Cake dregs to join the shop is to make the pie era

pie, in our lives, has always been a very market space for the development of the project choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the cake dregs era pie, is very has the advantage of choice! Cake dregs pie era project, rich Unlimited Business Opportunities good!

era cake dregs pie, high quality and inexpensive, consumers will go to line up to buy, high popularity! In this franchise, many customers have found returning to the hometown flavor here, cake dregs from pure pie era wheat flavor in the customer’s heart ripple bursts of waves, this is without any additives natural wheat, a variety of fillings and give customers more choice of healthy and delicious.

How about

era cake dregs pie?

era cake dregs pie, industry brand, has a great taste, so don’t worry about marketing. Cake pie dough with fine flour dregs era, skin crisp and delicious, with a variety of fine condiments, baked by modern technology, crisp and tender, rich soup. Less smoke, to avoid oil gathered on the surface of the cake, nutrition, health, fast, in line with the concept of modern diet.

for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture era cake dregs pie project, open their own brand stores, in fact, the money is so simple!

What about investment Candi Caeni shoes

leather shoes to join the project selection, has been very popular choice. The quality of the project, for business with a small capital entrepreneur, undoubtedly, is very has the advantage of choice. How about Candi Caeni’s shoes? Quality of the project, worry free venture worthy of trust!

the world’s leading private custom luxury footwear brand Ken Keny Candi Caeni in particular for the pursuit of quality of life of the social elite, the introduction of advanced handmade custom leather shoes products and experience services. From 1871 Candi Caeni of Florence, which has a history of 140 years, the brand to Goodyear technology for manual nobility customized shoes, became the most touted classic products. Because of the prince Welsh, "George V", the rapid development of the rapid development in the short term, in the hands of the field of custom leather shoes and international luxury market in the world of great influence in the world, the impact of the development of the.

in the footwear industry, Candi Caeni choose the scientific and accurate shoe making process, so that the brand is more long-term development, but also for the footwear industry development of the road. To Dikaini shoe shop, through a unique global 3D imaging and more than and 10 patents, foot to ensure accurate measurement data, with the power of science and technology manufacturing with every consumer foot comfort health shoes.

what about Candi Caeni’s shoes? In our lives, the brand is recognized by consumers to join the project, is a very powerful choice. Entrepreneurial choice to join Candi Caeni leather shoes project, the brand is good, the strength of protection! So, what are you hesitating about?

Open the whole cabinet stores how to decorate the store

overall cabinet is doing a good brand project, the overall strength of the cabinet is significant, if you want to invest, you can get a good income. Then, the opening of a whole cabinet stores, which need to do the decoration of the store? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

store decoration as the office decoration design office decoration design of the basic requirements, store decoration bedroom decoration design requirements of the bedroom decoration, open the whole cabinet how to join the decoration? So store decoration is no exception. How to open the whole cabinet to join the decoration? The facade and the surrounding buildings to store the form and style should be unified; the relationship between wall partition and the body of the building, and the ratio of vertical scale is more appropriate; a combination of various factors of beauty in form of store decoration, should be focused, clear contrast with master-slave, rich sense of rhythm and rhyme decor.

store decoration should make use of color contrast and harmony, in order to achieve the characteristics of the arts to strengthen the shape, the effect of rich modeling, how to open the whole cabinet store decoration? To create an ideal visual charm. Under normal circumstances, the color of the store to the high degree of warm color is appropriate, prominent components or key parts according to their physical characteristics and reflect the needs of commercial building decorative atmosphere, with the corresponding contrast color.

store decoration should correctly use the material texture, texture and natural color. How to open the whole cabinet to join the decoration? Storefront decoration, store decoration basically from building exterior wall and roof decoration, should consider the material durable, able to withstand the wind and rain and has certain anti exposure, storefront decoration frost resistance and corrosion resistance.

to do the whole cabinet business needs to understand the decoration skills, shop strategy right is essential for investors, if you want to run the whole cabinet shop, if you want to make money fast, based on the actual key, the whole cabinet joined the shop decoration design methods is very important for investors, you should understand.

