The Google AdSense website is temporarily unavailable

The Google AdSense website is temporarily unavailable

according to the stationmaster probably at about 13 p.m. on April 10, 2009 to log on to their own account password and then jump to the background, suggesting an error, and prompts the error will be reported to the relevant engineer. I thought it was wrong to operate their own, to see a group of news, we do not respond to the landing. About 14, once again click on the landing can not jump out of the landing interface is a direct Google AdSense site temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause." As of press time, the official has not issued a statement. read more

Jia Yueting criticized the four cancer of Apple’s closed ecosystem

days ago, chairman Jia Yueting LETV released on micro-blog, "a letter to Apple: the next generation of mobile Internet is no longer needed dictator" sparked numerous hot friends. In the letter, Jia Yueting said that only the mode of the times, there is no eternal model, closed Apple has not in line with the trend of the times, will be weak.

maybe this letter Jia Yueting offended many fruit powder, but Liu Kuang thinks that Jia Yueting’s letter just said a lot of truth, also expressed the common aspiration of many people outside the industry. Admittedly, Jobs with a closed system to create the ultimate user experience of Apple products, so many fruit powder still indulge in this. But a growing number of Apple users are complaining of Cook under the leadership of Apple product design system, lack of innovation, in fact, not Cook, but wrong in the closed system of narcissism on apple. Apple’s closed system is beginning to breed the cancer grew, and spread to various fields. read more

Net loan platform meets the year the 24 platform to cash difficulties — the most short-lived!

I: the dark horse of the year "is not crossed the threshold for net loan people, last year’s" run away tide "makes many investors fear, this year’s" fraud tide "is also very jittery. Net loan home data show that as of November 20th, in November there have been 24 problems with the platform, in addition to the fraud platform has 8, the rest of the platform there are different degrees of difficulty.

Beijing reproduction of the most short-lived platform

November 20th, there are investors in the net Loan Home Forum broke a name called Rong Jin venture Beijing platform yesterday (November 19th) just on the line on foot, QQ group has disbanded. read more

Today’s headlines from the media can go beyond Baidu and WeChat

text / Wang Chao

because WeChat open public accounts, resulting from the media concept of hot, 2013 is also known as the media year. Since the popularity of the media, resulting in a large number of content producers or reporters leave from the agency, operating their own public accounts or from the media.

in terms of influence subscription number, personal account has been with the agency account ". According to Xu Da ranked, compared to the people’s daily, CCTV news and other veteran organizations, many personal accounts on the subscription and the amount of reading as well as advantages; put aside politics, in finance, fashion, emotion and other segments, has been entirely personal account of the world. read more

WeChat remediation two yuan options gray area gambling why repeated

yesterday afternoon around six, WeChat official public number pushed a message, WeChat public platform on remediation of the $two option class information announcement, the original reads as follows:


public platform has been committed to provide users with a green and healthy environment, and resolutely combat the "two yuan option" related laws and regulations and the promotion of information unlicensed behavior. For the "two options", Chinese Commission has issued a risk warning, "two option" and Chinese SFC regulatory options and financial derivatives are essentially trading behavior similar to gambling, and the local public security organs for the crime of fraud on the $two option network platform for investigation. read more

The first anniversary of the anniversary of the signing of the Anhui Internet association and the be

organizer: Anhui Internet Alliance Tencent financial payment through

co organizer: Hefei hotline Hefei Group buy network Anhui recruitment network 52PK long married network

organizer: Anhui Yanhuang Network Technology Co. Ltd. "stationmaster" magazine

: Chinese support media station stationmaster net net China laggards I station fast allusion net IDC ring IT IT

world grassroots network

support: Chinese online Chinese creative online bubble play public youth salon

annual meeting theme: to celebrate the first anniversary of the establishment of the Anhui Internet Alliance, to explore the path of Anhui personal site earnings, exchange of personal site operations experience read more

To push the original author Youku operating platform like YY, 9158 models in order to gather popular

first to burst a material, the Iqiyi began to spend huge sums of money to buy the copyright to do independent broadcast video circle in downtown when rival Youku also raise a Babel of criticism of, not idle.

