Taobao million people’s Congress was to buy complaints models and other controversial price

Taobao million people’s Congress was to buy complaints models and other controversial price

third voting results show that 90.1% of consumers choose LED models. But SKYWORTH produced LCD tv. Network screenshot

hundreds of buyers said TCL and SKYWORTH committed false, false quotes; manufacturers apology that the details are not handled properly, Taobao said it would actively deal with complaints

news recently, hundreds of Taobao buyers refers to the National People’s Congress to buy activities to mislead consumers, false quotes and poor product quality issues, collective rights. In this regard, SKYWORTH’s official flagship store apology, admitted that the details are not handled well, TCL said there will be and consumers to explain the question of price, Taobao said the two brands in the presence of the lack of activity, will actively deal with complaints. read more

Tencent, Ali O2O layout analysis

"O2O Denver war" nobody is absent, whether it is ambitious records of mobile Internet entrepreneurs, or a large fortune veteran Internet Co, as Li Kaifu said, O2O future will change Chinese, online and offline once together, this is a huge explosive power. Data show that in 2011 China’s O2O market size of 56 billion 230 million yuan, is expected in 2012 will reach $98 billion 680 million, an increase of 75.5%.

to this end, China’s two largest Internet Co, Tencent, Alibaba has been in the O2O collection soldiers camp. This is the Internet giants from the PC side to the mobile terminal of the strength of the contest, they have to seize the opportunity to O2O and life service class electricity supplier, no doubt, O2O is one of the future form of electricity supplier. read more

Depth analysis of the five methods of induction


Li induced articles since the issuance of the first part, about two kinds of methods, has received a lot of feedback, Lao Li said what your next time. Today, I am on the soft text of the keyword induction method, the full text of the five ways to explain in detail. Lao Li mentioned in the first part, what is good, soft, that is, good soft Wen should be like a good game, step by step, everywhere bloodshed. Through some seemingly ordinary text slowly bring consumers into a different product. Just like the cotton hidden needle, and not exposed, overcomes in the invisible when you found it has fallen into the well designed advertisements. He is in pursuit of a salutary influence of education effect. The biggest advantage of soft is to put a long cycle, the impact of low price. For the promotion of the brand is the role of any other media can not be reached. Soft is not advertising, but beyond the scope of advertising. read more

Wang Tong the most down to earth community marketing model to make money

the official community is not active, because there is a master, most of the time are very busy, but every time an internal share, are super dry cargo. In the past three years, Qin will produce a large number of internal gameplay, super huge value.

I and Qin Gang two people are idle most of the time, a person can be a deep thinking, so we will often sum up some of the NB play.

Qin Gang and I have invested in the development of enterprises are very good, all of the time in the year earnings, they benefit from the use of our actual gameplay. For example, has publicly shared the micro technology, micro meter business media, home theater, car, etc.. read more

The Internet will be the traditional buy low and sell high form free marketing has become an inevita

if you look at the popular Internet product, you will find such a simple and almost insignificant in common: most of them are free, the biggest characteristic of the Internet is providing free products for customers at the same time, you can get money from.

in fact, this business philosophy contains the most traditional economic nature: cheap to buy high priced. Super wide spread and ultra low cost Internet directly to the user "buy cheap" into a free mode, and sell high way without exception into profitable businesses head. read more

As an entrepreneur why I am optimistic about the internet entertainment industry

Abstract: from the beginning of the second half of last year, investors see these projects have been very cautious, but the cultural entertainment industry is very different from other industries, he can rely on direct cash, so a lot of cultural and entertainment enterprises may be the market value is not high, the capital chain is relatively healthy, this point in the economic downturn, the winter capital industry background especially important.

in the past 2015, for many game companies have not so smooth, early game business closures, let this industry just a few months. Hundreds of small companies, especially in the southwestern city of a disaster, a time of industry paranoia, shouted to the capital of winter. read more

Website promotion discourse


network promotion way, the enterprise can pound heavily in advertising, the promotion of Firefox can spend a lot of money fund Mozlilla, network overwhelming all Firefox download link. Here to talk about the promotion of the site’s reputation, if the user uses the product to get a pleasant experience, it is natural to be recommended to friends around, this experience has been a lot of people have it.

word of mouth promotion itself is also the process of the accumulation of brand value, word of mouth is to focus on their products and services. From the user’s point of view, to improve the performance of the product and service, so that the product more in line with the requirements of users, the performance of the product to achieve first-class. read more

New advertising media live.

since 1880 the world’s first telephone directory was born in the United States, do the yellow pages for a specific word, the righteousness of the paper is to the carrier for the phone number of the printed book.

since the popularity of the Internet, online all kinds of "Yellow Pages" also emerge in an endless stream, but form and traditional yellow pages similar, nothing new. The literary creation that comes from life, the subject than life, not only to take the essence, to its dregs, to innovation. With the advent of the information age, the traditional yellow pages form is declining, it is difficult to express the rich reserves of information. Very realistic, traditional yellow pages and now the Internet "yellow", are the lack of effective means of expression, is a bit messy, lifeless. Since the development of Internet technology change rapidly enough to ensure the "yellow page" represents the form, the key lies in "take care", the only way to make pages live, re radiate new life, and everyone loved. read more

How to plan the enterprise micro-blog marketing by Chen Liang

as micro-blog is getting more and more fire, the value of micro-blog increasingly apparent. Micro-blog gold rally has been sounded, 140 words can hold marketing! The world’s top 500 small and medium-sized enterprises are still wading micro-blog. Shanghai marketing director Chen Liang led into micro-blog search marketing, let him come to us to share the enterprise micro-blog marketing preparatory work:

enterprise micro-blog positioning and content building

Micro-blog enterprise

can locate the official micro-blog (micro media), enterprise leader micro-blog (micro propagation), customer service (micro-blog micro service), micro-blog (micro PR), micro-blog (micro market marketing), micro-blog in different position, the contents of his construction is also different; < /p>The official micro-blog read more

Free site login, a little old, it is estimated to be a bit

the following web site is a relatively high volume of global visits are free landing!

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