Pro women underwear joining good brand underwear – talk to join the whole

Pro women underwear joining good brand underwear – talk to join the whole

now, underwear to join the project, has been very hot. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the pro girl’s underwear secret project, no doubt, is a very good choice. The quality of the project, worry free business, to choose to join the pro girl’s secret underwear?

underwear brand Pro boudoir fashion only words that most healthy and comfortable fabrics to match the urban women, only good fabric, the most sophisticated technology, to create a real fashion and comfort. Each piece of underwear, have experienced hundreds of times a version modified by cutting with ergonomic design, the exquisite sewing process, meticulous stitch. We are committed to the highest quality for each one with "Pro boudoir sweet words" become bestie female fashion! read more

City Court concluded the first case of small claims proceedings

April 12th, the city court of the use of small claims procedure, only 30 minutes concluded by the right to life, the right to health dispute case, relevant provisions in our province which is the first application of the revised "civil procedure law".

July 27, 2012 15 pm, the defendant Liu because of neighborhood trivia, the plaintiff Chen beaten and injured, causing Chen brain trauma, eye trauma, systemic multiple soft tissue injury, 11 days of hospitalization in the third people’s Hospital of Xining City, spent 3695.22 yuan for medical expenses. November 2, 2012, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of the North Branch of the defendant Liu administrative detention 7 days, a fine of $500 security. Because the plaintiff and defendant cannot reach an agreement on compensation for personal injury, the plaintiff sued to court. read more

Market growth rate higher than the national average

In order to further relax controls on the main market access, greatly reduce the threshold for the establishment of enterprises, but also right in the market, but also right on the main market, the business sector in our province began to implement the commercial system reform from April last year, the past year now, with the deepening of the reform in the commercial system, our province has a new market players 60198, than the national average growth rate 9.21 percentage points higher. This reporter learned from the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau in April 16th.It is reported that read more

Area under the leadership of the grassroots people to listen to public opinion

The reporter learned from the East District, since November 25th, the district Party Committee Standing Committee of the 5 will be held a forum, random visits, individual interviews and other ways, in-depth area of various schools, rural areas, enterprises, communities, temples, understand the people listened to the voice of the people, the months of investigation the police opinion, puxiashenzai really do practical things for the people, problem-solving skills.The total 4 

months of research; days, the 5 District Party Committee Standing Committee will be to solve the problem oriented, from the 7 aspects of grasping rectification, turn style, will focus on the understanding of national unity and progress, create advanced areas to promote safe construction of the eastern decision to deploy the implementation at the grassroots level situation, overcome the weaknesses, to eliminate dead and promote the work of real measures at the grassroots level landing, to cover every people; problems will sort out and grasp the cadres at all levels exist in the implementation of work and the style of the building, to carry out the second batch of the party’s mass line educational practice ready. The Dundian, members of the Standing Committee will be the work style of cadres to the people most dissatisfied as a priority among priorities, in addition, attention of the masses of hot and difficult and focus problems will become the research focus, the research will be to develop solutions that make people look forward to really get attention, the real problem is solved. read more

Huangyuan Scenery Documentary military enterprises to build demonstration village activities under t

from at the foot of the beautiful scenery of the ancient city of Junggar, Dan to Yourenruzhi around, every Huangyuan military enterprises to build the demonstration village, are filled with a new harmonious civilized atmosphere, embodies the wisdom and strength of all military enterprises, write a magnificent chapter in the new rural construction in plateau.

this year, a total of 41 military enterprises and units in Huangyuan County 11 villages 5 villages and towns to build demonstration village. To this end, Huangyuan county to implement the responsibility of two county level leadership point of contact and liaison system, work supervision mechanism of leadership, have introduced the military enterprises build a model village activities of a proposed financial awards complement funds reimbursement system "management measures" and "project management". read more

District People Club Bureau volunteers to participate in the creation of civilized city

in the region under the in-depth development of national civilized city evaluation met the inspection work, the majority of the volunteers "Chengbei District People Club Bureau guard point, ", active in the community; check the line, with a brilliant smile and warm service, to create a civilization to contribute their strength.
in Chaoyang Road on the west side of the liability section, the District People Club Bureau volunteers actively begin from me, start from the side, and consciously safeguard the health Road, take the initiative to clear the road on both sides of the green belt in the garbage and waste paper, cigarette ends, plastic bags and other debris, and actively create a good environment of city street landscape Lu chang. For jaywalking, ran a red light, littering and other uncivilized behavior, and actively carry out civilized travel " " volunteer service activities, guide prompted people to consciously abide by traffic rules, not across the diagonal across the road, not red light, do not wait for the line, do not climb the fence, new social advocate civilized travel.
in contact point of the mountains and the community, the majority of the volunteers take the initiative to contact the Bureau of community workers, actively participate in solving the existing problems in the process of examination and the opinions and suggestions of the residents, and actively help the community to do the work of civilization.

read more

City traffic police thorough investigation at night

The roar of the car, motorcycle sound harsh sound so many people just sleep after being awakened, recently on the illegal modification of vehicles at night Racing have occurred, the night racing Party A for the traffic safety hidden trouble, on the other hand racing party behavior has serious nuisance. To this end, the city police will investigate such nuisance behavior.

Dry cleaning industry must do a good job of health and epidemic prevention

in winter came, dry cleaning shop business is booming, a successful dry cleaners, health and epidemic prevention work must be done, so as to ensure the dry cleaning, clean and sanitary, beneficial to human health, for the dry cleaners to accumulate high popularity.

1. dry cleaners health requirements

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August 4th onwards, the next three days will be dominated by sunny weather in Xining

After a month of precipitation after 29 days, entered Xining in August finally appeared in fine weather, east district appeared again in August 3rd or even 30.4 degrees. Affected by this, sunny weather in August 4th, the next three days in Xining will be sunny weather, the highest temperature is expected to 4, 30 C.

