Shanghai Longfeng optimization you know several steps

station layout optimization analysis

including the main keywords and long tail keywords, this is the first step to do Shanghai dragon, is the most basic and most important. How to analysis? I said in several most commonly used methods for everyone: this major search engine drop-down box (usually love Shanghai, 360), search the major search engines (usually love Shanghai, 360), all kinds of webmaster keyword analysis tool (common home owners, love station), traffic statistics tool analysis, competitor site summary (this takes a long time to accumulate, the most commonly used cnzz, Baidu, 51la). Need to do summary keywords layout in the home of good words, the main keyword suggestion frequency at around 5%, the long tail keywords in 3%.

2, website structure optimization analysis

worked in the general network company of friends can skip this step, because the general network company received the list simply made several subject rankings, with the home page can do, for the long-term development requirements of the customer or your company’s website, need to consider some more, Shanghai dragon is more than let have a good website the ranking in the search keyword, more important is to let every page of the website as traffic entrance, site overall weight lifting.

said this, do still early in the site are needed, to save a lot of trouble, the website structure generally use the flat tree structure is good, what is a flat tree structure, there are a lot of this article online, not speak again. The three layer is the main physical structure and logical structure of network. This is more conducive to spider crawling and crawling.

4, the website home page, page directory page, comprehensive optimization of


analysis of key wordsKeywords


I am Shanghai team head of ice dragon Calvino Ze, commonly used screen name: zhch1214 and zh_ch1214, to do is have the fifth Shanghai dragon years, in the site optimization process for so many years, did not dare to say is very successful, some experience is always there, for a new team member recently added, I explained to him some of the most basic optimization steps, Shanghai dragon, is not only the fight is mental physical fight, staying up late is normal, every time the search engine update, the heart can not stand. The following is my new members explain the small notes, take it for your reference, I hope useful for everyone.

need to consider the layout of the site and some code optimization, such as home at least one can update the list at the bottom of Links module, using H tags, style table file using external references, automatically add pictures alt attribute (the latter do not add pre manual will be very troublesome, open compression program) etc.. But a lot of people over the site is on the line too, so this step no conditions can not be considered.

5, the original article and >

Talk about some of my feelings on the Links

is not discussed in this article, not to say how to change Links, not to say Links skills, just talk about feelings. Those things about Links.


glad we can change the Links, Links merely reflect the Shanghai dragon, is a kind of spirit and atmosphere, is a kind of mutual hand in hand. Through the exchange links, I know the webmaster is not a person in combat, at least in our website webmaster webmaster industry, in the industry, there are our brothers and sisters together in the fight, so that we in the struggle, no longer feel so lonely. Change link, acceptance of each other, I think only about your station, the other party will take the initiative to contact you, and your exchange, this is a must for our own work, the webmaster from peer recognition, is the best encouragement, I would like to exchange links, give you, just better rankings and improve the weight, it is a genuine power, encouraged, there will always be a better strength to do better. Promote each other, improve together, this is a kind of precious wealth and pure joy.

link integrity lies not only in our long links, there are some aspects such as some adjustments to our website or change, is likely to lead to their website weight fluctuations, encountered such a situation, I think it is necessary to each other and say hello, this also is the webmaster between politeness and respect, don’t let the other in the dark. Furthermore, to prevent the acquisition chain sites own content, especially the original content of each other, not even the quality of the collection, again good, the original degree is high, we must respect the friends of the chain website. Except for the cooperation between website reproduced situation. Especially the other website weight is not high, common.

second, unstable chain has lost

finally, after the exchange Links for their own requirements and constraints

first, I love exchange links, because it tells me is not a person in combat


of this loss, credit problems usually come from one website. In daily work, always tell the people responsible for the chain link, to be honest, do not delete the It is without rhyme or reason. link to each other, even if the site is indeed a problem, also must first say hello to each other, according to the facts, and in each other good communication, in both awareness and prerequisite next, before deciding whether to delete a link to each other, otherwise, try not to delete the initiative. Other form if the link from the home page to page and we may meet, this situation also do not claim, or to communicate, and make a decision, because we care about partners. But in practice, often encounter each other we delete the link, and is quiet, perhaps is the website of the other side of a certain adjustment or a link to the new plan, or because we own websites, can not stand to the same starting line, but I want to explain is at least respect.

