What entrepreneurial spirit need to open shop

21 century is the era of the network, at the same time in this era, online shopping became popular, some electronic commerce also began rapid development, online shop business has become a big trend, so in the online business to hold what?

The popularity of

in fact as entrepreneurs, in the online shop business, often require some firm entrepreneurship in the early, continuous innovation project, find a suitable for their own entrepreneurial projects, to the final success of the shop.


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What is most suitable for eight industry business

is now undertaking tide each year, many people are not satisfied with the job and the choice of business, then you should want to join as a new industry, or is rapidly developing, the production people desire products industry, these are the most you can find opportunity.

Intelligent mobile phone

you will soon be regarded as the same and eight track player antique. It is possible to predict the weather or send your Facebook information computerized contact lenses. This is the wearable computing technology. Through 3D glasses, watches and other personal devices, it will be ubiquitous to shape your environment, explain what you see, and tell you what you can do with it. What are the chances of success? Think about the smartphone market.

don’t tube of red wine. Because of the image conscious drinkers seeking high-quality cocktail and beer, craft brewers and small liquor manufacturers are booming. One of the smallest micro wine and micro distillation is selling their products through high-end stores and farmers markets. The income of micro wine increased by 29% in 2012, while the income of micro distillation increased by 32%.

online education

"Affordable Care Act" to speed up the trend of consumer driven health care. The company is looking for a market for products, including fitness applications and blood glucose monitors, designed to help consumers manage their health and reduce their health care costs. Last year, the number of healthcare companies raised $1 billion 400 million from Vc firm, an increase of 46% compared to 2011. Insurance companies and technology companies are seeking acquisitions.

Off-season business can also create a festive atmosphere

during the festival, the major stores have a very strong festive atmosphere, the customer is coming, the owners do not have to worry about the nature of the business problems. Commodity sales peak where? Many of our operators will say that, of course, the Chinese New Year holiday! However, after the peak sales, significantly fewer traffic, sales continued to decline. That as our retail customers, can not create an atmosphere of sale, the festive atmosphere indefinitely extended, do not slack season. It can be said that!

no traditional holidays, we can also use their brains to create their own holiday. Can also be through certain means of marketing to some obscure sections such as: bigger, Valentine’s day, 38 day, April Fool’s day, consumer rights day, father’s day, mother’s day, children’s day and holiday, as long as to seize these sections, create their own stores and large scale highlights, propaganda, why not put bar bigger, off-season market well.

US stores, in the annual off-season will launch a series of promotions, such as the Spring Festival every year after the launch of the anniversary promotional activities, and then launched a series of promotional activities will spring, for a period of time after the Spring Festival, although other stores is a deserted house, and we have been here in the supermarket customers gather sales continue to rise, people feel the store in the deep spring.

so, as long as we use our brains to think of ways, not only to enhance the popularity, but also to maximize the benefit of customers, attracting more customers". In the Spring Festival after the end of a series, we will launch a shopping culture week, set off a small climax in the off-season marketing. So, in the off-season during this period, there are still opportunities to be tapped, as long as we don’t do fine do small businesses, strong, still be able to put the off-season market well, achieved good operating performance.

at the same time, our businesses can also use the local folk festival, chamber of Commerce, events and other major activities in this period, the flow of people is also the peak of operations well, will bring the shopping climax, then we should be business savvy, not only to a positive response, but also to make bold participation of the occasion supporting the promotion of commercial activities, and jointly carry out or sponsor some shopping activities, not only to expand the store, can also expand the off-season sales market.

annual "Huaiyang delicacy Festival" is in the light of the July sales, our stores has been the organizers units, not only for the festival of small food and drinking water, and fruit drinks are provided by our store, we also played a delicacy in Huaian, shopping to Su fruit "advertising language, and distribute some coupons for the participants of the staff.

many participating personnel are usually only heard some names have never seen real heavyweights, many customers have to store shopping, pure.

Water purifier shop franchise should have what skills

many water purifier stores shopping guide is not professional, for consumers to answer questions so as to bring consumers talk ambiguously, very good feeling. Shopping guide should pay attention to what talk skills? The following analysis is expected to help guide staff get some inspiration.

shopping guide opening to the characteristics, not only to promote the advantages of the product, but also the advantages of the product into the interests of customers. To use the skills to ask questions to the customer, each consumer’s needs are different, so the way of asking questions will be different. Do not ask questions to the customer a lot of questions, so as not to make people feel upset, not too cold, and customers to maintain the appropriate distance, give them the space to choose!

repeatedly asked, blindly sell, let the customer more disgusted, so can not always follow the customer, to give them some space, the guide to develop "good eye", and to seize the opportunity, take different methods to sell for different customers, sales to further.

shopping guide in the marketing of products to pay attention to methods, and the operators of the skills training staff must be comprehensive, only to enhance the shopping guide technology, service attitude, in order to truly at the time of sale to, for different customers with different attitudes and marketing methods, learn to make friends and customers, their accumulation natural affection, can become regular customers, future can bring new customers.

water purifier stores shopping guide must need to master certain sales and speaking skills can provide better service to customers, if you want to make the investment management business can not ignore the guide part of the above analysis, I hope to help you, can not be ignored.

