Website analysis Principle Analysis of high performance JavaScript template engine

With the development of web

, the front-end application becomes more and more complicated, the back-end based on JavaScript (Node.js) also began to emerge, at this time JavaScript is placed greater expectations at the same time, JavaScript MVC has begun to pop up. The JavaScript template engine as the data and interface separation work in the most important part, more and more developers attention, nearly a year in the open source community is to see All flowers bloom together., they figure in Twitter,, Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog and other large Tencent Tencent QQ space website.

this article will describe the principles of the existing JavaScript template engine with the simplest sample code, including the features of the new generation JavaScript template engine artTemplate, and welcome to explore together.

artTemplate introduces

artTemplate is a new generation of JavaScript template engine, which uses precompiled way that performance has been a qualitative leap, and make full use of the JavaScript engine characteristics, so its performance has excellent performance in both the front and the rear. Under chrome, the rendering efficiency tests are 25, 32 times the well-known engine Mustache and micro tmpl, respectively.


In addition to the performance advantages, the debugging function of

is also worth mentioning. The debugger can lead to accurate positioning template template rendering error, solve the template programming cannot debug pain, make the development more efficient, but also to avoid the error due to the single template because of the collapse of the application.

artTemplate, this is all implemented in 1.7KB (gzip),

!The basic principle of

JavaScript template engine

although each engine works differently from template syntax, syntax parsing, variable assignments, and string concatenation, the key rendering principle is still the dynamic execution of JavaScript strings.

on the dynamic implementation of JavaScript strings, this article to a template code example:


this is a very simple template, in which "closeTag" (logical statement closed label), if the openTag followed by "=", it will output the variable content.


HTML statement and the variable output statement are >

Personal webmaster did not die, we have been walking on the road of dreams

through the personal website era after the emerge of itself and perish of itself, those who still adhere to the business on the road of the old webmaster, never out of sight.

, the era of personal websites is over." Hua said that in the field of software download well-known webmaster in 2005, founded in Beijing blue Mdt InfoTech Ltd, began to China Military Software Park website for commercial operation. Wang Chenyun, the Internet star, now runs dozens of websites, but in addition to its own blog, it’s a personal website, and all of them are commercial websites". A "first person" personal webmaster said Gao Chunhui, the original personal website into a blog, he created a "mobile phone home" has been acquired by the Pacific business network, the current income is good, he thought, "the old webmaster have been forgotten."

remembers how beautiful there was. In mid 1990s, the Internet Chinese imported from America, the rapid growth of the lush branches of the air plant. Gao Chunhui, Hua Jun, polymerization of many Chenyun type owners Wang together, become a branch of the. This dial is very deep to the Internet, "without the Internet, we don’t have today.". For the net, at least I feel that way." Wang Chenyun expresses. "My life has been handed over to the Internet," said Gao Yong, who calls it "the prodigal son of the frontier town"."

not everything is great. In 1997 2000, lush, decline, and the rise in 2003, the wave in the wave of the Internet, many people have become history, but also some people stick to another way of writing a legend. Gao Chunhui, Gao Dayong, Wang Chenyun…… In this small village, the story was spread, entrepreneurial stage today, there is no lack of their presence, perhaps people are more likely to mention the old webmaster Name: broken Gong cake, the prodigal son, the star……

has been "forgotten"

in the ten years of China’s Internet development, personal websites are a force that cannot be overlooked, even though they cannot even find their real names and photos on the internet. "Early, the media are concerned about Sina, Sohu, this has not begun to make money for the company, for the muffled voice of the owners do not pay much attention. Now that the economy is bad (it doesn’t matter to us), I guess there’s less attention to the station." Wang Chenyun says to this print reporter.

Wang Chenyun has been IT industry insiders called "network legend juvenile", its experience was included CCTV, including more than 300 kinds of media coverage. But he felt that this is only a case, the outside world for the attention of the webmaster community is not enough. Indeed, their stories seem to have occurred only in IT circles, and many times even people in the circle know only their net name.

