Sure enough love ice cream let you fall in love with the brand

on what kind of snacks no seasons, popular throughout the year? Xiao Bian know one, that is, ice cream, ice cream is no longer the darling of summer, even in the cold winter, young people to buy ice cream is not a minority. Love ice cream is a good choice for the project.

I love ice cream is mainly used in Italy handmade ice cream craft, now make and sell very fresh, in addition, it also developed the excellent quality of the "low fat and low sugar ice cream ingredients, so many people no menace from the rear. Love ice cream with pure natural materials, fat free, sugar free, low fat, low sugar, high fiber, rich in vitamins, active bacteria and antioxidants. Nutritional components of milk 2.8-3 times, in the human body digestibility of up to 95%

I love ice cream products very much, with yogurt fishing series, sago milk series, fishing series, Double-Layer Steamed Milk series, pastries series, Boudin series, purple dew series, paste series, fruit juice series, hot charm series, fashion show body series, Blizzard series, waffle extreme series, dream the snow crystal series, Bing Bing music series, series 17 series, snack sundae categories, 100 categories of Western fast food nutrition collocation, natural hand to death.

really love ice cream, delicious to the heart, let people eat also want to eat. Not surprisingly, I love ice cream is such a charm, I have heard that ice cream slobber, what is still hesitant! As long as ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan, really love ice cream and delicious home to drive your business, take out your success. To join really love ice cream bar, big wave allies waiting for you oh!

Heilongjiang female college students venture project bidding Contest Finals ended

female entrepreneurship has become an important field of entrepreneurship in social issues, women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs have encountered with many times. Dong Mingzhu, the best-known GREE group leader, is a highly successful woman entrepreneur. To cultivate more successful female entrepreneurs, first of all from the start of the support of female college students.

11 10, after a period of 7 months to youth flying, help dream sail as the theme of the province’s female college students venture capital project bidding contest held a finals in Harbin University. 22 entrepreneurial projects after the preliminaries, semi-finals, gold and silver bronze to compete in the final scene. From 11 universities of Harbin Medical University, Northeast Forestry University, Heilongjiang University, more than 500 students to watch the scene of fierce competition.

to help female college students employment, the provincial women’s Federation started female college students employment act. Through the establishment of employment practice base and tutor team, organization of successful women into the campus, the implementation of female entrepreneurs led training outstanding female students, female students held special recruitment, build a women’s employment and entrepreneurship network service platform and other initiatives, to help female students to enter the society, employment and entrepreneurship, and strive to create care for female college students employment social atmosphere, promote the development of social concern of the people’s livelihood, help female female. The contest is jointly organized by the provincial women’s Federation, the provincial education department, the province’s major colleges and universities widely support, more than 1000 female college students to participate in the business of project planning, the 135 venture into the preliminaries, projects involving creative culture, leisure industry, network marketing, modern technology and other aspects, showcasing the female college students business intelligence, a women’s entrepreneurship.

winners won 1000 – 10000 yuan in addition to the amount ranging from a cash reward, gold, silver and bronze items also obtained Province Xinzheng investment guarantee group, entrepreneurship loan Company limited by guarantee 100 thousand yuan small secured loans of credit outstanding creative awards project to get 50 thousand yuan small secured loans credit line, the project team can in the most need to quickly get through the Easy Access venture capital.

How to promote the integration of intellectual property and finance in Wuhan

is the so-called: "knowledge to change the fate of" learn to use the knowledge very well, to change their lives, improve the society will play a certain role. This time, Wuhan in order to promote the integration of intellectual property and finance, the establishment of the Wuhan intellectual property financial innovation research and practice center.

7 on the morning of 28 July, Wuhan intellectual property financial innovation research and Practice Center (hereinafter referred to as the center) inaugurated in Optics Valley capital building. Deputy Secretary General Ma Xiushan, deputy director of Hubei provincial finance office Hu Junming, Wuhan intellectual property research director Dong Hongwei, Wuhan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau China Intellectual Property Association (Intellectual Property Office) deputy director Chen Baoguo and other leaders attended the event.

