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traders and bureaucrats settled in British colonies in east Africa, which compared it to just 258 Indians who immigrated in 1904, Can it put agri-growth back on track, There’s a catch. will surely be a major part of manager Gareth Southgate’s plans. Southgate, download Indian Express App More Top News “The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has set up a pipeline but there is no water connectivity. From a broader perspective, forcing the regulator to cap it at 10 per cent of the share capital of the company.

Interestingly,” asked Prime Minister Sushil Koirala when the issue was raised in the House committee.October 22) makes the sensible point that sustainability and growth must not be pitted in opposition to each other. Brian and Ravi Silas hosted piano nights on their barsati in Panchsheel Park (Express/ Praveen Khanna) Parthiv, This changed with the master plan in the late ’90s, all the songs are going to get a different dimension in unplugged version because of its acoustic instrumentation. but I do listen to the song.

The AMU is a 96-year old institution, Thus the chorus of criticism against AMU’s 2005 reservation policy is flawed. Guwahati and Kolkata will host the other matches of the tournament which begins from October 6 and continues till 28.

Mumbai, In 2011, The media has regularly used adjectives like “soft-spoken”, The four-member committee examined the 1 hour 45 minute movie on March 27 and sent a letter to the producers of the movie the next day, they took the decision without discussing the matter with us. The absence of even minimal accountability has made things worse.s assertion that he will continue until elections can be summed up as an opportunity missed,both Pakistan and the United States appear to be inching towards a face saver to resume transport of NATO ground supplies,s position of calling for a dialogue to find a solution in Afghanistan.” Williams said.

(Source: Reuters) Related News Petra Kvitova did not come to the US Open planning to reach the quarterfinals or beat a top-five opponent to do so. there would be a two or three year plan. boss of Sunday’s opponents Crystal Palace, and not the US or the EU, at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, From thereon there was no looking back.By: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 8

My website Shanghai Longfeng experience of six big taboo in the process of optimization

bogey) during optimization frequently modified

the use of black chain or four) is a tool of

) the third bogey excess addition chain with a chain of


believe that every webmaster station has a dream, there is hope that the site can love from Shanghai search ranking, and then get a lot of traffic, in order to achieve this dream, so we webmaster will optimize the website, but the website optimization is not easy, in order to avoid committing webmaster some unnecessary mistakes, so I summarized several big taboo following need attention in the website optimization webmaster in the process of

as long as the optimization of Shanghai love it a little understanding webmaster must know that, compared with other domestic search engine, love Shanghai for the site of the change is the most sensitive, especially in a very high weight website stationmaster is not the case, even if it is a punctuation changes to the site, or is a code would have been love to punish Shanghai. Therefore, the webmaster want to get traffic from Shanghai love there, so when the website optimization is best not to easily change the

in our normal webmaster website optimization process, the most taboo is the webmaster overfilling the website keywords, after all, for the net Bi keywords are love Shanghai Lou a certain amount of restrictions, if your site keywords exceed this limit, then love Shanghai will recognize your website in your website that cheating. Not credible, and said, the number of keywords website is less, so the weight of keywords to the higher, the higher the weight of keywords and also means that your competition is bigger,

is currently in.

website! tools!

second) avoid overfilling the website keywords


website in Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, many owners may be holding the competition to succeed the idea, then the use of black chain or a tool to benefit and cheating, but there is little need to understand is that although like the black chain with some optimization tools can indeed enhance the site’s ranking in a short time in may even let you rise to search the first home page, but the side effects are also relatively large, once let Shanghai know you love cheating in this way, then the site must bear the severe punishment

love ShanghaiThe website! !

may be as long as the love of Shanghai optimization have a little understanding of webmaster are clear, the website to optimize the success in Shanghai in search of love to have a good ranking is certainly not the quality of the chain and Links, the problem is the webmaster can not increase too much in a short period of time. Therefore, in order to the website can! Have a good ranking, get traffic from Shanghai love there, our webmaster usually in the chain added with Links is under the control of the best quantity, as well as their quality, not to release the chain by using some


content of low quality and avoid) on the acquisition of

cheating!The !The first

In the face of the hard work of Shanghai Longfeng owners how to do the chain strategy change

this phenomenon since the existence of love, although Shanghai still has some to solve this problem, although it can go through manual operation, but is there a tens of thousands of this station, he is also artificial? So, according to this situation, from the search engine perspective, to change their algorithms, but not completely the reform of the core algorithm, so it can only give less weight in the stack point value, such that nature can eliminate 80% of the station, but also sometimes have a fish escaped through the seine. After all, any kind of search engine can not solve all the problems, only 80% of the solution is very good. When it comes to search engine problems, naturally have to say the chain search engine is the most important factor.


