Entrepreneurship needs passionate music

would like to put some relaxed, happy music in the snack bar, choose what kind of? We know that music can bring people more happiness and mood, music is a soul, then open the snack bar should put what music? Let’s make a brief introduction.


Jazz at the beginning is in the street, there are many musicians for individual play, the whole use of syncopated rhythm and three legato, mild stress reversal, the rhythm is double beat, generally with the orchestra to play. Some jazz is light and light, while others are relaxing. Snack shop shopping is the need to mobilize enthusiasm, but also has a part of water facilities for customers to shop need to relax, relatively speaking in addition to swing the ballroom and dedicated to jazz and other factions of the Jazz can be competent.

light music

part of imported snacks stores will also play foreign pop music, the purpose is to form snack shops in exotic. Even if the lyrics are foreign language, the snack bar for the song is also based on the judgment of the tune, too soft lullaby and a strong sense of rhythm is not suitable for rock wind.

through the above content, the content of whether you have more understanding? Choose to open a snack bar, recommend

How to choose the industry – Business

as long as the choice of Entrepreneurship such a path, first of all, you need to choose a major business venture, and then entrepreneurial projects. The entrepreneurial industry! Investment small profit big hot industry! The choice is always greater than the effort, if there is no a good industry, even if there is another high enthusiasm, and then rich funds, the result can only be more or less compensation. So, how to choose a small profit big investment industry?

(1) should be selected nowadays more popular industry.

(2) should be selected for the local custom, consumers need to cater to the local industry; meet the needs of the local economic development of the industry; it must be a lot of market research before entering an industry, lose leg force and time as what, no investigation to cause finally lost a lot of business savings that is the most painful. For example, for people of Guangdong and Guangxi wide taste of food in many places is difficult to open the market for the people of Guizhou; fire and cooking dual-purpose stove on promotion of iron in other regions? Now in many parts of the country to promote the promotion of thermal insulation mortar, in Yunnan, Kunming to promote open?

(3) should be national policy to encourage the industry, because the national policy to encourage the industry in all aspects of tax, and funds are preferential; and encourage the development of national policy, it shows that the industry has a good market space. For example, the pig, in recent years, the country strongly encouraged, as well as subsidies sows, and now pig industry is indeed very optimistic.

(4) should choose a relatively small size of the investment industry, willing to wait until the capital accumulation to a certain extent and then consider expanding operations. Want to do that line, no matter how good it can not put all of the savings into a investment, which is a little bit of risk awareness. For a project, do you do not earn money, but also decided by many personal factors and external factors, such as your people, management ability, social ability, management ability, affinity, market changes, policy changes are directly determines you to do this project do not earn money.

Japan Radio Matsushita Karanosuke the father of liquidity always has 40% in sleep, it is because of this trick he experienced many a generation of strong wind and big waves, the father of radio. For example, a man in Sichuan to borrow about three million building public rental village Allah Township in Kunming, and later as a result of the public planning for the village into the village, under the jurisdiction of the economic development zone, so the land tight, strict management of construction. Just this land license has not yet run down, the results of the government’s comprehensive law enforcement pushed to the ground. From the past, hope that the majority of entrepreneurs in mind.

(5) should choose a relatively high rate of return on the industry. The rate of return on capital is an entrepreneur, business people can not ignore the point, because the capital into the market is the pursuit of profit, the pursuit of return. This, the majority of entrepreneurship will be

With forgiveness harvest grateful return

what would you do if your child was beaten for no reason at all? Each person’s treatment may be different, and for me, once encountered such a worry. Although the son was not me as a PDA, but easily I will not fight. A chance, but he was a slap in the face of a customer. The cause of the matter is this.

son and a bunch of kids around a car play catch. When you are playing jubilant, a man from the car down, indiscriminately began to beat, my son and another child is to bear the brunt of one person he slapped, when all the children are scared. In a hurry, a child ran to the store and told me that my son was beaten.

