A new ranking is not a dream unremittingly for a month

> The initial idea is very important



small early in the site, is already planning everything. For the selection of space, in order to avoid the record of trouble, small selection of a host of Hongkong, had used before the Hongkong host, regardless of the price, the website open speed can meet the needs of all small, so decisive a good selection of space business. The site selection procedure, small in times such as dedecms, sdcms, CMS, WordPress and other major Empire CMS content management program, build resolutely chose the WordPress website, all the week, WordPress for Shanghai dragon search engine is very friendly, it is also very fast, before using it set up a blog, the day after the line, it is the love of Shanghai included the home page, so the station building is non WordPress enterprises can not.


process, the mentality is very important

space domain, and procedures are in place, start the website template, Xiaobian not love with the trend, not use hot template selection is a partial rather hot small fresh template. In this template, Xiao Bian abandoned the dross, leaving the essence, after substantial changes, changed in the eyes of the website. When the construction site template, we must follow two principles, the user experience with the search experience. As the name suggests, the user experience, is a website that allows customers to have a good visual experience in appearance. The search experience refers to the friendly website to the search engine, in the program code to be written by JS transmission standard, less code and so on. These two points are indispensable, imagine, if your site is very good, but the search experience is not good, love Shanghai don’t grab, no rank, no weight, again good site, users can see. On the other hand, if your site do not look good, even if you are in the first row, can not catch the attention of customers, will only have no click, conversion rate. Site preparation do these two points, then you have been successful in half.

Shanghai dragon


shows clearly small website all in a good state, is expected in the near future, also a further step. Next, to a comprehensive summary from the psychological experience and experience to share the early site now ranked rise.


early in the site, as a qualified webmaster, from the domain name space selection, selection of site procedures, to the overall structure of the site layout, must be clear in mind.

is never a calm person, does not have to high level of sad, really is not small. This is not a small part of the railway station, only a month early, to have ranked within the top 100, the weight also rose from 0 to 1, small heart that Joseph ah, it is self-evident, the screenshot below to share the map with the truth.

A small part of the site on July 5th included the return to normal


don’t know why you love Shanghai chose in peacetime will not have the new Wednesday adjustments, but this adjustment is a good thing, for they did included webmaster, the heart hanging heart finally put down; for those included Kuangxiang webmaster, and finally see hope in the hands of a website.

was affected by the events of 628, many sites included the shot or Kuangxiang, love for Shanghai this incident many webmaster ventilation is on the verge of collapse, at first we thought it was a normal fluctuation love Shanghai in the renewal period, two days will be restored, but in 628 after the events of the week, love Shanghai included still no change, many webmaster in despair, that love of Shanghai is a foregone conclusion.

and things are not the same as we imagine, when you open the computer today will certainly surprise, what surprise? Of course is to love Shanghai website ranking, included the recovery, in late July 5th twelve or so part of small and medium-sized site included, the chain returned to normal, only love Shanghai through several days of deployment, will on site redistribution processes.

love Shanghai significant changes is apparent in June 28th, in the early June 24th in Shanghai love club owners issued a site abnormal announcement, so the exact love shock of Shanghai has now for two weeks. Shanghai issued a notice to explain love Engineer Site syntax query is not normal phenomenon: "love Shanghai system update process more out of the situation, leading to site query syntax namely numerical site:xxx贵族宝贝 returns very visible, no" site into the new algorithm, and this algorithm is based on repeated website content, because of this algorithm the adjustment, and before is not compatible, that leads to the 20 phenomenon and the phenomenon of home. Although there are great differences in site results, but also love Shanghai will not influence the website included and ranking.

love Shanghai ah, sad is also pregnant, although once Shanghai Dragon Master said, do not rely on the web search engine, they can do, but for small and medium-sized webmaster, search engine.

at 12 pm on July 5th, found that many sites included love Shanghai has returned to normal, first say, you hurry to site your site, included before K off has been slowly recovering, many webmaster friends can be assured.

this day Shanghai returned to the part of the site collection and sorting, there may be a small part of recovery, do not know when they will be completely over, perhaps because love never ends, Shanghai algorithm is continuously adjusted, even if the algorithm for adjustment of the end and will have a new algorithm to adjust. According to the Shanghai love this adjustment webmaster can not be too alarmed, because if it is love of Shanghai’s own adjustment problems, it will re adjust back, even if we panic that we are not able to control, so the key ah, or honestly do stand.


