WeChat and micro-blog who is the marketing personnel of Shanghai dragon eyes xiangbobo

looked at recently you wrote the article, feel WeChat mentioned probability significantly more than ever, and the focus of everyone’s attention is relatively concentrated, mainly WeChat 300 million users and corresponding marketing channels. Yes, from January 2011 launch date, WeChat’s growth really surprised me, the number of users of WeChat in 2 years has been close to 400 million, while behind the huge traffic must be based on a series of activities, such as marketing, business development.

and WeChat to the corresponding micro-blog, the situation may not be so ideal, social media is still the most fiery, micro-blog brings pleasure not only to give us life, gave us the Shanghai dragon or the marketing staff to help bring, think micro-blog marketing we can bring to a website more the flow and stability of the website ranking, but also because micro-blog marketing we let more friends know our website, and foster the growth of the brand. But Sina micro-blog user data show that in 2012, although it has 424 million users, but the user’s level of activity continues to decline, while the micro-blog platform is also increasingly being obscured by advertising. So micro-blog can spread on the decline in the industry.

said WeChat is now more fire, Tencent start positioning is its mobile phone chat tools, although many people love it than unfamiliar street, but there is no strategy in WeChat all along to care too much about LBS dating, but based on the spread of friends. The reason why there are more marketers love WeChat, because WeChat is one hundred percent "in the message arrival rate, compared to the micro-blog bulletin board, obviously WeChat advantage in the use of the information, but also for WeChat is the largest mobile phone users (though a web version, but most still use WeChat mobile phone, mobile landing) the Internet strong incoming, WeChat’s advantage will be more highlighted, because the number of mobile phone users has more than PC users, and communicate information to sales and marketing is far better than the PC side, so there is a small and medium enterprises to give WeChat a free mobile Internet platform.

but I want to say is that WeChat does have its own advantages, in.

compared to the two, I love micro-blog, although WeChat said the fast growth, and will be more than micro-blog in 2013 (not likely), but WeChat and micro-blog in the information transmission properties are different, at the same time, although micro-blog and WeChat have similarities in the feature set, but the two never in marketing the means of conflict, can be used as the Shanghai dragon or is a powerful tool for marketers.

and marketing staff regard WeChat for another reason, that is the fancy WeChat information to survive, because the source of micro-blog information can be very complicated mess, but PC or mobile phone, SMS, but WeChat users are basically based on mobile phone platform, and everyone is using mobile phone a long time a computer or a long answer? Obviously, so WeChat will become possible.

The best entrepreneurs in the Internet Era the oligarchs war, pick up the biscuitsEntrepreneurship m

"developing a product, testing is the implementation of technology and creativity, and landing; operating a product and the company of the attempt, the test is the integration of resources, commercial operation.". For this, every entrepreneur must have a clear awareness and mental preparation." Wang Xiaochuan says. And cooperation platform such as Tencent, entrepreneurs in the operation of the pressure will be relatively small, as long as it is to develop a good product can be user love, what other aspects of the Tencent open platform will help you solve. At present, the Tencent is trying to play the innovation mode of Tencent entrepreneurial base, will be transplanted to online support line, has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen, Hangzhou and other 20 core developers gathered to establish a business base, to provide one-stop service for the business entrepreneurs, developers do not need to worry about the cost of office high level of hardware, and so on. It can be said that Tencent’s active attempt in this respect is precisely for the entrepreneur to solve their not good operation question.

officially in the advent of the mobile Internet 2008-2012, BAT is the most rapid development of the big three times, then the form of the Internet is the three major areas of PC end of their fortune, sh419 search, Alibaba shopping payment, the Tencent’s social games, three parallel lines, almost all of the Internet’s most part of the money.

from Ma Ma a "fight the penguins back home", in a word, opened the prelude to the AT war. Alibaba CEO Lu Zhaoxi command exchange, the target directly at the Tencent mobile Internet tickets "WeChat"; followed by Tencent made the move, WeChat paid online, Alibaba has targeted Alipay wallet, WeChat to pay the full force of the line of Ali; take that, launch the game distribution platform, put forward the profits to developers, and the public to donate from the fund, so that the core business of the Tencent is under threat, prompting the Tencent to change the distribution rules of

