No culture is not uncommon, and a peasant woman entrepreneurial success

How to open a restaurant at the lowest cost

Now we

the whole domestic catering industry is a very popular industry, at the same time in the whole society, people demand for food products is also increasing, and now we have to look at how with the lowest cost of opening a restaurant?

travel to stagger the peak, high rent to stagger. Site decision more than half of the passenger flow, so blindly seeking cheap is not a good way.

barberry church founder Zhang Tianyi in the catering boss reference activities, have shared their attempt: he the store opened in the non dense downtown pavement white-collar rental, thus greatly decreased. Through the establishment of online tyrants and other social communities, under the line to eat spicy contest, wrench wrist contest and other means to carry out effective diversion. read more

I cling to the entrepreneurial experience or with a butterfly

every successful person is a person who has confidence in himself. Have been successful and who are now successful, most of them are on highly confident of their own experience, feel this is proven to be too, can be used to guide the present and future development, the theory of the theory of others, are nonsense, unworkable, and often with no experience no the right to speak as an excuse to deny the views of others.

we everyone are examples of this, including our own more or less with this tendency. But things are always changing, along with the change of environment, the conditions of the past experience are changing. Many experts and scholars can indeed through some factors on the trend of a more accurate judgment, entrepreneurs and bosses need to judge the experts to identify and choose, rather than blindly deny. It can be said, "the world is easy to move, the reform should be carried out". read more

Choose children’s clothing should pay attention to what

children’s clothing is a lot of friends more favorite investment projects, because children’s clothing market wide, large profits, so many friends will choose to invest in children’s wear industry. So, the choice of children’s clothing to join the time, need to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian introduced.

a field investigation

choose to operate the brand children’s clothing to join the key lies in the product, because the product is the most direct contact with consumers, consumers do not accept, everything becomes meaningless meaningless. Therefore, for the clothing products, positioning should pay great attention to product development and personality style, personal contact products, has a deep understanding of product materials, workmanship and functional characteristics, in order to be truly aware of. read more

Learn these you can also open a small coffee shop

people’s life is good, they began to pay attention to life. Small coffee shop is undoubtedly a very emotional place, which has become a profitable point of coffee shop operators. Want to open a small coffee shop, you need to do a good job of operation and daily management.

avoid opening of high quality and inexpensive, later changed. A good beginning is able to attract customers, but with the passage of time, if the quality can not be sustained when opening the coffee prices and it is likely to cause the loss of customers, this is a problem that must be considered the owner. read more

What are the good projects of migrant workers

as more and more migrant workers, more and more migrant workers to start their own businesses, want to have a career for himself, has his own life, migrant workers has become a new trend, has become a new trend! What are the good projects of migrant workers?

natural fertilizer production

natural fertilizer is referred to as farm manure, natural fertilizer in addition to improve the quality, but also to meet the market demand of "green", this is the basic requirement for the market of agricultural products. On the other hand, the natural fertilizer industry is the ultimate destination of urban waste, natural fertilizer production can be artificial, factory, industrialization. read more

How to become a billionaire


glass can be seen everywhere in daily life we may not put in the mind, that you may know that the market will more than ninety percent glass is produced by the protagonist, who is it, let us look at his wealth process.

Cao Dewang was born on 1946 in Fujian, Fuqing, is the founder and chairman of Fuyao Glass group. Fuyao Group was founded in 1987, is currently the first Chinese, the world’s second largest automotive glass manufacturers. He is not offering entrepreneurs, not claiming to "send a box of moon cakes", with good personality to work; he is a Buddhist, since 1983 for the first time Cao Dewang accumulated donations, individual donations amounted to 5 billion yuan, that money is applied, but is "small good". In May 30, 2009, Cao Dewang won Ernst & Young Global Entrepreneur award. read more

How to choose the convenience store location

has a lot of business projects on the site is very picky, such as open convenience stores, site selection is very important, we must carefully choose. If you are new to the site is not very familiar with a lot of reference to other people’s experience, find the right location.

in the convenience store industry, there is a saying: the correct location is half of the success. This shows how important the location of convenience stores. Summarize the successful experience of convenience store, the convenience store location is the key to ensure the success of the business. read more

How to promote seasonal clothing

after the beginning of autumn, autumn rain is like a cold, for stores, natural also arrived at the end of the season, so this season clothing promotion has become a very normal thing. However, these clothes in the end how to promote, but also plagued many operators. So, how to promote seasonal clothing?

clothing is a strong seasonal goods, this season’s clothing if sold, the next season will not sell, so every season, each store will find ways to solve the inventory. So in such a fierce competition in the apparel industry, in order to sell the clothing store, it is not easy. read more

Shop location to consider what aspects

although many people know the shop location is a complicated work, we need to consider the content very much, however, really need to consider what factors, has become a problem plaguing many investors. So, shop location to consider what aspects?

