Guangzhou happy lemon shop – how to join a

happy lemon Guangzhou branch join process:

1, through the , telephone and other media, to the official website of the United States to obtain detailed information to join the happy lemon. On the basis of the understanding of the brand, fill in the application form and attach the relevant information to the headquarters to convey the intention to join.

2, you can visit the headquarters of the field, to further understand the brand. On the basis of the intention to join, you can sign a confidentiality agreement with the happy lemon headquarters and pay margin. After that, with the help of the headquarters, businesses can choose the right store and sign the lease contract.

3, choose the right place of business, businesses can negotiate with the happy lemon headquarters to join the relevant details, the two sides reached an agreement, you can officially sign a contract, and pay the appropriate fee.

4, businesses can be supported by the headquarters, to proceed with the design and decoration of the shop, the headquarters will provide tailor-made design drawings to support the decoration. At the same time, merchants can carry out recruitment and training of staff.

5, shop decoration into the end, businesses need to purchase materials, equipment installation, opening activities planning and other matters. Everything is ready, you can enter the trial operation stage. Everything is ready, you can officially open shop business.

According to the above

happy lemon Guangzhou branch to join in the process to go, in addition to the headquarters provide business support and guidance, businesses want to easily shop business is not a problem. Such a good brand project where to go? If you have sufficient start-up funds, have to bear the hardships of preparation, then come join us!

What is the advantage of and join – remember pie

pie investment in small projects, and remember pie is a worthwhile investment projects, then how to join the brand? What are the advantages? Investors can also give support to join it? Look at the following Xiaobian for you to do a detailed description:

How about

and the pie?

and pie join advantage:

1, system integrity: strict pre job, post, post training system, standardized service processes and institutional system, learning enterprise organization framework system.

2, standard unity: the implementation of a unified and detailed standards, the creation and implementation of visual standards, the success of the standardized model can be copied.

3, service excellence: people-oriented corporate culture, customer first service concept, excellent and mature service team.

4, unique products: Chinese taste, variety, characteristics, innovation, and the formation of a combination of Chinese traditional culture and Western fashion style product system.

5, environmental decoration: first-class plane, interior design team and construction team, the perfect embodiment of the Hutchison business philosophy, to create a comfortable and elegant, rich cultural taste of the dining environment.

6, supervision and management: a unique management system, regular supervision, guidance, training, so that the chain can strictly in accordance with the headquarters of the unified standards and norms to carry out business activities, to ensure a steady increase in turnover.

and pie joining support:

1, site selection and store image support: around the site to conduct a comprehensive assessment, the selection of the best, and to provide pie to join the store decoration design.

2, logistics support: Hutchison pie investment headquarters to provide special adjustment surface, tune stuffing bag.

3, operation support: regional restrictions, to ensure that Hutchison franchise store profits pie.

4, cost optimization management support: professional training and professional knowledge of purchasing, pricing, cost accounting, gross profit control, etc..

5, technical support: and pie investment headquarters to join in the theory and practice of a comprehensive training, including the operation of technical training, management training, standardized process training.

6, innovation support: headquarters will make efforts to market navigation, research and development of the latest and most marketable products, will be introduced in a timely manner to provide new products and

What happens to shopkeepers who meet customers

although many shopkeepers know in harmony, in the process of the management of the store will pay great attention to good, however, the contradiction between customers will also occur, easy to cause the quarrel. So, the owner of the customer quarrel how to do? Let Xiaobian to introduce a case.

to quarrel with customer complaints, in eggplant snow for many years a small cigarette and liquor vendor work Chen Po feeling: "to engage in business" and "for your shop, encounter disputes," judge deeds ", to calm down the patience to listen to consumers talk, clearly distinguish between consumers is normal or non normal complaints complaints, and rapid response."

normal complaint is a manifestation of customer dissatisfaction with service. For example, during the Spring Festival is the peak season for sales of cigarettes, the supply of goods in the shop in the hunger state, the customer came to inevitably some complaints. At this time, to empathy, in a calm mood to make a reasonable explanation for the consumer, at the same time as the customer end a cup of hot tea, with good faith to win the understanding and trust of consumers.

abnormal complaint is a consumer complaint in the presence of some adverse emotions, but if handled improperly, it will have a negative impact on the credibility of the store. For example, some consumers before shopping may conflict with colleagues or people in the home, the mood is not good, came to the store did not adjust, "prick" to vent their emotions.

this time, we must learn to endure, in a timely manner to give their own heat to cool down the mind, calm down, do not rush to argue. The mood in the shortest time, sought to "prick" consumers "common language", "Daniel, move". In this way, the tension will gradually ease the atmosphere.

customers quarrel, although the owners are not very good direct intervention, but if the owner laissez faire, will also have a negative impact on the shop. Therefore, in the face of customer disputes, the owners also need to be good at dealing with. So, if you are a shop owner, you encountered in the course of the operation of the store customer quarrel, do you know how to do it?

