That one is moving black. What is the DDoS of our server

A new report by

DDoS, the defense services market leader, shows that large service providers around the world are suffering from various DDoS attacks, according to a new report by Black Lotus. The attack range is very broad, covering all walks of life, of which 64% of the platform providers affected by DDoS attacks, 66% of hosting solutions providers and 66% of VoIP service providers affected.

DDoS attacks can have a very serious impact. 61% of all types of service providers threaten normal business operations by being attacked and even cause loss of profits or theft of customer privacy.

what is the threat of such a huge DDoS,




noun explains

DDoS:Distributed Denial of Service, that is, distributed denial of service attacks. By means of client / server technology, multiple computers are combined as an attack platform to launch DDoS attacks on one or more targets, thus doubling the power of denial of service attacks. Usually, an attacker using a stolen account will DDoS master program installed on a computer, in a set time master program with a large number of agent communication, many agents have been installed on the computer on the network. The agent attacks when it receives instructions. Using client / server technology, the master program can activate hundreds of agent operations in seconds.

image metaphor

can use an analogy to make a thorough understanding of what DDOS is. A group of bullies trying to get across to the house there is competition between the shops can not be normal business, they will take what means? The bully disguised as ordinary customers have been crowded in rival shops, hang out, real shoppers can not enter; or always and the clerk did not build a ride East pull Xiche, let the staff can not be normal customer service; also can provide false information to the shop operators, and the shops are busy but that is all in vain, finally ran the real big customer losses. In addition, the bullies finish these bad deeds, and sometimes the vouchers are hard to finish. They need to call a lot of people together. Well, the DoS and DDoS attacks in network security are following these lines of thinking.

reality version DDOS

Lyft is Uber’s competitor. For some time in 2014, Lyft drivers received many fake orders: someone ordered the car and cancelled the booking after the driver left. It turns out that at least 5560 of these fake orders come from 177 Uber employees. Even 1 Uber employees sent 680 fake orders to Lyft drivers with 14 fake accounts. Uber explains this, and probably means it’s coming

Investors have to be careful of these entrepreneurial traps

to the hot season of venture capital, whether it is college students or office workers, there are a lot of people want to get rich through entrepreneurship. However, according to incomplete statistics, the entrepreneurial success rate is only 2%-3%, while the business failure rate as high as 70% or more, in the field of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, 100 percent off yuan per delivery, 300% of the profit space, sit at home and make millions of years…… This kind of gimmick is common, beware of entrepreneurial trap, experts warned that the first immature technology project is not guaranteed, second of the high return of the project is not credible, the project is too small to invest in third scam.

a trap:

security technology is not mature venture

black list items: drug cultivation, nano stealth pen, music culture whistle, moon cake

and high-tech guise, selling cabbage type goods, it is to describe the current – technical content of entrepreneurial projects. Its main purpose is to cheat equipment costs, technical training fees, data charges, etc.. The day before, it is claimed that Cordyceps cultivation, regardless of soil, North and south for everyone to do. It is reported that the most authoritative scientists in this area is still in the experimental stage, the technology is not yet mature, only the success of Cordyceps militaris (something like Cordyceps), not to mention a large area to promote the. Similar to the nano stealth pen, music and cultural heritage of the moon cake, this is the use of the most primitive technology, but was coated with the cloak of science and technology.

trap two: high return projects without trusted

A typical project:

color ice cream, grilled squid, Wine

According to the

trap three: investment project is too small

scamThe typical project of

: Beaded recovery, colorful pen assembly and parts assembly of electronic products processing associated

such processing projects in order to defraud the initial fee, material fee, deposit and so on, once you come to the delivery of products, the project will be unqualified products and other reasons as an excuse to reject, or fines. Since the days of the electronic pen assembly is advertising fried hot, free parts, freight charge, a processing fee of 1.5 yuan. Know recommend

