How to make the site binding bid farewell to Shanghai Dragon

two, so that the site becomes high weight site

three, using other methods of marketing

brand concept must exist in every webmaster, the site of the most important things cannot forget to construct the website ranking, the brand can let many users enter the website by entering the brand word, once our web site keywords ranking drop, users may not be able to find our website, this time as long as the user to remember our website the name may be through the website to find the name of the site, of course, this website is generally the keyword ranking is good, such as community-based women’s fashion media beauty, its search volume reached 10 thousands:

, create a powerful brand

algorithm changes will affect some of the weight of the lower site, this is as everyone knows the truth, because the new site weight is low, poor confidence, focus on the scope of the study may also search engine; and the weight of the high site by the general search engine the influence of general is relatively small. As long as no strong competitors, the ranking is also very stable, so in the process of Web site optimization, in addition to the cautious, attracting network veteran Shanghai website construction company to remind everyone have to strengthen the optimization of the site and of course also is very important, Ningquewulan the principle is very suitable for the application in Shanghai Longfeng, website the contents of the building, exchange Links, the release of the chain and so on, no one is not the case, you want to make your site become a high weight site in addition to need to be optimized Every detail, but also learn to wait patiently, search engine may not within a short time in favor of your website, the need to examine long time.


Shanghai dragon ranking instability for many webmaster always on tenterhooks and how to bound to make their sites to bid farewell to Shanghai dragon, or how to reduce the impact brought by the decline in ranking? Shanghai website attracting network think in general can be divided into the following three points:

weight high website can not say completely out of the shackles of the Shanghai dragon, can only say that is because the algorithm reduce the impact of the changes brought about by the new station, is has bid farewell to this bondage.

Of course,

Shanghai dragon can let the keywords ranking up, but want to keep the ranking is not an easy thing, especially with the increase of industry competitors, keywords may have one or two years champion, is now rivals squeeze anymore, but this is actually a very normal phenomenon, want to keep ranking is not possible. Even the high weight of the site, as long as there are competitors, the rankings have squeezed down may.

Every time when the

Shanghai dragon is only a corner of iceberg network, in addition to Shanghai, there are many other ways to promote their site, when we put the site as a product display and trading platform, the use of soft, forum "

Analysis of the influence of search engine access to the website network

The author of the effect


has a significant impact on

independent blog site in Shanghai and Google are included within the normal, love Shanghai spider access cycle for 12 hours, the new articles included cycle in 12 hours. Love Shanghai included in site 28, Google site included number 135. Love the sea main keywords ranking fifth page first, site website in the first place. The website in Shanghai love statistics background show that in 2010 March a total of 4 time Shanghai love included were 19, 17, 21, 21. In 2011 March, the official website to stop, and cancel the binding domain, all your pages to return to the 404 error, analog network interruption, the situation off the site.


network interrupt within 6 days before the impact is weak. In this period, both love Shanghai, Google, site included only slightly decreased, decreased approximately 10%, the snapshot is not backward, spider visit for a little longer cycle. The first site check website still. Keywords ranking decreased slightly. The author believes that the 6 day of the search engine tolerance period ", as long as the timely recovery of the network line, will not affect the site is too large.

web search engine after interruption of the degree of punishment on the site to do, according to the time sequence is divided into four periods, weak effect, significant effect period, lasting impact period, abandon period.

network, is the webmaster has been most worried about, but unfortunately we almost every webmaster will encounter this kind of thing to worry about network interruption. There are many reasons why IDC manufacturers including as everyone knows, the reason of hackers, also has the policy management factors, the webmaster without me into the deep feeling. Therefore, we must prepare for it, grasp what impact on the network web site in the search engine’s permission, and strive to be punished, is right down the period of time, to restore access to websites, to minimize losses.

