Jiangxi Department of Education innovation and entrepreneurship education will be included in the pe

for many university students interested in entrepreneurship, conflicts between work and study there is always a variety of access, and may even affect their academic degree certificate. Therefore Jiangxi province introduced new measures for the innovation of College Students’ academic practice open the floodgates wide to.

to support college students innovation and entrepreneurship, Jiangxi province gives priority to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship students into professional learning, the implementation of flexible educational system, broaden students age, academic study, Paul process allows adjustment (course) from school of innovation and entrepreneurship. Support the application of disciplines teachers at the same time as the counterparts of engineers, teachers and technical service enterprises established long-term relationship, the performance of innovation and entrepreneurship education into professional and technical positions of teacher evaluation and performance evaluation; university evaluation in professional and technical positions, should be recognized as the academic achievement of entrepreneurship education professional achievements field.

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What is the advantage of opening a jade jade shop

opened a jade jade shop, for now the market is concerned, there is a strong, can cause people to entrepreneurial passion, in the whole business on the road, our jade jade shop also has many advantages.

1, the jewelry and jade consumer market is growing, its non renewable resources determine the characteristics of customer consumption tend to choose the brand. "Native advantage and Exhibition shop effect of jade" fast, when the company’s stores across the market at home and abroad, jade jade jewelry store you with other stores echoing, sharing brand effect.

2, for supporting a mature system of jade jade shop, with time and effort than your own start empty-handed to open a shop is much less at this time is money society, it is saving money for you.

3, the jewelry business industry is more complex and involves a variety of practical level, it requires professional knowledge in various fields, and "jade" cooperation will enable you to obtain the company continuity support in all aspects of site selection, construction, procurement, product selection, training, management, advertising, marketing and promotion, so you can easily enter lucrative industry and to maximize the success of your help.

4, jade jade, operating system and its upstream product manufacturer, has been the development of a number of Direct stores successful management experience, and won the 3.15 credit enterprise". In the regional market, jade products, services, trademarks have been recognized, all kinds of jade jade management, independent operation can avoid the risk of uncertainty.

"jade" management system and the upstream product manufacturer has been the development of a number of Direct stores successful management experience, and won the 3.15 credit enterprise". In the regional market, its products, services, trademarks have been recognized, operating a variety of jade, compared to their own independent operation to avoid a lot of uncertain risks.


Let your site is not Baidu K off

do stand three points must always remember not to offend!

do stand first is urgent. This "not urgent" what does that mean? There are two meanings: one is that you should not use the collection methods, or even by acquisition, the best can manually modify into their own! Every day does not need more than 20 articles enough! This is a lot of predecessors have said many times, but I said here is an experience for me, which I have collected about 3000 articles, although these articles can be engines, but can not bring traffic, because it exists in the network is of no significance, now the engine has enough wisdom to judge these rubbish! The acquisition, direct let the engine have a certain resentment on the site, which need to spend more effort to change the bad state in the late stage, it is not more tiring? Second mean please stand Parents do not believe those mass software vendors boast, use group to promote the site, or to increase the chain! Once used the mass software, You’ll see., "I do not" what is the meaning of the

!Because we can’t send the

intervention, so those spam messages on your site filled the entire network, and this will be the day after you direct site is the biggest hidden danger of K! Maybe Google and Yahoo will be a little better, but the Baidu K station does not discuss the character, that is the death of my poor site! The biggest reason is Baidu K, I estimate and this has a very close relationship, in fact I do is normal station, just do not understand the stakes, this should not rush to use the "lethal weapon"! Now what? Die


do stand second is not hair. "Not" what does that mean? Because we are not the topic of this post is Baidu K, so of course is in the site of Baidu hair! Especially Post Bar and know! Before I was a lot of traffic from the K station, Post Bar, because I was desperately in Post Bar send promotional Stickers! I am naive believe that these means nothing more than to promote it! But the engine do not think so, Baidu does not think so! As the day I was K station, I found that Baidu Post Bar did not come over even a discharge! Why? I want to do something in the Baidu nose is not enough! But hair hair, you can complain why? No one told


so, please think of promotion friend, Baidu Post Bar and know, the amount can be, do not spend great efforts to bring their own pushed into the pit of fire! (also added, is to write this article after several days to think of a thing, just don’t hand to your site and content independent forum or message like this to promote hair stick, this is actually the results and use the mass is as bad as it is, the greater amount of mass, and manual posting amount and a little slow, but will cause the chain too much, is the engine send some original suggestions to punish! The relevant forum, this is the best promotion method!) "