Gao Chunhui is more famous than Wang Chenyun. As early as 1997, he has been called "personal stationmaster first person"". Although his personal website style as simple and himself, even some boring, but update fast, good service, so popular and famous. Gao Chunhui is said to have one

Stationmaster appeal do station, if be a person, must be kind!

do stand, such as life, must be kind,


read the primary school, teacher taught that respect for others is the most important respect the work of others! This sentence when I first site The imprint is engraved on my heart.; to do it, I have the most prominent parts of website wrote: "if there is infringement on this website, please inform the administrator, we will delete in 23 hours!" because it is the forum, and we worry about membership reprint does not indicate the regulation is not in place, causing unnecessary trouble!

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V is simple, but the C and V with much seems to eat others leftovers! To be honest, we do a station and write a promotional article, all is in raising their children, which are filled with the blood of our own, when one day someone put your child in front of said his children, how do you think of


, when you reprint an article written by someone else’s original, please respect the original author, people reluctant to advertise a connection, could you please say that the original author can ah, really don’t want to say, you can say that is transferred from the Internet, so that the original author see will not blame the eye look at your man. However, some people are short-sighted, the author of this thesis is to reprint of others into their own, not just individual owners, as well as the terrible Internet Co, told the animals, sincere people, repent and be saved in life temperament! You have lost! You stupid for your whole life will be doomed, on the lips a short day, a short lower lip,


some time ago I published an article with a realm called "web site", a time by many website forums, of which a large part of the station have indicated (stationmaster net, China station, Chongqing wall teaching resources network, online learning, network station network, the webmaster, diamond bachelor bitter marriage nets and the new owners forum… Etc.), to express my sincere thanks! Some quality discount friends (China IDC ring, Fangfang blog…), like engine ranking information station and improve the professional search for your own behavior, I feel sad, that you are poor


once again call for a life must be honest! Professional search engine rankings, information station webmaster, see this article, I hope you think twice, if there is objection, I QQ 159800860 waiting for you at any time!


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What are the essential business skills to invest in dry cleaners

now people’s living standard improved, the pursuit of quality of life has improved, many expensive clothes are opting for dry cleaning, invest in a dry cleaning shop very market prospects, so investment in the shop should have what skills?


What kind of laundry

investment scale, open a laundry, invest in a few million, hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars. Clothing store is just a more traditional service model. Due to the small size of this model of investment, technical requirements, in the early development of the laundry industry recognized by everyone. However, in recent years, the clothing store model has been a strong impact. Although the collection clothing store just a few thousand dollars will join, will also receive free transportation, technology and personnel training and other services, but the profit component close to 50%, plus rent and staff wages cost, laundry shop profit is very thin.

self investment or franchise

many insufficient funds or smaller investors can choose to invest in individual laundry. The equipment can be purchased from the domestic washing equipment manufacturers, selection of imported equipment is relatively expensive. The investment of the fund should be decided according to the purchase of the equipment, the machine must be taken into account, and the rent, the salary, the cost of water and electricity, the supplies for the shop and the washing materials, etc..

What are the collocation techniques of high heels

women love high heels, but how do you match them with high heels? This change is very important, the correct collocation method, can improve the charm and self-confidence, of course, can also win the opposite sex, the following, Xiaobian teach you high heel shoes method.

because more bright eye-catching, so it will not be as you can often wear shoes to wear, but if you really love the bright colors, you may wish to use the shoes a few dress collocation, I want to wear the shoes are very vulnerable to attention, bright and lively and frank, I think the first eye will be very easy have a good.

method: if the sandals, with black stockings and black skirt, want to take a warm point above the clothes, want to take the conservative black coat and a pair of shoes can produce two kinds of completely different effects, a warm and lively, one is calm with pretty skin.

Methods: three

wheat brand experts: in addition to Ludi, black and white, and also some special color collocation, such as blue and green, if you choose the blue dress, high heels can be used to color collocation, the conflict can produce a great effect, a bold attempt to bring you a fresh feeling and passion, choose the color collocation, color level, the effect is very good, everyone can be their own collocation experts.

through the article can understand that high-heeled shoes have a lot of skills in collocation, it depends on what kind of clothes you wear, believe that know the collocation method, you will certainly become the dress you become more Master, the woman, has become the focus of the people of the.

