What is the most profitable market in rural areas

business is not what strange things, many people choose to start to change their situation, in addition to business in the city, but also in rural areas, with the implementation of a series of agricultural policy, rural economy has been rapid development, the living standard of the peasants has also been gradually improved, the demand of farmers continue to increase, especially in the aspects of life and production needs. This will provide some opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, then in rural areas suitable for what store?

book store

with the gradual enhancement of farmer agriculture science and technology consciousness and the concept of the rule of law, and gradually carry out the construction of spiritual civilization in rural areas, many young farmers are not satisfied with the sunrise and sunset of life, the rich pocket also began to head rich. They are eager to improve their cultural literacy and legal knowledge of science and technology, the demand for books, especially science and technology law newspapers, books will grow. If you can in a large population, convenient transportation to open a country involved in culture, policies and regulations, science and technology, business can be free to borrow or buy books and periodicals, the business will be good.

residential design shop

with the improvement of living standards, many farmers began to pay attention to improving the living conditions and living environment, housing is no longer satisfied with the past "rectum donkey" in the apartment layout pay attention to health, but at the same time, more attention to the layout of the function. However, the design of rural residential housing is different from the urban residential design, therefore, it is necessary to meet the actual needs of agricultural production, specialized research and design services to meet the vast rural market.

motorcycle repair shop

nowadays, as a basic means of transport, motorcycles have entered the ordinary family. But now many villages also no motorcycle repair shop, once farmers motorcycle breakdown, will have to run very far away from their own town or county, not only time-consuming and labor, but also very inconvenient. Therefore, in the flow of people and traffic concentration, and convenient transportation center of the village to open a spare parts and motorcycle repair shop, business will be very good.

although the rural areas is very backward, but also has many advantages in place, are worth investing, want to start in the rural areas it is also a great prospect, in short, the rural market has broad prospects and huge business opportunities, as long as careful to mining, can find very much demand and good prospects for the project, I hope you can choose the project.

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Xiamen June 3rd auction sold two land

for land auction, is a lot of large enterprises will participate in the. So, Xiamen is about to land auction in June 3rd, the news you know? The intention of the business can seize the opportunity to prepare in advance!

number 2016TP01 in Tongan Tongan metro area Binhai West Road and Tong Fu Lu cross northwest side C, D plots, the land area of about 39 thousand and 700 square meters, total construction area of 113 thousand and 500 square meters, land use is residential, commercial, the starting price of about 1 billion 137 million yuan.

network news: Xiamen (real estate) City Land Bureau on May 11th announced that it will sell two land auction in June 3rd, the total land area of about 125 thousand square meters.

related media access to the announcement, the number of 2016TP01 cases is located in Tongan Tongan metro area Binhai West Road and Tong Fu Lu cross northwest side C, D plots, the land area of about 39 thousand and 700 square meters, total construction area of 113 thousand and 500 square meters, land use is residential, commercial, the starting price of about 1 billion 137 million yuan.

another parcel number X2016P02 is located in the Xiangan District of the new town with the new road and 13-02 road into the southwest side of the intersection of A plots, the land area of about 86 thousand and 400 square meters, total construction area of 95 thousand square meters, land use is residential, commercial, science and education (kindergarten), the starting price of 620 million yuan.

according to relevant media reports earlier, in April 22nd, Xiamen city has been sold auction Tongan Tongan Metro 2016TP02 plots. The plots the final transaction price of 5 billion 426 million yuan in the subsidiary was poly competing, the floor price of 25838.1 yuan / square meters, a premium of 149.59%, refresh the Xiamen land market price and floor price, become Xiamen ‘s the most expensive land.

"rare to expensive", the scarcity of land resources, as well as the geographical location of the land, the land has become the object of many businesses, thereby increasing the price of land! So, the two Xiamen land will be sold to the auction? Please be patient.

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How to make money to open a successful Western Restaurant

with the rapid economic development after the reform and opening, Western-style food has been more and more consumers, naturally attracted investors to join in, for entrepreneurs, of course Western-style food stores is a very good business projects, but in the face of the fierce market competition, entrepreneurs how to operate your Western-style food stores successfully make money? To follow the Xiaobian together to see it:

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? First, the crowd positioning. For different groups of people, the location of Western food stores are different. Corresponding to the positioning is the choice of products. Only after doing a good job positioning the crowd, the Western Union stores have a market.

