Some mistakes often made in the process of entrepreneurship

business process is a difficult and challenging, requires wits to obtain the final victory. How to create a successful business, there is nothing to win the best business plan. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, almost invariably make such mistakes.

1, alone. If you are a person alone, it is difficult to build a large-scale enterprise. Solution: make sure you have enough profit margins to ensure that you have the ability to hire other employees.

2 to seek advice, too many people. It is often a good thing to get advice from experts, especially those who have been successful in creating a company in your industry and experienced entrepreneurs. But asking too many people may make it hard for you to decide. The solution is to set up a reliable Advisory Committee, you can consult their views on a regular basis, but by their own day-to-day decision-making.

Too much

4, the target market is too narrow. It is tempting to monopolize a niche market, but if the target market is too narrow, the growth of the firm will soon be hindered.

to enter the market in 5, no case of distribution partners. If the market has been willing and able to deliver your products to sales agents, brokers and manufacturers on behalf of the existing distribution channels and other off the third party dealer network, then into this market will be more easy.

6, in marketing spending too much money. Spending a lot of money on advertising may attract a lot of customers, but if your company can not convert the money into customer lifetime value, then this is a loss of money strategy.

7, the financing is too small. Many start-ups think they need just enough money to lease the site, buy equipment, store inventory and attract customers. What they often forget is that they also need money to pay wages, utilities, insurance and other management fees until the business starts to make a profit.

8, excessive financing. Believe it or not, raising too much money is a problem. Companies with excess funds tend to be big and fat, too early to hire too many employees, and waste valuable resources in the trade show booths, parties, picture ads and other flashy things. No matter how much money you raise in the first place, remember to save some for a rainy day.

9, no business plan. Although not every company needs a formal business plan, it needs a lot of

How to seize the customer – steamed stuffed bun franchise

Gerrard good market prospects, delicious buns can make people more trust, so that people can be more healthy, continuous development of the market driven buns, but compared to other types of delicacy project, open a steamed stuffed bun franchise is relatively simple, but very suitable for small entrepreneurs. But how to open a steamed stuffed bun franchise and have a good business? In fact, facing the novice investors need to pay attention to the problem, especially to many complicated problems dumpling shop in the daily operation, Gerrard franchisee want to know which customers pay close attention to the small coup? >

then steamed franchisee to ensure daily operation in upgrading the quality of services, operators need to improve employee’s management level and professional quality and occupation skills, to meet the needs of the company’s development strategy and human resource development, and help the service ability of the franchise has greatly improved and the service concept, to provide more high-quality and distinguished service for consumers, service upgrade purpose.

the enemy can do business too, want to improve their performance, the actual demand of bun stores and consumers taking on dynamic competition, from the outset to establish a differentiated and high-quality service system

科乐美脱秀秀哦!与PES 2017在Gamescom播客027 -超级特别限量版

科乐美今天宣布他们的亮点,今年的Gamescom,包括新的Yu Gi Oh!和期待的,

PES 2017。


广泛Yu-Gi-Oh!标题将展示包括交易卡游戏。游客也将得到第一次实践的PES 2017。Yu Gi Oh!将位于5.2号馆/ A030 / b031虽然PES 2017将位于8.1 / b021






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如果你想问我们一个问题,有它的特色在播客中,鸣叫的游戏相关的查询“official_ngb和/或“AsimTanvir与标签# askngb。记住,你可以问我们什么。严重的,有趣的或是愚蠢的,我们欢迎所有的问题。



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How to open a secret MI cake shop

people’s living standards continue to improve, consumers have a greater market demand for dessert cake. The secret MI active foreign authentic art cake cake, with excellent ductility foudant successy create a every kind of shape, while paying attention to the details of the products, will show the fine characteristics of perfect artistic style There is nothing comparable to this.

[secret MI cake how]

secret MI cake as a professional cake brand, headquarters focused on the development of new features, has been committed to low sugar, low fat, juicy, multi fiber, fresh and healthy food development policy. Our fruit cake, mousse cake and fresh cream cake in the industry and consumers enjoy a high reputation. How about the secret MI cake? The secret MI cake headquarters in continuous innovation, with its square appearance, delicate taste, fine decoration, widely loved by the customer, the secret MI cake shop franchise headquarters has always been adhering to the "fashion taste, Yong Chang life" business purposes, to provide shopping environment romantic and developing different counterparts in the operation of the project for the customer.

