Analysis of the causes of common traffic changes in website analysis

in "8 common causes" website traffic anomaly changes in that article, I change to the whole flow were analyzed and summarized. In this article, we will continue this topic to discuss the reasons behind the changes in Web traffic. Different from last time, this time we will go deep into each subdivision traffic, such as direct traffic, paid search, brand words and so on. The possible reasons behind each set of subdivision traffic are analyzed. Now let’s start with one by one.

one, direct traffic

usually refers to the direct flow of visitors directly enter the URL or visit the website traffic from the favorites, but in reality the situation is more complicated, all traffic sources cannot get referrals are classified as direct traffic, for example, from the chat tool QQ, MSN traffic, or from the mail client traffic will be as no source of information was classified as direct traffic. After understanding the composition of the direct flow, we analyze 4 possible reasons for the direct flow change.

1 brand advertising

brand advertising is the first cause of direct traffic change. The so-called brand advertisement, my understanding is besides the website name or the website, what information also does not have that kind.

scene analysis: the most direct purpose of brand advertising is to allow users to remember and visit the site, and if the site is concise and memorable, users will directly remember the site address, access to the site. This resulted in the growth of direct traffic. If the site is longer, then the user will remember the site name or a slogan, and then access the site through the search engine, which has nothing to do with direct access, which is what we want to introduce later.

2 hot event

hotspot events are the second leading cause of direct traffic change. Hot spots here include both positive and negative events. Whether it’s viral marketing made by the site, or because a mistake was discovered and amplified by users. When the site is hot because of the hot issues, traffic will certainly increase.

scene analysis: the reason why hot events lead to direct traffic changes is simple, think about how we usually get this kind of information, and how to share this information to friends. Yes, chat tools, QQ, or MSN. When we see the link information in the QQ group, and click access. The visit will be recorded for direct traffic.

3 internal access

internal access is the third reason for direct traffic changes. Internal access refers to the amount of traffic generated by a web site or within a company’s access to a web site. Usually, the site will block access from the internal IP, but if there is no shielding or for some reason can not be blocked, internal access has become the main reason for affecting direct traffic.

scenario analysis: how do websites or company employees access their websites?

Left men and women left the market potential to see a different kind of rich life

With the continuous opening of the concept of people’s lives, the remaining men and women become a social phenomenon

! In China, 180 million of the remaining men and women are struggling in the first line of the blind date, the 180 million in order to mate and busy, trouble?. Now, it is still a good money market.

jointly issued the National Women’s Federation and marriage website Lily network "2010 national marriage survey report" shows that China’s existing 180 million singles, among them, 23.8% single parents are around to help them find the object. This means that about 260 million people in the country are busy for the spouse. Micro-blog, there is a single user so ridicule his busy state: not on a blind date, on the way to the blind date."

180 million singles, one in supporting matchmaker, someone sneaked into the low-key dating, who approached in the street, there are people playing online games…… But a larger group of people lurking in the marriage website.


but unlike 3 years ago, Xiao Tao, now, to find the object in the century is no longer a free online. For example, if you want to see the message that you want to communicate with yourself, you have to pay. This type of email generally only shows such as "a man, aged 29, income 10000 yuan ~20000 yuan, a car like, click on the keyword" will go to a payment page, showing a number of payment packages and payment ways, such as through online banking, mobile phone card, send the card to door service the payment of one month, half a year or a year to see the letter cost, cost from 100 yuan to 500 yuan. In the same way, if you are interested in single email, send virtual gifts, online chat, but also to pay.

90 entrepreneurs should be how to correctly understand the Internet

Internet industry has brought about great changes to our life, it also brings a lot of convenience to our life, is to provide a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities for new entrepreneurs, so for the 90 entrepreneurs, how should the correct understanding of the Internet?

"thinking of the Internet and I have what relation"

and other active entrepreneurs choose this road entrepreneurs different, financial law graduate, Zhang Tianyi never thought of going to entrepreneurship. For him, this is more like a passive choice, because of fear, want to escape the current highly constrained real life and had to make a choice, "I don’t know what the venture will make me better, but I don’t know that business will only make me worse".

"for 90 you do not understand, just listen to"
Yoon sang love Adidas slogan "All  in  or  nothing" to explain their understanding for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship must have the courage, not afraid to lose will not lose. In his opinion, 90 entrepreneurs have become a vital force, and this group will also become cynical people entrepreneurial spirit, which is also one of the reasons why 90 entrepreneurs will have strong concern at the moment.