The new hundred stores parity completed before the end of April

this year, our province will build 100 stores parity, accelerate the realization of urban community coverage, stores will strictly implement the access and exit system, has completed the operation for non-compliance of the discount store will cancel the qualification, unqualified will be delisted.

According to the market price regulation

held a joint meeting recently to determine the objectives and requirements, the province’s 100 discount stores before the end of April to complete the construction tasks, all in accordance with the relevant regulations, scientific location, reasonable layout, to ensure the construction quality; strengthen the daily management, orderly operation, ensure that low-priced stores play a guiding role in the stability of market price agricultural and sideline products.

it is reported that this year our province from cheap store area, operating varieties and product quality, sales price and other aspects of strict access and acceptance, to ensure parity shop construction quality; at the same time, establish and improve the exit mechanism to increase the discount store, discount store check test force for non-compliance, and fulfill the obligations of government parity price stores, overdue rectification, the rectification is not in place or to withdraw, cancel its qualification of discount stores. In the assessment, management of the parity dishes price tag and commodity out of cheap agricultural products less variety, and insufficient supply of high quality or defective dishes will expire as sales of YanZha parity dishes.


Victory Road Subdistrict Office Park Lane Community Party interpretation of chorus

yesterday morning, Wang Cunzhong came to the early victory Street Office Park Lane community, directing staff to install the background wall. People who know him know, although he is not a community worker, but it is most supportive of community work in the jurisdiction of the unit leader – Qinghai eighth geological and Mineral Exploration Institute party secretary. In order to facilitate the actors to change clothes, he took the initiative to let his office out. Wang Hong, the party secretary of the community, and the actors were all moved.

Park Lane community to the eighth Geological Exploration Institute Party committee and the City Economic Cooperation Bureau presented "the sharing of resources and advanced units were stationed in the building" banner. Wang Cunzhong often encourage employees to participate in community activities.

Dragon Boat Festival this year, the Provincial Department of land and resources in the canteen, community workers and residents together dumplings and steamed buns, canteen staff to teach residents to pack buns skills. We talked and laughed together, spent a happy holiday. At present, the Park Lane community has established contact with the 7 Party building work area units, employing units of Party branch in charge of community consultative committee members, and improve the system of joint meeting to discuss the work of Party building, were stationed in the building activities. Next, they will continue to communicate with the jurisdiction of the unit, the establishment of the unit talent pool, organized jointly organized activities to form a pattern of resource sharing. Through the joint construction activities to enhance the majority of workers in the community unit stationed in the community, community care, community building concept, to maximize the realization of social resources sharing, better service for the residents.

were stationed in the building unit responsible person said, in fact, this kind of support from the community work recognized the work of the community party into the jurisdiction of units involved in the chorus, the formation of everyone concerned about the good atmosphere of participation in community building.

"now, more and more units, began to participate in community building. Street offices and communities, but also through a total of co construction, a new way of sharing resources, explore new community building model to encourage social forces to participate in community construction, so that more people benefit." For social resources to support community building, Victory Road Subdistrict Office Park Lane Community Party Secretary Wang Hong deep feelings, the construction of a harmonious community confidence.


Xining city for entrepreneurs to lend 75 million 970 thousand yuan

Reporters from the city

entrepreneurship microfinance Loan Service Center learned that from 1 to October, the city issued personal loans 465 pen, the loan amount is 39 million 470 thousand yuan; distribution business loans 22 households, total loan amount of 36 million 500 thousand yuan; for entrepreneurs to provide business loans 75 million 970 thousand yuan.

it is understood that, in order to better provide financial help for entrepreneurs, the city to further optimize the adjustment of entrepreneurial guarantee loan policy. The application object conditions from the city accounts further relaxed, all in the province registered within the territory of the business sector, with entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial conditions of urban and rural workers or independent business entity or partnership office network businesses, as well as labor-intensive Small and micro businesses can apply for a business loan guarantee.