What to do business in 2015 to make money in 2015 to become rich project

business is not like before, not just selling things can make money, so we must be careful when choosing the project. So, what business to make money in 2015? You must be thinking about it, too? The following small series on several projects recommended for your reference.

2015 what business to make money? Motorcycle repair shop

motorcycle has become one of the three large county of goods. However, due to the county road conditions are not very developed, motorcycle failure, loss. Therefore, parts replacement and repair of high frequency. At present, many counties do not have a motorcycle repair shop, farmer’s motorcycle broke, have to repair the town, very inconvenient. Therefore, the opening of a motorcycle repair shop is to adapt to the situation, a matter of course. But the County opened a repair shop, site selection is critical, in general, to choose more than a motorcycle in the village, or several villages near the center, in order to occupy enough market.

2015 what business to make money? Sportswear

2015 what business to make money? Adult supplies

of health products with annual sales of up to 10 billion yuan, of which only condoms billions of yuan. With the opening and the culture of the people to increase sexual enjoyment needs, sexual activities is not a taboo issue, with the media open, knowledge popularization, health products market in the rapid expansion, is also a great demand for these, but space is very wide.

2015 what business to make money? In car


with car ownership groups more and more young, how to beautify their own personality has become a hot topic in the current car car owners. Car is one of the most intuitive and eye-catching exterior decoration style body, affordable. Compared with foreign mature markets, domestic car business has just started, promising.


Investment can be royal tribute tea – the whole can make money

many investors ask us the most question is this project really can make money? Of course, this problem is not the right answer, the results of how to look at your own business. Now what we do business, or how to invest to earn a lot of money, in fact, have a lot of friends of the brain is more intelligent in the early years of the time, they would choose to join some shops, but the store said that although the initial fee was out of money for the initial fee, but often because the business is very hot, let them earn more profits, but for now the summer is going to be a lot of people they will choose to join the target in the Royal tribute tea can, then more friends they want to understand the Royal tribute tea

can make money?

investment royal tribute tea can make money?

told every one of my friends here, as long as we came to their headquarters to learn however, take the goods in the headquarters inside, so rest assured that the taste is the taste and can store inside and if we choose as like as two peas, where not, then select the remote in more prosperous areas, including the way we operate without any problem, so we don’t want to make a fortune may not have many branches of the franchisee, they reached a monthly turnover, we even want to all dare not to think. As can be imagined this a brand stores how to earn money, so if I did not say you are now in the local case, then we may also wish to join in, so that we can local friends enjoy such drinks, and we will because of this and make more profits.

summer is coming soon, soon to enter into the tribute tea sales season, now a good grasp of such a good opportunity to let us earn more money, but just at this time directly and headquarters contact, royal tribute tea can now login official website message, the headquarters will give us better answer.

of course, if you need any help, please feel free to give us a message at the bottom of our website, we will arrange our staff to contact you when you see the message.

Isa ice cream of investment money

choose to make money, is a good choice for joining the project. Isa ice cream? In the catering market, not only has a high popularity. So, entrepreneurs choose to join the Elson ice cream have no source project!


ice cream ice cream from the investment money? Isa product manufacture, store management, brand management and follow-up support enjoy a one-stop service, to address brand partners to quickly grasp the actual operating essentials, address and ideal. Ice cream personality DIY, taste diversity, arbitrary selection, how do you mix, you can sell a variety of ice cream, plastic super. Isa ice cream to make money you change a single business investment, flexible sales.


Italy ice cream ice cream making extraordinary artistic style in art reproduction, franchise stores set ice cream shops, tea shops, stores, shops, fruit juice drinks, yogurt dessert shop in a business category is numerous, you do not want to make too difficult! The company is invite to join, natural health, low in sugar and fat. High calorie intake does not increase, widely favored by the beauty of cool fashion, personality flying.


ice cream to the advanced management concept of human resources, help you build a strong core management center. Independent development of the system training courses, to ensure that the professional technology, equipment operation, service concept, daily operations, leadership and other training to achieve nuanced, scientific norms. The introduction of U.S. refrigeration technology and a range of production equipment, reducing costs. With the help of modern advanced technology, we have successy developed a hundred international ice cream pioneer products.


isa ice cream? The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. If you are also very exciting. So, hurry up! Don’t hesitate! Time is money.

