Taipei lighting join entrepreneurial worry

Taipei lighting? Has always been a very popular choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Taipei lighting project, is very business choice. Taipei lighting project, what are you still hesitating?

Chongqing Taipei lighting Trading Co., Ltd. is a collection of lighting display, design, distribution, installation in one of the high-end lighting, lighting enterprises. The company has developed more than ten years, with its strong strength and reputation, in the government departments and the vast number of consumers enthusiastic support and care, the development of a professional lighting sales company. And in Nanping, Jiangbei, are provided with large lighting market, provides a set of exquisite lamps unique for star hotels, many restaurants, banks, office buildings and luxury private clubs, upscale Home Furnishing.

for a long time, Taipei lighting adhering to the "integrity, pragmatic, innovation, promote the" business purpose, advocating "leading, high efficiency and high quality" business philosophy, and constantly improve the credibility and brand enterprises, vigorously promote business integrity. Over the years the company has been awarded the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision awarded the "lighting quality model shop, Chongqing Building Decoration Association as" advanced enterprise ", in 2003 passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, and won the Chongqing City Building Decoration Association governing units, Chongqing Lighting Association awarded the" integrity unit "," quality and credibility of the double satisfaction unit "etc..

through the above description, I believe we have chosen to join the Taipei lighting project, has been very interested in. Open their own Taipei lighting stores, no doubt, is a matter of choice. Hurry up!

The business of the whole – Chen Tingxi

is now a lot of shops in the course of the business are looking down on the migrant workers, one is dirty, and secondly, the purchase of a lot of goods are very profitable. But not Chen Tingxi, Chen Tingxi is a retail customer Chen Jiyang County community, easy-going, enthusiastic, treat all customers smile. The workers who work near Chen Tingxi’s shop like to go shopping in his shop, because he gives them a lot of convenience.

Chen Tingxi never abandon these dirty clothes on the site of migrant workers, has always been a warm reception. These workers physical exertion, hungry will go to his shop to buy food, instant noodles, Chen Tingxi will provide boiling water for them; no money, Chen Tingxi let them first credit……

later learned that these workers like to eat pasta, began to purchase all kinds of bread, but also put up a small stove steamed buns, steamed buns, etc., in order to meet their consumption needs in the Chen Tingxi. Workers in the morning to go through the shop will go into the store to buy cigarettes, noon or evening will buy steamed buns, steamed buns and snacks, a day to patronize the two or three Chen Tingxi store has become their habit.

some people smiled and asked Chen Tingxi: "these workers are buying some of the lower profits, you are so enthusiastic?" Chen Tingxi said: they are from the field to work, it is not easy, although things are not expensive to buy, but they brought me a small shop popularity, can do small profits but also good ah! After all, people give me money, of course, to be greeted with a smile and warm service." The man asked Chen Tingxi: "you dare to let them thin credit, you are not afraid of them?" Chen Tingxi told him: "they are some money on credit, trust is mutual, you trust people, people naturally will not betray you."

Although the operation of the

store does not have a large store of high popularity, however, if properly managed, can also be bigger and stronger. So, Chen Tingxi has always believed that small shops although not big supermarket goods, there is no standardized service system, but flexible mode of operation to facilitate the addition of sincere service to win more customers to patronize.

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Join fruit drink shops time good choice – a of entrepreneurs

milk tea drinks shop to join the selection of fresh fruit milk tea to join the brand, beverage consumption, we consume money, hoping to get healthy. Other drinks and fruit tea time on the market as well as blending, but all from pure fruit extract, taste more fragrant and sweet, fresh milk in time, not to add all kinds of additives, it is not only a kind of fashion taste, but also a healthy fruit drink. Join fresh fruit milk tea shop, sales of high profit!

join the fresh fruit drinks shop   entrepreneurship good choice

fresh fruit tea shop, the product is good, to ensure that your sales, it is more profitable to ensure that your profits. A cup of sweet and delicious drinks, the cost of less than a dollar, but you can sell 7-20 yuan, even if sold one hundred cups a day, hundreds of thousands of income, open a fresh fruit tea shop, you wait for a few money.