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Retail business should attach importance to the network

some people are constantly looking for contacts but have no contacts, while others have connections but not very good grasp. Some people say that "network" is a kind of productivity, whether you like it or not, and if you don’t believe it, if you want to do what you want to do and do well, if there is no support and help of interpersonal relationships is not really.

Many bosses are now

shop in bemoaning their business is not good to do, not many loyal customers complain as a stable source. Pessimistic they don’t pay attention to have such a resource utilization: can go to any one person, a family, his hidden behind a huge family consumer group, this is the "connections", but we usually have no intention to mining, and has been operating.

a year, my brother-in-law married the son I went to a wedding feast, I have to sit at a table and brother-in-law brother-in-law. The brother in law, but a good man, the family opened a factory and a restaurant. Since we were sitting in a table, and the relatives of relatives, so there is less of a gap, three glasses of wine we crossed several threshold children, I have to warm up to him directly address each other as brothers. He said I can drink quite generous, I said he is really generous buddy loyalty; he invited me to his home with a drink, I even shuiqin Pro loess into gold.

because of this some warm wine, then under my brother-in-law’s help and arrangement, I really took the "astepping-stone to success" as a gift by his wife’s birthday, the opportunity to go to his home to drink a cup. Since then, the use of the family business network set up a friend, he is not the only hotel and factory consumption of alcohol, all designated by me to supply, he will also several of his brother-in-law and his wife brother introduced me, for my sales and expand the number of pipeline network.

for these blunt relatives and friends relationship to shoppers, they could be because there is a layer of countless Pro friendship, so to take care of my business, and we can not be cynical, slaughter is a thought. No matter how much they buy things, I have taken the time to accompany them to chat Kan, also say a few words to provoke people to hear the kind words. The most critical is the settlement price, do not make money is not realistic, I will give them every time a more favorable buy price to settle.

The second to

for a long time, feeling after the culture of consolidation after the relatives and friends will not only become our loyal customers will also die hard, then their aunt, all over the eight Kou her seven. Layers, by "Pro friendship" to build up a shopping tour, like an inverted "Pyramid", the geometry was constantly enlarged. Often have customers to shop and said to me, we are relatives, he was introduced to the Moumou Moumou, his children’s aunt or the like. Thus, the operation of the good pulse, that is woven

How to do the brand children’s wear agent


said women’s money and children earn money is the best, but with the increase of a brand, or the children’s clothing store opened, a children’s clothing store is closed, it is a few happy tears, children’s agents are constantly upgrading, so choose a what kind of brand is very important to take care of.

is the first market trend analysis. Children’s clothing is currently a more potential plate. Dealers in the choice of brands of these trends must understand, although not necessarily in accordance with the trend to choose the brand, but the trend of understanding, in the choice of brands have an overall grasp.

followed by the analysis of their market position. Different brands have different market, high-end brands are not suitable for all markets, for example, in some economically less developed in the two or three line of the market is not the introduction of high-end brands, especially high-end international brands, and more suitable for the introduction of some take the amount of the Volkswagen brand. The Distributor shall fully consider the characteristics of the local market in the choice of brands, do the investigation and analysis in advance, understand the income level, consumption habits of the local consumer groups and market brand distribution rate, which determines the choice of brand values.

then the analysis of its own. The analysis includes the analysis of investment funds, investment funds can determine the positioning of the brand choice, and relates to the scope of the market (such as province generation, generation etc.); analysis of brand operation ability, if not to use the brand, then the dealer should be cautious in choosing a brand, the best choice of brand management ability of the enterprise. So it can provide more support in brand operation; team analysis, for bigger regional agent dealers (such as the provincial level agents), must have their own team, a person is not possible to run "brand, which also determines your network construction, the network does not mean there are many people people in your purchase, but how many distributors have a long-term and stable cooperation with you." Dealers in the choice of the brand, it is necessary to take into account whether there is such a network, at the same time, the choice of the mature brand is also very important to this point.