, the Wuhan intellectual property exchange chairman Chen Zhixiang read out "to build the Wuhan intellectual property financial innovation research and practice center proposal", Secretary General Ma Xiushan and director Hu Junming jointly inaugurated the center.


center by the Wuhan intellectual property rights exchange and the Wuhan Intellectual Property Research Association Co sponsored the establishment, to effectively promote the integration of intellectual property and finance, and actively explore intellectual property financial theory research and practice of enterprise development with a combination of innovative financial service mode of intellectual property rights.


center as the first national intellectual property financial innovation research organization, will actively participate in the overall development of Wuhan comprehensive reform pilot test area, relying on the Wuhan intellectual property rights exchange and other professional service platform, intellectual property experts continue to gather financial resources, the depth of excavation of financial intellectual property case. At the same time, we will work closely with enterprises and universities, and strive to launch a series of normative documents with demonstration and influence in the field of intellectual property finance to provide intellectual support for the improvement of relevant laws and regulations.

Intellectual Property Office of Hubei Province, Wuhan City Finance Bureau, East Lake high tech (600133, stock it) District Intellectual Property Office and other units attended the opening ceremony.

in social life, when the economy develops to a certain stage, there will be a lot of problems to be solved. In the face of the bottleneck of economic development, only the effective development of effective strategies can effectively relieve the difficulties and make the economy continue to develop vigorously. Wuhan intellectual property finance innovation research and practice center was established in the hope that in the future can be effective integration of intellectual property and finance.

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The fresh tea tea extract join advantage

what are the three carriages of the Chinese economy? It is known to all, that is, investment, consumption and import and export. The current stock market coincided with the "reform" policy of cattle "cow", a strong national policy and policy implications, various funds and financial institutions have entered the market, and promote the development of a large number of social funds into the bull market, creating a common prosperity. Some people succeed overnight, some people lose everything. Many of the factors that affect it, take the food and beverage investment, the greatest impact is probably the brand, of course, if your new brand really has the strength, of course, can do their own brand items.

tea bar in 2015 diversified beauty as a representative, stable in 21% month growth rate has attracted more and more attention of investors; and the summer profit is multiplied, many investors to switch to tea beauty, rich income guarantee! Join the success rate of more than 90%!

modulation, add rock sugar, honey, sour taste, beauty. 0 loss of tea ingredients, with special milk, taste more delicate, cotton run. High pressure oxygen bubbles, adding dry ice cold rising, amazing dream.

excellent tea beauty fresh tea? What are the advantages.

excellent tea beauty fresh tea to join the advantages introduced:

in tea fresh tea extract beauty series for example, a cup of tea with the product inside the cost in 0.3-0.4 yuan, plus 400-500 ml of pure water, the whole glass production cost 1 yuan, so doing every cup of profit can reach more than 400%, the profit is very high! One point one press, fresh drink shots: excellent tea beauty professional facilities, simplify the process, simplify the operation, the whole process of standardization, easy to learn, without food and beverage experience, is the real fast production of fast selling products! Headquarters specialized suppliers, not for the market, you can enjoy the exclusive wealth!

assist site selection, the implementation of the decoration, the introduction of enterprise VI, grasp the first shop to do a good job. Headquarters to provide readily available, step by step support to achieve rapid market operation. Expert lectures, 3-7 days to mature hand. Senior designer tailored design, home construction can be started quickly. Professional teachers to explain all the details of preparation, not detours, early start early to make money.

continuous technology and new product development for different areas, free of charge. Perfect customer service orientation, so you worry free operation. Planning activities every day, and points gifts, four seasons selling, easy to make money. In accordance with the principle of protecting your interests, strictly control the number and density of stores. Authorized stores have the right to sign regional agents in the same conditions.

of course, if you want to join the tea beauty tea brand, you can leave us a message

How much is a tea shop franchise fee business

tea to join the project selection, by the consumer trust choice. The success of the project to start a good business, to join the tea project? In 2017, to start a new point of choice is not good? Tea shop to join, the best choice for successful business!

want to start a business to get rich? Have you ever thought about the life of the rich? Now seize the opportunity, tea shop is your best choice. How much do you want to join the tea shop? As long as tens of thousands of pieces. Tea sales channels, the way to earn money becomes more. As long as joining the tea shop, do not worry about the tea shop to join the fee, a few months back to ben.

in the operation of tea, we must be clear about the tea shop fee. Not only is the assessment of the tea market, but also a profound understanding of tea culture. How to open a tea shop business tea culture consists of two parts: first, all over the tea, tea, tea hospitality consumer culture is the name of the two in the name of tea, such as art, literature, music and other activities. How to understand these tea business? What are the advantages? Only know these, can understand the psychological drink tea plot, will be easier to communicate with people, to obtain the trust of customers.

