A blessing is the development of career of the whole power

there are a lot of shopkeepers are preoccupied with anything, what is the loss is not willing to eat, if it is the attitude of doing business, the development of the business is certainly not helpful. I shop early, the time-honored also belong in this street, from the original only eight or nine square meters of small houses, now business area of hundred and fifty or sixty square meter supermarket, I have been holding the principle of honesty, and would prefer to suffer, do not let the customer be wronged, through so many years of development, I the supermarket has accumulated some contacts, old customers become the main source of my supermarket.

would like to say that the impression of a deep business experience, it is really too much, we pick a close to it. On the 16 day of the first month of the year, after the Lantern Festival on the second day, early in the morning just opened the door, there is a young man driving a car to my home supermarket. He said, today is his wedding day, 4 points to send 10 box to a three star hotel in the town’s largest wedding hall in the afternoon. According to the customer’s advice, I gave the wine at 3:40. But when the wine box was placed on the table, the accident happened.

originally, this brand of this grade liquor has two styles, he wants to be red, and his father-in-law is a blue section of the family, the two are in the same hall together. Others are unified, if the wine with two words, will make the guests joke. My home sales are red, and blue liquor is not sold in our town, I pulled ten boxes of wine has been opened in the box of five boxes. But to see the groom a worried look, I said, or I’ll help you think of a way.

then, I’ll have a telephone, finally, from the town of more than and 50 in the county to contact the liquor. Then, I drove to the retail counterparts there, free of charge for him to pull back the liquor, and finally, the demolition of the box pulled home. All along, I did not drink a glass of water, he didn’t smoke a cigarette, but did not have a penny of his hard-earned money.

this event all along is not my fault, to the customer designated liquor, as many people will put the blame to the customer, and the liquor unpacking on the table. Home, only a bottle of a bottle, there is no way to sell the fcl. But I did not ask the customer to pay a penny, but the human, material and financial resources to help customers to buy their favorite products. Some colleagues that I fuss, but because I thought this consideration for customers, to win more customers trust.

although he is a bit of a loss, but because it is really for the customer to consider, and thus won the reputation of the customer’s mind. In short, to provide customers with convenient, for them to solve the problem, to see them smile, my heart will always have a sense of satisfaction. For so many years, it is because of my good faith management, the customer is sincere, sincere, true feelings, the time to the customer as the center of life, from the original small grocery store for today’s growth >

How to open a store of creative gifts – Business

is now a lot of people even have the intention to start a business shop, but do not know how to implement their own actions. After all, thousands of people are small business only, on the road of entrepreneurship, there is also a need for a person to lead the right. So, how to open a creative gift shop? Let Xiaobian for everyone a simple analysis.

to open a creative gift shop ready – creative gift store upfront investment of about 80 thousand yuan, store at least 15 square meters.

upfront investment, store decoration is the big head, due to the store’s image, including lighting, color, layout and so on to highlight the creativity and fashion. Therefore, if 15 square meters of shops, creative gift shop renovation investment of about $15 thousand. The other is the cost of store rents, initial distribution etc..

creative gift shop store location – store location has a variety of options, it is important to see the situation of people.

features of independent shops should be selected in the street, fashion shopping street and popular shopping district, the need to explain is that due to high rent and small thin profit products, it is not suitable for creative gift stores opened in the main street, I can choose within the District, so that not only ensure the proper flow, and can decrease the rent. In addition, in the store, large supermarket is also a good choice.

creative gift shop to purchase channels – creative gifts in the country can find a lot of manufacturers, but it is difficult to order from a factory.

because it is too limited varieties due to their different strengths, manufacturers, operators need to design various features, creative gift stores to find more products manufacturers, and choose products with unique and fresh eyes.

successful shop is not a simple thing, more often, we need to be able to do the relevant work. For how to open a creative gift shop, although the little more than the introduction of small content, but I believe it can be a good reference, so as to help more entrepreneurs to achieve their own wishes.

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Business is also in the special service efforts


said that want to do business, but also need to do a good job of service. However, in addition to a variety of conventional services, in fact, we also need to provide some special services. In short, the current retail competition is actually service competition. Therefore, in order to win the initiative in the competition, many stores are trying to find ways to make the best of the momentum. However, the author believes that, in addition to our customers to provide all aspects of standard services and satisfactory service, but also in the special service to find ways, under the power, effort.

is to provide special services for the sick and elderly and other special guests.

general, Laoruobingcan customers in the shopping, the customer always harder than normal. Especially when they are in the face of heavy goods to buy goods, the goods will not be able to get back and other difficulties. Therefore, the author believes that, for this kind of customer home shopping, we must give special care for their physical condition.