On the Links of the two main points the correlation can not be ignored

in the link, although Links accounted for most of the requirements, but the other is also the source of the chain we should ensure that the correlation between the presence of a URL, a love URL, URL, seems to exist where love Shanghai can be retrieved, but one source of correlation is also included there is a web site source, we often say the anchor text, these two points will usually pass some of what we say and most correlation, correlation is the deciding factor of the website rankings, when the site of factors including correlation will take over, so this is what we often use the forum with signature of the reason, at least the anchor text can transfer a great correlation, correlation and the correlation can be said and title in each other The fusion, the relationship between these 2 aspects with each other only can greatly improve se understanding of the site level, while in A5, A5 article, there is a widespread existence, also is the link of the extensive degree, that is to say, it needs a kind of proportion, if can what will your site ah on the relevant page, then the proportion is about 80%, it is also a promotion. In fact, the correlation between guarantee and universality, is very important, we often need to maintain the reason.

believes that some find Links method, for example, we often call the QQ group, is the most common PR included how much, how many, how many snapshots and so on, we, for the understanding of things, these are Links must request, but if you need to find the appropriate links is really not easy to find, so in inside the group often is to ignore the correlation, because for a Links really is not easy, one day a change sometimes is a kind of luck, but the exchange links are to ensure that no matter what the correlation, not in other primary condition, and to correlate the relevant conditions.

here, the correlation is the first condition, the author means that a web site Links, correlation accounted for at least 80%, we must ensure that the vast majority are in the basic related and their site theme, which is related to the most degree.

is the time to write a Links: one of the points in the page can not be ignored, so today and then write second, we often refer to the correlation that is Links, what is the relationship between the correlation, is your home selling apple, red apple to sell his house, in addition to sell a green apple, is a completely apple family, do you have this in common matters, this is correlation.

Association of

correlation, so how to choose between? Here I said your own point of view. As recently the college entrance examination, a decision where the exam, college entrance examination, and examination, examination and learning, learning activities and related activities, and the notebook, pens, pen and pen manufacturing company, the company can involve to assorted. Then the college entrance examination and the assorted about how to choose? "

Want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization, user experience is the key


as a webmaster, we hope to make our web site to get good rankings, get a lot of traffic, then how to do? In fact, only in accordance with the rules of search engine, the content of the website will be the best, only the high quality of the site will be search engine and users. In addition to the high quality website for search engines, it is more users, in fact only get the favor of the user, is the real good website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, it can also get more traffic, higher conversion rate, the final effect of the realization of website optimization.

in the optimization of the website, they will consider the user experience, and with the increasing popularity of the Internet search engine for the user experience more and more attention. Whether it is love or like Shanghai, Google and other search engines, its main function is to help users search for information, to ensure that can improve the most effective information for the users in the first time, this is the search engine user experience. But now, we can see that the Internet littered with information, the search engine algorithm caused a great disturbance, caused the search engine is not very good for customer service. These rubbish information actually comes from the site of the Shanghai dragon Er, if this phenomenon continues, then the search engine result is self-evident. So, want to change this situation, only through reform, update, which led to the site was K, ranking disappear, and a series of changes in the weights decreased. From this change we can see clearly that the search engine is mainly for customer service, and not the webmaster search engine, it must be clear.

now love Shanghai can be said to be more and more frequent, almost in late October when a large number of Web sites are k, the weight decreased, which has brought great trouble to the webmaster. The author in the hands of more than a dozen sites have been K only a few, in the face of this situation, many people complain about. In fact, from August until now, can be said to be a period of time the most frequent love Shanghai adjustment, love Shanghai as the largest search engine, it is adjusted to let very many sites are affected, also let many web workers very troublesome.

Update and adjust ?We


How to improve the user experience of

as to how to improve the user experience, the experience, in the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we must from many aspects, to optimize the full range, not only rely on the one hand, like a lot of hair of the chain, relying on Post Bar or micro-blog, or a large number of station update and these are need to combine the. Some people will say, only our own website content is best, you need not worry about ranking, no flow. In fact, although the content of the website is very important, however.

leads to love Shanghai website is updated frequently, what is the cause of K

The search engine how to determine the user experience of the website

now many sites in some content page will install share button, if the user love website this page, users are likely to share their own QQ space, Sina micro-blog, website content is shared, the more exposure rate is high, indicating that the user more love this website, search engines will think that users love this website.

article by Chinese brand franchise network original editor, please keep the link

website to share

statistical tools, can jump out rate is very clear to understand the user visits the site and the average length of visit, jump out rate is high, the access time is shorter, indicating that the user is not love your website, good website users will access the long time, the search engine that the faster the users out of. This website user experience is not good, will give you the site points.

don’t know some webmaster will like me curious search engine is how to determine the user experience of the website, the content is king, the user experience for the emperor’s search engine how to know the user experience of the website, search engine is the machine, not people, could not feel the user experience, how to judge? The author analyzes, summarizes some search engine judgment, here is my personal point of view.

can learn to love Shanghai statistics web site user loyalty, old user retention rate is high, indicating the site more excellent, more users love; some people will be curious, love is not installed in Shanghai site statistics code, love Shanghai search engine how to understand website information? The search engines can be judged according to the user, IP ID.

bounce rate and average length of visit

, thank you! The The

customer loyalty


how old a website does not open, users often do not visit this website, this website user experience how can good? Or a website hyperlink, into a lot of error page, users can enter through the website you want to enter the page, I do not say, we all know that the consequences.