2015 will make small business ideas to make money earn you burst

now everyone wants to make money, want to make money through some of the more formal way at the same time, we each person’s social life will have some nondescript small projects, but this small project which is inconspicuous bears a huge market opportunity.

2015 new business projects,

100% earned the second-hand luxury consignment shop

2015 the latest venture, do you know what the most profitable, 2015 the latest venture, now has become the focus of discussion every day. 2015 new business projects, everyone around the turn of the topic, because living in the world will need to have income, not their own money to help the work of others, know the latest 2015 entrepreneurial projects, will not have to work for others

100% earned 2015 of the latest venture projects, household goods rental industry

in TV shopping more and more fresh stuff, but you really want to let people buy, they hesitated. Based on this situation, if the rent instead of buying, open a home rental shop, its market potential is certainly not small. Lease purchase of goods from the "small" start, the purchase price of goods can be 100-300300-500500-1000 yuan and other stalls, according to the level of fees. To buy a household electric oven as an example, the purchase price of 1000 yuan, if the price of 12 yuan a day rent, monthly rent out 20 times, available to rent 200 yuan, now what business? If a shop to purchase   15 commodity estimates, cost about 8000 yuan, deduct maintenance and maintenance costs, a profit of nearly 2000 yuan a month.

2015 new business projects,

100% earned the ball inflatable rental shop  

100% earned 2015 of the latest venture projects, old clothes restructuring shop

the project to break the traditional big change small, fat thin, fill the holes in the scope of services, mainly to provide a recommendation for the customer restructuring of clothing

After 80 guy build 30 million vegetable kingdom

now some 80 after they have become the main force of entrepreneurship, the whole society at the same time, they are also a group of relatively many 80 vibrant entrepreneurs, many of whom have extraordinary entrepreneurs and some of the more successful story.

white-collar workers of state enterprises don’t do but to grow vegetables, to sell to raise money for the development of entrepreneurship, frozen industry to kneel…… To commemorate the 95 anniversary of the Hubei youth movement will share 54 ", from Bristol to young entrepreneurs to create their own share of Han tech vegetable kingdom" stories and insights.


tall and skinny, wearing a formal suit shirt, but the skin is dark. Han Gaoke said that the sun is in the field, black spots more healthy. You know Han tech was in the office of the office of the white-collar workers, after graduating from Hubei University of Economics in 2005, when the two white-collar workers in a state-owned enterprise in Wuhan, and then resigned back home business – Xiantao vegetables.

from the "white collar" to "jump black collar", because from the news found business opportunities. In 2005, the Korean tech went to Beijing to study to prepare students from the Renmin University of China, during a news caught his attention: a vegetable vendor to grow their own vegetables sold out, buy vegetables from elsewhere to affix their own trademarks, the result was exposed. Han Gaoke said that although the negative news, but let him see the business opportunities, I want to do one-stop service".

ups and downs

investment of millions of family business, selling

of accounting professional learning of Han Gaoke, he is a complete layman of vegetables. In 2007 just back to business, he went to Shandong to spend 60 thousand yuan to buy Pepper Seeds and fertilizer, but because of rain and snow in 2008, led to the high temperature and humidity, so that No. This is also the Xiantao weather conditions are not suitable for pepper growth, Han said: "hi tech seedsman people told me I could, I also for gospel truth."