According to the

I do have an independent blog site, in order to do this research, personally put your site stopped, the research experience and knowledge to give you a specific analysis.

website network outage seventh days into the period of significant influence. In this period, both love Shanghai or Google, the most significant effect is cancelled the website included, at the same time, the website domain name has been unable to query. Love Shanghai "sorry, did not find the URL, you can directly access the" prompt. Site examination, the content included every 2 days reduced by about 10%; the results include "domain name" "no change. This stage has entered the first stage of the search engine "punishment", keyword ranking has been canceled, imported from the search engine traffic is significantly reduced or no. However, as long as the rapid recovery of the network line, at about 1 months, can make the search engine reincluding.

How do the QQ group marketing website construction

?We all know that

1, QQ learned to bypass into marketing. Join the group of others, you need to keep others QQ group rules, some QQ for advertising hit very badly, which has its own management personnel, these people’s purpose is to restrict the workers to play hard advertising. Therefore, this requires us to establish their own QQ group or a management group inside, so that in the limit of a lot less. In the process of group member interaction, can be appropriate to talk about their love topic or marketing topics, can also set clear marketing group name card name. In the group interaction process, with the group of people more and more, it will gradually form a good marketing platform, and make use of induction, advertising or marketing to insert soft inside.

The establishment of

3, group name card and instructions, and keywords. A small part in the above "website construction" search results, click out first. See the QQ group, QQ group and title. Therefore, in the setting of QQ group keywords, the best main business in the title word above, so that the user in the search process, it is easy to match, as the word "construction site", easily, where you >

now many industries have established their own industry QQ group, especially the classification of Tencent for the QQ group for the industry, set up covering the game, film and television, leisure life, examination and other industries classification information service group. Because in the domestic QQ user base is very large, users looking for all services will be for QQ to search, to join in to find the group, can be said to use QQ service to find love compared to Shanghai, more precise and accurate, Shanghai natural search more easily than love. Since the QQ group has so many benefits, of course, do not let QQ Marketing Marketing personnel. However, how to make their own QQ marketing to meet their expectations, at the same time to help the construction site

, QQ group 2. Why is this? As mentioned above, if it is inside the QQ group members of the group are vulnerable to regulatory restrictions. However, there are no such restrictions on the establishment of QQ. However, the establishment of the QQ group will not casually set up a. We need to know their sectors, for example you are this kind of industry website construction, using QQ group search function the opportunity to find many of the same group, a small search "website construction", shown in figure, will find so many qq group. Is this you need according to their own business, see, and know what others love search. In order to establish their own QQ, do marketing in their QQ to the masses, simple and convenient to many.


is an excellent QQ marketing staff, they are good at using the resources to build a platform at the same time, this will not cause resentment of others. Therefore, the following small from several points of how to analyze the QQ group marketing.

How to start a website is more likely to be successful

imperceptibly, snow blog fell again, really sorry some snow has been concerned about the blog friends, also please forgive me, then this snow bring you is how to start a website easier to succeed.

is building a web site is really very simple, there are a lot of self-help tools and online website, there are open source and free space, as long as you are willing to do, everyone can have their own web sites. But tears, snow, I believe we must all want to do it well, do the wind and water.

what should we do,


first of all, that is, before we build our website, we need to ask ourselves three questions:

1. what are our hobbies,


2. what are our own resources?

3. what is our goal,


these three problems is to our own ability and existing resources is very clear in the site before, what can do to this website, is what will we do? What? How are you doing? This is our most worthy of consideration.

1. What are our hobbies,


many people have a herd mentality, is what others do look at themselves, thinking about what to do, snow side also has such a friend, so here also hope that the same will be told webmaster friends, started a website, snow feel from their own hobby more likely to succeed of course, this success is big and small, only relatively.

because the only choice to do their favorite, their execution will be fully performance. The opposite is just to make money to go to the station, so the website survival is generally not very long, the beginning of the confidence to do it, you will discover the gap between imagination and reality, but also need to have a network to make money and good direction.

two, what are our own resources?

