City traffic police thorough investigation at night

The roar of the car, motorcycle sound harsh sound so many people just sleep after being awakened, recently on the illegal modification of vehicles at night Racing have occurred, the night racing Party A for the traffic safety hidden trouble, on the other hand racing party behavior has serious nuisance. To this end, the city police will investigate such nuisance behavior.

To promote the overall harmonious development to create a new relationship between teachers and stud

campus corner (Chen Wenyuan photography)

campus miniature sand table (Chen Wenyuan photography)

to meet the party’s eighteen victory, the CPC Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department organized the central green and provincial news media in recent years, economic, people’s livelihood, education and other aspects of the development of a focus on the interview. November 2nd morning, reporters follow the City Board of education propaganda department staff, came to Qinghai Huangchuan middle school ministry interview, Qinghai Huangchuan middle school principal Zhang Jianguo received us.

president Zhang first start from school history, he said, Qinghai Huangchuan middle school was founded in 1938, the first "management of the indemnity board of Qinghai Huangchuan middle school". At the beginning of the last century, the "return" part of the "Boxer Indemnity" as Chinese education fund, set up a "management indemnity board", the board of directors of Xining in the west of Jia Xiao Zhuang 113 acres of land to build a middle school, beginning with "Qinghai Huangchuan middle school" in the name of. In 1943, the school transferred to the Ministry of education, renamed the "national Qinghai Huangchuan middle school until the new building China. After the founding of the PRC, Qinghai Huangchuan middle school has changed to "Qinghai Province, the first high school of Xining", "Qinghai Province experimental middle school, Second Middle School of Xining city". In 1984, the official complex called Qinghai Huangchuan middle school". In 2002, Xining city for optimizing the allocation of educational resources, expand the school effect, will be transferred in Sujiahe Bay of Qinghai province electric power school to Qinghai Huangchuan middle school, set up a "Qinghai Sea Lake Road, Huangchuan middle school". In 2005, officially named "Qinghai Huangchuan middle school". While the original Nanchuan road Qinghai Huangchuan middle school was renamed "Qinghai Huangchuan middle school first". And in 2003 the new "Liu Zhai Qinghai Huangchuan middle school, second, formed the" Qinghai Huangchuan middle school group".

said Qinghai Huangchuan middle school principal Zhang said the status quo, sincere words and earnest wishes now Qinghai Huangchuan middle school, high school is located in Xining City, the Lake District, is a full-time provincial standardized boarding high school, Qinghai Province, Xining City, the focus of high school. The school has 32 high school classes, more than 1 thousand and 900 students; 148 faculty members, 140 full-time teachers, 59 senior teachers, 57 secondary teachers, primary teachers 24. Now the school has an office, party office, teaching, students, teaching and research section, logistics center, information center, Youth League eight offices, nine middle-level cadres. High school, high school, high school three grades, the teaching and research group of the eight. The school plans to increase from 2011 to 2 teaching classes, the final completion of 60 classes, more than 3000 students’ development goals.

at present, the new campus of Qinghai Huangchuan middle school, due to various venues, funding and resources are the state and social support, now innovation highlights very much, Zhang Jiaozhang here face full of pride, he said that these highlights three days and nights can not after the students now is really amazing, even the teachers and the students are;

Xining city tourist vehicles and more than 1000 km bus line 2 to 5 a.m.

eleven holiday is coming, Xining will focus on inspection of road transport operating vehicle safety technical conditions, driver qualification, during the holiday, passenger transport work arrangements. At the same time, strengthen the dynamic monitoring of the whole process of road transport vehicles, carried out the hidden sleeper bus to focus on remediation, especially tourist vehicles and thousands of kilometers above line bus vehicles, strictly implement the rest stop system at 2 pm to 5 pm.

during the National Day holiday this year, people travel demand increases rapidly, the road transport organization and production safety work pressure increases, put forward higher requirements on the transport ability of organization and production safety supervision level. In the light of the characteristics of highway toll free during the national day, the Xining bus terminal will adopt a flexible way to facilitate the purchase of tickets. Through the forecast of road passenger flow, flow, Xining bus station will timely adjust passenger flights, timely open chartered and bus transportation to ensure orderly work. For the peak passenger travel, weather disasters and other special circumstances, the transport enterprises in the emergency response mechanism of emergency and improve transportation safety production at the same time, strengthen transport vehicles dispatching work, strictly abide by the laws and regulations, road transport, ensure the vehicle class, punctual start.

in order to ensure the safety of passenger travel, during the National Day holiday this year, the passenger transport enterprises will strictly enforce the "three supervision" safety management responsibilities, to prevent the "three". For long-distance bus, especially tourist vehicles and thousands of kilometers above the class line passenger vehicle, will strengthen the dynamic monitoring of the whole process of road transport vehicles, carried out the sleeper bus hazards focused remediation, strictly implement the rest stop system at 2 pm to 5 pm.

