360 search bidding agents has covered 8 provinces or gradually replace Google


search marketing, namely the industry often say "PPC", who as bid for the keyword can be routed to the front of the natural search results, the effect of payment mode, according to the actual effective click charges, promotion links and natural search results are distinct.

guess you love to show advertising is in the 360 navigation, text link ads including hao.360.cn home page and 360 television channel, channel, music channel joke pictures banner ads, but also the pay mode.

at the end of 2012, 360 quietly to cooperate with Google, has triggered strong concern, but in the details of cooperation has been kept secret, the 360 companies only confirm the cooperation relationship, but did not disclose any details of cooperation.

due to the strong performance and pressure from competitors, 360 are stepping up the commercialization process of search. Insiders, 360 search advertising agency has covered Beijing, Shanghai and other 8 provinces, 360 will be gradually with its own advertising system to replace the Google Adsense system now in use.

the price is far lower than the love of Shanghai

when asked about the "direct brand" and "guess you love" two kinds of forms of advertising prices, he said, at present can only put on the "search promotion" form, the other two forms of advertising.

360 Beijing region exclusive agent Beijing World Online Advertising Co., a responsible person to Sina said, want to advertise in the 360 search, you need to open an account, the lowest cost is 4600 yuan, including 600 yuan service fee and 4000 yuan on deposit.

insiders said 360 search agents has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hebei, Shandong and Henan and other 8 provinces, the sole agent in most parts of the way. Advertising is divided into "brand direct", "search promotion" and "guess you love" three kinds of products.

the official said, 360 in the search results left up to put 3 ads on the right side, a total of 8, the advertiser is still relatively small, so the price is very favorable. He takes a popular search term "buy" and "second-hand housing" for example said, now ranked in the search results before the only 0.6~0.7 yuan, while the Shanghai love require a dozen or even dozens of yuan.

of Merrill Lynch said, 360 from the beginning of the end of 2012 commercial system access to Google, but Google can only get about 1/3 traffic, but if two while demand for the same keyword advertising, advertising system priority is less than 360 of Google’s own. Merrill Lynch believes that 360 may be Google learning and improving its own advertising system with.

A 360

brand is the most direct in the web search results above the illustrations show the form of dynamic publishing activities, product information, promotional information enterprises.

Create search engines love website layout

use less framework for search engines to access code often check whether the site was linked to horse

recently found a < a href= "#" rel= "nofollow" > nofollow< /a > Shanghai will ban love spider to visit a link address.

home pageThe

HTML code is what we called the static page, the page is search engine if love, to further optimize the code, first, compression code, second tree structure to write code third, remove malicious code

Hierarchical path

The use of div+css style compressed page length control home page size to compress

clear and good is beneficial to the website, according to the "

Optimization of

column page by www.***.net.cn/news/

station flash station to the website head further optimized Flash code only in the code page is arranged outside the entrance of

more important information on the above code

When set to


path hierarchy, such as domain name www.***.net.cn

page by using www.***.net.cn/news/ list1/0001.html

level path

list page with www.***.net.cn/news/ list1/

frame (< frameset; > < /frameset >) the framework code can be a good site layout structure is not easy to deform, but the contents will not be search engine recognition.

With the

ASP code will be included in the search engine included but the effect is not good, but not in general is very high, can be processed in accordance with the path of pseudo static static page optimization method

know that several influence optimization code


The optimization principle of

path optimization

is a Shanghai based Phoenix website structure, website structure to build to Shanghai dragon need to understand the search engine (love Shanghai) the Shanghai dragon rules here need to discuss what kind of layout search engine friendly, can also be regarded as the search engines love those layout, what are the rules of search engine.

flash, ASP, HTML, how to optimize the

flash, JS and other code with less

Dark horse Yahoo search products re on-line notificationTalk about what type of personal Adsense to

is not a successful website, but I learned a lot of experience, in fact, now, just stick to it, basically can say what the website can make money, of course, do not want to have what shortcuts can be profitable, there is, but if you don’t have the technology to a certain extent it is not easy to try and I give a few examples for individuals to do the website:

game site: when it comes to the game site many people will think of 4399, 3166, 17173, here also said that this is not, but reduced the scope, such as special three games site, around three to do a website, so ranking easy, for strong, well done traffic is very considerable.


yahoo search products, after an official month of re regulation, from today on re on-line.