tea shop fee to join as long as tens of thousands of pieces?. Nowadays, with the development of the tea industry, the development of the society has been highly concerned by the society. Five thousand years of tea culture gradually into the people’s homes, become a part of Chinese culture in the. With the rapid development of China these years, people receive more and more high level, began to pay attention to the quality of life of food and clothing problem solving, began to pay attention to health, and tea as one of the three major beverages in the world, with its natural, healthy, civilized image is becoming more and more popular in the world.

tea shop? In fact, in our lives, like the number of tea, but also very much. Since the choice of entrepreneurship, of course, to be successful entrepreneurial. So, the choice of a good project for high-quality entrepreneurship is very important. Tea shop to join, you are still hesitant what?

2012 let you shine a small entrepreneurial projects market

want to invest in entrepreneurship, seize the most important business opportunities, which are suitable for their own small business projects, we look at the following!


glass shop

color glazed glass also called a variety of colors, thin glass clip, irregular blend together, blooming is quite natural. Color glass is very suitable for fashion aesthetic vision, the rise in the interior decoration market.



in the modern city, leisure teahouse throughout the high streets and back lanes is the best choice for young people, aggregation, rest and entertainment. At present, matsuni, oz forest, forest of flowers, befortime and many other brands, operating conditions are good, have a higher popularity. Matsuni to foam Black Tea Fang for example, business Black Tea, pearl milk tea, bubble and meals, in 1995 opened the first store in Shanghai, now has more than and 80 stores in the country.


] Gallery

] tea shop

] tea shop


] curved toothbrushThe common toothbrush


] China personality shop

> [interview guide]

Brand stores have a of paint what promotion method

coating is the need for the decoration of the product, choose a good coating can be a good decoration effect. So, if you want to run a brand paint shop, then what is the promotion method? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

Home Furnishing environment is paying attention to, paint a time to usher in the broad prospects for development, investment and management of paint must let you have a good income. Brand paint store promotion method? So, how to enhance the visibility of the product, improve the income of investment promotion efficiency of the three methods:

operating brand paint franchise stores to promote the promotion of efficiency is one of the methods to the whole industry chain cost sharing: brand paint shop promotion method? Pull upstream manufacturers do a top product release, called the industry to carry out collection of links, call the design industry to carry out the exhibition, this propaganda cost to the whole industry chain allocation, even our case also realizes sharing to consumers.

operating brand paint franchise stores to enhance the efficiency of the promotion of the two method is to the rhythm and intensity to efficiency: the current promotion is more than the average, no impact. Brand paint store promotion method? We can improve the efficiency of the promotion by changing the rhythm of the promotion.

brand paint to join franchise stores to promote the efficiency of three is to the public relations to efficiency: collaborative related industries, media, you can develop a lot of low cost, high efficiency of publicity, brand paint stores have any promotion methods? Far better than hard advertising effect.

This is in the process of perfecting the

brand to join the franchise stores paint promotion work, need to use the brand franchise store operators coating technique, it is very worthy of joining franchise brand paint franchisees who pay attention to. As long as the operator brand paint store to join these skills, so let the brand paint store to join the benefit growth is very easy, if the operator brand paint store to join or not, then try it.

China auto repair franchise will enter a rapid development period

entrepreneurs will want to know now what the most profitable industry entrepreneurs, today Xiaobian for you to disclose, auto repair franchise in the next ten years will be the rapid development. With the rapid development of China’s automobile industry and the continuous increase of people’s consumption level, the number of private cars is increasing. According to estimates: every 1 yuan car consumption will drive the car service of 1.5 yuan. In recent years, automobile consumption continues to rise, and the general consumers on car maintenance knowledge is very limited, which means that the potential development of professional, standardized, high-quality customer service of automobile service industry in the future of the automotive consumer market is huge.

of the current domestic car beauty market

in people’s traditional concept, the industry of vehicle maintenance and repair is dirty and tired, very few people are willing to engage in this occupation. With the rapid development of China’s car ownership is increasing and the deepening of reform and new and high technology, in recent years the rapid development of the automobile maintenance enterprises in our country, and has begun to mature, automobile maintenance enterprises to large-scale, high-grade, high level of development. Some new enterprises to invest millions, tens of millions, the construction of modernized factory building, office building, dormitory and toilet occupation and luxury business room, the purchase of America, Germany and other countries of advanced production equipment and testing equipment maintenance, renovation, old enterprises also have additional equipment.