Choose children’s clothing should pay attention to what

children’s clothing is a lot of friends more favorite investment projects, because children’s clothing market wide, large profits, so many friends will choose to invest in children’s wear industry. So, the choice of children’s clothing to join the time, need to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian introduced.

a field investigation

choose to operate the brand children’s clothing to join the key lies in the product, because the product is the most direct contact with consumers, consumers do not accept, everything becomes meaningless meaningless. Therefore, for the clothing products, positioning should pay great attention to product development and personality style, personal contact products, has a deep understanding of product materials, workmanship and functional characteristics, in order to be truly aware of.

two, check the strength of the company

nowadays there are many loopholes left individual operators pull tiger banner, in some appearance made clothing similar to join the packaging work, also want to join the trend of clothing business, but not systematic, complete, professional. Clothing business, is not Mongolia but to do something, do specious writing, it must have the strength to support work in this series, such as children’s clothing brand to join the company’s size, economic strength, operating time, still go up stage, the management of state level.

three, find flaws

is a mature brand operation scheme, carried out research and demonstration must be a long time in its interior, and has been at all levels within the aspects of doing related training, so that the children’s clothing brand to join the company’s internal operations is clear, when asked, different levels of staff, all the answers are there will be a very consistent content, and asked the answer results vary, then this brand operation is a big problem.

four, looking for professional and standardized

The establishment of brand children’s clothing to join

must be completed in professional persons or institutions, therefore, it has distinctive normative system of the enterprise, such as information, policy, file format, and on the wall of the enterprise culture; enterprise personnel mental outlook, etiquette words and deeds; or from a simple name card, or a phone call to play level can observe the brand based strength of enterprises.

five, goods than the three

To compare the

from a number of Brand Company contact, will have a clear understanding of the director of the Institute for short, strength or strength, non professional or non professional, suitable and not suitable, will let the children’s wear brand franchisees can have an accurate judgment.

six, online join

Join the lazy pole Chongqing small noodles need these conditions

said the Chongqing diet, may be the first impression Chinese is Chongqing Hot pot, love is love. Chongqing Hot pot in the marrow, but here is not to introduce the Chongqing Hot pot, but another delicacy is comparable with the Hot pot – in the hearts of the people of Chongqing Chongqing small noodles.

Chongqing what love Chongqing small noodles? Early in the morning to get up every day, especially in the face of the street stalls prosperous, although some of the house decoration is not very good, and even the roadside stalls. However, women at this time regardless of their own from the lady image, eating it is a fragrant; and in Western dress and leather shoes gentleman, put down his briefcase, call – Call – call, neat and quick to put up a bowl of noodle. The Chongqing is very popular for such small really, is now a very unique times, who are more distinctive, more vulnerable to consumers, the pole is lazy Chongqing small noodles focus on refining products, after years of development, there have been dozens of franchise stores in the country now, is a a brand on the upgrade, the brand of choice for more and more to join, so lazy pole Chongqing small noodles what join


lazy pole Chongqing small noodles join conditions

a, franchisee requirements:

1, the headquarters of the cultural

2, accept headquarters management

3, with good business reputation

4, with a certain amount of funds

5, with certain food and beverage industry experience

6, have certain management ability

7, with entrepreneurial passion

two, join store requirements:

1, store area of not less than 40 square meters.

2, the location of the store needs to be within 1 km of downtown.

3, plaque width of not less than 3 meters.

Effect of name company name five taboo

a lot of people in their adulthood tend to change the name, it is probably better, is not very difficult, but if a company has been on track, it suddenly found that it made a big, want to change is not easy, so the best way is to advance the understanding of a few big taboo the name of the company.

1. multi tone

to polyphone name, name two or more pronunciation is more easy to let a person feel at a loss. Of course, not to say the name absolutely can not use chinese. But at least to ensure that others can determine their pronunciation, not to read wrong.

2. partial word

3. semantic obscure

meaning is obscure speech too esoteric, others cannot read. As with unfamiliar words, what is good, no one knows, good moral has no meaning.