kneel to learn the deep processing, ready planted to the national

Children’s wear chain stores to open what errors

today, many people have taken to children’s clothing market sales unpopular scene, have children want to join the business, so, today, the whole network Xiaobian to talk about open children’s franchise in which there is a misunderstanding.

any franchise is not one hundred percent success, then the success of industry may also have the possibility of failure, if there is to join can make money, no experience can make money, then you joined on a handful of successful means said, according to the chain of children’s clothing to join the successful experience, we should put aside three the chain of children’s clothing to join the misunderstanding, and the matters needing attention.

on children’s clothing stores

children joined two mistakes: once the investment

children joined three mistakes: earned not lose the sale package

in eliminating the above errors, to ensure the success of the chain of children’s clothing to join, but also to remind investors to pay attention to the following

note: children joined a pre investment good design >

Five Sichuan franchise brand recommended

Chongqing Sichuan to join the brand in a lot of investment projects are good, because Chongqing Sichuan spicy, able to bring people on the tongue experience, so open a restaurant is a very good choice. The following small for a few good Sichuan restaurant brand do you recommend.

TOP1. take

Take the ferry

spicy hot pot is the history master to Beijing people love the taste of Sichuan, Chongqing and other places is also compatible with the spicy flavor and fusion. Especially in the spicy hot pot in Beijing R & D original, well received by the community, its unique taste, spicy Beijing, swept the country, now became the capital of the industry’s well-known brands.

from Beijing to take the management of food and Beverage Co., Ltd. business so far, in the operating style, environment, taste, service, management has been well received by customers, the company has been rapid development. With this opportunity, the company is now actively developing in Beijing has already opened 8 direct spicy hot pot shop, 28 stores nationwide cooperation.

Take the ferry

spicy hot pot franchise support

1, technical training, training, twenty quarter update formula secret dishes, staple food series features.

2, the use of the brand, the authorization of the bronze medal, the opening certificate, unified image design, franchise management system.

3, on-site training, distribution, operation, the waiter chef attendant recruitment and training management, cost accounting.

4, unified tableware and kitchenware distribution.

5, professional teachers with shop 1-4 weeks to ensure that the chain opened hot business.

TOP2. Chuan Cheng Yuan

yuan fine into Sichuan spicy hot pot Beijing Flavor Food Co., the company’s flagship brand, Beijing spicy hot pot industry "leader", began in 2004 in the East New World Food City, authentic taste is unique since Needless to say, lies in the smart materials, varieties of the whole, form wonderful.

yuan fine into Sichuan spicy hot pot, stir fried meat dishes into the Hot pot, chocolate, spicy aroma! Product is divided into a few spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy spicy Yan five grade, a moment of different grade spicy ingredients over the tip of the tongue, guests can feel fragrant spicy, soft hemp, let people eat not tire 100, unable to stop.

TOP3. Shun Yuan Dragon

spicy hot pot shop has set the general level of spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy and slightly small, short service time >

Shenyang people spend the Spring Festival holiday

as soon as the new year, people gradually relax, all hope to be able to travel, let oneself more happy. The same is true in Shenyang, which projects are loved by the people of Shenyang? The following text analysis, I hope to help you, so you can learn more knowledge.

hot spring tourism unabated

new city, Shenyang and other hot springs scenic tourist reception more than 10 thousand people, tickets and other tourist income of more than $1 million, an increase of about 60%. Haicheng Geng Zhuang Pangkor Island spa, Taian bajiaotai spa, Xiuyan Ditch soup hot spring and cactus mouth hot springs and many other tourism sites continue to peak traffic.

ice and snow tourism popular

Shenyang Olympic Sports Center launched nearly 70 thousand square meters of large snow carnival, the city’s total of 27 points to carry out the activities of ice snow play play. Xiangzhou, Dalian City Resort Resort 57 thousand and 100 people, into the park spa reception tourists of 53 thousand and 100 people. Tianqiaogou Dandong city launched a snowman love exclusive venue, Huangyi mountain ring site, snow skate site conducted a comprehensive renovation, the new snow banana project.