AT: not exhaustive

Wang Xiaochuan was established Sogou team because the Sohu itself will transition to technology driven, so do the search product, so long as they can prove that they are strong, skilled, you can get support. "Entrepreneurs don’t naturally get the chance to work with big companies. In fact, how much value can you make and you can work with a big company.". For example, as a small company, you have the demand, but your own company’s value does not show up, so big companies may not pay attention to you. Then you’ll have to think about how much you can bring to others and match your needs reasonably. It will be more conducive to the smooth progress of your cooperation." Wang Xiaochuan thinks.

A few years ago,

during this period, in addition to the red cardinal leader of the 360 team and BAT can fight, there is no BAT against the forces. On the contrary, a lot of start-ups are coming up in related fields

Zong Ning an article, the Internet has long recognized the BAT three giants situation, completely overturned. Proposed BAT no longer, only AT Internet duopoly situation. Objectively speaking, although sh419’s lead has been reduced, but in a short period of time has not left the "first group" of the situation, so the giants or, but giants are further differentiation. The author is yesterday to discuss with your friends, the Internet for small and medium-sized enterprises, will be a good time to have a sufficient survival time, one on the ground to pick up the biscuits can eat a fat era.

strategic change with big bullying and small income to younger brother

this way, as an entrepreneur, you can in a fight with the oligarchs in the field, using the time difference, to a certain degree of expansion in other areas, temporarily do not need to worry about the drawbacks of giant plagiarism or bring down.

insights: operation is more difficult than development, requires a higher perspective

no matter in which field launched confrontation, we can see that AT is between different time to do different things, very few at the same time also launched a war in two areas. Because they know, if dispersed into simultaneously in several points, may consume greatly, and can not get the desired effect, but each time in a period of time to attack, can bring good effect to both sides.

two: relying on more successful entrepreneurial platform for

Mobile GamesThe

Chinese the new wave of Internet entrepreneurs, some technical background helm so Wang Xiaochuan, but the product made out only the first step, the company’s operation is still very difficult, both for the leaders of the requirements is not an order of magnitude.

large companies and large platforms is the same as in the current environment, and later

O2O field, Ali investment group, the Tencent to enter second shares of public comment; Chinese New Year red envelopes war, red Tencent WeChat turned out, Ali was "attack on Pearl Harbor"; 2014 battles, Didi taxi against fast taxi, you 10 yuan, 11 yuan, than you ever higher level of funds 1 billion yuan, fight.

The nature of

Tencent open 3rd anniversary · business mentor ten years ago, Wang Xiaochuan led the team launched Sogou search engine, and in the next ten years served at the helm with many giant a fierce battle, ten years for this once only 12 part-time employees as long as the Department has more than 2000 employees, the amount of users third of the Internet Co; ten years later, the Tencent strategic stake in Sogou, Wang Xiaochuan began a new journey, relying on the new pattern of the Internet, Sogou draw a broader territory. Tencent opening 3rd anniversary occasion, Sogou CEO, China Internet innovation and entrepreneurship contest mentor Wang Xiaochuan, to share a "Internet legend veterans" three entrepreneurial sentiment.

Novice sentiment also talk about my webmaster career

really is the first contact computer in 2003 when entering university, then apply for the first QQ, and private QQ so far, the first contact network is very fresh, for what are curious, blind love ". I have something good to do. I’m not crazy about games. I like playing games occasionally, but I’m not addicted to them.

then chose the Internet application foundation, this course, the first time I heard FTP, HTTP, HTML, although at that time did not know what Dongdong, anyway, I feel very mysterious. The curriculum needs, began to make a personal website, every day to run the school room, as long as the school almost every day in the room, the weekend all day, sometimes have to grab the position earlier, was very cheap, 0.5 yuan / hour.

one day, found the NetEase of free space, remember the 3 level domain name is this is like.Netease, for one, and then put to pass up himself was proud hellishly website, actually several HTML pages only, then do not use FTP software, open FTP in ie the browser is very slow. When you can access through the web site, immediately sent to all the friends of the site to see, people do not see what to say, it is really rubbish, but they are very proud.