the amount of loans secured by the venture capital also increased. Individual independent venture, entrepreneurial guarantee loan amount is generally not more than 100 thousand yuan. Good credit, repayment ability, in line with the region’s industrial orientation, continuous operation for more than two years (including two years) of entrepreneurs, according to their production and operation of the situation, the maximum amount of guarantee increased to 200 thousand yuan.

cooperative operation or organization of employment, according to the sum of the sum of the investment, each calculated by 100 thousand yuan guarantee amount, the maximum amount of not more than 1 million yuan. The term of the guarantee loan is not more than three years. If it is due to be extended, the lender shall submit an application for a month prior to the expiration of the loan.

at the same time, taking into account the entrepreneurs in the early stages of entrepreneurship, often plagued by financial problems, the city also lowered the threshold for the protection of entrepreneurial loans secured. Do need to provide counter guarantees, can take the following three ways. Mortgage backed security. Individuals or enterprises with their own land use rights, residential, residential land, plant, office, commercial housing and other fixed assets or real estate as collateral for the loan applicant to provide counter guarantees. The mortgaged property shall be registered in accordance with the provisions of his rights. Other property collateral collateral according to the relevant provisions of the "security law" in People’s Republic of China; the pledge of counter guarantee, individual or enterprise with its own certificates of deposit, cheques, drafts, bonds as collateral to provide counter guarantee for the loan applicant; ensure the counter guarantee, have the ability to repay debts of individuals and businesses, to credit for the loan applicant to provide counter guarantee.

According to the Xining

entrepreneurship microfinance loan service center responsible person, the biggest highlight of the venture secured loans, personal self employment secured loan amount is not more than 200 thousand yuan, and the loan interest rate based on the benchmark interest rate up 3 percentage points or less, give full discount by finance.


Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics condolences to urban and rural Party organizations to help Hua

Recently, in the 90 birthday is approaching Chinese Party branch secretary, Party members, deputy director of the Bureau of the party, Wang Munakata by Bureau commissioned, led the relevant personnel to twinning on – Ping Xiang Huangyuan county urban and rural party organization "hand in hand" long and village condolences of all Party members, for each party sent weiwenpin, and had a discussion with all members of the village, to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese

recently, the Communist Party Chinese 90 birthday is approaching, Party members, Municipal Statistics Bureau deputy director, Party branch secretary Wang Zhigong by Bureau commissioned, led the relevant personnel of all Party members in Heping Township, twinning on — Huangyuan county urban and rural party organization "hand in hand" long and village condolences for each party to send gifts. And had a discussion with all members of the village, to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese.

in the forum, deputy director Wang Zhigong line with long and a review of the village members of all the brilliant achievements China 90 anniversary of the Communist Party to lead the people of all ethnic groups in revolution, construction and reform are obtained in the hope of all members of the village keep in mind the purpose of the party, many good things for the masses, do practical, problem-solving things. Hearten spirit, strengthen confidence, lead the village people to increase their income channels, ensure the stable development of agriculture, farmers continued to increase, gradually improving the production and living conditions.

long and village Party members have said, thanks to the Municipal Bureau of statistics on all Party members of the village and care for the past few years long and vigorously support the village, in the future work and life, listen to the party, follow the party, for the party for the party share the glory, better compliance and performance of Party members the right and obligation to abide by Party discipline, consistent from beginning to end, for the construction of new socialist countryside with their power.



Guangdong is now the most tragic reminder of the owners have not yet received a house for two years

city white-collar workers who work hard for a house, the recent news, Guangdong is now the most miserable owners, the handover date are over two years have not yet received the floor, children are a three years old!

Tsinghua Bay real estate is located in the Old City Plaza Riverside Road, building two, there are nearly 30 storey flats Linjiang standing developers for the Qingyuan City Manulife investment company limited. 2012 of the real estate sale, according to the plan in 2013 October to the floor. As of early 2013, 141 units have been sold. So far more than two years from the date of the handover, 141 owners have not received the floor.

will do 3 years, because developers capital chain rupture, Tsinghua Bay 141 owners to the down payment, monthly mortgage payments, but they have not received the floor, some owners also need to rent. Make money to buy a house is not easy, encountered such a sad reminder owners how to do it?

