The site is down right after the analysis of the reasons is the key


three, which makes the website easy to fall right

website right down, most of the webmaster all know, the number of reasons in numerous ever. Like a machine, if the lack of a rose nail machine will cause paralysis. Therefore, the author summarizes the following.

for the site right down, which is why analysis is right down is very important, if you do not even know why will be right down, so to find a solution is more difficult, perhaps many webmaster may resolve by fish in troubled waters right down, but this is more luck. Only to find myself why web site is down right, make yourself easy to know why down the right, a natural solution can be found right down to the. Is the so-called because there is only the fruit, not because of where you can do? You really only know why the site is down right, such as the reason to modify their own right down when it is easier and more rapid recovery. So, what did not drop right, some websites do not know why is right down is the most critical.

two, website down right where

, a web site is down right

The reason for the Since

site is down right, most owners have encountered, no matter in reducing calendar calendar harm, there will always be some reason is due to their own website or unexpected factors lead to drop right. In the down right after the first time not to stationmaster depressed and negative attitude, analysis of the reasons to be right down, find a solution is the most effective operation, after all, how depressed sites are right, this time not as a serious analysis of the causes of depression. The analysis of the reasons the site is down right after the talk today:

why know their site is down right, so relatively speaking, find the reasons is much easier. As for the reason of website drop right where it should master the careful analysis of their site factor exist, such as keyword set, title is set and H label use regulation, etc.. All these will lead to site is down right, but there are some others, such as the chain increased too much, the chain quality is not high, and so many web site links to death. Are all reasons why right down. After all, the site is like a machine, a part of something will cause the whole machine. So, the site is down right away to overall health. Drop right is not terrible, terrible is down right after not knowing what to look for reasons, whether their own or external, need careful analysis for the webmaster, after all, site is down right, he will not tell you the reason right down where not jumping with bold word mark on the front page that give you see. So, right down to the webmaster, analysis reasons their own website or search engine problems, after all, if the search engine that will be a few days to recover, but if it is their own, so no timely solution will be piled up, finally caused by K is a normal phenomenon. So, right down, find out the reason is right down the main.


Zhongguancun Pioneer Street this winter is not too coldshlf1314 AdSense a detailed description of th

      in addition, some publishers wrote letters about his web server >

      in the "AdSense policy" in front of the series, we have introduced some common policy issues. Today, let’s introduce another very common policy issue – Copyright material.

entrepreneurial weathervane, entrepreneurship Mecca, entrepreneurial dream gathering place, these are Beijing Zhongguancun pioneering Street hereinafter referred to as pioneering Street has been given label.

      if you use on your site for these materials have clear copyright owner company or individual, and you have no formal authorization of the copyright in all authorization legally binding using these materials, the content of your site is a violation of copyright material. Our policy plan.

Wang Feiqin also mentioned that, in the operation of this street, but also created a precedent, that is, "a station can register a company" business reform, this kind of thing in many other cities is difficult to complete.

3W, vice president of the group 3W space CEO Wang Feiqin told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, there are various groups and organizations gathered in the business street, this street is to give people the feeling of pure, inclusive and open, the development of its core business logic is enough market, through the development of the two years. There has been a relatively complete form of entrepreneurial ecological services. For example, Zhongguancun entrepreneurial reception hall can provide services from the company registration, policy services, human resources to intellectual property services, if the start-up documents sufficient, 4 working days will be able to complete the "four cards" book".

      as the name implies, "refers to the use of copyrighted materials" are not authorized by the copyright owner under the condition of the material, including movies, TV dramas, TV shows, music and songs MP3, bell, flash, comic books, software, etc..

      1. movies or TV online watch or Download Web site, if there is no formal authority of the publishing company, these content belongs to copyright material.
      2. music online audio visual or Download Web site, or use songs to do ringtones download site, if there is no formal authority of the publishing company, it belongs to copyright material.
      3. comic websites; if the cartoons are explicitly copyright owners and are not officially authorized by copyright owners, they belong to copyright materials.
      4. online books or novel sites; if the book or novel has been formally published and has a clear copyright owner, if it is not authorized by the copyright owner, it belongs to copyright material.
      5. software download sites, if the software has a clear copyright owner and publisher of the company, without copyright authorization for download as well as any other form – such as cracked version, Chinese version of the green version, belong to copyrighted material.

in late January, the "daily economic news" reporter from the start of a street where security of the street from time to time tour, many of which are the organization to visit, especially in the summer, basically every day to come.

we can see in the business street, the shops here regardless of what type, almost all support WeChat or Alipay to pay the payment, including business service agencies gathered: Angel sinks, garage coffee, 3W coffee, Binggo coffee, 36 krypton, Lenovo star and onion cast etc..

