Shanghai Longfeng optimization principle from 12306 train tickets

, a principle that the user needs to search

in just over a month, related keywords in the search engine ranking has become the first, and the principle of knowledge is worth learning and learning.

1, we love Shanghai or GG inside the input "online" or "online booking" "online booking train ticket booking and other related words, in the drop-down list will be inside this period of time as can be imagined, the majority of people search the Internet" online "or" online booking "are directed to the online book the train ticket it is also very important, so, so when we do when the site layout keywords must pay attention to the correlation degree, if your site is the exercise to lose weight, then you in the layout of the site keywords or Title Description and articles related to the time, must appear to lose weight, lose weight for weight loss is the key to write, hot words. If you do, keyword appears in the drop-down list, it will be better, others may directly search combination, and that your relationship was again more One step closer.

2, online ticket buyers (train) in Shanghai after the love or Google inside input online booking, will certainly find them to find the train ticket booking website, which is, in the last few months, this website is not so easy to find, we like the Internet management China Ministry of filing we need the same website, through a number of channels, or other sites outside the chain, or is turned over several pages to find, but ultimately stay in, that is to say, enter the online book the train ticket or tickets online these keywords, eventually found themselves in the content you want, the whole process that the search engine with the weight of is completed, the train ticket booking the relevant keywords official website and search key The ranking will be more in front, of course, in addition to real visitors reported, there is some authoritative website the chain, also.

the two day in the network, the Internet users are in a quasi site of concern, I am afraid that we railway ticketing system, train ticket website, from the spring festival began in January 8th, up to now, just a few days time, this site has become the site of the most busy global system, according to media reports in January 9th,’s breakthrough hits a day 1 billion 400 million, this is what many webmaster do not dare not to think and flow ah, even to the same industry many e-commerce sites to shame, without publicity, no need to ask people to do Shanghai dragon, without advertising, in just one month. Beyond Taobao, Amason, Dangdang, but in this world no company can be compared, it is a joke, but from our Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon website optimization perspective To consider, there are still some things for us to understand.

The site is not included because of the case

From the


In fact,

points: the website structure is not good, cause not included

said the website structure is not good, does not affect the engine included the home page, it seems that this is a bit incredible, in what, also not included. From this point, I exclude this reason immediately.

first, that is, I’m a Shanghai Longfeng novice, general can handle the problems, but because of space issues, the first time not included in the website, or the first time encounter, encounter this kind of problem, I think of a Shanghai Longfeng novice, the search process is relatively hard and blind.

The case analysis of

first site article is basically a copy and paste, of course, also do the pseudo original, then simply write the original article. But the result is disappointing or not included, decisively out of this reason.

two points: the site outside the chain is not good, cause not included.



when I think of this problem, I have covered made a few good outside the chain, and the chain included better, according to the case should not affect the home page, so as to rule out the reason.

I think that this is the last step, I went to the major search engines to submit url, or not included, depressed. When I was clueless, downhearted, I want to point Links, went to the Sun Wukong engine submission site, the results suggest that scary, as follows:

case: new sites, domain name is the purchase of almost a year, never used. From the beginning of November 27, 2013 to do the optimization, even half page are not included (Note: see included snapshot are at the beginning of November), at the same time the line of the railway station, the next day it included the home page, and get the results from the 09 December 2013 to find the reasons.


process is as follows:

server space banned search engine crawling in the included, replacement of space, will restore included.


website three points: the quality is not high, resulting in not included.

prompt, I began to feel the space problem, I was in the webmaster tools query collection, other website space inside the site seemed to be shocked, K, snapshot back a lot, included a small number, some domain name is for several years, spared, above:

Results: the case of

four points: site is not submitted to the engine, resulting in not included.



The recent development of Sogou search and optimization of matters needing attention

three: do not spend too much time in the description of

Sogou is using the name "SogouRank" index to evaluate a site, there is a close relationship between SogouRank and the site’s authority. Therefore, if you want to improve your rankings in Sogou than you, the authority in Shanghai love to pay more attention to their site optimization in.

do Sogou offers many different types of search for the domestic third major search engines, including pictures, video, maps, music, news, blog etc.. At the same time, it also has its own browser, Sogou browser and Sogou Pinyin input Chinese tool. All of these contribute to the growth of market share. With the Sogou market share will continue to increase, as we should optimize the overall strategy of Shanghai dragon Er – we do consider Shanghai Longfeng Sogou, so here I will Sogou optimization do simple elaboration with some differences on the optimization of Shanghai love.

in this topic, any search engine is a focus on the original. Sogou original content is very concerned about the site, even developed a spam detection algorithm, called R-SpamRank. Therefore, you should try to provide more original content, don’t just copy other site content.