over the next 3 years, all aspects have begun to learn and understand, ASP, access, CSS, dreameawer, Photoshop, flash, firework, network security, operating systems, website promotion operations. Anyway, it’s something about the network, I know a bit, belong to the kind of net everywhere, no one is very proficient. During this time, it has also built several websites, mainly personal websites, as well as shopping malls and so on, which are all used in the mall system. But I didn’t build BBS and use CMS at that time. So the stumbling through the University for 3 years, fourth years of practice I began to enter the company. In the company from scratch, learning PHP, MySQL development, because of the foundation, and soon got started.

a year and set up a few bumps in the website, has classified information industry station, station and consultation of the site, the station is also used to write their own, Empire CMS, ECSHOP system built some station. Before these sites, I also as a try. Looking back now, the station did build a lot of money, but the money is very small, especially advertising unions, SMS alliances, and so on, and now this network environment is not good. I have always believed that the formal station, determined not to do garbage stations. The construction of the industry – www.jiafaw.com network is a life and death struggle! Never seriously done standing, this time must spend great energy to do well, as long as I want to do, certainly no problem. This could be my only capital.

is my webmaster career safe enough?

Why was the domestic IP blocked

has friends who say that their website also upload anything, they have not operated. The whole thing has been sealed off. Below I will introduce the reason. If there are any deficiencies, please add below. Welcome to speak!

!There are a lot of

hosting account on a server, and these sites are a common IP. And when you a web site on the same IP content is illegal, China will shield the IP, which is using your site IP was sealed, you cannot access the website this is why your website is not illegal content, why the IP has been closed to buy independent IP can solve the problem. IP is your own independent website with a IP, it does not appear to be implicated in the other site.

The web site of a good web company is the foundation of its operation


I in the website operation process, and some enterprises will often communicate, we sometimes ask the most is: my site outside the chain of original content, strict quality, reasonable layout keywords website or stalled or why frequent problems, in fact, careful friends or have discovered, structure, section of the website the path set classification, reasonable layout is the basis of post operation, the foundation did not play well, later to pay more to get in return is not proportional. So today, how to choose a good Internet company to do web site and how to make a site in line with their brand keywords, briefly talk about your own suggestions.

is a small enterprise to build a website, because the company itself is small, no need to hire a programmer to special maintenance of website, and want to rely on the website to get some benefits, so that SEO can be "free" allows the site to bring traffic and orders, and promotion started to recruit SEO to responsible for the site. When some hope that the performance of their SEO beginners without demur agreed, the general has even old-fashioned outdated optimization techniques and to optimize the site did not see the benefits, then knew the importance of website structure, original content, only to find the find network company website is how garbage, garbage, structure the layout of the garbage, garbage because they do not understand the art, so it is easy to be networks fudge. So today, China’s first pesticide network operators to talk about how to choose a good network company, do a good structure of the site.

first need to be clear what is the purpose of your website is to profit? Or just for publicity or just give customers the company there is a website, the purpose of the site is also different; secondly to the idea of a good web site after the completion of what function? Such as sharing tools, user registration, comment again; forum content should be clear, our company to provide products or services themselves most clearly, we must make clear the site should have what sector put what content, and clear communication network company; finally, correct their attitude, because do not understand and will be willing to learn, and be responsible to you website programmer or department manager relationship after all, the site is that they are doing, if in a tough attitude always urge, request progress, the quality of the website is not optimistic about the production. Website needs a cycle, plus the domain name for twenty days or so, a website to do down, can on-line how also want a month time, unless you choose is free of record space.

now, how can you tell that a web company is trustworthy:

first: must go to their company to see, a lot of people literally search the relevant keywords on the Internet, find a network company began to build a station, this is very unscientific. Suggest a local network company, so that communication is more convenient, problems can easily be found to modify. Go to their company to see how many people work in the environment

My views on the development of the Forum

saw a hero saying ".."" today. If you don’t have a map that won’t keep you, then your plate will be the same. "