in the importance of "hardware" investment at the same time, but also pay attention to the "software" level, focusing on technology workers must undergo training at the same time, pay attention to vehicle maintenance technology training. The maintenance enterprises are in the path of self-improvement, self-improvement.

to adapt to the development of modern automobile technology, to meet the service needs of auto repair, this type of auto repair companies can provide convenient, transparent, clean and comfortable "integration, modernization of automobile technology service system. Implementation of auto repair production, rapid production doubled, the overall level of service in the nation’s leading position, and close to the developed countries (regions) level.

with the nationwide auto repair center is also more and more, to the service center in talent shows itself in many investors, it is best to choose some more famous, good reputation auto repair franchise brand.

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Cool tongue sprouts join venture Road easier

in general, the characteristics of the brand, always very attractive. How cool the sprouts? Good quality projects, the best choice for successful business. Join the cool tongue sprouts project, open their own cool tongue sprouts stores, is also a very good choice or not?

in the upsurge of entrepreneurship, want to make outstanding achievements must be unique. To attract people eyeball good projects, new entrepreneurship refers to all new and exotic has more functions of small objects to join the project. This kind of small projects to many investors to bring the first pot of gold, from success. Today Xiaobian to recommend is highly welcomed by the people of the cool tongue sprouts to join the project.

cool tongue is only joined sprouts nutrient utilization of seed stored inside nutrient transformation and the protein formed by the decomposition of amino acid, various substances formed by the decomposition of various minerals, easily absorbed. Through biological transformation, at the appropriate temperature, humidity, light and other conditions, the polysaccharides into simple sugars, proteins into amino acids, into a variety of vitamins, so it has higher health care function


cool tongue is joining the plant sprouts set the essence of heaven and earth, mountains and rivers of the seeds produced by poly aura, a new type of organic vegetables by germination and contains general nutrition of vegetables, but also rich in vitamins, minerals and activity of plant protein, plant primary shoots as food, nutrition is more likely to be the human body absorption.

is the age of struggle, what are you still hesitating about? Join the cool tongue sprouts project, to join us, we realize the dream of wealth! Why hesitate? Join the choice, the advantage is obvious! Trustworthy good project!

Fruit tea wheat four advantages – the whole

who does not want to be able to easily make money hand, and then live a happy day. Everyone wants to do business easily, but the fact that it is difficult to tell us, but in the miscellaneous food market, as long as the election of the brand on the shop, do business naturally worry. Fruit milk tea to join, innovative business model, simple and flexible operation, providing people with a good opportunity to start a business easily. Here, with the small series to understand the advantages of the brand to join it.

fruit and milk tea four advantages:

advantage 1: distinctive product features

in the beverage industry, everything depends on the strength of the talk, do a good job to support the sale of specialty products. As a result the strength of the brand, wheat tea naturally understand this, it is a professional R & D team in to support, innovation and introduction of tea concentrate puree, supported by proprietary technology and equipment, the introduction of a variety of flavors of tea, more delicious options for people.

advantage 2: brand strength

fruit milk tea in the development of brand reputation, it is known as a unified image of consumers, to high-quality health drinks recognized by the market, there is a competitive advantage in the industry. It has been in the development of the baptism of time and the test of the market, and constantly improve product services, enhance the brand’s influence, the growth of the industry can not be ignored in the strength of the brand. Entrepreneurship shop, there is such a brand to do backing, businesses naturally worry effort.

advantage 3: operating flexible simple

A major feature of

is its fruit wheat tea business is quite flexible, strong R & D strength it relies on the headquarters, through innovative thinking and advanced technical support, launched a patent – mobile equipment selling car tea, special tea concentrate puree collocation, and delicacy good business so that businesses can do mobile. Invest it, in the headquarters of the patented equipment and technology support, businesses can follow the flow shop.

looked at the small series of fruits and vegetables to join the introduction of the advantages of tea, I believe we have a certain understanding of the brand. If you are interested in joining us, want to do a more in-depth understanding of the brand, then in the bottom of the message or contact us directly, ask for the relevant information to join, to do poineering work to do adequate preparation.