Tsinghua Bay real estate is located in the Old City Plaza Riverside Road, building two, there are nearly 30 storey flats Linjiang standing developers for the Qingyuan City Manulife investment company limited. 2012 of the real estate sale, according to the plan in 2013 October to the floor. As of early 2013, 141 units have been sold. So far more than two years from the date of the handover, 141 owners have not received the floor.

Use your head to shop more popular


said to the store when the site needs to be selected in the high popularity of the place, is because of the high popularity of local traffic, so that the store will have to protect the business. However, not all of a shop is a place where the flow of traffic, popularity naturally became a problem. This time, nature also need owners use their brains, this will make the store more popular, better business.

last year, I opened a grocery store in the village of Nanyuan tobacco. Store is located in the village center, the location is still good, but three months down, but little profit shop.

is there any way to improve the situation? I think hard.

one day, I saw the bike repaired xiuchetan beside a group of people crowded together, almost packed.

I’m curious to ask: "the mechanic what are they doing?" The mechanic said: "playing chess." A street chess booth attracted so many viewers! A flash in my mind: can I put a stall in front of my store?

said it was all right. I bought a pair of chess and went home to find a board. Then, I moved out of home coffee table and two small square stool in the doorway. Everything is ready, only chess. Who knows from noon until sunset, but no one.

second day early in the morning, I had a friend, the two "crackling" played chess, chess board percussion sound "loudly," as someone "bait". In a little while, a lot of people gathered in front of the store. In the bustling brawl, my friend and I crept out of the battlefield".

third days, I was in the store and put up the two chess stalls. Later, the three chess stalls rare idle all day. Watch shop lighters, cigarettes, mineral water and other commodity sales slow to rise, I was really delighted.

but I’m not satisfied. I think: more than a service before the door, will retain more customers. So, I ask a teacher to repair the bike in front of the store. Master craftsman skills, in addition to bicycles, electric cars, motorcycles, some minor problems can be repaired, so attracted to a group of customers. My business is gone.

then, I invited a friend to play the erhu I shop. Originally, the friend is a person in the home erhu, I can get to the shop to so many people to listen to him, of course. I use a tape recorder to play opera aria, he is beside the accompaniment. When there is love Shaoxing customers to stop and listen, he pulled harder. For a long time, some customers say my shop is "Shaoxing City", the cultural taste.

How to choose business investment silver products brand

in the market there are many investment brands, we choose the brand, you need to investigate the brand. Regular brand, there is the protection of the brand, it gives you a better development. Join the silver products, we should choose a professional brand. So, how to choose investment silver products businesses to brand?

for the preparation of silver shop investors should first do brand positioning, choose. Different consumer groups in different places, so the brand is also different. Looking ahead, now silver jewelry brands, also have their own market segments, so the franchisee should understand the local consumption, shops around the flow of people and population structure, to identify and match with the brand of silverware. These will help you find more accurate for the local consumer brand of silverware.

After determining the

brand, follow-up service capabilities also need attention. Silver in the increasingly fierce market competition, even have experience in the shop owner, also feel more and more pressure. So a good professional team guidance may let you go on the road of entrepreneurship, especially for no shop experience franchisee in terms of silver.

there are many franchisees to reflect, some brands to join the since took the first batch of goods, brand headquarters had little contact them, even if the occasional supervision of on-site service, it is only some simple techniques known to all, and do not play the role of assistance. As with every customer, silver franchisee do pre-sale customer service for the same reason, the franchisee should also be subject to the service brand of Shang and Zhou dynasties.

The choice of

brand is very important, there is a guarantee to join the brand, it provides a lot of good service for franchisees, allowing businesses to invest quickly, get good development. So, when we join the silver brand, to conduct a comprehensive study of the brand. Avoid mistakes, it brings you good business opportunities!