fresh fruit tea shop has been able to capture the market for a long time, in addition to its own characteristics, but also because the headquarters of a thousand entrepreneurial team. The R & D team innovation, the introduction of new products every month, to capture the curiosity of consumers to meet the needs of consumers to pursue individuality. Such products, which consumers do not love it?

fresh tea time? According to franchisees who said: of fresh tea time characteristics, a day to drink a cup! Children are also more love and fresh tea time, ages. Now, fresh fruit tea shop monthly turnover is good, not only to allow a number of franchisees also mortgage, but also to buy a car, which is sufficient to show that the project is trustworthy.

read more than for fruit after the introduction of time, if you are on the brand to join interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

Pro women underwear joining good brand underwear – talk to join the whole

now, underwear to join the project, has been very hot. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the pro girl’s underwear secret project, no doubt, is a very good choice. The quality of the project, worry free business, to choose to join the pro girl’s secret underwear?

underwear brand Pro boudoir fashion only words that most healthy and comfortable fabrics to match the urban women, only good fabric, the most sophisticated technology, to create a real fashion and comfort. Each piece of underwear, have experienced hundreds of times a version modified by cutting with ergonomic design, the exquisite sewing process, meticulous stitch. We are committed to the highest quality for each one with "Pro boudoir sweet words" become bestie female fashion!

honey has a pro boudoir own professional design team, every designer has aesthetic rich design experience, has many new innovative spirit of individuality. After the pro designer design and boudoir honey hand underwear, in order to meet the demand of comfort, can let the female element elegant gorgeous bloom, beautiful women are given change internally and externally!

for thousands of years, the pursuit of the ultimate figure of women in this curve revolution, has never stopped. If you think, you can not have it both ways, have a healthy and comfortable, body shaping can be reduced? Then you’re wrong! Pro boudoir sweet words, let you have a comfortable and healthy and gather body shaping double beauty. Let sexy become your pronoun, give the chest a release of space, the perfect shape elegant life.

moreover, the strength of the brand to join the project, is a very good choice. Pro women underwear joining project selection code, the first step is our success. A simple way to join the choice, the choice of quality, what do you hesitate?

Seven modes of boosting military and political Datong county enterprises build demonstration village

Datong County continue to push forward the "military enterprises build a model village" as the priority among priorities of the new rural construction, innovative methods of work, and actively take effective measures, the creation of "military enterprises build a model village" seven modes, aims to "military enterprises build a model village" activities into the masses satisfaction project.

point guidance mode . Take the method of "3+1", both the contact point leading the pack guidance, inspection teams of staff guidance, Village Village Township leadership guidance, fully implement the leadership responsibility, joint efforts to assist the 1 contact point of the village to carry out the new rural construction, and the selection of "familiar with the village of love, down-to-earth style, excellent service" for cadres each village set up a working group to participate in the activities, help village contact point to clear thinking, improve the planning and plan, the implementation of the project, formed a joint enterprise active participation, the relevant departments to promote pragmatic, fully cooperate with the masses of the village contact point, a positive response, force push the good situation of the new rural construction.

  mechanism perfect mode. improve the coordination mechanism of the member units of the joint meeting system, liaison system construction work, making the county leading cadres contact points, information delivery, daily work weekly system work supervision system, improve the project approval measures and management system of the fund supervision system. At the same time, to advance planning, advance investment, prior to the implementation of the principle of overcoming the county-level financial shortage and other difficulties, recently raising 5 million yuan of special funds, as supplementary funds, timely allocation of special funds for the "real door wall" to comprehensively promote the village renovation, my county Party and military enterprises build a model village "the activities laid a solid foundation.

