Xinhua insurance to help customers recover and then start a warm heart policy greatly praised

buy insurance is a guarantee, but want to create a better living environment, but also need to venture. Therefore, the Xinhua insurance and then a new policy to help customers recover and then start a business, this is a great entrepreneur.

"Xinhua Insurance complete disability evaluation standard for the industry the new maximum amount of disability compensation case embodies adhering to the" customer-centric "business philosophy of insurance enterprises, actively responsible claims, to help customers to return to the good life, and ultimately selected annual impact ten claims.

  Hunan customer Lee in the Xinhua insurance company has two insured "Xianghe million endowment insurance (participating)" and "additional accident insurance". By the end of 2014, he rolled his right leg due to vehicle accidents, the right thigh above knee amputation, constitute five disabled.

Xinhua insurance claims payments to the payment of 3 million 24 thousand yuan according to the new edition of "personal insurance disability evaluation standard", the amount of compensation is 10% higher compared to the old standard, since the implementation of new standards of insurance industry has become the largest amount of disability compensation, is also "Chinese Insurance News" named the "2015 China Insurance (life insurance) annual impact ten claims".



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Do not be able to invest in their own property

a lot of investors in order to express their determination, decided to burn their time, once saw a career, you put all the property itself, if successful fortunately, if failed, it is no way to do business, so can not put all their property!


fruit Library in AppStore is described in the "daily the vast sea of commodities, including interesting and useful and valuable commodity, fast and simple and direct way to show you." Due to the development of products, there will be more upfront investment. In addition to the partner’s money, half of the company’s start-up funds from Zhou Shijun himself. He also sold a set of real estate loans, 250 thousand yuan will be invested in the venture.

– what is the biggest business cost? Time is more valuable than money, for individual entrepreneurs, the biggest opportunity cost is their own time.

– what is the former entrepreneurs did not expect problems? Good products can not get the money at once. Even in the popular mobile Internet industry, not every team seems to be able to fly in the shape of the product to get the money.

– why should stay away from it? Putting your personal assets and career in the same basket is too risky.

Businessmen should be honest

how to do business can be more trusted by customers, and then let the shop business is booming? Each owner has its own business methods. In order to retain customers, to improve our store visibility and reputation, can rely on propaganda, but I think it is more important to rely on credit. Only in the minds of customers to establish a good reputation, in order to truly improve our store visibility and reputation, retain customers, increase sales.

"business oriented". Do business should be sincere to win, to win the letter, 000 do CCTV exposure of 15 3· and selling counterfeit cigarettes, return the moldy bread reconstruction, tampering with the production time, and integrity draw further apart.

Li Jiacheng’s classic saying "you must treat people with sincerity, others will reciprocate." Japanese Mitsui Corp President Ikeda Sungbinjo who wrote "De is fundamental, money is the end of" eight characters, it summarizes the successful experience of Ikeda Sungbin business. Thus, it is very important to pay attention to business ethics. In today’s society, people are taking, linli shops offer great, free to choose the time and space for consumer goods. If consumers think deceived, even did not receive timely and thoughtful service, shopping will be terminated, and next time it is very difficult to visit our shop, this is the only rule of the market today.

therefore, we have to open the store colleagues must remember that their business is very important. Some business colleagues say, contrary trading, I fooled each time, kill time, I will be rich. As everyone knows, the transfer of information between consumers can not be ignored, offend a consumer, it will lose credibility in a large number of consumers.

we have opened a new rice frog Hot pot shop, issued a lot of advertising, hit 20 yuan a catty, can go to the customer in the store is provided on the order to see such a statement: "1 to 3 limit to 6 Jin, 4 jin limit half, more than 8 people two Jin, exceed the limit amount at 48 yuan." How much of the "conditions" that many diners arrive in the menu, see lost appetite, turned back and never be out of.

publicity and promotions may be able to attract customers into the store, but it is difficult to retain these guests, the store is very few repeat customers, which will naturally result in high operating costs. Thus, in our daily operations, business ethics, integrity is how important. "Fools make wise men earn today, tomorrow". What we do is long-term business, any practice to deceive customers, and ultimately can only hit their own brand.

Jiangsu medical and pharmaceutical industries, such as the establishment of new funds

development of a city to fill the short board to develop continuously, for the short board, cannot do without the allocation of funds, so the establishment of the fund is very necessary. 2, Jiangsu coastal emerging industry investment fund was established, which is the second fund established in our province "The Belt and Road" series of special funds in the investment direction, including emerging industries of pharmaceutical, energy saving and environmental protection, new materials etc.. Prior to this, the scale of 20 billion yuan of "The Belt and Road" development investment fund has been set up for operation.

at the same time, the scale of 20 billion yuan of "The Belt and Road production integration of the city development fund will be established. At present, our province is speeding up the scale of 30 billion yuan of "The Belt and Road investment fund development work. According to the provincial coastal office director Chet Lam introduction, leveraging more social capital to invest in Jiangsu coastal development, in addition to efforts to promote the establishment of "The Belt and Road series fund, our province issued" Belt and Road Initiative "series of bonds.