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? Second, site selection. In fact, the location of the choice of the location is consistent with Western food stores. Generally speaking, the best choice of Western food walking street, business district, office area, school district shop, the other, such as stations, industrial areas, large supermarkets can also choose next, the greater the flow of people the better.

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? Third, the decoration problem. Generally speaking, the western style food shop is decorated with simple and warm, the quality of the table and chair is better, choose the right dishes, good quality, simple design.

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? Fourth, full of raw materials. And decoration is also the procurement of equipment and raw materials, if not much money, like refrigerators, freezers, disinfection cabinets, etc. can buy second-hand. If it is an open kitchen, or sufficient funds, it is best to buy a good reputation of the goods.

how to make money to open a successful Western restaurant? Fifth, employee training. Train your staff to be familiar with all kinds of Western food, can clearly recommend to consumers, train the overall quality of employees, so that service is the basic quality of each employee must be essential. But also to establish a reward and punishment system for employees, but also conducive to enhance the overall image of the store in the minds of consumers.

Western-style food stores how to succeed in making money, a few small said above, many investors have to believe that Western-style food is well understood in the way of business, but the most important thing is to choose a suitable investment brand, small as we recommend this bold to Chinese and Western restaurants to join the brand, it is worth to choose.

Learn these you can also open a small coffee shop

people’s life is good, they began to pay attention to life. Small coffee shop is undoubtedly a very emotional place, which has become a profitable point of coffee shop operators. Want to open a small coffee shop, you need to do a good job of operation and daily management.

avoid opening of high quality and inexpensive, later changed. A good beginning is able to attract customers, but with the passage of time, if the quality can not be sustained when opening the coffee prices and it is likely to cause the loss of customers, this is a problem that must be considered the owner.

taboo "theme" on the idea to play more on the characteristics of the work of a few. For a real coffee culture store, the real thing to do is to do their own coffee culture, so that their stores more cultural characteristics, in the development of characteristics.

with modern people to accept the taste of the coffee and the pursuit of coffee culture, continue to understand the operating elements of petty cafe, cafe petty continue to understand the management strategy, is conducive to long-term operation of the coffee shop, the cafe owner petty need to pay attention to these aspects.

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Shop location to consider what aspects

although many people know the shop location is a complicated work, we need to consider the content very much, however, really need to consider what factors, has become a problem plaguing many investors. So, shop location to consider what aspects?

1, touch customer

"touch the customer" is here is not the peak passenger flow, you can calculate the traffic timing cundian survey. And pay attention to pedestrians or is in a hurry to understand; pedestrian traffic peak time and scarce time and customers at this time to stay, these are the needs of the on-the-spot investigation content.

2, touch location


although the approximate location has been determined, but some details can not be ignored. For example, the store where the road? How about directions? How is it going? Is it at the intersection? Under normal circumstances, the location of the store should consider the location of the selected road and road topography, because it will directly affect the store’s building structure and traffic.

usually, shop floor should be with the road on a horizontal plane, in order to facilitate customer access to the shop. In the range Front Gate toward marked South as the ideal range. Refers to the direction of the store where the customer flow. For example, in our country the right to cultivate the habit of the right line, so that the choice of imports in the store should be on the right. Such specific circumstances, too numerous to mention, you need to go to a specific investigation.

3, touch traffic

"traffic is smooth, money is flourishing." The store around the traffic must be convenient, in order to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods and customers to send the. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the adverse situation, such as one-way street, prohibit vehicles from the streets, etc., which will result in a reduction in traffic to a certain extent.

4, touch opponent

"peer dense passenger originally", this is already the old business. Stream of people to attract people, business to attract business, business to everyone to do, in order to create a party prosperity. Therefore, in the study you have to look at whether there was the same kind of goods and operate their own businesses, how many, whether it has reached a certain scale, the competition room where there is no space for our development, these need to be considered.

site to a crucial role for a late shop business however, exactly what factors will need considering the work site, once plagued by numerous people, and have a small series of these reports, now you know the answer?