Community O2O business report hard work to make moneyMake a friend from 15 years old to 21 year old

2. group for community O2O business development to lay a good foundation

editor’s note: after yesterday launched the "020 report of community user experience" see the bottom, the NetEase of science and technology today continue to launch "020 community entrepreneurs report, analysis of 020 community business logic and business model from the perspective of entrepreneurship. If there are any areas in the future that will emerge,, one of the giants of the BAT, is one of the areas in which there is room for full imagination.

! I don’t know you will not for "the two words" lost Wangzhuan normal life now, normal intercourse, family and the most lovely!!!

to tell the truth I really rebellious, but today it seems that AB is not suitable for me, because I am looking for my C a life defined by others a person not to be bound life, so the 15 year I chose to drop out at 1. for the simple reason that schools learn nothing with the flow of the three 2. even if the high school class talent also admitted not unless the devil to Qinghua University but I’m not the kind of child.

later I became age the alien in the burden of the parents, but my own mental existence and hope this hope gave me endless confidence so this is me.

"the world all profits go to" my 15 year old brother contact Wangzhuan, not for anything else just for money, although the family was good and he is still in school, but do not know why the word so Wangzhuan magic, let me have no appetite, in the children of the same age I still time to worship XX star I every day is thinking of doing the apprentice or hydrostatic have the chance to witness a very NB WSWSWSS ID Forum adaiah, psychological definition of 15 year old called "rebellious period" general explanation is this: the child of this age if serious rebellion generally has two consequences: A is not to become a big shot, B future prison.

group buying is not a listed company in China

1. community users have great potential

NetEase technology Zhang Junhong reported

according to Analysys’s 2014 China life service O2O Market Research Report, the first half of 2014, China’s group buying market turnover reached 28 billion 770 million yuan, an increase of 102.5%. Third party organizations will buy data and O2O life service is directly equivalent to, in a sense is to buy identity.


said, Ali led the business on the Internet shopping are popular, so it plays a group purchase of good education and cultivate habits of users of the traditional service market under the line on the Internet channel, the first group purchase also on the local life service of the fast lane, a burst of rapid, thousands of war and so on are the best confirm the hot performance.

according to the National Bureau of statistics, at the end of 2013 Chinese urban population proportion of the total population rose to 53.73%, from the scope of the expansion of the community, a large number of users will be the first community O2O from the town of trigger, especially in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen a few big city, because of Internet development, will become the industry pacesetter outbreak.

Group buy ancestor Groupon investors have revealed a detail, "before the vote Groupon, personally call the business, ask you why you work with Groupon?". The merchant said that because Groupon’s sales were good, and then asked, "what’s the point?" Groupon asked the businessman, "what did you do in the Internet before?". The merchant asked what the Internet was. Was it in the computer?. So many businesses don’t understand what the Internet is, and they lack Internet tools to help them do business." Group buying has opened a new chapter in local life service networking.