5. similar approximation

to make these few big company name, in our daily life is not always able to see? If you want to give a company name, do you have the heart to know, know how to name it?



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黄金也有一个世界上最畅销的书一个令人惊讶的连接。1951、爱尔兰啤酒常务董事Hugh Beaver先生在拍摄之旅时,他卷入了一个争论欧洲最快的游戏鸟红松鸡或金。河狸努力在一本书中找到答案,并委托吉尼斯世界纪录本作为结果。它已经售出超过1亿份。


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Nanyang Industrial and Commercial Bureau why not issued a real estate license

is now the parents for the children to learn, learn this story, such a thing happened in Henan, Nanyang, Henan, Nanyang City, a number of owners of education Jiayuan, reflected the Chinese voice said, this thing for them to stand up. Although the owners have repeatedly bombarded the housing developers to developers, but always in the business license has been illegally tampered by shirk.

reporter survey found that the developer’s business license since 2015, has 7 times to change the legal representative, only in January 2017, the 6 day of the 4 change. Henan Provincial High Court has issued a final judgment, before the demolition of illegal changes. But the ruling issued soon, the business sector in Nanyang trick, again illegal change of the legal representative of the basis for the changes, but no one stood up to give a clear explanation. Why is the administrative decision of the industrial and commercial sector so arbitrary? What is the reason behind?

Sales Manager: we on the trade and Industry Bureau, Construction Committee, the Housing Authority, including the people’s government are coordinating this thing.


: we don’t listen to this, we’re going to have results. You can’t add the problem to us.

Nanyang, Ms. ran remember this is not the first time to find the sales department theory. In 2014, in order to facilitate the children to school, she bought education Jiayuan district room, but the room Banbuxialai, but a child registered school block.


ran to reporters complained, this side is four small, there is the middle of the twelve, when it was the location to buy this. On the primary card real estate license, can not get on the property. Because my kids are going to primary school right now, it’s a real problem."

is not only the real Banbuxialai, pay the first payment of the owners of Ms. Wang, because the bank mortgage Banbuxialai, delays in the new premises, the wedding dragged on.

education garden more than and 500 owners, many owners choose the real estate value is district advantage. Many owners said, when buying a house specifically to see the complete five cards of the real estate. Then why the housing can not do this, mortgage procedures can not do it?

developers said the business license was illegally tampered with partners

A sales manager of

developers Guanhua company responsible for education Jiayuan project said, because they are the company’s business license, the company repeatedly by another partner illegally tampered with, which leads to this situation, from the beginning of June 2015, our company’s business license has tampered with. Legal representative has been tampered with, mortgage and real estate license can not handle."

children go to school, it was the room to delay down the recommended

The castle’s life insurance investment club – selling market

How wonderful the castle’s

? In the children’s clothing market, not only has a high popularity, joined the project’s castle is very wonderful, with the strength of selection. Brand children’s clothing to join the project choice, is a very wise choice. How wonderful the castle’s? Good project, good choice.

‘s fashionable, wonderful castle for the concept of healthy personality, with a happy, comfortable, cool, handsome childhood concept, also injects aesthetic elements, let the children have innocent and lovely life style fashion. Everything is of pop elements to the castle’s wonderful dreams and laughter, children are not the same, showing the love of parents. Wonderful castle children’s clothing, to highlight is the brand, with a discount for ace.

How wonderful the castle’s


castle is the children’s children’s wonderful happy kids fashion, so that children can grow up healthy and happy, join in the store, the castle Miaomiao products rich, fashionable, 10000 kinds of styles of children’s clothing and children’s daily necessities, convenient parents stop buying the children so that is a one-stop children’s clothing shopping life Museum, in the course of time, consumers will form a habit of consumption, something no matter will come in the procurement of A.

children’s best choice is the best choice for children’s health. The castle’s wonderful good? Is a very good business choice. Simple way to join the choice, we are the first step in the success of entrepreneurship. His children joined Castle project, you are also very exciting?