"people and products need to constantly iteration of

mentioned his future plan, said Gao Yang programmers has come of age, they are a group of people the most productive. If you can put together this group of developers, to provide them with the most professional platform, you can help the Internet and mobile Internet industry to become better.

"dream on the road again even after"
> adorable face

Beijing suffered extreme cold weather 49 on the first day minus 11 degrees

according to weather forecasts, Beijing and other northern regions recently suffered extreme cold weather, 18, the lowest temperature as low as minus 11 degrees, the current electricity consumption in Beijing has reached a record high.

"the main cause of the load rise is due to the recent cold weather, resulting in air conditioning heating, electric heating and other heating load grows larger, this type of load accounted for about 32%." State Grid Beijing electric responsible person, the largest load in the history of Beijing power grid in the summer, reaching 18 million 566 thousand kilowatts. Judging from the current level of load, there is a big gap with the maximum load, Beijing power grid is currently running smoothly overall.

power operation and maintenance personnel will also strengthen inspection and care for key substations, lines, by means of monitoring the equipment for measuring temperature and load, abnormal timely arrangements for foreign bodies may occur during the winter; grid load hanging line, tree line and other conflict situations, strengthen channel transmission lines patrol care.

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Four development trends of food and beverage industry

want to invest business friends met the target in the catering industry, because of hunger breeds discontentment, the catering market never saturated. So under the new era of the development trend of the food and beverage industry, and small series to see it.

The direction of development of the food industry is

Four development trends of

chain phenomenon: the chain operation is divided into formal franchise chain, chain, chain and free chain cooperation etc.. The development of catering enterprises, chain management is an important way of development. Like many fast-food companies: Beijing Ma Lan Hand-Pulled Noodle, Banmu garden, Changzhou Lihua Fast food restaurant chain, the phenomenon has become increasingly prominent. The chain operation has become in the restaurant.

Huilong technology video shop franchise brand pioneer – net

investment in science and Technology Museum? With the continuous improvement of our life, our quality of life needs, but also constantly improve. So, entrepreneurship choose to join the science and Technology Museum? Has the advantage of the brand to join the project selection, the quality of good business projects, successful business, you are still hesitant what?

dull life makes people want to change now, ordinary people also hope to be able to shoot as their own film or myself as a hero for a film like a film star, Huilong technology television production to realize the dream of people, Huilong technology professional video production equipment, professional teacher guidance shop let you run up your own image gallery.

Huilong technology of intelligent video shop is very profitable! Huilong technology intelligent video shop to create China art film popularization, personalized pioneer brand, is a set of production in one, with powerful functions, with the leading domestic level, can be comparable with the imported brands, to meet the different needs of consumers. Hi tech technology museum is a personalized image, fashion, all self-help photography products. The new concepts, cutting-edge technology, professional quality and first-class service, without the photographer, without a knowledgeable, smart camera, seconds, Huilong technology intelligent video shop just a video equipment, a film studio, professional technical team, just move a finger, you can profit long science and technology intelligent video shop for each customer on a service. According to the different needs of different customers, tailor-made for your exclusive service projects, our personalized service is your best return!

long science and Technology Museum is good? The best choice for small business. So, the business choose to join the science and Technology Museum project, is the right? Small investment big return, it is worth joining us, it is worth our choice!

To solve the employment problems of college students Changchun nine Taiwan College Business Park ope

is now more and more high degree of children’s education, but after graduating from college to find a job has become a difficult problem, in response to such a common phenomenon, the relevant local government departments began to set up college entrepreneurship park! Jilin nine college business park and the ferry before the Innovation workshop was selected for the third batch of national demonstration base business incubator list, the national total of 34 found incubation bases.

it is understood that nine students Pioneering Park hosted by Changchun City nine district government contractors, nine District Social Council in support of College Students’ entrepreneurship, to solve the employment problems of college students, active in regional economic development, made outstanding contributions to the local military personnel, laid-off workers, migrant farmers employment to provide intelligence services, technology support and preferential policies and material security.

is expected by the end of 2017, the cumulative Business Park incubator enterprises can reach 300, the number of students start to break 500, driven by the employment of 7700 people; 200 households to help guide the successful business enterprise business, the cumulative output value will reach two hundred million yuan.

how to solve the employment problem of college students is a significant problem in the current society! College students in the control of their own interests, or to understand their own expertise, but also can choose a suitable project for entrepreneurship! At the same time, it should be noted that the ferry Innovation workshop is the first public space in Jilin Province, a new incubator, by the Jilin ferry venture Technology Investment Co., Ltd., in December 24, 2014, the official operation. As of the end of 2016, a total of 30 enterprises settled, of which, the listing of the incubation of 5, the company has been listed on the new three board listed in the field to attract foreign venture back to the local entrepreneurship, driven by employment of 1348 people,.