example: even if they do not buy the goods to the number of door-to-door, if they really can not get away, we might as well carry out door-to-door service for them. For example: some old customers into the store shopping, due to various aspects of health and other reasons, can not stand too long, we may wish to shop a few chairs in preparation for them to take a nap. In addition, when customers are more likely to be able to give priority to them, we do not allow them to wait.

short, as long as the sick and elderly customers into the store shopping, regardless of their purchase amount, we should pay special attention and care for them, this is one aspect of our construction of a harmonious society, do need to love the people, one can also shop for us to win a good reputation, and establish a good image of our the store, improve our business reputation, will naturally attract more customers.

two is to provide special services for customers with special needs.

the special needs of customers is in the shopping time and the way there will be some special needs. For example: some customers due to the factors of anxious or other aspects of their evening party in the evening, even the night shopping needs. In response to this special needs, we may wish to extend the business hours than other stores, so that they can take advantage of the time to shop in the evening.

and for some not far away from the regulars, in particular, do not like to go out shopping needs of customers, we can take a phone call, door-to-door way for them to shop services. In addition, there are some demand for zero, or with damaged coins to shopping customers, as long as they do not leave the money, you can go to the bank exchange, we have to unconditionally satisfied with their services.


Small children creative park to join the health of children. Parents at ease

small creative children’s creative paradise? Has always been a very advantageous choice. How to join a small creative children’s creative paradise? Open their own small children can be a creative paradise franchise stores, shop is earned! Business is good, worthy of trust!

small creative children can finally adhere to the concept of "quality as the root, sincerity oriented, to the letter for life" business philosophy, focus on product quality control. Small capable children’s paradise from the beginning of the design for the customer, to ship installation, after-sales service, all aspects of the data will be entered into the customer management software in real time, the implementation of the whole traceability quality management.

series products are all capable of children’s creative park for independent game without constraint, more conducive to children of discovery and creation, and through the creation of a new thing to meet the children’s sense of accomplishment, enhance self-confidence. Young people can play in the playground, the need for adequate communication between people and things, the exchange of people. Through the game process, learn how to communicate with people, how to express their views, how to deal with setbacks and failures, and enhance the feelings, understanding, expression, control and regulation of emotions and other abilities.

small children capable of creative park products through the beautiful color, out of the ordinary touch and excellent plasticity, stimulating the rapid development of brain neural interaction, judgment ability, logical thinking ability, hand eye coordination and other aspects of the ability in the space can be effectively developed and exercise.

how to choose a small creative children’s paradise? The healthy growth of children, parents at ease the best choice. If you join the small creative children’s creative paradise project, is also very exciting, hurry up!

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to carry out the field of food safety special recti

from today (May 17th), the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry in the city to carry out a fifteen day circulation of food safety special rectification activities.

during the event, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau through the inspection business, individual industrial and commercial households inspection and daily market inspections and other measures, standardize management qualifications in accordance with the law, provide food suppliers valid licenses and proof of product quality of the supply agreement to suspend the performance of the major shopping malls, supermarkets, the market can not. At the same time, to further improve the food enterprises established in the key commodity admittance system, invoice system and substandard food delisting system, and establish and perfect the import and sales of expired food to the accounting and registration system in food wholesale enterprises, strengthen the supervision of the food source and destination; industry and commerce at all levels will be in strict accordance with the "the Administration for Industry and Commerce food regulatory standards" and the market inspection requirements, fenpianbaogan, responsibility to the people of the management system on the area of food enterprises, signed the "responsibility" of food safety and food operators to increase the daily inspection of food business behavior, discover and correct all kinds of food in the management of illegal behavior in time, all kinds of food safety risks will be reduced to the lowest level, eliminating the instability in the bud and nip in the bud. (author: Liu Dong)


School teachers and students in the form of memory of martyrs

September 30th is the first national memorial day, on the same day, the city’s primary and secondary schools to carry out various forms of activities to celebrate the national day and cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, the majority of teachers and students, offering martyrs, sing songs, and the message signature flag with a shadow and other activities through the Internet, in the memory of the martyrs of the affectionate blessing at the same time, the great motherland more thriving and prosperous, have to inherit the behest of the martyrs, make contributions to the motherland rich, strong and prosperous. On the same day, the city primary school organization Mafang about 700 teachers and students to carry out the National Day salute the flag raising ceremony, followed by a half mast to the memory of the martyrs, martyrs, a minute of silence to the revolutionary martyrs oath and other activities. Hongxing primary school organization 1150 student school launched the "Red Star Song fly, blessing of the motherland" "activities, teachers and students by singing the 38 red songs, in the memory of the revolutionary martyrs valiant record at the same time, also expressed the best wishes to the motherland. Yu Jing Xiang primary school organization job, retired teachers who hold high the flag, flag, flag to carry out mountaineering activities. Following the Dongguan Hui women’s primary school held to celebrate the National Day songs chorus, I Yucai School, primary school, primary school, Bridge Street liberal Jia Xiaozhuang primary school, primary school, primary school tiger Taiwan Xiaoquan, Bayi Road Primary School is to carry out the memory of the martyrs, valiant record series of activities to celebrate the national day. The reporter understands, three counties and four districts of the city education department recently on school the first memorial day, to celebrate the National Day activities carried out the arrangements, such as City District Education Bureau also dedicated to the school issued a notice in writing.  