1, web application:
1 or the top two domain.
2 the content of the website can not be pornographic, political, and other prohibited by national laws and regulations.
3 sites have a certain theme not content free website, pure advertising website
4 Alex site the size of the top 100 thousand, domain name registration time three months before, the special case of special processing

1 is not a pure software: br />2 "plugin cannot appear forcibly install the phenomenon i.e. non malicious software.

Although Dear members of alliance

After the

more information as in the League: http://top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

website to make money?When

for many beginners, even for a few years old website webmaster, this problem is thought of countless times, I was too confused, and now I’m confused, what the

intermediary website: first explain the intermediary website, it is similar to Taobao, so this kind of website profit pattern is CPS, but Taobao has been abused, the need for new ways, I have seen a web site called the library trial, this site has collected all kinds of books and articles and information content no, just a simple introduction, then each book sales will lead to Dangdang, Amazon purchase, profit model is of course a commission, this kind of website is highly targeted, suitable for individuals, if you can think of a lot of clever ways to make money, because now the network >

, and the establishment of a Changsha SEO personal blog, was ranked third, but did not feel what to use, found that the weight is good, in two put a thief program, for a week from shlf1314 every day near 5000IP, from sh419 union earn 1000 dollars, not because of is the thief, unstable, followed by shlf1314 K, so I turned off. The weight of the blog also was reduced, even by the sh419 K was too stingy to pull out a hair.

started contact Wangzhuan in 09 years, I had a health network, at first very happy, has its own website, is used in weaving process, few articles are updated every day, do manual pseudo original, about a month, every day at about 100 IP, had just contact is not very good, every day can not see the money, because no record, delivery is Adsense, only thirty or forty cents a day, that is a piece of money, I feel very little, then do easier than it is now, a month is seconds, weight is also good, because the impulse for locomotive collected tens of thousands of articles, the site has been K, although included many, but no traffic, still two directory with API Taobao, at that time included tens of thousands, but still a day is about more than 100 IP, behind that, only Stick to it is the most valuable.

Do link up a little experience

I am engaged in website optimization for more than 4 months time! Just passive link to our leader! What word, we push these words! But we don’t know these words pushed to what extent it! Is it let us stop, we stop, feel very passive and if you want to become a successful website optimization, you will begin to find problems, to solve their own problems, such guidance will grow very fast! Make links to anyone as long as a little about the idea of details will do! But can be a good link quality is not easy importantly, a station connection if a high quality link, do 10 or 50 links is OK, link to the home page than you, find the corresponding website search engine on the station station evaluation can be good for you, then Pr is also very heavy To find the corresponding value of PR connection, or higher than your PR connection, so that the effect will be better! At the same time, PR also depends on the quality of high station, PR station is some brush up, this may be a fake! I also study, a lot of LV PR tool, it seems to me a bit confused! Oh good query tool SEO friends, can give me some advice! Once again is K station, PR station they have but not included in Baidu site! So you think Baidu is fine station, do not connect, they will link to your station sent may.

The following

, the word when you push the idea that key words, and their progress are ranked first check, if a station they used two different words, a first word behind the word as a key to do, of course if two words do a second position, another is the third position, so we must first do second words second words, because it is easy to push to the first, so it is natural to do the first will be the row in third words l traffic! Do a lot of ways to promote


links, buying and selling links, http://bbs.admin5.com/forum-65-1.html,

How to improve the user experience of college website

Hello everyone, I’m a student at the shore. I am from the beginning of September 2006 the Chang’an University students network, at that time because there are a lot of interest in the construction site, and they began to slowly groping, up to now, the website has become a very important part of my life, I have slowly become a webmaster occupation. Today we are going to talk about how to improve the user experience of College websites.

1, why is it necessary to improve the user experience? User experience plays an important role in the development of College Students’ website. A good user experience of college students website, not only can win the search engine like, can bring more and more group of college students loyal users. For users, a good website is not simply about how excellent its program is, nor is it to see how beautifully its artists do, and more to see how good its overall user experience is.

2, to improve the user experience should grasp the principle of "I do college website", has always believed in Baidu’s motto: "user experience first.". I have been to this principle, some time ago there was a QQ winning advertisers contacted me and asked me to be his lower right corner of the floating price induced by advertising when the times is very generous, but I immediately rejected. I do website for three years, adhere to the idea is to give users a convenient, high-speed, safe University portal.