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To open a retail store like bottled water – net

investment business in the end what kind of business is suitable to do, which naturally needs to be combined with the needs of the market for analysis. So, join a bottled water retail shop? Below, Xiao Bian on the needs of the industry to do a simple introduction, so that you can see their own venture capital is correct, feasible!

The development of

industry, the city now in the water pollution is serious, so people in the city, in the daily life of drinking water is mostly solved by barreled pure water; this makes the emergence of a bottled water sales in the market, but in today’s market, bottled water the impressive sales, after all for all families or companies, they have the more demand.

and the market for investors, this is the new business opportunities they have to create personal career, so if we want our investment shop, opened a retail store bottled water is not able to bring what we want for us, so that we can pass the retail of bottled water to get what we want the cause for success, bring us more benefits?

market size

for such an industry, the market scale is huge in the industry’s advantage, we invest in a business project, the best is to find some have a more extensive market investment industry, can be said that bottled water is a higher position in people’s daily life, after all, people’s daily pure water intake will affect their health. So if we choose to invest in bottled water retail stores, we do not have to worry about sales.

and with today’s city population gathered, so now in the big city, the size of consumer groups has reached a new height so that if we are to develop their own entrepreneurial projects through the industry, in their own store sales have nothing to worry about, a good market environment for we want to bring our profit scale. Compared to other investment industry, venture bottled water like this, it had a market advantage, can let us shop in the process, from the market competition pressure is smaller, so that we can more easily achieve the success we want.

cost input

of course if we are to see an industry that it can bring us the profit scale, and not as long as its sales can, need to look at the product to bring us the net income; and net income is determined by two elements, one is the cost, one is the price we all know; now on the market, the price of bottled water basically are relatively high; a bucket of water are the lowest in about 20; high can reach 50>

She loved the flowers and tea how trustworthy good choice of whole

does she like herbal tea? Beauty beauty, specifically for women to do the brand. Love her and give her the best! How does she like herbal tea? Good project, good choice. For the small business venture, entrepreneurial choice to join her favorite flower tea project, trustworthy!

she likes flowers and tea, she likes flowers and tea using the most advanced automated production equipment, the most advanced information management system, is the first domestic flower tea industry to obtain QS certification of enterprises.

she loved the flowers and how she loved the flowers and tea, tea will be popular in Europe and the United States is committed to the way of life in Hong Kong and Taiwan tea plants into Chinese mainland, is Germany Wollenhaupt company in China, strategic partner, is the Wollenhaupt company in Germany China largest customers, imports a lot of herbal tea, fruit tea from germany.

she loved the flowers and how she loved the flowers and tea, tea is the first mainland, leading to Chinese, flowers and life as the theme of the store, will be dedicated to popular in Europe and Hong Kong and Taiwan and life style into Chinese mainland, the natural flowers into the modern women’s fashion, in every corner of the Chinese planting flowers natural life park, let the more loving and friends experience and keep this pure natural way of life, she loved the flowers and tea business to get rich.

entrepreneurial rich good choice, to choose to join her favorite flower tea? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship. Join her favorite flower tea? The beauty of health drink. So, what are you hesitating about?

Western-style food stores operating essentials attention

Western-style food market prospects, many consumers pay attention to Western-style food brand choice, good Western-style food so that consumers can more trust, therefore, many entrepreneurs choose to open Western-style food stores, to manage Western-style food stores, the location is very important. Here, the small series and we talk about the location of the western food store attention.

the first time to open Western-style food stores friends, must be in before Western-style food stores get one thing, that is the number of tourists and Western-style food stores location, which have certain scale around their stores target consumer groups in the service, can obtain a stable sales income, also to investigate local the per capita consumption level and population density, the reference data learned what lot for selection,

is worth the investment!



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