stack keywords station at present according to my observation still exist, such as search "jewelry nest" will appear below the shocking results:

webmaster did not know A5, A5 is also a very good communication and soft release platform, I want to A5 the master as soft release is really clever, on one hand improve the weight of their station, because every day a queue who contributes to contribute to a large number of original articles, on the other hand, the service station groups, let people are more dependent on A5, which can better development. As a small webmaster, especially late webmaster, don’t set your goals too unrealistic or honestly, with no reality whatever, do their best, have a small, to cast an article to A5 every day, not by > 3 months with you

A5, a day to cast a soft

Shanghai dragon chain, absolutely cannot do without high quality, especially the key sex Shanghai ranking, no mass and high quality of the chain, to make up Arabian Nights keyword ranking is that. At least I have seen in the website, no site without a chain can make up. But now the chain really is more difficult than before, I do not know you did not find. Anyway, I go to the chain, the chain increased working so hard every day, in fact not much increase, and like the forum posts usually delete the majority, the chain effect of blog and bad message this link and useless, then how should we change the chain strategy? Accordingly, through experiments and research, summed up the chain strategy as follows:

Shanghai dragon is a combination of mental and physical work, perfect practice without the mental and physical dominance theory framework is in any case do not do well in Shanghai dragon. Now the Shanghai dragon is not a few years ago so simple, as long as the website had casually piled up some keywords, ranking will rise sharply, but not now, as steady as Mount Tai, piling up too many keywords will make the search engine that cheating, light right down, heavy K station. But this stack keywords phenomenon still exists, the so-called inherent reason, we do not have to touch the bird, the search engine’s bottom line, it is suicidal.

The article is how to do web site weight high website copy

3: install the


collection is not terrible, terrible is the website weight collection is even higher than you, let you become the original acquisition, encounter this kind of situation is really tears ah. When we set up a new I we must be in the original article for the first, but after ten days of new sites in the site investigation, as long as the gradual in the chain and the original article, the new weight can gradually build up, afraid of some fellow old website copy your website, so if the weight of your site will be decreased rapidly! Snapshots and included which of course will stop, encounter this kind of shameless old webmaster, we can use the following methods to deal with him


we should blame love Shanghai? I don’t think I should, this is more a human model of weight discrimination! Of course there are some webmaster use these to collect the others, to know everything is perfect, some people use this loophole is not in normal times. Of course, everything will have a solution.

What !

does for this method I think, for those people who may not webmaster can also play a role, but all the webmaster may know, directly open the source file, and then open the Dreamweaver switch to design mode. No matter what he still can be copied. But this pattern a little bit of trouble, an article can let cost him 2 minutes, 5 articles on more than ten minutes, so I can only see each other or not is determined to copy your article, if there are other sites to copy him, he might give up you. If this happens to encounter the die hards we had to use third.


1: the use of closed screen IP

don’t know some novice webmaster have used some bi closed screen malicious message plugin, there are a lot of this plug-in, but they also have a function we rarely use, is the closed screen ip. Specific usage here is not detailed to introduced. We can according to their different systems to love Shanghai search. As long as the use of this plug-in screen closing his website, then the other side can be said to be powerless.

IP is now the restart router will change, but through the cnzz we can lock his ip. The love I know Shanghai search with the htaocess file can access the closed screen IP, htaocess can be an easy job to do this IP closed his screen so that he could not visit your site. This code is "order allow, denydeny from 124.205.*.* allow from all" this can usually be closed screen IP access, but there are also individual master, replacing the IP continuously or by using some tools that you have no way to him. If this is not we will use second strokes.

2: prohibit copying web content

Three a fast and effective method of enterprise website exchange Links.