What is the most important

website is content, is here said the resources of a web site only has rich resources, will become valuable, and our resources and content construction is our one factor to consider.

snow that here is the need to relate to our first point, just say hobbies, such as snow blog to establish itself, love the Internet industry, but the web site is the basic entrance of the Internet, so snow blog began to write some articles on the website, blog is snow more of their own experience, because only their own experiences and feelings will be more, give you the most suitable to write articles, this article is more worth reading.

three, what’s our goal,


goal is the development of our website

Website must know the law

‘s 1.250 law

Ladd said: "after every customer, there are roughly 250 friends and family.". If you win a customer’s favor, it means winning 250 people’s favor; on the other hand, if you offend a customer, it means offending 250 customers. In your website visitors, a visitor may bring a group of visitors, any website has the process of starting and developing, which is especially important in the process.

2. davidau law

Davido believes that an enterprise in order to always occupy the dominant position in the market, then it is necessary to do the first to develop new products, and the first to eliminate their old products. Follow the trend of domestic websites too serious, such as some time ago the lattice, begging,, a successful, everyone swarmed. But the actual effect is that the first well-known is often the most successful, so in the positioning of the site, it is necessary to move their own brains, not to pick up the remaining customers. Similarly, it’s bad to buy data to sell.

3. cask law

bucket law is how much water a bucket can hold, depending on its shortest piece of wood. That is, a common problem that any organization may face is that the constituent parts of an organization often determine the level of the organization as a whole. Pay attention to your website. It’s the worst speed. Art is worst. Propaganda is the worst. First you have to do it, not your strongest, but your weakest.

4. Matthew effect

In the New Testament of the

, there is a story about a king who, before his journey, gave three servants a piece of silver, and told them, "go and do business, and come to see me when I come back."." When the king returned, the first servant said, "master, you have given us a piece of silver, and I have made 10 spindles."." So the king rewarded him with 10 cities. The second servant reported: "master, you gave me a piece of silver, I have earned 5 spindles."." So the king rewarded him with 5 towns. Third servants reported: "master, you gave me a piece of silver, I have been wrapped in towels, kept, I am afraid of losing, has not been taken out."." Then the king ordered the third servant Mina also gave the first servant, and said: "there is little, even what he has will be taken away. Any more, even to him, call him The more, the better." This is the Matthew effect. In other websites, the Matthew effect is obvious. A famous community is more likely to attract new customers than a new community. The message is that if you can’t make a website bigger, then you have to do it. It’s easier to do it after you do it.

5. watch theorem

The "

watch theorem" means that when a person has a watch, he knows what time it is, and when he has two tables at the same time, he can not be sure. A web site, you just need to focus on your particular user

Micro-blog instant noodles can also be sold to start a new life

is now micro-blog and WeChat’s circle of friends have been advertising scraper, is no longer a simple sense of the "circle of friends", a girl would seize that entrepreneurial opportunities, the development of micro-blog contains "money", to build their own entrepreneurial stage.

the girl with the instant noodles business, products from a dozen countries, there are more than and 80 kinds of taste, popular business is hot, a day to sell two hundred.

the beginning of course two girls want to do is dress business, because they feel that the female beauty, opened a clothing store will be able to make money. Later found instant noodles is also a good opportunity for both men and women, so sales are guaranteed. One owner, born in 1988, Ms. Wang said, many young people often eat noodles, some are not willing to cook, some in order to save time and money, they also had a similar experience, so the initiation of an "instant noodles store" thought.

now instant noodles store growing reputation, business is getting better and better, to bring customers the best choice of delicacy, not your taste, health and safety. It is understood that the instant noodles alliance store is very small, but a lot of instant noodles, there are Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Thailand, Singapore and other more than and 10 countries of the product, more than and 80 different tastes. Some of the characteristics of instant noodles to attract a lot of "South Korea such as chowhound, hot pickled cabbage noodles", "Singapore laksa".