1, "community O2O": poised for


doesn’t understand why cheating is called EMU. I don’t know if you still use this word. If you have a senior, I’ll explain it to my brother. Thank you, ~


opening too long! Get to the point,

According to the

that’s the way people are. When you’re interested in something or even obsessed with it, you may throw everything away to pursue him

China Internet Network Information Center CNNIC released the "China Internet development report" shows that as of June 2014, China users reached 632 million, of which, 527 million mobile phone users, the Internet penetration rate reached 46.9%. Internet users use 83.4% of their mobile devices, surpassing PC’s overall 80.9% for the first time.

simple talk about their own experiences no other meaning to all the seniority shallow friends a lessons of patience do Wangzhuan forum has made the old man’s brother as a report but here, thank you for all you do Wangzhuan friends to me once you have the wisdom of thought for a long time, although I do not have 3 years but Wangzhuan Wangzhuan 04-07 experience has helped me grow up, and make a progress in the field to Beijing to work in the social survival and children can have their own space, so I wish all love health happy family fortune do not say you YY

also doesn’t know how to get into this forum ~ very familiar depressed 888.NET remember early time, probably 6 years ago. Your contact call Wangzhuan such a thing of course I still don’t understand why do Wangzhuan abroad also has a name called make money on the web *

The first half experience realize the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan.The Internet Financial Group listing of wh



first, I learned, Taobao, so I want to open a shop, as in Taobao, Kaoshanchishan, local herbs rich, will open a shop to buy some rare traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine! At the beginning, we found a lot of problems, such as: how to choose the location, buy expensive or buy ordinary, so many shops selling medicinal herbs, which, how to decorate, decorate good, do not credit, a month out of business, in the heart! Do not know how to do? I began to hesitate.

no matter what the situation, we must adhere to, do things by half, and did not do a kind! Do Wangzhuan is the same, therefore, persistence is success! Now I have 100% Wangzhuan forum bfbwz.uueasy/ started to build me, I must adhere to do so, let the forum.

side is the big reshuffle of Internet banking, some companies quietly closed the platform, withdraw from the stage of the times;

industry analysis, go to the NYSE is mainly two reasons:

I am not what network master, do not know what the network technology, which is usually on the Internet, play games, watch movies, never wrote a blog, has not built a station, no awareness of it! What do not understand, only to start from scratch!, I began my study the network to make money through

stick! !

has experienced so much, I began to think, why am I not to earn money, every night a person I think, why? I finally found, I think at the beginning, is the lack of a

, as early as the end of 2015, Lu Jin has shown the intention of listing, but because of the "P2P market turmoil and the government will strengthen the supervision of doubt", IPO also postponed to 2017.

on the other side, many enterprises revealed the intention of listing bell.

in the first half of this year, I did a lot of Wangzhuan, at first stage, are very low income, but did not insist, give up! Every day looking for not getting paid Wangzhuan

/ pleasant loans on the NYSE bell

and select the listing, mainly in two directions, to interest Inn, pat loan as the representative of mutual gold start-up company, aimed at the nyse.

, compared with the overseas listing of start-up companies, "Ant King", "Jingdong finance" and "giant start-ups" represented by Lu Jin are

on the other hand, P2P lending club, China originator of overseas listed shares first mutual gold exchange pleasant credit, are successful in the new bell. "This means that the NYSE to become more familiar with the Internet business," 19 yuan Ding Yi said the founding partner of summer.

! But

then began looking for other network outlet, met Taobao customers, found that this method is good, for others to sell, my shop is not busy, I help the other shop sell, earn commissions, pretty good also, so give up my shop to make Taobao customers, for others to pull business, how to pull what kind of products, how to pull, promotion, I don’t know, after learning that blogs, forums, communities, such as can be, I had all tried a lot of fruitless results and found that the station! Well, rookie can station, I started my half the road of the site, built many stations are free two level domain name, the station is built, not popular, just know later, to what SEO, I began to study it, the results up to now still do not know what is SEO,

01 collectively listed?

in wild disorder, the regulation of landing, after the industry reshuffle, Internet banking to finally settled.

Abstract: while the Internet financial big reshuffle, some companies quietly closed platform, from the era of the stage; on the other side, many enterprises revealed the intention of listing bell.

but recently, whether Ma Yun, Ji Kui’s speech, the financial Jingdong from the Jingdong split, or fun shop, a pat on the loan to the NYSE listing application submitted mutual gold company seeking listing "speculation," has gradually become the real sound of the hammer".