in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation," and other policy oriented and "prime minister with the paragraph coffee" and other hot events under the boost, entrepreneurial street for a while bustling.

today’s entrepreneurial Avenue is the result of conforming to the trend of innovation and entrepreneurship. According to the "daily economic news" reporter, business street is the predecessor of the pedestrian street of Haidian city library, which opened in 1992, Haidian book city, after the rise and fall, upgrading and format adjustment, June 2014, Haidian book city pedestrian street to show people in the business street.

      let’s take a few specific examples of copyright materials:

      the need to emphasize is that copyright statement on your website such as "all contents of this website are collected with the network, if the violation of your copyright please notify us immediately, we will immediately delete" there is no legal effect. If you do not have the copyright holder’s authorization, it is still copyrighted material and still violates our plan policy.

business street website data show that as of now, its settled services institutions, investment institutions totaled 40, incubation and start-up team of 1791, of which about 600 teams in the block incubation. Entrepreneurship reception hall has accumulated more than 60 enterprises and government departments settled.

Grassroots Artist where’s your future

looking at the booming development of the domestic Internet, there is a new force that can not be ignored, that is our art designer,

at this stage, I divide the artist into the following categories:

* (not HTML rookie level graphic code) P will not design diagram.

* (point HTML) general graphic drawing, not to mention design.

. Get art (point HTML) map ok.

. Web page, read and write XHTML+CSS, familiar with CSS, do good.

* senior web designer, web software, familiar with the code or in art background, have their own ideas.

. The professional front expert! For the time being, I’ve been working hard.

In addition to above

after class two, in front of all art (hereinafter collectively referred to as being replaced by MG), the first occupation focuses on the not me, but spare time at leisure, the Internet bubble, get a little extra money to earn some money for cigarettes. Now, what are the main ways to make money in MG?

1, bubble webmaster frequented forums, websites do LOGO, banner, deal with some pictures.

2, or to some program developers forum to do free style release, and rely on the some template list.

3, go to Witkey, pig eight quit, do a back witkey.

4, more to Taobao shop, or do shop decoration.

5, the level of

have good points of their own personal behavior, in order to meet some special MG.

6, understand the procedures used, you can also pick up some local enterprises, stations, brochures do.

‘s brain is limited, and I know about that, but I don’t know if you’ve figured out how much you can get in a month,


is now the market to make a website LOGO. 100 people give you a cut in half, well, do it, no matter how much, a decent LOGO at least have to spend 1-2 hours, over to the customer, do not have lots of opinions. So to say, from the customer and QQ consider your reputation and price level to the sword knife, then to your design – to the customer back to modify a LOGO spent a total estimated time to add a piece of 5-6 hours! (good luck), my friend a few seconds to make paper gold a few hundred, ah, ready to change investment to calculate……

change to do procedures template, and now some of the forum template price is simply cabbage prices, 100-200 can call what the same order, are some pseudo MG in which to engage in market confusion

Coca-Cola factory ushered in the creation of female visitors to stimulate entrepreneurial dreams

women join the entrepreneurial team, the development of entrepreneurship has a new mode of thinking to join. Recently, Shaanxi 30 female tourists visited the Coca-Cola factory, by learning about the world’s top 500 enterprises to operate, they have a new understanding of how to achieve entrepreneurial dream.


site high enthusiasmThe

from entering the factory gate, the staff led everyone to visit the hall, museum, Coca-Cola production line, often ask questions, answer the people first hand. There are visitors to see the rapid operation of the production line, or even want to enter the workshop to visit the scene.

seeingbelieving   stimulate female new thinking

Ms. Wang

The general manager of Coca-Cola

Toilet restaurant join details

theme restaurant is a breakthrough in the traditional restaurant business model of a new era, the theme of the restaurant in the form that we must have seen a lot, so a theme restaurant you have seen? Toilet restaurant. The toilet is to culture as the theme and design of the restaurant, the restaurant with a urinal container to contain food, even with similar shape of stool ice cream supply. The diner sits on the toilet and chews the delicious food in the container. Toilet theme restaurant, English name is Modern Toilet Restaurant, the old name for the MARTON theme Food Museum, also known as the toilet restaurant. The first store opened in June 2004 in Kaohsiung City, Linquan street, in Hongkong in September 2007 December 2008 to open stores, East Gate branch. The main feature of the restaurant chain is the appearance of some of the decoration and tableware to imitate the toilet or toilet equipment, as well as claims to look like feces or vomit food. So how do you join


toilet restaurant join details

toilet restaurant conditions:

investor requirements: 1, do not participate in the first line of direct management; 2, venture capital adequacy;

shop requirements: the national site, the proposed location in the commercial pedestrian street, mature department stores, mainly to young people;

flagship store practical area of 200-400 square; small shop practical area of 100-200 square;

flagship store bit engineering requirements:

1, power supply: it is recommended to have a three phase five 380V electric power (not less than 50 square meters), with "CCC" certification and certification can be used, the use of galvanized pipe laying threading.

if the restaurant can use open flame at least 90 kilowatts of electricity. If the restaurant prohibits the use of open flame requires at least 140 kilowatts of electricity.