3, specific to do from those areas, college students are generally weak web site technology, therefore, website selection is critical. A web page layout art, image can be more experience in appearance, it can visually, vividly express those words cannot express information, easy to understand and accept visitors, a good grasp of the image processing, can increase the viscosity of the website, make visitors linger, more love your website, so you can design students professional art. Last but not least, content is king. We can do a questionnaire to collect things that students like, such as movies, cartoons, tours, essays and so on. Of course, we can do some offline activities on a regular basis, such as lottery and big party, which can improve the loyalty of users.

mentioned here today, what’s wrong please correct. Thank you. Original, this paper consists of the students http://www.wsxz.cn Adsense welcome to reprint, please bring the link.

What is the most profitable market in rural areas

business is not what strange things, many people choose to start to change their situation, in addition to business in the city, but also in rural areas, with the implementation of a series of agricultural policy, rural economy has been rapid development, the living standard of the peasants has also been gradually improved, the demand of farmers continue to increase, especially in the aspects of life and production needs. This will provide some opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, then in rural areas suitable for what store?

book store

with the gradual enhancement of farmer agriculture science and technology consciousness and the concept of the rule of law, and gradually carry out the construction of spiritual civilization in rural areas, many young farmers are not satisfied with the sunrise and sunset of life, the rich pocket also began to head rich. They are eager to improve their cultural literacy and legal knowledge of science and technology, the demand for books, especially science and technology law newspapers, books will grow. If you can in a large population, convenient transportation to open a country involved in culture, policies and regulations, science and technology, business can be free to borrow or buy books and periodicals, the business will be good.

residential design shop

with the improvement of living standards, many farmers began to pay attention to improving the living conditions and living environment, housing is no longer satisfied with the past "rectum donkey" in the apartment layout pay attention to health, but at the same time, more attention to the layout of the function. However, the design of rural residential housing is different from the urban residential design, therefore, it is necessary to meet the actual needs of agricultural production, specialized research and design services to meet the vast rural market.

motorcycle repair shop

nowadays, as a basic means of transport, motorcycles have entered the ordinary family. But now many villages also no motorcycle repair shop, once farmers motorcycle breakdown, will have to run very far away from their own town or county, not only time-consuming and labor, but also very inconvenient. Therefore, in the flow of people and traffic concentration, and convenient transportation center of the village to open a spare parts and motorcycle repair shop, business will be very good.

although the rural areas is very backward, but also has many advantages in place, are worth investing, want to start in the rural areas it is also a great prospect, in short, the rural market has broad prospects and huge business opportunities, as long as careful to mining, can find very much demand and good prospects for the project, I hope you can choose the project.

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Xiamen June 3rd auction sold two land

for land auction, is a lot of large enterprises will participate in the. So, Xiamen is about to land auction in June 3rd, the news you know? The intention of the business can seize the opportunity to prepare in advance!

number 2016TP01 in Tongan Tongan metro area Binhai West Road and Tong Fu Lu cross northwest side C, D plots, the land area of about 39 thousand and 700 square meters, total construction area of 113 thousand and 500 square meters, land use is residential, commercial, the starting price of about 1 billion 137 million yuan.

network news: Xiamen (real estate) City Land Bureau on May 11th announced that it will sell two land auction in June 3rd, the total land area of about 125 thousand square meters.

related media access to the announcement, the number of 2016TP01 cases is located in Tongan Tongan metro area Binhai West Road and Tong Fu Lu cross northwest side C, D plots, the land area of about 39 thousand and 700 square meters, total construction area of 113 thousand and 500 square meters, land use is residential, commercial, the starting price of about 1 billion 137 million yuan.

another parcel number X2016P02 is located in the Xiangan District of the new town with the new road and 13-02 road into the southwest side of the intersection of A plots, the land area of about 86 thousand and 400 square meters, total construction area of 95 thousand square meters, land use is residential, commercial, science and education (kindergarten), the starting price of 620 million yuan.

according to relevant media reports earlier, in April 22nd, Xiamen city has been sold auction Tongan Tongan Metro 2016TP02 plots. The plots the final transaction price of 5 billion 426 million yuan in the subsidiary was poly competing, the floor price of 25838.1 yuan / square meters, a premium of 149.59%, refresh the Xiamen land market price and floor price, become Xiamen ‘s the most expensive land.

"rare to expensive", the scarcity of land resources, as well as the geographical location of the land, the land has become the object of many businesses, thereby increasing the price of land! So, the two Xiamen land will be sold to the auction? Please be patient.