[secret MI cake join advantage]

management advantage

cake shop, with delicious dessert food, capture the hearts of consumers. Investors want to operate a good store, but also a lot of management knowledge. Select the secret MI cake shop, the use of group management mode of operation, the whole computer tracking, the company uses the international advanced EPR new management software, fast track scanning, automatic UnionPay payment system.

strategic alliance advantage

secret MI cake brand, the strength of the brand, vision, committed to creating a quality brand, and with the strength of enterprises to establish good relations of cooperation, a broad prospect. In the industry, and the joint development of different enterprises.

features packaging

according to the different consumer demand, secret MI cake brand, to create a different packaging services, so that consumers are very satisfied. It according to different seasons, different holiday custom packaging.

nanny – managed cooperative

want to get good results in the field of West Point, you need to select an advantage project. Secret MI cake experts to join the project to join the support of a comprehensive, deeply loved. A, partners can operate independently, the headquarters will have regular professional training guidance, only need to pay management fees. B, the partners can also choose the headquarters of the entire hosting mode, you only need to invest, commissioned by the company y operational.


Chinese fast food stores how to find a good location

Chinese fast food by everyone’s love and attention, many friends want to invest in Chinese fast food items. If you want to open a Chinese fast food franchise, where the shop is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

open Chinese fast food after joining the novice must ensure that the site is in place, while the site is also involved in all aspects of the factors, Chinese fast food franchise how to choose the address? Investors in the choice of position before a clear brand positioning and business scope, but also consider the brand’s target consumer groups, simple speaking is more close to the target consumer group is an ideal choice for local open Chinese fast food franchise


a lot of investors believe that the Chinese fast food franchise stores in the larger flow of people, especially the local business activities are more frequent, Chinese fast food franchise how to choose the address? Mature business district commercial facilities relatively dense traffic, because these places, shops located on the street traffic on the traffic and traffic speed effect, can make many people to buy needed goods.

Chinese fast food franchise stores must find a convenient location, a lot of downtown lots are all over the vicinity of a variety of stations, Chinese fast food franchise how to choose the address? Passengers get off frequently, the shop opened in the customer walking distance of not more than 20 minutes of the best street. There is the best bus near the site, as well as the taxi to the station, etc.. In addition, the front of the shop or accessories should be easy to park the car park or open space, which will be more convenient for customers to shop.

said the site, Chinese fast food franchisees must be concerned about the demolition, the existence of housing property disputes or other issues, Chinese fast food franchise how to choose the address? Chinese fast food franchises in the rental housing, but also to investigate the understanding of the use of the housing, such as housing construction quality, whether the owners have property or other debt disputes and so on, these details must be attention


above is about how to choose the Chinese fast food store site, I hope you will have a lot of attention, only choose a good address in order to better shop business. These methods can be used to find a stable source of tourists, in accordance with these methods to choose, and pay attention to the field investigation, and more know-how to quickly integrate into the Chinese fast food industry to join the industry must be more successful shop.

Join the project selected fish fish – all hat.

There are a lot of

food and beverage market to fish the delicacy project, such as the now popular fish investment projects. Then the fish to join the brand which is better? Small fish do you recommend for the hat. Chugaluging hat fish business all over the country, its products are healthy, more nutritious, chugaluging hat is all love fish, grilled fish brand. Join, you will get more support, it allows you to operate more simple, more comprehensive profit! Chugaluging hat delicacy fish business brand, we have to purchase food and a lot of equipment, which is a large expenditure, we should control the cost of. So how to join the brand?

chugaluging hat fish franchise brand? What support? What are the advantages?

chugaluging hat support:

joined the fish

1, headquarters to provide comprehensive business consulting guidance for partners to provide entrepreneurial ideas finishing, entrepreneurial project analysis, entrepreneurship and other aspects of.

2, headquarters for partners to provide one to one shop guidance, assist in the development of the store purchase list, to provide quality suppliers of facilities, and the purchase guide.

3, the headquarters of the cooperative store face problems in the operation of the guide, and help franchisees to solve the problem together to create greater value.