Jiangsu medical and pharmaceutical industries, such as the establishment of new funds, we look forward to the relevant local emerging industries can be further development, for the future development of the situation we wait and see! The first half of this year, the first team to The Belt and Road, named "the scale of 2 billion 600 million yuan of new town in Nantong construction set successfully issued bonds, currently being replicated the experience of Nantong, promote Lianyungang (601008, shares), a collection of bonds, issued a total size of more than 10 billion yuan.

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What is the direction of the development of health care

is not what is more important than health, we all hope you can have a very healthy body, in recent years, the health of the entrepreneurial projects has been an unprecedented development, a lot of people to get good returns in which you are not ready to engage in this industry? But do you understand its current situation and future direction? Here and we look at the direction of the development of Health Health Museum, to the needs of a friend of reference.

mode expansion

In fact, we see

in the market today, the health museum, in the management process is basically a single individual, like some massage shops, they provide knowledge to massage alone, or health care products retail, just have a sales function; this also makes our store is not able to give consumers more comprehensive services and consumer experience, so we join in investment when this industry in the early stage, we can honestly from aspects, because we want to build their own reputation, a process the best way is to provide fewer services.

project development

At the same time,

is now in the market for the Health Museum has not been popular, mainly because the industry is too dead; because for any industry, want to be able to survive in the market has been down on it, then we can make our business in such projects, obtain better development. So if we want into this industry, we need to develop our new areas for the project have a relatively high demand, the development of new technology, or new products, no matter what, we all need to take seriously.

full service

A set of

we should not only create their own store consumption, we focus on the services for consumers but also at the same time so we adaptability in the store; the best is the need to provide different services for different groups of people, because we are now in the market for health has more than the requirements of the crowd, and the crowd the age span is relatively large; so we store products and services to create, we also need different people to provide different services.

health industry in the current development is very fast, but also a very worthy of people’s choice of an industry, after reading the introduction above, you do not know the health of the development direction of the health museum? So in the future development is also not know how to do? Although in today’s society in the industry, and there is no outstanding advantage, but if we treat our entrepreneurial projects seriously, the demand for the development of its breakthrough point more, still can bring us unimaginable benefits. < recommended

Which products are easier to sell on the Internet

the development of the Internet, so that more transactions can be carried out online. Many people have begun to turn their entrepreneurial vision to the network. Network transactions also have some of their own characteristics, which products sell the most online fire? Do you know that?

wholesale and foreign trade products if there is a good relationship between supply and demand and wholesalers can directly get popular goods, but also to ensure that online sales of low price, the business must be good. Foreign trade products because of its quality, style, fabric, price and other advantages, has been a popular online sales varieties.

Baidu salon share Baidu search the latest developments in Beijing Railway Station

November 22nd, Baidu Webmaster Platform high-end salon after the Beijing Railway Station, on the two floor of the Hotel Wangfujing Huayuan Liaoba held as scheduled, from A5 marketing, CNTV, SouFun, Sohu, etc. dozens of well-known websites on the Internet elite together. During the Baidu LEE team, mobile search, Baidu webmaster platform, Baidu Gallery engineers on the current Baidu search for the latest dynamic introduced.

first, Baidu Webmaster Platform (Cao Lili) introduced the webmaster how to search engine interaction and how to use the webmaster tools to help web site operators are introduced in the three part of Baidu Webmaster Platform, these content can help the webmaster understand how Baidu webmaster tools for reasonable use of web service.

then is relatively heavyweight figure, Lee (Xiong Yongzhi) introduced some plan for the future of Baidu search, Baidu will share he mentioned the role in the future for a period of time gradually enlarged, will play a certain effect in the search ranking. In addition, LEE also focuses on the quality system of Baidu.


analysis of A5 marketing, the site is not only top quality content can obtain the ideal, the content is only a part of the construction of quality system, website quality, quality, quality of the same page resources can not be ignored, it is worth the webmaster to think.

finally, Baidu mobile search engineer Luo Xujian and Baidu engineers were Gallery speech, worthy of attention is the December mobile search webmaster have relatively large movements, the PC page information will be gradually disappears from the mobile search, no mobile site’s webmaster to go here to claim their own website (

Through the

salon, A5 marketing ( believes that Baidu search next year will move constantly, the webmaster can pass Webmaster Platform to keep abreast of changes in the latest Baidu algorithm, problems can feedback and communication platform in.