"we may be listed in Hongkong, recently, in a Bloomberg Television Interview, Lu Jin co chairman and CEO Jikui born publicly.

on the one hand, the New York Stock Exchange relaxed restrictions, in addition to waiting for the SEC U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission audit, "enterprises must profit for two years" is no listing of hard targets;

I was in early 09 began to learn on the job because of the higher, not smooth, he decided to resign, what did not consider, you decided to join the ranks of Wangzhuan

industry giants, through several rounds of financing, a road upgrade, come to market goal.

Internet banking station at the crossroads, began the "28" diversion.

over the past few years, the outside world on several mutual gold company when the listing of speculation, rumors continue.

do what thing, how are so difficult, I began to doubt myself, I really can make money, early to know, you should not resign! Half do not have much income, cost of electricity are paid or not, make what? Wasting a lot of time, the key is confidence suffered a serious blow! I hesitate!

is listed in Longmen, became so capable of God; and let his mirror, demons and ghosts……


is the year 2017, the meeting of wind and clouds.

The heart of love, everyone has web site also need packaging

deals with computers every day, basically no time to watch TV, know Li Yong’s new program "happy music collection", but has not been concerned until I saw a Robin Li guest on the program. "Happy music" is relatively late in many TV talk shows, but the ratings seem good. In fact, many television interview programs are similar, inviting celebrities to the program, telling the story of celebrity growth, audience interaction and so on, almost all of the interview programs are very similar.

I studied journalism at the University. I had some contact with TV programs. I also noticed the program when watching tv. Many television programs, many programs are similar in form, although the channels are many, but the program is almost the same style. A lot of television programs to introduce new forms from abroad, in order to give the audience a fresh, like Hunan TV, it is the introduction of many programs are trendsetter, products imported after the packing. China’s programs are relatively simple, but the television audience has not decreased. It may be a habit.

doesn’t say the TV program is single, and it’s the same problem. Templates, design, promotion methods, resources are limited, how to use limited resources to create unlimited value. It wasn’t easy, but someone did it. Chefs are tall and low, because they can make delicious dishes with the same ingredients. That’s the ability. Website ability also has difference, also have senior personage, it is the cattle man that often says, why can other people make such achievement?

?How does

make regular forms new


TV programs need audience ratings, the site requires the user to click rate, how to allow more users to click, and stay in the website? This is the website of the new, the quicker the problem of activity. A lot of website promotion article content is very much the same, the way that promotes, the activity below the line also those model, how to often see often new, this should see the glamour of the website.

stationmaster does not have the choice of website activity, how to maximize, attract the attention of the user? For example, pay attention to the details of the activities set, pay attention to the choice of activities, prizes, but also pay attention to the significance of activities, etc., this side to consider the effect of activities. Since the activity of each site is about the same, leave your users on your website in your own way.

enhances charisma

some people have charisma, he can attract many people unknowingly close to them, such as outdated fish, A5 webmaster network admin5.com king, because there are personal charm, but also for the site to bring more popularity. Now many webmaster, may be less attractive fish and graph king, but China owners have tens of millions, not all people know them, you can show your charm from now on, develop their own "fans", let the surrounding more pawns began to "follow" you put yourself into a charming and attractive.

by your side, you are certainly not the latest person, you can play your own ability to help more

Analysis of the sources of website revenue

In fact, this is not

what to say, after all, their income and everyone is more than what is not. But if some of my income will give us some inspiration, or you see my communication, also can share their experience, that my purpose is to the Internet. The essence of the thing, that is to share and exchange.

in general, my station has undergone two major twists and turns, once from 05 years to 07 years, the second is 08 years, July to.

last time, may be a little bit of luck, just do a program to put up, Baidu included, one day to easily tens of thousands of IP, then one day there are nearly $ten, this day also lasted nearly a year, brought tens of thousands of income for me, the key is myself no update, don’t do anything else. Very easy. But at the same time, I have not been idle, but in learning SEO, website promotion knowledge.