linkage regulation model. established a joint law enforcement team, assist the township staff, remove non-conforming canyuanduanbi, barricade plaque, toilet stalls, legitimate to urge the villagers to carry out remediation clean-up of roadway debris, "Five" activities in full. Total removal of the ruins of more than 1400 meters, 154 toilet seat, illegally built 52 houses, clean up the garbage, 85 to 136. At the same time to mobilize the enterprises along the road along the Beichuan River and the two sides of the unit to actively improve the wall looks, at present, 90% of enterprises, units have completed the work of wall plastering. Through the joint law enforcement team, business unit wall renovation linkage effects, to further promote the county government enterprises build a model village campaign has made new progress.

  communication mode. to take the work of the meeting will be held, on-site office, coordination and other forms of docking, strengthen coordination and cooperation, strengthen supervision and inspection, timely coordination of the activities to solve the difficulties and problems. The relevant towns and villages using the forum, invited, visit and other ways to communicate with the joint point of business units and units, and strive to build the largest support units and enterprises. At present, there are 87 units;

The satisfaction rate of 93% Xining city 100 shops promotion interview style construction

recently, Xining City Administration Bureau organized a "hundred shop interview", on the first half of the four district law enforcement officers work style, the performance of their duties, the administrative law enforcement and solicit the opinions and suggestions of the service object, accept the supervision of the masses of the people and the review.

activities with "learning oriented, service-oriented, efficient, honest and innovative" as the theme, take the way of questionnaire and symposium, administered questionnaires to the four district 500 commercial stores, visited 180 households due to violation of the laws and regulations of urban management and subject to administrative penalties for business, management, environment the health City city urban administrative law enforcement work of investigation.

interview results showed that Xining city law enforcement work by the broad masses of the respondents understanding and recognition, the overall evaluation of the city, environmental health and law enforcement team satisfaction rate of more than 93% of complaints for the satisfaction rate reached more than 90%, compared with last year, the satisfaction rate increased. The event also through the discussion and questionnaire to solicit opinions and suggestions 19, mainly concentrated in the urban management administrative law enforcement officers to strengthen capacity building, strengthen urban management and quality of law enforcement personnel and administrative enforcement of "humanization" etc..

interview after the event, the Xining municipal law enforcement bureau held a briefing, a careful analysis of the public opinions, suggestions and problems, and asked the district urban management departments to strengthen urban management from the education and training of law enforcement personnel, strengthen supervision and inspection, strict implementation of the management system and other aspects, one by one rectification. Xining four district urban management department is also based on the views of the situation, combined with the actual, to develop a specific corrective measures, these measures will be earnestly implemented in the practical work in the future.


Hu Xiyin Baoan District will increase support for entrepreneurial incubation base


Baoan District in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship development, contributed a lot of strength, to further promote the settlement of labor problems this year, all kinds of business incubators will continue to upgrade, to provide more in line with the function of cultivating entrepreneurial talent needs of the times.

"Internet plus" built " project"

to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation ", to promote entrepreneurship to high quality employment, in September 2nd last year, the District Bureau of human resources in the city’s first employment service PPP mode of cooperation, in cooperation with the Xingda human resources limited depth, based on the Baoan District public employment service platform on the successful development of new business services sector, equipped with a and build a entrepreneurial project and Taobao expert guidance function of the public business service platform, to achieve online business incubator.

upgrade to create "entrepreneurial DreamWorks"

by the Xingda human resources company limited the transformation and upgrading of talent to create a cloud of garden, is a line the company created in support of the District Bureau of human resources under the line under the combination of "super business incubator". The reason is called "super incubator", because the park to break the traditional concept of physical space incubation, hatching all the objects can be hatched: industry, businesses, communities and individuals.

"Internet plus" era, "Education – employment entrepreneurship incubator project, as a typical example of the industrial chain Park incubator. Today, the park has signed with the intention of incubation in Vocational Colleges in Canada, and will be settled in March this year, to create a set of cooperation in education and training and employment in one of the industrial chain of education.

