Isa ice cream of investment money

choose to make money, is a good choice for joining the project. Isa ice cream? In the catering market, not only has a high popularity. So, entrepreneurs choose to join the Elson ice cream have no source project!


ice cream ice cream from the investment money? Isa product manufacture, store management, brand management and follow-up support enjoy a one-stop service, to address brand partners to quickly grasp the actual operating essentials, address and ideal. Ice cream personality DIY, taste diversity, arbitrary selection, how do you mix, you can sell a variety of ice cream, plastic super. Isa ice cream to make money you change a single business investment, flexible sales.


Italy ice cream ice cream making extraordinary artistic style in art reproduction, franchise stores set ice cream shops, tea shops, stores, shops, fruit juice drinks, yogurt dessert shop in a business category is numerous, you do not want to make too difficult! The company is invite to join, natural health, low in sugar and fat. High calorie intake does not increase, widely favored by the beauty of cool fashion, personality flying.


ice cream to the advanced management concept of human resources, help you build a strong core management center. Independent development of the system training courses, to ensure that the professional technology, equipment operation, service concept, daily operations, leadership and other training to achieve nuanced, scientific norms. The introduction of U.S. refrigeration technology and a range of production equipment, reducing costs. With the help of modern advanced technology, we have successy developed a hundred international ice cream pioneer products.


isa ice cream? The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. If you are also very exciting. So, hurry up! Don’t hesitate! Time is money.

The sales staff treats all customers to do the same –

you should be able to feel it, some shopping malls inside the shop, face different customers will have different attitude, make people uncomfortable, we have gone to the major shopping malls, was confronted with a different sales staff, obvious colored eyes make many people feel uncomfortable. In fact, the day of shopping in the clothes is not able to represent the economic ability of the person, if you really want to shop business is hot, naturally need to treat all customers equally.

if you go to the mall to buy things, do not dress up is not good. Because the counter attendant look very sharp, if you are wearing a gorgeous, even if not to buy things that is distinguished; if you wear some ordinary, luxury counters will be on your low look, because you do not conform to their standards "shopping". Store is not more than the market, to treat each other, put up and down look at people’s eyes, equal hospitality will make your store has a better development.

door are guest

first, we must firmly believe that the door is the guest. Even if you think that does not meet our standards of consumption, as well as the general customers.

"the count of Monte Cristo", when the count had just come out from the island of Monte Cristo, first to the town barber, then spent 14 years in hell count and go for a few days, the body is tattered clothes, like a beggar, and the barber who still eager to serve the count, the count in the a very valuable beads do return: here is not to say that we should hold a chance to do business, those who seem insignificant is not necessarily a millionaire, would open the door to do business with, you should not favour one more than another man tainted glasses.

and some people are quite low-key, wearing ordinary and not, if offended, will it be like in the drama, dignity, bow and scrape to sweep the floor side pumped his mouth, while said to him "villain entertain an angel unawares, uncle!"

no matter what the sale, to be in an invincible position, "fair trade" is the most basic, have a forgiving heart is the most important. There is a typical example, there is a small shop there is no business for a long time, then saw a man came in, the owner is very hospitable to greet the road, a word "welcome, what do you need to see?"

came in embarrassed and replied, "i…… Looking for the bathroom……" The owner did not cut off a smile, very cordial and very specific to tell her: you go out and turn right there is a small door, turn over is." When the man left, he did not forget to add: "welcome to your next visit!" Two minutes later, the guest appeared again in the store and bought a lot of things.

recommended to be neither humble nor pushy.

Remember to join two repair supermarket detonated wealth creation Legend

repair two yuan supermarket? Has always been a market development space for the project selection. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the repair record two supermarket project, an open their own repair record two supermarket stores, undoubtedly, is very has the advantage of choice.

love Tesco two supermarkets in the commodity market such a highly homogeneous industry, love Tesco two yuan supermarket in the birth of the market profit trend. Tesco two yuan supermarket to meet the needs of people living, but also a collection of goods, so that consumers shopping more convenient. Love Tesco two supermarket business policy completely subvert the tradition, the family of products to choose a combination of free, common people’s daily life needs of all kinds of common goods, so you have unlimited market opportunities.

love Tesco two supermarkets superior brand brand advantage, price advantage, research and development advantages and procurement advantages, enabling rapid expansion of the market, occupy the commanding heights of consumption. Love two Tesco supermarkets and other chain operation is different, love let the fashion Tesco supermarket agent wholesale and retail franchise, mall associates three power, implanted in the premise to grasp fashion top marketing programs, all channels covering commodity sales.

love Tesco two supermarket humane business model is to allow partners to exchange heart, to ensure that there is no inventory pressure, high technical services, no off-season throughout the year. Tesco supermarket with two low risk, less investment, quick, guaranteed and other unique factors, in order to meet consumer demand, but also for the operator to get the proceeds to open the way out. The emergence of Tesco fashion supplies supermarket, will take the lead in this area to create a gold brand.

repair two yuan supermarket? Hot projects, hot market. The choice of superiority. If you join the supermarket to remember two yuan project, is also very interested, then, hurry to leave the message bar!

Comparison of Hudajie and sister and the potato powder brand advantage

What brand of

occupy in the snack potato flour industry’s market share is relatively large, in other words, the most popular consumer items, of which there are two brand is a Hudajie be on a par with that of potato powder. There is a potato powder. At present, potato powder industry professional, high visibility is Hudajie and sister and the potato powder, potato powder is a leading industry brand, famous brand. Headquartered in Henan Zhengzhou, then Hudajie and sister and the potato powder these two brands do?