personal feeling I still have the idea of it. But when a bit of luck.06 years, the school network began to fire up, personal feel to do such sites can earn a lot, first, this station is very few, second, because the code is matching the GG keyword must be the high price of English third, because we want to be the school network code, they did not see, but it is very easy to copy, click next to the GG advertising.

so soon, and I have another friend in this station. My idea is correct. At the start, a day included, there are about 5000 IP, but one day GG was more than 50 USD, startled us. It is not to say and I wrote an article in the ADMIN5 Code: campus network make ADSENSE crazy. You can search. (because of the station’s success, also let us two nearly one hundred thousand of revenue).

but soon we found good times don’t last long, Baidu station is not normal, it was K.GG since then, canceled advertising area for the click area. But to click on ads to open title advertising. Do not know is not affected by my station. (in fact, then follow our station of Trinidad and Tobago, because we do a search on Baidu before the amount of not more than ten thousand


site is K, no longer not care. Just update every day. Let me think of is actually in nearly two months after the K, Baidu also included, which surprised me. I know my two months’ efforts were not in vain. Very touched. Good joy.

look at the flow, included that day, more than ten thousand, after a week, traffic stability at about twenty thousand.

GG has about 15USD a day. Baidu search advertising 1500 search volume, at about 10 yuan. At the same time there are Fetion, not much, 5 yuan.

recently made a station, in fact, do not count the station, it can only be said to be a small directory, is >

5 classic cases teach you how to use the long tail to solve the electricity supplier inventory

local Internet market there has been a lot of "destocking" thinking, that is, to seize the industry long tail cut into the market sensitive enterprises, the Internet is not the world’s profit head of the sense of superiority, but the tail length. Books, electricity providers, vip.com, Yu Ebao and network homemade drama, are typical of the long tail model.

since the development of Internet, the "long tail theory" has been repeatedly verified, suspended dance that this theory is the most characteristic of the thought of the Internet, in the industry can find the valuable tail is often the Internet world profit king.

"long tail theory", in brief, that is, to abandon the market after the popular focus of greater capacity, and become "tasteless" for the treasure. The Internet is not respected head of the scarcity of resources value, weakening the time if the traditional enterprise is either this or that, the construction level, the channel is king, impassable, then the Internet business is to flow to the king, the shovel grade, the boundless plain. Therefore, the key to profitability in the Internet world is not the sense of superiority in the head, but the length of the tail. In hanging dance, the length of the tail depends mainly on two aspects, that is, the size of the industry market capacity and the intensity of the individual demand of the masses.

below, hang dance will elaborate on some "inventory" thinking (that is, to seize the industry long tail cut into the market) of agile enterprises and models, do a review and analysis:

Amazon / Dangdang: Book tail length

book publishing market increasingly large scale since Needless to say, reading for meaning is to be instilled in the growth. In the premise of universal education, different levels of different social roles of the people will have to own a readable book, the book of interest, therefore, the library resources abundant, personalized reading is the distinctive characteristics of the people in the choice of books. The Internet to break the geographical limitations, do not need to consider selling the shelves great restrictions of exhibition space, completely changed the way of selling books, can fully meet the reading needs of the individual, also increase the amount of reading the whole, that is the length of the tail books increased significantly. Therefore, whether it is Amazon or domestic Dangdang, the initial use of books long tail of great value to build their own electricity supplier kingdom.

Tens of thousands of

in the Amazon online bookstore merchandise in the book, a small part of the total sales accounted for half of the best-selling book, while most of the book, although the individual sales of small, but with many types can be taken Many a little make a mickle. other half of the total sales. A former Amazon Co employee brilliantly outlined the company’s "long tail" Nature: the books we sold in the past didn’t sell at all, much more than the books we sold in the past that could have been sold. The long tail phenomenon or the long tail effect warns us of the brilliance of the 28 laws in the Internet world.

same long tail also molded dangdang. This tail is valuable not only for books, but also for other commodities. According to the electricity supplier industry observers "East electricity supplier interpretation" point of view, books business platform can suck.