I came to the car, looked at his son’s swollen face, as well as those five finger printing, distressed bad. After the perpetrators hit the child, actually returned to the car, the door closed, no one is called to open the door. What should I do? Son was so beaten in vain? I did not lose my temper, and told all the children are dispersed, their respective home. And then criticize his son, should not run around the car back and forth, if it is not naughty not all right? The son is very wronged cry, I can only let him go home, oneself slowly wait for this person out.

finally he did not come out, and later his family came, I see, is not too familiar with the customer, she has long known from other people’s mouth after the matter. The first thing I saw was an apology. Said his home recently much husband, the mood is not good, can drink, or doesn’t take the kids. Finally, she took out the spare car keys to open the door, smell the car of gas, I can not speak, and told her everything, the child does not matter. Let your uncle after drink wine, on their own are not good for others. She repeatedly thanked me.

son was beaten for no reason, the most distressed is me, but to see the drunk unconscious, to see his family’s apology, I can only forgive. I was forgiven, but the other child’s parents quit. Their own children from small to large, they are not willing to touch it, what can he do with wine can play? Nor can a scoundrel. The child’s grandparents found me, and I was determined to send the man to prison. The child’s father is the head of a police station.

faces two angry old man, I can only persuade them, so they don’t get excited, it slowly. Because I repeat my words, they are able to listen to, in my comfort, they get home. Both sides are their customers, are next door neighbours on who is not good, harden, moreover I also victims of events. What should I do? Things to deal with.

in her husband’s intervention, after several days, on both sides of the enlightenment, to help the batterer apology, say yes, >

Tianjin stubborn bones let you chew bones can chew the mood to

you must have had when big bones, you must bite ribs, but like so exotic bones, you must not bite, this bone is the stubborn head of Tianjin. Want to know to follow the small series continue to look down.

they said: "we understand your dilemma, we all know to your heart, great vision we understand you far away, because we like flowing blood, because we have the same dream".

this is a bite ribs can let you chew out the dream, gnawing the feelings of the restaurant. This is an even cut pier master Houchu ambitious restaurant. More than that, they’re still a team.

"opened only three months, is Tianjin TV interview 2 times, the depth of cooperation with Uber, to" stubborn bones "discount code, every day the" stand "150+; every single 100+ was forced to refuse, others refused to join 200+, Tianjin cuisine ranking rose to fourth place.

"stubborn head" is located in Nankai District Wande Street No. 117, the Chinese fast food brand was founded in 2015, is a style of Tianjin city’s flagship "chop rice" feelings of literary shop. Sign "ribs rice" for only 16 yuan, including rice, vegetables, duck soup and a rib, by the surrounding residents and office workers welcome. In addition, "stubborn bones" also has a strong takeaway business, from the food quality to send package embodies of literary feelings.

such a feeling of the restaurant, now landing in Tianjin to open the new congregation raised.

If you use the apple

mobile phone, wear Nike sneakers, listening to all kinds of business seminars, know micro-blog public attention to numerous, the pattern of BAT well, Zhang Xiaolong primary afflictions of the familiar, the notebook only MacBook, eat check with ApplePay, love Luo Yonghao more than Jobs, talking to people about the Internet thinking. But crowded subway every day.

: if you are at the beginning of the month end of the month to eat pickles to eat abalone fish moon commuters. The mountains edge of heaven and did not dare to eat, dreams and delicacy smell to the affectionate chowhound. Every day eager to help you to achieve the 3 aspirations of the "aspiring" youth. We are too lazy to walk to dream downstairs to buy food for college students. At the workplace years in the workplace Men’s feelings are changeable. bearish. A little money do not know how to spend the rich.

then you come to the store to raise the public, stubborn head, is tailored to people like you.