According to Sogou

four: avoid mirroring page or site

CNZZ (the leading network analysis tools) statistics, currently Sogou search engine market share of 5.43% over the same period, Google’s market share was 7.41%. Love is still the big boss in Shanghai, market share reached 82.53%. Sogou has become third only to the second largest search engine, Google China love Shanghai. Last year, Sogou release from sohu贵族宝贝, the establishment of an independent company, after a year of struggle, their performance is gratifying.

due attention to the original content, all do not recommend the use of mirror page or site.


and love Shanghai Sogou optimization, to the attention of Meta is not so high. Sogou search more attention is the title and web page content. So if you just do Sogou optimization, you need not be too concerned about Meta, do not need to write the description of complex Meta.

: Sogou more on a site of the authority of

five: improve the user experience

all sites are intended to provide customer service, improve the user friendly experience and is also important to improve the search engine friendly. The user perspective >

two: focus on the content of the original

shows Google and Sogou in the past year market share from the above CNZZ data. It can be seen that Google lost market share is significant, and is in a steady growth in sogou. To catch up with Google Sogou search engine has become the second largest sooner or later things.

How to carry out the website title and description set to rank quickly

What is

(4), must take the attractive words on the inside, such as address and phone number on the inside here only for example, can according to their own requirements to set.

The < >

1, description and title in different places?

(1), the home page, the page directory keywords, and we are an important keyword directory page, landing page, keywords theme is to write descriptions of the page.

(3), must take place keywords to more forward position in the description of which.

3, describe the correct setting. A well written description is an important factor in determining the user clicks, a good description can increase the user clicks.

(2), can not have a short description, description to write 82 characters or so, describe the little love Shanghai will be added to that rank is unfavorable.

2, how to effectively set the title.

title (title) format: brand word keywords, keywords, keywords layout of the page. Why should the words in front of the brand as a website is the most valuable website brand word, other people can’t compete with you. Brand words can improve the site conversion rate. Forced me to deepen the user’s memory, one day your keyword ranking without him will find you through brand word, and finally transformed into brand word search volume up. Brand word to web site benefits (especially the latter), is the general keywords incomparable! For example that can be found directly shopping in Shanghai love Taobao stores, Taobao screen spider love Shanghai but in the Taobao search in the sea surged this is the brand effect. The home page set to 1-3 general keywords not brand word (brand word keywords, keywords, keywords), page keywords _ brand word. Not a little stressed inside pages have to repeat title. The title of the website as far as possible not to repeat not also do not put descriptive keywords such as the largest, and most fashionable, the best use of the keywords, do much harm is your title inside place too much, especially descriptive words will weaken the other key words competitive you can refer to the title, thermodynamic diagram (thermodynamic diagram – Nanning Shanghai Longfeng website optimization).

of different places described is no effect on promoting the keywords ranking, description and title in the same place is later described to stabilize keywords. The proposal of the home page and important page written description for these important key secondary stable rankings.

recently help users analyze the many websites found that most of the title and description of the website is not set correctly leading to the site can not be quickly get rankings and ranking concussion is big, today and you share my experience in Shanghai Longfeng welcome paizhuan. Right set good website title and description can not only quickly get good rankings, but also for a long term Wengding website ranking.

How do the 404 page optimization settings hold live user experience

shield site all invalid link. As you know, a site in operating for a long time, you may accidentally deleted or other reasons caused by the revision site appeared unable to access the site page, and then set a 404 page to the site can make inaccessible page into a valid page to guide the user to return to the site to browse other pages.


, a site in the 404 page is inevitable will appear, the user may enter the URL is wrong, or is their own webmaster deleted a page content and so on, since the reason can not be controlled, then we can do a good job in dealing with the aftermath, know how to use the 404 page for the site optimization and user experience service is the key. In general situation, the 404 page is regarded as the best weapon station handling invalid link. But often overlooked, also can bring to a website is very obvious to help make good use of the 404 page, at least can allow users to re return to the site to browse other pages. So how do we get the 404 page not only is the invalid links, let the user experience of

3, let users trust the site. Many webmaster have 404 page as invalid link processing tool only, in fact, I believe that when a user access to a can not open the page, if there is wrong with the browser page, the user does not have to return to the site of the idea, and if there is a 404 page friendly to guide users to return to other pages, so users in mind would assume that this site is also good, security and error handling is in place, so that the user also ran on the site have the feeling of trust.