Men’s health has become an industry trend

in the face of high pressure of life and work, more and more men feel powerless, physical health is deteriorating, which makes them a strong demand for health services. In this market context, men’s health has become the future trend of health beauty industry, investment prospects.

so, join in people’s demand, development, open a franchise, you can not easily fix technology. Because of the franchisee for the entire planning business here, investors, recommend the men’s beauty and health care to join entrepreneurs to join, will the beauty industry in all aspects of the training of entrepreneurs, the beauty industry knowledge instilled in these young entrepreneurs. And special support policy, the young entrepreneurs is also very favorable. There is a professional team for all aspects of the query on a man’s health spa joined the site area, and then to the local market analysis, planning to join the spa men’s health development orientation and customer wait for entrepreneurs to join shop really enjoy free policy.

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Entry and exit policy encourages foreign students to start a business in Beijing

the development of science and technology, the earth into a global village, studying abroad has become very frequent, with the development of China’s economy, the strength of the country, there are more and more foreign students born in china. The entry and exit of the new policy, specifically to encourage foreign students to venture in beijing.

24 evening, Chinese youth network reporter from the Ministry of public security informed that the Ministry of public security recently launched to support the innovation and development of Beijing 20 immigration policy measures involving foreigners visa, entry and exit, stay and residence etc., will be officially implemented in March 1, 2016.

It is reported that the launch of

policy breakthrough

around the service of foreign high-level personnel, the establishment of the Zhongguancun foreign high-level personnel to apply for permanent residence through train; " " smooth transformation from foreign high-level personnel to employment residence permanent residence; give foreign high-level personnel entry and long-term residence convenience.

around the service innovation and Entrepreneurship of overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese in Zhongguancun to apply for permanent residence innovation breakthrough convenience; give innovation and entrepreneurship in the Zhongguancun overseas Chinese long-term residence breakthrough convenience.

around the service of foreign students, foreign students in Beijing to support innovation and entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun; to support foreign young talents in Zhongguancun to practice activities; to encourage foreign students to innovation and entrepreneurship.

services around the residents of Hong Kong and Macao special talent for the first time, Hong Kong and Macao residents and their families to settle the special talents.

policy to relax

established by market-oriented, transparent simple employment of foreigners to apply for permanent residence channels. According to the actual needs, the abolition of the employment of foreigners in Beijing to apply for permanent residence restrictions on the types of units and job levels, to relax the residence time requirements. In Beijing has over 4 years of continuous work, and every 4 years in the territory of Chinese actually lived a total of not less than 6 months; 4 consecutive years of wage income (before tax) 500 thousand yuan; yuan each year to pay personal income tax by 100 thousand foreigners, the work unit is recommended, you can apply for foreigners permanent residence.

allows foreign and Hong Kong and Macao high level talents employment of foreign domestic service personnel. Give full consideration to the actual demand, has been in China for permanent residence or hold working class residence permit foreign high-level talent, innovation and entrepreneurship, and Hong Kong and Macao high level talents, providing personal economic security, and for the employment contract

A chicken behind the commercial secrets read stunned

said, this is the IBM interview questions, seemingly as an extremely not math tone, but hidden mystery: "a person to spend 8 yuan to buy a chicken, sell 9 yuan, and 10 yuan to buy back, to sell 11 yuan, then how much money?"

because of the lack of time and other conditions, this problem has many solutions. There are five typical:

A, 8 yuan to buy 9 yuan, sold 10 yuan to buy 11 yuan sold as two separate transactions, the result is to earn 2 yuan; two, 8 yuan to buy 9 yuan to sell 9 yuan, sold 10 yuan to buy (which can be considered a transaction?) Buy 10 yuan, 11 yuan sold as three transactions, earn 1 yuan; three, in two under the premise of the answer, on the condition of the lowest 8 yuan and 11 yuan high, originally can earn 3 yuan, only earned 1 yuan, so is lost 2 yuan; four, from 0 calculate, buy 8 yuan -8, 9 yuan to sell 1 to 10 yuan to buy -9, to sell 11 yuan to 2, the result is to earn 2 yuan; five, the cost of 8 yuan 9 yuan, 10 yuan cost 11 yuan of income, the total cost of 18 yuan, the total income of 20 yuan. The results still earn 2 yuan.