Passion can often to

a lot of times, just a passionate move the owner, but let customers feel particularly enthusiastic, and then entered the store to reach a deal. So, if you want to make your business unpopular, the number of customers are more, the owners may wish to warm a little, perhaps the development of business has a very big push oh.

from the middle of the night, a heavy snow and so on, the vast earth covered with a thick layer of silver quilt.

early in the morning, I opened the door, just cleaned the snow in front of the door, a middle-aged man dressed in a snowflake into the shop.

"so early, what do you need?" I asked with a smile.

"I want to buy two mid-range cigarettes, but I don’t see any brands I want." The man kept his eyes fixed on the counter.

"would you like to see some other brands of cigarettes?" I try to ask.

male customer hesitated for a moment and said: "forget it, later." Then he turned and walked away.


. It’s snowing hard outside. Be careful!" I kindly remind.

who knows, male customers hear me, just to step back and back. "Give me two cigarettes at the same price!" He looked at me and said.

male customers pay seriously, said: "the reason why I came back to buy cigarettes, because you are always enthusiastic attitude, and not because I do not buy cigarettes and cold, on the contrary, it gave me a good reminder. Things are not big, but my heart is very comfortable."

sent away the inadvertently moved by my customers, I also fell into a meditation. Life is busy, make money hard, I have to not shopping customers have a little cold, but today this little thing, let me understand the small business is not small. Enthusiasm for customer service, careful consideration for customers, is the magic weapon to win the business.

now can buy goods from all walks of life is really too much, therefore, if the owners want to achieve business, it may be more enthusiastic point. Moreover, a warm service, let me more than an unexpected profit, no, should be more than a lot of profit. Because, I believe that the male customers will come to my store shopping, my service will be more warm and thoughtful.

Qinghai enterprise credit information collection and interconnection sharing platform is about to ru

Reporters from the provincial

Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that this year, the province steadily in Qinghai province enterprise credit information collection and interoperability sharing platform construction, Industrial and Commercial Bureau led the establishment of the interconnection mechanism, the 45 members of the unit at present, platform successfully even try, before the end of October will be officially networking operation. This will be achieved in the industrial and commercial sectors, the examination and approval departments, industry management departments and other departments and timely transfer of information between the barrier free exchange, so that market players, an illegal, everywhere limited".

It is reported that

, Industrial and Commercial Bureau province conscientiously implement the total lead duties, the interoperability sharing platform to deepen the reform of commercial system as "a project", to the national enterprise credit publicity system (Qinghai) construction and operation platform as the basis, to determine the construction standards in accordance with national enterprise credit information publicity system specification, formulated the "the national enterprise credit information publicity system (Qinghai) technology program", the e-government network, relying on the Internet and business network networking channels, to create "one center and two platform" construction, reform and perfection of Qinghai industrial data center and the "Qinghai Province, the main market credit information publicity system". The development and construction of Qinghai main market credit information collection sharing cooperative supervision system "platform.

at the same time, led the establishment of the province’s 45 member units interoperability mechanism to clarify the responsibilities of the various departments of the network list to ensure that the work of standardization and standardization of sharing. Province Industrial and Commercial Bureau from credit construction planning, information collection, credit information directory, key areas of research applications to develop a series of normative documents, solve the problem of quasi network information in each department standard standard, Department of information asymmetry, network platform is not uniform. To ensure the realization of public information sharing in place in place, the enterprise information collection in place, unified credit platform in place, the application of credit information, government departments to effectively solve the problem of "information island" and "information barriers" restrict credit information work.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau responsible person, after the completion of the platform, the illegal behavior of enterprises will be uploaded to the sharing platform, its corporate bank loans, bidding, plane and a series of actions will be limited.