Secret network red incubator mass production of new network Luna 100 thousand

so-called net red, in fact, is through the other people can not get the way to attract fans." The picture shows the leading network of red.




[special report] "you are responsible for your beauty, I am responsible for the breadwinner"

secret network red incubator

"Chinese Economic Weekly" reporter Zhang Yan Beijing reported


with a carefully adjusted good makeup, three feet, a last look at the camera viewfinder composition, quickly stand back to the selected background, "Kacha, Kacha", with the camera shutter sound, Liu Chang began to put a different posture. A group photo, she took the camera from his friends, seriously look at each one. After determining the need not again, she quickly picked up the side of the bag, to find a nearby Restroom "facelift".

Parkview green, the Southern District of Sanlitun, Yintai Center, Beijing red campaign in the times in the eyes of the camera, "holy land" has changed six or seven sets of clothes Liu Chang acted quickly and decisively. Next she must return to domicile, his day’s effort into a computer graphic, then upload complete the next micro-blog, "the first step on the new".

Liu Chang is a native of Beijing, but also the legendary network of red, but compared to micro-blog’s millions of fans of the big V, she is still in the initial stage of the cause of the red network. Still, there are nearly 100 thousand fans on her micro-blog. "All real customers, not a zombie powder," Liu Chang told the China Economic Weekly reporter.

When the

camera at Parkview green, because the use value of the same background, Liu Chang had to wait for another is to take photographs of the girl nearly an hour. Although some anxiety, but hit the field this thing did not give Liu Chang the slightest trouble. Beijing can take place on a few photos, hit the normal. And she’s not the same as me." Liu Chang secretly pointed not far from the girl side told reporters, "the camera bag is the general goods, and you see her facial features, eyes and nose are post processed, then two pieces of clothes, but also did not take this suitcase, is selling high imitation jewelry!"

in Liu Chang’s definition, "red" in this industry includes all walks of life, whether it is like her Taobao owner, or broadcast platform on the anchor, or is active in the line of Master, in her opinion, as long as it has a large number of fans on the Internet, are "red net".

fans flow into economic income

in the eyes of others, Liu Chang belongs to the typical "Bai Fumei"". Parents engaged in the real estate industry, high school to go to private schools in the United States, undergraduate school of art at the University of

Look at the Internet era through the ups and downs China 17 startups in the history of the failure

this paper inventory Chinese 17 venture company’s efforts and experienced failure, many of them, cool 6, Chinese Yitang blog, Fanfou and street such as famous brand, worthy of reference.


billion net

many people still remember the 2000 Beijing streets of the little Yitang billboard, "follow YAHOO ad that today if you really let Yitang" Yitang scenery for a long time. Want to do one for Chinese billion young people cover and contain everything Internet portal. They define the Chinese young people as "Ming Huang generation".

failure lessons: lack of positioning, financing too much

1999, on the eve of the first Internet bubble burst, just won the Harvard Business School MBA Tang Haisong created billion company, the "dream team" consisting of 5 MBA and two MBA of University of Chicago harvard.

with a business plan for attractive, about two billion to get a total of $50 million in financing from two famous American venture capital DFJ, SevinRosen.

claims it is not only Internet Co Yitang, is also a "lifestyle group", is committed to the network, retail and wireless service creation and the introduction of international advanced level of lifestyle products, services to the so-called "Ming Huang e-generation" in 18 to 35 years old, the definition of Chinese economic and cultural future of young people.

net night turned out, Yitang quickly in the major colleges and universities in the country quickly take cities and seize territory, "burn": in addition to the establishment of a branch in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen three, Yitang also widely recruit staff, and around the massive propaganda campaign. At the end of 2000, the Internet’s winter suddenly, money burned half billion, is still not profitable. After the transformation has not been successful, 2008 billion company only shell, the former "dream team" burn money in the company have also choose to run away.

in my opinion, the biggest problem is that there is no positioning failure yitang. This is also the problem of most Internet entrepreneurs. Exaggerated, not willing to sink the heart to help users to solve practical problems, but with the fantasy of money can hit an Internet group. The Internet can be said Chinese Yitang did not make any remarkable contributions, perhaps the only contribution is to provide a very bad investment case. It is born with a golden spoon of nobility, tens of millions of dollars of funds in exchange for only a sigh.

development: in May 2009, was no renewal domain due to public auction, the final auction price of $35 thousand in investment.

2, cool 6 network

One of the three

video site Youku, potatoes and cool 6. Which Youku Koo and Li Shanyou are Sohu, Wang Wei is the young potatoes. Once the rash and too much in haste.