full Network Decoding:

The math

this nazonazo the same, each answer seems justified, Ontario search, find the answer of three fans of the relatively more. Back to reality, beginning millet thought the most reliable answer is three, because the real market trend, the highest price is unpredictable, and wait for the time from 8 yuan to 11 yuan of money cost and risk will be higher. Therefore, the flow of funds and goods is the most healthy state of the enterprise, which is the so-called "cash flow"".

using the time value of money

this popular topic, too many meaningless answer. Conversely: why 8 yuan to buy $9 to sell, and no longer such a higher price?   because of the time value of money.

The most typical example is the

in traditional industries, with cash flow than the retail industry. Regardless of the shopping center or KA supermarket, delayed settlement of the transaction provides a good cash flow, the cash flow of the bank’s profits will not be able to. When this approach is used by the platform based electricity supplier, creating a number of U.S. listed companies, including the time value of money is a key factor.

above that not reliable in the problem, sell 9 yuan to 10 yuan to buy the middle is the time value of money. This process, if it continues to hold the chicken waiting for the premium to 11 yuan again, regardless of long-term costs and risks, are likely to the devaluation of the currency, that is to say the price of chicken other goods have prices, though.

Financing environment is increasingly diversified business consultant for your detailed analysis

now, entrepreneurs face the most distressed companies to finance. Reporters learned that after the investigation, in the early investment community, there is no topic can be more than the relationship between venture capitalists and angel investors can lead to discussion and controversy. Today’s increasingly diverse financing environment, both of them in the end is a natural enemy, or complement each other? Or both?

AngelList introduction of joint financing so that the debate has become more complex: Angel as the lead investor, the public may raise as a A round of financing, followed by venture capital. In the debate over what kind of financing way for startups in the most favorable debate in the extreme, investors and experts have always believed that the future trend is either this or that.

AngelList joint financing platform is an innovative model of venture capital, but there are many similarities with the traditional enterprise. In this case, the lead angel is actually micro VCs, assume an active management role of fund managers, similar to the venture capital management limited partner investment capital. The main difference between the />

Stomach medicine ten brands list – the whole

is perhaps now people’s quality of life has improved, eat too greasy and fine, but also perhaps because now people all kinds of pressure is too large, resulting in irregular diet, in short, is now the stomach troubled people very much. So, stomach medicine which brand is good? Let’s make a small series to introduce the top ten brands of stomach medicine, so that consumers can choose to fit the big brand.

stomach ten brands list NO.1, domperidone — Xi’an Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd:

began in 1985, the United States Johnson company in China, the largest subsidiary of China’s largest joint venture pharmaceutical companies, one of the famous brands, Xi’an Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd.

stomach ten brands list NO.2, Sidashu – Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group Limited by Share Ltd:

China well-known trademark, national high-tech enterprise, one of the world’s top 100 pharmaceutical companies, industry influence brand, Jilin Pharmaceutical Group Limited by Share Ltd.

stomach ten brands list NO.3, 39 study – Huarun 39 pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd:

China’s well-known trademarks, state-owned holding listed pharmaceutical companies, one of China’s most valuable brands, the ten major brands of stomach medicine, Huarun pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd, 39.

stomach ten brands list NO.4, bisuc, Sanjing Pharmaceutical Factory Co. Ltd.:


is one of the most valuable pharmaceutical brands, state-controlled Chinese foreign joint venture enterprise, national high-tech enterprise, Sanjing Pharmaceutical Factory Co. Ltd. four.

stomach ten brands list NO.5, Jianweixiaoshi film – Jiangxi Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd.:

large listed companies, pharmaceutical manufacturing, health food, real estate in one of the modern integrated enterprise, Jiangxi River Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., ltd..

stomach medicine ten brands list NO.6, sunflower stomach Kang Capsule – Sunflower Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.:

China well known trademark, Heilongjiang famous brand, Heilongjiang famous brand, Heilongjiang high and new technology enterprise, ten big stomach medicine brand, Heilongjiang sunflower Pharmaceutical Group Co., ltd..

stomach ten brands list, NO.7 – talcid Bayer healthcare: