What are the good projects of migrant workers

as more and more migrant workers, more and more migrant workers to start their own businesses, want to have a career for himself, has his own life, migrant workers has become a new trend, has become a new trend! What are the good projects of migrant workers?

natural fertilizer production

natural fertilizer is referred to as farm manure, natural fertilizer in addition to improve the quality, but also to meet the market demand of "green", this is the basic requirement for the market of agricultural products. On the other hand, the natural fertilizer industry is the ultimate destination of urban waste, natural fertilizer production can be artificial, factory, industrialization.

household decoration

motorcycle repair shop

motorcycle as one of the rural large commodity has entered the homes of ordinary people, but now many village is no motorcycle repair shop, once farmers motorcycle failure, I had to go to town to repair, time-consuming and inconvenient. Therefore, in the flow of people and traffic flow is more concentrated and convenient to open the center of the village and sell spare parts of motorcycle repair shop, will be prosperous business, financial resources.

agricultural special stores

in the more populous village or town location, rent a street stores, offering an agricultural store, selling seeds, pesticides and other means of production. Investment about ten thousand yuan or so, due to the production of goods is a necessary commodity farmers, the use of a large number, is a good investment projects. If their own money is not enough, consider the provincial capital and county or large stores associates to get monopoly profits.

family hotel

because of agricultural machinery and tools and a large one-time investment for most agricultural products only in the production season, one investment buy uneconomical. If the development of agricultural machinery leasing business, not only to meet the requirements of agricultural farming, but also greatly reduce the cost of agriculture.


Reputation is a priceless treasure shop

Because the

network stores compared with the store, there are too many advantages, so now many entrepreneurs are focusing their own business on the Internet, but in the process of business shop in different ways by different operators, the result will be different, here, Xiaobian remind you: credibility for the shop is really a priceless.

integrity management is any economic behavior must follow the rules, the relative physical stores, online shop integrity is life. Now the individual operators believe that the remote service online shop is the "short-lived business", the online distribution is not face to face transactions, even if there is quality problem or Duanjinshaoliang, consumers also helpless, so in the operation of all starting from the profit, ignoring the corporate reputation.

China a saying called "shop Qike at that time, the guest game store", online shopping by some objective limitations, the consumer may be, but they are definitely not on the second time, winning businesses in the immediate small profit also will never lose the customer, is the so-called pick the sesame seeds that lost watermelon. Therefore, the online shop in the organization of goods, goods and other links to ensure the quality of goods, rather than make money can not make fake and shoddy, defective products to consumers. Only the formation of a good reputation in good faith management, online stores to achieve considerable development.

What are the retail retail sales skills

how can we sell the product, each retail household has its own skills, the major operators are also constantly accumulate experience. In short, in the spring, the Spring Festival approaching active cigarette consumption, cigarette sales market unprecedented hot, how to grasp the opportunities to maximize the sales of cigarettes, cigarette sales profits, you may wish to listen to all the cigarette retailers is how to recount.

a, retail Li Dehua: reasonable inventory build foundation.

cigarette sales in the Spring Festival, cigarette inventory is the foundation, the Spring Festival cigarette sales accounted for 1/4 of the annual cigarette sales. The importance of not previously guide inventory, resulting in the Spring Festival appear cigarette cigarette inventory is generally 1.4 times the normal daily cigarette sales, combined with the spring festival event, sales of large features, often is usually 4 times the cigarette sales inventory, inventory reasonably can effectively be temporary for a variety of consumer demand, to meet the maximum demand let not the loss of sales.

two, retail Mei Rong: enhance the structure of profit.

Spring Festival is the highest level of consumption during the year, the Chinese family virtue inheritance reciprocity, making the festival of cigarette consumption market structure improved significantly. Usually the sale of cigarettes are mostly concentrated in the 20-25 price of cigarettes during the Spring Festival, sales promotion grade can reach 35-65 price, even higher cigarette consumption demand, the more profit the more lucrative high-grade cigarette, an ample supply of medium and high-grade cigarette is indispensable.

three, retail Huang Guoqiang: marketing promotion to sell.

is also afraid of deep alley at the age of wine, we need to change from the shopkeeper to salesmen. Before the sale of cigarettes is very simple, is to get consumers to sell tobacco smoke, no change, consumer demand will lead consumers to choose other cigarette cigarette, nor how to effectively promote, helplessly watching consumers leave. In communication with the customer manager, learned to stand to sell cigarettes, familiar with the selling point and characteristics of various kinds of cigarettes, targeted to different consumers for cigarettes, enhance customer loyalty, make the business better and better.

four, retail customers Li Zhi: store image highlights.

store image is like a person’s face, clean and tidy people tend to be popular, so the store image is the same reason. Store clean and tidy, consumers will feel comfortable into the point, people are relaxed, a good environment is not only the impact of consumers, but will still affect the retail Household’s own spirit. Store cigarette placement is also very particular about the Spring Festival of high-grade cigarettes, the main sale of the series, the demand for cigarettes, to be placed in a prominent position to facilitate the purchase of consumers.

