The word around the website optimization three aspects need to pay attention to


3, around a word with the original article the effect will be better

page optimization looks very simple, but the actual operation must also pay attention to the details, so that we can in a certain keyword optimization do better than others. Combined with the practice of their own, I think to do around a site optimization need to pay attention to three aspects:



believes that many webmaster friends website optimization strategy no less use of four word, this method is simple, is in the title of the page, keyword and page description, content and related pages four positions on the key words, to strengthen the key word optimization effect. The word around a website optimization method I also use never like naturally or half unconsciously, only the teacher as it is concentrated into the essence of theory, perhaps this is the Shanghai dragon master and rookie difference.

feel most of the search engine is the original, my experience is around a word with the original words would be better, especially for Google, as long as you do this, the long tail word to do not have another station optimization, are likely to get better ranking pictures:

1, anchor text links should not blunt

The word around

article by good body slimming products list 贵族宝贝haoshencai520贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you

is also very good!


when I do before the anchor text links the no less to make this mistake, anchor text links actually seen in many blunt insertion sites or pseudo original acquisition among all can, nothing wrong with the word around the use of location, but the drawback is that the insertion of keywords and articles

website optimization keywords and the number of the best placed in nature, but also pay attention to moderate, not the more the better. Take the page title, the key number not more than two times, but also use the phrases of different manifestation. As a stand to lose weight to optimize the "slimming" the most effective keywords, the page title as "the most effective weight loss pills are what the most effective weight loss drug price" and the like, rather than a simple superposition of repeated N times. Keywords

" in Shanghai love rankings almost came in around 100, because we all know, so it no longer! Anyway, will give preferential treatment to the original search engine ranking, website optimization tool and original + word around

The word "


! The word around

2, avoid accumulation

Ordinary group chain is harmful to Shanghai dragon useless


did not realize when the garbage links in the search engine, is indeed very effective mass links. It is the birth of a number of links to mass software, batch registered in various forums, blog or SNS platform, then the automatic acquisition of content link group. Not willing to spend money to buy the software company will hire a few links specialist, collecting a large number of forums for batch registration, and then manually set up the forum signature, manual completion of the software. Now the search engine in order to curb the unhealthy state of the industry, the upgrade algorithm frequently, this "not recommended" spam links was the focus on.

some people may doubt "exchange the content page links said before, what is the difference between the mass and the anchor text links? Mass will be right down, the exchange of content page links there is no problem?" in fact, there are essential differences between the two, the content page link exchange are based on high quality content, and only when the specified keywords appear in the content will naturally increase the link, the theme content at the same time cooperation website are similar; however, the ordinary mass links are generally collection content, pseudo original machine, and then insert the rigid anchor text link, and the mass of the website theme and they may not completely related. The two link is not what comparable.

when we realize the importance of links, we will be adding links to their website to. Because most of their own web sites with limited resources, can exchange to link to other website links, has become the focus of most or all of the work site of Shanghai dragon. So far, will use a variety of pictures at "what is Shanghai dragon in the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng personnel exchanges? Send the chain……".

now the search engine for the forum signature, spam and junk blog link does not have a cold, and now most of the weight of the high platform are strictly limited by the link, so basically sending link to the chain construction method is not only a waste of time is a waste of energy, almost no following what role. But there are many websites because before or use software or use artificial mass released a large number of spam links, in the love of Shanghai algorithm upgrade process has been the recent drop right.

ordinary mass links now is not good, but this is the link with sending spam content, if released in other sites or on the platform are the contents of good information, and naturally have their website anchor text or text links, or the good quality of the chain. For example, some maintain their own blog friends, often go to the forum or website can contribute to publish their own articles and bring your own links, these links where the website weight is relatively high, a link is also relatively healthy, so can not be characterized as spam links, but "batch" operation difficult. But when the site launched, still can go to the A5 station, like a soft platform linked to a link to attract Spider.

Chen Zhaobo do some Shanghai dragon views on micro-blog

1, micro-blog found authenticated users are more likely to be included in

.The name or title name like

fortunately now micro-blog personalized domain name can also grab, omitted here 7 words……

micro-blog website, the website, the importance of the title since Needless to say, the ranking of words depends on it. Micro-blog name is the same, may it in Sina micro-blog has an advantage, because the name Sina micro-blog is the only Tencent, micro-blog can name, an important criterion for a good name is also attractive.

, a personalized domain name

two, micro-blog

2, micro-blog found active users of micro-blog is more likely to be included (as the website often updated)

learned that at present, the Tencent officially launched micro-blog search real-time search, micro-blog search engine more and more fire, will be more and more attention, Shanghai dragon Er, you attention? I think there should be a lot of people, all share it, any new things only share many people, naturally the rapid development of.

is currently in the Tencent micro-blog personal description on the link is the chain is, because the search engine will included content. Sina did not verify, because to see the Sina micro-blog content will need to log in, so also can’t visit SE estimates.

five, other

ZAC in his Tencent before micro-blog did an experiment. ZAC input a bunch of meaningless words, and then take the own blog address. To the experimental results, his Tencent micro-blog ranking up. This experiment is a test to see if the link itself has not played in the Tencent micro-blog ranking effect, but the Tencent micro-blog content ranked up, "

four, micro-blog

three, micro-blog personal introduction to

since the last noble baby PR after the update, many people will find the micro-blog domain name is the PR value of sina Li Kaifu, micro-blog PR6, micro-blog PR5 Tencent.

at present, micro-blog content included a great opportunity, a micro-blog keyword also contains relatively easy to find search to a portion of the link is also a chain of outside.

believe that we do know, register a good domain name is difficult and the domain name of Shanghai dragon has a strong influence, this is not to say you understand. Similarly, personalized domain name for micro-blog, is the best one with your own website or want to do related websites, whether the impact on the rankings, which need to be observed.

a micro-blog as a web site or a blog, because he has a personality domain, since there is a domain name, can be included in search engines, it can do Shanghai dragon, today to talk briefly about how to carry out the micro-blog Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon micro-blog, welcome to discuss.

Basic explanation and basic steps of biddingAfter 90 meters beauty Xi six months, Beijing branch sto

introduction: in the pancake fruit, hamburger, bloom times, and a 90 after playing the catering idea. After 90 girls Liao Xiaoming just graduated, has suddenly become a beauty boss. The opening half, noodle business from cold to bursting with popularity, not long ago in Beijing opened a branch in Shaoyaoju. "90, beauty, rice noodles, beauty," these can not be used as a label for her success. Take a look at how she plays, turn to a small restaurant, and successfully open a branch.

2, then others how to tell you what he did are now, then you need to take the initiative to contact them, each people have their own standards, to real development, it is necessary to put down the shelf, discard the shy, to become bigger and stronger.

any product, as long as you can find through the network >


Xiao Ming: "I think not to delay the friend said the store business is not good you don’t tell the joke to consumption, they fired power. Three days later, as soon as they went to stay, there were two people in the shop." Xiao Ming smiled vaguely behind can see the days of her inner struggle, I do not know how to do, the dream is under a clubbing the abyss".

plus price auction. This is the most common form of auction. At auction, the auctioneer announces the lowest bid, and then the buyer bids one after another. The auctioneer may specify the amount limit for each fare increase. At a certain price, when the auctioneer makes a three prompt and no one raises the price, it is the highest price, and the auctioneer strikes the hammer. According to the auction regulation, the auctioneer may cancel the bid before the auctioneer drops the sample. If the auctioneer has agreed the minimum price with the auctioneer, and the buyer’s bid is lower than the price, the auctioneer may terminate the auction.

3, do bidding, start the funds, in fact, 100 yuan is enough.

provided Zhang Natian, shaking his head said, "Xiaoming very silly very naive". Three people stare at each other, customers are three of the nine out of ten he enthusiasm and the store deserted to scare. Only three bowls of rice noodles a day.

6, the biggest characteristics of bidding, that is the reality in the network product sales, in fact, the network is only an advertising media, so the core or see your comprehensive business vision, your EQ, packing your ability, your ability to grasp the market, relatively speaking, the network knowledge requirements is the least, but the business ability is the highest.

on sale. Also known as the Holland auction, originated from the world’s largest flower auction market in Holland, the auctioneer first opened the highest price, and then gradually lower prices until someone accepted, that is to conclude the transaction. There is no repeated bidding process between the buyers, and once the buyer accepts it, it cannot be withdrawn. Because of a quick sale, it is especially suitable for large quantities and large quantities of fresh goods.

so, Xiaoming roped in for two friends began to location, rush, three people borrowed seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan start-up capital, noodle shop opened up.


1, bid for money is relatively fast, mainly cash transactions, the day there is income, the most simple way to do bidding is to copy other people’s success.


sealed bid auction. Also called bidding auction. The sealed quotation also referred to as tender shall be submitted to the auctioneer within a specified time, and the auctioneer shall select the buyer. This auction method, compared with the above two methods, has the following two characteristics:

4, the start-up of funds is the most important part of the process of entrepreneurship, so do not take money to say their own difficulties.

about bidding:

has been going on for almost half a month. Xiaoming will consider the momentum right, group purchase. A few days later, not only did not buy the store to attract new customers, but to rely on the old customers buy, sell rice noodles also no profit. It was a bolt from the blue for a still lost store.

"I don’t like to live in step by step. Go down this road and now you can see what I’m like at 50. I’m not reconciled."." Xiao Ming spoke as if frown is a shackled warrior, "some enterprises extend the olive branch sometimes like a rope. "I want to start a restaurant myself and be cool when I’m a boss,"


"one day very late, passing by Xizhimen, there are many people in a ramen shop. I was anxious to send my leaflets at his door. I really think my rice noodle is not bad at all." Xiao Ming into the store to a bowl of noodles, "I do not eat, it depends on what the fire. This makes me touched the doorway, the checkout waiter asked if we open the table "shop" member, I have not at that time."

dare to dare to do, borrow money, do not want to be bound hands and feet of fighters

," said APP, pointing to a cell phone called "open the table". "The waiter said it would cost less," Xiao Ming said. I downloaded it immediately, checked out with it, saved 3 yuan with a bowl of 15 ramen. Go back on the Internet and open the table

learn from other places and get on the O2O express

reality put a dream COMBO, dream too far,

first, in addition to the price terms, there may be other trading conditions to consider:

5, a person can develop in a circle, knowledge and effort are not the most important, the most important thing is interpersonal operation ability.

two may take the form of open bid opening or open bid opening. The auction number of large facilities or large inventory or government confiscated goods may be used in this way.

Business development novice RaidersBrewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng from scratch to hundreds

last month, Hao Hongfeng went to visit the red wine village. Bordeaux, France Shengti miloon trip to make him feel a lot, "we really need to learn their work attitude, the vine and some even has a history of hundreds of years, and many people hate not today for the grapes, tomorrow is 10 years old".


"we’re still in the start-up phase." This is Hao Hongfeng’s pet phrase often say it. Having just won the third round of financing recently, his face was a little more relaxed, and with that expression, Hao Hongfeng spent 12 years.

from scratch to $100 million worth of assets,

? When I come to a new environment and start visiting customers, I usually do it in two ways: a hungry predatory customer. At the beginning of a business, customers do not have, had no place in the factory, did not speak at the component, treat customers is a kind of non selective absorption, so called starvation plunder, in order to make the order is the most important, do not care about the quantity and profit demand, they do not lose money, the company agreed to do orders are received, temporarily not to care what the royalty, even knowing that it is possible to make customers willing to follow, in order to maintain business confidence, make you can stick to it. When the first order is done, with a zero breakthrough, the business will change dramatically. That’s what the previous article said, "break the ice" and everything will be all right. For example, TC technology, 30 cotton padded clothes, although I know there is no profit, but I still clung, as long as there is little hope will not give up, is the hope that through this method the accumulation of customers, to achieve the increase in the number of. Two is the selective elimination of customers. The former stage makes the number of customers increase a lot, because the quality of customers varies greatly, it is difficult to take care of all, the service is not in place, customers at any time will be lost, at this time only