Hudajie potato flour company has been operating for 21 years, there are 700 successful stores, Hudajie summed up a set of mature store operation management system and marketing system in china. Help franchisees copy.

Hudajie and energy-saving respectively, what are the advantages?

Hudajie potato powder join advantage:

1. has a strict protection range. Store protection. Ensure store market stability.

2. Hudajie potato powder do not need to operate a professional chef, is very simple, do not need too many employees.

The taste of

3. products is unique and its core competitiveness.

4. professional R & D team for product development. Help store products to keep customers fresh.

5. has a professional operation team, opening, late operations and holidays to help do the planning program.

6. free of charge based on the design of the shop decoration drawings (including renderings, construction drawings, circuit diagrams, etc.).

sister and the potato powder on the basis of traditional technology, combined with modern high-tech developed a "sister" special chili oil and soup ingredients and unique seasonings, the formation of siblings unique flavor characteristics, by the majority of customers praise, in the community formed a good reputation.

potato flour to join the strengths of both sides:

1, free site guidance and evaluation

sister professional team to assist franchisees for business assessment and market guidance to seek location. To judge the building, merchants, customers, evaluate its feasibility and success rate of the shop. According to the geographical area, the area, the crowd consumption characteristics and food culture, the market investigation and feasibility analysis.

2, unified decoration

in order to ensure a unified image of sister chain, siblings joined branches should be in strict accordance with the "benefit

Xining Seismological Bureau to preach the spirit of the central provincial government 1 document, th

is the spirit of the central and provincial Party committee propaganda Document No. 1, adhere to the farmers and do practical purposes, according to municipal Party committee "on the organization to carry out propaganda activities to the countryside cadres notice" spirit, by the Municipal Bureau of SMG, Association for science and technology, science and Technology Bureau, Health Bureau, Seismological Bureau jointly organized the opening exhibition of Xining city "three rural areas special service activities in March 28 sunset under the curtain.  
"culture, science and technology, health" three rural service team line of 50 people went to the green forest in Datong County Township, Huangzhong County treasure Township, Da Cai Xiang Shang Hou Gou Cun, La village, Pemba village, Huangyuan County, Dahua town and other 16 villages for 14 days of special service activities nearly 2000 km journey. Activities, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Seismology combined with its own business characteristics, targeted for the preparation of rural services and content. Show pictures of earthquake science knowledge panels 12, to help people understand the correct shock method and first aid knowledge; and to carry out earthquake knowledge consultation activities, benefiting the masses nearly more than 20 thousand people. In view of the unreasonable structure of the earthquake resistant design of the rural residential buildings and the status quo of the current situation, the author has published more than 3000 books of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction and earthquake safety home building.



What skills do you need to pay attention to

business now many people now are doing, which is one of the ways to make money, but in fact, many people often do not know how to choose business to make money, the person is not in the minority, but choose business among some people is not profitable, why is this? There is no master.

1. supply chain

often your product is not directly from the manufacturer to enter, so when you purchase from suppliers, must strengthen the supplier inventory management attention, can’t let you out of stock, but can not let you have too much inventory, this is a basic guarantee to each chain and the relationship between the reaction is the most important.

2. management and customer relationship

3. quality function

The quality of the product is

to ensure the customer back a powerful factor, only when you have confidence in their products, to provide high quality products to be more convincing to the customer, are more likely to establish credibility in the minds of consumers, so if you are in the industry’s leading quality, it must exert the advantage.

choose business need to master some skills and know-how, the above analysis of business skills, at the same time, the choice of business entrepreneurs should also be timely adjustment of strategies, in order to meet the needs of the market, so as to increase the competitiveness of the market, but also easier to earn money.

Scooby brand security wealth

Scooby children’s wear brand chain has been gradually falling in the national market, to provide quality services for consumers, if you want to do a security investment business, the selection of children’s clothing items to be sure. Join headquarters to provide support policies in place, I hope to help you.


Since the launch of

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How to open a hamburger shop business fire

western style fast food is now red, of which the popularity of Hamburg is very high, many hamburger chain business is good. Would like to open a store to make a delicious hamburger wealth, is necessary for entrepreneurial scriptures, Xiao Bian now for you to share management skills.

Three suggestions on

for the shop, want to make money, the first step is to choose a good location, address, then business will be more good, and it is easy to earn money. How to open a hamburger to join the chain?. Where do you want to join a chain store?.

Three suggestions on

Three suggestions on




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The four step is no way to start a business venture

when more and more people into the entrepreneurial army, we all face the same problem in the same way: lack of start-up funds do? If you are being troubled by the money business, then, this article must not miss it! How to start a business without money? Let me see how small for your advice!

The second step:

our ruling party in war, no money, but can win the war, the reason, the one is the proper strategy.

The third step:

now people smart enough to help you and don’t pay money and you are willing to work to many people, will not go with you, to see you and your career, how much of the charm. No money to be able to have a vision, and to do some money out of the brothers to drink a little wine Road, these things is not very difficult, there are many ways to use your head.

The fourth step:

can follow the prescribed order to achieve the goal, morale cannot run away; morale is not scattered in team; team dispersed, success will point the day and await for it. So friends on the road, we have to review the team with the method. Wait until you can unite a vote with passion, wisdom, vision, hard work in the side to achieve a goal, you dream of entrepreneurship is basically achieved.

Second hand car trading Tibetan scam car easy to shoot trick you did not discuss

car easy to shoot is a used car online trading platform, through this platform, consumers can sell the car to the country’s second-hand car dealers. On its website, emphasized with bold eye-catching words, the second-hand car trading "fast" and "transparent" and "no difference". Auction process is very simple. Sell car people through an appointment, testing can be carried out 15 minutes online auction.