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A wheel excavator with no money to decorate the coffee shop

creative entrepreneurship is the theme of the current venture, garage coffee is almost no decoration because of the money does not exist, but because of the founder of the creative, not only the success of the market, but also out of their own characteristics. The entrepreneurial stage with many entrepreneurs and good acid.

"Bob, come!" "Looking for a partner", "without you, we’re weak."!" These words are full of the recruitment of new advertising ads filled with the entire wall, which is an entrepreneurial cafe to hire the wall scene. At the same time, there are countless people have stopped here, they carefully browse each piece of information, hoping to find their own information from these opportunities for their own.

had no decoration of the garage coffee

2011 was founded in April, is located in Zhongguancun Street garage coffee business hotel, the hotel to Menlian, garage coffee Menlian small many, so that each of the first to the garage, will stand hesitated at the gate of the hotel for a long time, few dare to enter the confirmation.

in the garage coffee, but can enjoy free office space, but also can come into contact with investors, entrepreneurs and other media. In addition, the daily noon hour activities and occasional salon activities also provide a platform for entrepreneurs to show their own.

Christin applied to join a successful business integration option

now, home building materials market in swing. Small entrepreneurial choice to enter the market of building materials, is very business opportunities, with the strength of choice. How Christin integrated wall? In the market, deeply loved by consumers, the best choice to be trusted!

is known to all, the whole house is a large project, you need to choose a good brand to be able to install, and the choice of Christin brand can have a real advantage. It not only provides the design of product installation and customer service all in one service, but also reduce the installation problems, so you can because Jiezhuang brand has really warm comfortable house, and this is also the need of the people of high quality brand. Look from the development trend, the brand in the future to solve people decoration renovation to the vexed problem, so the real bag, will develop better and better, so prospects can be expected.

it is because the prospects for the future development of excellent Christin, so many franchisees have started to pay attention to the brand, of course, Christin also need to join the brand’s return itself, in addition to really have their own characteristics, the real security in line with social development, these advantages make people unable to refuse, Christin also has a series of policies to join. The franchisee can because the brand has unlimited opportunities for profit. The eleven major investment channels is able to bring you unlimited profit choice, in addition to cooperate with the decoration design company, can also store monopoly, promotional activities, marketing resources, together, social marketing, cooperation, and real estate developers, the development of lower level agents taking portal cooperation etc.. In addition, Christin also provides a wide range of franchisees for a wide range of auxiliary policies, so that investors can quickly on the right track, with a profit opportunity.

How to join

Kristi integrated wall? If you applied to join Kristi integration project, which is very exciting. Why hesitate? Act quickly! Join Kristi integrated wall project, market development space and good prospects, entrepreneurial worry!

The whole – cake stripping technique

at home and make a cake of people generally feel this is just to do very beautiful cake, but when taken out of the mold will be found because not good release becomes can not bear to look, beautiful cake will be destroyed in the last release stage.

a, cake demoulding concept

this is better understood. Will put the cake batter baked in the mold when we bake the cake, so cake to be cooked, the cake will adhesion with the mold wall, then we will give the cake demoulding, if removal is not good, the surface of the cake will be injured, that was a perfect shape of the cake will become very in a disastrous state ugly. So today, let’s talk a little bit about cake demoulding knowledge.

two, how to mold cake

everyone is using bottom mold, mold bottom cake now commonly used two methods, respectively, to introduce below:

1. tool stripping method:

can use the knife for stripping cake, along the wall draw a circle, you can release, but this method if the tool is not comfortable or improper use of easily scratched the surface of the cake, affect the appearance.

2. manual stripping method:

this method is also more common. This method is to use hand slowly around the cake, the cake body and the side walls are separated, and then by hand against the bottom of the mold gently push, the cake will be easily removed from the mold. Because the cake and the tray at the bottom of stick will be more strong, so you can use a knife along the gap a little open, gentle, wait a minute, this can release the perfect cake.

three, the cake when the note

1. hand stripping cake will be pressed deformation, do not worry at this time, the success of the cake rebound effect will be very good, a little shake can be restored to the original. So this is also a test of our Chiffon Cake internal organization is a perfect standard oh.

2. different cake demoulding time are different, such as chiffon, Sponge Cake need to buckle down and cooling after demoulding; light cheese and yogurt cake, cheese cake is best to use non stick mould (or pad paper or mold brush oil) after baking, so very easy to release.

3. described above are bottom mold release, if you are using solid bottom mold, the bottom pad paper, this release will be more convenient, but also more successful


would like to make the following small series

Xining city traffic police detachment to pay close attention to passenger safety

Spring Festival, Spring Festival is approaching, in order to effectively prevent and resolutely curb serious road traffic accidents, to create a good environment for the operation of passenger vehicles, Xining city traffic police detachment of a multi pronged, pay close attention to the responsibility to implement, implement the management of highway passenger traffic safety norm, comprehensively promote road passenger safety activities carried out.

increase the intensity of road patrol control. Detachment is required each brigade according to their characteristics, clear passenger vehicles governance key sections, scientific adjustment service arrangements, the noon and night to strengthen field squadron and other key periods of service inspection. In the area to set up a temporary checkpoint, strict implementation of 7 or more passenger cars by car registration system to ensure that when the passenger traffic regulation in place, do not get out of control for 24 hours.