Teach you how to identify mass mailing Swindlers Company

first, try not to buy stand-alone version of the software

read a lot of people are looking for mass mailing software. At present, you can say: stand-alone version of the software is not good, because the stand-alone version of the software can not statistics access effect, all stand-alone software on the market are bragging about how to count. From the technical point of view: statistics is a process from customer to server. Mail sent, the customer should open, feedback to your server, but stand-alone software you cannot resolve IP address, ask how statistics? This seemingly simple question, I believe a lot of people are deceived.

second, first try and pay

secondly, from the point of view of use, all software should be tested and then paid. Formal firms generally provide such service patterns. All companies that do not provide software or platform trial can say that 80% are Swindlers Company, because they do not have a platform at all. The so-called send statistics reports are made by Photoshop. So never buy stand-alone software.

third, to determine whether regular company operations,

look at the company website design, large companies to their website design requirements are strict, small companies or individuals do not have such standards. Look at the company’s account number, generally provide private accounts are not companies, but there are no lack of SHUI or SHUI leakage. See other people’s evaluation, if a lot of companies evaluate this company is not formal, do not provide hair film, can not achieve effect, so suggest you still don’t use this company service.

fourth, buy the database


company will not sell a regular database, ask how valuable the database, how to sell only a few hundred yuan? Regular database company data are read by the days and months multiplying together, ask them how their wealth will so easily sell it, this is not a little taste of that


fifth, don’t trust Baidu, promote

why do you say so, I believe we report from CCTV, Baidu malicious promotion keyword will know?. Many small companies as long as dig out a little money, you can do rankings promotion, so email marketing, looking for the company also pay attention to.

sixth, see if the company is boasting about

global companies do not dare to guarantee the rate of sending, sending rate, arrival rate of 98%, 90%.email database quality is not known, how to guarantee the arrival rate, it is Arabian nights. You know, Chinese Internet has such a powerful firewall system, also don’t know you send lots of IP have not been closed, others have to report you spam mail, in the process of sending and packet loss problem, how many people could reach 90% EMAIL are invalid, for example, he resigned, his email is no longer in use email, the disciple and will be a rebound. So never trust the arrival of 90%

How foreign trade to domestic sales

foreign trade to domestic sales what is the way to win it? Today, the operation of foreign trade products, more and more enterprises, has today’s dynamic business, at this time, but also face difficult to solve the problem. So, please come along with a small series of foreign trade to see what the winning road!

Taiwan United States grilled chicken wings to join the support

as long as there is enough charm to come to the consumption of the people will not be less natural food to join the United States choose to enjoy the chicken wings grilled rice. This is a classic table food, so that you can not be able to eat the authentic local cuisine. Join more advantages waiting for you, entrepreneurial success is only in the twinkling of an eye.

Taiwan United States grilled chicken wings to join

store location: free of charge for the United States and the United States and the United States to roast chicken wings to join the food and beverage industry to assess the location of the service;

store design: free store design to support the franchisee to enjoy regional protection;

decoration subsidies: given the United States and the United States to sip chicken wings to join a certain number of subsidies for food subsidies;

business support: free of charge to open the promotion package;

training support: free regular professional trainers to provide professional training for franchisees;

promotion program: the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States grilled chicken meal snacks merchants headquarters free of charge to a variety of promotional programs;

member activities: free of charge for the franchisee to provide small gifts and part of the activities of the members of the expense reimbursement support;

product support: product R & D center, for the different tastes of the population, different seasons regularly launched new products;

stock awards: Taiwan Xia chicken baked rice snack franchisees enjoy a certain proportion of the purchase rebate support;

promotion support: headquarters for many years to promote the major advertising media to ensure that the franchisee brand awareness

Taiwan United States sipping chicken wings grilled hot meal is in progress, I am looking forward to your joining!