Comparison of Hudajie and sister and the potato powder brand advantage

What brand of

occupy in the snack potato flour industry’s market share is relatively large, in other words, the most popular consumer items, of which there are two brand is a Hudajie be on a par with that of potato powder. There is a potato powder. At present, potato powder industry professional, high visibility is Hudajie and sister and the potato powder, potato powder is a leading industry brand, famous brand. Headquartered in Henan Zhengzhou, then Hudajie and sister and the potato powder these two brands do? read more

Meet the most beautiful lake in Chinese – Lake Race fourth stage of wonderful pictures

  July 8th, 2015 Qinghai Lake international road cycling race held in the fourth stage of Qinghai Lake to the Gangcha game. The Russian team from Los siviero Ivan became the fourth stage of the race in 4 hours 33 minutes 57 seconds, the No. 61 team Ukraine Kors Mikhail Lo, No. 141 Slovenia Yamobeier adley team Mark won the two or three.  
2015 Qinghai Lake international road cycling race held in the fourth stage, the players riding in the most beautiful lake in Qinghai Lake, Chinese

players ride in China’s most beautiful lake – Qinghai Lake read more

College entrance examination sports all electronic test

In April 15th, our province college entrance examination physical examination comprehensive examination, the examination will continue until the end of April 17th, with the test for the candidates using infrared electric tester in our province college entrance examination this year, all sports, sports college entrance examination marks the province 5 meters to three shuttle run, run 100 meters, 800 meters running, long jump and shot 5 a test project to achieve full electronic test, to avoid the human factor, can ensure that the examinee’s examination results are accurate. read more

Environmental remediation so that the fire West Ocean up

in Xining City Nanshan green barrier, with a small village, Peng Jia Zhai Zhen Huo Xi Cun, Chengxi district this year to raise funds 1 million 280 thousand yuan, completed the fire and environmental remediation projects Nishimura Road, now high pole lights into the village, the unique shape of the flat, clean roads…… Let the village glow with an unprecedented modernization.

reporter walked into the village of fire, in front of the village is clean and tidy, cement paved the road to the door of every household. A villager told reporters that before the village there are only a few dirt roads, rainy days muddy road is difficult, the villagers do not go out. Now the village roads are newly repaired, we travel convenience. In addition, the village is also fitted with a high pole lights out at night, no longer afraid of the dark. read more

New year to go Grassroots road angel stick to the Spring Festival

February 8th, new year’s day.

at 4 in the morning, it was still dark outside. Most of the people in staying-up late on new year’s Eve after the city fell asleep. Huang Hua, 47 years old, got up early. She is the city of Xining City District Sanitation Management Center is responsible for cleaning the streets of the 54 paragraph, the day all the sanitation workers must be one hour ahead of the gang, from 5 o’clock to take to the streets to clean up.

Spring Festival, the majority of Chinese people will put down their work and family reunion, but known as the "road angel" sanitation workers must adhere to work for the public to clean up the city clean. Engaged in environmental sanitation work for 15 years, the annual Spring Festival Huang Hua are spent on the job. read more

The United States of Qinghai leveraging the The Belt and Road win-win development

Flowers TuRui Yingbin Peng, beautiful Qinghai new exhibition.

through the professional and lively show, we are more and more clearly positioning the food and supplies halal "province growth" context: This is to enhance the scale, and a progressive open cooperation; this is to strengthen the connotation, once again witnessed win-win cooperation. read more

Xining industrial and commercial advance to take three measures to maintain the order of agricultura

recently, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of spring production in 2010, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce Bureau in advance to take three measures to maintain the order of agricultural market management.


branch closely around the land preparation for spring plowing, early deployment, early arrangements, to further strengthen supervision of agricultural market, starting from the determination of agricultural business qualification, from the quality of agricultural access, registration, establishment of invoice system, pass through quality inspection certificate, quality inspection report, the jurisdiction of 7 households agricultural business units conscientiously implement the "two account two tickets a book card" system and the "three agricultural sales" system, and the agricultural purchase channels, sales of 11 record. At the same time, the order of agricultural households operating contract was examined. To intensify propaganda, setting up agricultural legal advisory Taiwan, leaflets and other forms of popular agricultural supervision laws and regulations knowledge, publicize the knowledge of scientific selection, distinguish false and correct usage of agricultural commodities, has received good results. For the convenience of peasant consumers to report complaints, the area where the rural supply and marketing cooperatives set up to report mailbox, public telephone, in order to smooth channels for complaints, establish a complaint handling mechanism, timely investigation of the illegal activities, which varies. read more

Security tips, 51 travel note

with "51" the arrival of a small holiday, in the downtown area of long distance driving, shopping and play vehicles has increased significantly, of which the urban tourist attractions, business district and the train station, highway passenger stations, toll stations and other surrounding areas will be in holiday traffic saturation, facing the huge traffic pressure, in order to facilitate the public I enjoy travel, safe travel, the city traffic police department issued safety tips, to the public choice of travel mode, travel guide all key note. read more

Production and management of animal husbandry technology training classes in Xining

6 16, one of the international human resources development project of national livestock production and management technology training classes in Xining.

it is understood, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, the Department of Commerce and International Economic Cooperation Promotion Center hosted "animal husbandry production and management of technical training course" in June 16th to July 15th held in Xining, this is my third consecutive undertake and implement national international human resources development project. During the training, participants will learn the system of modern animal husbandry technology application and development in Qinghai Province, grassland construction status, risk warning mechanism, animal husbandry livestock improvement method, construction, livestock breeding system of dairy products processing, feed technology, mechanic and breeding, cultivation of forage grass biological disasters, animal parasites and parasite disease course. read more