Operating children’s clothing store for many years of experience sharing

now parents pay attention to children, to provide a good environment for their growth, at the same time, throughout the year, children’s demand is always constant, now children’s clothing shop opened a lot of money, so in the shop should be how to operate?

A, choose to join the brand

sales skills

sellers is the children’s clothing sales, pay attention to the skills, need to guide use of language, expression, behavior and the actual product is the perfect combination to impress consumers, instead of using an all-persuasive tongue debate with the customer to consumer behavior. Just as, when customers complain that children’s clothing prices are high, experienced guide will patiently introduce the product quality, customer service and characteristic service, let the customer feel the consumer value, rather than to "not expensive" or "do" to refute the guests, will sell the topic into corners. Good resources need to use an effective way to reflect the value of the brand of children’s clothing brand is not only the charm of the product quality, but also clever sales skills and good sales service attitude.

three, complete


The effectiveness of


Where is the supermarket

supermarket where good? I believe this is a lot of friends who want to open the supermarket have some questions. Supermarkets make our life more convenient, open a supermarket is also very profitable. The location of the supermarket is very important for the operators, different supermarkets have different site selection.

1) convenience store   1, located in residential areas, the main line of the road and the station, hospital, entertainment, organs, groups, enterprises and locations. 2, the business area of about 1OO square meters, the business area utilization rate is extremely high. 3, business hours are generally more than 16 hours, or even 24 hours. 4, commodity structure: a small, quick food packaging products, stationery magazine, immediate consumption, small capacity, emergency etc..   5, target customers: residents walk shopping for 5 minutes to reach,   8O% customers for the purpose of shopping.

2) food supermarket   1, supermarket open where good? Located in residential areas, roads, commercial district. 2, operating area of 5OO to 1000 square meters. 3, commodity structure: to buy high frequency of goods based. 4, operating hours of not less than 16 hours. 5, the residents for the consumer object, about 1O minutes to reach.

3) warehouse shopping mall   1, the site is located in the urban and rural areas, but the traffic convenience, and a large parking lot. 2, large business area, generally more than 1OOOO square meters. 3, the library shelves, simple decoration, cost savings. 4, commodity structure: mainly to food (some fresh food), household goods, clothing apparel, stationery, household appliances, automotive supplies, indoor products. Focus on the breadth of the goods to be wide (refers to the kind of goods to be more). 5, target customers: small and medium retailers, catering, group purchase and transportation of consumers. Most of the shops are selling a large number of orders and so on, in order to achieve low-cost sales.

4 comprehensive supermarket   1, supermarket open where good? Located in residential areas, urban and rural areas or commercial areas. 2, the business area of more than 2500 square meters. 3, commodity structure: fresh food, food and clothing supplies complete. Focus on the depth of the goods (refers to the same commodity specifications, grades, the number of varieties). 4, target customers: to meet the consumer demand for the largest proportion of middle-income class consumption.   5, the facility is better than the warehouse store.

if you have plans to open a supermarket, you first want to know, what to open a large supermarket, so you can then decide how to site. Open the supermarket must pay attention to the choice of address, the above is a few common supermarket location skills. Where is the supermarket open? What type of supermarket should pay attention to the different site selection skills.


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Acting children’s products have paid attention to

for clothing operators, one of the most difficult problems in the initial stage of operation is how to purchase, from the selection of the purchase channel to the style of the goods is not a simple one or two words will be able to solve. Today to share some of the children’s purchasing agent purchasing experience.

the first purchase lost

, hard way fatigued by a long journey since Needless to say, she went to Hangzhou after the discovery, many wholesalers heard that she is from Guangzhou, with her very strange eyes. When she returned to Guangzhou with 15 thousand yuan of goods, operating more than a month later, it was found that these products in the wholesale market in Guangzhou. MM knew, he is guarding Jinshan food, some are obviously around the wholesale market, but she ignored the fancy.

on selected goods the

agent’s piercing eye