The use of

website comments, the top on the function of the site, these functions can give users a good experience, and the search engine can also through these functions, user feedback, to give a certain score website.

users want to get some information on the website, click to many pages, web content is deep, users can quickly enter the website, search engines will deduct points in this area, not more than 5 levels of general website, not only the user access trouble, crawler is also very difficult to grab this page.

Easy to check

site can visit

user participation in


Love Shanghai, please give me a reasonable explanation to the webmaster included cry

society, but the price.

I recently in some webmasters can always see many new owners complaining about the love of Shanghai not included in their website, which has a website -txk fashion network (贵族宝贝 makes me interested in me around for a few days on his website, found his website content not to say 100% original, at least his article published the time in front of some large portal site. Unfortunately, when I search his site title but not see his original article, you not included, included copycat Niubi station? People give you money, people give you flow, but you know, because it appears the so-called "pseudo original", because of you, you let everyone lost a desire to create, love Shanghai, can you tell me why

world article a copy, you copied, I copy, see will not copy copy.

No rule of

I believe that everyone on the above news is not strange, I also believe that many webmaster exit China market in Google, become unable to calm down, because Google is gone, who rejoice who worries? Joyful nature is China’s largest Internet search engine – love Shanghai. Who is the worry? Google? Wrong, the worry is that our new webmaster. Everyone has their own website, the website is doing what? Is it really website platform is not a "profit"? That in this condition, our space, our domain name is free, or that the web site " his father is Li Gang ", there is not much also; people will be a waste of time, waste of money to create a "profit" website, at least I have seen the website needs to have people on its website advertising to maintain this website platform.


what is the premise of people advertising on its Web site, Google search engine, China is love Shanghai. I also found a lot of advertisers to buy advertising a went to check the site collected. Indeed, if you are advertisers, you can also check out the website name, the website can be really famous indeed? If you think that this is indeed the case, then I ask you to go to the Ali Mama advertising alliance to inquire, some websites Ali Mama advertising alliance, you will find that, wow so, the original site of garbage can ah. There are several gaming sites, traffic alarming, but also more than 17173 cattle.

seeing is believing, but sometimes seeing is not necessarily true.

is never at the expense of the businessmen do business.


international online news: on March 23rd, Google announced its search business exit China mainland, and search service from the mainland to Hongkong China. The State Council Information Office official has issued a statement. At the same time, Google announced its search business exit Chinese mainland events also occupy an important position in many American media sites.

Content payment when answering a VS, we know the value of live and competitor quality analysis

2016, the mobile Internet to drive the rapid blowout, live content, from a more convenient production content from the content to try to seek profits, for cash, which is almost half a traction line: the popularity of Internet development, people live fast since the media have started, and the red net pay more content platform to explore.

market background and financing

logic thinking of selling books, selling pay column should hot, and the best-selling Ma Dong show, in the major content platform is trying to process high content IP into profits, live money, paid content and transfer the knowledge content of entrepreneurial era.

knowledge paid to become new content, business realizable channel.

July 25, 2016, focusing on Mobile Live high-quality PGC content producers, Shun Tao media completed the first round of millions of yuan financing.

July 7, 2016, a video founder Xu Husheng announced a new round of financing, investors for CMC, a partner, Pegasus brigade.


June 28, 2016, & should get $25 million A round of financing, investors include Jing Yuan capital, Sequoia Capital, Wang Sicong and Luo Ji thinking, over $100 million valuation.

June 27th, "South seven new media" announced that the company completed 5 million yuan Angel round of financing, valuation of 30 million yuan, investors as easy as an angel.

June 2016, the reading and writing platform, Jane book, won the fortune fund, millions of dollars, A rounds of investment.

May 2016, the Institute of plugging into the real fund, the new list of 7 million Pre-A investment.

March 2016, Papi sauce received 12 million first round of investment, investors as the real fund, Luo Ji thinking, light source capital, star map capital.

February 2016, the number of public tongue film was 100 million A round of investment valuation.


product positioning, demand and business model analysis,


in line

May 15, 2016, formally launched on June 8th, $25 million financing.


learned from the value between the experience of failure "in words as the carrier of information, then switch to failure" speech, questions dominated by users, open the way to share with onlookers – secretly listened to the way.