rural tour highlights

Shenyang city Kangping, Faku County to carry out every kind of winter fishing and tourism activities, tourists can not only watch the winter fishing performances, but also to buy organic ecological fish catch of the. Winter fishing festival and the Spring Festival period, Kangping tourists 78 thousand passengers, total tourism revenue reached more than 1700 yuan. Dalian City Changhai County launched "fishing style spring" campaign has attracted many tourists to the city together.

whether the farmhouse, or snow travel, travel by people gradually make life colorful, so that more of the time, we still hope that the people in the travel fun, to pay attention to the safety of travel, it will make your Spring Festival holiday more meaningful.

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What are the famous Sichuan franchise brand

The visibility of the Sichuan

who do not know who do not know, it seems like a lot of people taste spicy, this is also the reason why many people love one of the reasons of Sichuan. China Sichuan is one of the four famous, famous at home and abroad, Sichuan cuisine is characterized by a cooking grid, a hundred dishes subway. Sichuan from development to production, perfect, has experienced a long process, so far as a cuisine, Sichuan cuisine materials extensive peculiar varieties are dazzling, flying in the sky, run, swim, the Sichuan master hand, prepared by cooking, suddenly become delicious food so, who admired. Sichuan chain

what brand is good?

What are the famous Sichuan

franchise brand? Xiao Bian recommended for you

, a small basket of Sichuan

Sichuan is a long history of very strong local flavor cuisine. As one of the four major cuisines in China, occupies an important position in the history of cooking, based on its extensive and varied seasonings, diverse dishes, refreshing taste Chunnong both, to use a spicy, flavor for hemp, spicy, sweet, salty, sour and bitter six. Small backpack Sichuan dishes variety, taste changeable, adaptable, inheritance of Sichuan "one dish a hundred dishes taste, taste more delicious and unique style. In the cooking process, the use of flavor, shade, the amount of secondary allocation changes can be obtained, aroma form has a special flavor and taste all kinds of delicious food.

pay attention to Sichuan cooking variety, taste more delicious. Small backpack in the choice of materials, knife, Sichuan dishes collocation, four aspects of cooking techniques, strict operation. Especially in the "fry" is more originality. Many dishes are used "gift" approach, characterized by short, rapid heat, less juice, taste fresh.

two, Chongqing Township People

Yu Heung people Sichuan Museum is a virtue of the traditional style in Beijing developed gradually since 1998, Chongqing and Sichuan Museum, taste village store opened, is loved by the people. It is mainly around the capital city, so that people in the bustling metropolis enjoy the sweet taste of earthy soil.

Yu Heung people Sichuan Museum, an authentic Chongqing sister do Sichuan Museum, initially want to deliver the people of Sichuan on the table for guests to eat meals, a cafeteria, and now, all kinds of food can be found in almost Chongqing township people, the waiters are the mountains of Chongqing girl, they are forceful, competent, honest, diligent speech and deportment show character. Yu Heung people so far, no advertising exaggerated, almost all of the customers good word-of-mouth.

three video, Sichuan Museum

"video Sichuan Museum" is the Chengdu Pakistan cloth.

Most incubators have no station

in order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, a variety of "incubator" construction is more and more, the establishment of an incubator is simple, but the incubator development is really easy to grow up!

visited some of the incubator, my heart was almost collapse. Most of the incubator station empty; entrepreneurs graduated from an incubator, and then go to another home for three months, around the industry average flow; the occupancy rate is less than 30% of business, service is in its infant stage……

also has a large science and technology enterprises, with the original incubation service ability, will experience projected to start-up companies, in order to achieve long-term returns. For example, Intel output core products, technology, industry docking, fund and other services to establish a joint acceleration.

the incubator for practitioners in the country concerned, now may be the best time, the State encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, to domestic entrepreneurs incubator is bigger than any previous time space. If you just do not have a significant meaning of the incubator, the operation is simpler than ever.