4, allowing users to browse frequently in time to have a rest. Webmaster want every user to enter the site can access more pages, in fact, for users, browsing more if no time to digest it, it must be forgot, and when the user access to the invalid page, it will make a summary of their browsing behavior, when highly frequent in the middle of your site to point to have in mind how many things did not exist, it will produce a pressure mood, you will naturally have tired of feeling on the site, therefore, appropriate manufacturing 404 page allows users to browse frequently have time to rest, knowledge of yourself through digestion as a summary, the more impressive.

2, 404 pages can tell the search engine this page does not exist. When an article is search engine included, and I was collected in after he deleted, then you can set 404 page, let the spider crawling through the 404 pages before the feedback information has been included to delete or update page.

hold live?

set 404 page brought to the site1,

so how do the 404 page optimization settings hold user experience of

How to appropriately increase the shlf1314 Adsense click rate and unit price of refuse stationsEntre

what kind of performance is this? It’s probably about 10 times more investment every year.

Garrett Gilchrist, a psychologist at

90% will fail. This means that in Seattle, where everyone seems to be developing, building, or starting a company, there must be thousands of people who are stressed out, depressed and decadent.

unfortunately many webmaster will find the garbage station running shlf1314 Adsense is not a very wise choice, although the station can have a lot of traffic and click in a very short period of time, but also found from the garbage site advertising click price is more and more low, low to $0.01 per click or even lower. Nevertheless, there are many owners feel that such transactions are still worthwhile, so they continue to produce garbage site, after all the rubbish site can get a good income at the beginning of a period of time, this time we heard a year doing dozens or hundreds of sites is not strange.

in Seattle, says the situation is very practical and that mental health problems are common in the entrepreneurial circle.

however, high growth did not relieve Fishkin anxiety. So in 2014, Fishkin made a decision to resign as CEO. In 2011, Seattle Met magazine wrote about Moz, calling it one of the most suitable businesses for work and leisure".

"a lot of Private Companies, they are in the annual growth rate of 20% when it has been overjoyed.". In the VC industry, the growth rate of 50%-100% is barely satisfactory. We were lucky that Moz grew by 100% in the first 6 years."

what we are saying is garbage sites, do a successful waste site is a university asked, especially the skills of making and promotion, I know a lot of people have a superb technique, we can participate in various forums and reading their articles to understand. Here is the garbage site advertising unit price, don’t care how much it is >

garbage station is a fast-moving consumer goods in the Internet era, the biggest feature of garbage stations is that information is highly repeated over the Internet, so the value of garbage stations in search engines is very limited. But because of the low technology content and the relatively low production cost of garbage stations, more and more people use it to launch shlf1314 Adsense.

"I think there is an inner connection between entrepreneurship and depression. I participated in the CEO Foundry summit in Colorado, and before the closing of the summit, the last topic we discussed was related to entrepreneurial sentiment. The host asked, "how many of you had severe anxiety or depression during your own company?" only 2 of the 26-27 people present did not raise their hands. This proportion really shocked me."

before we are going to raise the unit price, we have to understand a general unit price so that we can define a high and low level. Usually per click income between 0.01 to 1 are relatively normal, people will encounter more than $1 on income is not surprising, because also heard of up to $ten and a few tens of dollars price, this is not what we talk so do not verify the key.

in most of the webmaster eyes, garbage site "garbage" is a site type, not an adjective. They can usually think of sites that collect information by copying gathering or otherwise, called garbage stations and, of course, functional and service garbage stations.

"I am very honest to tell you that after 6 years of rapid growth and the company’s annual earnings from $400 thousand to $30 million, I felt like a failure."." "Actually, I can tell you, I still have a sense of frustration," Fishkin said. The venture backed entrepreneurs are often so stressed, everyone wants to be able to make a shocking performance."

in general, the stronger the purchasing power of the market price level will be higher overall advertising, we are involved in advertising is mainly English and simplified Chinese from abroad, ordinary webmaster publisher situation not including occupation publishers and cheating, English site click on the advertisement income of about $0.10, Chinese site advertising according to different themes can differ greatly, the overall level of around $0.04. Of course, many people will be far higher or lower than this value, that is the case.

in fact is not so pessimistic, as long as we stand in the search engine especially shlf1314 stand to view the content of the dumpster, it is easy for us to improve the waste site shlf1314 Adsense advertising price directly affects the parameters of the shlf1314 Adsense advertising unit: the importance of matching degree, conversion rate and site advertising grade.