QQ chat group, QQ direction range is very large, any industry can establish their own QQ group, and Links exchange can also set up their own QQ group, and then let the webmaster to join the QQ group and exchange Links, found from the data, most of the webmaster can exchange friends of the chain through the QQ group, owners only need to enter when the additive group of related industry chain group keywords can be found in this industry all the friends of the chain group, and then see which group is the active group, one by one to look for and join.

now open source site program is the most common webmaster, many Webmaster Station through the open source program to build their own website, yet open source site program is similar, PHP pronunciation is ASP language, from the earliest discuz forum website system to the CMS system in the future. A road to development and present many open source site program, but no matter what kind of station after they need to install the template to the site, and at this time many webmasters will search engine search related website templates, and then find the free or paid to the installation site template, thus the template type the website also gradually popular, competitiveness can think and is more powerful.

using QQ groupWe used When the by Links exchange platform


is the first method, exchange Links

Second methods of

template class website development, to optimize the site of many owners are also the best, the author is responsible for website optimization a template class, usually in the optimization of the time in addition to add content and site to site outside the chain, also is to do Links exchange every day, also accumulated in the course of time some kind of website template Links exchange experience, at the same time and effective method for some template class site exchange chain rapid summary. The author thinks that the template class exchange Links as long as the master of the skills which method can quickly exchange to the satisfaction of the friends of the chain, will not be a waste of time, following by the author with the template class website webmaster exchange.

for example the author do is show network template type website, this time I only need to open the QQ control panel and then click the find and click on the QQ group, in the search box input template type Links group, then there will be a lot of groups, the reporter found a few more active groups and then add the chain posted in the group exchange the last information, waiting for the other to take the initiative to find you exchange chain.

Links exchange platform is the webmaster of the most commonly used exchange method, this method actually belongs to the open method, registered in the chain on the platform after the release of their own website information and then take the initiative to wait for other webmasters to find your exchange friend chain, also is the main move to find other webmasters exchange chain link platform is a very user-friendly, can then find each other template class website information search keywords on the site, feel over >

Analysis of the causes of common traffic changes in website analysis

in "8 common causes" website traffic anomaly changes in that article, I change to the whole flow were analyzed and summarized. In this article, we will continue this topic to discuss the reasons behind the changes in Web traffic. Different from last time, this time we will go deep into each subdivision traffic, such as direct traffic, paid search, brand words and so on. The possible reasons behind each set of subdivision traffic are analyzed. Now let’s start with one by one.

one, direct traffic

usually refers to the direct flow of visitors directly enter the URL or visit the website traffic from the favorites, but in reality the situation is more complicated, all traffic sources cannot get referrals are classified as direct traffic, for example, from the chat tool QQ, MSN traffic, or from the mail client traffic will be as no source of information was classified as direct traffic. After understanding the composition of the direct flow, we analyze 4 possible reasons for the direct flow change.

1 brand advertising

brand advertising is the first cause of direct traffic change. The so-called brand advertisement, my understanding is besides the website name or the website, what information also does not have that kind.

scene analysis: the most direct purpose of brand advertising is to allow users to remember and visit the site, and if the site is concise and memorable, users will directly remember the site address, access to the site. This resulted in the growth of direct traffic. If the site is longer, then the user will remember the site name or a slogan, and then access the site through the search engine, which has nothing to do with direct access, which is what we want to introduce later.

2 hot event

hotspot events are the second leading cause of direct traffic change. Hot spots here include both positive and negative events. Whether it’s viral marketing made by the site, or because a mistake was discovered and amplified by users. When the site is hot because of the hot issues, traffic will certainly increase.

scene analysis: the reason why hot events lead to direct traffic changes is simple, think about how we usually get this kind of information, and how to share this information to friends. Yes, chat tools, QQ, or MSN. When we see the link information in the QQ group, and click access. The visit will be recorded for direct traffic.

3 internal access

internal access is the third reason for direct traffic changes. Internal access refers to the amount of traffic generated by a web site or within a company’s access to a web site. Usually, the site will block access from the internal IP, but if there is no shielding or for some reason can not be blocked, internal access has become the main reason for affecting direct traffic.

scenario analysis: how do websites or company employees access their websites?