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How to make money to open a successful Western Restaurant

with the rapid economic development after the reform and opening, Western-style food has been more and more consumers, naturally attracted investors to join in, for entrepreneurs, of course Western-style food stores is a very good business projects, but in the face of the fierce market competition, entrepreneurs how to operate your Western-style food stores successfully make money? To follow the Xiaobian together to see it:

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? First, the crowd positioning. For different groups of people, the location of Western food stores are different. Corresponding to the positioning is the choice of products. Only after doing a good job positioning the crowd, the Western Union stores have a market.

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? Second, site selection. In fact, the location of the choice of the location is consistent with Western food stores. Generally speaking, the best choice of Western food walking street, business district, office area, school district shop, the other, such as stations, industrial areas, large supermarkets can also choose next, the greater the flow of people the better.

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? Third, the decoration problem. Generally speaking, the western style food shop is decorated with simple and warm, the quality of the table and chair is better, choose the right dishes, good quality, simple design.

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? Fourth, full of raw materials. And decoration is also the procurement of equipment and raw materials, if not much money, like refrigerators, freezers, disinfection cabinets, etc. can buy second-hand. If it is an open kitchen, or sufficient funds, it is best to buy a good reputation of the goods.

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? Fifth, employee training. Train your staff to be familiar with all kinds of Western food, can clearly recommend to consumers, train the overall quality of employees, so that service is the basic quality of each employee must be essential. But also to establish a reward and punishment system for employees, but also conducive to enhance the overall image of the store in the minds of consumers.

Western-style food stores how to succeed in making money, a few small said above, many investors have to believe that Western-style food is well understood in the way of business, but the most important thing is to choose a suitable investment brand, small as we recommend this bold to Chinese and Western restaurants to join the brand, it is worth to choose.

Learn these you can also open a small coffee shop

people’s life is good, they began to pay attention to life. Small coffee shop is undoubtedly a very emotional place, which has become a profitable point of coffee shop operators. Want to open a small coffee shop, you need to do a good job of operation and daily management.

avoid opening of high quality and inexpensive, later changed. A good beginning is able to attract customers, but with the passage of time, if the quality can not be sustained when opening the coffee prices and it is likely to cause the loss of customers, this is a problem that must be considered the owner.

taboo "theme" on the idea to play more on the characteristics of the work of a few. For a real coffee culture store, the real thing to do is to do their own coffee culture, so that their stores more cultural characteristics, in the development of characteristics.

with modern people to accept the taste of the coffee and the pursuit of coffee culture, continue to understand the operating elements of petty cafe, cafe petty continue to understand the management strategy, is conducive to long-term operation of the coffee shop, the cafe owner petty need to pay attention to these aspects.

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Shop location to consider what aspects

although many people know the shop location is a complicated work, we need to consider the content very much, however, really need to consider what factors, has become a problem plaguing many investors. So, shop location to consider what aspects?

1, touch customer

"touch the customer" is here is not the peak passenger flow, you can calculate the traffic timing cundian survey. And pay attention to pedestrians or is in a hurry to understand; pedestrian traffic peak time and scarce time and customers at this time to stay, these are the needs of the on-the-spot investigation content.

2, touch location


although the approximate location has been determined, but some details can not be ignored. For example, the store where the road? How about directions? How is it going? Is it at the intersection? Under normal circumstances, the location of the store should consider the location of the selected road and road topography, because it will directly affect the store’s building structure and traffic.

usually, shop floor should be with the road on a horizontal plane, in order to facilitate customer access to the shop. In the range Front Gate toward marked South as the ideal range. Refers to the direction of the store where the customer flow. For example, in our country the right to cultivate the habit of the right line, so that the choice of imports in the store should be on the right. Such specific circumstances, too numerous to mention, you need to go to a specific investigation.

3, touch traffic

"traffic is smooth, money is flourishing." The store around the traffic must be convenient, in order to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods and customers to send the. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the adverse situation, such as one-way street, prohibit vehicles from the streets, etc., which will result in a reduction in traffic to a certain extent.

4, touch opponent

"peer dense passenger originally", this is already the old business. Stream of people to attract people, business to attract business, business to everyone to do, in order to create a party prosperity. Therefore, in the study you have to look at whether there was the same kind of goods and operate their own businesses, how many, whether it has reached a certain scale, the competition room where there is no space for our development, these need to be considered.

site to a crucial role for a late shop business however, exactly what factors will need considering the work site, once plagued by numerous people, and have a small series of these reports, now you know the answer?