The number of

now advertise on micro-blog, and countless, in the face of so many ads, believe that only the real creative products and advertising to attract customers. So Xiao Bian suggested that young people may wish to try to find a reliable entrepreneurial projects.


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How to open a luxury nursing shop

now society, because a lot of people’s living standard is improving constantly, so there are a lot of people seeking for luxury goods on the market at the same time, some of the luxury jewelry maintenance shop business also began to become more popular.

now people’s living standard gradually improve, for luxury this is not stingy, the rapid growth of the luxury market, each big brand shop to accelerate the expansion of stores in the domestic pace, this has brought great opportunities for development of luxury maintenance industry, want to start are you can not find the project and worry about it open shop? Luxury care is a good opportunity, the following small shop process brings friends together to understand it.

An overview of the project,

two, luxury leather care venture advantage

, the implementation of the "Hotel" service, with its own brand.

To standardize the management of the international standard

, from the store’s location, decoration, product display, store opening, staff training, marketing management, marketing, promotions and other terminal services are specifically responsible for guiding, achieve win-win situation with you really.

, professional guidance and products.

three, luxury leather care market analysis

The rapid growth of


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Food investment is to do direct or join

2016 is coming to the end, how hard in the catering sector of your life, in this year we have reviewed the prospect of catering market, all in indicates a catering in the future is still a good, last year’s data in 2015, the public catering visible before the eyes, the rise of Internet development the mainstream, catering to occupy 150 billion of the market share, an increase of 15%. Such a small thing that will be in the end of 2016 will be better. Now more and more people pay attention to the food and beverage market, join the food and beverage industry, the founder of the brand to do direct or do join it?.

for: the founder to do direct sales brand or do join it? Such a small problem to support the latter, the main reasons are the following:

food and beverage franchise is a contractual relationship between the headquarters and the franchisee. Headquarters to provide a unique business to join the franchise, and give the personnel training, technical training, business management, commodity procurementguidance and help the franchisee to pay the corresponding fees to the headquarters. To join the business venture capital and reduce the cost of time, capital and other start-up costs.

1, brand


headquarters has brand, trademark, management techniques can be used directly, rather than to their exclusive business, both in terms of time, money and mentally relieve a lot of burden, for no business experience of people, can be conducted in a relatively short period of time, directly reduce the early advertising and product development cost.

2, with successful experience

brand outlets will put a join based on do success, it will have a brand store each link of standardization system and accumulated many years of successful experience, this will make the franchisee detours, reduce the time and cost of capital.

3, to provide new counseling

excellent headquarters, in order to improve the goodwill of the entire chain, will always be the development of specialized, high value-added products, product differentiation to lead the competition, the franchise can not be set up by the development sector. In addition to product development, kitchen technology training, the franchisee can get management guidance, because the headquarters staff have received professional training, catering processes such as 4D management, which is just for the start-up is welfare.

4, advertising advantage

brand food and beverage has a mature brand market, whether it is the product or visual hammer has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, to join the brand without considering the brand market, directly into the

How to use the queuing to open restaurants – business opportunities

when it comes to queuing, I think many people have a deep understanding, in countless occasions, we have seen the fact that many Chinese people. And often go out to eat people will find that a lot of stores are often lined up. See the queue of shops, people who do not rush time would like to eat the food in this restaurant must be good, otherwise how so many people queuing. Catering shop skills, how to use the psychology of consumers, so that queuing customers to increase a good impression on the store.

queue shop two, lined up to take away or queue into the hall food. The reason why the queue, with the production efficiency or consumer spending time.