2, sewage: the store must be set up with three oil drainage pool, according to the hourly flow rate of 2.5 cubic meters of water, oil tank * small to do a cubic.

3, an operating room, kitchen, room surface in the area of 60 square meters, the ventilation exhaust standard for every hour of ten thousand cubic meters, wells should be independently set hood.

small shop bit engineering requirements:

1, power supply: it is recommended to have a three phase five 380V electric power (not less than 50 square meters), with "CCC" certification and certification can be used, the use of galvanized pipe laying threading, electricity consumption of at least 50 kilowatts.

4G has arrived, is 5G still far away Fujian 2020 will achieve 5G

in the current life, the fastest speed than 4G, to provide consumers with fast speed, the operation is more convenient. So, 4G has arrived, 5G is far? Fujian in 2020 will achieve 5G, and the following Xiaobian detailed understanding.

provincial government issued yesterday, Fujian province to promote the development of large data implementation plan (2016 – 2020), the reporter learned that, by 2020, the province will promote the 5G technology test, to achieve the lead and lead the development of 5G. Comprehensive use of government affairs, public utilities, urban operations, commercial services and production and other areas of life.

it is understood that the province will accelerate the construction of broadband networks, cloud computing and innovation platform. The implementation of all-optical network project, the province’s administrative villages fiber rate reached 100%, 4G to achieve comprehensive coverage of urban and rural 4G signal covering all administrative villages, covering a wide range of hot WLAN. 5G technology to further promote the test, to achieve the first application of 5G and leading development.

at the same time, the "program" requirements to support the construction of a batch of third large data development technology platform, open government data platform to construct a unified, data query, data download, product application interface and other services to the public. Implementation of unified identity authentication, open data traceability. On the strengthening of the government in precision management, finance and taxation, comprehensive law enforcement, digital urban management, foreign affairs management, household management, real estate registration actively use big data technology and other fields, tracing the whole process of business data, improve the accuracy of business execution.

province will also expand the application of big data in the field of public services, by optimizing the allocation of public resources, the development of various types of convenience applications, improve the level of public services. Big data applications to carry out social security, health care, education and training, give priority to cultural tourism, transport and logistics and other fields, through large data correlation analysis, perceived in advance service object status and needs, provide personalized and service objects of active service. Accelerate cross sectoral information sharing of public service matters, and promote public services in various sectors of the convergence of each other, change the people back and forth as the Department of CO operation".

addition, our province will also promote big data, networking, cloud computing, mobile Internet and 3D printing, personalized integration and development of a new generation of information technology, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and emerging industries to accelerate development.

Internet plus era, network has become an important part of life, the local network can be connected with the world. With the development of science and technology, Fujian in 2020 will achieve 5G, will be able to provide users with a more rapid network speed!

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How Chongqing economic development of the Internet and the electronic information industry – Busines

in the current social environment, the Internet and the electronic information industry, is the active force of social development, the city’s economic development, plays a very important role in pushing. How to develop Internet economy and electronic information industry? The afternoon of December 7th, the municipal government and the China Telecom Group signed to further promote the Internet plus action plan "strategic cooperation framework agreement in chongqing. Municipal Party committee secretary Sun Zhengcai met with China Telecom Group Chairman Yang Jie. Municipal Committee, mayor Huang Qifan attended the signing ceremony.

During the

meeting, Sun Zhengcai said that the development of the Internet economy and electronic information industry in Chongqing needs the participation and promotion of China Telecom and other large operators. Hope that both sides make joint efforts to implement the agreement, deepen pragmatic cooperation, actively promote the integration of "Internet plus" in the field of depth, promote Chongqing Internet economy and accelerate the development of related industries, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

signing ceremony, Huang Qifan said that in recent years, the China Telecom of Chongqing actively participate in the "four modernizations", to make a positive contribution to the national backbone direct point, all-optical s, cloud computing base construction, the contract will further boost Chongqing more rapid development of the Internet economy. Yang Jie said that the rapid development of Chongqing’s information industry in recent years, showing great potential for development. China Telecom is willing to further strengthen cooperation with Chongqing, help Chongqing better development of the information industry.