4, the logistics center of a powerful information system, to ensure a quick single, fast delivery, logistics and distribution, low cost, fast speed.

5, the headquarters trainers to provide theoretical training, technical training, hands-on teaching techniques for.

fish join advantage:


1, management: monopoly model to take large-scale, standardized, intensive management, efficient management, and low cost.

2, procurement: listed faster, the real price excellent Wumart

3, sales: service more professional, comprehensive and meticulous.

4, scale: chain management model is a mature business model and can be quickly copied, and the service is more thoughtful, more detailed.

5, investment: in a short period of time can be opened earnings. Management rely on the system, order dependence , the company do logistics support,

Xiaobian introduced over, from the above introduction, I believe we all for the brand to join the basic situation is very clear, this is a very worthy of joining the project!

Xining City, east of the rural land tax organization to visit the elderly in Xining

in the construction of "Qinghai civilization" in the process of Chengdong District Local Taxation Bureau with their own advantages, and actively carry out charity activities, recently organized more than sixty never go out of the mountains of the rural elderly visited the capital of Xining.

County, Huangzhong, Ma Long village is the East District tax bureau counterpart helping village. Not long ago, in the village of Ma long long life, never went to the city of Zhao old man to the village cadres to express the desire to visit Xining. In that old people’s wishes, has been concerned about the development of Ma Long Cun, Chengdong District Local Taxation Bureau leadership immediately contacted the relevant departments decided to organize the village more than 60 old people go to Xining, and arranged for 4 staff accompanied by changes to the old people on the Xining city in recent years.

arrived in the city, should the old people’s request, Chengdong District Local Taxation Bureau staff led the old man who visited the plateau wild zoo, kylin Bay Park, central square, sunning Plaza Street and along the way. The spacious streets, the tall buildings, the crowd, are deeply attracted to the elderly. The 80 year old Wang Jinlan is the first time to Xining, she kept staring at the car window, not live praise: Xining city is really beautiful!" East District, the Inland Revenue Department official said, the village is located in remote, the lower the standard of living of the people, the lack of opportunities for farmers and the outside world. Especially the elderly, more difficult to have the opportunity to visit the provincial capital of Xining. The activities of the old people in the village of Xining Ma Ma personally feel the prosperity of the city, but also to the elderly in their later years to add fun.


Xining spring festival tourism market revenue nearly billion

February 14th is the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau, during the Spring Festival holiday, the city’s tourism market in an orderly manner, the city’s tourist reception volume significantly increased over last year. According to statistics, from February 7th to 13, the city received a total of 230 thousand and 900 passengers, an increase of 30.45%, total tourism revenue of $91 million, an increase of 12.8%. Among them, the overnight tourists 36 thousand and 800 passengers, an increase of 12.54%, day trips tourists, an increase of 40.86%.

Visited more than 60 retirees

Reporters from the City Social Security Bureau was informed that the day before, our city social security bureau of the district and County Bureau deployed 18 staff to set up 2 working groups, which lasted 12. North and south line to Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Henan, Shandong and other places, more than 60 over the age of 75 retirees of enterprises carried out a field visit condolences.

Xinhua insurance to help customers recover and then start a warm heart policy greatly praised

buy insurance is a guarantee, but want to create a better living environment, but also need to venture. Therefore, the Xinhua insurance and then a new policy to help customers recover and then start a business, this is a great entrepreneur.

"Xinhua Insurance complete disability evaluation standard for the industry the new maximum amount of disability compensation case embodies adhering to the" customer-centric "business philosophy of insurance enterprises, actively responsible claims, to help customers to return to the good life, and ultimately selected annual impact ten claims.

  Hunan customer Lee in the Xinhua insurance company has two insured "Xianghe million endowment insurance (participating)" and "additional accident insurance". By the end of 2014, he rolled his right leg due to vehicle accidents, the right thigh above knee amputation, constitute five disabled.

Xinhua insurance claims payments to the payment of 3 million 24 thousand yuan according to the new edition of "personal insurance disability evaluation standard", the amount of compensation is 10% higher compared to the old standard, since the implementation of new standards of insurance industry has become the largest amount of disability compensation, is also "Chinese Insurance News" named the "2015 China Insurance (life insurance) annual impact ten claims".



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