I dare say the style of the forum is ugly, outdated and outdated. But they still live in.

forum is very gorgeous, but no people! This is probably because a lot. So gorgeous, and lovely, have become no characteristics! Today at PW also discussed a " style; stolen " problem. Then I said, anti stealing and anti fake, a bird, you put the style imitation down for you are not necessarily Tianya community and as general imitation style was an hour, all the pictures copy down, write CSS good! Said so much, in the end is that a problem is important!


recently told me a lot of membership this plugin, get that… I have no mood to get… I think or engage in content, improve quality of an important forum!! I have to do my own definition of community become part of


first is a discussion forum is the core. Would you put BBS when CMS? Haven’t seen the talented people get something like this and have a little achievement… Maybe I need forum, with very limited knowledge and scanty information ~! Managers to guide members of the exchange, discuss ~!! ~

active atmosphere!

second is the information forum is good, can let you take the initiative to seek an information, and can browse other people passive messages! So information is very important!! here again the next sentence…." if you no plans to keep people, your plate is the same. "

ps: a little mood diary style, relatively messy, originally written in blog, and later felt that there is internal content, or vote for contributions..

Why do live video, voice entertainment websites make so much money


some people think that live video is a "cock wire economy", but in fact, the opposite is true.

introduction: Wu Wei, senior product manager, worked for Sina, now works for Joseph networks, a product of the enterprise Q & A, a face to question community product for entrepreneurs.

real video / voice entertainment sites (such as 9158, 6 rooms, Gua Gua, YY, etc.) why do you make money?

first of all, although some people think that live video is "cock wire economy", but in fact, on the contrary, this is a handsome game. Like the vast majority of online games, Gao Shuaifu users are the main source of income, and poor Cock silk can only play with Gao Shuaifu, the largest play a foil role.

cock wire counter attack? Do not think! To the girl’s only high handsome rich.

, for example, in a lot of real video websites have called a "virtual props fireworks", each worth 100 dollars or more, is a high handsome rich spend 100 dollars, the whole room (virtual room) all the grass root + Beauty split $100. As you know, because this is only a high handsome rich play the game, so whether the grass root or the beauty of the station, with a high handsome rich run, in the room like a beggar begged: as an


so in real life video industry, the ARPU value of the product is usually high, even higher than people generally think that the online game industry is very profitable. How much is a ARPU worth of online gaming? 300? 500? In the video industry, the ARPU value of some products is even an order of magnitude higher.

you probably can’t imagine that investors don’t really like high ARPU values, because that means your product is too dependent on a small number of users, and the company has too high a financial risk. Therefore, some products are even trying to reduce the ARPU value, such as opening SMS recharge channels, through this recharge channels, each user can only recharge 10 yuan per month.

second, in the ecological system of real video products, what are the user can earn money? The first is a beautiful singer, 800-1000 block most of the income every month there is a good singer, 2000-3000, very good singer a month can earn 1, 20 thousand.

makes more agents than beauty singers. The so-called agents are such a group of users, their daily task is to find all kinds of rich people, inviting them to spend, and then withdraw from their consumption amount of 10%-15% commission. This part of the people is the real big money.

also has a user who buys virtual money in cash from a part of the user and then uses this virtual currency at a higher price than the official price

The two venture good project which choose the project successfully

entrepreneurship is not an overnight thing, for the first time may be the case of running aground, but do not be discouraged, the two venture is very promising. Only choose the right project for you or you are interested in the project, you will be able to start a successful two. Now Xiaobian for you to introduce some of the two entrepreneurial projects. What are the

boutique snacks

How to open a home air conditioning cleaning shop

as long as there is a market demand, we can dig out a larger business market, thereby creating a higher income, so that they can change their lives through entrepreneurship. Perhaps because of this, there will be so many people choose to start a shop. However, if you want to start a successful business, the election is also important for business opportunities. So, open a home air conditioning cleaning shop?