A blessing is the development of career of the whole power

there are a lot of shopkeepers are preoccupied with anything, what is the loss is not willing to eat, if it is the attitude of doing business, the development of the business is certainly not helpful. I shop early, the time-honored also belong in this street, from the original only eight or nine square meters of small houses, now business area of hundred and fifty or sixty square meter supermarket, I have been holding the principle of honesty, and would prefer to suffer, do not let the customer be wronged, through so many years of development, I the supermarket has accumulated some contacts, old customers become the main source of my supermarket.

would like to say that the impression of a deep business experience, it is really too much, we pick a close to it. On the 16 day of the first month of the year, after the Lantern Festival on the second day, early in the morning just opened the door, there is a young man driving a car to my home supermarket. He said, today is his wedding day, 4 points to send 10 box to a three star hotel in the town’s largest wedding hall in the afternoon. According to the customer’s advice, I gave the wine at 3:40. But when the wine box was placed on the table, the accident happened.

originally, this brand of this grade liquor has two styles, he wants to be red, and his father-in-law is a blue section of the family, the two are in the same hall together. Others are unified, if the wine with two words, will make the guests joke. My home sales are red, and blue liquor is not sold in our town, I pulled ten boxes of wine has been opened in the box of five boxes. But to see the groom a worried look, I said, or I’ll help you think of a way.

then, I’ll have a telephone, finally, from the town of more than and 50 in the county to contact the liquor. Then, I drove to the retail counterparts there, free of charge for him to pull back the liquor, and finally, the demolition of the box pulled home. All along, I did not drink a glass of water, he didn’t smoke a cigarette, but did not have a penny of his hard-earned money.

this event all along is not my fault, to the customer designated liquor, as many people will put the blame to the customer, and the liquor unpacking on the table. Home, only a bottle of a bottle, there is no way to sell the fcl. But I did not ask the customer to pay a penny, but the human, material and financial resources to help customers to buy their favorite products. Some colleagues that I fuss, but because I thought this consideration for customers, to win more customers trust.

although he is a bit of a loss, but because it is really for the customer to consider, and thus won the reputation of the customer’s mind. In short, to provide customers with convenient, for them to solve the problem, to see them smile, my heart will always have a sense of satisfaction. For so many years, it is because of my good faith management, the customer is sincere, sincere, true feelings, the time to the customer as the center of life, from the original small grocery store for today’s growth >

How to open a store of creative gifts – Business

is now a lot of people even have the intention to start a business shop, but do not know how to implement their own actions. After all, thousands of people are small business only, on the road of entrepreneurship, there is also a need for a person to lead the right. So, how to open a creative gift shop? Let Xiaobian for everyone a simple analysis.

to open a creative gift shop ready – creative gift store upfront investment of about 80 thousand yuan, store at least 15 square meters.

upfront investment, store decoration is the big head, due to the store’s image, including lighting, color, layout and so on to highlight the creativity and fashion. Therefore, if 15 square meters of shops, creative gift shop renovation investment of about $15 thousand. The other is the cost of store rents, initial distribution etc..

creative gift shop store location – store location has a variety of options, it is important to see the situation of people.

features of independent shops should be selected in the street, fashion shopping street and popular shopping district, the need to explain is that due to high rent and small thin profit products, it is not suitable for creative gift stores opened in the main street, I can choose within the District, so that not only ensure the proper flow, and can decrease the rent. In addition, in the store, large supermarket is also a good choice.

creative gift shop to purchase channels – creative gifts in the country can find a lot of manufacturers, but it is difficult to order from a factory.

because it is too limited varieties due to their different strengths, manufacturers, operators need to design various features, creative gift stores to find more products manufacturers, and choose products with unique and fresh eyes.

successful shop is not a simple thing, more often, we need to be able to do the relevant work. For how to open a creative gift shop, although the little more than the introduction of small content, but I believe it can be a good reference, so as to help more entrepreneurs to achieve their own wishes.

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