If the

line pack shop, long queues, the production efficiency is not high enough, can enhance the yield or improve the efficiency of solution, but the queue sometimes is not a bad thing, a lot of restaurants or even deliberately reduce the efficiency caused by queuing, with limited and hunger marketing reach word-of-mouth or other added value.

restaurant shop skills, if it is waiting for the queue, improve production efficiency is not necessarily effective, resulting in the main reason for the queue is too long consumer spending, accounting for the location. There are several solutions to this situation:

1. intends to allow customers to queue, the queue will become a part of the marketing process. Such as Rick, Grandpa, uncle Si, the use of queuing to do hunger marketing to attract passers-by curious and subtle changes in their hearts: what are these people doing? Good cold high-end, in the end what? Or a test? Join the queue, the smooth acceptance of other people’s curiosity and admiration, only hate the team can not slow down.

2. into the core experience or culture into the wait. Restaurant shop skills, such as Nanjing cooked food stalls, in the process of waiting to see the clerk often wear dresses in the Republic of China is also very interesting, sometimes also enjoy live performances maid folk tunes, alleviated the boredom of waiting.

3. adopt preferential measures to appease. Such as sea fishing to take the way to provide snacks to retain. Shop catering skills, just the target is too fragmented, ending either snacks or were they finish rub, snacks hold enough flash people, but for sea fishing, not bad customers, not bad money.

4. provides waiting for expectations and notifications. Such as remote control restaurants and other software providers, users can get around the queue number can be around, there is a seat when the merchant via app or SMS notification. Because the user does not have the sunk cost of the queue, while reducing the opportunity cost, this program is purely for the user to consider, the worst effect on business.

5. optimize service process, reduce consumption time. If the grandmother in the queue to see if you can point a single dish, you can immediately seat a dish, the per capita consumption of time will be reduced by at least 5–10 minutes. The practice is to eat every dish, immediately received >

Beijing will intensify the strict control of food and drug safety – net

food and drug safety related to each person, so in order to make a reasonable plan, let more people not because of selfish and cause harm to society. Beijing will build 8 this year, to promote the food from farm to table, drugs from the laboratory to the supervision of the whole process of consumers, accelerate the pilot drug marketing authorization holder system process, and plans to achieve the goal of the creation of the "national food safety city" in 3 years.

2016 year, Beijing city issued a "Beijing city" in 13th Five-Year "period of food and drug safety development plan", the food and drug safety issues in the people’s livelihood in Beijing City, included in the municipal government focus on supervision and project performance appraisal system, overall planning of food and drug safety supervision.

according to the Beijing Municipal Food and drug safety monitoring results show that in 2016, the city and county level two food and drug supervision department completed a total of 163 thousand samples of food and drug sampling monitoring, medicine, medical, cosmetics, a total of 15 thousand sample testing, a pass rate of 99.85%, 95.57% and 99.43% respectively; basic medicine and community medicine lingchalv sampling qualified rate for 7 consecutive years to reach 100%; key food monitoring sampling pass rate of 98.5%.

at the same time, promote the coordination of food and drug safety supervision of Beijing, tianjin. Beijing, Tianjin and food and drug safety supervision department set up a linkage collaborative leadership team, and the establishment of a joint meeting system. Signed "1+5" cooperation agreement, including "1" is a large overall agreement, namely "deepening Tianjin Food and drug safety area construction mechanism of collaboration agreement"; the food field around the whole industry chain traceability, drug production supervision, food and drug inspection case inspection linkage, the market of livestock product circulation the quality and safety of signed 5 specific cooperation agreement, to enhance the level of regional food security. In medicine, carry out drug production enterprises in Beijing Tianjin Hebei GMP (GMP) joint inspection, to promote the "Beijing · Cangzhou District of Bohai biomedical industry park policies floor, Beijing signed admission enterprises has reached 65.

in Beijing, will increase the control of food and drug safety, only to bring more peace of mind to the majority of the people of Beijing, so that people recognize. Conscientiously implement the pilot program for the implementation of the pilot system of drug listing holders in Beijing to speed up the pilot process. Actively promote the consistency of generic drugs, to promote the quality and efficacy of generic drugs continued to improve, and the original import of drugs in clinical practice to replace each other, enhance market competitiveness.

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