1, touch customer

"touch the customer" is here is not the peak passenger flow, you can calculate the traffic timing cundian survey. And pay attention to pedestrians or is in a hurry to understand; pedestrian traffic peak time and scarce time and customers at this time to stay, these are the needs of the on-the-spot investigation content. read more

Reputation is a priceless treasure shop

Because the

network stores compared with the store, there are too many advantages, so now many entrepreneurs are focusing their own business on the Internet, but in the process of business shop in different ways by different operators, the result will be different, here, Xiaobian remind you: credibility for the shop is really a priceless.

integrity management is any economic behavior must follow the rules, the relative physical stores, online shop integrity is life. Now the individual operators believe that the remote service online shop is the "short-lived business", the online distribution is not face to face transactions, even if there is quality problem or Duanjinshaoliang, consumers also helpless, so in the operation of all starting from the profit, ignoring the corporate reputation. read more

How to manage the invoicing

no matter how good the business, the owners will have the trouble to operate above, often complain about bad business. Perhaps many of the retail outlets are often complaining about too much smoke, old customers can not keep. But I think as long as the management of cigarettes Invoicing, back to nature "run". My experience is this:

is the first purchase. In the time of purchase, or appropriate to control some of the rational. I am in the cigarette business aspects of the funds is relatively limited, it is not a backlog, is not easy to appear out of stock, sell some cigarettes, corresponding to fill, to return the funds continue to operate, let me in the "cigarette". On the other hand, can not only look at the purchase of a certain or several tight smoke, should also be appropriate to replace the same level of cigarette brands. Every time I smoke when I try to ensure that the rich variety of cigarettes, so even in the case of the supply of tobacco can not meet the needs of consumers, I still have to recommend the brand to consumers. read more

How to promote the integration of intellectual property and finance in Wuhan

is the so-called: "knowledge to change the fate of" learn to use the knowledge very well, to change their lives, improve the society will play a certain role. This time, Wuhan in order to promote the integration of intellectual property and finance, the establishment of the Wuhan intellectual property financial innovation research and practice center.

7 on the morning of 28 July, Wuhan intellectual property financial innovation research and Practice Center (hereinafter referred to as the center) inaugurated in Optics Valley capital building. Deputy Secretary General Ma Xiushan, deputy director of Hubei provincial finance office Hu Junming, Wuhan intellectual property research director Dong Hongwei, Wuhan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau China Intellectual Property Association (Intellectual Property Office) deputy director Chen Baoguo and other leaders attended the event. read more

How to get more customers to open dry cleaning franchise

today, with the public consumption level, for the clothing purchase more high-end, so when washing to dry cleaning can only rely on, thus promoting the development of the dry cleaning industry to a great extent, it also makes a lot of entrepreneurs also saw cleaners market opportunities. Open dry cleaning franchise project is good, but if you want to make money, it is necessary to get more customers, only a steady stream of traffic, in order to allow the long-term development of the store.

10 has 6 people in the laundry, but only about 4 people come to the laundry. This is the time to use certain means of publicity, to attract the laundry in need, but your large enough publicity, promotional activities when enough to attract people, there may be 8 people over consumption, this is the power of publicity, to ensure the dry cleaning franchise stores the amount of tourists, is also very important.

read more

Open home exquisite snack bar easy to make money

once we in order to simple food and clothing are in the unremitting struggle, snacks naturally no market. And now, we can not eat can not be less snacks, which is now facing the big market snacks. Open the snack shop to have unique ideas and out of the ordinary strategy, through the reasonable promotion way, so that everyone can experience the snack shop atmosphere, reasonable price and good service snacks, you can open a snack shop to make money.

open snack shop success

mature retail chains have occupied most of the popular commercial small snack shop, individuals have to choose mature communities, people flow assurance, a stable source of business, go fine lines can be suitable for the public demand. read more

Open shop to stick to going out

now many college students choose entrepreneurship, but the mall project a superb collection of beautiful things often let people pick hualiaoyan. Online shop now has become a trend, but the team is still growing, many people have to continue to join the electricity supplier industry.

"shop is easy, difficult to operate". In fact, the store business is a long-term process, only three minutes of heat is not, it is impossible to achieve the goal of profitability.

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What are the basic principles of opening

Many people believe that

should have a consumer experience, such as the opening of new stores, all kinds of concessions, so in the opening day to the consumer, but because too many people, the shop is a strength of the popularity, the service is very poor, basically uninterested two consumption. In fact, for the shop, in order to make the opening day higher popularity, in fact, a lot of things are losing money, the result is thankless. In fact, the shop also needs to follow a basic principle, which will be beneficial to the development of late. So, what are the basic principles of opening? read more