in this age of lack of rich mythology, Hao Hongfeng’s "alcohol story" is still regarded as a legend. Dropping out of school, starting from rags to riches and millions of dollars worth of money, the labels that often appear in the biographies of famous financial men are equally visible to him. In Hao Hongfeng’s heart, the wind and rain in the business class, no more love wine, liquor and wine mellow cup among these, his success is not today. Each drink wine wine, drunk heart, Han ran a smile he loves that touch of red wine.

"we’re still in the start-up phase." This is Hao Hongfeng’s pet phrase often say it. Having just won the third round of financing recently, his face was a little more relaxed, and with that expression, Hao Hongfeng spent 12 years.

? First, select the customer segment,

 ? No matter what industry sales work, have to adapt to its target customers, according to customers can produce different value, we put the target customers into three categories: Class A, class B and C customer customer customer. Class a customer high price, large demand, rich orders; B class customers higher or more quantity, orders rich; C class customers occasional demand, intermittent orders, prices are not high. In the process of business development, C customers most easy to see that the B class of a class of the most difficult; every business people are very smart people, will analyze the customer’s quality, all want to get the best customers, but not any clerk can do under a customer because of this, business experience and professional level enough, because his demand for more, visit the relevant business staff will, when he learned a little knowledge of words from each person, he is very professional, so the initial stage usually do business are from C the client starts with the accumulation of experience gradually to B and a customer development. But for sales professionals like me, you don’t have to do that. Just go to the customers and make a record of them.


, the only child in the family who had the chance to go to college, Hao Hongfeng didn’t become like a lot of tough children. He became an example of the ivory tower, but chose to drop out and start on the other

there is market demand, the market is selling in the market economic environment, sales is the lifeline, that brought a force for the development of enterprises, but also keep alive in the enterprise itself, it is the enterprise. And the lifeline of sales personnel engaged in the sale and also naturally become an important factor in the survival and development of enterprises to become a qualified salesman, and ultimately create value for enterprises, especially for the novice to the clerk, the following three aspects:

is particularly important

red wine carries happiness,

was born in Handan, thousands of miles away from Taiyuan, Hao Hongfeng has forged an indissoluble bond with Shanxi and Shanxi merchants. Over ten years of liquor business in Shanxi, chairman of the Shanxi wine industry group Limited is the bes before he founded the brewmaster network of social identity.


was born in 1977, the current chairman of Shanxi bes Wine Group Limited, Agel Ecommerce Ltd Beijing brewmaster brewmaster network chairman.


and Hao Hongfeng is not the first time to deal with, as early as a year ago, with the potential of the brewmaster network in the business arena like a raging fire started all-powerful domestic electronic occasion, has repeatedly communicate with him over the status of red wine industry. If meet travel or meeting is not convenient to answer the telephone, even do not know who is calling, he always came back to the phone, answer the question not to mind taking the trouble to visit, which makes people feel that he is sincere, brewmaster network can have today’s development, the leader of the character is perhaps cannot be ignored the.

Yang Wenjian detailed analysis report of three giants of China Advertising Association (Part Two)

Baidu alliance advantage:

, but because of Google’s AdSsense, the small and medium station owners bought it. The Baidu alliance has to place itself at the top end and open only to a number of high quality websites. Baidu alliance provides some large webmaster to provide high quality ad alliance options except AdSsense, and provides optional advertisers

for websites that want to place more than one ad site

at the same time, commercial Baidu doesn’t give up anything, even both sexes can be put in. For some sexual standing also open mind, and even human body art, there are Baidu coalition figure. And AdSsense rejects this kind of website to throw directly, one discovers to close a website to close an account. The Baidu alliance has provided reliable advertising sources to some large gender stations. Basically, the Baidu alliance is one of the best choices for both sexes.