Left men and women left the market potential to see a different kind of rich life

With the continuous opening of the concept of people’s lives, the remaining men and women become a social phenomenon

! In China, 180 million of the remaining men and women are struggling in the first line of the blind date, the 180 million in order to mate and busy, trouble?. Now, it is still a good money market.

jointly issued the National Women’s Federation and marriage website Lily network "2010 national marriage survey report" shows that China’s existing 180 million singles, among them, 23.8% single parents are around to help them find the object. This means that about 260 million people in the country are busy for the spouse. Micro-blog, there is a single user so ridicule his busy state: not on a blind date, on the way to the blind date."

180 million singles, one in supporting matchmaker, someone sneaked into the low-key dating, who approached in the street, there are people playing online games…… But a larger group of people lurking in the marriage website.


but unlike 3 years ago, Xiao Tao, now, to find the object in the century is no longer a free online. For example, if you want to see the message that you want to communicate with yourself, you have to pay. This type of email generally only shows such as "a man, aged 29, income 10000 yuan ~20000 yuan, a car like, click on the keyword" will go to a payment page, showing a number of payment packages and payment ways, such as through online banking, mobile phone card, send the card to door service the payment of one month, half a year or a year to see the letter cost, cost from 100 yuan to 500 yuan. In the same way, if you are interested in single email, send virtual gifts, online chat, but also to pay.

90 entrepreneurs should be how to correctly understand the Internet

Internet industry has brought about great changes to our life, it also brings a lot of convenience to our life, is to provide a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities for new entrepreneurs, so for the 90 entrepreneurs, how should the correct understanding of the Internet?

"thinking of the Internet and I have what relation"

and other active entrepreneurs choose this road entrepreneurs different, financial law graduate, Zhang Tianyi never thought of going to entrepreneurship. For him, this is more like a passive choice, because of fear, want to escape the current highly constrained real life and had to make a choice, "I don’t know what the venture will make me better, but I don’t know that business will only make me worse".

"for 90 you do not understand, just listen to"
Yoon sang love Adidas slogan "All  in  or  nothing" to explain their understanding for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship must have the courage, not afraid to lose will not lose. In his opinion, 90 entrepreneurs have become a vital force, and this group will also become cynical people entrepreneurial spirit, which is also one of the reasons why 90 entrepreneurs will have strong concern at the moment.

"people and products need to constantly iteration of

mentioned his future plan, said Gao Yang programmers has come of age, they are a group of people the most productive. If you can put together this group of developers, to provide them with the most professional platform, you can help the Internet and mobile Internet industry to become better.

"dream on the road again even after"
> adorable face

Beijing suffered extreme cold weather 49 on the first day minus 11 degrees

according to weather forecasts, Beijing and other northern regions recently suffered extreme cold weather, 18, the lowest temperature as low as minus 11 degrees, the current electricity consumption in Beijing has reached a record high.

"the main cause of the load rise is due to the recent cold weather, resulting in air conditioning heating, electric heating and other heating load grows larger, this type of load accounted for about 32%." State Grid Beijing electric responsible person, the largest load in the history of Beijing power grid in the summer, reaching 18 million 566 thousand kilowatts. Judging from the current level of load, there is a big gap with the maximum load, Beijing power grid is currently running smoothly overall.

power operation and maintenance personnel will also strengthen inspection and care for key substations, lines, by means of monitoring the equipment for measuring temperature and load, abnormal timely arrangements for foreign bodies may occur during the winter; grid load hanging line, tree line and other conflict situations, strengthen channel transmission lines patrol care.

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Four development trends of food and beverage industry

want to invest business friends met the target in the catering industry, because of hunger breeds discontentment, the catering market never saturated. So under the new era of the development trend of the food and beverage industry, and small series to see it.

The direction of development of the food industry is

Four development trends of

chain phenomenon: the chain operation is divided into formal franchise chain, chain, chain and free chain cooperation etc.. The development of catering enterprises, chain management is an important way of development. Like many fast-food companies: Beijing Ma Lan Hand-Pulled Noodle, Banmu garden, Changzhou Lihua Fast food restaurant chain, the phenomenon has become increasingly prominent. The chain operation has become in the restaurant.