"wisdom Xinle · music home" is the outstanding representative of wisdom cloud Park community, industry and individual business incubator.

for Xinle community into the "wisdom of Baoan – mutual demonstration community" and "pan Qianhai window community", the park will help Internet plus "technology, the integration of publicity to the community education, medical and industrial environment, attract big recommendation

Make travel easier for Zigong to adjust the bus

in our life, with the development of economy, communication between people is becoming more and more closely, so go out to do the bus is a common thing, but the bus is convenient also has a series of problems, in order to make travel more convenient, Zigong adopted a new strategy for the adjustment of bus. The first is to optimize the line adjustment. Revised "bus" 13th Five-Year "development plan", the central city bus lines 45, 56 set by station and 730 bus distribution to conduct a comprehensive investigation demonstration, completed 19 line adjustment.

To promote the construction of station

. Complete the osmanthus street along the site location and harbour style design, added East International site; promote the Shu Ping bus stop security field, on the east side of Qishan overpass is inserted at the end of the first station construction site selection and design of the station.

explore one vote transfer". In Chongqing, Chengdu city center free of charge transfer work experience; organization of Municipal People’s Congress and CPPCC members, members of the public to collect opinions and suggestions on transfer analysis; free or preferential transfer required financial subsidies.

to make travel more convenient, Zigong to adjust the bus, the proposed intelligent operation, so that the management of public transport more convenient and convenient, which is a very positive thing. Intelligent centralized scheduling, line operation, visual management monitoring car safety, through LCD, LED, "the bus" mobile phone APP timely release vehicle arrival information, facilitate travel. In the future people’s travel will be more convenient, the bus can be better for the masses of the people of high quality service.

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Open restaurant gold shop location to do

open restaurant gold shop? With the diversified development of China’s economy, the catering industry has the development prospects immeasurable, with the more and more entrepreneurs, there are also many questions, let us know, catering gold store location to do what?

location is certainly very important, but more important than the location, is the market. For example, in the end positioning and low-end positioning of the brand point of view, the county market (and even the town level market) profitability is often better than prefecture level cities. For the provincial capital

is not the large flow of people is a good lot? Is not high rent is a good lot? Is the shop next door good performance is a good lot?   NO. There are lots of young people to visit, it is necessary to fashion, low price; some of the young women are shopping,

it medium or high, petty…… The choice of shopping malls, mall is the same reason.

rule three     big business and small business

The amount of

if not rent, also make a lot of money, not so, trying to open shop to do big business". The same management effort, almost the number of employees, can produce a higher net profit.

with channel diversion, people pay more and more attention to the brand, and the brand is more and more, what kind of brand will be honored as a "brand"? One of the most simple way is a street shop.

How to communicate with customers more easily

at present, many young people want to start a business of their own shop, but the shop will have to meet the customer door, how easy to communicate with customers? Let’s find out,

tips: easier to communicate with customers several words

1, special induction method

example: "Miss, you lucky, thanks to the consumer / company anniversary, we × × × product is in favourable, I would like to introduce you?"

2, positive induction method: determine the advantages of the product (highlighting new, etc.)

example: "Miss, you really have a good taste, the × × is our best selling, last month sold out, just purchase the latest / this year, both in terms of environmental protection, and other styles are better than similar products, but also to create a variety of art forms of"

3, praise induction: sure the customer’s advantage

: "this is your child, really cute, little friend, how old?"

"Miss, your hair is very beautiful, where to do ah?" (carefully)

4, self deprecating curiosity

: "Miss, Zha a look, it is not as if we feel that our products with other products no difference ah, the price seems to be higher than they do? Let me give you a brief introduction ^_^

personal tips:

if you feel close to the customer when still feel nervous, so you can pretend to side a clever tally, using one of the above operation is better then accidentally.

is the first shop to greet customers off to do business, but many owners do not pay attention to the guests when speaking skills, one or two wrong customers annoyed that nature can not do good business, so, want a friend, from how to more easily learn to communicate with customers!