thorough investigation of passenger traffic violations. The brigade with the current traffic safety situation, based on careful analysis of the previous winter area vehicle management experience, combined with the characteristics of Road area, the passenger vehicles free parking on passengers, speeding, overcrowding, fatigue driving and other illegal acts as a breakthrough of management according to law, strictly check illegal passenger vehicles correct, the formation of a powerful momentum on the contrary will find ". Especially on the bus overcrowding, in strict accordance with the relevant legal requirements, in addition to punish resolutely unloading passenger transport. At the same time, the investigation of the outstanding traffic violations will be the maximum penalty, and resolutely put an end to the human case, the relationship case".

strengthen the supervision and management of passenger transport enterprises. Special police organization into the passenger transportation company, and the company managers signed the target management responsibility, and to the company by personnel to carry out safety education; convened by the company held a forum for people and the bus driver, told them the relevant provisions of laws and regulations; and be responsible for safety education on the contract object and comprehensive tracking management, strictly prohibited one passenger car, does not meet the safety requirements of vehicles on the road, do not meet the requirements of the driver driving the car, do not fasten the safety belt driving and fatigue driving. There will be a variety of illegal vehicles in a timely manner to inform the company.

strengthen traffic safety education. Organization of the police in front of the traffic checkpoints in the past to the driver to provide security education publicity materials to strengthen the safety of passenger drivers and passengers ride the Department of education. Traffic safety publicity to the masses, dangerous propaganda take overcrowded vehicles, improve self-protection awareness of the passengers. In carrying out all kinds of traffic regulation at the same time, through the issuance of promotional materials and other forms in the area carried out within the scope of publicity, to remind people not take one car, do not take the illegal operation of vehicles, education of the masses cherish life, don’t take his car. (author: Guo Feng)



Xining Municipal Health Bureau supervision of health supervision and management services to promote

In order to further implement the health supervision Association service projects, promote health supervision and assisting work, solve the power of grassroots health supervision institutions is relatively weak, further completion of horizontal edge, vertical in the end, health supervision network system covering urban and rural areas

in order to further implement the health supervision Association service projects, promote health supervision and assisting work, solve the power of grassroots health supervision institutions is relatively weak, further completion of horizontal edge, vertical in the end, health supervision network system covering urban and rural areas. October 29th to 30, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau deputy director Zhao Xiuqiong led the city medical center, Institute of health inspection and Supervision Bureau of law department is responsible for leadership of the East District, Chengzhong District, West District, North District to promote the health supervision Association service projects carried out supervision and inspection.

the supervision and inspection to convene symposia, director, and district health and food and drug administration, director of the community health service center of township hospitals, health supervision institute face-to-face about the health supervision assistant project work plan, the implementation of work responsibilities, formulate specific measures for examination and determination of the relevant business skill training, and the district health supervision Association in the development of food safety information report, occupation health counseling, drinking water hygiene and safety inspections, school health services, illegal practice and illegal mining for the blood information report data were examined. Through supervision found that districts can be fully combined with the actual work, in line with the development of the characteristics of their own, to overcome the difficulties, the fanpin experienced assistant health supervisor, public recruitment, fully understand the basic situation of the absorption of village doctors and community members to enrich health supervision co management team, and are able to agency health supervision as the starting point, to strengthen the supervision of health co management team assessment, training and management, and achieved good results. On the problems found in the inspection of health supervision in the implementation of the various functions of the Xining Municipal Health Bureau supervision staff on-site rectification suggestions.

through the supervision and inspection to further promote the health supervision Association service project, standardize the work in fulfilling the production of documents, information reporting and other behavioral health supervision Association, for further strengthening health supervision network foundation.


Rural business opportunities and greater demand for production

everyone wants to sharpen his head into the crowded city, but when it comes to entrepreneurial opportunities, real or rural, so our country is a large agricultural country, the agricultural sector in large quantities, which naturally leads to huge demand, small make up here for you to explain rural entrepreneurship good business opportunities!

general rural road is not very smooth, people will not use the car as a representative tool, and electric motorcycle, with its convenient, fast and cheap characteristics are popular in rural areas, is the most popular means of transport in rural areas, the demand is very strong. In addition, with the understanding and recognition of information, telephone, pager, mobile phone and other communication tools has become the demand of farmers.

is a farmer, have to do farm work, so natural to focus on production tools. Capable and profitable small four-wheel farm, agricultural motor tricycle, grinder, grinding machine, sowing machine, mixer, press machine and other agricultural machinery has been popular with farmers. With the agricultural machinery fertilizing ditching machine, excavator is pits farmers love and demand.

built greenhouse with steel frame, plastic film, straw and other objects, used in fruit production, fruit set, fruit type box and other objects, different kinds of crop and vegetable seeds, seedlings, such as fertilizer and farmers demand for larger objects, and building templates, trolleys etc..

these opportunities, do you think of it? Even from one side, will let you really create a big career, so after reading this article, you are still hesitant what? Act quickly!