Chongqing how to develop the Internet economy and the electronic information industry? As can be seen from the above introduction, Chongqing to take the form of cooperation with large operators China Telecom, in order to further promote their own development. Colleagues, according to the agreement, the China Telecom within the next 3 years will invest 10 billion yuan in Chongqing, accelerate the construction of information infrastructure, wireless , city high grade data center, accelerate the implementation of the "Internet plus" the people’s livelihood, collaborative manufacturing, modern agriculture, medical wisdom, inclusive finance, tourism wisdom, wisdom, wisdom traffic energy, wisdom education and other 9 series of operations, accelerate key projects to promote the Chongqing international data channel, the national Internet backbone direct point and the international cooperation of comprehensive experimental zone construction, economic and social fields widely and depth of integration to promote the Internet, the Internet economy has become an important engine of economic and social development in Chongqing.

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The children’s Park to join the brand how to successy operate

children’s market prospects, many entrepreneurs choose to open children’s stores, a good brand is the key to success, but many people ignore the importance of a preparatory work, today Xiaobian lead them to learn the children’s Park to join the brand choice, and through the 3 step to success, let the business benefits no longer difficult, but can be done quickly.

1, the children’s Park to join the brand cooperation, is based on both sides have a common goal, and to trust each other, if you do not follow the headquarters go, and why want to join? Since joining, why not make good use of resources at headquarters, headquarters to years of scientific experience to guide you to avoid detours?

2, in the children’s Park children’s Park to join in the implementation of brand choice, is not it should have corresponding teaching facilities, teaching materials and corresponding teaching activities to practice? If you cry up wine and sell vinegar, how smart consumers will buy


3, secondly, children’s Park headquarter has many years of operating experience, whether you are a layman, or experienced, he can park for children to provide guidance and direction for your children’s healthy operation, to ensure the unity of the brand and let children take advantage of the characteristics of their own, this is a win-win state of health. If you want to say the headquarters of East West, both sides will only make farther away from the original intention of cooperation, so that part company each going his own way.

entrepreneurial children’s paradise to join the brand, want to successy achieve the normal operation and development of the store, entrepreneurs should be able to do a good job in the operation and management of the brand, children’s paradise to join the investment need not skills. Need. You need to keep your eyes open at the beginning, choose the brand, and then just follow the headquarters. I wish you success!

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Area under the leadership of the grassroots people to listen to public opinion

The reporter learned from the East District, since November 25th, the district Party Committee Standing Committee of the 5 will be held a forum, random visits, individual interviews and other ways, in-depth area of various schools, rural areas, enterprises, communities, temples, understand the people listened to the voice of the people, the months of investigation the police opinion, puxiashenzai really do practical things for the people, problem-solving skills.The total 4 

months of research; days, the 5 District Party Committee Standing Committee will be to solve the problem oriented, from the 7 aspects of grasping rectification, turn style, will focus on the understanding of national unity and progress, create advanced areas to promote safe construction of the eastern decision to deploy the implementation at the grassroots level situation, overcome the weaknesses, to eliminate dead and promote the work of real measures at the grassroots level landing, to cover every people; problems will sort out and grasp the cadres at all levels exist in the implementation of work and the style of the building, to carry out the second batch of the party’s mass line educational practice ready. The Dundian, members of the Standing Committee will be the work style of cadres to the people most dissatisfied as a priority among priorities, in addition, attention of the masses of hot and difficult and focus problems will become the research focus, the research will be to develop solutions that make people look forward to really get attention, the real problem is solved.


District People Club Bureau volunteers to participate in the creation of civilized city

in the region under the in-depth development of national civilized city evaluation met the inspection work, the majority of the volunteers "Chengbei District People Club Bureau guard point, ", active in the community; check the line, with a brilliant smile and warm service, to create a civilization to contribute their strength.
in Chaoyang Road on the west side of the liability section, the District People Club Bureau volunteers actively begin from me, start from the side, and consciously safeguard the health Road, take the initiative to clear the road on both sides of the green belt in the garbage and waste paper, cigarette ends, plastic bags and other debris, and actively create a good environment of city street landscape Lu chang. For jaywalking, ran a red light, littering and other uncivilized behavior, and actively carry out civilized travel " " volunteer service activities, guide prompted people to consciously abide by traffic rules, not across the diagonal across the road, not red light, do not wait for the line, do not climb the fence, new social advocate civilized travel.
in contact point of the mountains and the community, the majority of the volunteers take the initiative to contact the Bureau of community workers, actively participate in solving the existing problems in the process of examination and the opinions and suggestions of the residents, and actively help the community to do the work of civilization.