The sales staff treats all customers to do the same –

you should be able to feel it, some shopping malls inside the shop, face different customers will have different attitude, make people uncomfortable, we have gone to the major shopping malls, was confronted with a different sales staff, obvious colored eyes make many people feel uncomfortable. In fact, the day of shopping in the clothes is not able to represent the economic ability of the person, if you really want to shop business is hot, naturally need to treat all customers equally.

if you go to the mall to buy things, do not dress up is not good. Because the counter attendant look very sharp, if you are wearing a gorgeous, even if not to buy things that is distinguished; if you wear some ordinary, luxury counters will be on your low look, because you do not conform to their standards "shopping". Store is not more than the market, to treat each other, put up and down look at people’s eyes, equal hospitality will make your store has a better development.

door are guest

first, we must firmly believe that the door is the guest. Even if you think that does not meet our standards of consumption, as well as the general customers.

"the count of Monte Cristo", when the count had just come out from the island of Monte Cristo, first to the town barber, then spent 14 years in hell count and go for a few days, the body is tattered clothes, like a beggar, and the barber who still eager to serve the count, the count in the a very valuable beads do return: here is not to say that we should hold a chance to do business, those who seem insignificant is not necessarily a millionaire, would open the door to do business with, you should not favour one more than another man tainted glasses.

and some people are quite low-key, wearing ordinary and not, if offended, will it be like in the drama, dignity, bow and scrape to sweep the floor side pumped his mouth, while said to him "villain entertain an angel unawares, uncle!"

no matter what the sale, to be in an invincible position, "fair trade" is the most basic, have a forgiving heart is the most important. There is a typical example, there is a small shop there is no business for a long time, then saw a man came in, the owner is very hospitable to greet the road, a word "welcome, what do you need to see?"

came in embarrassed and replied, "i…… Looking for the bathroom……" The owner did not cut off a smile, very cordial and very specific to tell her: you go out and turn right there is a small door, turn over is." When the man left, he did not forget to add: "welcome to your next visit!" Two minutes later, the guest appeared again in the store and bought a lot of things.

recommended to be neither humble nor pushy.

Remember to join two repair supermarket detonated wealth creation Legend

repair two yuan supermarket? Has always been a market development space for the project selection. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the repair record two supermarket project, an open their own repair record two supermarket stores, undoubtedly, is very has the advantage of choice.

love Tesco two supermarkets in the commodity market such a highly homogeneous industry, love Tesco two yuan supermarket in the birth of the market profit trend. Tesco two yuan supermarket to meet the needs of people living, but also a collection of goods, so that consumers shopping more convenient. Love Tesco two supermarket business policy completely subvert the tradition, the family of products to choose a combination of free, common people’s daily life needs of all kinds of common goods, so you have unlimited market opportunities.

love Tesco two supermarkets superior brand brand advantage, price advantage, research and development advantages and procurement advantages, enabling rapid expansion of the market, occupy the commanding heights of consumption. Love two Tesco supermarkets and other chain operation is different, love let the fashion Tesco supermarket agent wholesale and retail franchise, mall associates three power, implanted in the premise to grasp fashion top marketing programs, all channels covering commodity sales.

love Tesco two supermarket humane business model is to allow partners to exchange heart, to ensure that there is no inventory pressure, high technical services, no off-season throughout the year. Tesco supermarket with two low risk, less investment, quick, guaranteed and other unique factors, in order to meet consumer demand, but also for the operator to get the proceeds to open the way out. The emergence of Tesco fashion supplies supermarket, will take the lead in this area to create a gold brand.

repair two yuan supermarket? Hot projects, hot market. The choice of superiority. If you join the supermarket to remember two yuan project, is also very interested, then, hurry to leave the message bar!