Xining yunguanchu (field) will continue to carry passenger station and passenger hubs and other key areas and places, continue to carry out combat "black" and other illegal passenger operations. At the same time increase the intensity of law enforcement, through a fair, just, civilized, standardized law enforcement, to establish a sense of active service, and resolutely put an end to the arbitrary fines, acts and acts of omission and so on. At the same time, extensive mobilization of the masses, make full use of the power of social supervision, the establishment of smooth channels of complaint reporting channels, timely acceptance of complaints. In addition, will also be in line with the price management departments to strengthen supervision of freight rates, to protect the good order of the transport market. (author: Liu Peng)


Do a good job before the start of these points faster

entrepreneurship is not easy, success has never been an overnight thing, entrepreneurs need to follow certain rules, in order to achieve faster success. Entrepreneurship is starting from a good idea to develop into a group of magical ideas, luck, and ultimately as a successful project. So, how to from the initial idea to the final success? Let’s take a look.

1, the product can solve what

It will shorten the time of the

2, use clear, worded tough

3, do your homework

4, do your homework again

5, write your plan

let their ideas into a successful project, is a very difficult thing, in this process will encounter various problems. Entrepreneurs who want to succeed, you need to consider the above points, so you will be more likely to succeed.


Which industries have the most market prospects in 2012

entrepreneurship is the dream of many people, many people want to find a business of their own, but also hope that the industry can have a very good market prospects, can easily join the money. So, in 2012, what are the most promising industries?

education industry

constructionWith the development of

leisure tourism

in the chain business, leisure tourism is a relatively new industry, more than half of the franchisee is in 1989 after the opening to the. This industry franchise contract term is generally quite long, and some are even without a deadline, indicating that the industry’s stability requirements are higher, but the headquarters of the advertising costs are much lower than other industries. Only 46% of companies need to regularly charge advertising expenses.

in addition, because of the modern consumer diet hobby to transform quickly, at any time according to the guests taste >

020 ways to keep the project from death in eight ways

in the age of the Internet, the 020 project does provide good beyond count, the business platform for entrepreneurs, but 020 of the success rate of the project is not 100%, how can increase the chance of success of the 020 project, have the "golden"?

1. to create high-quality content precipitation

when it comes to this website, video – Bilibili one I have to mention every day to patronize, Youku potatoes, Tencent video giant predecessors under the pressure of the bright younger generation was not too bad, now actually.

it almost no exclusive rights, but the same film in the accumulation of a large number of barrage, including God Tucao, such love love to see a barrage barrage (like me) will see a preferred B station, B station, no other home. Potatoes video now has barrage function, but I’ve never seen him home movie someone barrage, I have no interest, accumulation in this area completely potatoes than B station.

2. allows users to establish a social relationship between the platform

I recently played a dance class game, the same type of game on the market has been very much, the Tencent QQ dancer also strong for many years, why other dance games and have not been killed because the user between dancer, has established a very large and complex their level of social relations. I’m in the game, not only the level rising, with the same clothes are out of game player, also joined the club, as a minister, even took a "wife", why should I give up the run to play another, unless you are good to the underground experience No.

This pattern is


1. system should be gradual, with interest on business, so that they cannot do without you

There is a bakery


Thirty thousand yuan venture small business projects

if you did not have a lot of start-up capital, only thirty thousand yuan can be used to start, then the project selection problem must be very careful, there are a lot of thirty thousand yuan for each small rich project, which very promising for you to recommend.

thirty thousand yuan of small business   elderly clothing store

thirty thousand yuan of small business   digital car


thirty thousand yuan of small business   wallpaper stores

new wallpaper selection of high quality paper as the material, the surface after polishing, backsizing waterproof, not easy to fade, not easy to fall off, long service life, easy cleaning, low price, simple construction and decoration. A facade is only 2 meters long shop, rolling display, large capacity can; can also set up a mainly to the wholesale retail run wallpaper store, the display style is not the same. The common feature is that there are a number of books including decorative renderings, wallpaper sample book.

thirty thousand yuan of small business   characteristics of tea

the investment benefits as follows: rent more than and 50 square meters the size of the store, the monthly rent 1500-2000 yuan, store decoration must be elegant and yet modern decoration, costs about 5000 yuan is enough to buy all kinds of dried flowers, tea; inventory of about 2000 yuan; purchase furniture, air conditioning, audio and other Cye equipment cost about 10 thousand yuan. In this way, coupled with the monthly salary of 2 employees, a total investment of about $20 thousand to open business. Business strategy: 1) the quality of tea; 2) to rationalize the price of tea; 3) to improve the overall quality of the salesperson; the diversification of the operation; 5) to increase publicity efforts.


