The warm male desserts do business build up the family fortunes

in this world, every day a lot of people with their own ideas and actions to create a variety of wonderful. In this paper the "warm male" Liu Chao is one of them, he is a devoted man do dessert. His story is very moving, worth a good sample.

dessert turning to open mind, once wine dealer Liu Chao said, the summer of 2013 and a friend accidentally walked into a dessert shop, he felt comfortable, suddenly want to own a dessert.

"at the store from one frame to gradually forming, just like looking at their children grow up together. Although I have not been a parent, but also can feel the feeling." Liu Chao said, I hope that their dessert can bring fresh and comfortable feeling. Therefore, in the design, I will be a unified decorative style of fresh green wind."

Open dessert shop "undercover" learning


in a dessert at work, Liu Chao observed the learning and management mode of making desserts carefully, he found that almost all desserts are semi-finished products, only according to the standard collocation can be.

he also found, such as mango, mango varieties, the front desk clerk on Mango peel thickness, will affect the taste of mango ice and visual effects. For example, the production of the usual snow white juice must be frozen, if the waiter put it in the refrigerator, it will affect the taste.

North Korea launched a ballistic missile landed on the sea of Japan

Kim Jeong-eun’s recent action is one by one, the nuclear issue of North Korea is repeated, recently, North Korea to send ballistic missiles, pay close attention to the dynamic North Korean media said a launch failure, the specific details of a look!

is believed to be a North Korea test fired the "labor" (South Korea as originally found the missile sites called nodong medium range ballistic missile), the missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

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How healthy and nutritious delicacy pot dishes worthy of choice

that year, country love made a play. This year, the village breath a brand fire. How about the big pot? In the food and beverage market, not only has a very high popularity, to join the large pot of items, is a very choice of business opportunities!

large dishes, stew out of delicious. Contains a strong local flavor, no matter in the city or rural people do not have the same feelings for him: rural people are yearning home delicious simple taste of home, and the city people while holding a strange feeling to try new delicious to their different delicacy.

in the past, people often put pork, vermicelli, cabbage, tofu and other ingredients together in a large pot, with a variety of spices, side boil while stew, very delicious. Now a cauldron to bring authentic and delicious stew pot, a traditional delicacy for people of all ages will set off a new restaurant with a new attitude. It is a variety of ingredients, the proportion of fine, rich soup, soft taste, rich nutrition. It will ginseng, pilose antler, Tianma and other precious in decocted food into the soup, nourishing, health food is Lieshan’s the same concept.

large dishes combined with the needs of today’s people’s physical and mental needs, with independent research and development of simple sauce will be the common ingredients of life to create a delicate fragrance of the hot pot stew. The country joined the iron pot stewed beef, more simple food, pork, chicken, fish, the fleshy advocate with tofu, cabbage, eggplant, vermicelli and other accessories, in the dark in the wok simmer stew, soup into a golden yellow, cooked food fertilizer through tender, taste is moderate, everyone’s favorite mass delicacy.

quality of the brand to join the project selection, a reliable way to join. How about joining the cauldron? Open a large pot of their own specialty stores, shop is earned! Business to no friends!

Guanyun Jiangsu local tax help college students entrepreneurship

for many college students, entrepreneurship has now become an old debate, and now the whole society are actively vigorously promote college students to entrepreneurship, to support the policy and other aspects.

the first for college-graduate village official "village to establish entrepreneurial base" students, regularly start village door-to-door delivery policy, combined with entrepreneurial types, entrepreneurial characteristics, entrepreneurial scale, tailored policy packages, regularly updated, distributed free of charge, special training, to maintain communication, timeliness and continuity of policy advocacy.

Third, the full implementation of business tax preferential policies. To engage in economic crops and agricultural products breeding industry entrepreneurial projects, take pre tax tax tax counseling, inform, tracking services and other initiatives, and actively implement agricultural tax preferential policies, strengthen entrepreneurial confidence and enterprise development.

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How to do door-to-door business – Business

in the course of a variety of business operations, door-to-door sales business can be said to be very difficult, however, if successful, is also a very lucrative business profits. It’s not easy to persuade customers to buy a commodity when it comes to doing business. Cold, supercilious and cold-shoulder treatment, is to eat "homely food every day". In the face of rejection, the salesman should not only have a strong psychological endurance, it is more important to master the methods of prevention and response.