, a profitable website, has recently started to make money from fans, and they have recently launched a product called personal channels.

heard of this project has been regarded as one of the core internal Youku 2014 products, mainly through the UGC share to let fans consumption, compared with the past practice, the company added a lot of new gameplay, such as video producers jointly launched specifically divided into income belongs to the user’s personal channel, providing fans management and data interpretation etc. function. read more edit delete money was sentenced to 5 years in each of the 800 received a total of 80 thous

Phoenix Internet Information Center editor Qiu, the use of his office to each 800 yuan price for others paid delete posts, just over a year on bribes of more than 11 yuan. Suspicion of non national staff bribery, Qiu was sentenced to 5 years in the first instance court, after Qiu appealed against. The reporter learned yesterday, Beijing city court to dismiss the appeal and upheld the original verdict is final.

delete posts suspected of taking bribes

it is understood that Qiu, 28 years old, in October 2010 to enter the Ministry of education, the Ministry of public interest in the Internet in June 2011, the official entry. After the entry of qiumou was assigned to group news information center, is mainly responsible for reprint news. According to the prosecution allegations, qiumou from October 2012 to October 2013, repeatedly accepted Lu Moumou (female, handled separately) entrusted by post convenience website editor, on the website to delete information and accepting illegal, Lu Moumou payment totaling RMB 11.8 yuan. Prosecutors believe that Qiu’s behavior has violated the provisions of the criminal law, constitute a non national staff bribery. read more

B2B2C do with the idea of community O2O at home point by ten million U.S. dollars A round of financi

O2O community service platform "

in Shanghai told the 36 krypton at home little", has completed several million A round of financing in September last year, Sequoia Capital Chinese Fund led, Gao Rong capital, the amount of funds and other institutions with investment at the same time, a new round of financing will be completed. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used for the development of technology platform to help businesses settled in the platform to grow and continue to strengthen the supply chain services. read more

.china two congenitally deficient caused the stillbirth

recently, on the Internet a Chinese decimal network address enabled message caused controversy, referred to as farce, much raise a Babel of criticism of. Associated with the decimal network of institutions that are currently being developed to ".China" end of the domain name, used to distribute to the domestic website. In this regard, netizens and insiders have questioned, and pointed out that ".China" is not a domain name, and there are two congenitally deficient: the law neither obtained legislative approval of the Ministry of information industry, technology is not compatible with the global network, contrary to the basic spirit of Internet interconnection. read more

Baidu salon share Baidu search the latest developments in Beijing Railway Station

November 22nd, Baidu Webmaster Platform high-end salon after the Beijing Railway Station, on the two floor of the Hotel Wangfujing Huayuan Liaoba held as scheduled, from A5 marketing, CNTV, SouFun, Sohu, etc. dozens of well-known websites on the Internet elite together. During the Baidu LEE team, mobile search, Baidu webmaster platform, Baidu Gallery engineers on the current Baidu search for the latest dynamic introduced.

first, Baidu Webmaster Platform (Cao Lili) introduced the webmaster how to search engine interaction and how to use the webmaster tools to help web site operators are introduced in the three part of Baidu Webmaster Platform, these content can help the webmaster understand how Baidu webmaster tools for reasonable use of web service. read more

You do not know the electricity business in India or the birth of billions of dollars

[Abstract] a large population, traffic chaos and other unique national conditions in India means that the electricity supplier in the country a greater market prospects.

Tencent science and technology news in the global Internet market, a large population of China and India, often tied to the media as a typical representative of the emerging markets two. Growth in the smart phone, Internet users and many other areas of growth, China and India have eye-catching data, attracting the eyes of the Internet giant. read more

Adsense network broadcast Ali acquisition of cool disk meter folding network was traffic attacks

1 Alibaba announced the acquisition of cloud storage software incorporated the entire team

cool disk

September 25th news, Alibaba group announced the acquisition of domestic cloud storage software cool disk, to enter the field of personal wireless cloud storage. Cool disk CEO, storm Gu Zhicheng, founder and team will join Alibaba group, I will still be responsible for the cool disk business in. But Ali did not disclose the specific amount of the acquisition, as well as the relevant details.

it is understood that the cool disk as a cross platform personal cloud storage service providers, on the line in 2010 so far, has 15 million users, of which more than 3 million of mobile end users. 2012, with the rise of the mobile Internet, cool disk strategy focused on mobile devices. read more