Baidu, you know, users like Baidu search, Baidu search box on the website that is beautiful, but also beneficial to the user experience.

is Baidu search plug-in to have the ability to develop software or plug-ins provide a profit model, software bundled with Baidu search plug-in installed on the user’s computer, it can be hard to install software users, what to install Baidu search bar. Fortunately, 360 of this "rogue" out, the situation is only a little better.

Baidu alliance disadvantage:

according to statistics, the theme of the Baidu alliance advertising effect is slightly worse than AdSsense, which is the previous data. Now, maybe it’s almost like AdSsense.

Baidu alliance is open to big stationmaster only, general small stationmaster cannot apply for. And is an account application down, it is impossible to put on multiple sites, I do not know now is not such a rule. Fortunately, in the AdSsense decline today, the Baidu alliance has finally lowered the high head, reducing the threshold of the audit. Now we can see a lot of general website can hang Baidu alliance, if your website thinks OK still, can try to apply for Baidu alliance.

Baidu Alliance for what station:

Baidu alliance is generally a very good alliance, as long as the application has passed, you can try to put down. Especially the web site, put Baidu search box, the effect is very good.

put Baidu alliance successful case to share:

I have a webmaster who understands the program. I integrate the games that you like to play on the Internet. I make XX games, N one, then upload the software to the sky software park. Sky Software Park was acquired by Baidu, the site is also very good page weight. And then do some outside the chain, Baidu ranking is very easy to go up. Bring millions of download and installation users, and then software promotion URL station. Put Baidu search box and some other CPS alliance, daily income is also thousands of.

Ali, mom, Taobao, advantage:


Good interactive experience, display of goods in website list


commodity aggregation page: as the name suggests, is the list of goods, forming a common feature of the collection of goods page.

The purpose of

is to provide consumers with more goods to choose from, thereby increasing the conversion rate, minimizing the user’s jump rate, and ensuring smooth browsing. This requires a quality visual experience and a good interactive experience.

here mainly around the display of goods.

currently there are 3 types of display designs:

1. sorted by ranks (Taobao mall… Jingdong)

2. falls stream (

allows products to maximize their presence in front of users,

3. special paragraph prominent (superior)

adaptive screen display of goods, each category under the use of big picture, focus on pushing a few goods or banner

patchwork sorting, suitable for pictures, high-quality websites.


basic information about merchandise display

commodity pictures / commodity name / commodity price

picture size: 200X200 or so,


picture is a bit larger, so that users don’t need to look at the big picture every time they want to see detail, so they can finish the object in list so that they don’t lose patience.


increases the picture size increases the volume of transactions is unknown. But we can see clearly that there is truth in comparison, and that the larger the picture, the closer it is to the truth.

but the electrical picture can be smaller, especially when it comes to something similar in shape. The name of the product is more important.


commodity name:

merchandise brands, series, descriptions, features, personality, copy level activities

commodity price:

original price – present price – discount

outstanding price, drawn to the price, discount

adds some modules

based on the characteristics of the site or the product

credit: once a user succeeds in a transaction, he can make a credit evaluation of the transaction object

Tags: reflect the sales characteristics of goods, such as new products,


comment number: the most accurate reflection of the purchase of users, but also one of the elements most concerned about the user

sales: not just a sort of way, but also to guide users to buy, to inform the user is >

The process of opening a restaurant franchise

to join a restaurant, pre must be ready to do so in an orderly manner, so that their business is more prosperous, then open a franchise which processes need to do it?

a good choice of food and beverage to join the project.

two, select the project after the need to investigate and analyze the market.

three, with your choice of food and beverage companies to conduct preliminary negotiations to understand the relevant training and join the various details. Determine the contract after repeated determination.

four, shop location, the general store needs to find their own, and some brands will join the store to choose the address, or will you choose the right shop to investigate whether it is appropriate.

five, all ready to operate under the guidance of the headquarters.

above is a small series of questions to ask you about the specific process of joining the restaurant, I hope you can help.