Market Outlook:

open a home air conditioning cleaning shop? Every year in the process of using household air conditioning must be comprehensive cleaning and maintenance time, or by blocking a lot of internal dust and dirt, the wind is blocked, refrigeration, heating loss, noise increases or unusual sounds, the compressor power consumption will also increase, easy to damage the air conditioning, directly affect the hotbed to mildew odor and infectious diseases (such as is often said that the air conditioning disease).

suction only through professional cleaning process, can achieve the removal of dirt, in addition to flavor sterilization, restore air conditioning performance, purify the air, to ensure human health. Therefore, air conditioning and central air-conditioning, as well as the annual cleaning and maintenance is essential.

open a home air conditioning cleaning shop? Air conditioning in the town at present, the rapid spread of the national total ginseng Yiwu million air conditioners, urban air-conditioning penetration rate of more than 40%, with 500 thousand of the population of the city as an example, air conditioning has around 100 thousand Taiwan, to household air cleaning accounted for 60~70%. Annual output value of 200~300 million, after cleaning the air conditioning, after a year of use and need to be cleaned, so the market is very huge, the annual business opportunities are in the millions of dollars.

at the same time through the air conditioning cleaning and drive installation, fluoridation, maintenance and other related services, the turnover of 20%~30% can be improved, so the industry pointed out that the opening of a household air conditioner cleaning shop, not only conducive to improving the living environment, but also can give investors a lot of money.

household air conditioning cleaning investment analysis:

open a home air conditioning cleaning shop? Household air conditioning cleaning is mainly door-to-door service, so there is no need to just a facade, the General Office (to stay and warehouse) or in the home office, the main thing is to have a telephone, 2~4 workers, the cost of each tool only 20~30 yuan, another part of the capital to buy special cleaning agent, the total according to the investment funds of about 3000~4000 yuan.


open a home air conditioning cleaning shop? The use of special cleaning agent for home air conditioning, no need to remove the air conditioning, direct cleaning indoor and outdoor machines, convenient and quick, will not pollute the walls and floors, cleaning an air conditioner only 20 minutes per person

What are the basic principles of opening

Many people believe that

should have a consumer experience, such as the opening of new stores, all kinds of concessions, so in the opening day to the consumer, but because too many people, the shop is a strength of the popularity, the service is very poor, basically uninterested two consumption. In fact, for the shop, in order to make the opening day higher popularity, in fact, a lot of things are losing money, the result is thankless. In fact, the shop also needs to follow a basic principle, which will be beneficial to the development of late. So, what are the basic principles of opening?

G restaurant has a store around a business district. Carefully prepared for several months, finally opened. G restaurant prepared a grand opening ceremony, also launched the opening of all the dishes will be half price concessions. One time. The crowd was crowded around the restaurant packed.

Miss Gao also saw a preference to go to dinner with friends, but too many guests, waiting for the seats are occupied, Miss Gao and friends can stand outside the restaurant waiting. And so on for more than an hour, two people stand tired, watching the people have gradually got a seat, Miss Gao questioned how the waiter. The waiter explained the wrong order, and immediately arranged a seat for miss gao.

sat down, because friends love to eat boiled fish. So Miss Gao on behalf of a friend for a boiled fish. Vegetable land continued to come up, but urged a few times, boiled fish have not come up, around the impatient impatient guests also heard. At this time a friend said to go to the bathroom, they stood up and turned around, when the accident occurred, the waiter holding a boiled fish with Miss Gao’s friend is a.

so a reeky turtles deducted to the desktop, a mess. Miss Gao and his friends were shocked, fortunately not in a friend, or do not burn to the hospital ah. Miss Gao and friends are angry, anger from the door out, no matter how the manager apology two people are determined not to eat, but left the restaurant red.

In the case of

, all the errors are in the restaurant. So many guests have to wait for the guest registration card, so as not to serve correctly, no matter how anxious to be careful around, pay attention to the safety of guests. The so-called "good things do not go out, bad news travels", the shop opened at the beginning of such a rush, a full range of services will give the customer a bad impression. Bad news travels 10 times faster than good news. No matter how delicious the food in G restaurant is, Miss Gao and her friends will not patronize.

opened early to patronize guests, of course, are all your customers for the first time, if you can’t give them a good impression, they certainly don’t want to come again, and this bad message will quickly pass.