Sea Lake Avenue Road repair to facilitate public travel

Currently, the right part of the sea lake road sections are being implemented water pipeline laying project, road restoration is also synchronized! According to the usual need for more than two months, and strive to reduce nearly half of the time. The purpose of doing so is to ensure the completion of the project on the basis of quality and quantity, shorten the duration of the project, to facilitate public travel, ease traffic pressure. June 5th reporter saw at the scene, some of the road has begun to carry out the bottom asphalt paving.

it is reported that the Sea Lake Avenue tap water pipeline project is 1920 meters long, in May 13th May 17th formally excavation water supply department, municipal project management office, the construction team approach, on one hand they oversee the water sector of backfill, responsible for the implementation of pavement compaction, asphalt paving work hand. At present, the water supply sector to the municipal authorities handed over 1500 meters of pipe trench, municipal departments have begun to carry out the bottom of the asphalt pavement of 1000 meters, and a few hundred meters are still in the backfill. According to reports, after the asphalt shop, the vehicle can walk. Other road conditions, such as the stability of the road, will be carried out in order to make the road more smooth.

How to operate the student supplies store Can not make money

student supplies store how to operate? Now the education industry has a great development prospect, students shop a lot, competition is more intense, I want to walk in front of the industry, we must strive to, to sell their plan, let us further understanding.

How do students

if you are self-employed, then businesses should face the risk is relatively large, join a quality brand, can greatly reduce the operation risk, and can get a variety of headquarters support, entrepreneurship more assurance, also in the choice of projects, but also pay attention to the brand is not strong innovation ability. Generally speaking, now the students are a group of new things, pursue fashionable children, so in the choice of student activities projects, in addition to the selection of the Brand Company in addition to the students must also need supplies, new products, more important is the Brand Company can continue to introduce new student activities.

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How to join his mouth

says weight loss is a difficult and difficult thing, and why? Because the weight is two things: shut up, taking the legs, don’t look at two things. It can be difficult. For friends chowhound if they were not allowed to eat that is really worse than to her old life. The mouth is a bottomless pit, but also the wealth of the door. So, enter the catering sector, never late! Look, all diners pet, my mouth is well deserved! Greediness, 1 billion 400 million diners, running to me, to you from


14 million people, 1 billion 400 million mouths wealth capacity

hunger breeds discontentment, for the huge population of Chinese 1 billion 400 million, investment in the catering industry is undoubtedly the best choice. Squid as the main food and beverage, not only three meals a day can be eaten, the city is also the most popular overnight delicious protagonist. Mouth greedy, with sharp pre catering trend judgement ability, pioneered the "squid + Roasted Duck" two pronged new restaurant gold project, a huge market, huge consumer groups, the natural capacity of limitless wealth.

14 million people, 1 billion 400 million mouth taste upgrade

young people in the new century, is the largest consumer groups, they pursue the taste, the pursuit of the brand, the pursuit of more features. In his mouth, Roasted Duck squid processing technology, equipment, seasoning, quality and other aspects of continuous improvement, the market long, refining their own characteristics, to create a unique boutique micro delicious barbecue, in many stores quickly come to the fore, first caught the tastes of young people.

14 million people, 1 billion 400 million mouths repeated needs

fashion environment, classic taste, excellent technology, but almost 100% repeat mouth! Regardless of seasons, both work and leisure, a chance for diners who want to have another mouth addiction. An endless stream of diners, is rolling in business opportunities and wealth.

delicious one hundred, surprise ten thousand, leisurely delicious, unstoppable! Happy Roasted Duck, delicious hot squid, stop to enjoy the wealth, uninterrupted! Join mouth greedy barbecue, explore your tongue


The way for college students to make money

some people say that today’s entrepreneurial opportunities can be met, but in fact it is not, there are a lot of opportunities is the need to continue to explore and discover ourselves, how to find, see you.

entrepreneurial direction two: core technology and management experience of

the first black type belongs to the A new force suddenly rises. very quickly, a new hot spot in just a few years ago, the network, the network based on the business they are belong to this type. That behind the management of entrepreneurship, is based on mature areas, rely on management to reduce costs, to achieve the greatest transcendence, these are.

in addition, the ability to find value in Entrepreneurship also must have, they want to carry out research, based on the market research, made sure behind the project does not fit the market.