brand Intention Evaluation


Baxiang love let you enjoy a rinse to bake Hot pot.

      now baxiang love rinse to bake popular with consumers, many consumers have come to the store to taste his Hot pot roast mutton baxiang love features, baxiang love rinse to bake a good selection of the Hot pot soup pot, ensure baxiang love rinse to bake for consumers to taste, consumers can enjoy a taste of the baxiang love Hot pot rinse to bake shop each kind of taste, let the myriads of changes, investors also want to eat, and now I take a look at the investors baxiang love rinse to bake is not really popular with the customers, or resort to deceit.

rinse roast

Choose a good cold drink business in the summer

many people have the idea of entrepreneurship, want to start, but do not know what the project choice is better, in fact this season choose cold projects in the areas of business should be very good, have a cold car in the summer can be rapid absorption of gold, and low investment cost, investment risk is very small, want to understand the specific situation then please see. Analysis of

and this flow bingche model is effective in solving the problem, which saves the cost of rent, increase profits, and will expand the business scope, earn more profit, especially for the two or three line of the city’s grassroots investors.

minimum investment of 9800 yuan, including related equipment. Average gross profit margin of more than 65%. To ordinary sweet tube, for example, the market retail price of 3 yuan, the cost price of only $0.5.

1, the investment risk on the market at present there are a lot of flowing ice to join the project. According to the general experience, who joined the competition all is a good project, but there is certainly a lot of stores are not reliable, so it is best to find the franchisee has many years of professional experience in the Ministry of Commerce and the record companies to join.

2, a unit of poor quality, it is best to find entrepreneurs to buy products have proved to be the normal operation of the car purchase. Otherwise, it is easy to buy the machine can not be used or used soon, a waste of time and money.

3, the car business in line with the current ice flow careful law, many places are not allowed to stall.

4, Taobao is also selling ice flow. Analysis on investment summer beverage market

A yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice stores what skills

braised chicken Steamed Rice is now doing well, many friends found the brand project investment opportunities, want to join, then open the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice stores need to pay attention to what skills? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

first, Ji Pu on the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice stores investors must do the positioning of the target consumers, because a reasonable position can make the franchise source stable, said here on the target consumer positioning is the price, although the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice four field consumers can consume the. A yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice stores should pay attention to what? But a Ji Pu braised chicken Steamed Rice join if we can provide a variety of choices for consumers in the store price high and low, so not only can let the franchise to win the general consumers in general, but also to the market will further expand consumer groups. As a result, braised chicken shop on Kyrgyzstan Steamed Rice stores business will be like a raging fire.

then, before the Ji Pu braised chicken Steamed Rice stores opened to investors, it is necessary to do the job shop location, open the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice stores should pay attention to what? As much as possible to find a good shop location, choose a good location of the shop can help Kyrgyzstan braised chicken shop Steamed Rice stores get more profit, so investors in the shop to Kyrgyzstan braised chicken Steamed Rice when joined the store location, we must carefully consider it. In order to help stores to choose a more convenient traffic flow

finally, investors also need to be laid on Kyrgyzstan braised chicken Steamed Rice franchise marketing work, open the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice stores should pay attention to what? Braised chicken shop for Kyrgyzstan Steamed Rice stores, now in the industry competition intensified, and consumer demand unceasing change, so investors can make use of the Internet marketing, this can be very good to improve Yoshiki braised chicken Steamed Rice join in inn daily performance.


above is about some skills of braised chicken Steamed Rice franchise, hope that this to be a lot of attention, only a good choice of skills, so that they can sell more easily, want a good shop to join a detailed understanding!

Operating car beauty chain stores note

now society, car owners are on the increase, while the market of car beauty and service industry also began to rise, now operating automotive beauty chain stores, people need to pay attention to what matters?

model shop visits to join headquarters

many car beauty franchise headquarters of the model shop, is very impressive, it is necessary to do the project speculation. Model shop, is to look for investors, especially the layman investors.

model shop, profit is not the purpose, as long as it can open.

of course, can better profit. The key is to make the model shop image design and marketing lively. To do these two points, is not difficult.

from the start

if you must join a "national car beauty chain", "recommend that you start from the lowest level of the national chain of car beauty". Any business is to earn layman, as a rational investor, first of all to become an expert, this is responsible for their investment behavior.

with the minimum investment level, let oneself become quasi experts, combined with their ability to examine investment behavior. Step back, even if the investment mistakes, but also to minimize the loss of control.

the whole car beauty shop in the business process, there are a lot of things need attention, at the same time for many automotive beauty shop operators, in the management, grasp some small details, or very critical.


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