Fenghua college students entrepreneurship Park promoted Ningbo city college students entrepreneurshi

experienced in 2015, we are pleased to see the number of entrepreneurs in China has been significantly improved, the rate of increase means that the employment pressure has been eased. However, the survival rate and success rate of entrepreneurial enterprises also need to strengthen the building.

establish "Bank + venture capital financing model

to solve the shortage of venture capital, Fenghua park use of their comprehensive advantages, actively contact the corporate bank, venture capital companies, establish long-term cooperation mechanism, and actively expand the financing channels of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to meet the financing needs. At present, the major creative park has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Everbright Bank, Ningbo bank and other financial institutions, to simplify the process of college loans, greatly reducing the difficulty of college student loans. At the same time, a large garden with TCL Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and other venture capital companies to reach a cooperation agreement for the outstanding college students into the capital, effectively alleviate the problem of college students venture financing.

establish "professional + intimate service mode

In order to solve the

Ali 26 units of the entire ecological anti-corruption shop has been permanently closed

text / Zhang fifteen

March 24th news, today, Alibaba group in the form of an open letter to disclose a number of shops due to improper behavior was permanently closed shop list. The open letter in the letter addressed to the platform for network operators and all create the ecological, Alibaba group reiterated the determination of Anti-corruption: any "unspoken rule" Ali is not allowed on the platform, any challenge to the bottom line, shake the fundamental integrity survival behavior will be severely punished.

according to the disclosure of the letter, Ali’s platform this time a total of 26 stores due to improper means to seek benefits are permanently closed shop. These shops are contrary to the principle of good faith, trying to through the unspoken rules and even illegal means to seek illegitimate interests. For example, for the activities of interest to small or small gifts to send cash to send persons associated benefits, and attempt to 2nd bribery.

is worth mentioning is that the shop has also been investigated bribery failed. Before the Spring Festival, some shops to Taobao operating small bribery 10000 yuan, the two small operators refused, in accordance with the rules of gift declaration to the company, the Alibaba integrity department immediately involved in the treatment. In particular, the open letter, all employees involved in the case of violations will be dealt with severely.

Alibaba said that any "unspoken rule" Ali is not allowed on the platform, because "only an honest, transparent, open and fair environment, to the healthy development of the entire electricity supplier really protect the ecological system". And pointed out that the integrity of the construction of the test is not just a company Ali, including the platform million businesses. For some businesses to take the unspoken rules means, Ali will be severely punished according to the rules of the platform members, suspected of illegal, will be transferred to industry and Commerce and public security.

"we respect every one on the platform integrity management, hard to pay for businesses, but tried to take a shortcut, loophole, and even attempt to bribe to seek illegitimate interests of businesses, for the destruction of the market order, the integrity of the bottom line, shake the fundamental survival challenges of business, I will resolutely exclude its in Ali electricity supplier ecosystem, never cooperation." Alibaba said in the letter.

open letter also reminded the platform network, do not believe that the so-called "exclusive agent" and "insiders" claim and deception, such fraud case occurred repeatedly, Alibaba has been in conjunction with the public security organs to trace and detect, later will be announced to the public.

this is the latest anti-corruption signal released by Alibaba, which means that in addition to the continuous improvement of the system and regulate the behavior of the staff, Ali has been extended to the whole platform purification efforts to the electricity supplier ecosystem. According to an open letter, said Ali will continue to crack down on such illegal behavior, the latter will disclose a list of new illegal businesses. The company also promised, will continue to count the cost, improving the system and staff gauge bundles, and network platform together to defend the integrity of the survival foundation of transparent.

open letter once again announced the report website, the public and the network found any irregularities can > 2

Cool for a while, but lost how the people of the elegant rape users


[core tip] so many Internet products rape users, cool for a while, but lost people, then there is no elegant posture?

rape users, which for many Internet products are accustomed to, and even the way to survive. As an ordinary user, I have been a variety of Internet products raped many times, but every time I see the emergence of Internet products rape user behavior, with Oh attitude, the cost in this way in most cases than the harvest.

the title of this article is how elegant rape users, the intention is obvious, to achieve the purpose of rape users, but also to reduce the user’s antipathy. Before trying to figure out how to behave gracefully, first demonstrate what is the behavior of the user.

such as

is so shameless to praise, please look at the copy:


some map products are navigation, it will pop up window: pro to a five-star praise.


default help users to do a variety of options:




download station will never find the true download address, and download all kinds of SkyDrive induced users.


well, the negative material has been finished, I believe we are not unfamiliar with this behavior. Let’s take a look at the elegant posture.

gentle point, may be better

In order to praise

don’t really

integrity?Now no matter what

used to do good, do bad, after a period of time will allow the user to make the five pop star, write enough grievances, is really trying to make arch. Elegant user Positive Evaluation posture to do? First of all your products can not be flawed, only Rate this is not touched by the user. May wish to add the next Rate Send feedback This, the user who needs your products, there are always people who want to get a better experience, they will take the initiative to provide feedback suggestions, although these people rarely. For a start is not a large number of users and products, pay attention to each of your users, processing and feedback they provide, and they maintain a good relationship, many users will take the initiative to say, will give you a good evaluation.


brush list to a lot more strenuous than now, and must stick to this

application integrity?

don’t take any advertising to fool

video website advertising like bindings as smelly and long, a few.