"a lot of people are feeling depressed, anxiety, stress, suffering from ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder, the main symptom is frequent, not consciously distracted also said Gilchrist, There are plenty of people who," "people often do not know that he was suffering from the mental illness. To >

Rand Fishkin was one of those people. 10 years ago, Fishkin founded Moz, a provider of subscription analysis software services. Fishkin spent 70-80 hours a week on the job, afraid of pressure from investors, clients and employees to push him into the depths of severe depression.

March domestic website traffic statistics ranking TOP5 Baidu, Tencent, Taobao top three

IDC Chinese Review Network 04 reported on 02 may, according to the latest data China Internet Association – China website ranking announced that as of 2013 03 month 31 days, the domestic website independent visits the top five are: Baidu,,, and, as shown below.


as shown in the figure, in the statistical period, Baidu and Tencent website traffic has been leading, with the other three websites ranked first in two, and the gap between the two is not large. Taobao and Sina are more competitive, but Taobao has been ahead of sina since mid – late 3. And phoenix net finally entered the top 5 this month, traffic trends tend to be stable.

below, IDC review network and we all understand the above five major website traffic ranking situation:

1, Baidu (


Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, was founded in Beijing in January 2000 in Zhongguancun by Robin Li, Xu Yong two people, mainly to provide web pages, music, pictures, news search, and Post Bar and WAP search function.

2, Tencent ( is currently the largest portal, Tencent official website, provide QQ software, plug-ins and QQ game downloads, QQ show, QQ hall, QQ and fantasy, group, greeting cards, magazines, radio, friends, members and relevant help and customer service.

3, Taobao (


Taobao is Asia Pacific’s largest online retail business, and is committed to creating the world’s leading online retail business, invested by Alibaba group in May 10, 2003. Computer communication, including men and women supplies, sporting goods, books, audio and video game equipment and other goods auction, as well as related community, Alipay also offers online trading safety assurance system.

4, Sina (


sina is one of the four major portals in China. It is a leading online media and value-added information service provider for Chinese and global Chinese communities. Sina has many regional websites and provides various kinds of information classification. It is an integrated gateway with the main characteristics of Internet media.

5, Phoenix (



A rookie level webmaster course

from start doing web site, I’m going to use the site to make money. Just graduated, I do not know what website construction, I feel it is very abstruse problem. That will do very cattle, in the home town after graduation to find a job. Is the dream of the Internet company, made a web site, the company’s colleagues are good, taught me to use ASP program set site, not wordy. Probably from last year began to build their own web site, and now I would like to introduce my rookie Adsense advertising money to make some of the experience:

1, small station put into operation more than 1 months, IP is always around 50, and do not know how to promote, so I began to look for advertising alliance. Try advertising.

2, the alliance is to find, basically can register through the website, but I’m not popular! No one to my advertising, more than 10 yuan over the income from the Union did not do what it is really difficult?


3 and later on a web site to see someone looking for offline GOOGLE, plus the man QQ, as we all know, anyway, is cheating, other alliances are removed, only GOOGLE advertising, so every day, brush their own show, find mutually alliance, every day a few, see GOOGLE to AD the data every day in the growth, the beauty of Jin heart don’t mention it. Think if that way. I also early entry into the rich list, foot, oh, the letter one day:


recently, when looking at records, we found that your AdSense account poses a great risk to our AdWords advertisers. If your account continues to remain in our publisher network, may make our advertisers on economic losses, so we have decided to disable your account.

in order to protect the interests of our advertisers and other AdSense publishers, we must take this measure, please understand. We know that this may cause you a lot of inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions about your account or the measures we have taken, please do not reply to this email. You can visit the following website for details.

Google AdSense from


gave them great risk. I saw it. Oh, my God! The earth! My dollars! My rich man! Hey! It’s all gone! I’m so depressed I can’t say anything.