Guizhou City, a staff member of the air conditioning company Li Zijin, the company’s marketing expert, he sold out of the total air-conditioning sales accounted for half of the company.

once, he heard that a man named Luo Jiacai wanted to buy an indoor air conditioner. Luo good live is a high-grade areas inhabited by the rich, the whole district is only 20 households, Li Zijin didn’t take time to find Luo Jiacai home. At the door and explained what he wanted, his indifference to say: "there’s no plan at present." Then he closed the door.

back to the company, Li Zijin learned that after an investigation, Luo Jiacai was a worker, after several years of hard work among the wealthy, is a computer Daoteng businessman, amateur love engage in interior design, also earn some money to buy a new villa design, interior decoration design is his favourite work, often show off to friends. Li Zijin decided to take the customer as a breakthrough point.

a sunny afternoon, Li Zijin once again opened the door of Luo Jiacai’s home.

saw him, he did not speak, Luo Jiacai will close. Li Zijin hurriedly said: "boss, I don’t talk about air conditioning today. Listen to friends that you are proficient in interior design, I also have this hobby, friends of the villa decoration I ask you!"

Luo’s face suddenly relaxed a lot, let him into the house. Li Zijin went to the wall and pointed to the board on the wall Wood is very delicate, very beautiful!" Luo Jiacai is proud to say: "yes, maple is a product of North America, due to the impact of climate and has a fine texture, shallow warm yellow is also quite texture."

, good mood is very high, he carey visited each room with Li Zijin, a piece of the indoor decorations, also introduces his design process. Li Zijin listened with interest, not to mention some of the other topics of interest.

visited the room, went back to the couch with ripe plum, he smiled and said: "Luo boss is really a design master, your house decoration is the absence of something exquisite beyond compare." Luo Jiacai a, said: "I wanna see." Li Zijin said: "such a beautiful house"

The development trend of Western fast food industry of the whole

catering industry has been a very hot industry, has a very large demand, but also a worthy choice of entrepreneurs in the industry, 1 to understand the history of the development of Chinese and Western fast food. 2 grasp the characteristics of Chinese and Western fast food, classification and the differences between Chinese and Western fast food. 3 familiar with the characteristics of Chinese and Western fast-food formats. 4 understand the production status and development trend of Chinese and Western fast food industry. Key points 1 the characteristics and classification of Chinese and Western fast food. The characteristics of Chinese and Western fast food formats in 2. Study on the differences between Chinese and Western fast food.

fast food era in China is growing at an annual rate of 20% per year in April 8, 2010, the China Cuisine Association organized the first national popular food and beverage forum in Beijing. Nearly 400 people from all over the country government departments, mass catering enterprises, experts and scholars attended the forum. Forum around the scope of mass catering, the current status quo, development ideas, market opportunities and other issues were discussed in depth. Fast food industry has become a new economic growth point of China’s fast food industry started late, in April 1987 KFC fast-food chain into the Beijing market as an opportunity to open the prelude to the rapid development of modern Chinese fast food.

data show that in 90s year-on-year GDP growth of 78% in the background, Chinese fast food industry with 20% of the annual growth rate of rapid growth, the industry profit rate in 15% ~ 25%, the fast food industry has become an important force to support the sustainable development of the catering industry and a new economic growth point. Western style fast food 50 turnover last year were broken billion according to Chinese cooking will fast Specialized Committee organized by the "2009" China fast-food enterprise statistical survey analysis report ", 2009 Chinese 50 released the first" fast food "conference.

50 strong business 20c192 turnover of more than 100 million yuan, 90% of the provinces, the development of inter city chain management. Analysis on the 2009 annual Chinese fast 50 companies report by, in the fast food industry Chinese reveals the development trend at the same time, provide an effective basis for the study of the development of the industry. China Cuisine Association President, fast Specialized Committee director Su Qiucheng said: as a new economic industry, we still have a long way to go, low carbon, environmental protection, health energy saving and green, is still our industry compliance goals. I want to borrow Di pole shift strengthen vertical and horizontal catering cooperation, encourage capital operation, promote the fast food industry intensive main sound.