(user) from the question and answer with eavesdropping (sharing) the primary mode, to generate two-dimensional code, after listening to personal friends listen to free, and increase the appreciation, to share micro-blog function……

questions, questions, answers, and listeners contain the entire line

On the occasion of the era of electricity supplier website operation flow rule

electricity supplier era, as the enterprise’s network portal and marketing hub, the status and role of the site can not be underestimated. The site is by no means a vase type display. In a sense, the operation of the website is directly related to the success or failure of the entire enterprise network marketing, and even the sustainable development of the enterprise itself. Therefore, the era of electricity supplier website operation is destined to become the focus of enterprise marketing work, and to the successful operation of the website, we must focus on the occasion of homeopathy "rule.


first, operators must understand the occasion.

people say, "adversity makes a man grow up." in fact, this sentence is also problematic. What really makes people grow is to seek and make good use of the good times which are suitable for their own development, for people can only develop in the "good times" which are really conducive to their growth. This is the era of electricity supplier website operation, only to seize the good and selectively integrated use of all available resources, good occasion, with the most simple and convenient way to efficiently complete the related work, it is possible to obtain more and more opportunities for success. For example, news marketing, celebrity endorsements, hot spots, advertising explosion, and so on, all belong to this category.


must follow the trend of consumption.

B2B, B2C O2O, whether it is any marketing mode and so on, are just the concept of people according to the development trend of the electricity supplier structure, still can not break the user first, top interests for business reason, because any violation of commercial rationality and consumer trends operation is not desirable. Where your users are, and where your marketing should be, your business should take care of it. For example, if your user’s consumption situation has already begun to transfer on the Internet, that you do not blindly take the user to lead the line, but to learn how to stop and realized on the Internet, how to adapt to the trend of consumption, and as far as possible be marketing sovereign in their own hands.

, moreover, has its own operating rhythm.

any of the success of operation mode, all is the development of the market itself and based on their own needs, but not otherwise you can do. Do not operate for the website operation, do not over marketing or blindly follow the trend. The electricity supplier website must have their own rhythm, have their own ideas, must solve the traffic, prices, consumption habits and other aspects of the problem, must be consistent with their own development characteristics, only focus on the growth of the Internet. The era of big data, user experience is becoming the core of the website operation, website will achieve the ultimate user experience and wonderful, will be the site of the closed-loop marketing and customer service systems can improve health, to create a new mode of operation of the enterprise products and services to meet their own development needs but also fast attributes, can make the target user group changing.

business era, web site operators must adhere to the "to homeopathy" rule. In promoting their own strength at the same time, the site must also give full play to their advantages, and do a good job of basic products and services

Beware of online shopping cheated, please do not seek cheap

Hello! I was in 2008 April saw a "China Science and technology" low sales mobile phone websites on the Internet, open you can see all kinds of mobile phone and other digital products, a market price here: 6980 yuan NOKIA E90 in the 1200 yuan can buy NOKIA, N95 as long as 800 yuan, registered members are more favourable and is a genius. I was on the NOKIA N81, the market price is 3999 in this website is 550 yuan, a little heart. Two days later I added the site administrator QQ, we were talking to the price is 500 yuan, he promised I can pay 200 gold at the end. 300 yuan of goods received after the payment of the remaining two days, logistics company went door-to-door. But I wait until today is the first day of receipt, China Science and technology people call As the goods arrived, I was 10 minutes away from the distance, a logistics company called: Mr. Lee (Xing Li I), your goods will arrive soon, you must first put the remaining 300 yuan to the China Science and technology company designated bank account, or we will not give you delivery at that time, I was furious, and my company has provided earlier, you just see the goods payment, logistics to deliver the goods on the line. The logistics people say: we are not responsible to pay we will not give you the delivery (emphasis), you can’t play money is none of our business. If you do not pay, then we have gone, but, I have to call the China Science and technology people, they say there is no way to.

then I will go to the bank to send the rest of the money, such as China Science and technology to confirm the money account when logistics phoned again: Mr. Li, to the quality and safety of our safety and product, please pay one thousand yuan to the China Science and technology company account, as a safeguard I was gold. Dizzy, feel cheated. After QQ asked the China Science and technology administrator, he said no way, I asked whether the goods nor money is not returned to me, he just couldn’t " "


in this appeal to everyone, do not believe the Internet, low-priced, free and other information, I also hope that the public security organs can destroy these damned liar, this is the China Star Technology Company Web site:

, police uncle! Help me!


Lead the tech industry Bezos dreamer

every successful entrepreneur, has its unusual experience. In 2011, a state in the United States, some people are building a huge clock, the clock can be timed ten thousand years. Once completed, people are so willing to travel over land and water here "pilgrimage" will be to accommodate this giant clock hall. A website

on long-term view of faith and persistence can explain why Bezos is so obsessed with space travel, but can also explain why he decided to set up a company called "Blue  Origin" (blue origin) the secret of the company. Now, there are a number of start-up companies are making use of private funds to produce spaceships, and blue origin is one of.