4, no way! The days have been! As a warning for the future or your own wrong, cheating, never send home. So their website and other websites on a list of their own shortcomings, and the direction of future development, decided to beat the website promotion out of


5, I started out the first step, that is, to enrich their website content, content is the truth

Shenzhen grassroots webmaster was denounced by well-known professors

I moved who cheese? Shenzhen grassroots webmaster was a well-known professor denounced as an article reprinted, Shenzhen grassroots webmaster by social celebrity instructors exposure and condemnation. A celebrity, Professor, tutor for a good grassroots station suspected of plagiarism in his original content, violated his intellectual property rights, and one will be analysis of the event and denounce the exposure station.

with the rise of the Internet, in the network is also more and more strong, the rise of network culture, also caused the network spread information reprint spread, a lot of information and personal site for rich web content, most of them are the acquisition and reproduction of multi site, some webmasters and content editing will also do some sorting and modification of the original article, but because of the Internet, many of the original copyright statement has been the loss of the original author’s intellectual property rights have been infringed.

for the prevention of network original articles, intellectual property wanton tampering phenomenon, and some webmaster and content editor in finishing the article, can respect the original intellectual property rights, is a public topic.

, and the original author who rights can adopt what approach is also a social topic.


incident originated from an exposure article by Professor Liu’s official site,, id=6016

, and posted a similar announcement on several blogs, and held onto the site, pushing the site’s Shenzhen seo web site doctor to a hostile copy of the site,

professor Liu Xianming is a nationally renowned teacher,

is China’s ten largest enterprise management consulting guru, the ten major trainers, the China Enterprise Evaluation Association (under the domestic development research center) evaluation expert

fine management engineering founder, China’s first "signing general manager"

and Chinese Enterprise Association Training Center Professor, trainer, President of Tsinghua University, class teacher, class teacher, University of Science and Technology Beijing MBA Wuhan Institute of Technology Professor, adjunct professor at the XiangFan University, the Chinese economic management network, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Research Center, Shanghai fujibrand enterprise management consulting Ltd., Shenzhen Wande enterprise management consulting company, more than 20 consulting, training institutions and experts members or consultants, occupation training, China Construction Industry Association researcher, Zhaopin, Chinese chemical enterprise management association and other agency partners; China outstanding enterprises – Beijing Air Force Corps (ten Corps Chinese airport construction tenth), the four star hotel Castle Hotel in Suzhou and other units the perennial consultant and honorary title.

to a nationally renowned teacher and celebrity, to a grassroots webmaster such a statement, grassroots webmaster should how to deal with?

cited the citation of an article and added the site to a copy of a copycat and malicious tamper

Quick way to improve website traffic, 1 weeks 2000IP change 2W IP

quick way to improve website traffic, 1 weeks 2000IP change 2W IP

I made a small forum in October 23, 2005 and kept 1000-2000 IP until my job in Chengdu. After I quit my job, I concentrated on my own forum. In less than a week’s traffic, do 2WIP from 2000IP. I would like to share with you the experience of my website.

1, the promotion of forum publicity:

because my is a comprehensive entertainment forum, so what kind of post can be sent inside?. I go online every day to collect many of the most popular and exciting videos on my forum. Then go to the relevant forums for overwhelming publicity.

forum publicity is the most difficult way for me to advertise in many websites, and it is also the fastest. I want to send dozens of themes and hundreds of Posts every day on those big forums outside. But in those big forum to have a lot of Ma3 jia3 reply to it, otherwise the advertisement effect is very poor. In one of my main advocacy forums, one of the forums has 40, a few ID numbers.

online there are many sites to promote the way, all about the BBS post promotion method, but most people are a generation, so many people use this method, the effect is not obvious. In fact, a forum is the biggest Essentials: choose good material (must be very popular kind) and then go to a very popular version (version I often go to the area are hundreds of thousands of people online the clock) post publicity. To use more vests, take the trouble to put their own down propaganda posts up. I am using this simple forum posting method, most of the time, from a forum to bring about IP 1W.

2, join the forum alliance network alliance alliance figure pick

recommended under the Qihoo forum alliance, at the beginning I paid for the cost of friendship connection with the Qihoo, Qihoo joined the alliance forum. Submit around 20 posts to the Qihoo every day. Brought me considerable traffic. Of course you submit post to very attractive, Qihoo will be included in your. From the beginning I joined the forum of the association of Qihoo, Qihoo basically gave me a day with IP flow rate of about 2000, the biggest day of the Qihoo brought me 3WIP flow.

and I have to join Chinese BBS forum alliance No. five pick China world map map fanchon fanchon Abstract China and so on, although not the Qihoo to bring traffic so much, but every day I can bring the flow of 100-1000, accumulated very substantial. I found some forums on the Internet, specifically on the join forum alliance do flow to their website, these personal webmaster, every day only dozens of topics posted in their forum, and these alliance submitted posts, one day a few W IP to.