These are good copy should be

said the last show in the form of text, that today Hefei talent network Xiaobian want to chat with you, what a good copy of what should be included! Some operators said, do not copy in order to highlight the company’s products, and then cause a netizen’s desire to buy it, although this is our ultimate goal, but such a "pure" copy is often difficult to attract people to watch it! So small that a good copywriter should not be explained only from the perspective of the product, we may be able to attract netizens from another angle read more

Cloud bird was $100 million D round of financing systems and data to improve efficiency is the focus

After the completion of the completion of the construction of

and capacity pool, with the means of cloud information cloud into the operational stage of refinement, placed in front of the focus of only two – to make money and improve the efficiency of technical means.

February 13th, the city with service providers cloud technology announced that it has received $100 million D round of financing, led by the United States Warburg Investment Group investment, Jingwei China, Jinsha River and other investors with investment. read more

What are they selling in Hangzhou in the gourd

a few days ago, Amazon China signed a memorandum of cooperation with the city of Hangzhou, the two sides will jointly support more than a hundred companies in Hangzhou in 2016 through the Amazon global shop to carry out cross-border electricity supplier export business. What are the stories behind this cooperation, the cooperation between the two sides play a role?

a few days ago, Amazon China signed a memorandum of cooperation with the city of Hangzhou, the two sides will jointly support more than a hundred companies in Hangzhou in 2016 through the Amazon global shop to carry out cross-border electricity supplier export business. What are the stories behind this cooperation, the cooperation between the two sides play a role?. read more

Entrepreneurs and investors have to face a lot of decision test can trust intuition

every day, entrepreneurs and investors have to face a lot of decision test. For example, entrepreneurs need to determine the process and direction of product iteration, recruit a person, or open a person, investors have to decide whether or not to vote for a project.  

how do you make a right decision between a variety of choices and a judgment?

every time you ask someone about the secret of a good decision, a lot of successful people come out with a smile: "trust your instincts!" read more

Social responsibility of social media from the perspective of 404 public welfare

There are millions or tens of millions of the 404 page

page every day, how can have been dull as ditch water resources waste, and every day to see the same cues, as do some social welfare. NotFound Project is a project by Missing Children Europe and European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children jointly launched the charity organization, they hope to use the idle space network play public power: let more people to help find missing children. It Chinese every year tens of thousands of children lost or abducted, 1/10 is not able to get it back, a terrible thing, children are the hope of our country, if there is a loss of tens of thousands of children each year, in the course of time, resulting in social influence is bad, how to find the possible loss of children? Only to mobilize the whole society power. Who has the ability to mobilize the whole society. read more

Throw the burden of investment into the next shot will be a 56 net

Internet circle dynamic continuously in a continuous line. Ali investment intime storm has not faded, followed by a huge dump Cool 6 burden. We always fall into a reverie here is cool 6, has just been grand throw the burden, there are professional analysts said everyone should sell 56 net now.

from partner to strategic investment

Alibaba HK $5 billion 370 million for strategic investment intime business, strategic investment, the two sides will integrate the advantages of resources, to create their line of business systems, intime business entities and the Alibaba of the Internet economy two-way integration. The two sides will form a joint venture. For Ali and intime, there are Internet sources said: pick up the soap for many years a good brother finally walked together. In fact, in the Internet environment, competition to cooperation (the recent alliance shop), strategic investment (Tencent shares of Jingdong and investment intime ALI) as well as the acquisition and so on some actions, including the Internet circle in society has become a must. read more

Hao Hongfeng the rise of new electricity supplier brewmaster network will die 80% old electricity su

[introduction] Hao Hongfeng said, the old electricity supplier, can survive this year can survive, not to endure this year did not play, the final estimates there will be only 20% survived. The new electricity supplier has a lot of business people to do the mind and experience, do business than those old electricity chamber of Commerce to do more.

CEO Hao Hongfeng (Tencent brewmaster network technology plan)

2012 B2C industry is undergoing significant changes. On the one hand, Tmall, Jingdong and other electricity providers were pulled away, on the other hand, the vertical wind struck, cotton and other goods poly collapse, Lok, good music to buy layoffs adjustment. In Rainbow Night and electricity supplier industry, Suning, Wanda and other traditional enterprise awakening, have stepped up efforts to enter the field of electronic business. read more