The right business model to open a convenience store

always has a lot of big and small convenience stores, bring convenience to our life in many ways, and now many people have opened a convenience store, because of the convenience store, bring a lot of convenience to people’s lives, so the market is relatively large. In fact, there are a lot of people have opened convenience stores, but because some business skills are not very understanding, and finally closed down. Here to tell you about the success of the convenience store tips, hoping to help more entrepreneurs.

into the shop customers do not even have to buy things to smile. It is a good way to help the customer to change the whole money for free. Guests bring more guests is an ordinary and accurate truth. The biggest expense for any cause is labor. But it’s not a wise idea for convenience stores to stay in the store for a long time. Reasonable allocation of staff working hours is the most scientific approach.

shop 3~6 months before the performance is almost no growth period. Winter time will be longer. Don’t put the convenience store to shake Qian Shu into being. At the beginning of the business because of the dismal end of the case to give up the shop everywhere. It’s not in the store for a whole day. It’s not going to work if you’re tired.

is now the convenience store industry competition is very intense, resulting in the deterioration of the relationship between the company and the franchisee is not a few cases. Convenience store experts are focused on the company’s headquarters, the active use of this point, the principle of loyalty to the company is very necessary. First of all, I should throw away the idea that the company is running my convenience store. I am the boss of the shop, every day by writing a sales diary to record all the day sales. Easy to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the shop.

convenience store should give a clean image. Bright stores, clean clothing, mellow aroma of coffee, cool in summer and warm in winter environment, relaxing music, as long as these five points can be very good to stimulate customers five sense, sales will rise. Convenience store only to earn the floating population of the money has passed. Seize the back of the district is also very important. Keep in mind that the characteristics of the customer each time into the store to show a familiar intimacy, if the customer likes to keep pets, including his dog’s name to remember together. So this kind of customer will be a repeat customer.

if you want to engage in business in this area, I hope the small series of articles can help you, after the introduction of the above content, for the convenience of operating convenience stores, I believe we all understand. Today, many people are starting to open a convenience store business, but also attracted by the profits, but we should also pay attention to the operation of the process, not because of negligence caused by the failure of the operation.

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Children’s clothing store location three steps to do more money

many friends want to open children’s clothing store, this idea is good. If you have an idea, you should have an action. First, find a treasure house for your children’s clothing store. What a lot of children’s clothing store? Shop location, the children’s clothing store business has a great impact. Children’s clothing store location skills, the three step to teach you to find treasure.

1. grasp the flow is the money flow principle

in heavy traffic, shop bustling lively area, the chances of success are often much higher than ordinary lots. Because the flow of people is a potential source of tourists, as long as you sell goods or services provided to meet the needs of consumers, will have a good performance.

2. note for

systemSelection and business content

The second step:

for further investigation

in the preliminary selected shop location, should be comprehensively investigated further, do some investigation and analysis of the situation, in order to decide whether to end on this point. The main investigation of the following aspects: the situation of the store itself; the background of the landlord.

third step: take the fancy store

as soon as possible

once found the ideal store, entrepreneurs must make a prompt decision, shot quickly, as soon as possible to take a fancy store, it is very likely to be due to Undue delay may bring trouble., you hesitate while others lead to missed opportunities The early bird catches. How to get the store? Negotiation is of vital importance.

on a good price for the shop rent, the rent is often a fixed cost is the largest, with the landlord bargaining before, you should first have a spectrum, a first self can accept the high price, this price must be:

1. Do you think you are sure of affordable. Especially if you have to pay a certain amount of rent for a few years to see if you have the ability to pay;

the budget, is estimated to earn money;

to the nearby similar facade see children joined price is basically the same, that is more reasonable. And then according to this set the highest rent price, compared to the landlord of the room