, the scene attracted a lot of people to participate in consultation. Mr Li is going to open a store in the East District, he consulted the door decoration and other aspects of the examination and approval procedures and requirements to the east of the district urban management bureau. After listening to the director of the answer, Mr. Lee is very satisfied. He said that these days are ready to go to the Urban Management Bureau consultation, did not expect today in the square to solve the.

it is understood that the activities in the city management problems, District Law Enforcement Bureau on-site to answer 78 people, ask 5 opinions and suggestions, the scene for the 12 people required to solve things. Some of the issues can not be handled on the scene, the leaders are on record, and promised to the public for the deadline.

director of Xining City Urban Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau Li Xiaoge said, "the Secretary chased and the public face" is the urban management department to ask for the people, accountability to oneself, to solve practical problems in urban management work in the masses are most concerned about.


Qinghai province Da Ji Huang canal project environmental impact evaluation of public participation i

is one of the leading west channel big economic backbone project Huangshui, its construction is mainly for the city of Xining (National) DL-DOPA Gan River Industrial Park and Huangzhong County town economic and Technological Development Zone, industrial water, agricultural irrigation both parts of Datong County, Huang Zhongxian. According to the requirements of the Interim Measures for public participation in environmental impact assessment of construction projects, the bureau is hereby publicized as follows.

a brief introduction to the construction project

Qinghai provincial yindajihuang West Canal Project (hereinafter referred to as the "West Canal Project") is the task of water supply and irrigation, and create conditions for the local people out of poverty. Engineering control irrigation area of 300 thousand and 500 acres, of which irrigated area of 250 thousand and 600 acres of farmland, woodland irrigation area of 49 thousand and 900 acres. The total water supply of the west main canal is 183 million 560 thousand m3, of which the industrial water demand is m3, and the irrigation water volume is 78 million m3 () (P=75%). The total investment of 4 billion 444 million 109 thousand and 400 yuan, is expected to start construction in 2015, completed in 2020.

west main canal project is located in the Huangshui River Basin, the north shore of Huangshui River in Henan, the overall project in North, South, north of Datong County of Heiquan reservoir, Gan River Industrial Park to the south end of Huangzhong county. The geographical location is between 101º and 06 (101º); the ” ‘,’ 36º ‘; (37º); between the’ ‘and’ 14′. Located in the west main canal anterior treasure of the right bank of the river, the middle and North Beichuan Huangshui River west of the hilly area, after the section belongs to the Huangshui River South bank. The canal line via Datong County and Huangzhong county two treasure Castle Township, township, township, town, forest green forest roots Township, township, bliss, Xie Gou Xiang Liang Jiao Xiang, the new urban and rural areas, Huang Zhen, five, Zhuang Zhen LAN Long Kou Zhen, Lassa township.

The main content of the construction of west channel

projects include: a trunk, 29 branch and field supporting engineering. Trunk length 131.16km, the culvert length is 10.94km, accounting for 8.34% of the total length of the canal line tunnel; 55, a total length of 80.33km, accounting for 61.24% of the total length of the canal line aqueduct; 49, a total length of 12.63km, accounting for 9.63% of the total length of the canal line; inverted siphon 6, length of 27.304km, accounting for 20.82% of the total length of the canal line; other buildings 106 branch 29, total length; 280.87km; branch building: open channel length 199.61km, inverted siphon 2 seat, 2 seat seat 15 aqueduct tunnel, bridge 315, car seat, sluice 29, Doumen 3566, drainage bridge 1, drainage culverts 30.

two, project construction unit name and contact information

construction unit: Qinghai provincial yindajihuang Project Management Bureau

address: No. 18 Kunlun Road,

, Xining

Tel: 137097296;

Xining three months will add a number of green landscape to create a beautiful street

10 road, 1 million 200 thousand green potted landscape production…… When the spring blossoms, it is coolcity (the world’s cool city) the most charming occasion. This month until the end of July, Xining will use three months time, around the creation of National Forest City goals, add multiple city green landscape, to create the most beautiful scenery on the streets of the provincial capital.

in accordance with the relevant planning of the city of Xining, in the three months to the end of July this month, the main road three county four district will add 2 potted spots and 2 hanamachi. At the same time, Xining city will build and transform the road green space, the completion of the Beichuan river north of Kunlun Road South Binhe Road, No. 1 road, bridge, East extension seamount and Sichuan Road Kam two road three road north and South extension section, latitude 10 road green space construction. Enhance the transformation of the garden green landscape, the completion of Chaoyang Park, west coast road green, Tiger Park, five fork small garden, East and West Street and other green space to enhance the transformation of the landscape of the 10. The new street park green space, promote the international river park, Nanchuan two road, South Park, Haixi road Wanying Jiefangqu Park 10, 34 hectares of Green Street construction.

upgrade Beishan beautiful garden landscape, the airport expressway (Xining section) along the green landscape to further enhance, the completion of the railway left open, local line plots of Pingxi Expressway greening. Ning Hu citizens pay more attention to the landscape renovation project will be fully completed, the public toilet, landscape lake, water platform, landscape sketch, landscaping, public service facilities and infrastructure construction, build the whole landscape of Ning Lake Wetland park.

in addition, Xining city will be in the park garden and actively carry out comprehensive environmental remediation activities, the total elimination of lawn bald spots, flowers, flowers and shrubs to carry out landscaping pruning, green landscape upgrade etc..