Details of the need to start the business of children’s paradise

as China’s two-child policy carried out, many homes have second children, also let a lot faster development of the industry, now in the society of children’s consumption level is constantly improved, entrepreneurs also see opportunities here, have to join a child related industry, which belongs to the children park stores most entrepreneurs welcome! But many entrepreneurs may be the first time to do such a business, so there are a lot of do not understand, let’s look at the details of the need to open a children’s paradise franchise!

first, we have to choose the right site. The site is very important in the park, so investors to spend in mind to choose a place on the selected sites, is one of the necessary conditions for the success of the open children’s stores, from the city, generally speaking, non first-tier cities store than first-tier cities are easier to open some. Big city competitive pressure, many places have run children’s stores, in addition to the first-tier cities high rents, traffic is relatively dispersed, the expenses are much higher than the two or three line of the city.

and the second city because of the cheaper, now all the children’s consumption is not much difference between, plus a small city but much competition, the whole city down inverse even better, because entrepreneurs know good store supermarket, shopping malls or supermarkets can be limited, if there is no such site, we can choose in the next the community store or supermarket entrance bustling commercial circles, in addition, as a separate shop facade, the sale of children’s children or children’s toys and children’s franchise business model is also very popular way.

second, to choose the right children’s franchisee, now on the market for recreational equipment manufacturers is uneven, so good brand of children’s stores according to the market forecast and survey, the consumption level of consumer psychology, local, and pricing strategy, marketing and other aspects of knowledge management and carry out the the corresponding and other related affairs. There must also be aware of after-sales service, such as maintenance and maintenance costs of equipment.

finally, entrepreneurs should pay attention to the equipment, the parents are very concerned about the child’s health, therefore, parents are very concerned about the quality of equipment, in addition, the safety of the equipment is also the parents concerned, products needed through the quality certification system of national security, innocuous children. The company has no formal trademark certification, the number of entities in the country to join the store, there is no chain stores to join the experience, and so a series of problems are concerned about their parents.

childhood should be happy, the children’s Park is they need to place on the market of children’s number of stores is constantly increasing, if you want your children’s stores can be the talent shows itself, especially the details of the problem pay attention to shop! Xiao Bian has been summarized above, want to want to open children’s franchise record recommended

Initial public offering of shares

entrepreneurs are always concerned with the gem rebound, the gem fluctuations are closely related to the development situation of major companies. Recently, Changsha Jing Jia microelectronics Limited by Share Ltd on the initial public offering of shares and GEM listed investment risk special announcement.

1, the release of the release process, purchase, payment and other aspects of major changes, please focus on investors, the main changes are as follows:

(3) online purchase intention expression independent investors should not solely, entrust the securities company to purchase new shares.

How to open children’s clothing shop guidance

children’s clothing has been very hot, and children’s profit margins are relatively high, so many friends want to enter the industry. Want to open a children’s clothing store, get good goods is very important. So, how to purchase children’s clothing store? Today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce children’s clothing store purchasing skills.

1, the price must be high.

2, find a good source.

3, children’s clothing store when the purchase of clothing care.

pretend to purchase, the novice is very easy, others panic buying, their fear of late not to panic buying goods. Novice can not see, is true or false, in this case, others take the goods are still a lot of people, you also worry about being cheated.


What are the good dumplings to join the brand

before China fast-food brands have to introduce Chinese dumplings to join in this small series, the majority of entrepreneurs will continue to introduce more dumplings to join the project, for your reference, I hope to give the majority of entrepreneurs to provide some suggestions for

Baldy jiamengfei: $7.94-8.36 million

for the brand, do a good job of products and services is the basis for the brand glowing heat. Bald man since its inception has been attached great importance to the development of these two years, many years of insisting that it became a well-known brand in the industry. For the past achievements, bald guy never satisfied, in the course of the development of continuous reform and innovation, enhance the overall strength of the brand. Due to the bald guy brand so good, so joined the bald guy became a lot of entrepreneurs choice. The number of bald guy franchise fully demonstrated the bald man brand popularity in the entrepreneurial population.

double park dumplings franchise fee: RMB 258 thousand and 400 above

As a leader in the dumpling industry,

double hop dumpling has strong economic strength and solid technical foundation, and its products are well received by the consumers. Although the double hop dumplings now very brilliant performance, but it did not meet. Now double hop garden dumplings are still in constant innovation and reform, and strive to make the brand more perfect. A good brand is always no shortage of people to join, so the double hop into a lot of dumplings to choose the entrepreneur. Strong in the park under the guide of double dumplings, double park dumplings stores all over the country, brand awareness Cengceng rub up.

jiamengfei: Jubilee wheat Boiled dumplings RMB 16 thousand and 400

if a brand can be recognized by the market and consumers, it can be regarded as a good brand. The Jubilee wheat just Boiled dumplings do this, through the efforts, has become the leader in the industry. In many industry to create a miracle, or in the Jubilee wheat Boiled dumplings and constantly improve themselves, explore new products to attract different consumer demand, so a jubilee wheat Boiled dumplings quality brands, entrepreneurs can miss? Therefore, many people choose to join as open their own wheat Jubilee Boiled dumplings creative career. All over the country to join the Jubilee Jubilee wheat Boiled dumplings is wheat brand strength of the most direct recognition of Boiled dumplings.

seven Boiled dumplings franchise fee: RMB 99 thousand above

what is a good brand that is recognized by the market and consumers. Just seven Boiled dumplings is such a good brand, after years of efforts, has become a benchmark of the dumpling industry brand. However, the seven Boiled dumplings did not stop, but continue to adhere to innovation in the premise of quality products and services, enhance the brand strength. Seven Boiled dumplings as a growing brand, for entrepreneurs.