The first clear prospect before choosing a

industry, how the catering industry prospects, we should understand, speed up the scale and pace of China’s fast food industry; to continuously improve the level of industrialization of the industrialization development of fast food, semi-finished products and advanced production line production; in order to build the Chinese characteristics of modern fast food. Cultivating a number of independent property and well-known brands, internationally competitive large enterprise groups fast food.

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Open bus lanes have four problems

Non motorized vehicles only

Xining city bus lanes will be opened after the news release, the public are looking forward to. However, the reporter found that after the opening of the bus lanes in Xining is also facing many problems. One problem: how to deal with the parking lane? I initially planned in Kunlun Road, Lake Road, Zhang Ning Road, Qaidam Road four road non motorized road opened bus lanes, bus lines involving a total of 46, including 29 bus, city transportation company 17. However, the reporter saw in the Sea Lake Road, the road is not full of all kinds of motor vehicles within the motor vehicle, has become a parking lot. If the bus lanes opened, the vehicle parked above must be cleared out. The Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market has not yet been relocated, parking demand is huge, so clean up these parked vehicles need to spend enormous energy, if handled improperly, bus lanes there will still be a social vehicle docking, the impact of traffic. Problem two: failure to do? The four way is to use the existing non motorized vehicles to set the bus lanes, due to the original design, non motorized road is not spacious, can only accommodate a bus pass, if the bus fault occurs in the lane, the back of the car can not bypass, is bound to cause a wide range of congestion. This happens after only route through the bypass bus. The three problem: what should I do? In the bus lane, if a pedestrian crossing the road causing the accident, how to divide the responsibility? If the accident occurred due to the car in front of the bus route when driving, and how to divide the responsibility? Question four: turn left at the intersection of illegal? According to the design requirements of the road, bus lanes can be set on the right side of the road, but some buses need to turn left at the lane after leaving, according to the existing provisions are not in the lane, should belong to illegal behavior, but the illegal behavior is really a bit unjust. It is understood that the reference to the current Beijing, Shanghai and other cities to set the bus lanes, bus lanes should be fully closed road, but also can accommodate two lanes of public transport bus side by side. At the same time, the mainland many buses have been installed in front of the public security organ to monitor the probe, can judge whether the vehicle lane use social monitoring probe, also as the vehicle lane is illegal. According to the reporter, in view of the above problems, the relevant departments are actively investigating, and strive to come up with a practical solution, so that the city bus lanes opened early. (author: Zhao Linsong)

Railway station offices in the village neighborhood committees do practical things until the office

"to the residents to do practical things, certainly is better, but not to bite off more than you can chew. Do one thing, and do it well." This is the city of Xining East Railway Station Office in the village neighborhood committee staff often hang in the mouth of a word.

Zhai Chunchao is a laid-off workers in the village. At the age of more than and 50, he lives alone, without any income, and sometimes he doesn’t have a meal. Zhai Chunchao always wanted to find a job to support themselves, but he always rebuffed no proficiency in a particular line. Community staff to understand his situation, several times with the jurisdiction of the unit coordination, let him to the jurisdiction of the unit when the security. After a long time, he found himself older and had a hard time doing the job. Community staff in a timely manner to the railway station office reflects the situation of Zhai Chunchao. Under the joint efforts of the office and community staff, Zhai Chunchao became a cleaner. But because the body is not good, did not support the dry soon. He was a bit frustrated, I think the community staff must be bored with him, no longer tube him. Did not want to think, the community staff again for him to run around, and finally, finally for him to contact a co manager of the work.

today, Zhai Chunchao went smoothly. He said: "if it is not a community and then, and then three to manage me, I can not eat even rice."

in the village of a resident and mother live together, mother’s body is not very good, usually take the medicine, the day over the tension. Thus, the residents want to let the elder brother to pay more for their mother’s living expenses, but can not reach a consensus between each other. Community staff know immediately after the door mediation, patient persuasion. After several visits to the community staff mediation, in the end, the residents reached an agreement with the brothers, the family reconciled.

"do not do a good two times, until the office to become a stop, it can not do, but also to reflect the relevant departments in a timely manner." Village neighborhood committee in charge of Li Runqiu said.